Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 18, 1976 · Page 56
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 56

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1976
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

15D -July 18, 1976 Sunday Gaul* Charltitoa W«t Virg M-liiiMri«d l^rti TAG IMPORTS 76 MUSTANG ll-factory air 4 cyl., 4\ spd. trans., radial tires AM-radio factory tape, 2500 miles, Mack (4695 75 AUSTIN MARINA-4 dr. sedan, 4 cyl. auto, trans., AM radio, 5,000 miles, Drown J2695 74 HORNET X Hatchback-factory air,6cyl.aoto trans., power steering AM radio 27,000 miles Beige S2696 74 NOVA-2 dr. 6 cyl., auto trans, power steering, AM radio, radial tires, 37,000 miles Blue 12495 75 DUSTER-6 cyl. standard trans. 35,000 miles, blue SIMS 74 GREMLIN X-6 cyl. automatic. trans, power steering, 19,000 mile BlueIII95 73 VW-4 cyl. 4 spd. frans. air, radio beige S1895 73 HORNET Hatchback-4 cyl. powe ileeri ng, light green w/dr. gree vinyl roof SI 195 n BARACUDA-factory air, 311 en sine automatic trans., red w/Mac vinyl root 51995 72 DATSUN-coupe 1600 engine 4 spd trans., radio white S1595 Piedmont Rd. at Broad St 343-0111 Virginia V °|-KSWAOEN BUS 19*4- Conor best M-4M6 nt r « bullt "Sine. Gopd'coodit^ .n''nT* 1 ' VOLKSWAGEN itatlon'waaoa .alto »70 B««tl t . call 744J1C7 on 19»7, VOLKSWAGEN Sup«r 8ae!U.'l»7j; octlltnt g»ndltlon7ll7(IO. 744.|ttU . VO J- I SWAGEN - mi SqwreoKk. V'rygwa condition. Approxlmattly 77M313 m "'* e " 8 '" 1 *' *"*'· VOLKSWAGEN - mi, with good sticker. UOO. 722-3037 or 776-3059* after 6 P.M. Spirit Cm VOLKSWAGEN - 1*75, R»Mlt, likt ntw, undtr factory warranty. (4,W. M4-W4. VOLKSWAGEN "Jilt" - 1«9 - nkl - cuilOinliid. 11,800. Oil HMiH. VOLKSWAGEN "BAM" !»M - O75. Call 344-4441. M ··piruA IfMrii Ciri VOLKSWAGEN 1971 CALL AFTER iPM. 722-4114 VOLKSWAGEN l»74, 2 doer Sup*r 5tttl«, enly 1*,ON mlltt. JUg. price «7» OU* CASH PRICE IMW INTERSTATE EQUIPMENT SALES 144 U.S. Rt. 14-7SS-4343 SfMrtt Curt VOLKSWAGEN H7l-0»od condition. %\m. 913 Woodward Of.-itt«f 5 VOLKSWAGEN 1OT - fwi roof. M.W mini. Nnr paint, itlckw, mutflir. 7444W7. VOLKSWAGEN, wcclKnt condition, 1973. 11774. Clll 345-1S3I or 727-4415 after i PM. VOLKSWAGEN, 1*70, automatic, S1.W5. 3444I7, 344-3W1. Sperti CMS VOLVO IW4 - Station Wioon, «xc*l- lent condition. 12,000 miles, standard, ridlo, 14,150. 341-24W alter 5. I9M VOLKSWAGEN - U». 744-1797 Cert WANTED - Trkimph Spltflrt 1973 or newer. Will my top dollir lor the riant cir. W-UK. 19M VOLKSWAGEN TRUCK S300. CALL 342-M23 H-lmHrtd Sum (·«._ 1971 TOYOTA MarrTll - txctllant condition, best oiler. 761-0213, 755-M07. 1972 OPEL-IWO, 4 door, automatic, will sell lor less thin wholesale. ' 776-2341, VW FaittoKk, 1973, automatic trinvL mission and air conditioning.,ii97i| FRANK CRINITI VOLKSWAGEN 401 1st Avt. Nltro, W.Vt. 727-29H VOLKSWAGEN 19M - SquirebKk. Rebuilt tngine. BM. 744-5225. VOLKSWAGEN 19M-Rebullt engine. SHO Firm. 777-0034 altar 5. HONDA-MAZDA-AMC AND JEEP TRADE INS VOLKSWAGEN 1969 Van - 1974 engine, paneling, carpeting. Call alter |[ VOLKSWAGEN 1941 - (400. Runt good, Call 727-B17. VOLKSWAGEN 1944 - sun roof. Good U condition. Runs excellent. $475.B 727-2017. TOYOTA COROLLA station wagon, 1972, t!350. Call914-3l24 after 5 p.m TOYOTA CORONA Deluxe 1970 -good transportation. Must sel 344-im TOYOTA 1969 - two door, hardtop good condition. (650.1969 Oatsu jam. 74I-7940. TOYOTA 1974 - Cellca ST - air conditioned, automatic, mags, S2.KX 346-0096 or I-577-0420. TOYOTA-1973Mark II station wa gon, automatic, 27,000 miles, ligh green, excellent condition, J2.350 Can be seen, in Charleston 1-562-3700. VOLKSWAGEN BUS - 1971. Car top carrier. Snow tires. Excellen condition. 