Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 91
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 91

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 91
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Page 91 article text (OCR)

--August 24,1975 Orartesfsa. AkOUND THE STATE Ansted Small And Rebuilding; Mason Takes Helm At Collins Ansted Braxton COACH: Roger I). Hades i f i l t h your 41-3) 1974 RECORD: 9-2. TOP RKTl'RMEES: Kirk Pridemore tH-LB. Jr.. 5-10. 165).. James Vandall (ET. Sr.. 6-2. 185). James Dempsey (T. Jr.. 5-9. 180). Jim Foster H B . Sr..'5-8. 149). Bruce Eades ( H B . Jr.. 5-7. 150). Steve Wood (E. Sr.. 5-11. 146). Warren Dempsey (QB. Sr. 5-9. 145). Dave Cooper (QB. Jr. 5-8. 145) TOP N E W C O M E R : Tim Lucas ( H B . Sr.. 5-9. 140L OUTLOOK: Jan Coach Roger Eades ;igain weave th; magic that's made Ansi- i-d a perennia' power in Class A? Well, there are onl 1 half-a-dozen returning let- tcrmen but it s hard to ever rule the Highlanders out of things. "It's a rebuilding yi-ar." admits Eades. whose team was bea'.en in the semifinal playoff rojnd last season. "We have three offensive and two defensive starters back who ended last season. Inaddition we have two others who suffered broken legs and played only part of Hit 1 scasmi." In lad Ansted will even have a pair of seniors and iwo j u n i o r s on the t e a m who've never played football. "We're smaller than we've been in four years." said the coach. "Our backfield will be small but fairly quick. If we don't h a v e any serious i n j u r i e s , we could be fairly conpctitive." Aug. 29, Gauley Bridge, H; Sept. 5, Union, A; 12, Greenbrier West, H; 19, Clay, H; 26, Websler, H; Del. 3, Fayeiteville, H; 10 Lookoul, A; 17, Meadow Bridge, A;, 2J Hamlin, A Clay COACH: Ronald Sirk (second year. 3-7) 1974 record; 3-7 · TOP R E T U R N E E S : Tom Reed ( H B . ·Jr.. 5-9. 155i. Bruce Lane (LB. Sr.. 5-9. .155). Terry Holley (LB. Sr.. 5-9.1651. Mike ·(iray' (T. Sr.. 5-10. 200). Bruce Murphy iHB. Jr.. 5-8. 145). Mike Ruggieri (FB. 5-11. 185. Sr.i. Larry Taylor (G. Sr.. 5-11. 170i. Dick Johnson (S. Sr.. 5-8.140). Rusty T.ray i E . Jr.. 5-10. 1601. · TOP NEWCOMER: Ed Smith (T. Jr., ·5-11. 1851. ! OUTLOOK: Clay County won only three '.games last year but the fact that the 1 Panthers were only outscored by three · points all season (i30-127) provides opti- -mism this time around. "If we can have "some of the luck that we didn't get last -year and don't have many injuries," says second-year coach Ronald Sirk, "I feel the Clay County folks would be happy if we could break even at 5-5. They would be ov- : ..erjoyed at 6-4." Sirk's program to build winning football at Clay hinges on a veteran backfield and a ' lop-notch linebacker. Tom Reed. Bruce / M u r p h y and Mike R u g g i e r i ( w h o is 35 ·pounds lighter and quicker than last sea- · son) return, as does most of the line but '-finding'a quarterback is a top. priority. /·Bruce Lane, a fourth team all-Stater in · '74. is the top linebacker. "If one remembers a n y t h i n g about Clay this year, it should be Bruce." thinks Sirk. : "Last year we tried to play a lot of boys so we could build for the future," the 'coach pointed out. ."We still have some young players this year, so if we can do : pretty well we should be on our way." CLAY COUNTY , Aug. 30, Spencer. H; Sept. 5; Braxton, H; 12, Nicholas .Co., A; 19, A n s l e d , A; 27, B u f f a l o Pulnam, A; _Oct. 10, Walton, H; 17, Webster, H; 24, Lookout Nuttall _H, 31. Gauley Bridge, A; Nov. 8, Duval, A. COACH: Allen Donaldson (first year) 1J74 RECORD: 4-6 TOP RETURNEES: Brian Wilburn (FB. Jr.. 5-10. 