The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1918
Page 2
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r^wirY-'' '?:-·": ^"-^'·':··-··:- - '-". .· '·' V-'.---'1 -. : j .. :·'·..··'. -: -' · -. · "':·'--·- : ·' -/.:'.'·: · ·:'··' ·:-:'. ·", At the regulSTMiistlscpf .'the Eusij. outing -.of; the Knights of.-.thc Macear: ^at .Kenny\vpjxl;-Parkyesterday.. ' nisss .Women's ' Christian?' association; held 'last ' ' THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEU-SVIIXE, PA. FRIDAY, JULY 12, 191S. Ifc- tO CMIPTONIGHT Company G.JVULXeave at : o,26 O'clock ·'.."' Over Pennsylvania LincS. -. Preparations . are . complete for the departure of Company G, Pennsylvania Reserve Militia to Mount Gretna where a. week, of intensive .training undcrgone:' The company will leave^ here tonight on.the 5:26 Pennsylvania railroad train in charge, of Captain-A. 0. Stone. '. · · :. After'a drill, every night this week; th,ecompany expects to make ; a showing ^t^the camp, and- 1 last-night every member "bad his pack ready. / T h e Cohnellsville Military Band will with your card on it. It fits me fine. \ nea fl the company, in the march from ^ Because; it was made of Liberty Khaki ('the armory to the station. The men hirs o f . the amount wlil 'be tutnetl.jjarn, $-5.00 .per Bound. Send check orj will leave the armory about 5 o'clock. 'over to"the Y."M."C."AVoverseas waijmoiey..order. Liberty Yarn Co., 114 fund. Durt«g?%he?"business meotins42 1 "°6h""" Hishlan'd"i:.ATenue. Pittsburg, Mrs. Ada Mae^Sheffa was elected sec- Pai--Adv.-512. .. retary and Hiss Ruth Beahm. cor- Mrs. 0. W. Queen and son Donald ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ responding secretray.' Supper was i of Cadli, O., are guests ot 'Mr. and H .formerly employed In this · · - ^ I -vr..,. 7 · i:* ' c?^_n.. «e o n ..tL ttrnfmont I "" ' ~ * --~i * M Penn Power oom- riting from France, says he i conducting electrical experiments for the army. ' He is 'In the ^ . temple,, it- was reported .. that '. t a bout ~ -' 5JJ2 -was realized Sroni a 'strawberry -- - aadr -ice cream - social · held- rececthly ~ by the'-associatioiw Oa.e.-hunderd Sol-' 'Mrs. Jennie Wagner id .Pittsburg. BeErLady:-- I -.received a sweater LOCAL MAX m'£JfTOH J-\ AKMT. in a letter to Clyde Whipkey, H. H. r served-previous-to-the Bible lesson.!-Mrs. J. E.' Siraa of South Prospect \ . ' ^ -- -- · ' . " ; "-'Istreet:"'-"-:·'-;-'...'.;..:"'. · - . . ' . ; , L^y" writ ~ '··_ An-open -.meeting--of- the Lndles'T_ 1 Th"e''Daily Reminder--Buy War Sav- ^ ^-^ c ~ ~Aidand Missionary society of -the |ing3-Stampi--aad keep up your'knit; - - - - - - - ' - ·· ting." W"do both: ;Thr"» Z Ignited Presbyierian church was held ... last evening iiC'the church with Mrs; , . Omer WoocCin chargetof the devotionatpf 3Q" cxercises^-iTUiX. W.itD. Long lod inTcplors;;, Canadian Corps, ' Signal Company, B. . F t : *:.:· - ' · * · - - , ' " · · , j ~ * T tl I IjdUUUJrfU VU1JK3, .tamplreowith each pound of Liber- _ bera b "' ^"rir. .'All guaranteed -standard! ; $4:00' pound.' Send- check or "prayer. A business session followed j money order, liberty Yarn Co., 114 after which Miss Fuehrer read the) North. Highland. Avenue, . Pittsburg, three chapters of The Missionary j Pa.--Adv.-512. , the last two months working on inventions and electrical devices. I have" finally produced it. but it was rejected on account of its importa- all^beins very interesting [ ' . Russell E~., Stillwagon ami son · :!£stjutter-gave a splendidfWoo'drcfw" returned, 'today to their 1 ~ ·; jalk on, Africa. The next .meeting ~ K : ."