The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 35
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.V jL-.. (Xty vwn jory(uyj 1, XJwiiwS ( j-7 .here a VJlLjy -SlHVJ ki ,--a ALL ABOUT SgJ , uehe ; prsi Thi ven( from hernia A remed YOUR HEALTH By Tester L. Coleman, MD. HLRNIAS -y --:' , ,';' " Patents who ' are .abto.w apeak' freely about ;their. hen- ' nay haye'.ah excellent chance .of "being ; relieved . of ' the-troubles and symptoms that accompany th'cm. ." ,.: " . The false " stigma of. ' a hernia or rupture hit hjn-dered ,the control and repair of this '.condition. tSincl most htirriias occur in - the Rroin, "unmentionable" significance " was atidjird to them ''Now'.' what . exactly, is a ' it h a dle( t in the protective muscle wall through which protrudes a loop of intestine, tissue ar an organ that dofe not' belong there. ' ' . ' ' -. , Tj.," There are many kinds of hernia that -take their names symptoms. , PARTICULARLY PRONE -; Some occupations are par-- ! ticularly prone to the hazards of hernia, Sanitation work- j . ers, : farmers, -longshoremen I who do not use mechanical, j lifters are constantly, subject j to this risk. ." , . ' ; ' j . The real concern of hernias ' in the groin is the possibility I tbat a small loop of intestine .! can be pushed through the enlarged hernial' opening. ! AVhea this occurs there is the danger that the intestines j may become kinked and fixed in the penlng. , ' ". Almost even one who has i a. hernia knows about iU - UsuaIyhere-are-ome-pre j -vioui warnings of discomfftrfc i or swelling farslfmiW" alert patients to tne possmiiuy trouble. , . TWO.IFrHODS TT I f VlMrk mm mrli tritr1 irt tiCfii ccpl(ble; ays. First paddad devfte, a trussv!f( rtt to tJMV exerts Might Ire over tne nernw. protective device pfr-i looDS of . intestirfes jrotruding through tne not a cure ort the underlyini n You Benefit r FOOD PLAN? (in fbVfBEE PretenUtion J UK 50 E2IR BPalOI Montreal' Rd. !7rmmi .WJiitU'H.' anatomical weakness.. When . worn, it does not automatically -prevent the problems and complications of hern ta. Patients, therefcrrr must not , complacently, ignore hernias because of a false security of a. truss.' ' ..' ' -.TV-- : '..(. SURGICAL CLOSURE . - The second way of treating hernias is . by surgical closure of the hernia ring or "openini;. Modern methods of l 'i -u iy niake tnese xpera- t ions', safe, and successful . Even' with excellent sih Ber' though, recurrences ort the hernia occasionally do occur. . Irf most iitstances these can be traced to pre- . mature return to ' arduous activity, ' ' ., v When patients are known- rom the ParttcuT3rart ,of.0 is im. th body that ' is involved. There is the inguinal hernia , in the gro.n, . tiernia of the esoph.igu,- an -'abdominal hernia, umbilical -hernia. andJ innstonal hernia (after an Opera tion)7 " j ' MAJOR CLASSES ' L There f e two m a a - classes, of hernia. The con-' genital hernia occurs .before birth and may become ap-' parent in infancy. -The; acquired hernia' i found .in adolescence or in adulthood. By far the most common of all nernjas is the inguinal one tfiat occurs in the groin of "both men and women. Many of thes are produced by Injury or excessive strain imposed on w e a k e h t & . muscles., . ..'lJ.V.:w....t'. - Lifting heavy objects," violent sneezing, coughing or' even pregnancy adds tremen- -dons pressure to weakened muscles. Sometimes smart hernial openings 'may have existed for years without any perative. -Witlv simple control , and regular inspection, hrnia ran he kept from the sudden development of un pleasant complications.- BAIL IS ,00,000 . Aa rtA (AP) A Ghanaian magistrate Tuesday set total! bail of 2.000.000 t$.000,000) for a former'' minijiter anahother man accused on four counts of conspiracy to defraud 'by false pretences, The two men pre former agriculture minister Francis Asare and James Quartey. manager of Atok Fisheries. The prosecution claims the -amount jinvolved in the indictment in-jvolves nearly 2,000.000. 