The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1918
Page 6
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-ccr, : ~ PACK SIX. .V,,, :V ,, V: ;.,, :: : ? ,,^,, r .,, ,,,,:..,,..;..;. ; .,. ;; . - , , . . , - . ,- THE DAILY COURIER; CONNELLSVTLLE. PA FRIDAY, JULY 12, 1918. m* REQUIREMENTS IS IMPERATIVE NEED Better Opportunities ; in Th»t Tina Swoll- -' Vour WosC Cherished Ttearure EMAND lint Hal/ of Tear Siow ~lm Ei«ess »f Any Bwrism Eeesmi;.'.' ETem'ii M*iatalMd We East Slflli ... .^ Lout 56400^*0 Set Teas.; »- d j.X''eJkne center, of- heaviest" soat~iiro~ ~~ anetjpn is being closely approached. 'It a supply ol coal adequate far'all ..... Dili-posts were, assured,the tsft ic-puld ',.*..,.- b» apparent by this .time,,but «11 the -/ V information .gathered;by:che Pu«l Ad...... : ministration siows tt*t .such is not the ease. It'is DOW too late in tHe ' "year for any assumption that'there is of .such an mcteaac/; · 5. 1 .: S«." ir 55.-. "t!ie .most-rigid economy, ar.*;tb.ejel- fortajons ago inaugurated to husband . tSufinpiiUes will Have to .b«. Urtarcased;: 'The ffguru ^aad «3timate»-5fcair_tiat it. will be ne'cess^~t6t^ve-:.iCgre«t ~7feal ot-eooC^as-". cbiapared · with the: ^expressed demand,-says che ·American' £_-Metal Market. . " ."-"~ ~^-_ The£r«OTd; of production makes'Jt ^riear !iat;*tie requirements- are -Car ~j2tyc.nd all. precedents. The voluntary iSfoPMSe.of a,gjreat deal of unessential t3tork"Taay. hare released a great 'deal .~TM*1rt coal, .but if, so the amount, released vw^CJs vastly" less .than tlie nddlti.oual .re^ \ Z QUireiiients'' which the war haft ttn- '"-jjosed. "K is ~cuslomiry to speak of production being short o; rojulre- mects,. and that is true, but at 'the ·f ; same· time emphasis 'should be laid upoa the greatness of tht. increase in ^--:i~r*QUJreiBeBtD,,**oi"-as ti matter- cf fact ·^'"bituminous-ccaU piodueiioi" is' Urge,' The Tafts Gave ~Up Heir Silver Wedding Silver 'ftliuc la.yonr greatest treuin*? What Is the trinket tbat i»m nine ' of bituminous .ction ; 'aTaUabic ar.e 'these :c£4uly l^cDverinc the week: ''; tto(lwi:'.JiKi(!j.22;;::lVTiUe that week ^ i^i1SOTr^U,'!,~'a,..3rfliaJler* production than r,?;;'Mtait:o{..the,.two; preceding weeks, the « Ti riJoduetion tai'eaci "of the-three weeks '' | .'.Jijii 'greater: than ,.the prodacUoD ""in J r '··**?"previous week in th'is history of ! ^', ''i'ttufiiainsOY,' ihe. : . threp iveete show- J . ' . '·' · ;·!»»·. r'espec'U»«iy" 12;4'STiOO 1 );" J'2,628,000 j i! ;. *a"dj42.016,OW net tbns-ar.-aver'age-oi i ; · ^;«,»5fcOpO tons a week,' equal to'.a;." '/.vjrate pf~ 643,000.000 net tons a Irear. . »«y r jfetle;-snelr : '»rate is .far below the i "·£?.*; fl«oretical mine capacity the balance ] ' '^Improbabilities ; is very strong that: SJ?g*«; OTtBUA-.tJariag the secmrd half of] *"~r.tite~j r ear will on the whofe" average a ' ^^ J ~i99Mr · rate. . .',.. ! .i.~. ; It is to be considered thai' the out; : ."·' j»tT}n each of.the .three weeks eiceed-j- ftd the output in any preceding week ! and that the average rate of. 643,000,- j 000 tons a year comparer with actual j duetion-o«- 544,000.000 tons in 1917 "^ ' Will yoa sacrifice It to help fceat the Hun and make the world one* more · fit place to live In? The Treasnre and Trinket Tnnd, or- (inlzed by the Avlmtlon Committee of ilie National Special Aid Society at 259 Fifth Ayenne, Newport, will turn yonr . tresstired trinket, into money lor furnishing American aviators with the special;.equlpmcnt needed in air fight- Ing". .and :not included .In the 'Government Issue. The $50,000 already expended in this way ha» been raised by ·the : sale of objects whose owners must have felt more than one twinge of real sorrow when donating them. Yet In BO exeniplitylui; th* spirit of sacrifice, which