180). Joe Shuman (T, Jr.. 6-1. 185). Larry Salisbury (HB, Sr., 5-10, 165). Tom Knight (T. Jr., 5-H, 200), Bruce Skidmore (E. Jr., 5-10. 150). Colin Dean (E. Jr.. 6-0,160). David Long (DB, Jr., 5-7, 150), Joe Hoover (C, Jr.. 5-9, 165) TOP NEWCOMERS: Cecil Hines (E, So.. 6-3. 195). Bobby James (T, So., 5-10. 170). Karis Drake (HB. So., 5-9,155), David Rhodes (C. So., 5-10.190). OUTLOOK: New coach Allen Donaldson has his work cut out for him in assuming the head position at Braxton County. Only one regular (Brian Wilburn at fullback) returns from last year. "We will plan to play good fundamental football and hope a lot of young players come along early in the season," sajs Donaldson. "The emphasis will be on building for the future." Donaldson points to a large number of exceptional sophomores in trying to make up for lack of experience at quarterback and the offensive line. BRAXTON COUNTY Auy :9. Doddridge, A; Sept. 5, Clay, A; 12, Lewis. H; IV. Monlyomery, H, 26. Summersville, H; Oct. 3, Rich- wud. H, 10, Webster, A, 17. Spencer, H; 23, Clarksburg lAjosevcn-Wilson. A; 31, Greenbrier West, A. Chapmanville COACH: Clarence Elkins (third year. 4-15-1) 1974 RECORD: 0-10 TOP RETURNEES: Mike Adams (FB, Sr.. 6-0. 190). Danny Fleming (T, Sr., 6-2, 2(K)i. Tim Hensley (G, Sr., 5-10.165). Alan Ward (G. Sr.. 5-10.190). Mike Stowers (E, Sr.. 5-10.175), Rick Bowling (QB, Jr.. 5-8, 170), Randy Adams (HB, Sr., 5-7, 150). Brad Hager (HB, Jr., 5-6, 150). TOP NEWCOMERS: Pat Wright (QB, So.. 5-10. 160), Steve Dalton (T, So., 6-0, 190). Gary Thomas (HB, So., 5-6, 150).? Robert Toparis (FB. So., 6-0, 190), Emmanuel Meade (E, So.. 5-10,160). OUTLOOK: A group of untested sophomores will have a lot to do with whether Chapmanville can turn things around from last year's winless campaign. "Our veteran players should be strong," says Coach Clarence Elkins. "but the sophomores will .tell the story of the season. We have some bright prospects that will come along as the season progresses." Fullback Mike Adams should be the Tigers' leading ball carrier, after averaging over 5 years per carry in '74. He's one of seven lettermen returning. "We're looking optimistically for an improved season." said Elkins. So.), Rodney Reid (FB, Sr., 5-11, 185), Gary Begley (TE. So.. 6-0,170). OUTLOOK: After nine years as an assistant at Collins, Tom Mason gets his chance as a head coach this season. With a dozen lettermen returning but 15 gone from the 6-4 slate of last season, he is cautiously optimistic. "We'll be incorporating a new offense," he said, "but we have some key positions that will be hard to fill." There's a good nucleus of runners around quarterback Kent Aide. Other standouts could be tackles Rick Helmick and Rick Campbell and linebackers Larry Canterbury and Lantz Hess. "We have one of the best, if not the best, kicker in the state in Fred Pannell," said Mason. The Red Devils have a rough schedule in store with the addition of Greenbrier East and Barboursville to returning opponents like Beckley, Bluefield, Princeton, Montgomery and East Bank. OAK HILL COLLINS Auu 29. Greenbrier East. A; Sepl. 5, East Bank. H; 12, Montgomery. A. 19, Bluelield, A; 26, Fayeiteville, H; Del 3. Princeton, H; 10, Hinton, A; 17, BecKley, H; 24, b.irbour\ville. A; 31. Mount Hooe, A. Duvol COACH: Mike Linsky (first year) 1974 RECORD: 2-8 TOP RETURNEES: Dwayne Justice (FB-LB, Jr., 6-0, 175), Brian Barton (HB, So.. 5-7, 150). Mark Ryan (QB, Jr., 5-10, 160). Joey White (HB-LB, Jr., 6-0, 1701. Greg Garrett (T, Jr., 6-3, 200). TOP NEWCOMERS: Jeff Pauley (G, So.. 6-0. 