The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 29
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. - . ... : ' : : ; T-'-'-'v : ', : ": . . ' : . - : ; : ; :, - - Youthful Models Resent By SHEILA ' TORONTO (TNS) - Si : . cess is . measured by , their capacity for discomfort! For , the prere.qufaite-f-ahe job 4a to, look natural when they're not. Every working day brings Submission to being1 "stuff- V ed and pinned." to hours Jry- ""ing under the lights. ; Their ' motto, as. , teenage models, might ' be7 grin and . . wear it. Nobody. knows their names, but thousands know , their faces., .TV ;' . , ; "?:. And because - of ' the rex-. 'clusiveness of their world they . art envied and criticized. Five , ; of Canada's most ; successful .;" . PAUL APPLEBY, who doesn't recommend modelling.. , v- -:- WHY SOME WOMEN LOOK OLD BEFORE THEIR TIME It's dry skin that starts those early-aging signs: fUky checks, crow's . feet, little lines. Yeri's hard to . avoid dry skin, what with harsh weather, overheated rooms, low-fat . diets,, etc. That's why you' need FWD- DRY skin-cream. This famous. . cream now contains Altantom a sulnUnce that starts to repair dry kin in just 10 minutes! Allantoin gently disperses lifeless surface cells . , . sends Pond's rich moisturised linolin into thirsty tissues. Almost overnight, lines and fULiness vanish! For a softer, smoother, younger complexion, get pond's dry skin cream. Discover for -yourself how Pond's can re-moisturize even . Jhe driest skin. Buy it in jar or tube, wherever cosmetics are sold, i AOVT. Movie projector, IS caklneta - Stertllxer JANE JCRISTIANSEN, success without training. young mannequins . give in- sight into what's behind .modelling's facade' P.. ', '" They say:,- "My parents .don't like it. They think any . stupid girl "can do it." :. " 'When " I was . little, ' the . mothers of my friends called me and said I was bad." . . "Many of my friends, now feel' differently toward me." ' -They think either we're loose or we're snobs." - "You can guess what" people say when you aelt: them you are a male model ... ."" The speakers are three girfs-and two boys, 14 to 20 years ! aid. They describe hard work, the stigma of modelling artd the , lessening of friendship, through jealousy. MODEL AT 14 ; , . Their kind. oL peopled they, say, are interesting but. not snobbish. The girls say their besl Triendr are boys, and the boys describe them as having more personality than, other with aound This is Shemll Burroughs Calculators ' Meat Tenderlier ky teland, Irtt class condition youngest, of them at 14, and lh most experienced; And Lynda Syrota, 18, who has gone to New York, where she earns more money in three hours than most people make. In . a week. Jane Kristiansen, ISrV success although she has never traned." : This is Terry Bews, Sher-jriiri . brother who does noj like to tell his friends at Ryer- ! ; LKIAIBDT ' Johnun'i rumlturr and Applluic Trade-in Department has kerome haelt with treat number of Ottawa people who make reiular weekly vWlla looklnc for' Itemi of Interett. i We tnvlte you alto to kerome one of the weekly vUltora. It's well worth your while. We operate the.U'seat furniture ana: appliance trade-in department In Ottawa , and jraat aaay credit terms, , . ... ... - Wrought Iron Legi, Ideal for caklneta. aeoka, yea name It packing Caeea, all wood, with Up, ood condlUoa "turdvL V ha plau, ' ::$1.00 per set S0.50 ,Kh ... $169.00 Planoi. condition taaranteed . iiaW Night Tabtel with drawert and compartraenU. large qnanUty, Ideal ai launary room aiorage K 1 aSk Vilas Dinette ' Suite, comer cabinet, refectorv chairs. I armchairs, flrst Class condition Deep Fryer, Hot Point, condition . guaranteed .. Dining Room Suite, modern Credent cabinet, table and S chairs, good condition m.'.rj. Binges, prortc type; brass finish, I" Lockers, all steel, IS keys, good condition Steel Beds, starting Springs, starting Bass Drum Klectrlc Guitar by Hoffman, In cas -. L,. Bxamlhlng Takle with foam rubber pad and cupboards below 1.--..J.-. . - P.ton Autoclave Sterlllxer. Ilk. new Medlral-frrrgator' Table ky Steellne, ' Rrst class condition- . - ae m w w Lamp and CoBee Table Topi, mahoganv arkorlU, I"::" $2.95 Antique" Chert of Drawert, large, lT , drawers, mahogany ............. .... Safes, T to choos. from. 'A Plat. Glass, various., slses and shapes, armored and regular sack $89.00 each $169.00 nd C5 AC $19.95 $129.00 BP $1.00 a sheet irv table. 