The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1918
Page 8
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA Tlais Grace CoaL i«b of Pale, Tfasrx - . ._ fyc. Sclv-Tr-ira-med Orfiandy -i«a. IM' *''.' ·.'-: r " ' " ' - I - L--x. · ""i.* ' : - - " - !l"H ila.-**L JS ' Nothing LikeaBlackEveningGownforAll-Around JUseidhess-T-mlored Suits of Extreme Simpli; Icily theBest Choice Now.- A Foundation · Skirt That Hfis Many Us«t; H ;^ , . . .-.;·-.·· - tf---~t _ --··: · - · · · · :· . «i'j^'·'· V4^I%V " elaborate' and ex- j sport model, 'weH cut and .beautifully ,i*Mive* costume has no.-place at-j tailored, if you'. wyi; .bat;a; salt '·.ali-ln ' tfcis -yeak's-.-. sebftine'ipf'j an effect of business-like^simplicity. ^Jt£lijs.^Np pne^lTee-la quite com- 'This goodrlpoklns's,uit\jnay be worn Jbl«. - t o a, hew : -icba^ume that j on r cooL days, in.- town;.:.It. will 'answer: rfrbin '.every: "· 0ne neijrhbbrlis sure to.;be. "'The idea, -of ^all . ent -- for. clothes. ln.. n't -.she . put ; ic in that . and. "wear simple- dudsJLike 'the f a»rv,Not only Is the costlyV- y' 'rift th'e apparently, .costly -- »' poor' taste. Just now; it is --- poor ^patriotism. - "Slm^Hcity 1 ; |«^lh«'!"»Wb"boIeth'" and^even' women ' »a^afrord;ijtm'9j5t. expcaiH«re. Jn -- and . generous cont rib ut ions to haMtijtd; to their A£**s to j theVcommon id^sal .and iff"-- iio-'." uhn'ccesBarj"---" dlsj'Iay- of ^M";w" .'" ' . - . ' · . ' ' - ' . - ; ' ]Pew Frocks;-'- Well !hoscn : '" t«s»{extenaivi a wardrc.bc, the cs»«^n.ce,lea : iu Its selectittn.: Th* 'woman' I 'eetting: .alcns ,this ..-^I^ht" one Jr.Qtfd;.ta!lof cd'^siiU.-; Urock of fouIartL or. fie- ile, pne or two simple tiffiner "iad" some .organdies and g-ins-*- warm idays,: ;-.Thi«tMa thee wh'o spends most- i;if 'mornings .in. a .Bed* eroas-worlc: -fro'mThandHns; or from some- disaster 1 in'-soihe' o'ther' plac.i where . teltef" 1 work -;ls -going; o$:^ The' who sojourn at^summcr hotels jryisit at^coyntry;. houses wjl^refluire v "" elaboratftrclofhe^or cpii^ei^but. dfc^not coino .nndeVthe . classlfica- "average American % women." " b t o'ln^" to ^arra^-pos-" war summer whfih there demnnds-cn-thc/'ptirsc,. nsr ourselves in' : ; t hei-ayeK.- ^proper. -sum merV»rd robe;" moat uaefiit .th, r n? to o-vii R .tailored. .suit;«f ; mi-xcd n i Qr_ic,he,Yiot;, :;uoj^ r a dressy . . for traveUuir purposes arid jrillibecoroev in the" country, a; smart sport ,.!*uit. The jacket may be used With white ;, tub sport ; ski rta: .accont- tennis shoes and ekilor hat ^r^nd behpidju natty country club":or yacht club ,.r\gl - Crisply; .pressed", and dry-cleaned, _this .well' tailored /suit, will keep : company with autumn hat,. footwear-: and fur Jaca'rC^nntiLi late, in one. needs 'to make it do until chat 'time.. .: " * " : Important e Of -.Do not .yield to the' .. temptation. ot_ bargain priced, neckvrear -these 'daj*. Heaps of;, collars ·ara^.pilBd'- in every : neckwear section 'with markcd : down price ta^s. ' Once 'In a 'while a rare- bargain can bo pick^-up' way-- but hot often. If you. are really looking;* tor -such .a barlgaia^dlscaraVair , mark-downs .'la'. neckwear and search out mussed 1 anJ soiled collars arid'.their-fik. .Sometimes a:really beautiful bH,.of-flnery is thrown' into ·the bargain -counter 'scrap-heap "be- cause~it~ha3 b'ecome hopelessly "mussed ' In the stock room". ' Such'a model can be'rcnoyated at the cleaher's, pr-ey'en- washed and ironed aOhomie,' and'may have jrreat;pqssibimie5.":.,.^ut. U"u3ua\-. .ly, requires ·' a ·'-keen, 'cy e' \ to' J'sec ' : the'm-. ; 1- "know a , woman who""*;picked; .up, amohps-'a, jumble -^i^jnachinc .tucked! "organdy ·' collars' ana* 'coarsely : hemjr stitched" chiffon, "neckwear I n , a-;;bar^" prese/it-style collars L pf sheer ,.