Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 7, 1974 · Page 5
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 5

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

*A Snw.JWyT.HH4 Ford Calm After 'Shot,' !!tTl. Lends President Support ·Mrttk*. * * sway is tb* fonca* f or Buck of the matioa today. Stovers are expect* · parts of the Sorth a»d the Northwest. Highs will be ii the Ms. (AP Winphoto) The Weather My I, m« . . l:S3p.m. FORECASTS ZONES l-J:Para r unny.Mith» in the low to mid Mv Lowt around M. ,,**"« J-4 (Ch*rl«ton): Partly tunny. Might in the low H mid M»..Lgwt in the low Mt. Zone* M: Motlly clear. Might around »· Low* in the upper Mt to low Mt. Zonei t-7: Partly sunny. Might Hi the mid Tte to around N. Lows in the upper Zonet »: Mostly tunny. Highs in the mrf Ms Lows in the Mt. WEST VIRGINIA - Partly tunny Highs in the Ms. Lowt in the upper M to mid M. WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA - swn- ny and warm. Hight in the upper Hi to upper Mt. Lowt in the Mi to low Mt. VIRGINIA - Cloudy with chance of showeri. Might in the Ml. LowTS the ·M. · OHIO - P*r«r clwdy. Htatn in Nw Mi. Lo*t In W* Ms. KENTUCKY - Ounce O l ihowtrs. Hifta in Nit mW Mi to (round ft. Low* in «w upptr Ml to «r«wn4 ID. MTUtMYf MUMKMTIIS 5 » . m n I I ».m M jp.m 74 SATURDAY'S WIND Highnt 7 mph from NE ·! 2:10 «.m. TtMPffMTMIS $*twMy'i high 14 $«turtf*y'i low M Record high tor July · was »$ it! in R«cord low tor July t WM SI wl hi 1M4 PRECIPITATION V-novr precipitation M of 7 p.m. Trace Total for the month of July.*.* inches Total lor the »t*r M.I7 inchn Ex-Agent Problem To CIA WASHINGTON (AP)-The Central Intelligence Agency rearranged some of its Western Hemisphere operations after a disgruntled ex-agent made three trips to Cuba, an official source says. The agent quit the CIA more than five yean ago with no apparent rancor, but subsequently the CIA learned that he was "determined to do, say or write things to expose agency activities," the source said. The ex-agent's three trips to Havana occurred after he became disenchanged with the agency, the source said. :· ' * * * THE DATES of the Havana trips could not be determined. Nor could it be learned whether the CIA had verified whether its former employe had given the Cubans information about agency operations. But the source said, "The presumption is that he was very forthcoming in Havana, and that Havana was very forthcoming with Moscow." - "When the contact was dis- · covered, those things that he knew about the agency were , looked at very hard and defensive measus were takne," the- sourcesaid. Respnding to a report by Sen. Howard H. Barker J.r, R- Terai., earlier in the week, the CIA said it attemtped "to terminate projects and move assets subject to compromise" as a result of the contact. By "assets," the CIA refers to people under cover, firms, institutions, or otherresources available to help the agency around the world on a volunteer, contract or staff basis. On Wednesdaynight, the same source had said that the disgruntled agent while still employed by CIA in Latin America was believed to have given informaton to a Soviet intelligence agent two years ago. On Friday night, the source said that that was an error, that there had been no contact with a Soviet agent and that the disaffected agent had left CIA's employe more than five years ago. . '* * · THE EX-GENT now is living in Western Europe, the source said. The CIA's deputy director of plans told the Senate Watergate committee in closed session that the incident threatened to compromise Western Hemisphere operations, according to the report by Bak- er, committee vice chairman. Baker's report, devoted to possible CIA involvement in Watergate, said that the agency has outlined the Western Hemisphere affiar for the committee but that description was deleted from his public rehort at agency request. Train Smacks Car on Tracks LOUVIERS, Colo. (AP) -- A train demolished a car parked on the railroad tracks when the driver apparently got the vehicle stuck trying to ride the rails to take a shortcut across a creek. The State Patrol said the car was stuck on the tracks when the train smacked into it, dragging it about 500 feet. The driver had placed flares and left the car, the Patrol said. The driver had not been located, the Patrol said, following the Friday night accident near U.S. Highway 85. has iateMificd a propaganda aad diplomatic campaign to erase c»lt*ial boundaries and take over sttdteasten Fthiifii. ilmrnt to the doorstep of Ad*s Ababa. Tie area is uhaaited by ethnic Somali* art Somalia has fresh ihipmcats of Soviet MIGs awl armor to back ·* i U claim. ··Relief is lagging for mil- lioas of rural poor faciac fanv iaebrougfetoabydroufBtand crop damage caused by a plague of army worms. Of 4MN drought victims in Wo»- to Province slated to receive oxen from the government, fewer than 13,010 got the animals before funds ran out. ··The 45 per cent of Ethiopia's 2f million people who are under IS years old have scant prospects of schooling or jobs under present development plans, and the government has no population policy. Ethiopians picture 11-year- old Emperor Haile Selassie, who once held life-and-death power, as shorn of authority and his closest aristocratic allies. The rebel armed forces committee of middle-level officers forced the emperor Wednesday to give his blessing for continued direct intervention in civilian affairs, through consultations with Prime Minister Endalkachew Makonnen's cabinet. But observers said the military has failed to find a single leader capable of controlling the reform movement. They said this was one reason