la necessary to win this w the Treasure and Trinket Fnnd Is performing a double patriotic service. : Ex-President Taft and Mrs. Taft mast have etperlencefl «incer« regret at parting with the magnificent array of silver pictured here. It wag presented to them while they resided in the White House ro commemorate their silver wedding anniversary. Ita intrinsic valae alone rims into the thousands, and It was the former President.fcr other reasons, since It marked an bppreclatioa by tieveml close friends of his service In the nlgh- eat office that America can offer to one of her sons. Yet it wns cheerfully given to the Fund and Is now, In 'company with other beautiful and Interesting gifts. uo «·!· In the simp maintained by the society. This example sat by one of 'the country's moat noted public men ihould result in a great outpouring of treasure for a practical and much- needed wort Any article of sold or silrer, plated or solid, will be welcomed, sod 11 'jroken or otherwise unsalable will'be lent to the 0. S. A»s»y Office to hi melted and paid for, according to Ita uctai vulue. Address alt donations to Wrs. William Allen Bnrtlea, Chnlrman S.vjation CkJfflmlttee, National Special Ud Society, 259 Fifth Avenue, New Stork, N. X. Everytliing will be rtla- posed of to bring the,highest return and through helping to equip 'an aviator, wlU'help to win tlie wnr. .. What are you going to sen el t 1ITTLE TALKS ON THRIFT By S. W. STRAUS criM Stpeo JUT Thrift j»- -and^ 503,000.000 - tons-- 61 1916. -both !i'.\ ^ ? X^^ 1 *^^^ ^^®.^t*;*^?*.t,production'T»s- --' slble. 'What the calendar rear's production \rin prove to he cosdot be .!-;-.; " foreeaaied. but Jt Is obponsythat it f^.Si^UJ.M-gieaUy.. exceed 'file' siipplies" in ·£-'£.. -.any prev1ous"year. as to show that tbe J-V dilficalty,' trom .'tfe'e practical 'stand- j'^*. 'polat. Is., die excessive demand Vather ^.:.\ tfrair the· ,cl«Elcleiit produqtioa..· .The -.{·-_V i^el; Administration's working hy- I··"? 'pb'tfiesis appears to be that there $'i-itiould. be..a;saviiig.of 50,000,000*tons. v v. Such acS*vuyjff-wl(«i- dealing with such i.ll«rir«. -tonoages, ought not to be par- ^"./^cuiartj- 1 . djlflcujt, although, undoubt- '^iMOj;- if.niiiat. eiuae-Very considerable '· · ,. iB3;.ridespr«ad"hardship, for^coaT is i . 'o*ftiuznijt' thatcan"-easily be dispensed V^'.r with. Til ere! should iiie no relaxation ^; "\ of;.effoft'to,Jncfcaae tile production · of i.'.coil, but^ oi««ngng-the natural pro" r VJt»jtIan ot thingS-Tif--!!;^!'!!!^ that there ·*r»"better opportunities to curtail the than increase 'the Eup- Thii is the time of tho bc* o*tr are in year - Lbe midst their Tmcatjons, bat the child's i n t e r e s t I D thrift *nd patriotism fihould not be allowed to log because t b e s c b o o l room is closed. The boy». and . girls of Amer, .,--,-,--^--i'o TM"p'T P°: vtriots, · And one can Ttew their loyal {activities in Ihe pracnt war with a 'feeling that the future America will bo [ante in the bands of. bor children and that the glorious traditionl of the Great Republic suffer nothing la the yonn-cr generatioiu come oo to take their.placrain the affairs of national life Children at this'season of the year «re especially actire in the cnltiyaOon iof their war gardens, and we suggest (that, with the guidance of tbe parent, Sunday school teacher or older compan :lin,,llie »ignaicoDce of indiTidosl «e- Icomplishincnts be kept erer.before - t h e m . Someone has pointed out that the government is winuinp thto war by arithmetic. - It is constantly o matter .'of Sparing how many men, OAa^mm. Irtrands of ninronnitkJd, tons of food and .airships -will b« needed to defeat our Enemies. We wiB win the war because of oarpreponderaoceof these essentiab iWhen the cliild accomplishia an act of ^thrift, tho. parent can drire home a Taluable lesson, by pointing cut tic significance of lh'» act--by having th« child figure out what it will mean in i tangible results if eyerr one of the ! 