The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 32
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 32

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 32
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1 Dear Ann Landers: Something happened recently that, made me realize the hazards of retirement not so much for the man. ho suddenly , finds himself with time Orv his hands, but for his poor'- wife, v, ' v , . t I have belonged; to a two-table bridge club, for almost, 20 years. We met every "week at the home ofone-of the members.' and all of us had a delightful time. . Last month the-women announced, rather mysteriously, that the club was disbanding be--cause there seemed to be' so many other things to do. Our fina meeting was' held two weeks ago: t . I heard this morning that, the club has been reorganized and-t was left out., The . reason? Since my husband retired six months ago the women dreaded coming '.to my home because band insisted on my hi hovering" over the tables and offering suggestions on how .to play their hands. I cannot deny that all they said -was true. FrartklyVhe gets on my nerves, too, out what can I. do abemr it.' Please, please suggesr5sonie-' thine. NOT-SO-GTOLDEN YEARS. ' Dear Not-SoGolden: Your husband need! an outlet for his time and energies so he will not need to hang around you and your friends, " . You know where his interests and his talents lie. Cef busy and direct them into productive channels or he'll drive you both out of your minds. . . . Dear Ann Landers; 1 am a widow who has been going with a man who is well-known and highly respected -in this community. He has one little habit whjch I find embarrassing., So far I haven't let him know that it , bother? me, but if you say to tell him.. I will. When' the waiter brings . SHOP AT URESGE'S For Better Values 89 RIDttU ST. ' . ' WEiTGATE SHOPPING CENTRE "If f Jk-,0 Shop Friday 12.30 to 9 p.m. other days ' y a.m. to b p.m. DRAPES Free Shop at Home Service ; Bay.. or , Event ngpppintments TattuBW -! CARIINGWOOD PLAZA 12S-IS44 74J-JJJJ MrARTHl'R PLAZA BILLINGS BRJDGK PLAZA TJJ-7J2I SHOES FOR THE WHOLE HMUT J. u. Letcbvre - ltd. Two Location in Ottawa 275 BANK STREET 297 DALIIOUSIE STREET .mm J3lc3nh5li The China Hall ot Ottawa 267 Bank St. X - 54 Elgin SI kftwrrn Cnopcr coraar - Qo I ' Tfirt "V M laV.M 11711 f theoinner check, he cere moniously takes his bifocals out of hii pocket,' reaches folf i his pen ami starts to add up -the bill.1 Every second seems like an houc. He frequently. -questions the ' waiter about charges. For example, hf'U say, "I ;,' thought .fhe salad came with . .the dinner " or "Didn't the y .price of the dmnet,wclude ' dessert?" .eTrtOrJ5"v a mistake in the TnthpitticTiir triumphantly points it out to the ; waiter as ,i( he ' had Time to Look .This is the time of year when we must take our calluses .seriously. Surprise of surprises, the sling pump is very much back on the fashion scene this . Spring. It "seems like an old friend we haven't -seen for a- long-time.' : However, you know what that means so far as a hump or rough skin on the. .hefls. A bit later we will gq bare-ftx)t and wear all sorts ol re-, vealing shoes -"with ports clothes, but we need to get . ready right now for dress-tip , fn. sheer stockings and . sling pumps :: : .; . :, -. .fJalluses and corns and distorted . tooffare practically at-, ways" due to the wrong kind '' of shoe's or those which were not properly fitted. Sometimes weak arches have this effect. , It is much better, to seek professional help if ou want to have the corns or calluses removed. ; You should see d;, chiropodist "or a podiatrist. At you try to treat yourself you . are , apt to cut yourself and haVe a painful foot.' You may also get an infection. You might try