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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, July 13, 1918
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-^A*?^«a % s?^f^^" ^--.·#". i UTOJt ConnelkviHc's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,778 VOL: 16, NX 208. CONNBLLSVIIJLB, PA^ SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 13, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. COMMITTEE MAPS PLAN FOR FOURTH LOAN CAMPAIGN flWDENBllRG DIES OF STROKE AFTER STORMY INTERVe WITH KAISER OVER DRIVE IN WEST 3 · · - ' : : · ' ! How Toledo Went Over Top in jStory from "Reliable Source" in Occupied iTM Bays is^ia s y the I Portion,of Belgium Printed by LesNou- ___ f velles, a Dutch Paper at The Hague;; SYSTEM TO BE REVISED !· Rumors Widely Circulated in Germany | That ^,Reld Marshal is HI. GERMANY DOES'NOT MEAN TO KEEP BELGIUM By Awociited Press. Coiatj to lit Divided Into Small Din Wets -for October Vfire, and Bach WUl Have Its Central Organization and Its Quota; Loral.Often Attend. AMSTERDAM, July13.--Field Marshal von Hindenburg is TO . OBSJJBVJB fRKSCK S'ATIOXAL HOLIDAY. Mayor Dug-gan this morning made a request that July 14, the French national holiday, be observed in ConneUsville tomorrow, and that et eryone hav- . ing a French flag 1 to display iL The fourteenth of July is celebrated in France as a memorial of the fall of the Bastlle, a very outspoken and unambiguous declaration of independence which needed no document to confirm it.. ' The Fourth of July, the Independence Day of the United "States,.was celebrated through- 1 ·· out Paris. WAR CHEST PLAN NOT ADAPTED TO OUR COMMUNITY jls Opinion of a Prominent · Business Man Who Has Studied Question. All ESTIMATES OF NEEDS Of the Several Wor-RoUe! it'onld be Mere guesses, and I/ikel}' Short oi Kcqnlreinents; Soiisfactory Distribution a Difficult Problem. HUNDRED FORTY-THREE STOPS ELIMINATED UNDER SYSTEM IN EFFECT ON WEST PENN MONDAY · Plans for the Fourth. Liberty Loan campaign, set for October, were considered and definite policy agreed _ __ upon at a conference of executive of- according to the newspaper tea Nmirelles. ~Hfs~diath is j *%** »' "« :?TM"y '°°TM I " f ^ el '"') Wid to have occurred 'after, a stormy interview with the German I ^^^^^.^^^' (emperor at great headquarters at Spa. The emperor and thej n e x t campaign than in the last as a fleM marshal are declared to have had serkms difficulty of opinion result of the conference. fconeerairig the-German; offensive toward-Paris. ; The field jmanhal died from congestion of the brain. The interview between von Hindeiiburg and William. oe- jcurred onMay 17, Les Nouvelles says. ' I t was an apoplectic'stroke which ultimately resulted in the field marshal's The newspaper .says its' information, was obtained from "good sources in the occupied district of Belgiuai." In the lact six months Here hire been several ruinors of the death of i Field Marshal von Hindenberg and thart have been* many: reports that he j hu beea in poor health. .A dispatch received "in London Friday from The Hague quoted a Dutch traveler from i B«rmaay declaring there was a report that the field marshal was. ill and;un- abl« to participate in the war work at army . headquarters and that German newspapers were not ^ permitted COAL OPERATORS ASK FOR PROHIBITION AS In attendance at the meeting was George ' E. Hardy, 'manager of the Third campaign at Toledo, Ohio, t'nc first city in the nation with a population /in excess of 100,000 to pass its quota. - Mr. Hardy outlined the plan | NOTHING LIKE MAIL FROM HOME TO PUT PEP INME BOYS Brings Sunshine Etcn When It Bains Pitchforks, As It Does in France. in operation at Toledo, and the com- | mittee adopted such suggestions as were believed applicable to Fayette county. The campaign in Toledo opened Monday, April 6, and two days later, the city had subscribed its Quota. it HMD TI1IE UGICIIDCi C e ntraUation of responsibility for A TTAR-llHlC RlAOUKC; resul^ will be a feature of the fourth campaign in a degree- more .marked " Declare That the Country Cauot Hate Both Itorae mid · Soffiewnt Coal For AH .\e«ds Jfert ;WJnttr. ^WASHINGTON, July "izi--Immed- than has been present at the three previous loans. Thc county will b.e divided into small districts and each district will be given its quota bolh in ...... _. t . ia(pe na tion-wide prohibition is abso- |subscription;! and subscribers-. The to mention the rumor. The .traveler lufe , nec j,s. 5ary if ^ e ^^^ 100,000,-1 principal divisions of the county will added that General Lndendortf, .th»,. 