The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 33
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 33

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

V ' WE6NTSDAT, ' APRIL 1. lOftVT' ' ' RCMP KEEPING QUIET Anti NEW Te pal. provincial and federal - ' police-visbjing shifted from'- the Huir area to Quebec City A . to beef up security services pro- tecting the Dominion-Provincial SPRIflG shoes: k : " 4 . f '' J . ';-..'' Now Here ' "' -' - - M ' j Red Feathef .'iivenile problem lal." " . ne pra ised , Servifl tTifrir collective net VmN-k. ' ' S?, funds for Red Feat Pol and cfauiTwiante .(or ' ihe.G''ineau Lab'lIe rea- ' RCMP, to say nothing, and that MPrY LAND v '. . 'i....h.ZJ .in fact i'jth in invest iaation ha' ro'' '"-'"crca mroogn tnc m "capital area terrorist th tr, "-in-."":- suns, am- wiU be ffcifiinfi" Dieir'-Jiitivities--; omm""'0" from .Montreal ,0 the" Ottawa-hcd in Quebec raids. i..n -.u';.' ' Z Ail Jf-sm-h a squad has been at j t -. -L;- ... - - i... .. . ice A k : ;i" " THE," OTTAWA . JOURNAL Squad nder Cover in H ul I Area? tDIIOR rtETIRtS ; ; ' LONpON Sir Cohn . ... 1... ? DISTINCTIONS mmsmm-i. RAuglv'Rtder: : -Joe. and' reoricittaTT 1 SI- il" Juveniles Need Jobs To Stay Out of Court uricr . uiesaav. urged souin-citizens. . .0nawa Kiwan-io do 'soineVNO EASV JOB 83 iiing more tnaiuust contiDute- 7V Clubs for)' "But Unless sorfcbodv in this in raising community is going to stick pr agencies, out his neck you are going to From Page One! But doubi Ontario A he aid there isr somei hplhpr imp KpHpral ' TpI7" will fe. j.?y ,L.fl'a U?'jjjT and nas .ocneiiis legislation stating that no On WASHINGTON The Gilbert! tan(, resident would be allowed II V i " 01 'work iiv Western Quebec,; it and Llhce Islands comprise ihe 0 tontrihuteto a Federal pen Thin n ,h m i" dcm""slr?lt would be an undercover in- only Irrntoy to straddle both; sjon plan, . j in tne Rational .Capital vestieation, and as such would'the "enuntoi , and inleinatmnaH MrCotward' said the othe r r l : ? , ' 'n-'hardly he - advertised. Nor dat-e1 lirie." i alfern-otye-would be to chal "Tm ana raruatnent. ..- -.. :-u..., ...... ... i; . ' POIRIER TELLS KIWANIS that this special task force a : . .- - ... . combined operation of miinici-! ..- - X MnHI VIIIIM X iv7tw 1(1 1 llilllil If II IUI . WXMXVfM IUI 1;1 1'.- I I I' r-i s X COnON CUT PILE RUGS' I fe 'r"' ' r. Vi'sWa . -: - mm i , i awr itl- . . w t ,. for 'niton! bouty in your bdrOOm, tiving mam AlkmAM' aTaw.. 57 Twi tfiii tm - '-i'i!..r :';.;:. X 'szrzz -v. .' uu o w0y oround. tk i 1 1 11 f -t ic- rvg wilh frino all way around. Th C botlii or lcid ru'onl foam rubber. I Coniplctaly wothobl right in .your nso i I jxrunaSiia-aa" a 3JV-Tly colour to I W I moot lrom. - "i 3 FOAMBACIC RUG r"01 N ' Value! rT " . ' r' J 0tp pluhy coHon pile it o won . I ' ,j . . , v. oorrui nn your tool in. opa. I x.;.'..vTr v, -.n . s is. r . w m a w- a. - - v r . r '.'"I XT-r, ';u'1'7v- ? -Ji- '.': from ...., i ii.'::,'".,.'i,-:'..'. ' i ''ftk-iv'iV .'X .t, -.-- ;' ' s I-'lV'''. 