to use a . pumice stone on . the rough spots. After your bath rub' these gently with the wet .stone. Do not rub too long. I Gradually flake off . the dry- skin. Then of course you must always i massage an . oily cream or a good body lotion into the ' feet. - . , ' Practically every woman has rough heeisa.L$he end of Winterauiless she has given unusual thought to preventing it. The dry cold weath e r makes these difficult to prevent. v . . , . Exercises for the arches are -always good preventive measures. This. is especially true if you are overweight or are on your .feet a great deal of the time. The following is an easy' one. . " , Sit on a chair. Take off your shoes and stockines: Crn t II I I , : ' 2 yaur right knee over your Ieft7 SIZE, NAME. ADDRESS, Ppint your right toe hard. Re- STYLE NUMBER. Y-lax. Continue pointing and re- Send order to ANNE ADAMS, taxing. After a . while" "cross care of The Ottawar Journal your left knee over your rights Reader Mail Ltd., 60 Front' and point your left toe. Street West, , Toronto 2, Ont. If you would like to have my exercises for the arches send a stamped, self-addres- For airyour Itnlttlng needi KNITTING CENTRE ivcnirt mo Tricoi , '- Over 10,000 Varieties of IMPORTED KNITTING YARNS ui Ru principal (Mam st.) null I71-S141 ' l Jit DiTl6u.l. (comer Rlde) 'OWw-TK-tJI-im- , - Not 'Just a Housewife'' but "The Mother of Future Leaders!" Every wise mother knows, th each, child is an-f individual with a personality of hit "own. . . ach good mother tries to really know every one of her children problems, hopes outtook on the K future. She accepts each of hof"" children as he or "she is, and tries tolguide therrlo reach not her goals for ,,'them but their own goals. V ' ' ' ; . V" '"a '" "'.":.'. ':- '.'"' 'n " ;'. How to find time to listen to problems: enthusiastic about their projects; to measure heir ' ' achievements according to their age nd maturity, v- not youft? LET VAIL'S DO THE SHIRTS AND THE :-' HEAVY LAUNDRY. Vai'l'i "Shirt Elegance" 1i only 19c a ihirt. You do the MOTHER jobs hat only you can do. ; ; Phont 728-1961 far pk-ap r'ilt a VAIL'S "iiynriltt" tor ' 0 - f 4 ' ' .- - $ r discovered Ftrmat'i last theorem. I feel like crawling under the rug. -Shall I tell him how I feel? KAT-RINKA. ;: ,'Vr Dear Kat; Any person who pays a .bill without looking at It is a chump, but inquiries should be pleasant and not sound like the Second' Spanish Inquisitions. " Waiters make mistakes and so do machines. If . YOU jiave been paying your bills witnout cxiecking triem, you "t n?y vcry. br.'8ht' ', ' ;V "t; row C8d loSEPHAE loWMASt After Feet sed : envelope with your ' request for leaflet number , 14 to Josephine Lowman in care pf4 The Ottawa Journal. -1, PRIRTTED PATTERN ' BUTTON-ON MARVELS Four fabulous parts to this fun Wardrobe! Surr With the sheintbp, button-on" ahorts or wrap skirt, add bolero. Printed Pattern" 4896: Misses' sizes-10,112, 14,. 16. 18 20. Size 16 top yards 35-inch; skirt 2; shorts 1 yard; bolero yards.. FIFTY CENTS (50c) i coins (no stamps, please) for, this pattern. Ontario residents add 2c sales tax. PrintvDlainlv - l ou Know now to get a pattern--absolutely free? It's sim&le order our SDrina-Sum-. mer Catalogue Including freer coupon to get any one of 250 design ideasr- Send 50c today, OIL MAGIC' Paper that is stuck to a wooden :ab4 top :will come off if a few drops of oil are allowed to soak in, then rub- u-i" ..i - -i . w,u' " - CrOthr - r r-4 . ' I I - I J; f If , . : ' , '' ' ; ci9p O?05 A . 