The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 25
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council. . "' ' . ' li-F-CT PiCor,.. r.rtr . ; In . the fourth, riding ix other members are appointed by the . federal -government -' Lyle R. , Trimble., an Aklavik V . commercial pilot and 'former ' RCMP constable; was , elected-He succeeded "Krtut tang of AklaMI, who did not seek re- . JGoodall. who wat the. ftin of the ejected members of ; the council had 247 votes with nine of 1 J polls reported. Ceof. frey Perkins, a Fort Smith ""Trader, second with, 19, and Rev.; George Hamilio,v'an Anglican minister at - Fort Smith, trailed with HO. ; ' ,' .The remaining two polls, bath in remote regions "did hot have a sufficient number of votes to alter the .standing". ; Peter Bar7-TTWired-Yel- son s Bay store manager, Mackenzie North." With 21 of 22 polls reporte Mr. - Baker received" 504 volel to 419 for Mr. Gall and 2 for Frederick Henne, - Yell knife trader. The results . the final poll', "which -had 26 FALSE TELTH t: Thaf Loosen J Nted Not Embarrass : llv In, thl ftppnln4o Toh. Jnt pnnk-- litu rASTKlETH, 7 '.Biiur i imn - na ) powarr. on or plats Hold fl tHilt nvt Brmly. ao thv !! mon comfort- hi. Doa not ntir Chrrkii "plat ; txlor brih ot r fincrfll Iruf counun utrrmhnr ;. '. ' . ' Pictured hen is a regional . , j. . - I w Inner selected from-r .2,000 cashiers. She is courteous and helpful; m a k a s shopping . mora pleasant. All STEINBERG tashieri-Jhink you for voting.1- They pledge to 'maintain the polite service to which you art accus- i . ": . , tomed. '- GKT TOP IM)USTKY POSTS r The appointment of Michael Pudge, left, as'direcr tor " of the Chemicals Branch was announced -todayV bS- IridusUy Minister Drury: Mr. Rudge will be respon-sible for, Governmerit procurement activiticirin,-tlw Department of Defence Production ard fo industrial,, 'development in the Departmerii of Industry. At the , same time, it was'announredDna,ld F. Gray has befrt appointed Deputy Director oT jhe Chemical Branch in the De paciment of Industry. '. ' . r"egKstered voters, was not ex-peeled mntrp late today. St'CCESSFLL RETl'RN . . . Robert ' Porntt. 53-year-old Hay River storekeeper! made t L URAL maii roxES l , ... .. W. A. RANKIN LIMITED I 410 Bank Street Phone 236-4571 f i . i SiiiiiiMmiiiiiimininiiMiMmiHiiiiniiMMimiiiHMMiHiiniiiiMiiimmiimHMiiimMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiir, vote at any polling nation in his riding after swearing out an affidavit on his eligibility. 'THREE-YEAR TERM i i Successful candidates will serve a three-year term unless a scessful jurn to pohtics: a iCyrrepL gov,ern-n proposal; - Ho divide' the .tferritories into :..Vlr..PorritU. w ho. had served ' , wo unit- reSuks in an earlier two previous J terms . on,ement council.- received . 624 votes' xhe proposal, contained in a while Mr. Kaeser received 566 hill hforo the .lakt session of lowknife'lraderaodat" 76 the! and E. R. deMclt. .70. of Ro: parliament.' would Vreaie in the oldest of 12 candidates seeking :dier River., trailed with .