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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 20, 1939
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LAST ED 1T1ON The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. PRICE 2 YOU 07, NO. 1.09. The Weekly Courier. Founded July 17. JU70. I Merged Tho Dally Courier. Founded November 10, 1002. I July 18. 192S. CONNELLSVILLE, l'-\., M O N D A Y K V r J N J N U , MARCH 20, TEN PAGES. SLAYERS IDENTITY KNOWN?! Latest Mode in Paris Three Allegedly Involved in Davis Case Said to Have Fled. *· NO ARRESTS HAVE YET BEEN MADE Identity of the three young bnndils who wantonly murdered Bernard Davis, 21, son of Mrs. Emma Davis of Scottdalc, last week at his brother's service station, is known to police, The Courier learned from a usually authoritative source today. The three are reported to have fled this section o£ the State and officers are spreading their net for them, it was reported. State Motor Police and Westmoreland county detectives Irom Greensburg were reported to have been .furthering their inquiry in the Connellsville section over the week-end. Whether the .fugitives, allegedly sought by these peace officers, were icsidcnts of this region was not determined. Officers were busy over the weekend in voicing denials that the three bandits had been taken into custody. The report gained circulation shortly alter Davis died Saturday morning in Conncllsville State Hospital and grew as it spread. The rumor was widespread today but police denied they had made any arrests or that they could put their finger on the trio. This girl is not entered in a beauty contest. Sho is one of the mar.y Paris citizens who received a form-fitting gas mnsk in Paris as Frencft government swung into its program ol civilian protection which, when completed, will see every civilian in the city provided with a mask. Appropriations Bloc Agrees On Spring Begins Tomorrow Confers Military/Naval Aides; To Make More Promises ROOSEVELT Declaration Will Deny Warlike Moves Against WANTS BONDS | Poland and Rumania. INCREASED OFF W A S H I N G T O N , M a r . 20--President Roosevelt informed Congress today that there it, no present necessity fur legislation (o ini'reitst: the lcjjnl limiuition of $43.000,000,000 on the total public debt, but rccom-- munded inL-raato of the present $30,000.000,000 limitation on outstanding Government bonds. Michigan Governor T: « t i r v i · f o r ! Spring · northern i l l latitude.- the o'clock -- '· iiOL"tUurn ii.iuiin.iL*s in. i .--·· u uiuirt i Slashing Relief f"^ Czech Seizure through equator. Ejppaient p the heavens. DOUGLAS NEW SUPREME COURT JUSTICE By United press. WASHINGTON, Mar. 20.--President Roosevelt today nominated to the Supreme Court Chairman "William O. Douglas of the Securities and Exchange Commission, an arch-New Dealer and reformer of the Nation's securities markets. Douglas, 40, who was born in Minnesota, raised in Washington state, and educated in the East, was named to succeed Louis Dembitz Brandeis, who resigned: j The nomination was sent to the Senate, where immediate indications were that there would be little dispute over his confirmation. Douglas was- nominated as from Connecticut, where he formerly taught law at Yale, but because of his background and political beliefs it was believed he would be acceptable to most of the western senators who have been clamoring for a representative on the court. As presently constituted, the court has only one justice considered a westerner--Associate Justice Pierce Butler whose home is in Minnesota. At 40, Douglas is one of the youngest men over nominated for the Supreme Court. The nomination gives President Roosevelt a solid phalanx of four justices Kympa\hetic to the liberal objectives oE the New Deal. These Tour are his nominees--Hugo L. Black, Stanley Reed, Felix Frankfurter and Douglas. Chief Justice Charles Svans Hughes, Harlan F. Stone and Owen J. Roberts often have sided with the liberal group, leaving only Justices Butler and James C. McReynolds as the remnants of the once dominant conservative majority. By MACK JOHNSON United Press Staff Correspondent. ' WASHINGTON, Mar. 20.