The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1930
Page 4
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r PAQEFOTTR. THJ3 DAILY COl/RIER, CONNEL ^SVILLE, PA.. THURSDAY, MARCH 13, SaUg (Smarter. THIfl COtrJUBW CO- Fabltehen. IIEKRT rrosldent and Editor. 1870-1910. MRS K, M. SKTDKR. rietldent. 1816-102U. JAMES J. DR1SCOLL, P i e s l c l e n t and G e n e r a l Manager. MISS R. A. DONEGAN, and Treasmer. JOHN U OANS, Managing Editor. S ST1MMEL. , City Editor. MISS 1.YNXE B. KINCELJU Society Editor. MEMBER OF American Nowspaper Publl»h«r» Association, A u d i t Bureau of Circulation. P e n n s y l v a n i a Newspaper Publisher* A»a Delation. Two cents per copy; 6Oc per month; $5.00 per j e u r by maU If paid In advance. l.c per week by carrier. Entered aa second class matter at th» postodlCQ, ConueUsvllle. THURSDAY EVE'G, MAR. 18, SrOTTH.VLE'S SERIOUS PLIGHT. Scotldule is faced by a very serious situation. I £ lh« proposed change In freight rate* on the products of (the Vndtod States Cast Iron Pipe Foundry Company bcpmfrs effective, that c.sUijblibhm«nt -will suffer a hanwJicap Hi at may oblige It to remove to a dls- trlot whoro the rate Increase will not apply. Such a condition will be little short ol calamitous. Giving employment to approximately 1,000 men the pipe foundry la the moat important Industry of Scottda.le. The town already tias guttered the loss of. two indu»- trles, the MoKinney blast furnace and the Old Meadow Mill, employing jointly about 700 men. Many of these mn havo had to gc elserwhero to obtain employment, a large proportion of them owning their own homes in the Mill Town. If these shrtnkag-fcs in population are omlargid by the removal of the 1ipe mill employes, the Injury that result to Scottdale business men property owner* will .lie well-nigh o. It is by no means siw- t h n t the citizens and the ViiiUJiia agtMictes of Scofctdale are stirred bo utmost activity in their protests against the proposed aerw freight rate?. C'on'ieM^ville has an interest In the efforts Stottdale ifi making in self defense. Whatever adversely affects the prosperity ot Scottdale must of Tiecesaaity Und reflection in Connells- vllle. Wo ought, therefore, to be very n n i f h concerned as to the outcome of the ptotest Scottdale has iilexl. Our Heard of Trade might wisely take tic lion that will at least indicate our smp.ithy ^ith our neighbor®, it not fll-o offer suggestion as to some meana of a ding iheiu In the struggle in -v hi-.ii they are E 3IOTOB SHOW. The motor show, scheduled to opei Maivh 2G, will bo a timely exhibition of enterprise on part of the dealers in »rs and accessories. With the o p e n i n g oC apilng only a few week* ahead tho thoughts of many peopte are beginning to turn to motor trips ami, of course, the equipment necessary to brng the most comfort nnd pleasure from these- jaunts oa the hiRhw.iys Very n a t u r a l l y they will be at- ·trn tfd to thp motor show there to Inspect the latest models of cars and, in m a n y instances, come to a definite decision w i t h respect to the tyoe and nuike of tho car they wyi next use. Others who have not yet joined Ilia i n r - o w n i n g class will frequent the show and very probably make up their minds to become purchasers. To these groups there will be added a third. The general public, always intended iu displays of thla kind, w i l l diop f u to look over the exhibits, to hear tho music aud other features of tho progtam of entertainment tfiat w i l l be provided. All will feel profited and bo glad that Connellaviile can btagi* a demonstration o? this character. The show is Quite certain to prove beneficial in other ways. It will t t l m u l a t g i h o buying of cars and at- eboonts hi preparation for the *prmg season It will aid iu over- comlug so mo of tho lethargy poosple feel about "nothing doing" in ^he retilui of business, generally. It will prove a pleasant diversion and be helpful to people who are an.xioiH ''that a somewliat brighter outlook on the Immediate future may be obtained. Not necessarily ,'o unduly praise I t , or to be blind i Its faults, but to advantageous, allegiance that I its genuineness commend those Diings which are outstanding aa bei oSclal, helpful and ix short, tho kind of mpels others to note and the sincerity with which It 1' displayed. Such manifestations ol loyalty cannot do otherwise than inspire the Jalttt ot others and incline them to admira- tlon for both tho person who displays (i and for the object which calls rorcn such expressions If our loyali v to Connollsville could be given these qualities, wnat could wo not ac compllah by united effort? With every cit|ze.n vitally concerned in Hi * progress of our home Institution;-, alert to every opportunity thai would be presented to speak a good \\ortl about the town and its people, eady and willing to give a- helping hdnd to every worchy object intended to advance the