^rill te-lieldrADSusTJr'at t£e'tome, of in" Johnston ave- Mrs. 3. A. McKesson nue. ^ Z. Business of a/ routine nature was ^ .. ~tfansa£teorat~the~"fegular"'mceting "of S '· the Woman's. HcinS. aEdJPoreigii Mis-" ^ ·'. sjonary socf«fy^3r.lire-Trialtyi,uther-- ' " home nt Mount Vernon,. O., after a : visjt pij several days with Mr. Stillwagon's sister, Mrs. L. 'L. Johnson of Lincoln avenue. Mr. Stillwagon is engaged in the shoe business at Mount Vernon. He formerly resided in Con- rteilsviile.- ' wife. -- an. church ^iel 4as'i: eveniriB:'" i5 --the TM · home of 3Irs. Daniel Dur1e_ in .Race ^ - street. Refreshments were served: -- · Wei! attended;- was; rtber ragnlar - meeting of. the L. W. % clans of the First I . Baptist_c!jurch. held, Jast., evening at ; ' .the nome.of Miss Stella Stauffer- (n fo'rth~ Third street, West Side. Busi. ness of acted. £fc M- ~ Z m- 3 If INTERESTjKONTEST Indications 3l:my Children : WII1 Compete far Bicycles. . Much, interest is being manifested in the bicycle contest wuich is being conducted by the Charleston-Comforts branch of the Navy League. "While a . number' of smaller children have ala routine, nature was trans- | ready ente red lie contest, more young women and young men about the aj;e of is or 17 ar« requested to-enter. The contest'is open to any boy or girl in Connellsville and vicinity and does not reuuire much work on the The regular - -bustoess meeting of th.3 Christian' Endeavor 'society ot the Metfiodist " Protestast church will be hela tills evening *t the home of Miss.; : Oree.n- i.. George Shumaker will enter~ tain tie Busy Twelve club this eve~ nlng at her home on Eighth street, ~ Green w o d : ' " " , ' . A joint-meeting of the- C. "W. B. M. --part :b~f the contestant. Mrs. A. D. Soisson will b'e at-room No. 210 in the Title- Trust -building between -the Hours of 2 antl 4 P. M., to enroll those who wish to enter, and give them instructions to the nature of the contest, which will besin on Monday and continue until. 9 o'clock P. M., August j 17. The boy's bicycle is displayed in the show- n-indoB- of the Wright-Met^ bility, and now I am trying to make it .portable. The army Is difficult to please in such things. However, I couldn't have been given a freer hand. If I had a laboratory and workshop like the West P=nn for instance, maybe I would be able to do something. I am enjoying tbo spring weather here. France can certainly smile as well as scowl." The letter was written June 1. 'RALPH: BROOKS rnfns LIFi: IX FRANCE 0. K. Mr. and Mrs. W. O: Brooks of Moyer have received a letter f.rom their son, Ralph Murphy Brooks, who .is in France, saying he is thoroughly enjoying army life. Halph nas been in the service since April 9, 1917. He is now in the Coast Artillery. JA3DES J. MoPABTLAJfT) READY TO 00 OVER. . James J. McParUand and G. G. Percy of Company A. 63rd Engineers, who have been stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind.. arrived last night for a brief furlough. !^!!^L a ^_^.?l nS .^! 5 ' C ' r ; l« company and the girl's bicycle-'ln cle of _the_Christian church-was _ _ . _ in the church parlor yesterday afternoon. Mrs.-J.. Melvin Grey presided ! tlrc : 'business -meeting. Mrs. G. j W. Backner acted as leader of t h e j Hter.iry.part of the program in the absence of Miss Minnie Murray, Mrs. Ellis. Jones, read a paper on '.'Mission Calls"," and Mrs. Benton-.Boyd read a paper on "France of the Pu- i window of the ConneUsville Drag company. -· ' FIREMEN ORGANIZE Tolnntccr Department, at Dnobar Elects Officers at Rally. At a rally held in Dunbar last night home They have been transferred to Camp Unton, !CY. XAX FLOTO CLEHK AT | BEGUCEXTAL HEADQKABTERS. j After the company to which Mai} pioto has been assigned at Camp had been designated as one for overseas duty, he received orders to report at headquarters where he was! detailed to duty as clerk to the regimental adjutant His company has .' since oeeu Quarantined and will not; be permitted to go overseas until the quarantine nas been lifted. GO TO "E1VPOET XEri'S TO nsrr sox THERI:. . ,_,.. _,, ,, . ,, , . . , Jfr. and Mrs. J. H. Kincaid and hire.'" Mrs". 