-__._ istc.'beautifully'., embroidered. In'wlji Slie icufc'out- the ; sca]l6pej8'.:mcdamon|: added them, to -one'-'pfJ.the^smaJI- cpi;;~ lars. : /making:^.. large,';BTacefulV.piecfr 6f\\v;ear, ;and used;:the·----*---- pf thc,.CUt-:UR G« WHO wprflen who are desirous rvJBB, tiaeir" country in. t he ft 4 capacity ;of. stenographers, are* ft- first;put through, a rigorous ex" Yby the .K*d Cross as to .their 'over tnerft v*ni;W*H neAieQ, wen «1 rooms, sleej^rt good boarding » s«lect*d bjr ^hesRed Cross", and R»d Croaa .^care.fuHy-'c^aperones --»_-». ' ***.*«.' wHtrt vtr duty *^S-f"'a t«mp»»f«te^2bot giveirtp ·rie*, fitn of ijhpsr^ir.'th'- broodir| E Usi'd'«iicy. ; ;:.'W]fte»;^^r; r itway.'. from R«:iBrirciim«ntvii«4' ; tTi«Qda..; And - unU'muat *- a time line. . t to ner i SJM*i there;" or_ that she .WBLS married .and', wished to ,be.near: her. h'usb^hd,; at the Jtrpnt r rAnd~h«r hopes' have invariably been doomedstb;; dis»p"ppintm«|iii. i: "; ^.-,-'The stenoffrapher.'isrprpvided by:.the a" blanket-roli: In\ whichi.yarJous p . : per- sonai beJonifins3^'r'u*K'"b'B;Carriied: ;She ; is permitte l d;"tp take:.6neSunA 1 Vd.:and' fifty pourios .pf lUCTage.^.^Aii3T r ,inore; than that 'she must' pay^fpr^hflrself. pa duty, : she will ive*r^*r;d»fk -bliie .three' Jlttle ~coliri.ra"'cost 'twelve cents .each;-her. finiahed *et of collar and cufCs looked a- price of four-fifty. But such chances are unusual. The warn-. anV'-ivJjp'' ·w-aiits : to look well dressed, these days of very simple. talUeurs. ·buys one or ; two really good bits .of, neckwear, is. fostidJous about cravats, :takes .excellent carjBi;":df 'jBlpyea, a'nd boots, and pays.'eVtrcmD attehUpc^.to yells. .-Even silk gloves cost a.iropd 'deal, .this year, anJ:.ono notes-J;hat bare, hands siem- to be. the 'fashion ftxcopt; when the. costume-Is decidedly forma! ^Iivcharacter.". - . . : " . .Jfiuiy Black-iHiiner.Gowns Worn ..' ·TJie.-prepojrjderencia of black evening 1 costumes Jn any restaurant; these days, at the dinner hour, is .very noticeable. Every woman know-s the practical virtues of a, black evening gown,; and. now · that these black. cDatumes arij fashionable. one is ,Klad' to take advantage of- the eciiriomlcal. mode. Some of the black goivns are of satin; others aro · of chiffon; stllj others--, more elaborate---iiro-pf black laco In combination with, biack .chiffon. or satin;. ..or whlte^ chijifon .and black satin. A flesh, .t.intcd lining,: a ' d e e p red rose adroitly placed, a string of pearls--any - of these give contrast and interest to, an ^Si-black gown;' or one in black and white. A. practical black evening gown. co.mblnes a. draped skirt'pf-black satlti'flad a tunic; of black lace arid chiffon. An alternate tunlq t [ of, cream ;\ r onlce lace'-qyor black "chiffon and a sash of deep btut* brocade turn the skirt into quite another costume. Many of the be.'tt i, ihese war dnya. are turn r ing their attention to these combJnti- I tion costumes ana re making founda- i tion skirts..of black or white satin, with alternate tunic? or .blouses thiit ve UiC'. touhdacioa .skirt the desirable wholc-costumo effect. One such skirt is of soft, thick white satin, i pleated from belt to hean in narrow j shle pleats. There aro three tunics. Oae is of.white Georgette wlth'bamJs of'heavy whU^j Venice Inco, the long sleevw g:lv-ingr'the tunic an afternoon, rather, than an evening semblance. Another, tunic la o£ black velvet with fEicings of ;whiie satin; this for afternoon weaV with a .".mart -black hat black pumps and whito silk stockings. Tho third tunic Js o f . white chiffon embroitlerRd -w-lf;h small' black and white beads antl has flowing" sleeves and" 'a roumled docolletago---a