-J If. west. a territory fof Mackenzie election, upset Mr. Gall, a Hud-'All U polls were reported. -; !and in the eaju-YndUich Arctic Mr: Trimble's' closest rival Uhe new ''territory. of'Nunasus': in' Mackenzie Delta was. Agne The bill , reached committee Semmler. an Inuvik housewife siage .during the last Parlia-and the only woman seeking;rnent and died with proroga-election- With air eight polls! tion. The government plana to reported-Mr.- Trimble' had Sm reintroduce the measure at the votes, .Mr ,Senmier .4'J9 .anr'wr'reM 5??sj0.nL.; .. R,, O. Baetz; an Inuvik trucker.! Appointed members of the 171. i ' - ' last. council, were: G. Sivertz. The ' hnlv fiiirpriVe in- the 'commissioner, of the territories; voting came at Pine Ppint in W- G. Brown, Ottawa deputy the Mackenzie South .Riding, -Commissioner; D- M, Coolican,-The- poll had 20 registered, vol- Ottawa; L A. Desfochestcr. i ejs but 2 1, ballots were cast. oihl tin fin r t ArrirrM-ikl ronta. UUaWi. : . .. vtions. v"' persftii- not oh the voter listNbut a. resident of the area I for apneas? a year, can -cast a llllllIIMIIIIIIIIIIWIUIMIIIMIHimiliH!MIIIIIIIIHnHlimmilMMIHI.WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIhlt.lllllllllllH i.tawK ahd I. Norman Smith Probatiorjf Breaker Gets Term in Jail , PtMBROtCE (Staff) Magfs I trate S. C. Platus Tuesday sen- tented Psitrick McCormac, 23, : of Pembroke to four months in JHI.1 IU Itfltflllfll W IIIVUBIIVII. g The sentence will run concur- aiiy with a tour-month jail i sentence for obtaining money by ! false pre''nces. sj . Evidence was that McCormac collectedabnjitjail more, than H was owed to. him by c manufacturer. i .Calling "at thcpayro!) office ; for about $9 in wages, he was I mihlaken for anotheman. He theri used the other man name I ! and picked up a pay enVelope I; of $38.46.- lj- Magistrate Platus said M Cbrmac's record showed (our convictions for similaroffences AXXOUXCES THE- REGIONAL WINNER IX THE CHECKER-OF-TIIE-YEAR CONTEST if.--' " ; , 1MRS; KSTIIEU PARKER, Ottawa TetftwaWa Region . . i- Instant Powdered V SKIM MILK Carnation Brand! Each iibi(7 "Package . j f V - Ixplrn Turk, .iirtl-. irt tin ttiHi ii !' . CHICKEN NOODLE LONEY'S SOUP . Delicious? 5 50 0 ? , ; UQUID DETERGENT : Mom's Brand! 2 ' 89. VtKptr Turt, . . Cia , April t . cr r 2 s i HI tin tutu I'M tuciii l: THE TEA IH T DARKS T BB kxowv by r.iinii . : - TASTB ,LOXH 60 Bags Jn Pkg. U3 Mpiif'-TH-,-: .Kpril 1 - 2S 1 'ill II I ttMi ill M'Clill it: t joc OFF! TODDY DRINK MIX Chocolate FlaVOurr lib. tin 59c VV' Ul Will J( ; - l.tplrrt Tnr, 4mm April t , ' V WEDNESDAY,- APRIL -.1, 1M4 , . ; 1 - i-i v-. 