'S.-W. Bncknef "spoke on l t h e volunteer fire department was re- i daughter, Bessie, went to Newport 1 organized, witt Guy Corrado elected News. Ya., this morning to visit John "Knitting and meeting will be Music." The held on the Thursday In August in the'church. · - -Church.-Day was observed jester--j .day at the First -Methodist Episcopal i ·next | first I chief. Ross May, chief of police, .was elected assistant chief. A. H. Hampton was elected president; William Jacobs, treasurer, and William HARRY C05".VKLL ES"L1STS Thero were , u pers ons present at ' ;---- - - · · . · · ' ^-- inure were -ii yt^sons piuatnL at. church by the Ladies' Aid society an i i tte rall and R , B ^ intention to' the Woman's Home and Foreign Mis-| bost ^ s mefflbers hip of the fire com- sianary societies of. the .First Metho-; ,,, .. 5 ;dlstiEplscopa! "churchr each' society i f h(1 , ' " -t.Al.K~. n --- -^i-_- - -_AJ_^. T-. -.,.'! uue L u n u ·holding :^iraa. served * Maciy business men of members. It is »;m U to 1 o'clock. , . . , irt .ltencio a to better the fire fighting con- j^^ m the borou . Bh - and -get a re~"- " ' ' [ auction in tbe imturance rates. _________ __-__ERSONALS.. ..... ,. .,. r ....J__ Among.. Ccnnell/mUe .persons .prea- "^~Mrr"ancT Mrsriidw'af d BucKiagham-lent at the meeting were M. B. Pryce, ~bf' McKeespbrt, were guests of Mrs. i superintendent " of the department of Buckiagham's, mj-ther, Mrs.. 'Wllliamj public safey; -Fire .Chief ...W. E.. De' Trumj~6T EasT"l;reen"§trFet""yester- ! JJolt'andlSebrge Potter." ;d a V- Thfty-were on their return fro -wiioinSbUe uip ^--w " iJ-eap jojn- needles : busy with sweater:;, wristlaU, etc., for'the soldiers and sailors.; Khaki yarns our specialty;. $4.00. pound- Send check or money order. Liberty Yarn Co.. 114 North Hightland Avenue. .Pittsburg, P.J.--Adv.-5l2. Mr. and Mrs. "W. C. Davis o£ Pittsburg;,; spent yesterday with the.Iatter's sister, Mrs. C. L. HatJield. JGs's Mary Har. has retomed home from a trip to Baltimore, · Philadelphia" and New York. In Baltimore 1 she visited" her -brother, Daniel Hart, at · Holabird, KincaM, who is there with the 14th Balloon company. IS XATAl.RESKRTES. Harry F. Conne-11. employed by the West. Penn Hallways company in Pittsburg, and formerly in the service of the company here, has enlisted in the United States Naval Re- The best placi) to shop ifter all. Browioell Shoe Co.--Adv. ' | Mrs.. Claude Meckes has returned! home- -from Camp Green* Charlotte,.; ·.H. C., where slie spent several -weeks : -Iritb. her husband .who will leave soon for duty oversea;).. . . : Mrs. "W. J. Adams of Sycamore street, is-spendiag the day in-Pitts- BAND CONCERT PROGRAM Eventual! Elks' Home be .Followed by Bed Cro«R Dance. . .A good program has. been arranged, by Director John E. Caster of the Conhellsvine band for the concert to be.given this evening at tie' Elks'. home as a prelude to the musicians' dance at the sanae place for the Rjed, Cross. In event of rain the concert,] will be in the auditorium. The con-j" cert- will be .from 8 to 0. Dancing j will begin at the close. The program | today-b( follows! - '.. . Unlon '° March. "Over th(j Top" Crosby. Overture. "Piquei Dance" Suppe Solo. "Are Tou . Victory for Auto Owner*. After .fightingv for "15 years ngntnst the artmlsslon of automobiles to the Island, Naatuctet voted recently In favor of motor vehicles. The contest was one of the liveliest the town had had In many years. The final vote was 336 In faror and 296 against. Tbe matter came up on the question of accepting an act of the legislature, repealing | an act _of ( lf)14 forbidding the opera- tion'of' motor vehicles. The election was'trt*niore than local Interest for a .considerable part of the opposition to automobiles had come* from the larpre summer colony that jroes there from many parts of the country. '.