12295. Call 776-4H9. AUCTION TUKTORS-TMUIIS TIU$,JULY2}-llMiM. llDttSW, WISCONSIN HS1FMMUNES,MG. SAIiSJTLK.SJ.TDdi«l. 1RAQMS THBE-1WS1 l^JKINWOKTHCONVEN- TIONAIS. 350 CUMMINS, 13 SPEEDS SCKWS IMKE-1975 PE7ESHIT CONVENIION- Al£. 350 CUMMINS, 13 SPEEDS, SCREWS FKE--1975 WHIIE HIEIGHIUNE* CON- VENTIONA15. 390 CUMMMS. 13 SPEEDS SCBWS ECHT-1975 S 1974 KENWMTH C«- OVERS. 3SO CUMMINS, 13 SPEEDS,. KDEWS ONE--197e «ENWO«TH VII CA»OVE«. 350 CUMMINS. 13 SPEED. SCREW FOUR-1976 rflEMllT C»fr OVERS. ISO CUMMINS. 13SPEED.SCIEWS Fouf--1973 mm an PETCWILT CAI- OVE8S, 350 CUMMINS, 13 SPEEDS · SCREWS TWO-1974 MAI1MON CA^OVEBS, 3iO CUMMINS. 13SPQDS.SCIIEWS TRAtERS SIX- 1975 tKOWN 4!' REEFERS. NO HAIIS.NWD'S EIGHT--1974 Twrn SUfCK SEAt 47 REE- FEUS, NOR All S.NWD'S TEN-1974 5 1973 FIUEMAUF 42'4" UK- FtRS.NOBAHNWffS FOUR- W73 TRAIIMOSIEL 43 1 REEFERS. NO RAISl. NWD'S ONE- ] 972 FRUEHAUF 40" REEFER. NO RAIIS. NWD ONE-1971 TIMPTE«' REEFER. NO RAIIS. NWD ONE- 1972 STRICK OPEN TOP VAN FOR FURtHER INFORMATION ORICOM. PIETE BROCHURE CAU OR WRITE- TAYLOR4MittT«,IN(. wcnowns P.O.MU1M RfMNT,IBMSKAtM15 M.:402-7JMJ«0 EVBHMS: HAINESHIU 402-727-1880 DICKWIKERT 402-727-5U9 GARYFLE\A|NG .402-727^6221 VINCEMTERNO PONTIAC-GMC USEDCAIKMITMENT 411 WASH. ST. f .-MOKE 3424451 100 CARSTRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM 73PONTIAC """aw «w iqnuciiriir 75DODGE urn 75«IW LI , 4 door 73 VEGA,, 12 In Met! 73CWVEJ1E, '2195 72FORD daw hardtop 72FORD Ko» · Rvnobcut ITD.3 '1495 1S95J 10 PICKUP TRUCKS Chtvrdeu,F«ti.l973'i, 197-ft,Variety of Equipment Automatic Standard 75HONDA TAG IMPORTS ipeed trori.. 74FURY ·4 door '2995 '2895 Grand Prix aula Irani., foclcfy air cortd., vinyl roof, radio, with '5995 6 Cyl. engirt*}, ovto. tian*., facioiy o eond, n tfUf III Bug 4 ipetd anoe finish. * '1295 72 FORD cob** itdon, auto', trans., power ittering I braV«, ,* AJh . I'factory air cond., *//Q'| }iTmM'^,, M ,. I power peering 4 brakes, factory air C0nd.,white,w/r«)*pqriwheeli ,4000. I sedan, auto, tram., power iteenng broket. foctery Ou CCK1C , «j(1 heater, WSW ti/ei 72CHEVELLE, outo. Ham., power itftnfig brakes. ' factory air cond, radio, hectet RAINES MOTORS : XLXT TO MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM-ACROH FROM S E A R S i ^ O V A . S I E . PHONf J 4 6 - 0 8 0 1 74PONT1AC ; EVERYBODY'S ASKIHC N HOW DO WE DO IT? Grand Pfi*,ouio- I no tic troni., power i fee ring, power.] braketl radio, heater, i L bkiew/bfue vinyl roof. SOAACll roBywhHh JJWf 76 CHEVROLET ,_ I Rol'y Sport, automatic Trant., power j altering, radio, Kealer, Hereo tape, ccm- iole.iportwheeh. »5295 OUR PRICES ARE LOWER BECAUSE WE RE OUT OF THE HIGH RENT AREAS 74VW Super B#erie. automatic | tram, radio, hedter. new WSW tires, black finiih BIG DISCOUNT ON ALL COMPANY OFFICIAL DEMO'S 1976 HONDA STATION WAGONS 4 SPEED AND STANDARD OPEN DAILY 8A.M.T09P.M. ALL DAY SUN. Raines Honda 111 MacCoTkle Jve. S. W. at Dunbar Toll Bnd»i' South Charleston PHONE 768-1251 COME SK US. ..YOU'LL LIKE THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS ' 74CM Eldorado, 2 door, V 8 *frOin», -eulBmak trow, powir Mtring, powtr diic bro*«, power window,, power wot. factory air cortd., vinyl roof, titt UHririg whtd, tfuiie control, tMreo tape, radial lire*, only 22,000 milei, a real iharpcor. 