The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1918
Page 9
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DAILT COURIEH,-CONNBttSVIIiB. PA: SUGAR HOARDERS AIDES OF KAISER, SAYS MR. HEINZ HH SM Fr Stockm Wto Sart to PratetTliMSiiiis SUM CRISIS is REACHED: W« HIM* Cut l» On»*Mlf of Normal UM If Actual Bxhauitton ·» Mock' - to to B* AvelM. I "The loiar bo*rd«r In the private ftmUf im not am\j * ilacker, but is ctnaU7 h»lplnf tkc 4al»sr. to win th« wn," i» the ·ophctte .declaration of Howard Hctaz, 7«dciiil Food Admin- latrator for Pcnnaylranln. "Eierjon* knowi there la a.abort--| a«e of near." h» aald, "yet the aelflah ·nrt thoufhjlew are shopping aronnd,; trjlor lo avoJd the Pood Admlnlstrm- tloa'i regulations »nd adrlce. Vo red-, Mooted American,, knowing the fa eta, TM»ibe guilty of going contrary to Mr. Hoorer** Tolnntary rationing system.. "Public oplnjo* moat stop laxnesa, on the part of anyone. Sugar.Is an Important food; It Is essential to. henltn, h-f If each indlrldual inithla- coontrr think*, that their little' bit of atTlng amount* -to ootMng, and contlnnea to use it at normal rate, thla : country wllj Jiare a sugar famine Inside at sixty day*.. \ "The Idea of rationing the chewing (rrnn trade, the confectioner, the soft- drink manufacturer, . anil all others who have been glren only a small per- ceatage of their present rate of consumption, will.not make tip the great deficit that w»i«re' facing. Ifwlll take the saTlngeu'of - "«rery Individual family to tmi'iimorat-of » per cent of their normal Mbsnraptlon. "Hotels and rWRraran(« are flmlt- ed to! tkrev'^poonds.-per ^person for erery -ninety- meals served, which is a little more than.ODe-hnlf ounce per meal per person. '.If they exceed this ration they will soon be" without sugar. Coawtry Haa Had Warning. "Every effort ha* been made by Mr. Hoover Ja Washington,. and the | Pennsylvania. Ac' -Inlstratlon, for week* past, by means of newspaper wammgs and circulars to the trade. to call the attention of the public to the xrtonaness of the situation. The recent ruling regarding angar certificates was one of the first drastic TCsxdte of the shortage. If now Man* apparent OtX certificates alone win not produce the fill! result*. . "The,situation la squarely up to the conaaaoer. Unless every honsewlfo luaMinij her aogar supply nnd ad- haw* rigidly to the role of not more -I than · pound* pair person per month,! than wm not be ·oongh ragar to meec | the demand* for canning and preserr- 1 Ing wlMB the height of. the -season is 1 r«atsiid. In other woris tmless the ·' peat It bring themselves to a war-tlm? ntlad daring 3«Iy there will be nr sugar for them In Aognst "More than this: not only must we, for the sake of onr national health and safety, take care of .the fruit* Xuid vegetables this stunmer for thr* coming - year"a supply, bat we must' sa^e sft^ar for ow^.boys la the trendi- es,: asjd aa,- far as possible eke om the ·eantr supply of onr allies. VTher* are »l»tltote; for bresrt, for beef, upil tor other necessitir-, but there are no sutntltutes Co; Ship »h»rUfl« Serious. go to watte which, nred? "A person who uses more than the voluntary suior .ration set by . Mr. Hoover !· an'enemy of society! The people of Pennsylvania who are anxious to serve their country in tlita ' crisis - and who. conscientiously, conserve their sugar mnsf be protected against the Blacker who-refuses-to. do. so. The^ latter Individual comes · dl; reetly nnderj the provisions of the Jaw; which impose nne.nnd..imprispjinieDt 'in. nll case* where boarding practicM-aro, dimcovered by the Administration.'" FOR INDIGESTION A. A. Clarke Hn» a Treatment Tluit H» Gwaranteeii to twMptly Re- Itove All Steimach DUtr«*». People' co .on .suffering from llttla 1 .stomach troubles : for years and imagine- they have a serious : dlaeye. g They over-eat or . ovor-drink and'j forcb'-o'n .the stomach-a . lot of extra work.