wet- fare of all its j esldents, woaW not Connellsville so«n be spoken or as the most enterprising, fastest-growing municipality In this section of tne State? With loyalty of the kind Mr. Kent described such a ConnellsvlUe is a possibility. YOUR INCOME TAX. Contributions and Gifts. Charitable contributions and gifts -one deductible v Ithin limitations provided by the revenue act. In order that a deduction may be mode, contributions to a corporation, trust, community cheat, f UK), or fouJKlatlon muwt meet sevea.U teats. Such organizations muB-t bo operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children and animate. No part of this income must imw.9 to the benet of private stockholders or individuals. Contributions made to a missionary fond, church-buildings funds, and for the benefit ot other activities ot the church are deductible. Pew rente, «»- sessmenLs, and luos paid to churches are regarded as contributions. Olfte to any corporation or aasoctation organized or devoted to Ui« advancement of learning «r« »xempt. Glfta to an 1'ulivldual com not deductible, but if made to a charitable organisation, aj defined by the revenue act, nw«y be deducted even ·though the organization distribntoa ·funds among Uii itrdividual bcne-nciatr- ies. It you are in doubt as to the type and make of a car you will buy this spring wait ui til the auto show, March 26, when a visit there will enable you to settle this question. ' The C. H. S. debaters will no doubt bo disposed to send a boquet to the basketball team for having evened the score with 1). T. H. S. Count on the Legionnaires of Dunbar to 00 in t h a forefront in nut^ng plans to have ,\ team in the Junior American Legion League. They are always alert to have a part in every worthwhile activity and give a gr,od account frf themselves even 1£ ihe'i membership is somewhat small. Lost sleep, like lost time and lost opportunity, caanot be fully made up, even by college students. An increasiuK number of Conuells- vllliaoH begin their leadership careers while stiidents at our higher institutions of learning and then continue in that relation by vtrture ot their inherent ind acquired qualities. That's one rea ?dn why so many are heard of after they "have completed their preparation for life's activities. LOYALTY AH APPLIED TO HOME TOWX U will detract nothing'from the strength, force or Inspiration of Sec- rotary C r. Kent's talk on "Loyalty" before th' Kiwuuls Club, to say that it cau w i t h utmost propriety be applied to the relations of tho people to Uioir homo town- of Connolls-vllle. In fact, finch application can be made with beco nlng aptness and give a new emph it-Is to the splendid lessons the apwiki'.r hutended to be conveyed by his Inspiring talk. "Stamllnp; by" one's town, its inatt- tutlQus an 1 establishments, is loyally of a type comparable to that shown wi\em we tire called upon to show our fealty to c o u n t r y in limes of emerg.- OIK-V. When such need arises, ana there are found those who refuse to !)»' loyal tr the c o u n t r y or ill government, the · very (juicKly, und quite pioperly, Sru-ur the derlaioa and acorn of those M h o stand ready to mako any sac I'ltlco tUm nm be vuqulreil. Are IKIL those wht decry their home H)\MI, «f«.k disparagingly of Its citi- vcns, schools, .storea, banks, aud otn- er etiterprisos, ociu^lly blumablu iv« those who exhibit dUloyalty to their country? Th vir «« of loyalty Implies that. t'a« peraon dieplaylng It shall also have convctlon that tb« object of hit devotion l.-i worthy, That it poiasssen ·zcvllenrlns, graces or ju»lltl«s of tne s.irt that exclto hl» admiration and him aiway« to speak of H la Hearings on Branch 'Banking Will Not Be Concluded Soon Legislation Cannot Be Enacted ut 1'rcscnt Session of Congress. By DAT ID EAWItENCE (Copyright J330 by The.Courier.) ; WASHINGTON, March 13.--Two weeks of heajhiga on whether branch banking should be permitted through modification oi existing law, havo indicated the fai-reaching character of the survey t h u t has been un-dertak-en by the House Committee on Ban'kiag aaid Currency. John W. Pole, Comptroller of the Currency, who has been o;i the atarid continuously, lias been interrogated on so many phases of tho branch banking probj-cm that it is already vp- pairem't tho sponsor^ of the idea are not looking foi legislation at this session. In fact : ome of tho represe-n'ta- ttivea oif the groups which are watching tho hearings hav« set for themselves tho goal of "branch banking by 1932." Chairman MeFad'deu himself has stated that ho does not expect action at thli esaion but that he, wishes the su'jecrt to bo thoroughly oanvaswod. Governor Young ot tho Federal Re- aerve Boaa'd 1. the- ftexrt witn«s* but tho actual experience with the snpeir- vlsion of th* national banks has beem detailed by Mi Pole. The committee will a»k Mr. Young about th* batik a which ur nipiubefri ot tlie Federal ve