20,000,000 school childr«i in toe United States ao-omplished tho aamo thins. If the child earns IS a week and io- v«tj It to thrift stamps, hair much will this amount to if the feat is duplicated by every other American boy and girl? AI», if tho child earni, savej and invests 53 a week until he Is 10, the? 1A a week till he is 18 and then $8 a week till'he is 21, bow much money will bo .have saved by the timo be becomes of ftae? IP connetlion with the garden work similar problems can be given vhicb iil impart lasting lesions in thrift. The parent should bear iomind that tbo present is a polden time for tench- mg thrift to the young. Never before. in the history of America was thera such an incentive to practice this virtue.. This present summer should be taken advantage of to the fullest extent. While it Is not likely that any great -number of-our boys and girls arc now leading thriftless fives, ir fa'qiiite likely that daring the vacation period the significance of their thrift practices i» not being emphasized as ia the cost, during school days^when our teachers aro keeping these lesous constantly before them. It i an injcstice to the child not t« gtve him every possible opportunity to develop a thrifty character. If tba Jong summer vocation in these matters it allowed to go by unimproved, tie boy or girl will have lost certain values that rjover can be made up, Let thera be no vacations io thXn; £Cbool of American thrift. I Ao mea should bo paid time or time · led a'half tor the ivfo 'hours d i f f e r - j ' ence. -. . j- Altor the hearing Mr. McGulrc rendered a decision la tavor of the men ; and made it retroactive from January i 1, last, al«o announcing'that the dc, cisidn would apply to every railroad i in tile country. MERMAN WILD COMPANY - . - - _ _ _ , ,, ! _ . _ . . . , _ _ - · · · · B -- . -- , . . ! - _ . . . - . - - _ '- -- FUMS1TFIE If RHGS V STOVES RUGS V STOVES "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-15S West.Crawford A-ven«c.Successors Leonard Furniture Co. Sensationally Underpriced! See Window Display A splendid selection of Tapestry Upholstered Suites and «3d pieces to be solc^this week at less than present wholesale costs. Oir I . big display window will give you an idea of the values--see them, Maie your selection early as stocks are limited and there will be no more to ·.~.r. be had at these prices. Special Values All This Week in Davenports and Duofold Suites Carriages for the Little Ones SpeclaDy Priced $24.50 and $29.50 The.same styles sold elsewhere at $30.00 to $40.00. See the new creations in French Grey and Old Ivory! Refrigerators That Save Ice, Special $12.75 See this special White Enamel family size ice and food saving Refrigerator. Compare it with the $18 values elsewhere and you'll find DO .difference. Zimmerman-Wild Company. Belber Trunks, Bags and Suitcases for the Vacationist. This nationally known line of luggage is sold exclusively in Connellsville by the Zimmerman-Wild store. Our selection comprises styles to suit every need. Ziinmermun-WIld Company. j;B£'OKT OF CO.NDITION OF THK Firat National Bank at Vandtirbilt, In the atatc o£ per.nsylvanil. at tfac clus« of business on June L'9, 191S. Pn4«ctloi VwttaK Wrek erf June £9 Was 4M^N TOM, a Gain of ..... 7459 Tons .Orer J»»e .88... ... .. '^. v*fi«H^ffi«r3o;; r,epfflrt-.o'r,,air:IJnH 1 :: -.,-** .3t)itea,.(l««lqslcal;HUCT*T. ..the-'.br-- 1 product.. coke. plants of .A'ej ^country BACKACHE, LUMBAGO : AND RHEBMATie PAINS ' · ' VANISH OVERJIGHT 3Mh Ccntiirr Liniment Alwnr* RtndV- Junt ICuIf. It On. fiuttrantffil. ._ ,"Tou.'