The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE snp. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNTSLLSYTLLE. PA. .MONDAY, 1IARCI-I 20, 1923. Activities Among Girl Scouts Windber ^\an Would Really "Sell" His Right Eye for Money Needed To Bring His Wife Out of China T\vo New Lieutenants. Miss Louise Heavner and Miss Mary Colborn have been tegistered as lieutenants foi Troop 4 of the First Presbyteiian Chuixh. Vases Completed. Vases were shallacked at the meeting o£ Troop 3 o£ the United Brethren Church ln.t week. This completes the vases made out of empty bottles with painted flour string. Handcraft Supplies Here. The council has received many supplies "to be used for the Arts and Grafts field in the various troops. There's the Into expression, "I'd give my right arm to help him" or so- and-so would "give you the shirt ofT his back" but Michael Mudak ot Windber offer? one of his oyes--for $5,000--to bring his w:fc from China. Veteran of 1U years in the Maune Corps and the U. S. Army, Hudak will be 40 years old next April 6, j according to information on a Gov- eminent passport. | Plight of IWr. and Mrs. Hudak goes f back IB years ago when Hudak, at a ! Windber youth o£ 22, enlisted in thc- Manne Corps and was sent to Shanghai. China. Even in China, the In Mexican Contest to become effective immediately is being planned by the troop captains. "ransfers to Older Scouts. Betty Ellenberger has transferred from Troop 4 to the older scouts Troop 6 at tne Christian Church. Jean Lashinsky replaced Betty in Troop 4. Birthday Party Planned. duty 24 hours frequently joined a day and Huciak other "Leathernecks" in visiting places of entertainment in Shanghai. There was a young entertainer, Tamara Tscheneshoba, ,n a Shanghai night elub. After a short romance, the *two were married in Shanghai in April, 1922 His wife is a White Russian, he says, a mcmbei of cm old family of entertainers. After five A birthday party to mark the an- years m Chllltl , Hudak was O1 . dored mversary o£ Troop 3 is under dis- baek to the slates. The Somerset cusssion. Plans will be completed at the meeting tonigiit as will doll clothes which they have been making. Arrange folk-Festival. All troops o£ the city are planning to participate in a folk-festival i£ details can be completed by the captains of the : -ven troops. The affair will be months. held dunng the summer countiun said he got the rhock of his life when his wife was refused per-mission to accompany him because she had no pis?port Although she marned an American citizen, the fact that she was a native of Russia, which government had not yet been recognised by the United States, made her a "woman without a country-" The couple News of Tri-Town Community DAWSON, M.-u 20--Miss May Maiden, n State held wo.-lccr of the W. C. T. U , will speak u t 7:30 o'clock Wedr.eday evening in the Sunday School chapel of Philip G. Cochran M c m o u a l . Methodist E p i s c o p a l Church. Mist, Mackcn is a well informed and clyni'iiiit spc.ilicr. The pub'ic is cordially ipvited '.o attend. A free will oflcnng/will be .-cccivcd to defray expenses. ff's KeraU s to Mod. the and Revival Services parted at tlie gangplank 13 years ago. After serving his hitch and for years on relief, he eventually wound IH Dnnnruilla fhurrk I U P ' n Windber. Now he says he A! rCnn)¥lllC UIUl CO | wants his wife to join him. She is ; woiking as a manicurist, according to Rev. D. A. Miller, pastoi of the her bi-monthly letters to him. Pennsville Evangelical Church, began revival services at tho church Sun- Hudak wears a j.ide ring and instead of a mounting ,t has a portrait of Tamara imbedded in it. Asked what he proposes to do, the day evening. The services will continue each evening during the week. There will Windber man said: be special music each nigh*. "There's nothing much to do. 3 guess I'm one of those fellows who got a bad break." Villanova Five Bows. Ohio State, Western Conference titlist, smothered Villanova, 53 to 36, 1 in Philadelphia to win the Eastern j Street Spelled Three Ways, championship of the National Col- HALIFAX, N. S., Jfar. 20.