The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. x'HB DAILY "COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1 K\ latin Cimrfcr CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INi«-OTtMATlOX All ads. a r e i f l s t i l e t e d to t h e i r pioper classification and to the regular style of t p e Tilt- p u b l i s h e r s reserve the r i g h t to e d i t n i s j e e t a n y classified a d v e r t i s i n g copy. E r r o r s In a d v e r t i s e m e n t s shmua De reported I m m e d i a t e l y . The Courier w i l l not be responsible for moro than ono Incor-ect i n s e r t i o n . Charged a'ds for rosponslble parties w i l l ba receivoa by l e l e p h o n e . and. it paid w i t h i n six days. 'jash rates will be a l l o w e d ,_ A d v e r t i s i n g ordered for irregular Ins e r t i o n s takes the one time rate. NO ad. is taken for less t h a n a basis or ^ t h r e o C o u n t t h e average words to U i e line. An average word contains six letters. Ads. orde.-^d for t h r e e or *lx time, and stopped b e f o r e «*P lra '-' 9 " ITM, 1 *" c h a r g e d for o n l y the n u m b a r of times the ad appenrod, and a d j u s t m e n t advertising reijuesc CLASSIFIED TDVBKTISWO KATK'B. Dally rate t .er llns for cons« insertions. Charge Ca*h One Time ............... ^? 'oT Threo Times ........... TM M SU Times .............. "* WHEN AND WHERE TO X O U U ADS. Th. Cla.«lnia A a v e r U s l n g Depart. A M. Fho»e four Cla«»l««* ·**· No. 12, 13 or 4IM. The Ad Takrr wlli gladly assist^you. If desired, so taat the copy for your au. \l prepared in such a raunncr a. tp bring the greatest lesulta tor you. Classification Index The l u v u v m u a l auveriiflemaiu. under Ui« t o l l u w i u g cla*»mc*uou »r» ar- -Ii'ged IP A.-vliAJiWllOAi, order lor A A A O t J» OH..M* uVl'S-- 1--Jjeauis t,--larUa ot Thank* H--in Aicniortana 4_*-lovMi» ana Mourning Goods o--Duueim jjueciur* tt--ilouuiiieiu* »n,* Cemetery i -- f«riiima B -- K»JigWua and Social K vents U -- BJCIUUOS and J..od*;«« .ie Agencies 11 -- AuioiuuliUe* ior sal» ' 16-- j lb . a -- io-i-- luu 001 iiitf .i** "uU il»cycie« a-- *«r*ic«» station* i'arlor* Contracting . Ktmovtuin* Miiiinery :«_ii«auuts. iuauiiiin. ijauiitien uovuns, i i u c k l n g . atorag* as _ irolessi'Jtial aervice* vy _ uepairuiB and itettnlshlng and Upliolsterjr au _ Tailoring and m _ Wanted -- liusines* bin vic» aii -- iieip W sin led -- Feraal* di -- Hoil» Wuiu id -- ALaia 4J _ jtieij) -- Miie anU I 1 enmie »5-- Soacitor*, Canvasaers, Agenls stt _ situations W a i i i e u -- Feuiule «7 -- Situations \V au lud-- Mala 4 - -Business Opportunities ,t -- Inyeanni'iua. StocKa, Bond* 4U _ Money lo l^oau. 41 -- W a u t a d -- 'Xu ilorrow Courses ^ 0 -- i n s n u c U u u Cluases 44 _ iUiutcui, Uuiciu«, Dramatto 4^ -- V u v a i e limti uclion 45-u. -- 1'uvata liiauuttjon -- Musio 47 -- juoba, Cuts. Other Pen 40 -- licmios. Cattle, O t h e r alock 4U -- i ' u u i u y , ibBBH and £u -- \ V a i u 0 U -- j tut Sale £l-a -- liuilui u u d 52 -- Bouts and ^ -- ijuuauiB", buuuing Aiuterial. {,4-- -liuuiaudi. a n d U11H.J ai.d uuiry 1-ToUui.ta titi -- 1'iuoi, l''u»a. x at tuixer i; -- aouU 'ii.iujjs tu ii«it bb -- Things £,U -- liousuuuia Ciuuds uu -- jeweiry, Wtttcuua, Diamond* Ul -- MauuitKiry » u u Tools UJ -- Alusicai dierunandis*, Plains, ^'lowers l,»--ojiucials at me otoiss ,o--nvsuiiifc. Apparel uu-- » aiAou--'lo iiuy LL.V, . ..»" HOAHJU-- 01- ."i W»ui iioard \j a - ...o. \ v i L a o u L tiuard bu--A* *·· ^i t u r -1 U 1 I \l . . . U t J till M ..,, t ID atop la Town 1L.O . . . 