The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1930
Page 2
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r\vo THB DAELY COURIER," CONN ELLSVILLB, PA. ^THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1930. Rare Musical Treat Offered Mozart Club, Guests Tonight A musical treat is in store toi bera aaud ?uervts ol the Mozart G(ub at Us meeting t h i s cloning at the Christian Church Members of the Momday M isic C l u b and the Seottdale Mala Choi us will present tlie part of tt-e prog-rain, which will be by numbors by a violin quartet unde"! 1 the direction of Miss ISllzalbetlx Steven*, a memiber of IJie olub. Scofcfcdala musicians who wJU paraie: Women's quarte-t, Leo N. Skerap, Mrs. Wendell Mamyer, Mies Lida Barkell and Mrs. Don R, Baker, with Mra, A. J. White as ac- oomtwirdat, mate qmaditet, J. W. Beadling, Lester Smith, Elmer Anderson amd J. D. Blackburn, with Mias Violet M-oCloy aa accompanist; Uu«t, Keunetli Mlgh't and Mr. Anderson, aecompaaiietl by Mise MoCloy, aoloa, Mra. Don R. Baker, Miss Catherine Rush and Mr. Anderson; piano solos., Miss Klotse Hater; violin solos, Kirk Davis. The guest program was arranged by Mrs. atemp. The program o a whole la in charge of Miss Pearl Keck. The business session of the club will precede the program. After the program lunch will be served by a commlbteo ot which Mrs John F. Dubson is Each member of the club Is asked to bring 6, guet. REBEKAHS WILL CELEBILiTK BIRTHDAY OF SCHTITfLEtt COLPAX At the regular meeting of EJdna Rebekuh Lodge lat night In Odid Fellows hoiH It was planned to hold a celebration Monday night In honor of the asinlremwy of the birth ot ScbAiyler Coif ax, who Instituted the ftrwt Rebokah Sisterhood The meet- Ing will be held In Odd Fellows Hall. A covered dis'h supper will be served art 7 o'clock, after which the remainder of the evening will be siren over to an entertainment Members of General Worth Lodge ot Odd Fellow* will bo guests. The meeting last ttigdit was well attended. Two visttors, Mrs. Rlesel atul Mrs. Barner of II n- lontown were present. BIKTHPAT PARTY POP JOSEPHINE PHILLIPS Bight little friends of Josephine Phillips assembled at her home In South Ninth street, Greanwood, last evening t« celebrate the seventh an- niToreory of her birth. She *Wn# the recipient. o£ a number of beautiful gifts. Gaaies wore enjoyed, .aftev which. Josephine's mother, Mrs. B. D. Phillips, aslstexl by he-r niece, Hel«u Skidmore, se-rved lunch. Guests present were Mary Bllem Alton, Wnnda May Peairl. Marga,ret Kearns, Jane Brrett, Marjorl* Krratt, Beatrice Huey, Nora Grace Williams, Roberta Rltehey and Ford and John Phillips, brother.} oil the honor guest U. P. CLASSED WILL JOKV FORCES FOB. AJTXVAL BANQUET The combined banquet of tho Christian Culture Class and the Mary Dick Olaee of tho United Presbyterlau Church will !· held at Greenwood Methodlat Episcopal Church Thursday evening, March 20, at 6:30 o'clock Dr. Guy D. Wallace o£ Braddock will be the speaker Dr. Wallace is moderator of the "Westmoreland Presbytery of the "United Presbyterian Church. Endoavorers to Meet, The Young People's Christian Eu- A9HOCIAT10N SERVE .TO W0ME"» AT SOCIAL The Baltimore Ohfo Veterans Auxiiliairy met ni the V. M. C.' Ai ou Tuesday evenli jr at 7-30 o'clock After having disyotrt rt of routine for h Iding luncheon at th oex* regular meeting, April 8 at 7 30 o'clock, were ar- r-aiLge'd. A veir large n lumber of nsem- bera were in nMeiwiance After the business session the men of the Veterans Association joined with 1he meraliers of tha Auxiliary iu. « »oCifl! session, a feature of which was the serving of a lunch by the m«n and the read! ig by Joseph Dlxon, a retired cond\u tor, of a poem he Had composed ami dedicated to tho Ualfil- more Ohio This poem, entitled "The Old Time Vet," will appear in 'tomorrow's is' ue of The Courteo 1 . JUA'IOB RECEPTION COMMITTEE COMPLETES PI,AHfS FOK »AT«CE The Junior Reception comiposed of Paul Bdrw.ard Ash and Eugene Reagan, announces thait all ajwangements have been xwitPlete4 for a Saint Patrick's Day daiioe to be Friday night, Ma-rdli 14, at ttae State Armory The hours are Irani 9 to 1 o'clock. Tl o