9 - m i A f SIR HENRY LINTOTT, High Commissioner for Brit: ain, who will, be the speaker at . the annual luncheon - of tn "' Ottawa . Women's Cana- dian.Ciobi'xorbe held in the Balh-oom of the , Chateau 'Laurier 6n Thursday, April . at-12.30. p m.The annuaT o meeting aad electionof a . board of directors will take place t 1115 a.m:. prior to, the luncheon, v ' Mushrobmsj ; Add Appeal (To Ham Steaks' If you like to serve ham for ,family x dinner but : find ' that a whole or half ham lasts far too king.' ham steaks are the answer to your problem. And . to give them the fes.tiVe 'appeal called for during this. happy . season, serve the ' steaks with gltzed m'uh-rooms; "'. . .'' ' . : To accompany this meal,' sweep potatoes and a fight green vegetable suggestive of Spring are appropriate. For dessert a good, old-fashioned apple pie with large scoops of ice cream is fiatd to beat, especiai:y if there's a man in- the "house! .' . : 'V ' For those of you planning , to buy a, large piece. of ham so that you,can serve it baked, plan to have somtLjeft over and - then - you can irf -ham steaks this new way, too. HAM STEAKS WITH GLAZED . MUSHROOMS . . ' 4 servings ready-cooked ham ' steak , . ' "; 4 cup sherfy or fruit Juice,,, 'i pound (1 pint) mushrooms, sliced ; .; 2 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons vinegar . . IV teaspoons dry mustard teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoons currant jelly eiiy U'toV Salt, pepper and paprik -taste. : y' Snip fat edges of ham steak to avoid curlingi then simmer it covered in the sherry or fruit Juice for about 10 minutes. Drain off liquid and lightly brown the steak either in the pan on top of the stove or in the broiler, v: While- the meat is cooking, saute mushrooms in butter? remove from pan. Mix remaining ingredients in pan and heat but do not boil. Stir in mushrooms and reheat before serving overthe harri vsteaks. ' ., ' - SHRIMP .,, . Shrimp ; meant a puny person before the name was applied to shellfish. Web-' ster's traces the word to the Middle English shrimpe. or ouny person. . and says it also is aKin to tne Miaaie High. German wonjs for scratch and wrinkle, the Swedish word for shrink and the Latin curvus. or curved. Grease the lid of a new bolr tie ot glue or paste with shortening before putting, it back on- the ' jar This-will prevent future sticking. YODR OLD . FUR COAT INTO HEW; UTMD ftlll JACKET Q DWORKN FURS LTD. 254 Rideiu. Otitwa .,. With Seven Stor to Prove That "Feihio Nfd Not ' , Bt Expensive" FINE SHOES FOB THE FAMILY RENT A SEWING MACHINE V BY THE; WEEK -Roir ,FROM YOUR ' SINQER SCWNG CENTRES , n lK J rt ?' . v" 1 tioii )!" dium '' ' " ' ' M IMM. M By HELOISE CRUSE" Dear Heloise: , 1 cieaned alieautiful piece ot silver, wrapped it" in very ih.n plastic wrap and stSred it. . " , , Unfortunately, months later when I removed the silver the ; plastic -was;, stuck. "cold" to U. . . " V ' v'- Nothing I can find will remove it. Can you help "me? ; . . --Sincerely, . Many of our readers have ' had the same trouWe. One ' wrote th it she success! fully te-; moved t ie plastic by using the -following method, which came Xrom Pow Chemical Company. ( And out thanks to them for ! ihis hint: : . .."In - the wrapping - of. ahy metal items. Jn . thin "plastic wrap, they must be complete ly dry and clean, and should-be stored at moderate temperatures. - "To remove the deposit -from the item, immersgm In a solution of boiling water ,v to which .a few spoonsful -of a "pink powdered detergent has been added, and allowto soak : for several minutes. Immediately upon removai-fro'm the solution, rub briskly with a rough-surfaced towel, . Several applications may b necessary. ' ' N ; "After fpllowing this procedure, one may notice a slight ' tarnish ng of the metal, this can be eliminated by follow ing up with a good metal polish." 0! J NEV EXCEL STORE, 4 SWIFT PREMIUM rDacon ub. 63e DUNCAN HINES 6..-Ix - S CI2 Assorted CflKMXES SALflDA RAYMOND nixed VEGETABLES MARQUETTE STRAWBERRY TOILET SUPPLY WOODBURY TOILET SOAP 6 &A9c 'LADY PATRICIA SHAMPOO Reg. c 79 C JERGENS HAND LOTION ' ;-' ... 