000 tons of ^j a year nee(led by the be cities, towns and townships. Thc first quartermaster general, had ci: ,untry inits war on Germany is to cities will be. divided into wards and ,.,.-.. .,_- ..u k.i-» j..,:,.i . tne war(Js divided mto blocks. In thc towns the block division will prevail, while"" in the townships the sub-divl- taken over tbe field marshal's duties 7 chief of the general staff. I Laje In May Field Marshal von j Hndenbnre was reported 111 with ty- i phold fever at .Strasbu'rg. The field ' marshal on June IS^was reported._br the Tribune of Geneva to be suffering from an acute nen-ous disease. . The newspkper declared it had" learned from a reliable source that his mental capacity was much affect- and that he was confined in" a pri- b; : . Fuel : . Administration Garfield 'h'as been ^informed by the Na- tlonal Coal Association, representing f. the jmi tral in retirement. He wa« credited | with evolving and carrying out the ^.eampaija against the Russians in j East Prussia which resulted in the { seriotis Huss.lan : 'defeat at Tanneburp f for which he was 1 promoted to field * marshal. . ' ' ..' - slon' will be into voting precincts. Bach minute section In the district I will have .its complete organization rill be charged to secure an allot- mittee of its members from virtually ! ed amount of subscriptions. a) coal-produoing sections of the; Solicitation on a systematic basis bituminous operators producing 400,01)0,000 tons of coal annually. In a statement the association- said , that in the opinion of a special com- j an * ' REMINDERS OF U.S. CHEER Xo Matter Wlmt : They Are or. When LEGS PROTRUDING FROM COKE OVEN REVEAL MURDER Blood 3tarks and Signs of Struggle You ml at Hammoth Coke Plant; Body Cremated. ' Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, July 13.--Coke workers going to the yards, of the Mammoth coke plant early Uiis morning discovered the legs o£ a man, thought to hare beea murdered, sticking from, a burning coke'oven, the remainder of the tody having been cremated. State police and tbe coroaer were summoned, but no clues as to how the man met death have been developed. Within 100 yards of Uie oven a broken watch chain was found and several small pieces of money. A .bat made of'good material was also found. There were blood splc-tches on the ground. The legs of the man were taken to Hekhman's funeral parlors, where they -wens embalmed. The clothes remaining on tic limbs were: of good material, but there was noth- £ U l "111 U ^ tT 101. I . M U U B * * i _ ** A business man of Con- j ' a _ b y which the murdered man could ConneUsville Not Much Affected By the New Order As the time approaches for the . county meeting to discuss the- ad- · visability of forming a Wai 1 Chest ! with a fund of $1,000,000 to provide i for tie Red Cross, Y. M. C. 'A., K. of |C., Young Men's Hebrew Association and other war-time activities, sentiment among people in ConneUsville .is the view that the pro| ject is no.t feasible. . Against the single strong argument advanced in favor of the plan, that it will do away with organized drives for each o£ the several objects, heretofore necessary to be made, 'there is being pointed out that the'War'Chest idea has a weakness that no planning or foresight "will be wise enough to overcome, nellsville. who has been prominently ', TWO CUT ON MAIN LfflE South ConneJIsYlue I3nc So Fortunate, However. DOZEX ARE STRICKEN OFF iccordlnp to Officials of West Pern the EJJMnaKon of tbe So-called Useless Stops ViTH Sarre IS Tws · Coal Dally at the Power Plant. i identified with all ot the inoney-rais- j Seen; Getting a Working Knowledge j ing campaigns ot the oi French is Some Job, Jispocially morning: IVlicn Trying it On the Girls. far, bo identified. The man wore a No. 5 shoe and said "this I soocl underwear. Ho is not thought | to have been a foreigner! The signs FRANCE, June 22.