The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVTU^E, PA. FRIDAY, JULY 12, 1918. JOHN C. SANS; ' MISS . - . t « City JEdMMi ,5 K £.. ., TSN*- B--"-K.lJICBtU '-·* Society Editor. OF : PenysyivanU Associated ra!He,«- Twp! cents wr eiiws S - 15 J«ir:year by mail -I'^ * - · asJ%!W *; .* y, ». s», "ft.rf'y RniR-ud »s s«o»a class "matter" at tha ifcstbfllce 1 . ColiMllsvllU. ra. Hutoltn Unit L, ·--ii!tlon»ry K6r T; RALPH V. SLIOEKi - J(. A., American lixpe t . tioniry Forces, Francs. · M1CHAKI. BABOL.D ' lory, 28th Division. U. S. K. 'O.,'"Am«rlcan Expedition- -_.; ary Forces, France. LLOVD B. COX. cUnpuy f. 3T« Engineer* V.- · s--Jt.--rort-3fcrw.-va. . : jolJUSCKOtlSK,,-.- CoBipany E, - 15H1- · Hn«to»«r» IHallway), Ani*iFiean Expeditionary SorW'.J'JSPJ*;, XUfBS J.-MeF-ABTI^M. Coini»ny E. «rd E»«in««rs. Railway). For.t..,ti*n^* Birn " Harrison. Jlrtlaawo- * . Us. Indiana, ,; RTJSSEtL TJESKART; '_ LV-Ii' a Irssklent ,Or»nfc. U. *· THE FALSE PATRIOT 3r* Company. l»t Battalion. In- ;;jTantry . Rep!acerti«nt BrVr . * gad«.-"Camp L^rf. Va- raany, even if badly beaten at her monstrous game, will grant shipping immunity from U-boat, ravages, any; nior'e than her array-on land will re-. tralia from the employment' o! evsry form of tactics long- outlawed- by the rules of civilized iv'arfare. : 'Force at' sea 'as well as force on land is' the. arily'.argument the HOT'' understands- -We "must permit no rosy view of any war sea or land termination out stint or limit" until the Hun army. Germany's Confession AdmiU Guilt of Her Crirn* Afwn.t Ci»ib»tion Tart V. British Concessions in Asia Minor. I the great, European powers, and Prince Lichnowsky continues: "At j would therefore seek by every means the same time I was carrying on in j'° it, but that in. tie interest j nation, either on ^.ioTnesoaaiions'resanllnirttte so-1 " *« European balance or power and j i, to divert U5 from the de- c;vUe( [ B ^fo d treal ,- » « * The'. 'a order to prevent a preponderance | L to apply tbis force "with- rea! purn ^ se Dt ^ig t rea ty was to j of German povrer she would not toler- divide Asia Minor itHo spheres of in-, a t e MIT aind nation, cries ."Kamerad:" d«*»ertrte earnestness. Mejfcfcer ·« . »«tHl'»d to th» us* tor reiublicittlon of all :he ne\« ai«(atcf!«» cre*t«d- to It or sot otS»rn»lse cridltei in .this piper anK also" 'the local n e i r a - p u b herein.-'.. , . - : ' . ' . -. . .." Wita simultaneous announcements comini frpK Admiral Saai, la cons- "My God. we are tired; give ua time- to bfeathe," is the -.plaintive cry Hindenbury irealtealng- or destructicn of in «re^7ltfaou^~\his^pres 3 ion w«.|«TM* -TM "*'*"" f d , to " TM 'carefully avoided out o£ regard for the| this soon after my arrival Every rights of the Sultan. Sir Edward P«son In authonly expressed himself to the same effect. Grey repeatedly declared," Sowevcr, ,akes In answer to the tliat there existed no agreements with ._ **m»nrt-from back home a«'to why h« Prance and Russia for thu purpose, of j "~ don."t eet through to Paris and the partitioning Asia Minor, ' telUnR 8 ' that 'the "rese^ci^/n'd"'^'!?": "After- enlisting the aid of a Turk-1 ties, of the Americans Is the real source ish representative, in the person of j of that tired feeling he Is experienclnff. 'jjakki Pasha, all eeonom-ic O.ut'stions i : .. ,, Icoanected -with German enterprises The Thompson lltlsatlorr, M:e Ten-a jf,,..