0. t U l l lHJiVi'-- At». n.nuis uud li'lats 7o--u-o....=. fiauua lor Kent Itt--i'u.uia uuci ituu* lor it«at 7 i -- L i ^ ^ v - a mr Ivcnl 7«--uiu.u ui u Ucan Koom 7U--buuio. .Mvuiituui, l^ake for Heat iu--cuuui Uu i, L-ou'Ury lor IItat (U--VYuinea--To Uutu KJUAL. hJSl'A'l'M KUlt bALIS-- 1--^luKtitu lit ItuaJ ^tflalo 8^--itusiiust f i u p v t ly l o r sale sa--Fauna u u d l^und C u r bo,i» »4--Huunes J u r 80--.LuUf f u r SO--dhoro. ilouiualn, £ 7 -- d u b u r b a j for r i a l e d5--To fcixcrange--Kual Sl--V l 'a :ied--- Itoal l^suitu AUCTION--LKUAl^-- ttti--Auction.-UI-N, Auction Sale* t»l--Legal Notice* tor Sal* Announcements Deaths 1 MRS LYDIA D SMITH. Mrs Lulta Dickinson Smith, 43 years old, w i f e of John S m i t h , died Tuesday a t h e r h o m e a t Alicia A U K 1'OU O.VK of the satisHed money savers \vlio use the clussiiled thrift ADA V l U a i N I A AV1I.TROUT A d a V i r g i n i a W l l n o u t , I n f a n t d a u g h ter of Mi a n d M i s Carl B W l l t i o u t of Smock, dlcil T u e s d i } . I n t e r m e n t w i l l bo made T h u r s d a y at Addlson The f u n e r a l cot tego w l l leave the house at 1 o'clock. Cards 01 'Thanks 2 MO1VPOER--I talc i this means of i h n n k l n g my m a n y friends and n e i g h b o r s for the klnlneaa and s m i n t h y e x t e n d e d me during my rec-ont b o r o a v e m p n t , HIP death of my husband, Mr. IJDX Is Molpocr. Also T desjre tn t h a n k 'he pallheurcri and those \vho so kin lly donated the use of their cars. M i s . Ixmla Molpoer. Flowers and Slonrnlng (Joods 4 PUNERAli DESIGNS -- And wedding b o u q u e t s a specialty. Oglevee's Flower Shop, 103 E. Cawf ird Ave. Phone 424. Strayed, Lost, Fonnfl 10 FOUND--Key ring w i t h on* key qn It on South Side lCe 'ins, Plttsburgr marked on It. O\MW may havo samo by identifying k y riig and paying for nd. Automotive Automobiles For Sol* 11 STOP IN T O D A Y ! -And Bee our Used Cats b e f o r e buy ng. K v a n s Motor Service, W. C r a w f o r d A v e . Phone 1834 YOU'LL BE BUHP1UB1SJ)--If you stop in toflay and see n h a t rtjal values we are o f f e r i n g In go id Usel Cars. ICaay Terms West SMe M o t o r Company, Wast C r a w f o r d i v o n u e . Phone 407 a n d 40$. R-E-M-E M-B-E-R YOU CAN BUY--T!i 9 best in Excellent Used Cars h e r e O u r l n u our "MARCH USED C A M HALi!j," at prices lower t h a n H s e w h c i e . Connellsvllle-Olds- niobllo C o , 117 Kast Apple street. Phono 074. NOW ON DISPI*A.T THIS NEW NASH STRAIGHT EIGHT EVANS MOTOR COMPANY EAST CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE 77. 1020 OL.DSMOUILLE SEDAN NOTE-- In good r u n n i n g condition. Tires excellent. A six cylinder car for only 150, Cash. A Bargain 11 T h t r e Ever Was One. W. 0. HADDOCK FIRESTONE SBR\ ICE STORES, INC. I'HO.\'E 21. A COUUTtOUS AD-TAKKR Will gladly h e l p i u t o « o r d a result-prod u c i n g ad If i n cull 12-13-4UO and ask tut UUB f r « a s-iivic' USED CAR BARGAINS We W i l l Sacrifice At Greatly Keduced Prices liyj!) Model "A" 1 ord Demonstrator*. Sport Coupe, Stl. Coupe, Tudor Se\lan. OTHER GOOD BUYS IOL'0 Model "A" F rd Hport Roadster, Driven o n l y U 500 mile*. 