hall has been boautl- decor alt J, the colors grecai whlto prerioxjilnating. Ma,ny s-pecial features, including a bag Jilted completely with surprises for the damces*, have been, aarr inged. The dance proni- ises to be on i of the nios-t deltgbtful social evwats of the season. Patrons ami patronesses aox Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Bxi ley, lr. L J Coawsll. Mr. and Mrs, OJenn A. O«Kiwalladt v 'r 1 MT. and Mra. G t Cochra.ii, Mr and MTS John Duggai , Mr. and Mrs. S. M DeMeroll, Mr and Mrs. M. M. Suyder, Mr and Mra. Myer Aaron, Mr. and Ma's. French S. Di rat, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Smith, Mr and "Mrs. Zed Francis, Mr. and Mrs. WJ1 lam Davies, Walter Bixler, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Daniels, Mr and Mrs. J. K. Meming, IVr. ah4 Mre. F. H. Harrlb-n, Dr. a.nii Mzc. Carl S Horner, Dr. if. J. KIngj Mr, and Mrs. Baisil J. Sols ion. Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Scott, Mr. ajid Mrs. J. J. Dougherty, Mr. ami Mrs Donald Lighty, Mr. aim! Mrs. Arthur Rowland, Msr. and Mrs Blaino Mr, and Mra, C. Mitchell, Jr. and Ml*. S. C. Whipkey, Mr. and Mra. J. D. Bcltz, Dr. J. L. Junk and Mujor John K, Blake MAHTHA NORTON CLASS MJEI TING ON WEDNESDAY The meetijvg ot the Mortha Norton Clae of-. the OhrlstUui Bible School next week w ill bo Wednesday of Thursda Officers will be elected. Bridfre Lntichoon. Mrs. Fran) W. Davis and Mra. Rose S. Matthew* of this city and Mra. L. T. Gilbert and Irs. Roy Loticks of Scottdale were h mtesaee at the March I o'clock brld o luncheon Tuesday af- teruoou at tue Pleasant "Valley Country Club. '-overs at the luncheon were laid for thirty-nine. Bridge prizes wore awarded to Mva. Meyer Aaron and 'tre Jos«e Cook, the last j 47 Dears' Practice Tan ght Dr.Caldwell Many things about Men and Women D 'R. CALDWELL loved peopfc Ha studied the habits of his patients and tried to improve their ways of living. Hi* observations over, a lone period of time convinced him many peopla ·were Twining their health by a careless choice of laxatives. Then he determined to write, a prescription which would get at the canse of constipation and correct it quickly and safely. Bow successful his efforts were is best shown by the fact that the prescription he wrote back in 18S5 has become the world's moat popular Iftxativa! He prescribed a mixture- of herbs and other pure ingredients now known as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, in thousands of cases where bad breath, coated tongue, gas, headaches, biliousness, and lack of appetite, or energy showed him that th* bowels of men, women or chili ren wer* sluggish. It proved sue jessf ul in the most obstinate case:. So men liked it. Old folks liked it because it never gripes. Childre i liked its pleasant taste. And ev rybody is pleased with the gent e way it accomplishes its purpoi e. By 1888, the daman, for this laxative was so great that the doctor permitted it to e bottled and sold by drug-store i. Today you can obtain Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin from any drugstore in the world. DR. W. B. CAtnwEc L'S SYRUP PEPSIN A Doctor's Family I* vtativc MB. AMD ME8. HERXAK C. K. C. CLUB Mr. and 'Mrs, Paul Herman were host and hostess- at the regular meeting ot the C. E. C. Club last night at their home In Bast Qibson avenue. 7'hree- tables were arranged for- live hundred. Following the games, high prizes werw awarded .to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Park and second, to Mrs. J. W. Frfzzell and W. W. Brown. Appointments were significant of Saint Patrick;'* Day. Favors were- small baskets flllea with candy, Mrs. Herman served a delicious lunch. The ne-zt meeting will be held Wednesday night, March 26, in the bonro of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Shannon of Scottdale, Stella Cunningham Class. The\ monthly business meeting ot (ha Stella Cunningham Class of the Methodist Protsstaut Church will bo held Friday evening, at the/ home of Mrs. Mobart Fisher oC 354 North Arch (street. Mission Study Chinees. The Mission Study ClaaiKW of the Trinity Lutheran Church will hold their opening meeting Friday