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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 13, 1930
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L 'i- ast JCiditicn 1 P o rice fc« c Connells ville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best A Ivertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28, NO. 104. CONNELLSVILLB, PA., THURSDAY EVEr ING, MARCH 13, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. Owensdale-Everson Road Boosters to Meet County Commissioners Tomorrow Automobile Carat tin of Citizens to Include Council and Itoad- IMMEDIATE WORK SOUGHT Tnxpayors of Dvemson and Upper Tyrone township want the mile and a 1 alf highway, A i onecting link from Owensdale to South Kversion, im- piovod. An automobile caravan of the cliti- xens of that locality, advocates of tho project, which is expected to include members of the borough council and tho township road supenisors, is to make a pilgrimage to "Uniontown Friday afternoon to confer with tho Fayetto countv commissioners In the hope of securing immediate at- tontion. It is tho contention of the people o 1 ' that section t h a t tho county has nover expended oin cent for roud construction iitt' KMrson, adding that the Ponnsville-Kvusoii thoroughfare was built by the State- Highway Department. It is tlnnr declaration that many routes pass * i t h l n close proximity of the borou ?h but none peno- tiate it and tho iissit that the county should give assistance in this project. The citize-ns hope to bring tho matter of tho much n-oedetl Improvement of that stretch oJ road to the attention of the commissioners in thc hope that work may start during the present season wl'eii so many men aie unemployed Some agitation concerning tho construction of this route has been under way for some time and It la hoped that as many as possible who are interested will uligu themselves with the boosters. The Owensdalo-Sonth Kverson roa/d project would be n grout benefit to th residents of the Morgan Valley, being a direct route through Broad Ford to ConnollHviHe. At one time It was the best highway to Connellwville but some years agt it went bad and hat been neglected, advocate* say. A now concrete soction was built that connects Owensdale with Board Ford and Connellsvllle but the section from Onensdale to Evorton is in a deplorable condition. The distance is said to be little more than a mile. With th-e improvement ot this thoroughfare connecting witb the bridge across Jacobs Creek at the east eat! of Fifth avenue, Scottdale, it would give another good road outlet to .Route No. 119 at Coimollsville, and ^provide betteir transjtortatlon facilities for the residents ol that neighborhood ·who want to travel to Connollsville to do their shopping. It is understood Everson council is pa3h.ittg the- road construction project and the aid of all citiiena m that neighborhood la being sought John Golden Head s Of County Legion School Award Body John Golden of Dunbar who for the past number of yc irs has been in charge of the various county school awards has again been cho*en as the chairman of the school awards committee for the ensuing year. Ills anpolrjtment cnnio at the - iu et- Ing ot **eAmerican Legion C o u n t y Committee at the Unioutovm Legim Homo Wednesday e\ ning Details for the annual eouuty competition will be worked out latT by Mr. Golden. A silver loving i up is always given to the winner of t h o county contest In which will be entered the Legion medal award lecipients from all of the school districts The committee agree, d that a letter should bo addressed to United States Senator David A. Reel by tho local committee indicating favoritism toward the Ttankln-Danow bill now pending in the Senate It was also decided that a county reviewing board should bo organized to pusa on applications for assistince of veterans. This committee or bo.ud, which will be appointed soon, will consist of two doctors and an attorney A get-together meeting will fie hel'l on April S at Unlontown. Similar rallies have been hold in. Connells- villo aiivl Brownsville IRENE, DAGUE IDENTIFIED AS STORE ROBBERS Mnnapor of Uiitlor Establishment Quickly Points Out Both in Court. DAGUE WILL BE STATE WITNESS !3y United I'l ess. NBW CASTL.K, March 13.