- Sues for Coal 3Uned. John Gildroyi-of Junbar "township today -began an action in trespass in tw)i against David.; AinsJcy and- -John Stannls also : of" Dunbar Great Mill Remnant Sale HOME of QuAUTVand SERVICE- 133.N.PITTSBURG St.i CONNELLSVILLE^ CONNELLSVJLLE'S GREATEST STOEE Great Remnant Yes! It's a pleasure to tell you about the Great Mill Remnant Sale. If you Want to avoid waste and practice economy--then above all things come to our Great Mill Remnant Sale. Yes, sir! Here you will avoid trash and shoddy merchandise that are often bought for Special Sales. At this Great Mill Remnant Sale it will not be necessary to buy inferior .merchandise in order to keep within your purse. In anticipation of the scarcity of certain lines of goods and the rising markets .we laid in unusually heavy stocks within the past year. The same goods bought today would cost from 25 to 40 per cent more money. Lovely Sweaters Fashions were never so alluring in color and design and texture. It's a pleasure to tell you about these Sweaters in our Great Mill Remnant Sale. They are so dainty-looking and at the same time are as practical as can be any time of the year. We have some new arrivals just out of the work shop. They come in every lovely color and combination and all good values at SS.35 and S5.05. Blouses Afc-$l.SO. $1-95. S3.95 and $5.95. THINK OF IT! Fine Tab Silk, Crepo de Chine, Georgette Crepe, White Voiles and Stripe Voiles---over one thousand of them-all fresh, -dainty, up-to-the-minute summer - waists, bought at a price to turn over to one thousand of our customers at above prices, really less than the cost of materials. Come and See. Tub Skirts On Second Floor at f»5c. 1.1)5, $2-95 up to $5.95. ·It's- just such offerings as these that has made this store famous for its "values. In this special sale are Skirts of fme white Gabardine. Surf Satin, Tricotine and fine Satin Cords. In more than fifty stunning models. Regular and extra sizes. Women's Suits The entire stock of Suits that were actually produced to sell at 27-50, $40.00 nad $60.00, now at this Mill Remnant Sale you are only asked to pay: $14.95 for Suits worth $27.50 $22.95 for Suits worth .$40.00 $31.95 for Suits wortn ?GO.OO This is another astonishing demonstration of the fact that this store offers at this Great Mill Remnant Sale the right merchandise at the right time and at the right price. WAR TIME SAVINGS Throughout the Store 25c Figured Voiles ... Lawns and . 19c 35c Figured Voiles 25c 75c Cllldren's Muslin Gowns 49c 25c Huck. Towels 14c $1.00 Slk Gloves, black or wnte i . 59c 25c Chldren's Musln Drawers 19e 50o Corset Covers 35c $1.00 Black Sateen Petticoats . 50c Children's Parasols-$1.00 Mercerized Table Damask ~ 95c 39c 79c Fancy Silk Skirts Made of the finest Novelty Silks. You'll find Ii6='e a complete range of models at which, prices even we cannot expect to duplicate, in view of continually advancing cost of materials. Prices for our Great Mill Remnant Sale: Skirts made to sell at $12.50. Mill Remnant Sale Price $8.39. ·Skiats made to sell at $15.00, Mill Rem- ·nant Sale Price $10.00. Skirts made to sell at $16.50, Mill Remnant Sale Price $11.00. 