--I {eel so dog- "No set of men in Fayette county, or in any other sectioh, can estimate what will bo the needs of any of the war relief agencies Cor a year ahead. of a struggle and the loose money on the ground indicate that the man may have been held up and murdered. gone mad because I've had no mail for when tie men in the active manage- j FOUND DEAD IN over two weeks that I'm going to ventj mest O f them a 0 not know. War con-1 ~**"" _;___ my spite and indignation on some of|ditions are changing so rapidly that you folks back home by writing a lot no person can foretell tbe demands ot letters. The Army has taken over | that will arise. In every instance the mail service and so Jar as I'm con-1 where a second drive has been mada .corned they're made a complete failure of it for I haven't received a letter since the new system was inaugurated. In fact, all that has come in has been miscellaneous ..mail that from, the hieroglyphics on it must have traveled all over Europe hunting for the ones to whom it was addressed. I want to tell you that nothing pnts country whkh has investigated, the 'y! 1 . 1 !* 180 be a feature of.the forthcom- I pop into you like lots of question.'the "country cannot havc' i n E campaign which will .open rome j home, both booze and sufficient coal . tils winter.";. '-··'·:;··.'- ;·'-/.. ' ' . - . . ·-. . ( :'.A.-..R.;'HariiiUon;. chainnanvof,. the, committee, made this supplemental statement: "The committee feels that the it has been found necessary to multiply the amount set as the goal in the preceding drive in order to meet the requirements of later conditions. This shows that none, not even those in close touch with conditions, Grief Over Loss of His Wife. Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, July 13.--Following a search by Caretaker Alters of the local cemetery, Grant Berg and Abe D. Stauficr the lifeless body of John R. Berg, 82 years old; was foond yesterday at noon in the cemetery- Mr. Berg had been missing since can make anything like an accurate i ThuninaLy morl un-g and' search for estimate of what expenditures will hlm had been contlnuous . B y chance be during a year, or even sii months, j QK caretaker had scen the aged man mail from ahead. For a body'of men remote : wa , k (ntl Jhe cemetery and this led It may bo raining .pitchforks (from the center of activities to as- : to thc searc!l uj ere . six v.-eeks ago drinking evil has become so rampant divided among the ^various in the mining communities that Its complete elimination is fundamentally necessery in the effort to .speed, up the mines sufficiently to get the 100,.Field Marshal von Hindenburg was i 000|000 ad^t;,,,,.,-, tons of coa , ,,,/,, 70 years old last September 2S. Thi- col nitry will require this year. It is newspaper..rLes Nouvelles, which re- : ._ TM ._ .-_ - . --_ potts the death of the German leader, is a riewapaper in .the - Frencfi ·} language published at The Hague. now up to Congress to make a .clean- cut choice between booze for the mining communities and coal for the war and the public." · ,-· ifWIM -TOT HOIB I TOS MEKXESG i .COPHMHAGEN, July 13.--Denial i"{ that Germany intends to retain Belli clam wai made by Count von Hert- fj lime, the German imperial chancellor, la the coarse ot his-speech before ti3 :3tag. main committee' Thursday. "Tbe present poasesiion of Belgium only means that we have a pawn (or future negotiations. We have no intention to keep- Belgium in any form whatever," said the chancellor. F»E\CH ADVAJTCE Df JlCfOR OPERATION PAHIS. July IS.--In an operation carried out last night on the .front between Montilidier and the Oise the 1,100,000 AMERICANS OVERSEAS OR ON THE WAY, SAYS GEN. MARCH , . - - · - ·* t D .*·-- . · - , L u w-iti aua.1 ju cu»4. t:. IJIA. i. ccu^a *« time in October. Headquarters will j outside (and it usually is) but there's! same such a function is simply mak- i Mr _ Berg's .wife died and he.had wor- cominence immedlatfi preparation of j sunshine inside when, the mail man! in S,a guess at something they know j rie ^ raucn OTer tne IQSJ. They had an exhaustive':.list .of prdspects.which j-comes ''in with "beaucoup *"ie'tter/'') ;om Paratively little about. Stations which have been eihninst- ed by the West Penn Railways company under the recent orders ot tta Fuel Administration to put a skip-stop system into effect by July 15, number 143. The company made a total cut of 146 stops but added three wiwro several stops couW be eliminated by creating a. new one. The skip-stop system is effective Monday. As announced yesterday the company figures the diminution of tbe 143 stops will cut the consumption