---jMra. Irene Schroeder ant! W Glenn Dague were ideutiifled today as the bandits who held up and robbed a Butler chain store shortly before Corporal Brady Paul, fatal o highway policeman, was shot to death 01 the road to New New Planet Is Discovered Beyond Neptune's Orbit By United Press. CAMBRIDGE, Maus., ~ irch .Howitzer Company Wins Commendation From Inspectors The Howitzer Company, 110th Penn- SOUTH BROWNSVILLE DEBATERS TO APPEAR HERE THIS EVENING A large crowd Is expe -ted to gathe-i tonight at the High Srliool Auditorium to hear tn Conr llsvlile High School affirmative rejirt entatives debate the negative f,pcikers of the South Browusvilk' High School. This contest is scheduled to take place at 8 o'clock sharp. While the Cokers are having competition here, the local negative team will be at South Brownsville, meeting tile affirmative club of th it institution Dunbar Township High, sevon times champions and sitting in first place at the present time, wi 1 swing into action tonight, meeting North Union Township, tho afllrmalive speakers dfending the question at the Trotter auditorium while the i egfitive club Journeys to North Uiiior Perry Townahip euco inters Point Marion In the third deb ite which is a part of the Fayette c o u n t y schedule in the Pennsylvania Fort nslc League. There will bo two inoie rounds o£ the debates. Wish Aigwt, manager of tbo store, a atato witness in Mrs. Schroeder's trial on »ha.rges of murdoring Paul, unlienittitingly pointed at Ir-ono at tho defense table and Dague seated in the flrst row of bpotatora. "That's thorn, exactly," ho =ald in answer to SuechU Prosecutor Charles J. Margk'tti's question whether An- ijert couk! id«nti( tho pair. Dague ^vas hi ought from the county jail after Judge U L. Hlld'mbrand ovorrulecl tho defense objection to Dis- triot Attoiuey John S Powers' motion to place on tho stand tho man jointly charged with the murder with Irene but who v, ill lo triert alon-o alter. W. II. Stew.u t i-le-rk of the Arlington Ilote-l a! liutlr, a itar witnosw, fuiled to i d e u t i f ) Daguo a-ft-w ho testified that Irene, Hague tuid Donnie, four- yOiir-old t-on, igistored at Ilia hotel tho night efors tho holdup TELETYPE SYSTEM AIDS IN ARREST OFAUTO THIEVES HAKKISBURO, March 13.--Within nine hours two suspected liold-up men were arrested moro than 250 miles Bylvania Infantry, underwent its first ""f f TM m ^e ecene of the hold-up, ·j^iroujn iuiaui.4,, u state police announced t day. Federal inspection la* t night since the . ^*TM ._'._ Federal inspection la* t night organization was pLioed In charge o£ Captain Harold W. btuuffer. There A teletype message wab sent out on t ,, by % the Philadel. . night aft, r the hold- unueually good attendance of ' ---- ?,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,.., ..... was an members, 53 rofcorlin ; for the inspection and four being absent. The inspecting officers wero Lieutenant Colonel Halle r of the State, Captain Lilly of the Federal dcpart- in«nit, Captain Robert Springer ot Monosscn, retwoseuting Major William Huston, tho major in i harge of special unitii in tho 110th Ueguneut, and Lieutenant Colonel John Wood-end, representing Colonel John Alkeu. Tho oftlwrs oxpre8S«xl themselv-es as much pleased with tho manner In ·which the oquiptue-nt is kept jit the State Armory and with the appeal- anoe of the. moil. Notice of tho rating accorded tho company will bo received later. CITIES SERVICE AND FEDERAL LIGHT IN BILLION MERGER By United Press. NEW YORK, Maun 13. -- Cities Service Company, on- of the giants tf thf public utility in lustry, and the /ederal Light True tlon Company, have merged, combining awts in excess of a billion dollars. Announcemfnt of thi consolidation waa made yesterday. Henry L Doiier- ty an-1 aaBociates, managers of the Cities Service Comj»an; . were olested to the board of directors of Federal Light Trnctloii. Doherly being nnmed c h a i r m a n at th- annual stockholders mee^ng yeHt«rdivy. K N. Sanderson was