4 LimiQTTAWA JOURNAL- INCUMBENTS DEFEATED j Council on ilk IkiKIIH ''' I. NWT Elecfi day to win re-election as" voters in Uiti Northwest. Trmtoues chose , foiii" representatives : to .:' the .territorial council. ; !" Only ' ' JnhaVCoodal'L - 3, .'of Fort Smith, who-"won-re-elec -...tionfor a fjfth term rn Mackenzie River.'was successful among the incumhents.'lle.rias , " been on the council since 1953. ' Patfl Kaeser, 61, a Fort Smith --rrie'rchaiU, was defeated in a i ..hid for' re-election in Maiken-J bie South while-E. J. (Scotty) lJSalLiiLY.ellQwk'aif.4otuut-in Mackenzie North." he ' sought .a, third term on "the Marked by Two Upsets . EPMQNT0N (CP) Two of .three incumbents failed Tues t -I . ' , - T ' - i : HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Print oui: 'name ddre and teIeDhonen urribfir ori 1 the label or reasonable facsimile of one I of the six products shown below (double size 'PINK V coupons). Deposit this in the shopping spree box located in your local Steinberg store, by. Saturday night. of the expiry week shown on, coupon, (April U, 1964). , Each week lil "names will be BriUTn. each of whom must correctly answe a qualifying question. - These 10 people then, win a FREE 3-MIXtTE SHOPPIXG SPREE! V wlHi tW Mpw and purctMM : 7- ASSORTED' FLAVOURS L JELL-0 DESSERT SJELtOU i ; 6 70 'f'ijjijJ -i Aril T . 4 BETTY CROCKER ASSORTED "1 LAYER CAKE MIXES r Each It oz. AHd Package 41 9 mtimum r j apiu Tis .1 I SHOPPING SPREES TOMORROW AT 1 0 A fte AT THESE STEINBERG STORES! r4 SI l'tHfST BOUI EVASft-flMMI :tr . SHOPFINr,; CENTBE. OTTAWA- . ,, lll'l Si'. nnli Srft. jnrar Jirr. Mnntrnl .." -f 1 it KhrkrMk SI rl tiff- VlrtnrU. Mn. . ' lfl(K'luii Avnu, n rnu, Vfttfun - s j,- lS rnt dovl tvrnu'r, nrir fe'nrdraui. Mnnlrxl 1 493 Vin Hmnr Avrnn. r )ollrd, Mnni'rfil : . I;i Mlllrn Rlrrft, ncr r.ouln. AhuBOIr .r 3 Onlrl Slrrl tl. nnr alolt. Mntral ' ' 1 Iluponl SM, (turkfe C'liv, (luekte : ' , - SJJ rapinriiy Sirrrt, Chlcoiiliml. tubec . Shopping Spree Prod u76f-the-Weelc 4 purtiMM f GOLDEN GIRL REGULAR MARGARINE i , All TurpoeS---- V Mo: fi s pkt- UU" Explrr To, April 1 ,- - CLARK, IN TOMATO SAUCE: u UbHlltf mill r uiiix i v. i f -78 -Blflr. hj x mm -j --f - - lni nM" and purchsM : - ' RICH-TOMATO FLAVOUR - HEINZ KETCHUP '-.'' E,iplm Tu., STZINBEHO Apr't , r 2 s ir 2 r 2 51 r 2 s 1 r 2 ill tl't IIIMI III ltIH (I : HUNT BRAND '" Tomato Sauce Rich art'd Smooth! 2 ,r. 43e hxpirn Tuf., - -prll t (2 CD 7' ill 1I11 i4h f iicktn tl; 7 HAWAIIAN Holiday Cookies By Dutch Maid! 5 Each 12 or. fr.A, J Package ! JV I;plrt Tun April 7 Ekplrtt Tn'l, AprU 1 ill till IIMMM'ellMll PANTRY KING ALUMINUM SAUCEPAN COOL BAKELTTE, REINFORCED HANDLE! ' i Quart : Q -With' , Capacity 70', Covert 5 Vill till Sat., May tni. alXtUVlnTiSrr Mr 1 ..V . i ------ V- V;: f . ' 3 25"! r 2 E3 1 iniUKJIIWHIIUM M l iiiiin ciimi ul iiitini it:' CARRIERS MAP-OSPREAD Versatile! Eachl28or. Tin For f Kxplrn Tuft., April 7 73 mi iiii ciimi inciiti it: OLD-TYME SYRUP Flavour Treat! 