--A tegiate Athletic Association's basekt- street here has three names, and no ball tournament. Captain Jim Hull! one in authority knows which is of the Buckeyes scored 28 points for j light. It is known as Franklyn, i new individual tourney mark. Frankland and Francklyn. General Joaquin Amaro (above), former Mexican secretary of wai* and navy, is regarded aa a likely candidate for tho presidency, with the support of the anti-administration anti-Communist revolutionary party, recently organized. f Central Press) News Behind the News By PAUL MALLON The King's Heralds of the Philip G. Cochran Memorial MeU'odist Episcopal Church will inect at o'clock Tuesciciy afternoon in soc,al auditorium. Mrs Keller Mrs. fluey w i l l enlerta.n. Bcffin.s Diamond Grind. Fletcher Rimmel l e f t Fr clay for Georgia where he will enter baseball training. Personals. Wilmer Jones of Vanderbill has been ill of grip. Jack £immcimcn, manager of the State liquor store at Vaaclerbilt has recovered trom an attack of grip, Dr. and Mrs, Thomas A. Cbarles- wortn have returned home after a three-week , stay in Florida. The | Charlesv.-orth.i visited w i t h their son and daughter-in-law, Rev. arid r»frs. Arthur Charlesworlh of St. Petersburg and the!.- son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roe of Miami. Mrs. X. r. Black o£ Liberty has returned home after visiting for several weeks with her sister, Mrs. J. A. Hagermnn o£ Beaver Fjlls. Mrs. W II. Moore is ill at her home in Griscom street. Irma Lee. five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hoffman of Bridge street, is confined to her home with influenza. NEWS ITEMS OF THE DAY Projed Report of Dam A T r -.-____ . , _ noirrl w -.--.. p. For Upper Yough Sent AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD i Army Chief Engineer- Continued from Page Four, the taxes changed. At last inner accounts, Messrs. Morgenthau and Hanes still had a definite plan, modified possibly by the Corcoran ptessure, but a persistent plan. Anti-monopoly committee is only going to ask for $600.000 more, promising a report by January 1, 1940. Downtown libs, who wanted more are under control. Tyrone Educator to Quil. TYRONE, Mar. 20.--W. W. Eisenhart, for the last 13 years super,.^ tcndent of schools here, v,ill leure July 31, r.ext. Con Men Lose to Their Elder. CLEVELAND, Ohio, Mar. 20.-When Iwo confidence men asked 78- year-old Adolph Schaad to withdraw S1.200 to proie himself a "substantial citizen," he agreed, but insisted that they accompany him to the bank. They walked off rather than enter the bank, he said. Special to The Cour'er. SCOTTDALE, Mar. 20.--The w i n - ners in the second piiiyofl' of the cnbbage tournament that is being held each Friday evening at the brougli building were as follows: Table 1, R. H. roctncy and C. E. Owens, 6-1; Table 2, Ralph Napoli and F. Palmer, 6-3; Table 3, R. Sterrett and William Simcox, li-5; Table ·1, Harry Colborn and W.liiam McDowell, 0-5; Table 5, E. C. Lcighty ar.d A. Ostcrwise, 6-4; Table 6, Joe Stcele and Clyde Fretls, 6-li; Table 7, D. Trump and H. O'Hoark, 6-2; Table 3, Harry Suttle and D. Laughrey. G-5; Table 9, William Cox and Anthony Danca, 6-1; Table 10, [I. L. Beegle and Chuck Lewis, 6-5; Table 11. II. Showman and Dick LOUCKS-, 6-4; Table 12, E. S. Skinner and Clyae O'Toole, 6-4; Table 13, William Becker and M. E. Rockrick. G-5; Table 14, J. !!. Harris and Peter Bcdma, G-5; Table 15; R. 3. Davis and M A. HofTcr, 6-3; Table 16, Wnide Weaver and H Yolio, 0-2 The next playoff will be held Friday evening. March 24. Visitors are welcome liiukctliall Playoff. Next Thursday night the rrcj,»y- tenun and United Brethren teams of the Church Basketoali League, which are tied for first place in the second half of the season, will meet at Hie Y M. C. A to play for first place. On Tuesday evening, March 28, St. Joseph's team of Everson will meet Thursday's winners for the "rrst of a three-game series to decide the season's champion. Guest at U. P. Church. I. E Scott of Pittsburgh-Zcnia Seminary preached the morning sermon at the United Picsbyterian Amateur Golfers Warned. LONDON. Mar. 20. -- Amateur olfers who accept gifts from manu- | faclu,T!'s of golf equipment will be but red from the amateur cham'- pioiis-lvp. This is the decision that been made by the Royal and Ancient Club, governing body ot the Toledo to Enlarge Zoo. TOLEDO Oh,o, Mar. 20.