--Five ot the eight Democratic members of the ^ /" O I I i" House Appropriations sub-committee ^ »- ^ u ' have agreed tentatively to cut President Boosevelt's request for $150,000,000 additional relief! funds 1 to 5100,000,000, it was learned today. This rebuff to the President was agreed upon at a secret conference of the five members over the weekend. Their decision was June 30 u'ns -set as a tentative date cated to Speaker William B. Bank- j f o r the Scoutoree planned by ouncii Scoutoree to Be Held June 10 BERLIN, Mar. 20.--Adolf Hitler | consulted with his cabinet ;md the j heads of N.ixi fighting services today j on how to meet the open hostility c[ western democracies and Soviet J Russia against German expansion in , Control Europe. ! Wilhelin Kci'.e], chic! of the high command of the armed forces of The President transmitted a Icttci , Germany, Admiral Erich Haedcr, from ScL-retary r,f Treasury Henry , commancl cr in chief of the navy, and ; Field Marshal Hermann Goering, | commander in chief of the air force, ' attended the session which begun j late last night, and lasted far into '. the morning. AH of those present at the .session were members of the cabinet with the exception of Hotel and Bneder. Goering is air minister and No. 2 jVd/i as well as commander of the i great German aerial forces. One result of this session, it was j undcrbtood, was abandonment of the | Reichstag session \vnich had been tenUtiively set for Tuesday. The date was delayed indefinitely, it was said, ponding developments at London and Pari5. The Nazi government was understood to be preparing a declaration of German intentions toward Poland nnd Rumania. MorjjanUiau, Jr., informing the current balances of the J n d k a U ? no .'mmeciialr 'irc-i-.^jt advancing ino ceiling on the mum p u b l i c debt. U. S. Will Ma ! F o r m a l P r o t e s t SELECTION OF AUBREY JURY BEGUN Members Told They WiiI Be Kept Together Until Trial Is Ended. EXPECTED TO LAST " WEEK OR MORE Pictured above is Luren D. Dickin-. son, 79, governor of Michigan following death of Frank Dwight Fitzgerald, who died in office. Dick-' mson, too, is reported ill. (Central P rest) WASHINGTON", Mar. '20.~ The United SUiU's \vns ready to make its formal denunciation of Germany's ^eUuie of Czechoslovak! n today while the Administration iuufihl ;o s u b b t i U i t e for the present neutrality lav.', legislation to strenghen the mtwn!) of deal ng \viih aflgrc-ssor nntion-. While PrcMdfal Hoocvok's vigor- j relations with both countries. OIK, "but short of war,' 1 moves I S t r a t o Plane Crash Charged To Loss of Wing The declaration, it was reported, ' \vill assert that the German govern' ment riysiros only good economic head and House Majority Leader Sam Rayburn, D., Tex., so that Mr. Roose- Westmoreiand-Fayette Council, became effective, j leal ned that soon tiie j the United Suites- will be represented j Boy in Japrm. li.'iiy and Gprm.iny by against Germany United Pros* Scouts ol Amcric.i. to be held in Con- ! only chin-Res d'affaires. Ambnssa- velt could be informed at his regular rieUsviHe. This date was chosen by | dors (o those t o U l H a r i n n nations legislative conference. j Uie Connelhville District Council at j xv ill be in \Vahin«ton this, spring or The "economy" bloc is led by i a meeting held lust Friday. ' e.irly summer rither m retpons** to [ tion that tlie Czech people had been Representative Clifton A. Woodrum, j Gerhart Horowitz v/ru; turned Ren' oral chairman of the Scoutorct 1 committee whose job it will be to complete formations of plans nnd carry out arrangements. 42 Children Drown When ke Gives Way WARSAW, Mai-. 20.