o'f coal at tne. power station IS tons a day. On the main line starting from' Uniontown and running through to Scottdale the following stops have been, eliminated: Court bouse, Collins. Reisinger and OTfeil, Unioatown; Third street. First street, Connellsville: Norton. Chamberlain, East End, Fosoriak, Echards, Penn avenue. Valley store; King street, Everson, and Grant avenue, Scottdale. In Dnion- town the three stops, Collins, Beista- ger and O'Neil have been combined into two stops at Douglas and John streets. In Conaelisvilie the First and Third street stops have been combined into one stbp at Second street On the Scottdale Meadow Mills line, three stops: Church street, Moyer avenua and Fourth street have been eliminated. will Include'virtually every resident of the , county.' Before the 'campaign opens the solicitation cards will be By Associated Press. -WASHINGTON, July 13.- -In announcing today that American troops already abroad or in transit have passed the 1,100,000 mark, General March, chief of staff, also disclosed that three army corps of American troops .BOW have, been organized in France. ' , . ' ' . . Each contains from 225,000 to 250,000 -men' of the Regular Army, National Army.and National Guard. Trench pushed their advanced postal .The I'ate of transportation ot forward a distance of approximately 5*0 yards In the vicinity of the Parte farm, Che war office announced. BRITISH XAIDEBS TAKE M HO TKSOSVES \ LONDON. July 13.--Successful mtnor enterprises were carried out by the British last eight on the Flan- dvrs front near Vieux Berquin .and M«rris aa a result of which 96 pris-f irs were taken and a few machine/ ,ns captured,'the wa^. office ans troops for July, General Iarch said, was keeling up with previous-months. More 'fhiin 90,000 troops were transported last week alone. CRQWDER CALLS MEN J3.800 ot Gnumner Grade Ed- ncatlon Ife*ded for Special Work. · By Associated- Press. TvUSHJfNGTpN, July '13.-- Provost Marshal . Crowder today issued a ot ced today. A German raiding' draft 'call for 1^,143 registrants whicb advanced upon the Brit-i Gramme:r ! 5c ? 1 ? 01 education and q'ual- Meteirac iah line in Flanders in the* M«tor was r»rol.'«d. The German.' ar , tUIerr developed activity dpringj th« niitt on the Flanders f root . ' ait* Baaumont-Hsmel. ' . TORONTO, July 13.-- Secon Lieu' ' ' ified for general military service. These inen, 154 of whom are ne- groes, will entrain between August 1 and 28 for schools for occupational training. MISS. COM, PABAITZED. active in the drive whose members will be held responsible for subscriptions from the persons whose carls they carry. By that system-, duplication of effort will be avoided and tt" the same- time the' desired result win be secured. Present 'at th« conference, which. was .'.marked by enthusiasm. of Fayette county's ability to appreciably in- creace. the total of the Fourth Loan over that of the Third, was M. H. Bowman, W. Russell Carr, R. M. Fry, E. T..'. Norton, ConneUsville; Charles Hempstead, New Salem; F. C. Rush, Farmmgton; W. A;-Cosgrove, J. B. Henderson, Vanderbilt; Harry N, Boyd, MeClellandtown; R., J. ilcGee, Dunbar; .llayor John- Duggan, Con- neUsville; F. C. Pew, C. L. Parson, Dr. Harry J. Bell, Dawson; Mrs. R. E. 1 ·Umbel, Miss Elizabeth Leonard and Miss Cherrle P. Brashear. of SEEK RELATIVES Xlort Beiag Xade to rind Kin Soldier Killed in Action. An 'effort is being made to locate relatives ,of George W. 'white, who is thought to have been "killed. IA .France. Early last fall .White- was employed lix the American Steel com- panyfs plant in West Wayaesburjr. Previous to his enlistment in military service he left 'Wayncsb'urg,- stating that he was going to -IJniontown to On investigation it the young man'.s parents- did not. live ' in Uniontown, It. was reported that he had been killed in. .action: A red leather bag. containing a sweater, socks, helmet, a scarf and 'other articles, was sent to "West Waynesburg. Attached ':o the bag was a yellow tag upon both sides of whidh had been written the see his parents, was found that name and'. address of a woman. tag was .so badly torn that all teaant A. W. .Hill of Maiden,} Mass., under training here as an instructor Ja the Royal Air Forces, was Siilied at Armour Heights today whrte flylnj alenr. ' · .- 1 . ... .... ... , , , fllle »fvTe»t .