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Lir av ,,hi,Pailf.n-io .RCMPrthen -reserve, our tight to .v.ioraan i .afJ Ham.1-; chers -.Xue-dtiy vo.ed over- ' ; .the RCMP today Lneniemsj-xperted to Mtlinlttkrttty - r 1 5";ne1 S'0" rvw Uhe Federanbill)arid jke "po- s' for p today-"after being j ; the ".place of. Bible readings sit ion of our sister provinces." "arraigned una!! charge before land the Lord's Prater:,' in, the Ontario now has - pension j Magistrate' St'nke in Ottawa classroom -has been a contfo- legislation,. but it is limuea to, Magistrate's Court. Bail was not versv for- 10 years, m conven- reguianng existing pnvaic -ston plans. The Federal pension legislation states- the Canada Pension Planw ill go into effect in any . province lacking a pen- Ston plan which is available to . . 1 1 -.ill rM-iniirtii: , 1 1 . .--.. r ,.. . 11 rsf iron . a. f'itni'.n 1 1 r - . v. been tlie National ..""nartds-oi. square nwles of ,v- ' .r,:. -r., Ltdmparable tovthe hederal plan .""-1' , I - . -(ia iDMU and Ijihronlun hL a'i.eaiW d lilt ic'n ,. fnn ir 1 . . a- - ' . ' ni'nh I in . l Klll'f lflirfl 11V .L - - TheTeT, have W- rumors! ,,,na c scorcs en,P'y " . nn 1 Hutv! of the Ontario pension vqmm. vhi-K t f,. t,,..- -t: nonies wnere terrorists "-- r -Monf. told reporters uniario " 1 1 1 ij 101 ' 1 1 n - L't lilt 111 I I - r - - - t -.1 -..waik- nflf m I ..'.... j i .: c-oudstash Ihe rillcv. .iph tor inrfc p.. ... the rifles, sten nounced." could prevent the Federal pen-, sion scheme from taking effect in Ontario simply by passing. tun Avenue, rft;-wX.-arrested i - '. . "r"?' V.. 1 i.j . r 1 11 .... r i. cr mp- mwr u.asn-1 ta v. . . r . ... -- -. r a r .- l . . set. Tn"ddTnonto ihe--t5 breakiiu leration , lcige the cohstitqtionality of entist has been appointed chief: tne reacrai pian in mevouns. of government telecomniunlca-l ir was. reported that- most of tmiu annin the other eight provincial dele-. . , ,, ".. . ' ih rnn.' : T.e newv chief, R. Keith: .k- t-win,ai Brown, has oe iions of the BC-Ieathers Fed and entering counts. Phe!an'- But .Tuesday 1,200 delegates faces a charge of poscssion oif rejected ' trie .-cutomkry . motion a .3JKa!ibre "revolver, four to table the issue a id pluriged Lead Not Red Hot ! MONTREAL P Police ; said late Tuesday there was no ;certairMy' that recent arrests and "a seizure of dynamite Nova Scotia were said to have"! The ne: - created division meant they were hot' on . the ' plan-won't cover the large pro- the Department of Transport's large quantity .of . rms front) Ti portions ofHiheir-, province." telecommunications-.. and e'ec- two Quebec armories usax TTlFdTfficult to St'Ck. vour'hponl.; who are sV-ff-emDloved. '.tronics branch: It wii; deal with'. months ago- to rhelp, the neck outr rtnpwr because you! Informants sa'id Prime Mini expansion , of- iwenttona4-om4. ColtoWing -eeke.rid raids, or tne capt- may get it slashed. It's no easy job with these kids. They Speaking as a representative 'are rough and they will give of the Fami v Sevices Bureau. 