S.ile n. In fiU't Mi. Young hns indicated that th« bosurd iati't ready a.s ytt o expres.j an opinion but that h« Ls w i l l i n g to discu»H 'the mal-ttM- In gtMi.'iral term«. MIT. polo'** la ,MiUiOn.y revenila his pou- Vietkm (hut d«c*?ntrHllza(l bratKh Ikankiug IH pnictical aiyl would asBlst the rural baaikn. H« would coutlno it, Uow«ver, to i.aituriil oconoiulc lureas within each Fodorul nwMwrv* District, His tcwtlmoay wa« cotuttrtied tio in««m that branch '.winking would aid in breaking down a of banking rasourcss In New York Ciity and would t*-nd to build us t»ta*r citlea an centra ot ftna,n««, Ask»d aboi t th« «rt»ting group PAGE ST. PATRICK! UOOMtR COMMiTtEE Employment Agency Mirage Under Government Scrutiny By CHARLES P. STEWART Cental Frees Staff Writer. WASHINGTON, March 13--Two to eight thousand dollar jobs in South America, besides the "romance and adventure" mentioned In their circulars, are not definitely promised by the employment "services" whose literature government officials hav« beon watching recently, in the hop« ot catching them in a few plain enough mterepresentatlonti to permit legal interference with their operation*. The "aervices" ar* mighty slick, however. "Servic*" (at a price, of course) Is about all they offer--to "direct workers to pleasant and lucrative positions." Fraud orders have deprived some of the more reckless offenders of the use of the malls, but most ot them ar« too crafty to justify anything worse than solemn warnings against their activities--which the labor department's employment buieau hu iaeuetl repeatedly. * * · Employment agencies (legitimate and otherwise) naturally tiourih In tita«s when work is alack, as It now UD questionably la--at least somewhat. The "home work" gag (almost Invariably with an expensive outllt of rauterial or tools to* be bought and r-aid for first) is being utilized for all It is worth, as might be expected. Muscle Shoals and Boulder Dam (on neither of which projects are there any openings to speak of) are being exploited Industrially. However, being farther away, with a strong tangj of the unknown about It, South America seems to have lent tt:;elf especially to the employment merchants' genius. * · * The truth IB that certain jobs In South America really do pay excellent money to a very, very few highly skilled experts from this county--not $e,000 a year but as much as the same men could make In the United States, and at a rsther lower rate of living costs, It they will adapt themselves to Latin-American living conditions. The International Harvester Com- pi^ny, in its a'taff of field mechanics the Argentine Republic, probably has e:{pected them to convert into institutions with a series of Branches. Some of the difficulties of governmental -supervision of group banks were outlined to the committee, espectally ·when the group systems include state a4 well as national banks and whe they cross the boundary lines of the federal reserve districts. He thought the examiners could supwvise satis- ftuctorlly large branch banking organ- iza-tiona and that they had had expe- rieace along that line already The chief interest revealed 'by the committee membera revolves around the proteotio.n to be 'afforded !d«posit- ors rather than the opportunities for expansion of large clity ba.n-k,s(. The Impetus of the hearings is clearly the desire to work out some better system of. rural banking than exists today, lu fact the whole fiiRj»Uou hau been ntade acute by (he staKllug n-umber af bank faitoras In small cilios and towns where the banking JWicoininoda- tions are plainly inadequate, and where a tie-up wi'tih stronger ciity bantou would a3ist the flow of trade utul business as well aa protect do- posltotns, , Representative McPadt!«n hope's to get authority Irom Congress to extend tlw scoipa ot the pr«B*nt resolution so th*t if neo**g«ry after Con- «r*sa b*d adjourned ihs testimony ot bankers 1n different emotions of the country m*y b* obtained by t iei commute* tour the various tho highest average w-rkingmen'B corps in the work!--the 1 t*t trained and most Intelligent aud i ruBtworthy. On and off, traveling bar c and forth,, th*y may number 20 or : 0--an carefully chosen an so many 'jank presidents, * « · Th« big packing com anics igm- ploy a few--workmen, as d stinguMtied from thelr,upper «xeoutiv«. There are a few auto »obile specialists, men who undcrj land a car as an a«tomot!vn engli isr understands 4t; a hnmSful of electric welders;' three or four submarine dlv«ra; a email group of j aat masters In the science of oil welJ drilling; a dozen or two of mine fore n«n--not to exceed a 5,000-ton f»hipl ad, all put together, for the mtire t ^ntinent. As for the ordinary .obs--skilled joba, not to mention com aon labor-native h*ip does the wrl. f * * Tor oao, thing, with t) a exception of Uuru'guay (a little c mntry, leu* than the site of Nebraakt) the South American republics