1020 Model "A" Fo d Tudor Sedan. I t K i S ' C h e \ r o l e t Coupe. ID'J" Essex Coach 1UJ7 C l t o v r o l e t Cabriolet. WEST SIDE M'JTOJt COMPANY W. CHAWKORD AVE. PHONE 407408. TALK ABOUT ^ OUR BARQAIN8I YOU SHOULD SEB WHAT RffiAL BUYS WE HAV1, ON SALE A Ride Will C o n v i n c e You 1020 19J8 1020 lUi!8 1IW7 1U2S CARS Chevrolet do-upes (2). C h e v r o l e t Cabriolet. C h e v r o l e t Coach, C h e v r o l e t Coupe Ford T u d o r Sudan. C h e v r o l e t Couclies (2). Star Coupes (2J. Oakland C 'Upe. TRUCKS 1027 Dodge, U- on Post Truck, w i t h » new t i n s on rear. Cheap, Chevrolet 1 1-2-ton Truck. Xwo, Chttv rolet 1-2-ton Truck*. TRADES! TEJIMS1 TRADES 1 MASON MOTOR COMPANY r^ Trades--Open Bundays--Terma. WJLST APPLE STliEET. '««ONi; 105 Every One In A-l CondlHoa TRADED C A R BARGAINS Lower Prices Than Etsewher* WHY GO SHOPPING?--There are no comparisons--coma la and look them over. 1820 Model "A" F"rd Tudor, has been driven only 2 GOO miles. 1020 Model "A" Foid Roadster. 1U20 Model "A" Ft rd Touring Car. 1D20 Model "A" F rd Standard Coupe. 1027 Pontluc Sedan. Easy Payments, Trades, Terms! HETZEU-YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY AUTHORISED FOHD AGENCY SCOTTDALE, PA. PHONE 470 Automotive Service Stations 10 ANNOUNCING Autu Accessories, Tires farts 13 NOTICE--We Pay Cash for your old w o i n out car 01 t r u c k . Bring It to us, or phone "8 ' and we'll call for it. Fayelto Au,t" W r e c k i n g Co., Me- C o i m l c k a v e n u e EACH GROUP 01 offers in the Classified Section contains big profits for someone. To Our F r i e n d s A n d The Public At Large THAT WE HAVE SECURED--The ser\ Ices of-- MR. FLOYD KBSSLAR-- Who has been employed by the Connclls- v l l l c M o t o r C o m p a n y , f o i m e r l y Conn e l U v i l l e Bulck Company, for the past eleven years. Like his brother, "Earl," lie Is k n o w n to bo one of the best expeit m e c h a n i c s in t h i s vicinity. We Cnn Now, Double Check Every Job. EARL KESSLAR'S SHOP REAR. RHODE MOTORS BLDG , WET SIDE PHONE 2038. THERE S SATISFACTION for both adveitiser and r e u J e r in every classified ad. THE MORE DE I'AILS you tell !:. a classified ad the u i o i u attention your offer \ v i l i receive. MAKE H'AV wh le the sun shines-- att at o n t o w h e n you see an offer In the Classified So uoti tlia.t I n t e r e s t a you GALLSY'S DUCO AND BODY SHOP-- Body and Fender Repairs-Duco and top work. We save you money. Phone 1073, RADIATORS--Rebuilt, repaired and cleaned. Auto repairing. Low rates. Fuehrer's Repair Shop, 1J5 North First street. Phone 2012. Business Service Business Service YOU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE EVERY SPRING WHY NQT YOUR F U R N A C E ALSO? IT'S JUST AS IMPORTANT---Our Super Service Vacuum Cleaner does the trick and for less money. A R. BQYER WARM AIR HEATING ENGINEER PHONE 302. CONNELLSV1LLE, Pa. dealing, FUiublng, Rooting 2X QUALITY FHJMBINO-- And nesting. William Seller* Company, South P K t s b u r g St. Fnone 3*0. Prompt Service. Insurance and Hiirety 0onds tt INSURANCEl ALL. KINDS EXCEPT LIFE FAYETTB REALTY CO. PHONE 13T8 T. D. GARDNER, INSURANCE--"W* writ* it right." All kinds. Cook and Laughlln, Ino., Insurance, 800 National Bank Building. Phone 20. INSURANCE--All kinds, excepting life. Bertha, Ins.. Notary Public. 