'Vou a roucn "time. J ter Pearson expressed the hope-"umcai,on!Vana ,ne,r '"creased three, men were arrested in the Fcderal plan could be im-:UJ,e bv .the 8overhment. . ; Montreal, and nine: sticks of proved a4t-went along "to meet!' A native of Selkirk. Man. Mr. dynamite were seized. Assist-that situation, (Brown is a graduate of the ant Chief Inspector. , Russell "Premiers Bennett of British University of British Columbia. jSenecal, head of Montreal's Columbia "and Manning of Al-i I T "t anti-bomb squad, said the men berla were reDorted lo have? .. NICHOLSON IV TOKYO i would be arraigned today for OXv- Vl:''he'increaslng.numftcrof 16'to'uig the Hth anniversary of the foundland said he made a five- via Hong Kong Tuesday night. South S"hore across the St. L H. WYNKIE A SON lS Spirkt nrar Rink hul fpll ntnrp Wa lnpnmrpri nn vn nrm- fnmmEiftrc Kifr . ,,A it,, Vaa.i niin Mnn ; . . . . .n . n . , - illegal nose-sinn tf flvnamil i s-.-s - li ., h,. tokh oo.m me tut. i pian is t,t "- njiv r u i Keuiersh canaaian ;- - iiAi J 7 flflT!! an, individual level. H Uhe courts" said Mr. Poirier.; .J.cralty satisfactory tq them. 'postal minister Jack Nicholson Meanwhile, four met;, ar- jfv? iswar-oios ociore line courts,, louiiaing 01 ineir ciuo. n musi-i wora specen ,4-aia cuua Nicholson was scheduled to re -awrenceKiver irqm' Montreal j Mr. Poirier told Kiwlnians they cal'-review was provided .-by! five times" to the position' mairt in Japan until ApriI.3:to in connection Jwith separatist jvyould be""rcaHydiing some-; John Thompson,- Jack-Pearsej taken by five other provinces,; observe Japan's postal adminis- action were charged. in criminal ; :mww;ffBwwwww;ft . ., , .1 . . . h i. . but not intarioand Quebec. . trauon operations. icourt and another in, juvenile court. - v - - Inspector Senecal said police have been unable to find any of the FN semi-automatic rifles, Sten guns or Bren guns seized by the raiders from.'the-Fusi-liers Mont-Royal . armory in Montreal Jan. 29, or In an artillery regiment armory at Shawinigan a few days later. Ottawa. Area --..v;t . ... - . - Deaths ';' WILLIAM ALFRED CATH-CART, 57, machine sales and repair shop operator, Stitts-,vj!e. as a result of an automobile accident at Srittsville Monday. , : EDWIM .-McMAHON. " .83.. retired, Chapeau, Que.,. book- Itf aa aa afc aV 1 - - . v . Kcrpcr; hi Axunf r. MRS. MARJOR1E ELEA-NOR HODGLNS, widow of Cecil Hodgina, 355 Clifton Road. I ROMEO CAMPEAU. 39. taxi driver. 323 James Streetr MRS, "MABEL ANNA BRUCE, 67. widow of George Bruce. Galetta. -WILLIAM STEACY BELL, 84. Smiths Falls. MRS. MARY THERESA McGlNNIST 97. . -widow of Philip McGinnis, 118 Kenil-' worth .Avenue. SAN FRANCISCO Tele-; gTaph Hill, a landmark here. .has its counterpart in Telegraph, Hill in wincftesterr-fc.ngiand.- ; . -. ,' - r-,'. : 'FARCICAL, MUMBO-JUMBO' he Rnowcuge oi a specu ani.- --' '' vM..y .-4.;. j-- -" , nslort. benefits.-for our iPeo-;.v V- 'Their request wJl(Ro 10 the , terrorist, MitHtarW in onlar.o tfhtil we s.-e West Ld motel Monday. ' ; i nrovmual . DeDariment.of Ldu- work in .the -Hu. area in the sh a squad had been m , ,he ultimate forrri of Bill C-7S: Fhelan- remanded 10 Aon! :ion.? , . - - V'. QuebecWide .Aeirch" ffr guiis action Hust across- the river,; Obviously headquarters was and ammunition scoped up .in- f RCMP Headquarters this taKing' m cue irum . eparatisi raids in :ent week, corning, inereaa been no. o.-; ' " " ,.,ln 7 iv recent Ton armories, in Montreal and Shawmigan. ; K ' ,:-But ' (there was good reason -to believe' that , it was. simply ."policy',' in this narticuUr cane ticiai word of it. ' ., j " '- -- But this was not necessanly!'" Hie Common.