- - ' -·; · -.- - . . - ' . . . . · But they never thing that the stom- aoh needs extra .help to do extra work. If-these people would take "a-Mi-o- ha' tablet with or after meals It would'j^ be-a great big- help to the stomach in ' Its-strain of overwork, .. T . Mi-p-na tablets help your tired-out stomach to. do its work and banishes the cause. · '. · ' No matter who! you-eat'or-drink'Ml-. o-ha tablets should »weeten your, sour: stomach a«^l stop gas belching- In 10 minutes. The heaviness - disappears and the stomach is greatly aided in Its work of digestion. ' ., - · ·. And" Mi-o-na not only promptly · relieves, all distress but If taken, regu-' larly will'absolutely .banish ' Indigestion by building up the flabby overworked walls of the stomach and making .them-strong,enough to.digest the most hearty meal. A. J\. Clarke sells and guarantees'Ml-o-na,--Adv. PRACTICE THRIFT. Saving Account at Bank Solves Thrift Problem. One of the wavs;to practice thrift la to open a savtogs-account with..The Citizens National 'Bank and increase the account as much as possible by additional deposits.-; This pls-n will lead tb a -judicious/ careful handling oE your personal or * household expenses and yon will constantly have a little money left over for your bank account ' We cordially invite .deposits in any amouat. . This bank is.located at 13S North Pittsburg street--Adv. TELLS HOW TO GET BACK OLD TIME AMBITION Discoverer, instructs druggists everywhere not to take a cent of anyone's money unless Bio-feren doubles · energy, vigor and nerve force in two weeks. : 7 A DAT FOR 7 DA7S i Special! ?2.00 : and $2.50 Curtains, fancy and plain Scrim and Lace Cirtains. Very pretty atterns, ; QQ« a pair ...J.. - : *'*'V We 3rre Green Stamps. 212-N PITTSBURG $1.216 CONNELLSVILIE, PM ! ; We Give Special! ; 75c Children's Gingham I Rompers, in plain and'. fancy checks,:.. light dark patterns, ""J: The Wonder Sale of the Year is bur July Clearance Sale. Greater values and bigger assortments you will find in every departaent^with prices smashed to pieces. Gome--and bring your friends and neighbors. You will be repaid aidozen times. Economy is what you yill find injeach and every purchase you make during this sale. 7- It start*tomorrowsit ,9 !A. M. and last* the whole month. ALL COME! available ship belonging tr. the United States and the Allied Gb»-- ernmeats h«9 b*#n utilized for months In rushing onr troops to France, u n j keeping then supplied with food. nn:[ amnmnltlon. Ships/ that ordlnadl.7 wo«M be engaged In the sugar trade have been commandeered 'for wnr sendee. As a result, we are short over one-half our normal sugar supply. ' "The whole purpose of the AdminiB- · tratioB now Is to protect the housewife and thus enable her to take caro of the fresh fmlt and vegetables and by canning acid:-pveserr!Qf 'secure a supply for the ensuing year. ; "Manufacturers, nsing sugar hare had- their suppilM cut . uway down ; . bat they .use only 22 per cent of the total,-. tb* other 80 per. cent are the / household; r consamen. "In View of these facts rhe roan or y oman -who will hoard sugar, now. or rcftweVto .conserre It, !s not ;only a, slacker. 'but an open. -and devoted aid to th*. Hun, The people -of Pennsylvania V^J»ve .beenfiMMng:^ an opportunity to do; something for our f country . now. bare . their opportunity.' The question Is tqcarety before them. "Will you get do^rti to ft war-time . · ration,, .or *witt · you refuse .to . consurv*. your supply -and thus rob not only -the boy» In. the trenches, the suffering one among vour Allies, but permit", Vast quaatltlt* ol fruit and. vegetable*. t* Any man or woman wbo finds tbaJ thor are going backward, are not as strong *B they used to-be, have loit confidence in their ability to accomplish talngv, are nervous and run down should take two Bio-feren tablets after #»cfa meal and one at bedtime, SoT«n a day for