evening at 7:45 o'clock In the church. All meiHb«Erw enrolled in thaee claeaee are ak-ed to attend. Dinner Meeting Tonight. Th» regular monthly dinner meeting of the Unity Fraternity will be held at 6:30 o'clock this evening 1« the club rooms In West Crawford avenue. A committee; in charge ot Charts R. Driscoll has prepared I ho dinner and entertainment is to be provided by Warren W. Halbrltter. Junior Club Will Meet A program on "Literature" will ba presented at the semi-monthly meeting »£ the Junior Auxiliary to tb» Woman's Culture Club Tuesday nlglit, March 18, in the club rooms at the Carnegie Free Library. T. of P. VT. Auxfllary. The regular meeting of the Ladle*' wonger; teacher, Mrs. tilth Richey: pianist, Violet Crosby; "pening song, class; prayer, Wayne Fahel; class; piano reading, 3. solo, Violet named of S ottdale. April hostessee Auxiliary to Walter E. Brow* Post, Mm. Da.iWJ Durte and Mrs, D. K. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will be held tonight in the club rooms, North are McIIvaino oJ Oonnellsville and Mrs. E. B. Oilbei t and Mra. James Hurat of Scodale C. 1, of A. Will Meet Court Anuunclata, Catholic Daugh- deavor Society of the Christian j ten ot America, will hold Its rogular Church postponed its business meeting from Wednijfiday until tomorrow night, (it the home of Miss Mabel Shank, Murphy avenue. All the Eti- deavorers are urged fco be present na there are some very important buei- nese matters to be taken up. Plans are to lw made for the Fayette County Christian Endeavor rally and April fool party to be held April 1 at the Christian Church. With Hiss Keffer. Miss Mluerra. Keffer will entertain the Priscilla Sewing Circle tonight at her home at Poplar Grove Instead ot Friday night. Chnrch Work Society. The Church "Work Society of the Trinity Reformed Church will meet tonight ii the home of Mm. W. A. With- erlte, 1316 Vine street. A good attendance ie desired. business session tonight Irt the social hall of the Immaculate Conception Church. Quilting. The Mary E. Wok Blble~Cla®9 of the Firt United Pire-jbyte-riain Church held an all-day tuilting today at tho home ot Mrs. E. .(. Twlgg, Carnegie avenue. A covered-dish luncheon was served at noon. Lnthei an Women Wfll TKcct. The regular monthly meeting of the "Womam's Missionary Society of Trinity IM1 derail Church will b^ held this evening at 7:45 o'clock in the church. promised elred. An interesting lesson it A good attendance is de~ With Mrs. Kline. Mra. J. Ii. Kline will entertain tht F, H. Club tonight at her home iu South stre t. Itching Quickly Relieved Seemingly unbelievable, according: ing skin disorders, but it's to many ia the quickness with which daily t nlet use tends to keep Resinol r e l i e v o s tne itching' of the skin clear and smooth, rashes, eczema or almost any itching condition of the skin. This ointment originated by a physician 35 ytars ago has become a standby in thousands of homes, where it is also need for burns, acres, chafing, etc. Resinol Soap not only aids in treat- F R E E of Mich, «nongh fof wukstrUI. Writ* RMinol, , Md. Resinol Pitteburg street. Perrj^W. C. T. U. Meeting. The PerryopoHa Woman's Christian Temperance Union will meet Tuesday ufternoon at 2 o'clock at the Star Junction,'Methodist Episcopal Church. A numbers' program b^ to be pre«eated 1n conjunction with the meeting. licensed at GreenMmrg. Charles L. Smith of Soottid*Ie and Blteabeth Thomas of Mounit Ple»»anit, BVank D. Layton and Ruth E. Wll- liam», botii of Uniontown, were liosased to wed in Greenaburg. Club Has All-Bay Session. The Good "Will Fancy-work ClUb o* Connellsville and Mount Pleasant met at the home of Mrs. R. 0. Gay in East Crawford aVenue yesterday ior an all- day session. Seven members and one visitor, Mrs. S. T. Ervln of Bast Crawford avenue, attended, At noon a delicious chicken dinner was served with all the trimmings. Table decorations were American Beauty roses. Favors were shamrocks, In keeping with St. Patrick's Day. Mrs. Gay was assisted by her daughter, Mrs. Almetta Qilleland and ,, Mrs. Frank Angle. The next meetlftK will be at the homo of Mrs. Joseph "E. Angle. Busr Twelve Club. The Busy Twelve Cilwli^wlH meet Friday night at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. James Feigh, glotttb, Fittoburg street. , Knianon Club. Mrs. Harry Hetzol will entertain tho K.nanon Club tonight at her home in C'rawtord avenue, West Side. "-" * Furmcrn Meet Saturday. Mi. and Mrs W. H. Bryson will be hobt and hosteess at the Maicli meeting of -the Union Farmers Club of, Fayebte county Saturday at their home near Lelscnring No, 2. They will be assisted by Mr. and Mr«. Clyde Swearlugen. 