«rf »eendallv In accord- nyson's brook.-runs on forever." !"ere adjus^ea eascnuauj in accorn iifce Ten- !aac« with the wirhcs or ihe Doiitsciie | WANTED -- TOUR E.-VJIBERINO Moj-or and vicinity c*n well he Bank. The most important concepsiou I buntnei proud of it» as-star sen-ice flac. Any ft^t Sir Edward Grey made to me i \VANTKD IIOOMBRS. :«i. .VORTH comonanity is honored bs' nu representatton in the Army Elon. vljif * personally was tbc prolongation of the · mirrt .KLind-b£ American naval 'forces in tile war ioue, aad Sir Uric Geddes, First j Lork-bt. the Brtt'sh Admfralty, that? DO'you really notice ho- the U-boat-Is no longer a menace, and I the calls re corainir Tor resistr.ints to . ha1 jjituerto constituted tho terminal [railroad to Basra, tor this point hati · 'been given up by us in favor o f . t b e ^ frequent: connection to Aioxaudretta. Bagdad the 5,uuie»list t e the von Ttr- them««lve8 the du If you have f · , aa. An international the ,,,,,.,,,,,,. o( , amllia ' r tac ^ wl!! bet-fcomKteion. was to attend to the navi- piu cimpail»\.ot undersea fngStfal- ter vcn , tn a yda O f hov inrsr* Cor-.-| ga u on OE Ure Shutt-ei-Arab. We also WAXT13!) -- Crs at 117 W S A N I » BOARD- l'*»J ett« street. l l j u l y t t .part In the war Is becom- ' line of.goods In the presence of Ctm nellsvllle's vigilant cons. nes$ ia a failure, the . ;ntay to inclmed to jump to .the con- clitsioa ti'at''all'danger from this source- is at an end." ' ' . Such aa impression is cot sought to be conveyed by tie official Jeciira- tiaaa jkat rheju'-hpat is asAff control. " --" tie" purpose o£ tiiese anis to assure'tbe public that tae effectiveness of ;.tae' oaral I'orcesi'rin destroying and. capturing !«"""' can be performed at Greene U-boat* has. proven more .than ^SSLSTISSr."*'" ^ "" matca\roi" German industry in bidld- ing tfi« afldaraea pirates. This ba«; - aermanr Is iMinv interert in been -*d*n1dfl*trated in * remarkable j U-boat game as well as. losinj- ftegre^by the wcno}erful feat of trans- same. '; over i,M)t,00.-soldiers and-mil- WAJ«TKt» -- G1I1UVOK HOUSKWORK had a siiare In lie harbor eonst.ruc- i lion at Eisra, and obtained rights In j EL-PBRX'S, street. 4 0 4 Souih I'll uric Hooper Long's FOR THREE DAYS ONLY Thursday, Friday, Saturday, July 1L 12 and 13 Clearance Sale of Broken Lot*, of Dependable and Stylish Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps at Remarkably Low Prices One lot Women's Colored Kid and Combination, from ?6.00 to $7.50 values, at $4.85 One lot better Colored Kid Shoes, from $7.50 to $10.00 Values, at only · 07ie lot Women's Patent Leather, Lace and Button Shoes, $3.00 to $5.00 values at $5.85 S2.65 One lot better grade Patents, from $5.00 to $7.00 values, .at only $3.65 One lot Women's Dull Kid and Gun Metal, lace and button Shoes, from ?3.00 to $4.00 values, at Misses' and Children's Oxfords and Strap Slippers all reduced. One lot splendid values in Dull, lace and Button Shoes, from $4.00 to $6.00 values, at $3.65 Desirable lots of Pumps and Oxfords' at greatly reduced prices. One lot of Women's Low Shoes, Colonials and Pumps, sizes 2Vi to 4'/ 2 , at The high prices of leather should compel you to recognize the good values listed in this ad. Your opportunity to sate dollars. 101 WEST CRAWFORD AVENUE, COXXELLSVILLE, PA. FOR RF7NT--FURNISHED r.OOM for Ker.tleinan. 