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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, July 12, 1918
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JLAST- ConraeDsvilte's Biggest and Bert Newspaper Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,778 VOL. 16, NO. 207. CONNELLSVILI^B; PA, FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 12,I9is. TEN PAGES. FRENCH CAPTURE VILLAGE OF LONGPONTAND PRESS GERMANS FRONT ON THEJMYIGNY LINE Political and Military Leaders of Germany in Accord on Peace Von Herding Tells Reichstag, and Ready to Consider Proposals, but Words are as Boastful as of Old. UNARMED PEASANTS MARCH ON ROSS CAPITAL ' · By Auoclated Prts*. . PARIS, July 12.--The village of Lon^pont on the Savieres riier, east of ViHers Cotterets, has been 'captured by the French, «aya the official statement from the today. ( The French also continued' their 'progress north of. Chavigny farm and east of Pavorellesi . : Jayage'farrn, northeast of Chavigny also was occupied. In raids' north of Montdidier and In" Champagne the French captured 15 prisoners. The text reads: "Our troops continued their progress north of Chavigny farm and east of Savieres- Last night .our troops occupied the village of Longppnt and Javage farm. Two raids, 'one north of Montdidier and the other in Champagne, resulted in the capture of: 15 prisoners. "The r German artillery,was rather active on the left bank of the Mouse (Verdun region)." ' YOU HERTtESG TJtLKS OF PEACE. LONDON, July 12.--There is the closest union between the political leaders of .Germany, and the German army headquarters regarding their-readiness to receive peace proposals from the Allies if they are offered in a spirit of sincerity. This state- v; ment was made in the Reichatag by Imperial Chancellor von . Hertling, says an'Exchange-Telegraph dispatch from Copenhagen- The program of German foreign policy, the chancellor added, was laid down in Germany's reply to the papal, peace note and it must be adhered to. That would be a righteous peace and Germany has not and will not change her policy, however strong the idea of destruction was expressed in speeches in Allied ^ countries, he said. The recent utterances of President Wilson ""'· and Foreign Secretary Half our, he continued, forced Germany to continue the struggle. . Admiral von Hintze, the new Gerr man foreign secretary in succession CHEAT RIVER PLANT WOULD HEP OUT POWER SITUATION Conld Be Completed Within a Tear, Making 50,000 H. P. ·Available. IS 70 PER CENT FINISHED Wmld Hake Ample Provision for the Expuding Tower Seeds of Fitts- bu* District During: War "1 $·*· ; Xllliou Already Spent With a view to further developing the power resources of the Pittsburg district the PiUsbnrg Dispatch makes the suggestion that, the government take over and. complete the hydroelectric power project on Cheat river, started by tie Kuhn interests in 1911 and carried forward to 70 per cent completion before financial difficulties i compelled an abandonment ot the enterprises. "It stands today," says the Dispatch, "not alone as a monument to enterprise that met with misfortune, but as an opportunity beckoning to the federal government for the solving of .the power difficulties that will be inseparable from the development ot this community unless present power facilities, are greatly increased." An electrical engineer is quoted as saying that if the Cheat Haven power plant were completed there would, be no need'of any plant in tb» Pittsburg district, big or little, whether having government work or domestic, shut- to von Kuehlmann, made a binding declaration to . Count · von* Hertlins tliat ht was willing in every way to follow the imperial chancellor's policy. :' Chancellor von HerUing told: the reicistai's main; committee .that the (ajermmutt in-tended. vigorous-ly ·. to '.' pioMcate -:UM relilnw ..alMilJ .begun.' . H» cdiuMBted on the probU m in the. ·CM and in the. west, and concluded ^.^.^ JU1J _.