--Forty two children drowned Sunday afternoon when they broke through the ice o£ a lake neai- Krzemieniec in the Wolhynien area, while crossing lor R picnic, a dispatch said today. A school teacher, leading the class, saved three ol the children, the dispatch said. Peasants were mooi'ized lo recover the bodies. D., Va., who was superseded by Chairman Edward T. ' Taylor, D., Colo., oC the full Appropriations Committee chairman lo steer the President's 8150,000,000 bill through Congress. The other Democratic members who favor a $50,000.000 '-compro- ! raise" cut in relief funds for the remainder of the fiscal year are Representatives Thomas S. McMillan, S. C.; George W. Johnson, W. Va.; Louis Ludlow, Jnd., and Emmet O'Neal, Ky. They expected support from the live Republican members ol the sub-committee. The only Democrats r.ot attending the secret week-end meeting--M supporters ot Mr. HooseveH's request --were Taylor, Repiesentatives J. Buell Snyder, D., Pa., and Clarence Cannon, D., Mo. The decision to trim Mr. Jioose^cU's relief request again came ;,s Works Progress Administrator F. C. Harrington telegraphed state WPA administrators to cut relief rolls by 400,000 persons during the first two weeks of April because of failure of Congress yet to vote additional funds. Harrington will reveal details of the reductions later today afier he resumes his testimony before the subcommittee. The initial cut is scheduled to be followed by a further reduction of 000,000 persons in May, and 200,000 in June. WPA rolls at present are around 3,015,000 persons. Harrington contends that the $725,000,000 alerady voted is sufficient only to maintain an average of 2,000,000 persons on the rolls during April, May and June, un'.rno'iK IK. IT ivr "import and con- ·· j :uHalJon" or on regularly scheduled ' By United Press. SEATTLE, Wash., Mar. 20.--The Civil Aeronautics Authority directed an investigation today into the midair demolition of a SSOO.OOO Boeing I sub-stratosphere transport w h i c h killed 10 persons. Frank Caldweii, chief of the Authority's investigating board, took several instruments from the plane's twisted control cabin but said no clue had been found pointing at a cause. The prevailing belief was that the plane lost a wing while in a power d r u c Saturday afternoon for the benefit of a Netherlands air mission, t\vo of whose members were Uikrn under the protection of the aboard. Reich, characterized the action as | Eyewitnesses said that once dis- MOSCOW, Mar. 20.--Soviet Russia joined Britain. France and the United States today in refusing to recognize Germany's occupation of Czechoslovakia. The Soviet, government's reply lo Germ-in notes bearing the informa- | "nrbiti-iiry, violent and aggressive." OLD GIBRALTAR GUNS REPLACED By United Press. GIBRALTAR, Mar. 20.--Old, disused batteries of Gibraltar are being hastily modernized for the emplacement of anti-aircraft guns, it was understood today as the official gazette announced the creation of a special Gibraltar defense force, emphasizing anti-aircraft defense. Prisoner Makes Two Unsuccessful Suicide Allempls Special to The Courier. M..r. HO.--Twice v.'ithin :m hour Ciaience tJilic-ii, 2-1. of Union tov.'n nUemptcci Mi-duc when he \va.^ aric.-,tecl tm n vh.'tr;;r of violating t h e M;.nn V/hilc Sliuc Act nnd army dest/tiion. He is bpijig held in the "Uniontov/n police iUiliu-i. Gi Hen's tioubic.s bctn \vhen parents of Miss Lilli.m Gts-.t_*r. I K . of BaHimnrc, Mil., followed hor l u i " after being informed in n letU-r t h a i j^lie was mil! rit-cl. Thry 'oinui h » T nt the Giilon home. She ncrnmp;i)m-d the soldier to L'nmnlown wlu-n 1'f Jcft Fort Hoylc, Mri , on ^B Ijisi, it is nlle^ed. When Patrolman Due. V,'iicy ,ip- poured at the G i l l o n htMiie SUIK,,IV morning the* youns man i.n:itcht'i :« .22 calibre revolver f r o m n drrs^uf drawer, v/ith apparent f u i c i d u l attempt. It v/ns snatched from li».i grasp by the officer. The v/capon wns unloaded but civrindKW wt'i c found in Gil Ion's pocko*. Mij-s Gesscr \vns huhtlod av.'ay iy her parents jind Gillen taken to tho police station uwmtinj; the u r t i v a l of G-men. Tliero he miide a .second Attempt, to Uil:c liib lil'c and Relief Board Members May Be Named Tonight Britain Offers Economic Aid To Rumania HAHHISBURG, M;ir. 20.-- The Republican program L'fik'iency and dectc employment relief decentralization c to incrensc the oe the cost of un- through greater ndministration day m il - l '-arnpuifln domination nf ; Adolf I h i l t A j-rpo u t t c m p t - ' 'n iiMj.tlly oncoui .if^t'cl the,- Us jt;-}. cfl propu-mg tliat .1 nmc-poWc t-ni'C I** 1 called to con.*iidE i r to be Uik ( .: Ijv ',hc pu'.vt ing to stop Hitler. Bo!'