25c Ribbons _! ______ ..... la^jjC 50c Huck Towels ------------- 35c $1.50 House Dresses ---------- 95c $1.00 Children's Straw Hats 69c 33c Dress Ginghams -------- 25c 25c Bleached Muslin 35c Men's Hose $1.50 Wash Skirts $1.00 Shirt Waists $5.00 Silk Parasols $2.00 Umbrellas 2.00 Childsen's Dresses ...... S1.S9 Clark's 0- N. T. Crochet Cotton -------------------- 8c Silkateen, all colors Come and See. 5c Remarkable Sale of Millines-y Jn Om- Great Ml Remnant Sale. When women and misses can buy the Hats that are in the first Tanks of fashion's favor--creations of fine quality Georgette Crepe, Milans or Hemps--at the sensational saving price of $3.50 to $5.00 they surely will make an effort to get here to this Great Mill Remnant Sale. Every Hat in this sale is brand new, fresh, clean, and the shapes are right up to the minute in style. Mill Remnant Sale Price $1.85, $2.95, $3.95 up to S12.50. New Summer Wash Dresses Almost as fast as we could load up the racks yesterday these garments, were so!d to money-saving women. The saving was not the only reason why women bought so quickly. The styles were so new, the materials so smart, so good looking and serviceable that women could not help buying, and what took place yesterday will take place tomorrow. Come early and get yours. Dresses worth up to $9.95, Mill Remnant Sale Price $6.95. Dresses worth up to $12-50, Mill Remnant Sale Price SD.39. Dresses worth up to $15.00, Mill Remnant Sale Price 69.95. SENT OVER BY FRANCE Th® 3riiiBB township to recover $1,427.70 for coal From Heaven" Gilbert claimed to hive been mined from im- Mlss Mary McConnell. \ , ,, ' · · ' · · . : Selection.. "The Grass -Widow" .Hirach | der ' bis Property. Patrol, "Spirit of America" Zamecink 1 Solo. r'Keep Your Head.Down,' Fritzie Boy" '.:...'....'. Hioc : ,. Lester Crawford. One-Step. "As.Woahington Crossed the Delaware, General Cross the Rfcine.'/ Pershlng. Will "Omt There" our. bore.need your "W. S. S.. One free with, each pound -rf--yarn/"-AH" atiadard colors'; J4.00J pound. S«Jd check br ; money order. I ^333wO3CTArnrCo':^T14" North Highland Avanm.', PtUffaics, Pa.--iAdv.-5A12. TPyrryiBgaar New York, hSs re^ . ShiSwESTirks on his SHADY GROVE MNCE -of SttE 1 . . . . . atenne. I. B. Brallier :oI_Sco!,taaIe, was Mrs in town today; Hopkins _"J. STDaHSta lErsSrfihliad fwlay on fi»."..CUitIie.^Store? JMEURALGIA for quick wilt*' iubUi«Fxeliead aa d Temple*-with ri3'asabn "to ''ihercohileiisville patrons' SanlPpersons are,e%pected from Un- JoStbwff--Th«re will be dancing from: " ' ' Saxaphone Orcliestrs of ColnraJn^s, O, VflU Pl»y Tonight. A large ·'attendance is. expected at thejdatict'torbe. held at Shady Grove .Sa:iaphone orc'hes- p.; which. will fnr- niiisic^haslarrived .here. In ' ' . . ; Durineianri'aijermisslon in the pro- ^am^t£e"oreSesti3jwill give, some of ·tie- latest -mnsical ^.selections The Committee in cbarge^of the dance is B :E."Miller:aTi}:C. 'Ray- Goodwin. - ,,/Penitentiary BISl Signed. _ TriSHINGTON Jul 12--President TClsbii" today sisnea'"tX2 bill providing for tie--cqarpK. nt of United States r^T* .,, 3: _P«nitenUaf "at AtJanta Ga. for the "roanufacturo of goverament supplies and :-the.; compensation of : for the -work. -, prisoners 1 - -J 1 ?? Elevator: "ffoinan. .Mrs. George.Santmyer-is.a new elevator Kobadter's store taking up .her new duties''.this miming: Mrs.: Santmyer-s husband is iri. mili- tary.service. Want Helpt Then im-oar ciauifiwi column. ·«]t*«ffl tolknr Max Knsh So-VetteK There :was .no^ improvement today in the condition of F. M. Rush, proprietor of the Ohiopyle House at M1SS JE.VNE LYTLE CBOSSLANt). i Miss Jenne Lytle Croasland, who for several years lived in Councils-i ville and who has relatives in various j parts oC Fayette and Westmoreland county, died yesterday morning at | her home at Brunswick, Mo., a victim I of the epidemic of typhoid fever, which : i swept that place and which three. ! weeks ago claimed the life of her · j father, J. Iririn Grassland. She had ! been ill for six