1'enngvllle Class Meets. The Young People's Organized Bible Class of the'PemiBviUe Baptist Sunday School held its regular meeting at tho home of one of its maniDers, Byron Bigley, Tuesday evening. Ther« was a record atldndanco of 23, the largest turnout in three years. A vary pleasing program, prepared by Hmane Jean Killlnger, w'.is presented B£ follows: LeaUtr, Mrs. Kmiim Nl»- Crosby; losson atudy; -«admg, Mrs. Ruth Wingrove; rendli g, Mrs. MU- dred bual ie«* session. John Cameron was el :tqd delegate from the olaao to r«pre »nt it in the Sunday Sehool cabinet Lunch was served by the host's mo tor. JfcCuirdy-Shef ler. 8COTTEAIB, March 13. Mls« ELizabeth Hannah McCu dr of Qreewi- burg and Welty Ragh 8" effler of New Alexandria were marri d Wednesday evening at the parBOWjo of Trinity Reformed Church, by R v. A S. L*n- hart, the pastor. They vere attended by Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Boyd of New Alexanctria. Mr Shefflt r ta employed at the Vaudergrlft milk of th« Anier- icaai Sheet fin 1'late Company. The couple will reside in t) at place. The ceremony was perform* i in Scottdale in order that Kev. Lent »rt might officiate. He was pastor f the Trinity Beformed Church at P an»ltown. Pa., for ««v«n years, and M . Bheffler waa in his congregation. Club Meets lit nnbar. Th« B. M, M. D. br dg« club was entertained last night i t tha home of Mr. and Mrs. William 8. Martin in Dunbar, Two table* wera in play and high prize was w in bjr Jphn P. Barbor,, Mrs. James . Drlscnll was glveu consolation prtz. . A delicious lunch wa» aeryd b} the hostess. Favors wer«' Jittla griten baskets, trimmed with shamr oks.and filled with gretm-tintod mint t. tanderbilt Woroai Hostess. Mra. Thomas Wright will be hostess at an all-day meeting )f the Vanderbilt FancywoTk, Clu ) WedneHday, March 18, at hor horn* at VaiiderbiH. INCREASE OF 50,922 CARS REQUIRED IN NEXT THREE MONTHS C o n t i n u e d from Page On«. cent increase. This (a closely followed by 13 8 per cent increase prediction covering tho Northern "Wast Virginia District. Western Pennsylvania High Volatile District is wore conservative and expects an increase of 8 4 per cent aiyl the Eastern Ohio District anticipates an 1m venae at 1 3 per cent. Coal ami cokes tonnage represents approximately 50 per cent of tho total carload tiafllr originated within the board's territorial jurlBcUc- tlon and their predicted not, tar-re- ctnirement increase of 9 3 per cent amounts to 49,515 cars Next to coal and poke, iron and f steel tonnago is the largest of any commodity produced , i n the district and transported by rail, constituting about 27 prr cent of the total The predicted decrease of 3 7 per e«rtit represents 10.118 cars Study of the iron and steel committee's report discloses that prospects are viewed less favorably by the average sized manufacture): of iron, pig and bloom, rails and fattening*, bar and sheet iron, structural iron, iron pipe and tin plate than by tb» rather limited numb«r o£ concerns which originate, approximately 73 per cent, of this uarioad traffic, the former predicting 7.7 per cent and the latter 2,2 per cent decreases. Gravel, sand and stone- tonnage amounts to about six per cent of the district's total and their estimated Increase of 9.4 per cent represents 6,246 earn. This optimism prevails in all branches of the industry except glass saad (12.6 per cent decrease) which coincide* -with decrease ot 3.2 par cent in glass and products. The gravel, sand and stone industry's favorable forecast is shared by the cement and paring brick manufacturers, which, respectively, prognosticate 33.3 p^r cent and 10 2 per cent increases. These