re-olf'-lou" president nt F«Ue«-at Light T-itction There were u-j other chuiiK* ·· i» m.tuaBC- up of a garage in Philad Iphia where ii car was taken at the point of a gun. This morning state poli e at Greensburg announced they had the car and two suspects, according to a message received by C. M. Wllhelm, deputy commander of the state jiolice. DISTRICT W. C. T. U. RALLY ON MARCH 20 AT PLEASANT VIEW Fayette Farmers Elect Committee To Direct Affairs Special to Tha Courier. UNIONTOWN, March 13. -- Nine members v ere elected to the executive committee of tho Fayetto County Agricultural Association at its a n n u a l convention here today Announcement of ttufit* chosen wae made at the banquet at Aabury Methodist JSpitco- pal Church They are II. M. Burchlnal, Springhill towns! ip, Detmar S Cottom, Lower Tyrone townahip, Albert Gad- lls. North Union township; G. M. GrUun, Frunklln township; J W. Kennedy, Lower Tyrone township; J. S. Langloy, Menallen townahip; O. A. Luce, Poiry township; Mrs. Mary E. Dunn, Fiunklin township, and Mm. Thomas Hlginbothiiin, HM! stone township. The boail will organize at a later date About 200 farmers attended the banquet which wa« addresbed by Edward Bayard ot PHteburg, editor of tho Pennsylvania Farmer, who «poke in the absence of "W. V. Dennis, head of tiio department of rural sociology o£ the Pennsylvania^ State College; Walter P. Echonck, "secretary of Uniontown Chamber oE Commerce, and Paul Edinger, assistant director of agricultural extension department of State College. Extension of the curb market plan, sheep clubs in the mountain sections, lalaing celery In certain locations and furthering oE the work of the wool growers of the county were among the points touched upon by County Agent C D. Uibel. The report of Mr. Ulbel was one of the highlights of the convention, the ' main session of which,, during the forenoon, w^as held at the C o u n t y Building. Tho meeting was called to order at 10 o'clock by President Isaiah Cover. After general business the women adjourned to another room, where t'aey weie addressed by Miss Madge Bogart, director o£ the home -economics extension department of State College. During this period short talks were given by representatives of 13. -- Discovery of a new pi met beyond the orbit of Nep.une was reported through the lar- vard observatory today. The Lowell Observatory tit I lag- staff, Ariz., made the disco- ery, observatory officials ani)oui ced, and said it was the outstan ling event in recent astronon ical history, Although the name of the discoverer has not been announced it was believed that Prof. Percival Lowell was entitled to most of the credit. It was recalled that several years ago he attributed certain eccentricities in Neptune's orbit to tne possible existence of a remote planet hitherto unknown. i Neptune has hitherto been considered the outermost mem- ber of the solar system. Its distance fixmi the sun is calcu lated at 2,792,000,000 miles and its year--the time it requires to make a circuit around the sun--is 165 times as long as that of the earth. Neptune is 35,000 miles in diameter. No information was given out as to the probable size of the new ]y discovered member of the sun's family. Again to Try Atlantic Hop Psllonte and Dieud mne Coital, noted Fronch ariatorv, whose attempt to ily from Ptu IB if». Hew York failed l««t year. They plan to make toe attempt ag un the early Summer over the route indicated in the map (below) They hold the distance record, r, by their flight from Par s t» SUjaria- New York Lawyers Find 18th Amendment Adopted Illegally; Will Appeal * By United Prpss. i vanced and developed by Selden NBW YORK, March 13.