400 First N a t i o n a l Bank Building. P h o n e 435. Res. 1Q9S-R. Morfug, Trucking, Storage C* QKNRAL HAULING--Local and long d i s t a n c e m o v i n g . B. M. Orlmm, 22U i'lrtit St. Phone *8. GLOTFELTY'S TRANSFER--Local and. loni; distance. Opp. Arlington Hotel. P h o n o H42. Residence 4102-Rlng 22. A.nnlng8 and Upboivterlng. I9A UPHOLSTKRING--Let us restore that useil f u r n i t u r e to look like new, Phone 1027. Fisher's, So. Pgn. St. ; Tailoring and Pressing SO RICH MAN CLOTHES--AU »22 50. Sola only by Simons Cash and Carry. Phone 1085. Employment Help Want**--JtemaJe WANTED -- SALESLADY -- Mu*t be thoroughly experienced in ready-to- ·neer and millinery. Good salary and steady position. Write f u l l details as to salary, experience and age. Ad- drefis Box 40, care Courier. ' Help Wanted--Male 88 WANTED--Two married men with earn. Steady workers only. |85 00 to iftart, S'ee Mr, Fox, Thursday between ft and 7,30 P. M., at Y. M. C. A., Bcottdaie. Solicitors, (janvuBNer*, Agents 85 AGENTS--Either sex, to Introduce Warrior Spary, to kill moths, roaches, bed-bugs and many other Insects. A uplr-ivdld seller for part or all time woikers. Plttsburg Insect Exterminator Co,, 20U Lincoln avenue, Plttsburg, Pa. Situations Wanted--Mule 87 WANTED--Position by farmer, married man, general tnrm work or dairy. Inquire Room No. 1, Webb Hotel, ScottdaU, Financial Family Loans 40-A NEED MONEY QUICKLY? 24 Hour Courteous Service v On CASH LOAMS Up To S300. SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS--Com* in for full information--Just Phone, "34" or writ* PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY 112 WEST CRAWFORD AVENUB. CJTY Instruction Who hastens too much often remains behind. Anc he who hastens to buy without first consulting The Daily Courier's Classified Ads often comes out behind. You neve r lose by hastening to the Classified Section! You C in Phone Your Ad To A n Ad-Taker at 12, 13 or 490! Merchandise Fuel, Feed, Fertilise' CHICK SEASON 13 HE IE WE HAVEr-A. f u l l line of Ch ok Feeds and Grain, Vitality Starting Ma»h, with cod liver oil, per 100 Ibs $ 4 0 0 Conkey's Storting Mash*s, IOC Ibs 14.70 V i t a l i t y Chick Grains 100 Ib ja.15 Collis s Pure Dried Buttermilk Ib, llo Rolled On.a for Chickrt, per U .... 4c Mica Chick Grit, per lo 2o Llmo for Gardens and Lawn*. 10 Ib. Sack . , . . . . , 2oc SPECIAL JTOR THIS W) iBSK 25 Ib. Qold»n Bread Flou ... .$1 00 SEE US--For Cash Prices on 411 kinds of mill feeds and gialns, CITY CASH FEJSD STO =UB PHONE 120. CONNELLSVJ LJLiE, PA. CONNEIJLSVIIJ^B COK1NQ C d e l i v e r e d , Oo al the tnln*. \fe»t Bide Cus.1 Company, N i n t h strait, corner t,ele«nrlng avenue. Phone 075. Hoaeehold Qoodi M FOB SAL/E--Oil stov*. gas rai g«, combination range, klt?!ien cul [net; extension table; sewing raacb no; Deds and dr«*Mrs. Pull's Storage 122 ,'!