___,, -with, remarks on the government's fu- paigjl has been ^^ff^^ ^on t M ,pro«nun regarding the deelara-[5^^ i,, ordei . ^ prevent ton B*de in November, 1917. which! bombardment of Rhine towns. ._. tad beeniiccepted by a largo majority f Lan^ of the duch} . of j^^ h ^ '· » * +t»ji mi.4H*t^*- *1*tio M\nnnrc In ihf* , '· , , . . . . . Another British party raided the German, lines near Hamel, south o" the Sonrme. A patrol clash in the neighborhood of Gavrelle, northeast of Arras, also resulted' in the taking of prisoners. In tieir operation in the vicinity of Merris the British took 120 prisoners. FEAR BOXBARDXEOT Of ALONO HEINE. GENEVA, July 12.--Another cam- The the The change in the .. ; Joreign mtoistrr, the chancellor said, ..TOW not .caused by any real dltfer- eacea ot opinion, x but arose out of personal discussion revealing matters which ahould not be made public. . , BKFOKTS a -" . IS CASCJU.TY LIST. WASHINGTON, July 12.--The Army casualty list today contained 52 names.'divided as follows: -Killed in ^s.ction. 9; died of wounds, 7; died of ' (tisease, T; died ot aeroplane acci- rtents; 2; died of'accidents and other caiis*s, 4; - wounded severely, 15; V wounded slightlyi 1; wounded, degree undetermined, 2; missing, 5. been asked to. pass a resolution requesting the government of the grand duchy to exercise t it£ influence with the imperial authority .to come to an arrangement with.the belligerents to i abandon on both sides the adrial bombardment of towns outside the zone of military operation. BRITISH DROP BOMBS 0-V COASXASTLYOPEE. LONDON, July 12.--.Mr force contingents acting with the British aavy, dropped a halt ton of bombs upon the city of Constantinople on July 7, it was announced by the admiralty today. . THOMPSON TRUSTEES OPPOSE FORCED SALE BYTH§WTROLLER Immediate Disposal of Liberty and IVetzcl Companies Stock Would TTitct Plans, is Claim. Declaring that the derhand of John Skelton Williams, United States comptroller of currency, for the immediate sale of 10,000 shares of stock oE tbe Liberty Coal company and the Wetzel Coal Coke, company, owned by Josiah V.. Thompson of Uniontown, deposited with the'comptroller to secure Thompson's $800,000 indebtedness to the First National Bank of Uniontown, of which he was president, would upsefr aramgements · with a large syndicate negotiating for the sale of the property, at a price which would insure equity to all creditors, A. Leo Weil, representing the trustees of Thompson, and other attor 7 neys. representing general creditors, apeared before Judge Charles P. Orr in the United States District Court yesterday and attempted to have the salo prohibited. JUDGE LW. DOTY ' DIES AT HIS HOME AT GREENSBURG SKff-STOP SYSTEM I CAR SERVICE WILL SAVE WEST PENN 15 TONS COAL DAILY Knowii Jurist Suffered General Break-down Month Ago. WAS 70 YEARS OF AGE First Elected to the Bench in 1S90 and Had Been Twice Kc-ulccted, Serving as President Judge at Time COUNTY RED CROSS BANS GAMBLING FOR RAISING OF FUNDS Permits for Benefits in Jfame of Organization IVill Be Required; None lor Games of Chance. The executive committee of the Fay. ,,. .,, ,. ,,, ,, . ette county Red Cross went on record ot His Death; Was. a Dwnocrat. yjster(ia j- as oppos ed 10 raising money Tor .the Red Cross through gambling GREEEJSBURG, July 12.--Lucicn W. Doty, president judge of the Westmoreland county courts, died this morning at 6 o'clock at his Maple avenue residence in Greensburg, after an illness of the past month. Death, resulted from a general complication of Judge Orr listened to .arguments I diseases v and a breakdown o£ his and retired without giving a decision. John H. Strawn, the first witness called by John S. Wendt, attorney for Comptroller Williams, testified that Thompson's indebtedness to the First National Bank of Uniontown heakh. Judge Doiy would have been 70 years old on July IS. Born in Mi/flintown, Juniata county, in 1S4S, he has lived In Greonsburg sinces 1881. He was first elected to the bench as president judge in 1890, i years on the Westmoreland county ting down a single hour during the | Com()anv and 7i000 sharefi o£ lha aggregated approximately ?800,000,.'Succeeding the late James A. Hunter. He testified that the amount' of the | He had besn twice re-elected, and his principal due the depositors of the ' present term would have expired in First National Bank of Unioatowu at i I 920 - He