why the gravest domestic upheaval in Haile Selassie's half-century on the throne has sputtered along since routines last February, instead of turning into the swift, military takeover many expected. A government official related to the aristocracy, but with friends among the reformers, told a newsman, "Until the military speaks with a single voice, there's going to be an intolerable no-war, no-peace situation in Ethiopia." A SPOKESMAN for the Vice Preside* said later that Ford was unaware of theeotn- motioi when it occurred. The Supreme Court will ·ear oral arguments Monday OB whether 14 White House tapes should be surrendered to Jaworski. Nixoa has said in the past that he would abide by a "definitive" decision of the court,but he has never defined that qualification Ford said the likelihood of impeachment has lessened in the last several weeks because the case against the President "has fallen flat in several areas." On another topic, Ford said he was not told before Nixon's Middle East trip that the chief executive was suffering from phlebitis that could have been fatal. Ford, noting that he was out of Washington when Nixon left for the Middle East, said he learned of the President's ailment in a phone call from presidential chief of staff Alexander, M. Haig Jr., who was in a Mideastern capital at the time. In his speech at the World Trade Center, Ford urged the Senate to join Nixon's attempts to forge a new world partnership by quickly approving a trade reform bill. U.S. success in achieving history's highest living standards carries great responsibi- lites, he said. "One great responsibility is the need to seek a more open and equitable world trading from Page One system," he said. "Another is to assure a fair chance to compete in the world's markets." The House has approved a trade reform bill, but Senate finance committee action has been stalled because of an amendment barring U.S. trade concessins to the Soviet Union until free immigration of Soviet Jews and other minorities is assured. The Nixon administration is opposed to that provision. Without the trade bill, Ford said, trade barriers will multiply. The first report of the incident came fram Jim lUbtaM at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin. He said a super reportedly fired at the car aid shot out one of the windows. He said later the breakage might have been, caused by a stone thrown up from the road. Bill Roberts, the Vice President's press aide, said that when Ford was told of the incident "he just laughted. He thought it was kind of funny." Discussing the window incident, Secret Service Agent in Charge Walter Coughlin said: "All this came from simple heat expansion .. .It was a new car, the first time it has been used." William A. Hawthorne, a Secret Service spokesman in Washington, said: "A complete examination of the area and of the vehicle resulted in this conclusion: It was heat expansion. There was no bul- tet." Hawthorne said the windshield of the car was involved other officials said it was a side window. None of the three occupants of the car was injured, although a state police spokesman said, "The driver, got a lapful of glass." At Key Biscayne, a spokesman for the Florida Florida White House said Haig told President Nixon of the inci- dend "The President is pleased there are no injuries," the spokesman said. Some time after the incident, Robinson issued this statemtne: "At 10:40, the driver's side window suddenly shattered and has a hold in it which has been described as about the size of a fist. We have been unable to find a bullet in the car. We cannot definitely determine that it was a bullet. No one can say. The initial reaction was that there has been a shot." Robinson said the hole could have been caused by a stone thrown up by another car's tires which struck the side window with a glancing blow. Ford's aide, Roberts, said the "window cracked with a sharp sound and a hole ap- . peared. It cracked again and the window shattered." The car was driven bv Trooper Jim Bryan. A Dallas policeman and a Secret Service agent also were inside. The auto was impounded in a state police garage. Divorce 'Contest 9 Refused : BALTIMORE-*- Barbara Mandel said Saturday she has no hard feelings about the events of the past year, during which she fought a losing battle to stay married to Gov. Marvin'Mandel. Mrs. Mandel filed for divorce Friday afternoon, claiming she was abandoned without just cause or reason. * · MANDEL, 53, announced on July 3,1973 he was leaving his wife of 32 years and would seek a divorce in order to marry Jeanne Dorsey. 36, a southern Maryland divorcee. "What we had together was beautiful as far as I'm concerned and that's it," Mrs. Mandel said in a telephone interview. "First and foremost I started out as a lady and I want to remain a lady. "I don't want to get into any kind of contest, if that's what they want, that's it," she said in an apparent reference to the governor's announced intention to marry Mrs. Dorsey, 36. Use Want Ads. Dial 348-4848 Wi^W vvHvuvBWV VHK ··HV v^Fv^HEHIvv- M» RMIMKIS MMBAT AM MAT 9:30 71 ·tOO-OTMB WtWIAYS Tit 5:00 ... 01 CAUM4-W11 Our Body Care Tote is yours to enjoy now with any Shteeido or Zen purchase of $4 or more.. h's an exquisite collection of little treats to help soothe and smooth your body skin to a luxuriously soft and silken glow. The gift collection includes starter sizes of: Body Moisturizing Lotion--a velvety caress of scent and softness. Conditioning Cream-delicately softens heels, elbows and knees. Hand Cream - richly emollient, lightly lemon scented. 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