42 yv"-'V.';:.-:':.:;- Are Moi mm BROTHER JUNIPER I : ' - AMl - mm TV Overheqts; "THArS a robin? Causes $500 Fire A fir uhirh hrnL nut whfHN e to Transfei Deiiyerv of a to. Your; New Address Call 36-7511 END SLOWDOWN Britain's electricity workers unions xhave cancelled a slow- caused' an. estimated $500 dam- They ordered normal agehen H turned a wairndlxum'-LodayjrJL-? chesterfield-at the home of J. G. Benoit, 5 Frank Street, about 1.45 p.m. Tuesday; "Three pieces of equipment from No. 5 station under De puty "Chief Stan Pratt, answer ed the call. The Japanese-movie industry is considering establishing an export promotion centre in Rome for Japanese movies. C R E N V I LL E OPTOMETRIST. Bank Street Phone CE5-6550 obey they will end their ban on overtime and abandon their go-slow tactiV while their leaders resume negotiations to obtain wage Increases and extra LvaratioiV : If YouTo TIRED ALL THE TUTU: New n4 ' tha iiinW) f ts a "tiri-l" ltliitf. tni ait bthtr4 k Wckf he, fthmpi iMtk inf MrMuti wnwnf, hot a Umptrttj CMMtitwa um4 bf urinary irriUHM ar . hliodrf Jiwwnlact. That tha tim h hka DM'( KioWt PUU. DmM', M, hmulttt tha ludn;i to rclina Hiia cwxlitwa whkh but altan causa hark-cha n4 tir4 (aalinf . Tkaa fmt ttl battrr, rut bnr, trark bMcr. Cat Dadd t KMnj PUU mw. Laak tar lha blua bat nth tha ra4 bin4 at all 4u I caunlirt. Tauun irptni an Da't-ao Let us know in advance and we will transfer The Journal to your new address" the day you move a carrier boy nearby, ready to give you speedy reliable service. . , . :.. POGO J ARCHIE "Whatever favor yjou want for thii ' Mrvice..the answer is NOI ttfiutt vouU ua. satt if f wtn ts tfftr $ou lit unu.3iu)ft mat a taderi of r-n Y I AFTPRTHE XUfl REX MORGAN, MD r-i i WETL'NEFD V IT PURlNG ' A SPECIAL LUNCH ItACHf RS' HFETING..A Ptt?fOO PUT ktjT. OUR Jfi "tHE KERRY DRAKE SORIUA IEAPR7 RtOM rwev ftiiPr' tun . dAS TATWA5IIWR5HC S sid Jimes out op WWTV'Y TKC000S...THAT5MeiCB " WWXi JA. REGAINING CQAisaOUSNESSW JULIET JONES says he has soMe v I v MOee INPORMATIOM " j.l ABOUT DENNV POTTER P'Ov' -THOUGUT YOU'D LIKE yS. r"fc) TO HEAR IT EVsi l VSl ' ""ISUPB l l J WOUUV BEEN- Ill.rril yX UP AIL NIGHT lMlUlJ' J JUST THINKING APARTMENT 3-G T STEVE ROPER ; ".7 '35 XD LOIS MARMADUKE 2Trl MF'Voa HAD TO DO fT OWER AAITEP.VOULP . "YOU MARRy ME ? ARRYBRANNON Liii I'LL JUST X HAVE TO. AJTT HARDER. rr I - '- ' ' 'V T. ' - '' -j- ' '. ... ' 1 it -i -i u r . I WHAT &.0 J I A MO SWlt -1 nt HAVE lUNCMt SOMETHING vr SENT upr wWAf L,..s (.. THAT'S AN ORDtff. I5S BHEA7LY.' FOOt FOR TWENTY-TOUt? IN THE FACULTY ROPMf A Hou5wircscxfw.y . Two tfen-a6cm, rctjrnino Sm9 AMomcfRAPttC tart from a acvif, r5i5T Txcy. PCrUW BY AFSOrUR.' IAMPOF March 23. aw5.w5' tTTr T "A'J, ll . avytfON'wreoorV ,101X6 FRT0OCT -J' MAaftS3.'3rirSQ0Tp V I' J JDft TO f IK15H7 . - -v - S . -xBUT IP OU ATT CAM SET THE -ClZ AK,,ftSlrtlOMAK-CuaAO IStSTEEN POWERS AMD TVS S JNIZS AWO I MAY ME WTTM VA55KA SW'bTS AT I ACM OTHERS - 111 Jiff . BALAS. WHEM THt CAMERA . THROATS, ITWIL HAVC KEH I If U I tt rsj0O EXPlOpESyX WQgTM I the sAaancEj- I flli- If iMiSIS m -a 1 1 H Jfvv 4 Col- IfrrS JUStTHS TT TACT REMAW5, : j dp FAwiuA. N x4iy, That Mf n i trZWOraS WNEY5.' I I SOT. PRAicF ' yiMPCXTIAHI WQCK I JtK -f HAVE TO GO OUT OK iJw V1!- fjf 1 AU- TXf5 CPA7Y WHAT OF A Jl TALKIV Oft YOU J It THAT Jt AM'E TAMQ 1 I 'rWujWooesrT WAKE UK I ' POTTER WAS RAISED BYA . 7,HXl - " MAIDEN AUNT IN EASTMORE I 1 -TWAT5 UPSTATE. THC CLO ' iiAC-13 1 IAOV SAID H6 IN AS A DCCAftfl jr'aW TPE. 01 DMT POWELL IN .ASO COULDNT HOCOA JOB. JUST BEGAN T DWJPi: 9H HAONT HEARD MO M'MOk ABOUTH'M fN TWO YEARS UNTfL-1 CAUEO HER. rTHlS MORN IN. acs xw thiukimij c tsvit; iwto " TE SiNSR. TVEHE'6iTS AM5 WARNIM0 BA1.AS, MCKMAS-' IMPRACTICAL IK I I - I A.liaV' k V Be sure to et ut know before you move ! i aLiUj . A A AAAAA.AA tv A . AIA, A AA A A A -A A AAA -A Av

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