had served more than 27 this time aggregated $462,600.07 and that accrued interest on deposits aggregated approximately $225,000. Ha also'stated that prior to the closing of the First National Bank of Uniontown and Thompson's failure in 1915, Thompson deposited with the Comptroller of Currency 3,000 shares of the capital stock of the Liberty Coal 24, granted the work was on hand to keep it running. This engineer expressed wonder that no thought had been given to tho idea of some interest taking hold ot this project and mshing it to completion. ,It is understood ' that the government itself has been conducting an .investigation .with a view to completing the plant Even if government did not take over project, it should not be difficult, he pointed out, to get all the financial aid necessary from the government. '^The prompt -transmission of power to every point in the district," he said, "would be a simple, matter, for among' other things, the. transmission towers have been completed, and the worlc.,that remains to be done is ot the 'comparatively routine sort, .with ail the material, or much of it, Ht least, right on the ground." Industries in the Pittsburg district recall the distressing conditions that prevailed last winter because of the shortage of power, and there have been not a few predictions that conditions almost equally bad might prevail again. 'With the Cheat river dam in operation there would be furnished 50,000 horespower, meaning the save of 120,000 tons of coal per year. The dam, about a mile and one- half above Cheat Haven, is designed for a 86-foot head of water with a power plant to accommodate fonr generator units of 12,50C- horespower capital stock of the 'Wotzel Coal Coke company, to secure an indebtedness or approximately $750,000 to teh bank. Mr. Thompson, called to the stand by Mr. Weil, testified that his indebtedness to the ;Fir3t National Bank of That Is Estimate Made at Local Offices of Company. EFFECTIVE NEXT MONDAY devices and games of chance. At a meeting in Uniontown a motion was j made and passed that permits be refused for such means of adding to the treasury funds. The motion becomes effective August 1. A motion was made and passed that all persons or organizations holding benefits Tor or in the name of the Red Cross, must first obtain permission from the branch or auxiliary in its territory, or the executive secretary, on a special form to be provided, and make a report in writing o£ the net proceeds of said benefit The executive secretary was instructed to Schedule Has Been Presented to Hie County Fuel Administraioc. NIT1CEBOUS STOPS CUT OD 7 ? Action to be Taken at Behest of Federal Fnei Administration as Means of Conserving Fuel; Order is -Mandatory and Specific Date is Jfamed. The new . skip slop system whieli will go into effect on the West Penn Railways system Monday will save 15 tons of coal a day at the power sta- have the proper forms prepared and I lion, according to an announcement made at the offices here today. The distributed to the various branches and auxiliaries of the county. bench. He was a prominent Demo- i Application for auxiliaries at Chad- Judjro Doty was a member of the Masonic order. He was an elder in the First Presbyterian church of Greensburg. In 1D08 he was elected moderator of the Blairsvillo presbytery, an honor seldom conferred on a lay member of the church. The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the First Presbyterian church of Greens-burg, where the body will He in state. A son. Lieutenant Edmund Doty, in training at Camp Lee, Va., will arrive home this evening. Uniontown was $S97,756.5'1. He was' Judge Doty is survived by three then asked the valuations of the- coal j children, Mrs. Adam M. Wyani, with lands owned by the Liberty and the Wetzel companies, hut Mr. Wendt objected. During the argument which followed. Mr. Well stated that the property owned by the Weizel Coal £ Coke company, of which Thompson Is practically the sole owner, is worth $1,400.000 and the property of the LHerty Coal company, erf which Thompson is also the owner, is.worth $300,000,-making a total of ?1,TOO,000 put np j.a .security for ?7SC-,OW)i Judge Orr