. ,can have/ your . ,mqn«i- back," saysj th.e Connellsville 1 Druff 'Gompany, * M f - ~ 2 0 t h ''Century'' Ijiniment · doean't drir* that-soreness, siiflriesa;. Jamenesa r operated at oyor 90 pCT^ctDt of j a n '.' capAcftiV^tlie higiieet; point ,'?oth- Century.' Liniment never . . rr.T-'te l»cfc--of^eo«i- : wtd:two. per cent to t production was tons. tribute th« from plants ha.ving_a capacity of B4«,- V* tons, as agatast : 489,239 from giants hairing a capacity of ,546,973 tbns during Ui« -yreiek of June 22. ' i corred in Alabama and Pennsylvania^ operators in the Conner 'state at- to,a.,iandred ' , . , cent coal' supply and Tepai'refl plants and the. latter -statgixa. better labor conditions. · *i" ^ ' -'·Tlie JKrodQction of beehiye 'coke m the United States, includlnj .the' Cot-" B«llsTille, Upptr QinDeileyiile : ind Grecnsburr, districts, -Was 'estimated i at «04,C»0 tons a d«jr-^se cf. 6 000 ' tons- TlM decrease wa~out3ide tboj Connellsrtlle renon, ie latter haying made *,,t»in, ~a»i i aported^br Ti). J» tbe .. ^ . Ion'.t .think .that, because 20th ' doesn't s)iart, burn and J Tuj sary war measure. . , "\Vhcn Q. state of war- exists/ 1 siv;j Judge Thora^30a in iiis decision, "Jh j whole. nation is pledged to its succcjs- L'ul prosecution. . Its resourced n.ay be controlled and conserved that large armies may be maintained iii the Golili · Restrictions which in time ol'.poaie .would b e . oppressive and unla'wty! become in time ot war a legal necei- sit " ' . : . . ' · · · " · ' ' , ' ''Prices '.must be regulated and con · trolled thai, Oie. strong may not aii pnsss taje- weaic nor be : perraittd -t ] extort unreasoi?ab)e f profits th'roug 'x ot. wan. The section of the at c of Congress in question seeking ttf I ' RESOURCES. , L.o;ina and ijl«- counts , teXfistit * thOTo ah own in b ai\a c) ....$133.479.'5fl OvtirtiraCtsi, Lin- secured 7,35 ' C. S. bonds Jo- circulatlon (par Liberty I J O A ' D 'Bontlp. 3 fe pi»r cent and \ per cent, u n p l f d g . ed CD.380,00 i Pay men tF actually made i,n Liberty · 4y t · pnr (Third LJ-brty Loan) 3,35'^.30 Securities other · than U. S, boitdjt " mot i n c l u d i n g stocks) own(-d SrocU ot Fcdera; Ueaervn Bank (5li per .cent of subscription) ' Value of bunk- Ing Housc . . S,ODD.00. Furniture and flxturon .. L a w f u l reserve tvitli 'ed- -cral Reserve Bank .... Casrii in vault and net amounts du*j Crum nu- tlonal bank« Total oC Items H, IS, 16, L7, and 18 ....... 61.-I54.9S: ClieckH o n . b n n k s located . oulsido- of c i t y . o r towii . n.r r e p o r t i n g ?iank and other" cash /Items . , . , , . ' · HcdcHiption Cuncl w i t h IT. S. Treasurer and., due from U. S. Treasurer . . . . . and. T h r i f t Stamps act-, ually owned .' .,;. Total Correct--AtLisst: J. .P. BI--ACK. E. T. NORTON. HOET. NORRIS, Directors. Trtuti Com puny Stat^m^n*. REPORT OF THE CONDJT1OX Yousrh Trust Company, locatod ConnctJs^'illo, Pa., al the close business J u n e 29. 19IS. -- READ THE COTJIUEE. OFi REPORT Of CONDITION OF THE First National Bank .at Dxwson. In the suite ot Pennsylvania, at the clog* ot business on June -9, 1918 . · RESOURCES, and dis- 23.742.50 S.OOO.DQ 1,500.00 counts those shown and c) (except shown in b .-..-4500,735.61 ' un- RESOURCES. 61,451.98 blister* It first cub. Try it .tonight and see J-r you don't feel''flt a'9"a-fiddle in.'the jr roorn- ing. li it. doesn't "do'"all and more than coal r.nd coke is clearly r, ·sjmeasure necessary for. the clEfflcieht welfare o f - a nation 3g higher ( th!m w* -claim'-fopyiC. take the bottle baofeU o u M " " Keep- au'bottle' in ther house a l l ' the time. : Tou may need it on short notice, and remember : that It is only sold on 'the motrey. tia'ck.'if-dissatisflcd p l a n . ..The Connelisyilie Drugr Company can mipply . you.-r-Adv/".