£»»t Peauh Street. Phono CO. Musical Mer*and!» 02 FOIl gjiLE -- Ciood Paoksre Player Piano, Cheap Inquire Florence Grimm, Alverton, Pa. ,o · p)ioo« 41ia-H-lC. Scuttdal* Kadio Cqnipateat 6SA Private Instruction--Music 4iA INSTRUCTION -- Private, mandolin, piano, banjo, guitar, ukulele. Gibson School, above K u i t z J e w e l r y Storo. Live Stock Horses, Cattle, Other Stock 48 FRE.SH' GUERNSEY CO% -- For sale. Tested. Inquire Oeo. B. JE-tllng, R. D. No. 2, Box 100, Coruiellsville, Pa. FOR SALE--Fresh cow. Tested In- « u f r a Paul VelU, 1303 South Arch Street. Poultry, Eggs, Supplies 49 A T W A T E R KENT KAI IO AM PHONE BOSCH RADIO -- Screna-drl U Fr*e demonstrutiou. ttadlo Servlc Ci., 130 South Pit is b u r g «tr««t. Pho IB 1TO. EDISON AND PHILCO--H»di i*. Free derooiistrutlon*. Thomas J. lAtb, 112 West Apple Btroet. Pt»ne 1U02, SJS1US--The New Stewa.rt-War cr lladio Models now on display at Clarke's Drug Store, North Plttsbui g street. Phone 104. We servjc* ail makes. Special* at the Store ·. «4 IT WON'T BE LONO N W1 » BI3FORE--You are plantlj g y p u r garden. Slop In today and ook over our garden tool*. Ordor yo r garden seeds and fertiliser from is now! FiUbee Hardware Co., 134 V. Crawford avenus. Phone 104. Wanted--T« Bur M CLEAN WHITE RAGS--Wan I id. Will pay Bo per pound. Courier Company. WANTED TO BUT--Flat t 9 typewriter desk with typewrl »r compartment at sld*. Call Bu*tc*s* Office, Courier, Rooms and Boa rd ttoojuN (or Jioueekeepj i|( CRAWFORD AVE., EAST, 8"7--1Thr«e room furnished ilc,'ht hou elceaplng Apt., batli, porch, private ·titranc*. PITTSBUHG .S7 t RUET, SOUT ? 134^ Four rooms for houtekeeplt g. Phone 1025. PEOPLE WHO READ the classified ads know how, when and i'h»r» to spend money most profitably. IF YOU ARK thinking of nv irlng this spring it is not too early to ook over th» deslmble propel tie* iv ilch - are b«lng offered in the Claftilfie I Section. A VITALLY IMPORTANT part ot every day's news is found in I le classified ad*. YOU NEEDN'T WOHRY if 'our oook leaves you suddenly. Other* a -a always Instantly available U you use a classified ad. Real Estate For Rent JJiislness Places for Bent 76 STOREROOM--At 111 Went Apple St., s u i t a b l e for any purpose. 16x40. Inquire 0 lOc Wall' Paper Company. Farms and Lands lor -Bent 76 FOR RENT--Twelve acre farm, house and good outbuildings. Phone 1081 of i n q u i r e K E. Bowers, 1310 South Arch street. Houses ior Bent APAHTMBN'TS, HOUSES, STORH- KOOMS ANU QARAGJSO--Inqulr* 128 West Peach street. Phono 475. SNYDEH. STREET, 206--A six room modern house, with electric, bath, heater. Rents at $20 per month. Inqulro A. K, Wagoner and Son. 1009 West Crawford avenue. Phone 148 Real Estate For Sale H onset* lor Sale POPLAR GROVE--Six room fram* house, w i t h bath, gas, electric. Has' hot water heating systein, cemented cellar, stationary tubs. House i* tn belt of repairs. Home is located near car »lop. Grounds consist ot three luts with nice garden apot. Will sell at bargain price of fi.QOO. Terms, part mortgage. Inquire A,, K. Wagonei and Son, 1000 West Crawford avenue. Phone 148. Auctions--Legals Legal Notices fl ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE OF ROBERT P. MARIETTA, lato of the City of Connellsvlile, County of Fayette and State of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters c f Administration, d b, n., c. t a, on t i e above named E s t a t e h a v i n g b o P n granted to the u n d e r s i g n e d , notice In hereby given to all p e r s o n s I n d e b t e d to said Estate, to make Immediate payment, and to those h a v i n g claims Against the fmme, to present them, p r o p a r l y a u t h e n t i c a t e d , f o r s e t t l e m e n t . U. George May, Administrator, d. b. n., c.