interjected that so far as the proceedings had gone there had been no evidence submitted which whom eh made his home;- Mra. Frank B. Miller, also of Greensburg, and Lieutenant Edmund Doty, Mrs. Doty died In 1S93. ville, Third Presbyterian church, Uniontown; Continental No. 1. Helen revised schedule of stops has been drawn up by tie company and presented to the county fuel administrators of Payette and Westmoreland Fulton class ot Presbyterian church, counties for approval. Many stops Uniontown, and Second Presbyterian : have been eliminated and a few new church, Uniontown, were presented j ones created whe*re a saving could be by'Rev. Cloyd Goodnight, director of Bureau of Employment, and approve*! by the executive committee. The number of branches in the county and the territorial boundries of each branch will be decided upon within the next few days. The appointment ot Attorney Walter P. Schenck ot Conallsville, as county secretary was ratified. CANNOT CONSOLIDATE Is Decision on Proposed Telephone Company Merger. ·; Among. the decisions · handed down by the Superior Court on Tuesday was one affirming the action of the Public Sen-ice Commission of Pennsylvania in refusing to approve " the each, which · produce annually BRITISH FORCES Ef FRANCE · - SOW 2^)00.000 -JIXS. PARIS, July 12.--The British flght- ·BEKJIAA RULERS RETUKJf A1TKU VISIT- 10 KXG1AHB. Ing forces in' France now aggregate | ;t[ 2,000.000 men,.says tnei Haras corres- - PARIS,. July 121--The king of Belgium, w-ho bad and vis- pondent on the British. front This tquals the number-of the 1 'French in /1917. ' · . " · ' " " EXCLUBED FROM - England, have returned to France by the same means which they used in crossing the channel to England--through the air. .The return newspapers say, lasted '30 The royal couple said they ' PARIS, July -12.--German j- has excluded herself from the society of na' tlons and will remain, outside of it as .long as she is embarrassed by militarism,, and the door .wiEl not be opened .until she has changed, says Andre' L'ebey, who is writing a report 'on, a league of nations for the foreign affairs committee of the chamber of deputies. 'TKOOES Kill. OFFICERS. passage, minutes. ·ere delighted with the 'experience! aerial voyage.. '.. TAKES IJOHi TESE TO GET AT THE FACTS. WASHINGTON, July 12.--Turkey has informed, the United States through the Swedish .foreign office that so far the true facts as tV'the reported seizure of the American consulate and sacking of an American hospital at Tabriz,' Persia, by Turkish soldiers have not been ascertained, hut that it will be done at the earliest moment. - CORFU, July 12.--A serious mutiny |. among; the Austrian coops in one of ! njjftjjjji^ Qjf the occupied districts of Serbia is an-j 1Jf pET^m^. rooj) SCARCE. LONDON, nounced by the Serbian press bureau .·-". here. The. garrison at Kraguyevatz, tlie.former Serbian arsenal, broke into ·^p rebellion because 'of bad "'food, the ''"· statement declares, and,'many of the "'. officers were killed.; The mutiny was. suppress*,! alter'a'veritable battle ia j 12.--Owing to grave shortage 'in food cholera is on the increase' in. Petrograd and hundreds of persons are daily falling victims to it, says a Russian wireless dispatch received today. ''. which machiiM) guns ·were freely used. and artillery BAXBS OF PEASA5TS JLVRCil OX MOSCOW. V0.\ HBDESBCRG ILL; NEWS IS SUPPRESSED. . LONDON."July. 12.^A.Dutch, traveler from Germany says a dispatch from The Hague to the Exchange Tel- PARIS, July. 12.--M. Tchernoff, a egraph company, declares the-rumor - ^ s spread all over Germany that j-ield Marshal von. Hindenburg is ill and is unable .to .participate in the work at the army .headquarters. The military duties there have been taken over entirely by.General Ludendortt. German newspaper:, tie traveler says. leader of the, Russian revolutionists, is marching' on.-Moscow, at the head of numerous' hands 6£ un. armed peasants, .says a dispatch from Stockholm to the Matin. Fart of this force has arrived In. the outskirts of tia Bolshevik capital. BRITISH CABBY OCT . RAIDS A.YD TAKE P3USOATBKS, .-. LONDON. July 12.--Further raid- in* operations were carried out by British troop!