-,',(·! t-'d by t'ic s t f i n .r.tilude uf of the United States toward N.i-ti ex- pH/j.sion by armed f(jr v v, ibe government of I'i ilii-j M . r n s t i - r Neville tiiition.s f i ' t i united h un' w i t h Sovii-t Russia, I-Vinci-. T'oland. R u - nianj.j a n t j the llaiknn tatt's. and work projects rather than direct dole was ready today for introduction ;n 'he Ilou^e this week, At the Surne time Governor Arthur | H. Jumcs prcpaicd tu send to t h e , ' Senate for canfU million, perhaps to- BnUun i n j c n i i bwfa of askance for coch of the G7 countie.s, to replace those he ashed tc it'sjgn two wev-ks ago. Tlir kry-{n"0 fJT the relief admin: ^'.nttinri rt-viMon program will bc sponsored by Representative John E. Van A l U b u i } * . H., Krie. It will be bnst-d on tiie theory advanced by j n i n t House nnd Senate "Welfare Committ'-'c nmnibors "that local con- tl.tions n n t t needs n? interpreted by inf. f.tfkir Jn rrlief nJlot-ation nnd dis- Iribuiion." The Van A!lhurg bill nnd its rev- cm! com nan ion measures \vill: i 1. Authon/e county baaids to as- r .'·J^;! i t - J i f f j'CL'ipJenti to public works. j projects sponsored by counties, cities, nbied, whether from the sheering of the wing or some other structural tho air liner plunged 3ike a dead weight, .scattering parts over a wide nr-cj. Those aboard were crushed when the cabin demolished itsel:' on the slopes of Mount Rainer near the town of Adler. The l e f t wins was found 150 feet from t h e main body.* The outer port side motor, one of the four powering the emit, iva.s wren died ]oose 1,500 feet in the air. The left tail section WHS 50 yards from tho fuselage. Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Mar,' 20.--Shortly before 11 o'clock this morning, the task of selecting jurors to try Thomas R. Aubrey, former county treasurer, was begun. Jurors are being questioned close- and are being warned they will be kept together until termination of the trial. District Attorney James A. Reilly is prosecuting Aubrey on 15 different allegations, including six for embezzlement. Aubrey has three attorneys as defense counsel. Judge H. S. Dumbauld is the presiding jurist. At 2:30 o'clock this afternoon 11 jurors had been chosen. They are Mrs, Ethel Brown of Uniontown, Lawrence Rhodes of Hopwood, George Newell of Dawson, Stella Phillips of Ohiopylc, Anna Jane Dodgson of West Leisenring, Ada Eutsey o£ Nbrmalville, R. D., Elizabeth McVay of \Valtersburg, Harry Curcio of Newell, Mrs. Sue Wyant of Union town, Mrs. Catherine Burhans of Dunbar and Mrs. Sue Opfair oi Fayette City. The court indicated that the trial will last a week or more. The court en bane granted an order Saturday ordering Aubrey to stand trial on embezzlement charges. The order handed down by Judge Dumbauld with Judge "W. Russell Carr concurring and President Judge Harry A, Cottom dissenting quashed one count in the bill of indictment and overruled a motion to dismiss four others. Judge Cottom said in his dissenting opinion "the action of the district attorney before the grand jury was unwarranted." The allegations against Sheriff Aubrey are based on purported happenings during his tenure as county treasurer when county tax funds ara reported to have been misappropriated. · The order of the majority court follows: "Upon and after consideration, it is order and directed that the motion, to quash the whole indictment and the motion to quash, specifically, the first, second, third and fourth counts o£ the bill of indictment be and the same are overruled and dismissed. "The motion to quash the fourth count is sustained for reason that the Wall Paper Contributed For Kmetz Home n h.iblc ' J.i h:-d ' i L-. by ( conU'i - | r\ serious vicv.- takcn by the C. A. Marietta Killed by Auto NearWindber . v^i-.jji, i^ *.·»·. ...j itjx, innj .mi,.' 11 ( j^ si rnjur viuv. is uiiitjii uy tut: succeeded. He tied ?j h;.j)dkfri'hict | gorernmenL of cveul- of the KiM ) Fire Damagrcs Roof. The Fire Department was called lo the home of Mrs. Nelson in South Meadow lane at noon today where damage was caused to the roof. Last June firemen answered a s'.milar alarm, the flames being on the op- IKMilc- side of tho housf Goodwill Dinner Toiiislit. Second annual goodwill dinner, sponsored by men of Temple Israel nf Uniontown. will be held at 6:30 ·"O'clock this evening at While Swan Hotel nt Uniont?