The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER, COIST fELLSVILLID, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1»30, i ' s Fair Contestants for Beaiiity Crown Beautiful girto from almost the Union, pictured at Miami Beach, Fla. they will compels for the title of "America's Sweetheart." The winner «Ma* contest will State fa + to to a., whore I with i fUnerica's I "Idas will (baa I to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there to eompet* with girls from all over the world for the title of Uaivexv*." Royalties of the Garden Snapdragons or, as they are botan- Ically known^ and catalogued. anUr- rhiaums, are one of the royal familiee of the gftrden. Particularly is thl« true in tie majestic giant forms known as the maximus class which rise to a height of three feet. Th»«e have became staples in the greenhouses as well as garden fayorltea. For the garden the older tail ;elaM, majus, is better than the giant" types which' cannot make the -magnificent development in the open they do in the greenhouses where temperature and moisture are under complete control. For all-around purpoaea tit*' semi-tall sorts are best, coming into bloom more quickly than the taller varieties. There is also a dwarf type suitable for bordering plantings of the taller kinds. . ' There are score* ,ot named varieties and new varieties are introduced each year until the gardener to bewildered in making a selection. Tba tall sorts need making and even when grown under tho pinching out system, that is allowing them to ruti* a doaen leaves and then pinching oat the tops, they need firm staking. The pinching causes thetn to branch from the axils 'of each leaf and the plant form a symmetrical bush covered from th* top to the ground with bloom. Many professional gardeners prefer to grow the giant types treated in tola manner to the half dwarl* bedding sorts. If grown in quantity the task of staking 1s a burdensome one. The snapdragons give th( finest silver pink to bo found Jn any of th* an- If Your Stomach Torments You , Do This for QnJek Belief I Mo»t cllg»»t1v« ·ufferins; la du» to "too much aold" l:n th*-stomach caui- tng K*s, heartburn, »tora*ch p«ln «nJ J(«tre»»lng rymptom*. By UJt- lit'tle Blaurated Ma»ne»i» after or when«v«r p»!n i* t+Vt, you promptly r*mov« Uia cau»* of the trouble. Biaurated Mag-n«al neutralize* excess acid Iniitanily. The diCM- t Ire orgfiiw »r» Jtoothed, h««.l«d Mid Htreng-'thonod In a r/ondertul way, and normal healthy dltfMtion r«»uH». Because it I* M quiok, «o amt«v «o «i;r» .In . «nliQK dic»»ttv« trouble*, doctors reooinmended Bliuratsd Magneila and thousand».u*« It all over the clvtlUed Tvorlc 1 . There 1» no better lndlg-«»tlon roraedy and food corrective. You can get it in either powder or tabl«t» «t ·th« nea.r«at good drug «tore. It your stomaoh troubietv und torm»nta you, r«t Bisuratfrd Magrnesla at mo«. and again onioy th-o pleaiari) of care-free palnlesa PatrcmlM thoiie who advertlst. nuals. Tnere Is 'n beliwdering array of piuk and rose shades and now that blended coloring is much the fashion the salmons, terra cottas and flame' colored varieties all with much yellow In their composition,art very popular. They need an early start to give a lone season In the garden and se*d should be grown cool tor best reralta as a little too much heat: sends the seedling!- spindling up. Grown cool they matte fine stock plants for transplanting. As plants are on sale at all dealers a good supply Is -always available even if one doesn't wish to crew his own seedling*. Vanderbilt VANDEKBILT, March 12 -- Miss Ruth Snyder. who had neen confined to her bed .for the paet two weeke, is able to be tfp again. Misses Betty and Lucy Goodwin were at Nevell Y. M. C. A. Monday evening. . A pageant was given Sunday even- teg aV the (Jhrtetian Churdi by the Faithful Friends Class. The church wae filled to capacity. . The Ladies' 'Aid Society - of t!he Chrtetlau (Jhureh will meet Thursday tor^ an ail-day-quilting. · Pet Pat "Beheader." GOODHABT, Mich., March 11--Alter being the object of search for more than two years a "pet" cat has been captured here as one that "beheads" chickens of poultryraon. The animal llved*only on the heads of the fowls, leaving the l*xly in the coop. « Farm Calendar Timely Reminders From 0*he Pennsylvania State Produce the Best.