-, last night, notably in the Fl«d«rs area near Murris and Ifeter*n.' the war office announced. are not rumor. permitted to mention the 120,000.000 kilowatt hours of electricity, the equivalent under tie best modern .steam practlci. 1 , of 120,000 i tons of coal. wonld tend to stop the Bale of the consolidation of certain telephone stocks as prayed for by the receiver, j companies in 'Western Pennsylvania, ,| Including the Tri-State Telegraph 1 Telephone company, under the title j of tbe Western Pennsylvania Independent Telephone association. The Public Service Commission had refused to approve the consolidation on the ground that the petitioners were telfegraph companies and as such were prohibited by the stale constitution from merging. An appeal was taken AMERICAN LAUNCH SUNK BY GERMAN SHORE BATTERIES By A«3iclateO Frcajs. . WASHINGTON, July 12.-- An American naval launch, after aiding a French dastroyer In towing a disabled American seaplane to safety, was sunk by German shore batteries, losing two of her crew drowned 'and two taken prisoner by the enemy. An official announcement of the in- The contract for the Cheat river cident from tie Navy Department to- plant, which amounted to J4.000.000, j daT did not give the date or-name the was placed with the T. A.-- Gfilespie company and when the work was stopped the GHespfe company took a lien on the property. Ownership at present is .in the West Penn Power company, which satisfied all liens against the property. The power company-has high-tension line* for the transmission, of the current built right up to the plant, and the distribution of the power would be immediate after the plant was completed and put into operation. The dam has a. total length of 1,000 piece where .it occurred. It is assumed that the launch belonged to one of the American warships on patrol duty in tie war zone. to the Superior Court In affirming the commission Judge Henderson, who wrote the opinion, says that the resemblance between a telegraph and telephone company is so close as to have led the courts on numerous, occasions to hold that a telephone is a telegraph and Legislation relating to a telegraph is sufficiently comprehensive to cover a telephone. Judges Kephart and Treiler j dissented from this opinion. It was 1 stated that an appeal will be taken to · FIVE AMERICAN PLANE CREWS MISSING AFTER RAID, PERSHING SAYS Details Xot Given in Coiumnmiue; Jterliu Report Says AH Were Taken Prisoners. By Associated Presa WASHINGTON, July 12.--Five American airplanes which went on a bombing expedition have failed to return, 'General Persbing's communique reported today, · Berlin reported five American airplanes in German bands yesterday. General PersJnng's communique was tbe first announcement from American sources of the loss of the ma- |-- ^S^T*. chines. It gives no details but yes- effected by cutting out two stops with the addition of a, new one. Signs have been placed at every old stop where the stations will,be abandoned, and although some confusion is expected to result the company is' making every effort to notify the public of the new stop order. Crews will be given notice not to adhere too strictly to the order for the first few days, and not run past a person standing at an old stop, though by "Wednesday the new ruling: should be thoroughly understood by all. The order will be effective on the "West Penn from Trafford City to Brownsville. In a communication to the West | Penn company the federal fuel admin- 1 istration says it is imperative that the inauguration of tie skip-stop system be made effective not later than. July 15, and that although the order may cause a great deal of inconvenience it is the wisest possible method, that can be taken in transportation circles to save fuel. The administration declares that the skip-stop system must become effective at once or a general reduction in the number of cars now operating terday's report from Berlin which came by way of London declared that five machines were part of a squadron of six which started out to bomb Coblenz. The crews, the German report said, were taken prisoners. Three .inen swam for shore with life j £? ^°,? r ^.P 0 " 1 