\vn. Struck down by an automobile as he walked home from work along n highway near Windber, Charles Albert Marietta, 45 years old, former resident of Connellsville. was killed instantly at 7:30 o'clock Saturday evening. Mr, Marietta was the son of Josiah and the late Anna Marietta and was born April 10, 1893. When in Connellsville he was an employe of the Goodwin Company for 20 years. He left his position there in 1928 to go with the Mayflower Cleaning Company of Scottdale. He had been at Windber since 1935 working tor the Windber Brewing Company. He was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church of Connellsville. Surviving in addition to his father are his wife, Lillian Mae, or.d four daughters: Mrs. Glenn R. Mitchell ol! Pittsburgh, Anna Louise of Connellsville and Chailotte Albert?, and Irmn .Ii-m, al hoini'. Tlie limeral serv.ce will be held Wednesday afternoon at the Charles A. McConnick funeral parlors in South Pittsburg street, the time to be announced later. Dr. W. H. Helriek, pastor of Trinity "Lutheran Church, wiil officiate. tightly aiound his t h i o a t and was lying on tho floor of his cell Assistant Chief Charles Malik |iii(.-i;ly removed tile handkerchief nnd the soldier breathed freely. When Gillen vowed thai he 1H'\ ui would be taken back to the army, indicating f u r t h e r suicidal attempts, he was stripped of any pilicH'j, tA clothing with which might attempt self destruction. week," Chamberlain .su'.emnly tuid the House of Co:mnons .'is a deuMon to send a commercia! mis:.ion to Rumania was a n n u u n L C f f . FOUR BIRTHS AT HOSPITAL Severe Quake Hits Japan; Is Worst in Years There were four b ; rth» Ht Con- nellsvillc State Hosptta 1 over the wee!t-cnd, the stork leaving two ixys and two girls. The births were: Son, Mr. and Mrs, Harry Brown, Dawson, 7:50 A. M. today. Daughter, Mr. and Mrs George Marco, General Delivery, at 3:10 A. M. Sunday. Daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester liy United Pit. 1 .:,. TOKYO, Mar. 20.--The strongest earthquake in five 1 years was fUt today in Kiusbu Island, at the southwestern end of the Japanese group. Shocks disrupted power iincs in the | Fukuoku area, at tne northwest side of tlie island, and broke windows and chimneys at Miyasaki, at the southeast side. Twenty persons were reported injured. Mickey. Vandcrbilt, B. D. 1. 12:22 P. M. Sunday. Son, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biegei. Scottdu'e, 10:10 A. M. Sunday. boroaKh'-. iciwns'hips or .«rhool boards. 2. Erni^Jv/tM- county boards to se- loci their executive director w i t h o u t Uirnitatinn;-, nf the civ.l service system in tiie Department, of Public. Assistant'\ 3. Direct county boards to remove from the rchof rolls aliens who Jiavc been in the country lonj* enough to hrn c appl.ed for nalur.tiiz«tion. !. P L M r n i t county, boards to make tlio I ht«; fif relji'f recipients in their j u i isdiclitin n v a l i a b l e to the public through "rosponiiiblc ngcnclcs." 5, DJriTt cuiiiity bnarcls to enlist (he aid nf Incnl credit bureaus in sti-enRthoning a check ngainst relief "chisclers." j 6. Permit county boards to discharge employes "who do not cooperate 1 ," v.'ilh ihr boards decision appealable only to the Governor. 7. Simplify procedure for return to relief rolls lor those who leave to acrepL temporary employment. The relief program the special welfare committee which When, nttd if, the Paul Krnetz lam- ily of Brookvale gets a home through the generosity of the citizens of this community who ;:re contributing lo a rehabilitation fund through the medium of The Courier, it will be made brijiht and clean under an offer of M. Bernardo, proprietor "of the 5 and lOc Wall Paper Paint Company. Mr. Bernardo said today he was willing to contribute all the paper necessary fur the new home .and would see that it is properly put on. An offer lo soil .1 property, valued at $1,-!00, for $450 if it is suitable, to the Krnetz family, has already been made. A Kift of $4.'10 was