data se,em to Indicate an active spring revival in highway and other classes of construction work. The banking committee viewed thtj general condition of business throughout the district a* fair to good. Data as of February 16 compared with the same date of 1929 dis · close decrease* generally in clearings, deposits and savings. Liquidations during the past three month* in the larger communities have, on the whole, been satisfactory. Among the 37 new members admitted waa Ales B. Hood, cashier of the Second National Bank of Con- pNEUNONA ^"vuaa t MflUm JAH.. U$tD YEAJHY The board will hoM its next meeting at Morgnntown on Thursday, June 12. REVIVAL SERVICES AT MOUNT OLIVE Considerable Interest Us becoming manifest in the special evangelistic meetings being conducted at the Mount Olive United Brethren Church by Rev. R. H. Arndt. Old-fashioned Scriptural sermons are being delivered and special programs are «i- ranged for each uvenlng. The eervicce began on March 9 and will continue until March 23, with preaching each night except Saturday. "The World's Greatest Question," will be the topic of the sermon tonight Tomorrow evening will be "family night" and special prizes are being offered for family attendance. The largeet 100 per cent family in the audi- will receive the flrst prize and th» second will go to the family with the largest .number of members present. A feature of tomorrow's program will be the Odd Fellows Quartet. Pain? Don't be a martyr to unnecessary pain. Lute of Buffering is, indeed, quite needlew, Headaches, for example. They come without warning, but oae can always be prepared. Bayer Aspirin tablet* bring immediate relief. Keep a bottle .it the office. Carry the small tin in your pocket. Then you won't have to hunt a drug* tore, or wait till you get home. And don't think Bayer Aspirin is only {pod lor headaches, sore throats, and colds! Read the proven directions for relieving neuralgic, neuntic, rheumatic, and other aches and pains. Remembering, of course, that the Quick comfort from these tablets Ja not a cure; for any continued pain, see a doctor. Bayer Aaputn u genuine. Protect yourself by looking for that name. Always tha same. Always «af e. Never hurts the heart. BAYER ASPIRIN fephto fc tto tnfe mark of B*y« IfMufwtur* ot UowMMwUcaeiaMtar of B«UcyUc»dd SERVICE AT fiORMALVILLE FOR SAMUEL LBASINGER The funeral service for Samuel I* Basiuger, 74 yeani old, who died at his bonne near NornjkiJviHe on Monday, was held «t 2:3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. The service waa held in the United Brethien Church at Normalville and inteiment was in the church cemetery. Although be hflid been in poor health for two years, death was oau*ed by pneumonia which prov«d tatel within a few days. tr addition to his widow, Mrs. Amanda My am Basinger, he la survived by the following children, Bertha at home, Mrs. Henry Eiford. John, Honry aril JluseeU Baslnger, all of Norm«kdviUc. Kirs. Austin Kin« of Connelteville, Mw. Reid" Kins of Un- ionltown. Thirty-two aurvtve. Use our classlflod advertisement. S. S. SEMBOWER LEASES NEW STORE QUARTERS S. S. Sembower has taken a l«*i:g« on the two store rooms in th© Gigl otti Building in South Pitteburg ut.tet. next to his present Quarters, and v i l l move his grocery buslnees into them,"" The south room will be used tor general busineee and the other for etock. Tne new quartern will be occupied s soon as some improvements have been made. Baird Funeral Saturday. SCOTTDALE, March 13.--Funeral service for John Baird, 78 years old, who died yesterday morning at the home of his son, Joseph, in Second avenue, will be held Saturday morning at 9 o'clock in St. John's Catholic Church. Interment will De la St. John's Cemetery. Patronise tlioae who advert!**. Happy Woman Tells How She Lost 19 Pounds of Fat in 27 Days fTn CtaaiOfled Ada. Coot 3» ·mail. Reeult* are big. During October a woman In Montana wrote -- "My first bpttle of Kruschen Salt* la»ted almost four weeks and durlnt; th** tim» t lost 10 pounds at f«t--Hrusoban Is all you plulm for it--I te si hotter than I have for years." 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