59c (Free-Otspenser) WT JOHNSON & 'JOHNSON OAND-AID 69c Chilian Sweet Soanish 50 No. 1 J U.S. No. 1 OHIOIIS 2 un.SScl LETTUCE 2 ..rw35c SPniNGTIlUE JAUEll Concentrated JAVEL R LIQUID DETERGENT DUTCH CLEANSER giant 21 OQ -lza- . tt'UV BeTefyafeTinwhensTor ug-Ailver. whether plated or sTerTingT Remember, when wr apftiag any metal item in thin plastic it must be completely dry and clean and stored, at moderate, temperatures. v " Heloise. . ; Dear Heloise: , . J.', your leg-hart when yoB re ironing, .try walking to the I closet with each finished piece 1 of ironing (that -is. if it's not top far!)-or ome:sirriilar dis- , . tance., The changeseems to i be as good as a Test 'V . -Mri..T. R- . , .' ( Dear Heloise: . : When "we get up in years it is hard to get all the candles-bn lhe. birthday cake. But the; childreiTdo-not-want tozsettle for less candles on grandma's " cake . ; '.. " - ''. i . This is the .way I do it: -. 1 use the figures of the birth- ; day age, putting one on each aide of the cake. For ins'ance'.' for' 49 put four cand! on the left side and-nine-on the otherl .; Or One could draw the L figures "four" and "nine'oh the cake, then insert candles in these. lines . j Mrs. Massey. ' .' v; ' I Dear Heloise: . . ' ! To keep my potato chips, crackers, and cereals nice and fresh and crisp after opening them. I had my husband build .' .a shelf in the hot water heater J. RENE BEAULIEU, RIAXVILLE, ONTARIO Pork Pork SWIFT PREMIUM Wieners ..b.49t TEA Box or RASPBERRY JAM DELSEY ASSORTED COLORS 7 ' TOILET PAPER 2 , 29c REWARD. DOG FOOD r.lUIUTE RICE KELLOGG'S . RICE KRISPIES Assorted LIDO BISCUITS Fresh Fruits Juicy Swet California ORANGES I From California IS CLEANUP TIME AT YOUR JET SCOURING PADS f Economy ?!oei-ove 4h-hajr so that 1-had ".aafm.dry---Dlacf to' , store them. -Now I have' NO moi-e-angay crackers or limp cereals. V Mrs. J. B. McClung. Dear Heloise: ; FoVa wuwsierful ;, sewing table, get your husband to buy a "door for you; . Mount one end of thedoor WEDNESDAY. APRIL 1., 1984 Our Luggage Special Continues! . ; . Save up to 3070 T0URISTER TRI-TAPER Save now on our famous TOUR1STER TR1- ' TAPER LUGGA.6E the fiberglas. rein-forced luggage with stainless steel closure . and foam rubber padded ha ndjesj, " ' COME IN NOW AND GET QUALITY LUGGAGE AT THESE SPECIAL - LOW PKICES i Till iii BIS '. FRESH MEATY LEAN LOIN LB. Tinnir - . 7 -.5- ic Loin End Roast, lb. AH Rib End Roast, lb. 39c SWIFT PREMIUM I Bologna i 3 packsQ) of 60 bags 20 oz. tins: 24 oi. Jar 8 IS ot. tins 69 ( 29c 14 or. box '" box 3 cellos 99 & Vegetables No, 1 Navel 3 i"-0$l .00 I Front Texas- 1 U.S. No. 1 . , I Carrols 2 25c v.- 10 ozf size y I z. nTinnn cuj : . on sturdy leas add' the othr nd on an unnnisheo cnest ot drawers! Jr"ou Ian fit! :sh- the chest yourself. . ' " - ', Thisw":llvJfve you about seven feet, of table, plus five VI ti)raee drawers 'for threads' and patterns and it costs less- than $20. i-ParGlvert7 Or one couid buy two. un- , finished chests and place the .. "door" across them! This I would give you twice as many drawers for storage. It would iook like a-vahity in your bed- , roorh, orfa modern buffet, in. -the living' room- . .... .. w' Heloise. ' (Copright, 1964) ,-.' : ' - One location only 131 SPARKS ST. OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS UNTIL NINE -' y ,r Prices effective April 2 3 PLAZA ICECREAM . Assorted Jlavoura ' flnV ..Vi i Gallon Plastic WW pm FRESH DAICV I BAKER TREATS; LEMON FILLED BUNS 35t Box Frozen Foods FARMHOUSE BLUEBERRY: PIE 9 inches 49 each FARMHOUSE - APPLE PIE 9" Inches each Mexican No. lVine-rlpa TOMATOES -v 39c EXCEL STORE 64 oz.' 24 ox. size BLUE BREEZE: 79c glana-ize (tJISOi r'oN -n7

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