\lrglnU Sewspapeman I . written, - ' The thc writing left upon it is "Mrs. A-- No. 71 P" ..with .'the first letters of the town, which · may be .either ."U" or ! "W." ' Upon his pocketbook his name and*' a number of addresses were one being Wilpen,. "West- Maybe you don't know what "beau- coup" means. It expresses "many," "much," "lots,"--anything that implies a plentiful s upply. On payday .mean that the requirement ip francs;" several of the reliet agencies couli days afterward you haven't. If you've been- celebrating a littie they say you've got "beaucoup zigzag" (the spelling of zigzag is very important. An "i" bi meaning afore the last "g" changes Its Tbat - T understand, very completely. Indeed.) if!»«ual experience of practice, it would no doubt be found that by limiting the funds of a "War Chest to any stated sum .woulci of some could not be fully met and "we would be placed in the unpleasant position of either failing to meet our quota or conducting another canvas to make up the 'deficit, haa been the some districts been married for 5T years and" were i On lhe routo fro " Leisenring No. 1 · · - --· · · --- ' - - ' t o Uniontown via Phillips only three stops have been cut. very Htuch attached. Their home was on a little farm east of town. It said that Mr. Berg never came town that bis wife was not his com- j panion. They were inseparable. Since the death of Mrs. Berg the aged husband seemed to lose his grip t 0 land, Jordan and They are Cross- the Uniontown Brewery. On the Connellsville to Dickerson Run line. Wood avenue, in this city yon buy a bag of cherries,-which arei w h c " toe ^^ Chest I"" 1 has plentiful now you've got. "beaucoup "cherries." Later on we will have ^beaucoup strawberries." "And so. it goes. , Everything ^auch Is .beaucoup, and you like this: "bocoa."- Were you ever in a foreign land, driving along a beautiful country road,' through anything but beautiful little stone villages, where everything you saw was different from what you were accustomed to and where yon instinctively compared all of it'·-· with similar things back .home? Perhaps you never were; but anyway you've got to admit that you'd get a man-size thrill if you passed over a dinky HtOf. railroad at an old-fashioned crossing i tried. j "Furthermore, no executive committee, whether it comprise 10 or 100 or more of our wisest men, can make arbitrary distribution of the funds provided by. a War Chest that will be entirely satisfactory. One district I know of apportioned the funds 70 per cent to the Red Cross; 10 per.cent to the Y. M. C, A.; 10 per cent to the K.6f C., and 10 per cent to local uses. This proved inadequate to the needs of some of the agencies and unsatisfactory to all. ITI another district the order was reversed by giving the Red Cross, Y. M. C. .A, and K. of C.'' each 10 per cent, and 70 per cent to ' To Wagon Mines Where Local Seeds a telegraph line stretched ou, with- tall slendcd poles and -found out before and great broad, crosgarms and "U. S. A." painted on each one, together with a number. I.did.x Not. so much because of the "U. S. A.," for you see it everywhere m France now, but coming upon something so distinctively has been eliminated,' together on life and bis mind',iad become"ap-1 Sipes, Trotter hall, O'Hara's, parently unbalanced. He had been making his home with his son. Grant, but thc morning of his disappearance he was at the home of another son, Elmer E. Berg, in Morewood street. with McClintock's, Work's farm, Leigiity's farm. First and Maple streets, Van- dcrbilt. The stops of Sipcs and Trotter hall, which are eliminated, are combined into one stop at" Pickett's Another son is Robinson Berg of I lane. O'Hara's and McClintock's are Harnmondviile. The body was taken ! combined in one stop at Work's lane, to the home of Elmer E. Berg. Funer- | On the South Connellsrilie line tia al services will be held Monday af- ; following stops have been eliminated: tenroon at the Dunkard church east of town ot which Mr. Berg was a member. T,l\e funeral party will assemble at i.30 o'clock at the home of the son in Morewood street. In-, torment will be in the -Dunkard cemetery beside the grave of his.wife. WILL REFUSE CARS local uses. Under this management all sorts of so-called local war-time charities sprung np, each claiming a share of the 70 ]er cent. As a result much ill-feeling arose over the .distribution.of the