--In planning the year'e operations on tba farm, it Is a good idea to consider the opportunities lor marketing high quality pro- ductfl. Gaining a reputation for producing the best brings established cuBtomere who ·will bo loath to change to an uncertain eupply. Improve Home Grounds--Old lawns should be goiie over carefully at this time. Unsightly depressions which cannot be removed by rolling can be eliminated by lifting the sod, filling vrith good soil, and replacing the eod. ^Vnere this te impracticable, fine toam can be spread over the lawn to fiepth of three inches. The existing grass will force its way through the new aqil. Protect Eyes From TJght -- Every light bulb which can bo seen by the tye ebouW be of the frosted Jype to tut down glare. Evory light ehould liave some kind of a shade to protect the eyea and also to refloat the light cown where it i« wanted. Great Irritation to the eyes is. caused by un- shaded clear bultos. Save Oat Smut Loss--For two to lour cento an acre the oat crop can lie protected from «mut. Last year Pennsylvania farmers paid a 10 per c'.ent toll to th!« disease which can -bo controlled easily by trenting the seed with f ormalehyde.... Why pay the lortloner when it caa bo avoldedT Use Small Greenhouse -- The ftreenhouse \ displacing the manure- heated hotbed in the growing of plants for a few acres of early vegetables. It is easier to wort; in the saah greenhouse and to control temperature, moteture, and ventilation. The timall greenhouse aleo is economical to build. Birds Exerdtie -- Give the birde free range during 3leaeant weather. The addition cf n« pint of cod Hver oil to each on» hundred pounds of mash wIJl iocrooc* fertility and hatchabllity. LAKE ERIE ENGINEERS GIVEN SAFETY BANNER BY NEW YORK CENTRAL PITTS BTJRG, March 12--The engineering department of the Pittafourg Lake Erie Railroad Company IB in possession of the safety first 'banner, given every year to the engineering department of Group B road« of the New York Central Linea for the loweet' casualty ratio duririg the year Since 1924 the department has earned 13 trophies in safety competition. Classified Advertisements Whem placed in the colunjn'S of Courier bring reauHs. Try .them. Ghastly Tales Have Brought Probe "Pupils'* of the Connecticut School for Boy a at lterid*n, Conn., report tales of alleged brutality ·-od abuse upon ths inmaU* thai ovarsh; '-n-v anything told in fiction by Dickens. (Upper kft) General visw of tht Connecticut school, State scrutiny, wa«r« Ul«« of horror have been unfolded. (Lower) /B? U ^i°( k O J c at l fe? 8C ^ 001 now under fir «- l« ? r ^ n , Sn 'oarski, who was *unmoned behind doaed doors to tell the investigating committee what he knows of the reported scourging' of boys at the schooL . B * Inffoctuciny fhe DYNAMIC NEW 1 1 4 - I N C B H E E L H A S B More power per pound than any other car under $IOOO .T*! · Wf «arr-- fuD 114-fcneh 70 h( faepowwr delivers mom power It*ii m pound of weight than any othe · car under $1000. M*a a /M* car--your daring dictates the npeetl yon travel. It'» a comfortable eai-~wlth hydnrallB ahock aiMo lien, long apringa, deep mahiona and generooa head and leg ·failing Caor-^rheel at men.. It'a · aq/e ear- with raff )d double-drop frame* and a i A i itnifieant «mr, fin* of tea type and prkse--baflt by Studebakcr to it 118-year atandarda of quality* Those who csm oonunand th* beat *fll drive no anarter-looidag ean than thia. Only by actually ·eeb g anddnvinf the new Enldne can you know how impraMnrely. itin eriiretethespirU^^c** tremendoiiji roar. ERSIXfK BtODKLS AND ntlCES ^(_L ^ - -» -- «__ n^_ A A^K i,iHip oowBfla* car ww 9 wa Tourer, tat V* bti 9* 961 EDWARD W. SNYDER Studebaker and Erskine Sales and Service. 612 We it Crawford Avc. Phone 693. Cornellsv; lie, Pa. B U I L 1 B Y S T U D E B A K E R ^ B U I L D E R O F C H A M P I O N S I Home Seeking... 300 years ago was a, very Different Matter! was a question pf months at sea and years of hard labor for, the ( Pilgrims when they set out to establish homes -which suited their spedal needs-- , ' But today when YOU seek a real home yiou do not need to feel "at sea" at all-^-neither are you faced with any sort of labor--for a wide selection of homes to suit every taste and every family budget is waiting for you in the v Real Estate" columns of the Daily Courier's Classified Section i-r- USE OUR "CLASSY-FIED" ADS-THEY BRING RESULTS

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