weeks. Miss Cross-: land lived for seven years in Connolls-: ville with her uncle and aunt, Mr. a n d ' Mrs. Harry T. Crosslaud of the West: Skle and enjoyed a wide acquaintance! j here. She was a life-long member o f j the Methodist Episcopal church and i taught in the Sunday school. She was! an officer of the ISpworth League and; an honorary member of the Oullook! club of this city. Miss Grassland was j born in Missouri and spent her early] life there. .After her stay in this city! she returned to her native state. That was about four years ago. She is sur-j Col. A- Fngalde has been detailed vived by her mother, Mrs. .Ifoltioj by the French government to Inspect Stoner Crossland, and two sisters,! tho Instruction work of the French Mrs. Harry Kirkpntrick of St. Louis, I officers who- are assisting in the train- and Mrs. Arthur Elliott of Mendon,' Ing oJ-'oor army oil this side. Mo. There ije numcrou- 'elarives He Is accompanied to tbe various ! here, at Mount Pleasant and Scott-Jale, camps by a commissioned officer and j Miss Crossland enjoyed a. reputation i a noncom. Gleaning a La Ruth. A Kentucky fanner makes to the Ohiopyle, ill with tj-pboid i Lonlsvllle Courier-Journal the sngges- fever. ' He rested fairly well last | tloc that gleaners should go Into the night. Mrs. Rush was improved. Wient Harvest On. Farmers are engaged In the wheat harvest. The'crop in the tronnells- ville region -is good, it is said. So Police Court. There was no police court this morning, no arrests being made overnight. Ton TTant Anytlfing Advertise 'in -our Classified .Column. Jn Biblical times. wheat, fields tills summer and gather up every stalk ot whetit which the binder has missed. Hu estimates thnt ten bushels of wlient, or about two barrels of flour; would be saved in every 20-acre fleld. . The custom lias been to turn hogs Into the stubble nnd let them clean u p . what the harvesters have left. It Is suggested that while we are trying to save flour for the prosecution of the war. gleaners instead o£ pigs should folio* the hnrvest, ; as whs'the custom WKat ts astoria IfSASTOKIA .is -a .hamiiesa. snbatitate,: for .Castor , Oil, Paregoric, \^ Drops and : Soothing'-Syrcpa. It'is pleasant.. 'It contains neither Opium Morp'hiae nor o^ther Narcotic substance. Its age is its ffain:- antec For more fliah thirty years it Kas-been-in constant taste*, 'the relief of Constipation Flatulency, '-Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allayir.g Feverish- new, arising therefronv.and -by regulating .the: Stomach- and: Bowels, aids the assimilation, of .Food; giving .· .healthy -and- natural- .sleep.. The Children'*Panacea--The^Mother's Friend.-.. -,. ( '-. .. . ...... : . ; . : : Tb'e KindYon Have Always Boiightl and which.-haa nse for, over 30 yeara, has borne the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher, and has been made tinder his personal supervision, since its infahcV- Allow no'one to deceive you iii this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just L as-Good"-are .but ·Experiments-that trifle-with and endanger the health of Infants and r ^_/f ·· "· ·'·- '- ,-r Children--^Experience againat Experim%rit- · ' · ' - , " Genuine Caatoria always bears tbe {signature of; 1 as a musician. She was a teacher o f j violin and was proficient at the piano I and as a vocalist. held today. The funeral was ' MICHAEL SHANNON. Michael Shannon, 75 years old, one of the most prominent residents of Meyersdale, died this morning at his DAVIDSON'S The Store Ahead. Highest Quality. Lowest Prices. 