tunio that accompanies .the white satin skirt. to restaurant dinners and informal dinner-dances. : . . Cotton Voile Frocks Popular.For . " . ,. .Afternoons .There are 'more darlc patterns in Ui'c 1918 voilo displays,.than .one has othar years. This is because so many wonion are demanding a { fabric'to take''the place of "summer silk," -which, has so sadly increased in prlc-s. Foulard, patterns in voiles r of dark ground are extremely popular, and n'avy blue voile "with, "whito dots or a w'flite scroll design Is Iramcnsely favored. These dark blue voiles are made up over white Japanese sJlk, or ara worn over the white petticoat and camisole, liko. a voile.of llgrhter tint, and they, make excellent costujcnea for all-around wear during:, the summer . Pictured, is. a navy, blue voile with scroll pattern In/white. .A llttlo plain blue Georgette Is ;added to give contrast and .smaJl Wuie sllJt fassels swing: from sleeve and,-drapery. .Tho foulard skirt illustrated Is an exceedingly graceful model, thu deep tuck breaking the straig-ht line and tho pockets giving a -Jaunty .^eml- sport suggestion, A blouse of ifhJte Georgette with cuffs and collar of white satin, accompanies the skirt'and the costume Is perfectly correct, as well as cool and comfortable, for any summer day occasion, except' brie of sp'oclal formality. Organay Xoeds Little Trimmiiig After all, there la no-more economical summer frock than, the frock.of rorgandy. One requires nothing- but ihs material; laco trlmmJnir is ruper- fluous; even the sash may be of the frock fabric. A pretty organdy model showing the prevailing fashion for 'tiny frills,- Is pictured. There are frills on the cuffs, and on the crossed !nchu. collar, and a frill stands up. crisply- from the deep hem, turned up on the outer side of the skirt Buttons of white crochet fasten ttia, crossed collar to the belt and trim the cuff. This trock lit made of pink organdy and the liat is pink straw with. Tvhit« fringe trimming. Another fetching qrsratxdy frotfk--In palo blue ·--has a deep tucked collar edged, with a tiny trill,' and frilled cuffs flaro back 'from ;the elbow sie.eves. The gathered skirt has slashed-- pocket openings edged with frills. Below the i pockets are plntucks In o f ; nine. Below the pintucks is an up- standingr frill, · heading a skirt _ Hem that reaches far above the knees. The sash of. blue organdy has frilled tab- " ends, tied at tho bacic. , Capes Por Sport And Traveling "Wear tan wool jersey cape-coat pictured, is an excellent moo/el for sen- era! summer wear. If. will .answer for a «port wrap or for a traveling, wrap. and may be dpnncd over an informal dinner pow.n if one has no more .elaborate -#T$p at', hand. COSTC31ES ' $ O:\IE of the new bathingr dresses h'a\'c clever convertible collars ·and. Bliieves which aro the last :\vor,d In convenience.' The collar may be brought up closely around-the throat to protect neck and shoulders from! sunburn, or, may be turned.down, as a decoration for the. costume. The little sleevss, slashed from top to edge, may be tarned over the upper arm and :!ast«ixed together by'buttons and loops aJon, 1 ? the slash or may be. turned back ag-ai:ast the .bodice-In. a sort of rever eftect, accompanying loops or buttons holding the turne'd-back sections . in ,'pJace, Worsted trimmings are very ; much the "thing on "bathing- suits thia season. The full bloomcra are gathered into knitted, ' ribbed banda that cling to .the knee, sashes are trimmed with v/orsted, tassels or plain bands o£ knitting and a knitted collar adorns tho necir of the bathing dress. Sometimes these trimmings are in one color; sometimes two colors are used in striped effect. . .; t THE "GEXERAIi .PERSHDfG'.'A - SPJQEXDH ORCHID A. new orchid called the "General Pershing" was the . feature of this year's exhibition, of the British Horticultural Society, .and this splendid orchid is quite the craze this season in London, It is a handsome, mauve orchid with deep 'purple tones' and carries itself with special grace and gallantry on. its stem! iryr 'benttlri_E;.'her-;^o,8itjVn:-as v ::v.war «' k cr;ln'.he^couat^»7ii^Hofc^-Vr·-··-' rack I : .pro_yicl6dj by. thi^vHe' iriay ;bpaV^riit^»hV/cliopHMr; in'jpBe^.pf the!