16 oz. Bottle 39 I in iiii nit! hi fiiiim it TUFFVS Huts ir Boils Crispy-Tasty Snacks! Each 7 or. JA, Box For ffpim. Thm., April 1 it Hit nun ul M'diii il: SARA LER FROZEN CAKE CHOCOI.ATSi 14 OZ. OR CHEESE CAKE II OZ. Each 7n.t Package-1 J " Expire Tiim.,, I ' April" 7 -r Canada No. I Grade! i No. I Graae: Eplm Ap Tun;. !. rll 7 ' 11 Hit ciiiiinOiictiii THE THIRD SHAKER ACCENT vakfs rnoit I LAV OCR si;; 4 oz. Tin Vours For ,i,.Eplr Tu Aorll 1 99c ill llil CIIIH III lirtlm It: BLUE JET BRAND . DETERGENT ir of r; S lb. nk. SI ? SrrOff! i lb. Pkg. I.xplm Inn April 7 79 ill iln ciimi mciriii il : . .... PURE PORK-- SAUSAGES Extra Lean! .. Fresh. CCm ' Per lb. POV Explrn Sl.. d April 4 , : WrriLTHIS COUPON AND PURCHASE OF: $5 OilDER OR MORE OF ASSORTED MERCHANDISE AT ONE TIME! '-,'-) ." rludlnf lbarr prHurl! A Valid Mon., April 6, Only . . In Gra.l" Oiaa ,and Hull .. gYEIMBCftO ' m''t " r,,0,,on T,0,komf 'Mi I I , - . ! I j I Amith fHH Mpw aMrf purdwM : . " f ' 1 S I j GRANDMAS OLD FASHIONED MOLASSES EXTRA rANCV s 3 ZZ, 51.00 Expire Tun., April-' 1 ill llil (IMM ' 4c OFF! FLUFFO SIIORTENIIIG AH Purpose! 2 ;.: 62 f.kpim Tun., April 1 r25i,. MlilTHJI IW Mf l'ini "''' ul ikmiipM ii4m(Iiii tl: ' LADY PATRICIA HAIR SPRAY ;rrr SpecUl Value! Each II or. QQ-j : -. ' Tin Only vw Eplrt TunV 2 April 7 y? f2 3 1 r 251T2 S 1 f 2 5 IT 2 551 NitnHjuiiuii'uti imiiiijiiunrnm iTtrrnjiiwiiii'mi imiiHJinttwrmi MtiUHJiitinrmn M till HIpM III MM : CLARK BRAND I.IEAT SAUCE For Spaghetti! 2 66 txplrri Turs. - ''A April V ' t V- or ill tin (IIMI III llllllll ll CONCENTRATED PAR-EZE Quality Bleach! 2 ".r 49 Exlrrt Tu4m April 7 ill l I C II III IMllKkllt il: SNAP-OFF POLY BAGS With Ties! 20 Bags In a Box 49 Kxplrn Tu , ... April 7 III Hn CIIIM li IKCllll it:. SCOT TOYELS White. Yellow, Pink or Turquoise! 2, .7X49 .. .'.EnplrM. TnW, , April 7 ul Hit (up iiului d: STEINBERG " PIZZA PIE : With Mushrooms! Each Pie Ktd, For Only Ex pirn Sit., April 4 f .2 Si r g 31 r 2 3 "I f 2 51 f231 l?TrTTT!nnrTTTTTTTT?l : m i'imi i m i i i immw rrwWTl lirt I im'nw ,' l! WM! Ill rt 1 It Iff! n I" I'l 1 1 1! J'f'l 1 ! ITTTTTT1 ill llil IMpM III Mclllll: sill tin ciini udiiclitiil:, N A POLIT A N A - N . (Or More) Tomalo Pasle r;ER5Snf ' Rich and Smooth! UllArtrnUll 4 . ok.-. ' Any Variety. tins 00 Tangy. Juicy! Ixplrn Tun , - . Enplrn Tn . . . Pr 7 April 7 Or ill iku iin iiOxiM'.)-1 -?T ii'i iin cum ill iiiciin it: PUa P:r-1n 1 LB. (Or More) , tnex bereaiS Canadian grown '-SS&IY':- Bean Sprouts , Each 01i . For Chop Suey, , Package 0 1 No. I Grade! ' . , ' Ex pirn Tni., I'.xplrn Tn'. ' . i Mmm April 7 . - - April . 7 til llil CIIMI hl'llll - 2 (Or More) ' 10 OZ. CELflO BAGS SPINACH Washed and Clipped. ill tin ihw ' mciiii it: CENTRE CUT PORK CHOPS Savory Menus! Each lb. For Only 69 . V.xpirn Sal., April 4 f 2 3 I llil tut FPUIT 0Y(L ;. Outstanditig Value! Each QQi For Only iJJJV Ixplrn al.,i v. AprU. II : ALBUAA-OF-THE-WEEIC 'inclicRfeac srSlPHOS'lC RECORD AO.l - GRIEG NANO CONCERTO, ACSTRALIAN SYMPHONY, ' FELICITAS KARRER, PIANIST, Vj;'T'kURT0ESSCOXDL,CTOlU" -..V

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