and » ossibl y to preservers .and were picked up nn- hurt on Allied territory. the United States Court. CHILDREN RAISE FUND Charge Fire Cente for Choir, Two for Floor Scat Five cents tor a chair and on« and feeC'the spillway "section" befnV'624 j two^ cents Cor the privilege oC sitting 'feet in length. It is estimated that the operation of -this plant · during low wafer periods will double the now in the Monongahela river.. This | on the carpet were the admission prices to a play, "Boots and the North Wind," given by Dorothy Kurxx, Mil- ELkes, Elizabeth Woods, Alildred .. dam is one of a series ot six that were '-Herwick and Margaret Berwick, five ' planned by the Kuhn interests on the little itfUriotic girls of Prospect' Cheat river and. its tributaries. The street. The ' proceeds, ?2.7S, will be power house is approximately 250 turned over to Jie Red Cross. BOY KILLED IN MINE Kapfcael Giordano, 14, Crnsbcd Under Slate at South ConnellsvUle. Raphael Giordano, 14 years old,' was fatally injured yesterday afternoon when he was caught by a.fall of slate in tbe Pierce mine near South Con- neUsville. He was crushed about tbe neck and body, and diefi while being removed to Ihe Cottage State hospital. The boy was helping his father in the mine when he met with the acct- feet long and 100 feet wide and is erected! as a portion of the dam structure. ' , The fength of :ie ressrvoir formed' by this darn is about 13 miles, and its available storage capacity 40,000 acre feet ITAMAJiS OCCITPY BERAT, TAKE MUCH BOOTT. ·WASHINGTON, July WAR CHEST MEETING Plmn for Consolidated Drive IVfll Be Biscnssed OB JoJr-16. , Workers for the X M. C. A., Red Cross, K. of C., Salvation Army workers, and all other, war relief organizations are Invited to., attend- A meeting to be h'eld on Tuesday, July 16, at 2 o'clock in the court house, to discuss the advisability of'having a War Chest campaign in Fayette county. · . ;,.. . , In--order that everyone .will know plainly just' how the War .Chest plan is. carried out,-a-speaker from one of the other cities wbere it was put In j operation will be present to explain 'the idea and answer questions. : . Alice 'and Katharine Snyder dent. The body was removed to Funeral Director Ji- L. Stader's parlors and i and wis later taken taken to the | DIRTY SCREENED COKE To Be Classed as "Breeze" tinder Holing of Fuel Representative. The interpretation given W. L. Byers, district representative of the Fuel Administration of th*i order published in The Courier yesterday revising the price of screened coke, Is that unless the coke is properly cleaned, and free of ashes and "tailings," it will be classed as "breeze," company is required to furnish tne information concerning the number of stops eliminated, estimated monthly tonnage saved, and saving in. running time of cars. HICKEY FORGING AHEAD Connenrrffie Kaccr Handling Car id Jiaces Like a Teteran. That Denny W.-Hickey of Connells- making for himself a place among the automobile racers of the*: country is "indicated by the warmt praise given him by-some-of the greatest drivers in the game. In the briut' time that he has been on the tracfc: Hickey has become popular . ·with' practically all of them. It is. said ot him that he handles a car after a tira bursts like the late Spencer Wishari Ralph DePalma congratulated B3ck- ey after the race at Chicago last monttti and not entitled to the fixed price for ! who was never known, to lose control the screened product. The latter i of his machine. will be sold at 55.00 per ton, which is $1.00 less than the price for blast furcace coke, as the order prescribes, j when Hickey finished fourth after a* "Breeze" will be sold at ?3.00 to $4.50,! remarkable display of skilled and con! depending upon the quality. Several cars of screened coke have been refused at destination, because of carelessness in preparation. Under the recent order persistent shipment of unclean screened coke will result in the whole being classed as "breeze," for which the price of $3.00 will be allowed. TRUCK KILLS CHUB. Claire Herwick held a penny show and ! Giordano residence at No. 209 Blev- turned over 83 cents as the proceeds. At a meeting at the home of Jennie Penn. in Murphy avenue last week the Junior Red Cross girls oi that neighborhood raised 70 cents. This week,' at a meeting at the .home of Esther Seals in Prospect street, 45 cents was realized. The other mem-, bers of the organization are' Lillian Mart, Anna Artis, Ada Belle. Artis, Bessie Penn, Alice Williams, Clyde Rude and Robert Artis. tion of Berat and the capture : of -war materials- and .