--A con-1 Bacon, also a member of the committee of tiie New York County L-a tf-1 mittee, who has Incorporated that Prof. Tompklns eaid tho committee 'a vote -was .six to one, I he major ty holding that the 18th Amendment -w ia adopte 1 ' and ratified in doflanco of 110 10th Amendment o£ tho Conetltutic n, which provides that "tho powers n t delegated to ths United States by t ie ^Constitution nor prohibited by it o the states ,are reserved to 1be etat -9 respectively or to the people." This theory, Tompkine eail, was a l- Dietrlct No. 4, "Woman'f Christian Temperance Union, will meet on Thursday, March 20, a,t the Pleaeatit View Presbyterian Church. It will be an all-day rally, convening iu the forenoon at 10:30 o'clock The afternoon session will follow the dinner Perryopolis, which is arsed in tlio church. The district embraces Vanderbllt, Perryopolte and Buena Vis'a, with the last named as host. A program is being draA\n up. various farm problems by county men. After the report of Mr. Uibel and a talk by Paul E^dinger of State Collego tho convention waa adjourned to sbury C h u n h. J. W. PRINKEY FILES NOMINATION PAPERS yer'a Association, has found after t TO years' study, that tho 18th Amenidnrw nl was Hie-gaily ratified and will take ts. arguments to the United States t u preme Court. This was announced last night ly Prof. Leslie J. Tompkin«, h-ad of t le law department of New York Unlv r- botly'e ·flndinge in a pamphlet which will be ««nt out to ail mombers of the New York Lawyers' Association. "The special committee," Prof. Tonrpkins said, "voted in favor of the proposition that such a matter ought to be taken up with the Supreme Court of the United States at the slty, ,a member of the committ'e. i earlieet possibly moment on the en- tlrely new ground which ie set forth in tho report by Mr, Bacon, namely, that the 10th Amendment to the Con. atitution modified the fifth article of the original Constitution. ' "Tluit is. that neither the Congreee nor the stivtes have the right to adopt an amendment in the manner and form they did ami that it ought to be submitted to the people in convention." Hindenburg .Affixes Name To Young Plan By United Press. BERLIN, March 13.--President Pau Von Hindenburg today slrned the Young agreement, bringing co au end the reparations controversy that has upset the economic balance if Kurtfiu for 10 years. By his act, Germany is bound to make annual payments to the Allie nations until 1988, through i n n new Bank for International Settlement Penalty tor non-fulllllmei.t of tue agreement will be reoccHpition. ol German tenitory by Allied soldiers The president deferred signing other liquidations agreements w ith Croat Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Canada and New Zealai d for the purpose of centering with the cabinet over their constitutionality. President Von Hindenbur; affixed his signature to the agreement only after overcoming the gra^ est u )i- scientious objections to the terms and after 1,000 of his wartime comrades, including a host of his former generals, retortecl to ever} possible \persuaslon to induce him to refus his approval. The president was bombailed with letters, telegrams, petitions iud personal calls ite was begged i.v the press "not to endorse Germany's enslavement for the next 6$ y jars '\ WILBERT ECHARD EVERETT WHIPKEY ON MAGAZINE STAFF WUbent R. Echaa-d, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Hkihard of Mnnmy avenue, this city, been elects d oditot of "Sibyl," the magazine of tho 1930-31 junior class of Otterbein College at Westervilie, Ohio, according to word received here. Bverett H. Whipkey, also of Con- nelteviille, a son of MT. and Mt s, W. Whipkey, was elected biuine» man- anger of the magazine. He is now president of the sophomore cks. It is siaW to be unusual to have two ·students from the same town on the staff of the magazine. Bolii were graduated from CouuellsvIUa High School in 192S. MT. V Bchard Is head pi oof reader on the "Tan and Cardinal," weekly stu- deut publication of the college while Mr. Whipkey is local reporter. Recently Mr. Echard was ejected a member of the PI Kappa Deita, ua- itional foretnAc society. He v as ono of two sophomores chosen. STAGG ENDORSES ISTHAMENDMENf WASHINGTON, March 13.--Alon/o A. Stagg, the "gram! old man of foo ball" and for 40 yoars ooach at tl 3 University of Chicago, brought his ei - dorsement of prohibition as a gre t benefit to the youth of the country 1 j climax a stormy session of the HOUE * Judiciary Committee.prohibition heai - ing today. Special to The Courier. ( HARR1SBURG, March 13.