a r decidedly choosy In admitting foreign workers. Why, is easy to see. To Illustrate, Buenos Alr«B, tho continent's largest city, h» a more than 2.000,000 Inhabitants, ' O - i t v ' o f the country's total of'only 10, 1 00,jOo6, Obviously this in a topheaiy Industrial population already. Wat es are miserable. No more coc petition is wanted, * « * South America Is a fi e continent for North American ca .ital to develop with South Amerlc m labor. South Americans can re ugh It, without modern plumbing am telephones. To -send up-to-dnte Nort i Americans Into that part of tho wo {d to hustle for themselves IB near- aurder. As workers for other folk, there is no room for them. ' Lenten Devotion "The Integrity of the Unlrene; M SCRIPTURE Memory Verne: "Thy righteousness is like the mountains of God; thy jxidgmente are a great deep." (Psalm 36:5.) Read: realm 36.5-10. MEDITATION "God's ways are often as mysterious and unfathomable an tho sea, into whoee dark depths we cannot peer. But his righteousni'sa, said the Psalmist, i« "like the moo.n^n'ns." We Can see the mountains. They do not change or pass away. They stand feat in all otornw, To bo on living term« with the world, wo must believe that there is Integrity at the heart ot it. That alone make* life worth living and ideals worth striving tor. Our rlghteousnai* of God. Whlttler puts ·tt- "Bnt nothing can be good In Him Which eW to In me." We can "bravely trust the judgments of God, if Ui« righteousness in like the mountains. ' . PRAYER Ixird, thou art ouic, tight and our salvation. Ae the mountains are round about Jerusalem, Ho Thou /are round about Thy people. In Thy surrounding righteousness wo find Comfort and security and peace. Amen. Sentenced to He VIENNA, March 33--T Auetriaus though never; moved from America are a prohibition law with They are persons who ha small crimes while nnd fluence of alcohol and v ceived sentences which fectlve when and it they drink. Dry. . vo thousand 1 miles re- kept dry by teeth in it. e committed ir the Inho have re- become ef- take another Classified Advertisements Brine results. Try th m. Abe Martin A friend wrlt« that 5-cent luo now fl\e i-ents in Mi icie It (tfliimi like .IPSI as loon as we finally Icttrn what style o' »ho« w« «U*Ut to WMC w* dl»wt U. , Steam Heat Derived From Electricity Is Found Practical Instead of groping down cellar in the chill hours to etoke a rapacious furnace,! you eoon may 1e able to touch a ewltch and produce a uniform warmth ot any deelred d e g r e * throughout the liouee. ( Steam, hot air, or hot water heating derived from electric pow«r is now available £01* both homes and commercial buildings, according to an article appearing in the current Issue i of The American Architect magazi Electric service companies in New Jere«y, Ohio, Indiana and Virginia have made successful testa of the new equipment in heating their own office buildings ami a study of costs and efficiency records to determine how electric heat can be made available to the public at a low rate le now going forward. General adoption, of electrically created 1 heat would mean that power plants could operate at' full production since the .plan propoeee that a low rate be offered on current so uee] during the "off peak" hours. Water In an insulated tank 5s raised to 250 degrees during the night and automatically circulated to the radiators hy.a thermostatically controlled pump during the rest of the day, in the case of a hot water eyatem. For a warm air eystem tne hot water is circulated through a coll ,bank over which the air for heating is blown and circulated through the house. The application to a ateuin system is similar to that of the hot water type. The sytitam provides for a heating tank similar to the hot water tank familiar in every home, and a large heavily insulated storage tank. The water heated in the small tank by an electric "spud" ia used for domestic hot water purposes. The larger tank contains water also heated by an electric heating unit, and from this t a n k the hot water, steam or hot air le circulated uiulfji t n t i h o l oE the thermostat 4 VENDING MACHINES IN The uwj of the apartment house us a meana of distributing food ami drug «th4»les through the medium of uuto- maltlr, venders Is hein,{ recognized by cOln-operatert machiiu manufacturers asi having extensive possibilities . These locutlone, manufacturers believe, offer opportunities for establishing: Individual automatic market centers in carrying out the "emergency chopping idea" which is looked upon a-i the most promising development in machine merchandising. Emergency ahopplni;, an conceived by exponents of automatic: retailing, entails the dispensing of such commodities as bread, milk, rn^or blades, drug specialties, and other articles often needed in a h u r i y . The convenience affordwi to apartment, dwellers in making theeo necessities immediately available at