--City council hds appropriated $83,100 for new construction at Toledo's zoo. The aquarium will be completed and a new botanical conservatory constructed with the money, most of which will be sponsor funds for WPA work. Coaches Meet March 25. President W. S. Chandler of the National Association oil Basketball Coaches announced the annual con- vent.on will be held March 25, 26 and 27 in Ch.cago. Church Sunday morning. Class Fills In. The True Blue Bible Class of the Evangelical Church had charge of the Sunday night's service at the church, in the absence of the pastor. No Arrests Yet. Police said that while many clues had been followed, the story that the three men involved in Wednesday night's holdup and killing h.-.d been found was untrue, and that as yet no arrests had been made. Bantist Revival. The first of a scries of five special services will begin this evening £t the First Baptist Church, with Kcv. L.. Spurgeon Clark ol Great Bethel Baptist Church, Uniontown, preaching the seimons. 'A definite project report of a flood control dam in the Youghiogheny River Watershed has been prepared and forwarded to the chief of engineers oE the United States Army, War Department, Lieutenant Colonel W. E. R. Covell, Pittsburgh district engineer, has advised Mayor Ira D. Younkin. Colonel Covell acknowledged receipt from City Clerk S. T. Benford of the resolution of City Council urging completion of the work now under way on the Youghiogheny dam. The engineers office in Pittsburgh actively engaged on the work which wil be pushed through to the limit of available funds. The dam, if and when completed, would be located in the river's watershed above Confluence and would require the expenditure of approximately $8,000,000. The district engineer believes that all of the data ar.d groundwork can be complete in time so that work on the dam proper may be started during the fiscal year beginning July 3. next. The Morning After-Taking Carters Little Liver Pills ;n uie m e wiit. a minor one. blackface boys had fought a quantity of has no second or third grades. This "Only One Quality" motor fuel offers an outstanding combination of advantages--high test starting and getaway--plus high knockless power--plus long mileage-plus a bonus in economy because it sells at regular gas price. Test a tankful--learn why so many say "you can feel the difference." No need to pay more --think twice before you pay less. A tff ZlUCatUnl\* anoiher "Only One"--available only at Sunoco dealers displaying the A to Z sign. Accurate--because it uses specially prepared car charts and six special lubricants. Complete--because it checks your battery, radiator and tires; cleans car interiors, windows and windshield. Costs no more than ordinary greasing. Keeps out squeaks twice as long as old-fashioned greasing. March 20, 1939. SAVE THE MOST ON THE BEST CHECK THIS AD - IF IT'S PROOF YOU! WANT YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE AT THE ACME MARKET Corner North Pittsburg and Peach Streets, and 117 West Crawford Avenue PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOURS 77c Derrydale Butter Far £ 0 ,T 5!e 2 IBs. 49c FRESH BREAD ££? ·£? 5c Crisco or Spry £±£ 3 « 48c Hot Cross BUNS doz. 15C Fine OLEO 2ibs.17c Sweet Santa Clarn PRUNES ib.Sc Sugar Fine Granulated 25 Ib. paper baff 25 Ib US Fresh Cribp Corn Flukes pkfr. Fresh Bice or "VYIient Puffs Igc, rikg. Prepared Pnncnke or Biickuhcut 20 02. ikar. Quality Macaroni or Spaghetti pfcg. .llodium Ivory Soap . cuke Domestic Tomnto Tastes G ox. can I?cd Hood Quality Apple Sauce 15 oz. can Domestic Sardines--Oil or Mustard ca)i Good Housekeeper I'apcr Sapklns ikg. of SO Good Hoosekeeping Paper Towels Igc. pkg. Kremel Delicious Desserts pkiar. Whole or Split Green Pens Ib. YOUK CHOICE BUY A SUPPLY K01V COFFEE ACME Vacuum Packed Ib. tin 23c Maxwell House BOSCUL COFFEE tin 27c SOAP CHIPS 5 Ib. Pkff. OCTAGON SOAP P. G. LAUNDRY SOAP OCTAGON SOAP POWDER LIGHTHOUSE Scouring CLEANSER OCTAGON Scouring CLEANSER Rinso or Oxydol Granulated Soap 10S?36c 2 pkgs. for cans for 2 cans for SMOKED SKBINED HAMS SMALL LEAN SHINNED HA Lean Bosiing Beef Large Size--Whole or Shank Half Whole or Shank Half 10c 9C 2^,37c «21c lb.25c LakevJcn Slierd Bacon 2 half D). pkgs. 25c Tender Sliced Pork Liver 2 Ibs. 25c Smoked Picnic Shoulders Ib. 16c 0. H. Lean Baccm JTrcsli Jumbo Bologna Fresh Cottage Cheese Ib. 19e 2 lt)s. 29c 2 1))S. las POTATOES - 25c FLOBIDA ORANGES 2 **. 29c FANCY GRAPEFRUIT FIRM JUICY CALIF. Heavy Juicy- Jumbo Size FANCY ROME BEAUTY 6 for 25C LEMONS do, 19c GOLDEN FRESH CARROTS 1 ,^ 5c FANCY Slicing TOMATOES 2lbs.25c Purple Top TURNIPS^SIbs. 10c

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