--Six candidates filed, papers today for Republican nominations for the House. DUTY ON SUGAR MADE TWO CENTS WASHINGTON, March 13 - The Senato approved finadly to lay a duty of two cents a pound on C (ban sugar and 2 5 cents on soigar fro n the rest of the wor.d It rejected t! e N j e motion to rwoneider its piov m« action in adopting the Smoot , mom! men t whloh raised the sugar taa iff to h\o and 'i 5 cents. The present tariff is 1 T(1 pound e» Cuban sugar ,iml two cent on AiiKiir froui tu-o r«at of Ue world. Rev. Elmer A. Schultz of the Unite __________ Bi-ethren Church will be the s*peake They included James W. Prinkey, Re- 'at the Salvation Army services to REV. SCHULTZ TONIGHT AT THE S. A. REVIVAL publican, Oonnellsrllle, Second Fay- , ette; A n t h o n y \V- Crivella, Republican, Mount Pleasant, First Westmoreland; William C. McCallister, Republican, Monongaliela, Second Washington; Charles R. Porch, Republican, Mount Pleasant, First Westmoreland, Enlists in Braden Eugene Wolfe, hon of Mr. and Mrs Thomaa John Wo Ha of Manaiina Greene county, formerly of Coniiollsvillp, yesterday was enlistpd In the United States Navy by Chief Samuel S. Ph Hips, in charge of the louil iiicriiUiug station, and he nas gouo to tho i\aval Training Station ai G i i r d t l-aKov, 111 Wolfe is to serve a torn j u j i I'uhhtmeut au an ap- night. I. I. Fox and his choir of the Salva tion Army at Qreensburg will bo her' tomorrow night. Mr. Fox is the i'athe of Captain C. J. Fox the local com mander. The Weather Paintly cloudy and colder tonigh. 1 and Friday is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania.' Temperature Record. 11)30 Maximum . ,. . ___ f6 M i n i m u m ,,. .... .. M jsieaa .,,,, ........................ .,..*» 70 46 Steel Corporation Has $200,000,000 Building Program By United Press. NBW YORK, Mamch 13.--Thos-e who ·usually gauge the trend of business by the reports of the steel industry had some basis for optimistic feeling with a 1200,000,000 building program announced by the United States Stoel Corporation. The corporation said 1t had set asiide (that amount for improvement aaid extension of plants although It will take many month® to complete. Further, it announced tt expects to reduce its costs of ^distribution and production. DERRY T' SECRETARY SPEAKSJOROTARIANS William H. Weeks, secretary of Pennsylvania Railroad Y. M C. A. at Dorry was the speaker at the meeting of fcbe Rotary Club today. Ho talked mostly on the Rotary Club as it applies to a man's every day life. Next week a local program will be prewmited and on March 24 Die Con- nellsviUe Club will meet with Scottdale, West Newton and Mount Pleas- a,nt Rotao-y Clubs at the Pleasant Valley C o u n t i y Club. The m-eeting will be under the auspices of the Soottdale DISORDERS MARK INDIA'S PASSIVE RESISTANCE PLAN BOMBAY, India, March 13 --Railway strikero and police were injurod today la skirmishes in various parts of Bombay. Four trades union leaders were arrested. Several strikers and police were injured and one striker was tateii to a hospital when police charged with batons on the first 50 Btrikei s who were practicing satya-grahu---4hls is, passive resistance by lying 'n the ground and obstructing traffic in front of the railway superinte (dent's office. FIRE CAUSES SLIGHT LOSS AT BUTE H OME Fire in a waste paper basket caueed some damage at the home of J. P. Bute in East Crawford avenuo last night, but it wae discovered before much headway had been gained and firemen ^were able to extinguish it with chemicals. The basket was beneath a deik and the flames burned a hole in the latter. Members of the family were away from home at the time. COUNTERFEIT $20 BILLS CIRCULATED PITTSBURG, March 13.