2;i.'f South Prospect street. !Cjuly3t FOR Call BENT -- SMALL APARTMENT. CE SML'TZ. FOR liEXT- Sycanxore stre* JULY 15 SIX r.OOM $20 per m o n t h , 304 .I'JS. A. JIASON. | Second National Bank b u i l d i n g . That··ItrareHor .man -who furnished' t h e na\-lgation o f the Tigris which b a d j o{ . _ liquor^ Yto ^jldiers way- make the sin- I hitherto been a monopoly of'the flrtn co. t IXC. WANTED--BOYS OVEIt 16 Y] CON.N'ELLSVILJ^B £U,K covery that he was handling the -w-ronK ; o f Lynch Under tbis treaty the- whole ( line of.goods I n t h e presence o f Con- _ , . . « ! W A N : The Baltimore Ohio and the. ' ·m Mao'l.ind don't have to g to 'be wedded. o? Mesopotamia as tar as Basra came \ TVASTKD--GtHL, Into' oar sphere oi interest in so Jar . side, as this did not encroach upon prior j British rights, as in the case or the : Tigris navigation and the Wilcox irrt- i gatlott plant, and Ue irbole territory': of the Bagdad Anatolian railroad." j British 5ot Jfiilons. i hontiov.'e»rk. 70S fOll GENERAL, ^ h t h street, North FOR BENT--TWO F t ' l i X I S H K I . ' rooms for Uplit hi/uftckeeplnj;. N o r t h P f t t M b u r f T street. FOR HB.VT--O.VE l l j u l y l t * Sinn "VVcBl Stile. . 115 Sftiu l O J u i y - t f na 1-att.r.ou ,t«et. I-h 0 nc 7 4 7 lions ^«f tona of rauBitipas'. aoi slip- plier ibroagB tile U-BoSt ltsf*sted seas without the loss ot, a' : single ship convoyed; {by ofe, naT»J_-Tess«l3. '',Wh«j have Jje«u the actual ' accomplisa- mcaU'j£ the Nary in She destruction and capture ot Gerama satoturines will act be TuSown'Until alter tat vrar, but sficn s""i:!ieasi2re tit .succf.-sa has oeen. "achieved that Admiral Sims is jusiiaecl in'makiug the statemsat that the oaflerseas"craft of tbe"en«my are betag sent-to 1 the bottom'faster thai ·. can bui!d-tbem. Thii^staierueni does not Imply that ' W A N T E D -- LADY CA.VVASSKRS. j I'Jeatf.mL w o r k . Call 9 to 1". 313 _ , _ - , . ^ . . . . . . . 1 North Plttsbure street. Ask lor Mil. The English fcit uncomfortable, j GROVKS. ujuly2t" Prince Liebnowskjr says, about the! FOR R E N T -- F U T . N I S H B D ROOM \', for fi-entleman. 135 Soulh ritt!»lur£ jj]j street, opposite h l K h .school b u i l d i n g , j; "- ti Teat increases ia the German fleet.' ,th«t sauirkrant- has 1,-come i- ,j m i. 5 tr,,-»vpr itTM, "Pnrf«nd ' s:ll!inaar "" cmK *"" : "" C lc '" lrt ten-we can bes-in to realize the : He aoTM 15 - ho»«ver, Uat England ; m ont w i t h Rood .-olllns ability. Ad FOR RENT--FIVE nOO.M MODERN · house. 9S Snydcr street. Inquire L21 South PltlsburK street any time Thursday or Friday. Possession ! Biles-lady for cloak and j u i t depart-1 August L IQjulyZt , WH.NTED -- f *'verr,o-ti desperate straits to irhlch the people of Germany- are beinK reduced. would no-more have drawn the sword · dress "B," Courier. solely on account oC.our JS account "of our commerce, r than on !" which is! WANTED--CAP.rENTEKS AND LA- borers. Carpenters' wapcs 3-^c per rFRIUTT supposed to have aroused her envy ·' hour; laborers 3ac per hour. Apply ' and in Hie entl brought tue war to a '""""· ( " K ·' «·--»!