-' to,' answer a denial. It was: carefully ex- WCW. abul th ?':Q8,rC5S, plained that sucfi a squad could I ll'ce Jiivcstigatio . into-.the have been wtwkine in the Hulfrrrdlds- - ; ' ' pxerc entH-eivv D rop Re I igi on BC Teach er 4 VANCOUVER , (CP Apply- T.-i.e . , . rt . U . r o at ' I all ' . - . " . covennc. all Canadians. ... "t '"-r --"--meamngTrss aittf "mumhor ng and .reciIaf'W -the Lord's----One -day I asked my-atud- Prayer. '." ; .' ent to w rite. ot what had been What aboul the-.. Caih Jews, atheis;s, Moolemsvand of them returned blank pieces children of other faiths in our of paper. ; s , -l ' -,- ,' - chwlr'' he asked ; ,;" Ope student wrote; ' 'Christ -tawara vogt, 01 ."surrey was ,lood in a bM, and Jajd. up. ia a Jjt,.i)r4' . delegate o-. supporr. :he exe.cise:,fle sa.d ; . . !'lt is not so'miH'h the mean.- merriy.' tierri'v "iiy .'"unl'o you.' I .-cealied -that' religious , instruction was1 a . waste -of ng t. what is read' but . the. . . ;:; ; ; " 1 " perpetuation -lofv the Cnristianr Ar..v ,kr'' A--n Heritage that- is emrx-died'in, hi exercises,"", ; ,: r.1 years," , 1 ha v asked my stud-;, ents if..,thev, wanted reli2toua. '..Cebrge;;Mcai. or iBiiimby; exercises;. 7:hey have said no. said the prattnes only antac- s0 ( have -civen them a studv on:e students and . sm(ther.penod instead.'.". This' is illegal, ! their, interest 4n religion. . . r ?" f . - know- but '' riobody : com-' I ; -'The exercwei hive k'nega-j plained.. , Va ' t 'ruiitl AnX. i " -HI. . '1 . '- - . . . , , 1 , .u. frit, ' " - I 'v ..". w-wi . I.III1UH.-H ... ij .curiu4iui.v-,ia a ior.e in chargesflL possession of .stolen j to the fray. - : ' TheV. iirf-mymhnJumh, 'i hfrh ,kW , 'L.,irf - wiv,,. in zoods. And two rharaes of ihefi ! .'Strictly cold turkey and ' - ;Z u., ."' "" iTT .. V over S-")Q New Post For Space Scientist A leading Canadian space sci unemotional. f s. oil of Vancouver. said Denis 6tt- , i . rrce ma rooq -Minions .01- unrBiian.. Jack Gllmour of " Burnabv i,i'n ,j . suvu a:iu viidivnave murucrea pne anoiner .in tiling There ls nothing tcred-'-tw 0' world wars. The atheist I " , and vital about, the Isaid schools are forced bv the ln jc)00i " Public- Schools Act to set aside ithe first five minutes of each ! a,Djve McDonald. . : uj cut a at Vancouver Atms Theft exercise. Chinese never -went to war m ".'-,.. ! 500 years . . 4 Uncle Sro says: a teacher, 'Starve Cuba.' : .'. ' secondarvv' ' Je.sus sav. . . . 'Love ; thine school, said he used to give the enemies' and Uncle Sam aays: exercises as prescribed .- 'Hate them.' " ,. "' DOUNTOWN JI.00 to .5:3(1 236-1311 Mi stunning;. . allpurposev simply tailored s u bai r b a n - shoe. The folded top is definitely - in vogue , , 'the" gently tapered toe 4 'practical, weir balanced hciiju'eJashiQnjighlwr GREST .. and cushioned insoleadd such deserv ; -.V'HX.'strrl ing comfort . . . and prove that a. fashionable shoe can be comfortable, too" , In black or bone Calf. LADIES' 1I0E SALON, THIRD FLOOR, DOWNTOWN ONLY - (Utaztu Oqilvif Abutted WJlfflT-gffiLOC 4 - - -lit ii.WJhiilijl'O ' mmm 20 BIG PRIZE GAMES COLISEUM ' ,i - " ... ". , "' ;. .' - " '.-;.". l: ..... ' , :,' .... .-, . .. . "

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