--A w i r n i n g to busineee men throughout Western Pennsylvania to watch for counterfeit $20 bills was broadcast today by \V. A. LanzoiRht, United States t i e o r t Service operative in chaige ol tlie INCREASE OF 50,922 CARS REQUIRED IN NEXT THREE MONTHS To Handle the Traffic of li« Allegheny District in Western 'Penns. COAL AND COKE GAIN 9.3 PER CENT PITTSBURG, March 13--Predicated upon thp Individual opinions of 713 carload shippers of freight representing approximately 92 per cent o£ the total production of the district, as crystallized by the Allegheny Regional Advisory Board through medium of a questionnaire and embodied in reports rendered by 25 commodity com- mltleps at the board's regular meeting held today, carriers nerving Wentem Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia and the Pan Handle of Maryland can expect a net increase of five per cent, or 60,922 cars, in their patrons' requirements during the months of April, Way and June, 1930, as compared with the corresponding months of 1929. Industries predicting increases arc Cement, 33.5 per cent; machinery, 14.6 per cent, boilers, 36.9 per cent, coal and coke, 9 3 per cent; gravel. 113 per cent; building aand, 14.5 pel cent, stone and products, 20.3 per cent; agricultural implements and vehicles, 9.1 per cent; petroleum and products loaded in lank cars, 6.0 per cent and loaded in box cars, 11.0 pei cent; lumber and forest products, 2.5 per cc-nl; canned goods, 1.4 per cent, fertilizers, C per cent; paving biick, 10.2 per cent; clay, .5 per ccut; electrical goods, 5.5 per cent; glass bot- tlos and containers of all kinds, 6.0 per cent; flat building glass products, 1.7 per cent; hollow building tile, 2.0 per cent; leather and products, ] 9 per cent, and slag, 15.2 per cent. Other commodities which forecast decreases show a range of two-tenth"* per cent for lime to 25 per cent toi sanitary ware. It is expected that carload shipments of flour, meal and other mil) products, fresh fruits, grain, livestock and fresh, vegetables will be made in the same volume as last year during the second calendar quarter ot 1930. Analysis ol the coal and coke committee's report indicates that toal producers in the Centra!! Pennsylvania Low Volatile District are- the nuist optimistic, estimating 14.1 per Continued on Page Two, Faying Tire Ring Fatally Injures Nt. Pleasant Man Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, March 13 -Henry Gratzinger, 46 years old, was fatally injured Wednesday afternoon about 1:30 o'clock wben the ring flew off a truck tire as he was inflating it and (struck him across the forehead, fracturing the skull. He was rushed ta the Memorial Hospital where death occurred at 10 o'clock last night. Mr. Cratzinger, who trucked coal and did general hauling, was married and/ lived in West SmithfteW street. At noon yesterday he had some tire trouble and had gone to the garage of the Landy Motor Company on the Duncan plan to repair it. It is thought that he put about 100 pounds of air in the tire. He placed It on the wheel, putting the large ring on first and then a smaller ring Reaching down to put the luge on, he noticed the tire was not adjueted as he wished it, and gave it a kick. A« he did this both rings flew off, the larger striking him across the head. A widow and flvo children survive. The body wae taken to the funeral establishment of pavid Werhle and prepared for burial. This afternoon U was removed to (he residence. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. MILITARY BAND TO PRESENT GOOD CONCERT MONDAY The C'uuneUsville Military Baud will present a gmnd musical fe«UvaI on Vtoii'day evening at tile I^lgU School AudltoriJim. One of the best entertainments ever onduoted Is to make up the program of the musieal organization which is endeavoring to *et out of debt betoro the opening of the free buminer concerts. In addition to the instrumeatal selections by the banti, there will b* music as well as d^mcera aad refined vaudeville entertainnm.!. The St. Patrick's Cay entertainaienl deluxe will feature, about 50 ncludlng 40 members of fhe band. The concert committee J* made up jf WiUlam C. Bishop, chairman; Vtn ·ent Donato, James W. Buttorraore, Arthur S. Oriffln, Robert L. Hauiiam, .Vatter B. haw and M. W. Cabl*. Another concert will )e pr«t*nt«d on Mother's Day, Monday, May 13, at he High School Auditorium. TU-keta have been mailed out and he icscne seats can bf Heoured on Saturday at the ConaellaviHe Drug

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