170), Greg Linville (HB, So., 5-10, 160). Tommy Meikles (C, So.. 6-0, 170). Gale Garrett (G. So., 6-0. 180). OUTLOOK: No seniors? Unheard of. but that's the situation at Duval for rookie coach Mike Linsky. Eighteen of 27 on the team are sophomores. "We look upon this as an advantage however," said Linsky, "because of the enthusiasm with which these young players are approaching the coming season. "I look at the job as a challenge to lift up the program and build a w i n n i n g atti- ·.'. £ DUNBAR QB -- Donnie Garrett returns to quarterback the Dunbar Bulldogs this season. He'll lead Dunbar against Herbert Hoover in the Sept. 5 opening game of the 1975 season. ^ tude," the Yellowjackets' coach noted. "Still we are not looking to the future. The boys feel we can win our share this year on pure hustle. Personally, these boys have been more willing to practice and pay the price than any I have ever been associated with." Eight lettermen are back from last season's 2-8 squad. "In sum, we have an-inexperienced group of boys under an experienced coach," said Linsky, "Yet by the enthusiasm of both we hope to overcome any deficiencies." GRIFFITHSSVILLE DUVAL Auy. 30, Guyan Valley, H; Sepl. 6, Madison, H; 13, Bui- lalo Wayne, H, 20, Wahama, A, 27, Hamlin, H; Oct. 3, Uiapmanvillc. A, 17, Seth. A; 24, Cram, A, Nov I Bufla- ig Pulnam, A j 8, Clay, H. *FISH *FOWL *GAME * Complete Line of Archery Equipment if Authorized Bear Dealer if Easton and Microflite Arrows Simpson's Archery and Taxidermy 1220 Va Ohio Avenue Dunbar, W.Va. Phone 768-3160 M CHAPMANVILLE Aug. 29, Madison, H; Sept. 5, Lenore, H; 12, Gilbert, A; 19. Van, A; 26, Magnolia NewMartinsville, A; Oct. 3, Duval, H; 10, Burch, A; 17, Guyan Valley, A; 24, Winfield, A, Nov. I, Seth Sherman, H. Collins COACH: Tom Mason (first year) 1974 RECORD: 6-4 TOP RETURNEES: Kent Aide (Q, Sr., 5-9,155) Rick Helmick (T, SR., ?6-l, 250), Larry Canterbury (G, Sr., 5-10,180), Rick Campbell (T, Sr., 5-11, 200.), Roy Watts (RB, Sr., 5-6,140), Fred Pennell (RB, Jr., 6-0, 185), Lantz Hess (RB, Jr., 5-9, 175), Ron Keith (RB. Jr., 5-10, 160). TOP NEWCOMERS: Bill Hurt (RB, So.,. 5-8, 150), Butch Woodson (RB, 5-9, 160, KICK TIME THE BULLOOCS FREE ! CHECKING CONVENIENT BANKING HOURS 768-9761 COMMUNITY BANKING an* SAVINGS 11 th St. at Myers Ave., Dunbor, W. Va. Member F.D.I.C. TOUCHDOWN SPECI/US YOU'LL GET MUCH MORE YARDAGE! NO SERVICE CHARGE NO MINIMUM BALANCE Radials Sale GR-70xl4 HR70xl4 $ 29 49 GR70xl5 s 27" J R 7 0 x l 5 s 3 3 6 8 -Income Tax H R 7 0 x l 5 '29 9 ° DUNBAR RETREADING SERVICE INC* PHONE 768-6041 931 DUNBAR AVE. SUPPORT THE DUNBAR HIGH SCHOOL BULLDOGS!! SUPPORT THESE COMMUNITY MINDED PEOPLE, THEY SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY! Art's Flowers 1227 Ohio Avenue Bank of Dunbar 12th Grosscup Streets Classic Shoes llth St. Myers Avenue Community Banking Savings 11th Street Myers Avenue Dunbar Dairy Queen 1201 Myers Avenue Dunbar Lumber Company 405 12th Street Dunbar Mart 328 12th Street Dunbar Retread 931 Dunbar Avenue French Quarter Restaurant 13th Street 8. Ohio Avenue Harold Carter's Amoco 941 Dunbor Avenue Kanawha Supply Co. he. 326 12th Street Lee-Marshal Insurance Inc. 1220 Ohio Avenue Murphy's Mart 10th Street Dunbar Village Sloans 12th 4 Dunbar Avenue Tom's Market 1211 Ohio Arenu* SCORE DUNBAR OPP Clip and keep for future reference. DATE September 5 Herbert Hoover Home 12 Pt. Pleasant Away 19 Hurricane Home 26 St. Albans Home October 4 SissonviHe Away 10 George Washington...Home 18 Nitro Away 24 DuPont Away 31 Barboursville Home November 8 South Charleston Away home game 8 p.m.

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