·«.... =.TM n,,^ I hope-before Oils'war Is done, and ! head. * * * The talk' Of English we've .suppressed.,the frlsbtfut Hun. j ,, ommel . ciilt j ca i o usy, ot wfcica one our "men will march on German soil.' a n d ' ' ' '- ---· ·'-* 6jul}ttl ant*. FOR SALK--TEN ROOM house. South Connellsvlllts, J1.200. .' JOS. *V. MASON, Second National Banl; Bulldtns. l u j u l y l t | FOR houpes, SALE -- S E V E R A L parl. cash, balnno.e sundry-, treasured landmarks Hears so much among us. Is based j D^r^erTtbrolcen" WANTED--OLD FALSE TEE~TH. I STANTOS SIPE. Both GOOD t!niu. 3 pay J2.00 to swt.. iienU by parcel post unofl. Th'e German people on E ht to j.upoa a wrong judgment of.condltlons.' jts.oo pnr .,.,... ,,,,,.,, ,,., ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Know Just how- It feels to have a foe .- Germany's rise- as a commercial pow-( and receive by return mall. L. MAKKR rd"verlurn 1 thrSe a b?am h ed r ^'r I S!« ·^ »· «'« of tie serentie 8 and | ^ *ul h f f t l h s.reet. Phlla^nhla. They jtionld" be dven halt a char.ce to! in the fpliowing decades was certain-; .. : J _ '" see vhat deeds were wrought In i Franc*-, their cities made an achinp i void," thefr'"sauerkraut factories de- menace to British commerce, j industries and export houses Admiral "Stma-be'leres ttat.-the U-boat! «troy««s.-they' ou K ht to see the bomb- | enjoyed a sort of monopoly.. But thai «««.. ! .iheiln burst amonK their Heids of j increasing trade with Germany, which '--WACTKR. CHAMBEH- nd t h i r d trick cook. Best "wagea CUP1"S BESTAUKA.NT. "Winer has ceased. 10 be a source ot. danger 3 * to out. shipping; : or that GerD!anr..-Bas- ' .abandciicid her campaign of ruthless- i trees. I would not advocate their plan I ainonK t s i R i r tieiu;* wi , nil see the flash of nnlck- j ran lced as England's best customer, = dcs]rabla for Englaad to rc . ness, ,ncr y;t that the necessity no longep^ for. the- exercise, of "'the greatest ;vigilance against continued , activities of "th'e - submarines." The' ' stateoitnlt of Admiral Sims and Sir lEric f^ddes stoply .mean that Ger.'many ;ias..stsnally tailed, an'fl-vHIl-- .continue to "fail, In. her. efforts to-aub- iugatc Great Britain and also- prevent the landing of an, enormous Amerlcaa army -In Prancei tSrough'the^sinktng of merchant iiiiips. -and army[.traru^ : ports.--_All"naval-officers agree that Germany will persist in her- efforts, 'even redouble ' them ^wto'enerer- poa:- isftle, to desttoy^alHed'shipping: From-j ihe inUntate*toiswleige naval'officers have 61 what oar convoys have done land t f t able to do. tfcrr are justified [in maSSnj"tlie"a!!!rIn'g-stite''mc"nl that .our transports irlll-bSve the roaxi- · imwm oV "protection OTX their \ «ad tttt tie- d«tructi»n- of, ^ 'rlnes iftll cO-ntlnoJ "it a'rate in excess 'of Germany - 9^aJ)llity to »ild to their of desiiinsr death .-to dime and man. of ] main on good terms with her best cus- eiayinp bab»R and hangring. priest?, f o r : tomer and business [riend, and grad- l"'.?i""!?!. al "! "!. r. ot ,,*f"TM : *S'.Ji"*»ir supplanted all otlior considera- WAITED -- CARPENTERS AND carpenter helpers to build construction camp at Fu.yette station. Good -wages. Apply to A. L. ANDKRSQN BROS., IXC.,' Fdyette station. S j u l y t f T8B WDfTEEESTED C1ERK. I vrent Into a store, one day. to spend j convinced soon after my. arrival (In Bngland) that «-e did not In the least have'to fear an EnBlist attack or En- .a..porlfon..ot my-,pay; . . ·I needed something that T , glisii support ot a foreign attack, but, thought | that Bn-gla-nd under all circumstances.! who! would protect Prance. - - Call Bell ^-^NB StX ROOM H'OUSE. Sjulytf FOH nBNT-- LIGHT HOUSEKBBP- Ins rooms. 