-many prisoners by the Rej»oW*s JT«me Omitted. The name of W. C. Reynolds has Will Ohscrre French Holiday. Mayor E. V. Babcock has asked Pittsburg to observe Juiy. 14, the French national holiday. . . enth street. Coroner S. H. Baum\ of Uniontown, was notified of the accident Giordano was born at Dunbar, a-son ot-Joseph and Theresa Giordano. WANT TO CLOSE FUND Graham's Grove Picnic Committee Wants All Tickets Returned. The committee in charge of the Red Cross picnic at Graham's grove on the Fourth is anxious to close up the finances a.nd turn over the money to the Red Cross. This cannot be done until all returns have been made of [tickets sold. . ' . . . - Little Bangbter oi Engineer Bclte in Accidont in Pittebnrg. Isabelle Beltz, nine years old, little daughter of Baltimore Ohio Engineer Charles Beltz of Pittsburg, sistent drivimj. Those who Ralph best know that this is oat o£ thev ordinary. for the taciturn Ralph, to-; comment on the driving was killed yesterday afternoon, when she ran in front of an auto truck near her home. ( The Beltz tamily formerly resided ; and knows his- car in Cumberland and Engineer Belli is 1 Milton, well known, among railroad men on tbe Connelisville division of the Baltimore Ohio railroad. tor. Hickey was tutored in the stages of his racing by Ralph. MnUord. and the Fayette county boy was quick;' to pick up the.angles ot the game,. This year he finished fifth at Sheeps-i head Bay and fourth at Chicago. LasS year his' record was 'extraordinary. Resta, after watching the performance. of this Fayette county phenom, de-' cla'red that a driver must beat Hickey to win. ' "Hickey is a good driver," said Tommy Milton, in a discussion of the 1 merits of the Fayetto county pilot. "He drives a steady, consistent race perfectly," sai4 Equalize Sugar Prices. WASHINGTON, July 12.--Prices of sugar to the consumer will bo equalized and the distribution bettered despite a threatened shortage. Food STOfDAT PICTURE SHOWS, The committee urges that all, who ! Administration officials predicted to- iiave tickets report at once. Fair tonight; Saturday .fair and warmer, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania./ ' ' : ! i'empcratnre Recbrd. ' ' ' ' . Maximum . ilinimum.. -Mean 1917 76 63 . 69 I day, by the coo'peratioi! of -tbe sugar ---- : i equalization hoard created by Presi- Merns' Showcase Robbed. i dent Wilson upon recommendation of . A small glass- showcase in which j Administrator Hoover, merchandise is displayed in front of 'of Bmanuel Mervia on North P.ittsburg - street ; was ' robbed last j J. W. Harrington of Pittsburg, ar- night, 'several. pairs of shoes being j rested here Wednesday night for fur- taken. The lock on the glass case nisoing liquor to soldiers, was taken Harrington in Custody. was broken..and at least five pairs of men's shoes, none valued at-less than pair, were taken. Several shoes ,were also The robbery was reported to to Pittsburg this morniag by a Department of Justice agent. Affidavits of two soldiers to whom Harrington -gave the liquor were secured, and the charges against him will be taken up la Pittsburg. 1 Are legal, Say .lodge of Mercer County Court, If Properly licensed. Sunday motion picture shows are legal in Pennsylvania if properly licensed under borough laws, according to an opinion handed down'by Judge J. A. McLaughry of Mercer county. He ruled that boroughs are self- governing and that matters concerning licensed attractions come properly within, the scope of the governing body's powers. To Dedicate Flap;. A service' flag in honor of th« young men of the congregation, who are in military service, will bo dedicated Sunday evening at the Churcn. of the Evangelical Association at ' South. Connellsville.

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