4 eld. $199.00 ... $89.00 style, buffet, ehlna- $169,00 $0.02 each en f : ; D.wela, Various sixes ...... per dmen Box Stoves, brand new. Ideal for camp's, starting $13.50 x IS a complete with lorks and . . . $12.95 earn $3.95 $6.95 $49.00 $49.50 Typewriter Desks, double e?C ff and CC'SQ ff pedeiUI. good condition 9&yfJJ and MtfiUU Antique Mahogany hlnlng KSftni' Table with S extra leaves and S matching dining chairs upholstered In (CCA ff blue cenuln leather . JOwUiUU Oil Tankv g""", with stand. Wo dellvere .... . Work Benches, steel bases, wood tops, linn tops, various sixes,- some with-drawers, starting ' . .1 riling Caklneta, legal site, 4 drawers, starting . . -- MFDICAL FOUIPMENT: - $19.95 tops and. stone $19.50 $39.00 $49.00 $59.00 $175.00 $250.00 A and various medical equipment Hundreds of unlisted Hems. Trade-Ins accepted. Hair terms..,, Everything sold guaranteed satisfactory or money refunded. JOHNSON'S FURNITURE LIMITED TRADE-IN DEPARTMENT HI Murray, near Dalhousley 235-5147 " for nfmltarV and appliances, set our model display " rooms at 283 Bank, near sctrset, ct-ibw Stigma Attached "to Ca reer rcM CORMLEY sort Polytecbni'caf what"-he does " for tuition and book ' jmoney. " . - ." , .'' And Paul Appleby, J9, who would not recommend model-ling as a career.' They admit that money-Js. ' the . attraction of modelling. ' With tne exception of Lynda, who was making $20 an. hour before she leftl for New York ' two weeks agoL they- earn $12 : to $15 an hou?. " 'The girls, they agree, have 4 more Job opportunities -han boys, who are prone to be- .cbme Over-exposed: ; Tfrry explained: "Girls can arrange' their hair and look different." ;" -:'xv MEET PEOPLE v r :v ' Terry says male models . average about $500 a year. . The five said the advantage ortheir careers was the opportunity to meet interest- v ing people. Theylisist that' models are not generally snob- LYNDA SYROTA, headed for New York. bish, although there, is always the risk of becoming so. ? Bewsnhe"'yn1 Syrota'r is a success story. Modelling was not ,m her plans she was going to go to university. "I "was at a concert at the, conservatory when a stylist saw me. and asked if I would like to be t model." Her acceptance bytheNew York agency of Aifeen Ford had the same element of luck. She "went for one Interview and was accepted. This particular agency sees 3.000 applicants-a year and selects 50. ', -fLynda earns a Starting salary of J40 an' hour as a I junior sophisticate.' II Sherrill Bews is iiv feet tall and wornes about grow-, ) ing. Everything she does hv I a purpose, because she wants to be an actress. K She is a majorette? and stud-' jT'les-music dancing and dra-'l matics. She has appeared ' in l TV plays and has been ac cepted for a role in a British movie to be filmed in Toronto. NOT WORRIED ' . She says, as do the other four; that Tier school grades are good and that modelling does not interfere with her personal life. Jane Kristiansen was born In-Denmark .and she's the newcomer. She started modelling professionally two months go." "'' , -"f -.' "I haven't had my training but I got a 'few breaks. People seerfifcd to like me and asked me to do more. " She's not sura she wants modelling as a career. Her real goal, she says, is to graduate from the University -of Toronto and do social work. ."I'm not very serious about modelling rightiow, but it's an dnterestingay to make money."- 'j -.'.,' Terry Bew. 20, describes modelling as a means to an end. His earnings pay -tor his business coiirse at Ryerson and-ftis- clothing, but he is reluctant to tell friends about this aspect jot his life. "I'ctj-atler not say I'm a model In front of the guys be- ( Jtrom SOL MAX : V 7nw InriBsT Coats V New Spring Coats i - arriving dallyl I FURS - FURS - FURS Sparks St. 25ft-71 cause they marks." m.k., ,. CHORAC-SOCIETY- ; Paul. Appleby says there's ' -: : A; Cttour Plan Women's Committee mend it as a -tareer for a ' a , . ' n i r k k ' " 1 a man. ' . ' He is planning to study commerce and finance at the Uni-- vers i ty of Toronto" ne xf yea T, and' modelling'.ls "a sideline where 1 can earn money." ', Paul started modelling Vt .years ago and has encountered the male ; model stigma which he resents. And possibly he resents th? anomaly of the business too: '''. "I rarely get to work with n any girl models." ; CATSUP STAINS Sponge and