307 EMI Crawford avenuo. . seemed not over taxed with work,: never ceased to. point out that as a Sjulytf .f° R ,, nB ^Tr5 f ° DERN SIX ROOM avenue. l l j u l y s t Ani-unto him my little want I un- | com merdal nation England irould suf- '. «,f UK ,,f ¥T T r?^ DI .it',^o^n ^y"dep«t m en," he ,,«[*·' »oTMou- y In any .war between^"" TM E ^ C ° d « { h a haasWy way to me, - . : r ' tr WclT. acr you-,know/ I~njrk«d of.'him, - · '^If It is In'-rih*.'.stbj*.?" ".' .;· H« yawned an*"- siowljr .-shook.- his head.' but ·'is h*. turned away he ' said:' ·T dqn'ji.' . Perhaps t ypa'H find It on , . t'hei f«Tts3«yentiii floor.'. ' ' 1 - 1 }' ' ; Meantime o u t sbtpbailfd!25~p'r°£ r *ff; . . . . . . . . . ia aeqalriaiMsDCh momentum thi'i K Hc tlld not ^^ k ra ^' to "J* 1 * 1 " " what I eten # tJ-boif activities and effi^; ' K ^^ tS*{ry"w%iJftit»W what I ciencr*'»«re. Jncrensed 100 .tier cent,! . hara com* to buy,; *'.·*·· r. · .-., ' . ;'"-«Jl that ?* J T^* n ". ^°V ld '^° w ? u A d '?«!* i He nil « ht havft liaa..tor;aH f he.knew. fc ' "amount Ot'VKJnase a vaf'" 1 -*-' ·--··**·- H(i mi e*»t ; -ha-;e-ma c. a . sa « . o, me,. FOR SALE--THREE BOOM COT- ta.^*, N o r t h itvenuc. Connellffville. S200. Kour room house. X o r t h nvenuc. S300. JOS. A, MASOX, Second N a t i o n a l Bank Jiulldine. i n ] u l y 4 t FOB SALE--1-TON' NASH TRUCK equipped w i t h conl bndy and c a b : Jlrat-class condition. Too small represent use. Inquire C. L. WORK, Conncllsvlllr. Pa. 29junctfcl FOR SAI.K--ONE; MICHIGAN*. PIVK pood tires at a burffain; one £, M. I-'.; in potnl r u n n i n g order; tine 1915 ' Chevrolet Baby Orand, ?350; une 1915; Ford RoadHter. 5175; One 1917 Max.- j well; one Forrl Chiissts; one 1016 , Alltchell, H f f h t Six; one 1917 S t u d e - j baker seven possenper; one Smith j Form-A, Tractor attachment, engine ! (?ans plow; one electric starting and I liphttnii unit for Ford car. O A K LAND SERVICE STATION. J. M. I Welsel, ScoUdale, Pa. LOTS FOR SALE -- THTE ;OHN T. Hog-g property, Baat Parlt Audition and South Side, has been divided among the heirs. - afrtf. John! ton will sell her holdings on liberal tr rmfi and very reasonable price. Some choice lots on -the tbe successful prosscution' ' Forti£n»te as"-.It is th*t AmjEricmn ; . t skill fa · darlai" have -" '"' G«rr ' ; raany k her, "·mast des^eratfi".and''das^ : v^ ''tardly.^iaiQCr we must not Indulge tie f%.'' : .-^eloBiom -tluilr..ber .failure to, accom- fe - fiish It* .wn; V^ p ^.. wil1 . f 9 r ,9 e '-^ e ^: twHut l|^;b^ii\he most stupid of i ^h«r btttnder*. The U-wat will vry factor in G«r- :' qffn*tve -bperTicibiis .'Just so. m ai, hef.*rmie« on ; land have .not f^rc^d to iw« for'terms" ojfsur^ ·if WWto la*lr.*lf«cU+en«i 1m ^TMlljr reduced, ; r^ :ia«y b *-**r' MiW flMt ·«r'* T T wi|l not .make the itf *«lf|n1hi| ittc untferMi .if he "ha3"cared to' 'But 'he, ptit ;on- a .stony face: he; flitl not - w i s h ' t o solvV'my-case';''·· · · He" was not interested in my Httl* irants' Krid* ntefla;:».·'· .'*.: · .'·'· And so-I promptly q u i t the store and : 'n'ever go there any, more . ' £ . '' MTion I want bolts :.and' njklls .ana ,' - - pipe · and hose! 'and' 'garden ·' seeds. : " · · I'm truly.-sorry 'for tli^.c'crlc w h o - h a s [ · ' ; i' H^ · tJTtinKn" hlK-Koss- ari7 "dp"6s -him.. s ^ J f ' f c Krave injustice', too: . . . The c'ustomer must -.»*II .h'ImscJC th a ^r^ods tipoiLiftkat - jmorchan t's .-shelf .-· Beesuse that youth · : »:ill never'show a-; thint?