seven, day*. Then tak*one alter each meal until the rapply Is exhausted. Then It your nervousness tm not eon*. If you do not feel twice SM strong? and energetic as before. If your ·luffffia* dtspOBltloE;.h not been chanEvd to » Tf corona ;actlre one, take back the empty package and your money will be returned without comment. ·* Ho matter what excesae» t -worry- overwork--too raucS tobacco or alcohol --hmve 'weakened your body and wrecked your nerves, any druggist anywhere Is authorized to refund your money on request If Bio-feren, the mirhty upbnllder of blood, muscle and brain doe* not do Just what Is claimed for It 1fe4* 1e nrmMmmmt There Is no · ·ecret about the formula of Bio-feren. It !· printed on every packaa*e. Here It Is: Lecithin; Calcium Glyc*ro-pho»- phate; Iron Pep ton ate; Manganese Pep- tonaU; Ext- Nice Vomlca; Fowd. G«n- ttua; Fhenolphthalein; Olearealn Capsl- cuin; Kola. Keeps Teeth Clean and Gums Healthy Specially indicated for treatment of Soft, Spongy and Bleeding Gume. AH Jtnttfft* ud T»iUt Coonten. July Clothing Sale M E N ! 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C o m binatlons for 98c $2.00 Chll- dren'H Gingham Dresses, pretty plaid effects [or $1.39 $1.00 Silk Camisoles in flesh aad white Crepe do Chine and Satins for 69c 1(1.00 Bungalow Aprocs. made of fine check Gingham 69c Entire Stock of Trimmed Hats Up to $5.00 values in s big variety of shapes to choose from, all beautifully trimmed with the newest up-to-date trimmings, special SKIRTS .. $7.50 beautiful Wasnable Sat- ins in white, flesh and maixo, with pretty larg* patch pockets and fancy Irapcd belts fi*yf ' Qff ip^t.I/U special One lot-of \V«sn StrKs; np-to J2.00 values, incindlng Gahai. dines. Striped : Llaenes arid Reps,, al Isizes, In pretty styles lor Extra Clearance Specials $5.00 Slip-on Sweaters, to a big variety of the finest yarns $2.95 Men's 75c SUk Neckwear in beautiful patterns, special 35c or 3 for $1.00 Men's 25o Drees Hose la black and col- · ore, 2 25c Boys*. aDs, fast B3te an clal (59c BY-PRODUCT INDUSTRY IS GROWING RAPIDLY IN GREAT BRITAIN UccOTcry of'By-Prodncta Has Grcatlr Developed »TUle .L'se of Snrplns Gases H»s Become Diversified. Since 1900, when coke ovens of the retort 'type were'little 'in 'use In Great Britain, a revolution has tahon place in the system of coking and large numbers ot retort ovens with apparatus- for the recovery of byproducts are now in ex'stence. This number furthermore is being constantly added to, says H. Meredith o( Liverpool, in Coal Age. The war having stimulated the demand for hydrocarbon explosives, these are now commandeered by the government and the coking apparatus neces- sary for recovery of the explosives is under the control of the ministry of munitions. ' Although the principle of the external haatlng of the retort oven as originally introduced by Evence Cop- pea remains the same, considerable modification in detail has been grad-' ually introduced by various builders as the result of experience. The object of these .modifications has been chiefly to increase the rapidity of the coking process by tie application of more intense heat, and by the-heating. of the air for combustion. Convenience and economy in .operation have also received much attention. The.recovery of by-products has been greatly developed, and many experiment have been made with more or less success for achieving the "direct" recovery of sulphate of; ammonia. One of the most- important developments has. been the utilization.' of the surplus gases In Internal combustion engines, and. also in' tomi illumination,.. metailnrgical - tnrnaces and for other - manufacturing ' cesses. TTho to Fatronlxe. . Those who adTerttee in Th« Dsfiy Courier. , ' Try Oin 'CbwaBfid 'ifli One" cent a -word, is all Oy coat PETEY IWOTr--S»e Certainly Showed Good Sense, Pete , By C. A, TOIOHX " ~

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