-;. ADMINISTRATION IS NECEWY MEASURE , Courier last;wee«i,oi: TSOO tonijBver tk* Tfcoiupson of tfcc Inltcd Slates IMstrict Co«rt in « Erofiteerinp Case ,tb.ti rights o£ any state, I canc'Dt It i a - w e l l within the cca- Capital ft'tock paid. In .... Surplus f u n d "..'..' U n d i v t t i e d . -pr«rtts 12.POO.67 I.esy cun-ent - ex-'' , penses. fnferest, . and tuxes paid. 3 r flf)5.7t Ctrculatinpr'notes ouL^Lund- in ff ...-...'. ;...... I n d J - v i f J u f t l ' dejjositu yub- ject to chei'k Certiflcates . of- I OSS' .;. deposit ';. tha.n '. ao . f 25.000.00 10,000.00 a.jjoo.06 21.500.00 · I 144,882.64 ! Overdrafts, ' secured ____ , . U. S. bontts deposited to. secure circulation )par value) ......... 50.000.00 U. S. bonds and- certliluat.cs of Indebtedness -' owned and un- pledged .... HO, 000,00 Liberty Loan - Bonds, 3 fcj per cent and 4 per cent, un- pledffod ____ · 55,500:00 Payments actually on Liberty -iy. per cent bon^s (Third Liberty ·Loan) ____ '.. 60,100.00 Securities other than U. S." bonds (not in- ciudine stocks . uwned . un' pledged ---- 134.958.47 Stock, other than Federal Reserve Bank s t o c k ' , , Block o.C -Fode*fal Reserve Bank (50 per cent oC subscription ......... Value oE bank- · ·ing 'bouse . 23,571.93 Furniture and fixtures .. Lawful reserve w i t h Federal Bescrve Ban ... 'Cash in vault and n.ot · amounts due from national banks ........ Checks on "other banks 'in the - same city or- town as reporting 1 bank (other than Item 17) ..." .......... TotaJ of Items ' 14, 35. 16, 17, and IS ---- 529,276.94 ·Kedemption f u n d . w i t h U. : S. Treasurer and due -·from U. S. Theasurer.- War Su.vingn Certificates and Thrift Stamps actually o-wned ......... Total Ke*crve fund: · Cash, tipecie and notes .. J 34,I0.00 Due from ap- proTtd reserve Legal reserve securities at par 30,000.00 i Xlcksls and cents ...... 271.18 ; Checks and cash ttems.. Due from bank?, trust coin.pB.niea, deluding reserve Commercial paper pur- (ihased: Upon one name Commercial paper purchased: Upon two or more names Time loans with collat- CalJ Joans with collateral Bonds, stocks, etc Mortgages and judgments of record ..... OfRce building and lot.. Other real estate Furniture and fixtures .. Overdrafts ' Other assets not inelud- ed in above Total J. N. Trump WHITE If TRANSFER DDLIGENCE THE GABJEK PATS 23,572.93 1,850.00 LIABLLIT1ES. Cap] tal stock Surplus fund. Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid Demand deposits; (exclusive of trust funds) Deposits subject to check 506,809.56 Demand certificates of deposit · 1.2SS.OO Deposits. Commonwealth · of ' 200,000,00 20.000,00 2,563.00 enac;t.'' To, EIGHT HOURS Uir^'.a Foil Day's. '.. Men employed as stop hands by'yhe railroads.'of" the United States who have been, fighting, eight-hour workday will benefit under a decision handed down in Scrantqii by George Certificates. E." MwGuire,'. supervisor of equipment, duo dayn .[' · --money borrowed" . ,, · * , . , i Certified checks' j Cajiliior'ii cnecks out-; tJcc b u t . Jess than . 30 Total 'of ' i!0m9LhJ , .-deposits (other, .. .. ; ' than bank depoa- ·': ·?·'·' Its) . subject., to' Reserve, JCems ·'·34,' jii, - 38,' : 37, ' ' 38, 39, 40, a n d - 2.404.03 1.752.31 fudge W H "S Thompson, ot tlra railroad bat v,dt United States District Court at Pitts- shop employes on. tho. staff 'ol. Director General of Railroads McAdoo. The decision, fs made in' ; the case brought by the 4;000 shop employes '-ot tbe j: to.aJl railroad, in refusing to grant a "plea m! Shop employes ol the Lackawaniia, '.who have been, working. 10. hdura ,a day laised tfap comcntibn .that .under the ruling of tiie F°deralj of an md ctoent .