25 ibs. Flour 10 Ib. sack Corn Meal White Corn Flour, Ib. BarJey Flour, ib, Rice Flour, Ib. Large can Tomatoes Small can Tomatoes Early June Peas, can Sugar Corn( can Fancy Pears, large can Fancy Pink Salmon, can 20c 011 Sardines, can . So Extra good Catsup, bottle - ISc Large glass Mustard lOc Fresh Country Eggs. doz. 4oc Good Cooking Apples, 1-4 pk. 20e Fancy Potatoes, a peck 70c Jcll-0, all flavors 9c Jiffy Jell, all flavors He Vanilla or Lemon, bottle We Loose Cocoa, Ib. . 22c Fancy Rio Coffee, ]b. 16c Fancy Santos Coffee, ]b. .. 20c Good Laundry Soap, 7 bars _ 25e Silver Gloss Soap, 5 bars 2oc Gold Dust, large package 23c Large Bottle Bluing 10c Large roll Toilet Paper 4c For a fine piece of Beef, Veal, Lamb or Porh, or Dressed Chicken visit our Meat Department. We have the Best Oleomargarine in the city at the Lowest Prices. "THE STORE THAT DOES THEVGS POBYOO" 109 WEST JIAUf STEEET, CONNELtSyiLiJ:;, p A . At the Hospital. '·· Two new patients are at the Cottage State hospital. J. F. Perry, 39 home. Mr. Shannon had been in poor hci'.IUi, due to complication of diseases, since last February, but iiad been confined to llis bed only ^Yeek3 previous to his deaili.. years old, ot Uniontown, suffered an injury to the knee he . quiem high mass will be celebrated Monday morning at 9 o'cjock from SS. Phillip and James Catholic church a: Meycvsdale. Mr. Shannon was born in Maryland and for the past 30 years had resided at Meyersdale where he had a host of friends by whom he Absolutely Removes U mii .n.u.t:ti ^ laoiL UK iiLllJUlp.-"' T * - '3 · · _ ed to board a moving Baltimore indigestion. Druggists two| °bio freight train.last night near Un- " -' j£ e _: iontown. Frank Moon, 33 years old,, ttis ankle yesterday when he fell at the Western Maryland railroad yards, near Fayette. Card of Thanis. The Werner's wish to thank those l IVill Barn Jfortgnge. j The burning . of a mortgage heM ! ^E^inst .the church jx-pjjony w)U taie at the who so kindly aided them in their re- was held in the highest of esteem. H e ^ c e n t bereavement of their was well known in railroad circles,! mother. Mrs. Sabina Welker having -had charge ot a Baltimore Ohio, wreck train for many years.] who sent floral fibmes, the officiating, pastor and tbe singers.. The Welker j Family..--Adv. I evening at the .'United Brethren beloved S C h u r c h at Rocl!wood - This action j, s _ i was made possible by the big drive i- *hn3* : ^ a ^ was ITfa ^ e soffie tirae ago to cleaz tbe congregation: of all indebtedness. For the past five years he had lived retired. . Deceased married Miss Ellen McLaughlln of Frostburg, Md., who with lour children survive as fol- ]ows: Mrs. Michael Foley of Meyersdale; Mrs. J. P. Brennen of Scottdale; James Shannon of Pittsburg, and Edward Shannon of Cresson, Pa. ADELBERT A. WETHERBLI,. The funeral of Adelbsrt .Alplionso Wetherell will be held tomorrow af- terneou at 2.30 o'clock from tie family . residence in North street. Rev. Wilbur Nelson, pastor o£ the. First Baptist church,-.will officiate. Interment will be in Hill Grove cemetery. Classified ASt-:rr- "nts Bring results. Cose only Ic a word. FOR THROAT AliD LUKES A Ca4cium compound that will brine «- Her In many acute and chronic caseo. Provides- in handit*t fornu a basic rcm- FlttdbUrg I cdv highly rocnmmendad by science Con- )«,«._ T nr tixm Notice. . Mulnal Garage, 615 West Crawford, one of the best automobile repairing shops in town. We can take care of work in any shape. Oxy-acetylene welding, all metals. Call Bell 857.-- Adv.--ll-it._ Granted Jtarriage License. Frank I/. Lawrence of Hocoestar and Lou Hatfield of Mount Pleasant were granted.a marriage license in. Pittsburg yesterday. . . 50 cents a box, including war tas For sale by all . Granted JTarriage Wcensf. George Tallentine of Tarr. and Hazel.Newell of ifpunt Pleasant wer« granted a license to wed in Cuinber- ' fit.

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