ciean catsup stains with cold, clear water before regular washing. Auction oaie ror vay 14 ciety'lviir "hold its major fund-raising eyent on Thursday, May 14. Melodie Fair will take the form of an auction and sale at Amba'ssador Hall, 381 Richmond Road- Mr. WrS.. Walker, auctioneer, has rolunteered to conduct the sale of both new and used articles. v, ! . Helfl under, the'eonvenership of .lrs. W? C. S. Miller and her committees, the event Will be held to support the ; work of the Choral-Society. : ' . ' . Included this year will be a jewelry .bcxth, a big coL lecticn of, Jiovels and pockef booksrnd ..a homebaking . booth. ,, Members will, be at work- in. their ttchehs . this year to make the Choral Conseryer for sale. - '. Mfs. Miller arirLoartcecJtflat contributlonsto the auctibn . sale will be reqeTved by, phoning 749-5593 or 733-032 - . STOLES FOR TRAVELING For the woman 'ho travels a stole is an idea), companion." -In any fabricjrom vek. vet to chiffon, it packs' flat and is perfect or dress up evenings.'. " ". STRAW TRICK To. prevent the Juices from ranning: over when baking a berry pie. stick a few. short pieces." of paper drinking straws through the centre of the. top crust.- J ALLAN'S CAPITAL ESCORTED WORLD FAIR TOURS V .' Jov' " T V V - Thursday Friday and S. t.: J yJACML 'i .Vll k:L-:& li.rneri will make ybor.olc yourold . xy j Look alive in deliriously -: coo! cotton coffee coats-front Morgan's 698 each Value! Two crisp cotton coffee coats, perfect for the easy-going days ahead! Choose both for fashion versatility! A. Poppy-Drtnted pique In pink or blue. g - S . . .. B. Wash-and-wear Dan River cotton- In pink or blue checks. 8, M, U i 74 Sparks Street , :n Via , Via-' Via . - Ship Air Bus . .' Map-. - . June:'- , Aug. - St - !' ,. ' 7th - " 14th t , Spce to lloiittd on tba ship Uor to Srw Yark an4 untold pac will thufUy kc ftorn , U tht Stmhl -tMpn. "j-r.: PHOSE OR WRITE "FOR FOLDERS ALLAH'S TRAVEL SERVICE LIMITED ;; 63 Sparks St. Ottawa 232-3721 ) years' experience ii Hew York Tour $ , T Let Morgan's transform your old fur ... i . onat intn a hoantifiil nov; ianlrot! Come in tomorrow and let our experts advise you! . Your cedar. closet is wonderful for wools . . . but not for furs! Morgan's cold fur storage vaults offer the finest of care under ideal, conditions- telephone 232-2431 for pick-up Vaults of most modern design, spacious and airy, fire- and theft-proof, constantly supervised, humidity controlled. ...';..' ; Morgan's Fur Storage Includes: . juviiyi 3-day special! Pick-up and delivery -Complete and careful e: Saturday only! Morgan's . skilled fur crafts Jur coatJ Jnta a teautif ul-i'lirtle furl at- an incredibly low price! Estimate of repairs - - . o Inaarance round the year (world-wide insurance at smatt extra -eotJ-v Are your furs in the-latest fashion? Do they need restyling or repairing? . . - . -i -. - ' t -.. You can have confidence lit MoTgn!s skilled workmanship. Whether -you need only minor repairs or a complete restyling . . . you'll be glad you had It done-at Morgans, by experts.. i Your fur may need only cleansing . . . and recommend the "Lusterized" process, which removes dust and griiiie riRht down to the pelt. Xusterlzed" restores natural oils, sterilizes and glaze your furs, and cleans the lining,to. Telephone 232-2431. . SpnYg.special I smartly styled handbags in " simulated leather! 499 We sketch t 6 from a selection of capacious stvllnps . . v-attractive daytime bags tn tailored shape 'lth single or double handle . . . so neatly detailed -and finished-. - In black or white simulated rpa tent, or bone or with simulated calfskin. v Two smart potlarless suits in Spring-favoured acetate with - n looke r 168 Outatandlng Tale In fashion . . . three-piece suits Of crisp woven acetat . . , newy styled. . beautifully finished and modestly pricedf A. Sleeveless overblouse, collarless buttoned Jacket and flared skirt. - B. Sleeveless bjouie. rosette-buttoned Jacket and sheath skirt.-Both suits in pink, aqua,-navy' yellow,..-. beige or bide; sizes 8 to 18. . . Morgan's Dally Store Hours - 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. - Open Friday flight Until 9 p.m. " " . ; ; . Shopping Service - 23M431 ' : ; 7 XlvVX XV l,xvA.aca.V ts, JCX a. . v. v Jsv , .k-fc, K MJLVvl il a. VKJiIa1 1,11 I k. ft. v , 7 : KK k V A.Vk kv l MH t Jr. ' 'I Nr .

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