funds and.the real beneficiaries of the War Chest received much less than their quota de^ manded. American'in the .midst of everything "Waile my first inquiries into the French, it hit you .hard and you gotj.War Chest proposition inclined me a better appreciation - of what "JI. S. \ to favor it, the later kno-wledge I have A." really means. It was the Amerf-: gained, and the study I have given ' ' ' " Can Be Supplied by Teams. Wiliiam Potter, state Suel administrator, has announced that the Puet Administration intends to adopt a policy df refusing cars to wagon mines where the industrial and domestic fuel needs can be cared /or by team or truck hauling. The -purpose of such a regulation is to release a larger Fairview avenue, office. Morton. avenue, Aetna street, Green, Race and Cedar avenues, Buffalo, Tippman. Crescent, Painter street. South 'ConnelteviUe; Cecil, Humbert and DuShane avenue. The Fairview n,ue and "D" office .stops hava been, combined into, a new South alley. The oar will also stop"at Newmyer avenue. ' ." . . . . On the Scottdale-Mt Pleasant line, via Hecla. ihe following stops', have been cut out: Urbor's stop, Swedetown; "Wiltlaw, Strawierry avenue. Mount Pleasant. · On the Scottdale-itount Pleasant line via Tarrs, the eliminated, stops are Edwin avenue, Scottdale: Miller's Crossing, 1/ouck's farm; I^euffer cut and Fox's garden. On the crosstown. route from Mount MUTISM CASCALTIES : LONDON, July 13.--Brjsh casualties reported in the we«;t ended to- d«y tourted .14^11 offlcairs Md men. compared with" the Aggreftte rf 17,336 in the previous *reek. | nmsH TROOPS.] 1 , TO AID {JSF SIBEWASS.J I . W^ ^.aViGTOX. J£ily 13 British ' f . re-enforcements ha^e been dispatch- J X,' to Siberia, according to offlclal in| formation received y here today to assist fie Rus lans And Czechc-Slovaks. tvarftnt; tne All eid stores from toe viki acting Sw th German prK who arc c:eponed to be »(i;, upon Vladivostok. Word has been'received here of. the serious illness of Mrs. Aloysius Coll of Clarksburg. W-Va., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. .Madigan of East;.Fairview avenue. On July Fourth a,blood vessel of "the '.'· spine, was. ruptured, causin'gi.the^ower. part : of become' paralyzed: The 'piatienC was removed to Stl Mary's hospital, Clarksburg^ for treatment It Is said the rupture will heal;, but-the recovery ot the patient will'be slow. .'. , At rs._ . Coll ·" was formerly Miss Blanche Madigan:. ' ' - . - . ' -Xewt" lTlla»« Arrestei On orders from FJ N,;Ames, an agent of the Department of ·';Justice, TV. N. Wilson, a well known, young man of this city, was arrested, Patrolman Hendine, charged with furnishing- liquor .to. soldiers. ;"W11son ia. being held ".here - until. Ames to take charge of the case. arrives moreland county. The leather bag.j .also contained a from a j newspaper'at Ldgonier', which gave an account of a service flag dedication at that plsee last January, but White's' name does, not appear among ·the t list of names-given. "White was. a member of Battery.C,. 314th Field Artillery, and was stationed at-Camp Ijee previous to leaving for France. In January he was made -a corporal. " . . ' The : ··" Teto '· Sustained. WASHING-TON,. 1 . July .' 13. House today sustained President Wil^. son's' veto of the agricultural appropriations bill. -. A" motion -to pass the measure over .the Veto was 'defeated 172' to 72. can telephone, line, which runs from thc front to the S'. O. S..headquarters. Coming back I. drove an.ambulance with a party of nurses and enlisted men, which was such a delight (i mean to be .able' to drive'.a car once again).that I : was perfectly willing to lose the road a. couple of times just to make the-drive longer. I got the car at- a big repair shop, where hundreds ot Army -vehicles, ponderous trucks,. ambulances, touring cars and motorcycles, are'kept-in shape for the Army^s transportation needs. ' On the way into the shop, we passed two immense .new base hospitals,'. each com- of. many long one-story build- and capable of handling 1,000 pat- 'ients. : ' ' " . : . " · · ' Oft in the valley were many barracks .such as we were quartereS- in back in the U, SJ, and there were: many other.:signs of America's occupation of the. place. Here-the Army maintains all. kinds .of · schools for officers Continued on Page Pour. i'.