^ that's riot- in. VIPW - '. A clerk^.Khould.-inake it easy: for. the } ' stranger "enterinjc. the .store;' -V f · H* : should notS;rtmke"'hfm .feel .that f he'. 1 * a nul?aince ^and'a'care. _.. · ; When-.purchasers 'With "coin : -c6me in, j th*ir friendship 'he." should -try rto ·" -. And;.they. 'shoaltS Know, irhen r they both paved and ^npaved , treets. "Will help finance buyers 1C j they want to build. Lonff time easy payments for those wisliinp to b u i l d ! later. Lots located on v7a«hlnston avenue. South Side. Wills Koad paved I and -beyond unpavcd portion, Isabella. Road, Snyder and other streets. Some j oC lots much less than heretofore j named. Consult any re/il estate agent or wrHe direct, stating w-h.i- lot or lots are wanted. STEWART JOHNSTON, 1209 House B u U d l n f T . Pfttsbur£. . 21une8t-tiiet?-frl TUB CONNlfLLSVICLE N1TW AND Second Hand F u r n i t u r e Company are now prepared to do u p h o l s t e r i n g of all kinds, h j i v i n f f on hand material of all the latest patterns. We also repair locks, mnko itcy.i. etc-. 123 South Fltts- bure street SjulyCt Your attention is called to the higli class grocfiries in the grocers' deartments of our department stores. Sixty-three grocery stores in. Fayette, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Counties remember; every one of them taking, care of a growing business. There is a scarcity of goods in most every line; there are abnormal advances in prices in all kinds of foods we hear daily through the newspapers and other sources, and they are all true. Yet, notwithstanding this scarcity of goods and the abnormal high prices, we believe that we can take care of your wants. We have been successfully purchasing goods in most every line in quantities enough to take care of our trade. Of course sugar, flour, and flour substitutes, the quantity is regulated, but we'have been taking care of you according to the rulings of the Food Administrators for Fayette and Westmoreland Counties. Our prices speak f o r ' themselves. They are higher than a year ago, two years ago, we admit that, but we insist that they are not unreasonably high.. We insist that they are lower than most competitors throughout tae sections where we operate. During the next sixty days the weather will likely be hot; perishable goods will be hard to protect, but our facilities for taking care of them are such that you will find this class of goods always in good ord'er. To the farmers in our vicinity or other producers.of vegetables and all sorts of country produce: We invite you to bring, your goods to our stores; we will pay you market prices either in cash or trade you good, high class merchandise. No difference how large the quantity of butter, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, anything you produce, we are able to handle it. ·S Larse Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJle^heny Counties. By Parcel Post to your door. Send your money now. We will ship at once. Parcel Post charges pnid, Barred Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds at 25 for f 4,60 50 for 5 9-°0 100 tor SIW Also White and Ero-w-n I^eg- horns n t 25 Tor. 5 4-00 50 for ......$ 8.00 ' 100 f o r . , :..H5.DO BLUE H1DGE FOBLTRV FARM B'ell PhonB 17T9. Uniontown, Pa. 11 Have You Anything FOR SALE or RENT Do You WANT Anything Try our Classified Ads You Get Results

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