received from a WPA road crew this morning. The worlvCrs took up a collection among themselves on tlie project and sent the money to this office. The crew- is that on Route 26084-A, between Normalville and Scullion. Henry Cole is foreman. Tlie fund continued to grow today, though rnthcr simvly. The report shows: Previously i charge therein contained appears upon the face of tlie indictment to be barred by the statute of limitations." Jn a supplemental order, the majority court ruled: "It appears to the court that at the time of oral argument before the court en bane, the district attorney stipulated for furnishing to the defendant detailed information as to checks included in the- aggregate of $12,981.41 referred to in the indictment, it is ordered and directed that, upon the district attorney complying with the said stipulation, the petition for bill of particulars be and the same hereby is dismissed." Second, third and fourth counts in the indictment set forth that demands for payment were made by Controller Albert Montgomery and defense counsel, in argument, contended the controller had no authority to make such demands. The fourth count--which was quashed--showed on its face that the check in question--contained in the embezzlement charge--is dated more than four years before the date on which the grand jury returned the bill. It was outlawed by- six weeks. J. S. Swraringen Route 20084-A Total $119.50 2.00 4.40 $125.90 The Weather Faye Harimiirh (idler. 1-Viyf llarUuigh. tu-o 'L\,I.-, oki,'.er ot Mr. and Mis. V,'i!lia:n Harbaugh of Liberty, who is 'It of bronchial pnemonia at the Connellsville State Hospital, i.s convalescing Her condition was critical for several days. Faye is a t-A in '·he oilier beius a boy, Billy. Fair tonight and Tuesday, colder tonight, plmviy rising temper..tuie TuexKiy in noniuses! por^on; Wednesday rain is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 193D IMS M a x i m u m ... 53 71 M i n i m u m 13 45 MC.IM . . . 3-i oK met with other special committees during the last two-week legislative recess. In most respects the program has Ihc approval of tlie Administration and was worked ou! with the cooperation of Public Assistance Secretary Howard L. Russell. Several ranking legislative leaders during the joint committees conferences urged much stronger revision of the relict system established by the 1937 legislature and the Earle Administration, such as a return of pr.rt of the financial load to local communities but Covet-not Jame= and his assistance secretary expressed definite opposi- , tion. Reno Appeals Chain Store Tax Levy Decision HARRISBURG, Mar. 20--Attorney ,-as drafted by General Claude T. Reno filed today appeal with the State Supreme Pittsburgh Synod Reorganization Meeting May 24 By United Press. PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 20.--Dates for organization ol the nine ne\v Pennsylvania synods of the Evangelical and Reformed Church were announced today by Rev. Dr. William E. Lampe, church secretary. The Central Pennsylvania Synod, including 105 churches and 14,000 members, was organized at State College last week, The Pittsburg synod, including 154 churches with 30,000 members will hold its organization meeting at Greensburg May 24. Court from a Dauphin counly court decision invalidating the graduated chain store tax levy enacted by the 1937 Legislature. Dies on Train. Edwavd, 60, Johnstown widower, died Saturday aboard a train that was pulling into Torrance Station, Westmoreland county. He had been a railroad worker for 40 years. Sor, Named Notary Public. tli A. Cameron has received her commission as notary public, it bearing the signature of. Governor Arthur Ji. ol JfebrUiiii 25, Germany's Envoy To Paris Recalled By Dnited Press. BEF.LIN, Mar. 20--Count Johannes von Welczeck, German ambassador to Paris, has beeo recalled "for consultation," it \vas announced today. Undergoes Tonsillectomy. Mary Jennett Freed ot 126% North Pittsburg street underwent a tonsil operation this morning at the Hospital. Only recently the litUe girl had been struck by a hit-run automobile near her home as she was

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