- «reullyv iibvestJifated ''pensions -ivprk. : ^ ..Th"e-_:'jfirla'.*re'':'-in.e;t- JO l«nd^itc,':-' "Fraiice,- "by, -^«d. '- : ' and protected .- t - · - ive.Trithfh.ei-^fpr'ah^is'.llki^'' »ld;-up' constantly; and^ea'tin'-': tlm*"her" p«s»r^'rt-Trill be demanded; and '-«h«"'in'uBt' h»na; : yirToiie\pf'her.i ?:'y^'W»'»-'-'*«H^^'^^^.?7** ; . lfl * n ^ ^*"^5^ r ^S- : ' : ' : vA .';rjhr^:.: r /V-;:- : intbith'e realm of superstition'- 1 '.aJp9j:.;.wIth"."BIue-;M6nday F !r which be.- · ''.the^ days. of;.electrlc irons,' wasH,- ·jpB^machin'es^ and^/maslca'i .'soaps' that ! cleans*.' without rubbing, was thp' : .;men^ -ace" of 'gloom that-spoiled every, hoa'sekeeper's: Sabbath.. : ,Baby*s first sum- ;^is no, more-; dangerous '"now" than ^is- second,. ^r. his- third-- not h a l f . so .dangerous ; as, .say, 1 his .seventeenth ;summer; since antiseptic and hygtenl? methods. of rearing him have-been discovered, "since' the . old preposterous iway of "swathing him in -stifling flannel'. all ' through -the.' torrid yweeks .has .been.;. .abandpned,: and .since modified 'mJlk^has- been '.estabiiBhed as a sclen- .tinc..Vsubstltute 'for "natural; nourish: mcnt.' " ·: -. .'.-.'.;'. ·· ;·= .:...'. : .· ·· '..'.,. · \ ...Th« ancient /nurse, furiously-, trotting. -a;.,cbiickr;.'baby Von her." knee; .or -.surreptitiously dpsiiig.'him. with sooth- Ing syrup-" in "order, to/insure. .her^ own repose. : -is a far .-,cry r . from .-the modern 'scienUflealljr ;lrained;. specialist, serene.- visaged,'. ^white.'.jrarbed, who.. compe T teritlyrin'easures^top-niilk, Tyiiter "and 'barley;;"water; v --;sterilizcs. · bottles 'and irihses.'piit "delicate 'baby flannels In the \most approved -'(way.^';. '·''.'·,;:',-:·-.·' - ' '. ',." .!, No Human :b'elaBri';prbbabTy, ever, cut /his -or. /hep 'first: :ieeth - without ".mprD ;or;.less;: mnguish-^-it i.'ii .:llie. first ; great trial "of .life that 'pr'esaffM all the', rest -- buty 1 teethlaci' % tim'ef i .i8''.|npt; attended ;wlth.jthV;ilis-and ! ^e ; darig;era of -yore,. since : ,the ' : , , o'utslde.are 'crCrefuHy'ana^scientlflcally " : ' ' : ' - - - ' - supcr-wlae; clad..y.p " nura««;f ' ' nd.ible : pf .these' _ 5..^'gr ; be' affp.rdied . : . . s t ; s u m .'there'; : 'ate/ so '"nian.yj' : wcceUent :" b qoks/o'f. ^^^ ; «F thatnb; '" " the : baby/' que^o hi^and. consiJep-U ye : .V »eripus, : .;.f itar" ' f :^; iriajcin g" "^ - as thistledown yet cosily--warm, .and her; steady.: ignoring -of kindly advice .comfy. -A-tinted chlfton. a^d lace hood as to old-fashioned remedies; , s .hut s out-as/.miich of the. universe fas ates.them; her careless \vay of loav- riiight be annoying'.to infantile nerves, Ing baby uncovered to" kick bare heels, in · colic-productive summer-- breezes grieves 'their- brooding', hearts;.'.her austere attitude · toward p-icklng-upi-I and-rocklng -: and .;walklng-the-nopr' methods braireviatthi; temper fill them with--rebelJion;: It js.j a ;wlse- young- .mother- of: the now'^generation,; how-, ever,'; .who · · dlsrcgfiiri3s ^oia-fa'shiohea. advice as."to'medicines. - The moclGr-n baby is: not. dosed and mvaddled and' trotted-aa 'his.-ancestors were'.--"W'hen^ he. is below par physically. lUs; : tni- H j perature";j?