--,, th«r Pennsylvania Central Coal com, Eastern, Coal pstty, the , company, Thomas F Barret andi! mission the were to have- art .eight- others with profiteering has declared (hour da This was Vdenifti";by offi- thc law creatiag the Fuel Adminia-icials of the company/.^who; : insisted trttion and the regulation of coal andj that the basis day TFas.lO'-houris,;-'the^| cokt to me constitutional and a neces ' real question at ....,._. _ . . . of ;_, deposit (oth»fv than Jor .n-oney borrow eel -..:.',;.'.;.'.... Total 'o£ -time tie-' 1 'posits 1 subject- to { ' Reserve, Items'--12, ·· . · 43, 4-1, and 4$'. 01,1.56.08 . 61,156.03 11,622,962.85 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in.. $ 50.000.00 Surplus f u n d - . . - . . . 150,000.00 Undivided ..promts 81.SS1.84 81.5S1.8* Circulating: notes out- sL.-indtng 50.000.00 I n d i v i d u a l ' deposits sub- jeirt to chock . -.-. 1,274,516.11 Ceriined checks 80,00 Cashier's ' checks outstanding- '- - ·· l,7S-l;93 Dividend? unpaid ' 5,000.00 Total of demand 'deposits' (other than hank .de-.. \ posits) · auojcct ' · t (t reserve, . itcma 3-1, 35. 36, . " . 37, 3S,- 39. 40.' and 41 :,£S1.3$1.G4 'State".of PennsylvanJJa, /County of Fas'·- ;:·' ette.' ss:-... . ':: ..( . ' . · ' . · · . . · ·. '·I. W. A., COSGROV.E,. Cashier of-'.'the above named '.bank:,':' ctoi .-solemnly -sw.ear.. that- tho,' above -stateiuent: is true to-, the- best, of my knowledge.and -belief.- 1 ' ·'£·· '"; · - - · · ' · - - ' :·' --' :'· - ; · · '. ' ' ' ' ' 1 ; : ...;SubBcrtbiftdvaha-' sworn to.belo're rne Total $1,612,962.SS State.of Pennsylvania. County or -Fayette,' ss:- · : .- ' ; I. - R. D. HENTIY, . Cashier of the above named bank.. do solemnly swear above statement Is true to ot ray knowle'dge and be- ·Hef.' · - . . ' · ... . R\-D. HENRY, Cashier. SubscrM/ed 1 and 'sworn to btfore me this 8th 'day of July, 1918.". ' ' '. A. .VAN' HOBX. Notary Public. Correct--Attest: · it. M. COCHRAN, · ' · · · . . ' : ' M. K. STRAWN. ,^ : '* L : PB3CE rir«cto^| Want-Afe-l Gent Certified checks .... 506.80 Treasurer's checKs outstanding: 5.984.75 Time deposits; (exclusive of trust funds 1 ) Time certificates of deposit -.. 1^,152.28.' Savings fund deposits "533,447.85 Dividends' unpaid Bi]3s payable on tljne.. Other liabilities not included in above .... Total Trim funds: Mortgages Other investment?, etc. Cash balance Overdrafts Total trust funds 537.S00.13 66.01) 78.000.00 By diligence and care in tlie garden, the production is isii- hanced many fold. So with accumulating money -- regular deposits with, us, aided by the interest we add, assure the growth of funds. Start an account with us. This is the only bank in this commun- ·ity paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts. ..:|M38»14E.39 15.90fl.75 5,707.00 1,123.50 237.71 S2.877.9C · COROUATE TRUE.TS. I Total amount (J. e. foce j value,) ol truste under - deeds of trust or raort- g-iiges executed by corporations to the com-, puny as trustee to se- secure issues of corporate bonds. including- equipment trusts ... 594,000.03] State of Pennsylvania, County of Pay.' ette. ss: ' T, E. R. FI^OTO, TrcAsui'er"- of the above named company, Ob solemnly fa-wear that the above statement IB true to the best of my kn.:.wlbdffe and belief. . E. R. FLOTO. treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to -before me this Sth day of July, 1918. . . J. E. KURTZ. Notary public- Correct--Attest: THOS. J. HOfPER, K. T. NORTON. HOST, XOREIS, Directors. . Another Liberty Bond Issue In Octobeir Another oppoitunii.y to anake a splendid investment and at tie Rame time lijlp wi:i Uie ww. Better gel ready fcr it right NOW. Join our Uberty Bond Club. And nay for a bond in easy, ir«ek- lj- installments. Come ja for foil information. Bssi 12fi TV. Crawford Ar . "1'he Bank that Doen Things for Tea" Checking Acconnts

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