74CHEVYC-20.... '2995 J j ton pickup, V-8 engine, outo, irons., power iteenng. 72K5 '2495 Blazer 4 wheel drive, V.g engme, avto. tram., power it-wring 4 broke., a nice vehicle. 74GREMUN '2295 2 door, 6 cyl. engine, oirta trcnj,, power steering, f odory air cond. 23,000 mi. 73CHE»Y......'2495 C-20, V-8 engine, low mileaoe. 73BDKK '2495 L»Sobrr.CuJtom, 4 door hordtop, V-8 engine, outornatic troni., power dive bra.«, factory oir cond., nice. 73DATSUN '2295 old, 4 cyl. engine, 4 tpeed trans., rodiol tirei, mofli, nke. 73MONTEGO....'1995 MX Station Wagon, V-8 engine, automatic trant., power rtttring, power dix bnAei, factory air cond, AM/PM rodk/heatir. 72TOYOTA '1895 Ctfica ST r 2.door, 4 cyl. engine. 4 ipted tram, vinyl roof, rodiol fires, bwckei wafs. 73WVEII. '1795 2 door, V-8 engine, 4 speed irons., pow-, Steering, vinyl roof. 72 DODGE '1495 Hokwo, 4 door, V-Sengine, oirlompfic trorts., power steering, power ditc brakes, toctofy air cond, vinyl roof, radial tires. 73PIITO.........'13!5| 2 door. 4 cyl.englr^ 4 tpe«d from. 72PEUGEOT 304 '12951 4 door 4 cyl. engine, 4 ip«d trans., radio! I tiret, front v»ht«t drive 72VW «1295| Bug 2 door 4 cyl. cnoe, 4 ipecd tram. 71 FORD '1095 | EPA-25 MPG CITY, 37 MFC HIGHWAY S4MCOO Galoxie 4 door, V-8 engine, auta from., pavj»r steering brakn, factory air cond., rodiol tires. 73VHS1 ....'$951 Hatchback, 4 cyl. engine. 4 spetd Irons. 72FORD 1)95 4 door, V-8 engine, outo. Irani., pa*er steering Idiicbratei, factory air cond. 72VEGI '695| GT Hatchback, 4 cyl. engine, 4 ipeed Irani. A steal! 70HRC '595 Mciquii 2 door hordujp. V-8 msine. oulo. tram., power iteering brakes toctory oir cond. 70 HORNET '4951 · 4doonedan, 6cyl. engine, area) steal! » FREE AM-FM RADIO i FREE LUGGAGE RACK i FREE WHEEL TRIM RIMS i FREE SPECIAL TAPE STRIPE SEE THE ALL NEW 1976 TOYOTA COROLLA! 4305' del. in Charleston - O ' 63 FORD 'ISO Station Wogon, V-8 engine, outo. trom.. steering, runs good 67 HUMBLER. '100 Rebel 2 door hcrdlop, V-8 engine, cuto. Irons., power steering. Many otheri to choose from--Open Sunday LEWSRAINISJOTOfiS 234tm«VtkKMefrMCIiir,«fononFllliierRHil 1976 Toyota Corolla PHONE: 343-0111 PHONt: 346-0751 Piedmont Road at Broad Street THE CHEVY 5 ARE BACK! AND THEY'RE HAVING A "STAND UP FOR AMERICA" * * * i * * * The. 9 76 Vega * 60,000 MILE/5 YEAR ENGINE WARRANTY EPA GAS MILEAGE ESTIMATES 37MPGHIQWAY/23MPGCITY * A TOUGH CORROSION-RESISTANT BODY-BUILT TO TAKE IT! y- Illlllll featuring CARS BUILT IN AMERICA BY AMERICANS DON'T FORGET THERE ARE OVER 6,000 CHEVROLET DEALERS NATIONALLY SPKIAL CHILDERS CHEVROLET NITRO (LDESTCHEVMIETDULER l(Tr1EKIW)IWH»Vl.iliy DDECTNi$:l-64toMTRO E^rtLdtwRL 25710^. 755-8165 MOTORS SUIbans Rt60,300MacCorkleAve at StAlbans Bridge NEW CAR SHOWROOM 727-2921 JOE HOLLAND CHEVROLET SOUTH CHARLESTON 210 , - MacCoriiltAve.,SJ. 744-1561 SURFACE CHEVROLET CHELYAN ATTHECHELYAN TURNPIKE EXCHANGE 949-2613 TAGGALYEAN CHEVROLET DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON WASHIKTONST.EAST AT ROAD 344-1776 The 1976 Chevette A NEW KIND OF AMERICAN CAR BEST EPA GAS MILEAGE ESTIMATES 40 MPG HIGHWAY/30 MPG CITY ROOM FOR 4 ADULTS CARRIES CARGO UP TO 4 FEET WIDE

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