- taken ajid ithe^ doctor/Js'l summoned;.' when /ho. shows, temper, and not'tempe.raturo'.he.Is trained,.not !\ trotted: ··;'H:e;.eariy learns .Tp-conslder- "-, "people;, and'' to -appreciate '.'.·tte'Tac^.: that "every;*-Ijuni'an'. soul,".,however fortunate.-must; endure Us'lonely, moincnts.- - · ..-.. v,-.',.:;" ;·;!. . ; For. hJs'fmnteriai .comfort, innurn'er- able · luxuries" have been'- v contrLvedi- There is..the. fol'ding^no^cart.'-.for^in-, stance."-: Many « delifi-htfui :Ja,u'nt.'to- the'sea-fails his iway,. : . now that nobody will;'' tote his ;.vedght.. on.: an out t iii[g. 1. 'VThe'-·h'and"y : _ gp'-cart:: /carried along-lllce,";a»;porti:pllo uruler.'.one,-arm,. 's-^eached^nntJ baby and; hi.s/fond;.par- ance'd- -springs, "ilts . ; ad;j us table"; '. : hood that- lets'- la/exactly t her right- 'amp uiit?: J. ·^-r-nnd no imore-^-of -Iisht;and':bree'ze 1 ; v and/its comfortable coverlets;a'nd'-pil-- low's:-X Almost every baby-- wort-" in'' Comfort andV i urury.' v also..! : ' and .intriguing: objects that pique Infantile interest dangle from it in' hours' that calght otherwfse/prove full; or ennui, S^^en babj-'B nurso is cool and graflfying- to look, upon', alL in spotless white ,with a'pleasing cap. that differentiates her from other hu-^ raana Uuit bend over his waking consciousness, so that, without- undue effort he is : ablo to recognize and; appropriate her as his own. - -"·"· '; · J .The latest device that has been, added .to baby's, comfort---to help:.him tnrough his., trying- "first summer", is the baby-nest, which, as you will nota in tho-AccompanyJag 1 Hlustration. looks exactly like an, .'inverted .lam.psh.ide suspended .by ribbons.' This : clever "affair,' first contiriyed by a .busy" matter who. had, ; to mind an. active .baby and attend to household masters too, was ]ater ''iniproved Tipon^in cwiaiti ways and Is no-rf on. the market so that all mothers may take. advantage of the idea. The baby-nest is made of strong cretonne, attached to a. ring of stout wire. Opening's in the,cretonne at either side of the neat,.'make . a saddle-like seat ia; which baby may. sit,'supported on.-ail-sides--whichever u*ay he £al}s--while his active Jittle. le£s may kick, and'dance and spring-I and evan learn to .take steps that, support his weight. . Most of his .weight,, 'however, is safety borne by the-leather straps, which suspend the nest from a; hook. In the; doorway; or the'hpok may 'be'' placed in the porch ceiling; cr in any : ceiling in. the house,. The mothjer. who -resourcefully invented .thai baby-nest had. several hooks Jn Various rooms; one in the kitchen, one'iii ther 1 \ sewing room, one; in the general: living room,'another.;in the porch--wherever. she. r had'at work, and -watch baby, at the same, time. , . -.·. '- ; ;.The leather straps that Bupport'th* .nest.hang from a strong: spring .' -This ,8,ilOTV3 ' baby to', jump up . and' do^vn ·-without putting '.undue strain-on rhU .little limbs. His;.weight is--perfectly; supported, yet he . may. have- 'all -th- ?tnn ihe'ilikes' and be,as active-as ho ·pleases. · " · . " ' ' -.".. " · ' , ' . ' ' ' · · . · - ' . - . '."Bo popular- has,.this, bsuby-ne'st. be"come .that it-h^s-ieen-reprp.duced Sn. miijiature .for baby-dolls. A. einallcr UluKtr.ation. shows a little-girl roofche:r settling her fag dolly comfortably into the:doll-baby-nest befbre-she-procceds to. the serious biislness of doll-housework.' ·1 Jolly Good Time For Biby in B2a *hv Cretonne Babj Ne**t' Sus- pcnrtod Bj J^catlicr Strap* Wliich Are Attached To \ Strong \\ ire Sprin*:. In It He Can Jump And 3?raucc, Antl lucarn To - ··'·Walk And The Spring Keeps HisAVcight From JBearhif-: Top Heavily Oh His i4tUe

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