all nouns of the day or night should result In stimulating the uae of automatic venders, it wae stated. Tho recent annual exp'oeltlon of coin-machine operatois and manufacturers in Chicago indicated the interest taken by the Industry in adapting machfnca to dispense- perlBhablo foodstuffs. Manufacturers revealed plane incorporating refrigerating unite for vending machine t to retail bev- orages, Ico cream, an I frozen confections. Some of tho leading beverage manufacturers are reported to be watering closely t it e experiments leading toward 1ho development of miniature automatic eoda fountains which mix carbonated water and syrups. The general trend ct the Industry te toward the high claes merchandising and amueement macl ines, with quality rather than price the principal incentive to salea, it v/a* etated. Man- ufacturorj! are also giving more attention to supplying the merchandise to be dispensed by the machines and in some casos arc alto manufacturing the articles for which their machines are designed to hold. Frequently, also, coin machine producers »«11 their en- tiro output directly to packaged goods manufacturers who distribute their products through iheae automatic vender*. The development ot «x;in machines to nt -various commodities, especially the electrically operated devices, le receiving the aerioiw consideration of manufacturers. The trend toward the electric phonograph und the radio, the latter operated by coitus and permit- APARTMENT HOUSES ling free fscldlon of etatloiiH, fs already apparent In tho music nutchineR, and eorae progreaH liae been reported In adapting domestic apparatus, notably olet:trlc washers,' to coin operation, it was etated. The Industry Is still faced with two major problems, however, which at present are lielleved to retard an even more rapid development. These are the elug evil and the question of coirf*' adjustment While a S!UK detecting device htie made Its appearance, few machines have yet been equipped w i t h tlds safety feature, manufac- tureTM being largely of the opinion that the present price discourages its adoption. The necessity of adjusting machine* i.o the price of frequently changing: commodities Is also a problem which must be eolved. Adjustable, K coin chutes now In tho process ot development are believed practicable to this on-d, it waa declared. Whose" Baby Was It? Judge Grins DETROIT, March 13 -- Dominic Carno \va« brought into Judge John X. Mailer's court for speeding. The official records shows that he explained thus: "Your Honor, my wife wa« at her /.lator'rt house She gave birth to a new baby. That's why I was In a hurry." The court suspended sentence, making allowance for tho enthusiasm of new fathere. Judge Mahor looking through (he birth records could find nothing on the arrival ot a baby named Garn. Dominic was brought back. "But Your Honor," he eaid, "I didn't say It was my wife's baby. I eaid it was my wife's steter'a baby." ' Judge Ma her re-read Dominic's flmt statement and grinned. He let hte previous Judgment atand. Jaw Out of Plac*. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., March 13-- Houuni--yawn.--ana Dr. r . W. Williams, health officer of the county health unit, was called to get a woman's jaws, dislocated' in a big yawn. Dr. Williams worked more than a quarter of an houj to get the jawt properly adjusted. Patronize those who ·CONSERVATIVE STRONG" BANK NIGHT Bank day is bank night for many men and women in Fayette County. They utilize this institution's Saturday night hour?--7 to 9--to make the regular savings deposits that build financial independence. Try 1 he plan. Remember that your deposits in a SECOND NATIONAL savings account earn 4% interest. ECO N ID ATIONAL BANK Our New Spring Line in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Dept. Now Being Shown at Our Stores The Una of ladies' and misses' dresses is the finest we have ever shovi^. They range in price from $3.75 to $6.00 in nilks, rayons, flannels and wac,h materials. Another complete line' In all materials--variety of patterns--at $9.75., The $15.75 line includes the most remarkable array of materials, patterns and styles that we havo ever shown. All sizes--juniors, misses, ladies, including ha'f sizes. Another group from the best garment builders in New York City--prices $29,50, $32.50, $39.50, $42.50 and $59.50. We are' also showing a complete line of afternoon and evening gowns, including graduation dresses. COATS, ENSEMBLES AND JACKI3T SUITS-from $16.50 to $59.50. HATS Our children's, misses' and ladies' hat line this year is larger and better than ever before. The price range will surprise you. We can show you hats from $2.25 to $12.00 . Children's hats from 75c up. Additional shipments arriving daily. See our nearest store for schedule of this line. Union Supply Co. Sixty Stores in Nine Counties of PennayIrani*

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