- T."Kaplan Over L There. Mrs B V Kaplan has received a card from her husband; telling ot his safe; arrival. overseas- Fair " tonight' and .Sunday;' slightly wanner. Sunday,, is, the noon, weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania^ Tenperatnre Keeord. 1S!1S : . 1917 Maximum ---s-j .68 '8 Mialmum '.'.-----^--.56 61 -Mean '_-----'---Ui62 . 69 The Yongh nv«r rose durtaB tha rnght from 90 feet to 100 feet to it incline me very strongly to the ! to do. opinion that it is not adapted to our community however satisfactorily it may be elsewhere." : Cnrl) Market Opens Tuesday. Arrangements, have been completed for the opening of the city curb market on Tuesday, July 16. The lot in Out rear of the postoffice has been put into excellent condition by Street .Commissioner. William McCormick and a midway of slag has been laid. Iron rails have beea put dow:a against which the trucks and wagons will -line "up. . number of ears for tipple mines, and I Pleasant to Tarrs, the following stops' the effect will be to deprive wagon · have been eliminated: Shupc, Mc- minos of tbe privilege of loading cars ! Gee, SL Clair, Church, Hagle and Hostetter streets, Mount Pleasant; Cowan's, Fox's,- Lovers' Lane and Power House Lane. from wagons, as they are now allowed It is estimated a saving of 100 cars a. day can be effected by strictly enforcing a regulation that will demand that wagon mines deliver their product, in surrounding districts by teams and trucks. This is equivalent to a daily saving of more than two per cent in., the total daily car supply in the several bituminous districts of Pennsylvania. Post Beccives Heir Member. John Mcilillen of Dunbar, was ° new member received at the regular meeting of the William F. Kurtz post. No. 104, Grand Army of the Republic, held yesterday afternoon in Odd Fellows' temple. "The post now has a membership pf forty. Routine business was transacted. Leisenring JUner Injnred, Mike Yonkovitcli, 29. years old, was admitted to ihe Cottage State hospital last "night for treatment of' a. crushed foot, suffered while at work, in the mines at Leisenring No. 1. Otto Rollins of Dunbar; was discharged, from ihe hospital yesterday. CHARGED WITH CUTTING i William Hyde Is ArrcsU'd and Fined ) $10 or Five Bays. '· Charged with cutting Nellie Lacy, a l.iegress, William Hyde, a negro, was arrested last night by Lieutenant Mc- Donald'and Patrolman Turner. He was sentenced to five days in jail this morning or a fine of |10. . The cutting occurred early this morning at the home of Lulu Porter. The negro said that the cutting was an accident and later the girl at the hospital told the same story. - Tlie wound is not- serious. ' · ' Lightning Strikes Clinrcli. CONFLUENCE, July 13.--Lightning Thursday afternoon struck the.chim- ney .of \the .-Baptist church, cutting it off flush with, the roof and hurhng the bricta into the cemetery LEAVE FOR CAMP Company G 1TO1 Take AVeek's intensive TrainiDg: at Mount Gretna. Company G, Third Pennsylvania ' Militia, left last night on the- 5.26- Penusylaania traia for Mount Gretua Cor a week's intensive training. The company is under command o£ Captain A. O. SfSne and Lieutenant Lyell Buttermore. Sixty-two members ot the company went to camp. The militia-men in their new unl-' forms, and led by the Connellsvill-s" Military Band :formed at the armory" and marched to the station. There the men lined up and did not break ranks until they boarded the train DASCE-'A SUCCESS. Show for Red Cross, At a "show" at the home ot Dr. and Mrs. T. R. Francis, Selma Boyd, Helea. Quihn, Tillie Kinsbursky, Mar" ' garet Francis and" .Margaret' Stedman raised $1.55 for the Red Cross. Stone Bridge Removed. ~ The old stone bridge at Chamberlain .oil the Slo'unt Pleasant road has new: concreto strnctBia. Social Affair Held ot Shady Grow Turk- Well Jtlendf,], Although rain threatened last night, 160 couples attended ihc danne held at Sliao'y Grove Park by B. E. Miller and C. Ray Goodwin. The music furnished by Wright's Saxaphone orchestra of Columbus, O.,"was declared the finest in thc history of the park. Persons from Uniontown, Charleroi, Monongahela City, Brownsville. Greenstiurg and Latrobe, -in::addition; to a large crowd from this -plaJHU^ at- v tended. Ralph DePalma, the?' been.' torn away t to make way for a i automobile racer, "was one ' gueete

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