*t. a.* ConiiBllsvl le, Pa. 12feb-et-wel, NOTICE, ESTAT1S OF THOMAS S. SILCOX, late of the Township ot Luaerne, County of Kayette and Htale of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters of Administration on the above named IQatate having been granted to ,tho undersigned, notice ia hereby given to all persons indebted to,,said Eilate, 1 to mako Immediate payment, and to thosn having claim* against the «anio, to present them, properly authenticated, for Settlement. Mary M Slicox, Administratrix. 419 North Pittsburg Street. Connellsvllle, Pa. H. George May, Attorney. lOfab-«t-wel CLASSIFIED ADS offer you big savings in money and time. AT THE GYM Wrestler--I alwayi feel the tttoflt active In the winter--when do you? Running Broad-jumper--In the spring, of course. Put It in th. Will 'Wire* of great men 'oft remind them They ran make their wivts sublime, Before departing leaving behind them Ca*h for good* they're bought on time. BABV omr-KS--All brtecH Price $13 to |20 pei 100 Louc'kt, Hardware Coioyanr. l'lion« Kiu, w» First Aid to Purses The best fiist aid treatment for starving purses is the -eading of this page of opportunity news. The bargains and offers of all kinds listed lere soon help to fatten any pocketbook. Always Different--In Opportunity The A B-C- Classified Ada Always the Same--In Service t Seeks Auto Speed Honors A few mhratw alter hla arrival at Daytona Beach, ICaye Den, BritUb automobile race driver, went out to the hard packed aanv epeedwagr and teeted the course over which he ia »oon to cace his Silver Ballet. Don U ehown testing the sand on which he hope* to attain a marie ·£ ' four mile* a mjnuts. The speed record fs held by another Britbh ' daredevil. Major H. O. D. Segrave, who la»t year aped 231 »!!« an hour. And She Came Up Smiling! Kiss Harletta Perry, »f Waahinfton, D. C., who doesnt data to h« a Bafkrian, sbindiar beside her wrecked mtom6bt!« la which she collided with another car, turned a couple of loopr and calmly crawled out of the shattered interior with a smile instead of usual marks of her disastrous experience. She agreed, however that H waft · JHUJ luck? sseatM. ' Today's Cross Word Puzzle tm 91 :i n 14 II IS m i ACROSS 1 To acquire before hand 1 T Ugly creature A fold 10 Pertaining to thts air IS A Oouth American | country ; 14 A trick 15 Sun god ' l« An animal i 18 pf that nature 1 Companion 20 Steamship (abbe.) 21 Lubricant 23 The Near Bart 25 One ?e Exclamation of »ur- · prl*» tt Tears down S» infected matter IP A pattenger cot- veyance ·3 Purpoee 8$ A drink made lYpm apple* as Female parent 36 Masculine articJe Fr.) 38 To atop progress 40 Secured 41 My*iif 48 Not In 44 A *tlck 4« Part of the body 47 W* , 48 Roman god of love' (0 Brave person ' 61 With comfort 62 Part of a whole BJ Electrical unit 64 Most profound DOWN 1 Look* into *lyly 2 Not usual 3 Ostrich like Au«. tralian bird 4 To tangle An elf · To sine 1 A klnrf of tree Answer to 'Pastil* nanrrn tacncnn n cnnn i/ QWCPtT?! 0« S Man'e alckaame » Nervouc twltcbtnv U Spread ef wiitln* fluid It Step* II X Htodtt IT Sloth It Oone by n At th« b « Sap UMd for ntoh ' 24 Safe place tor keep* In* valuable* JB To veHfy 37 Smoked meat 2* Devout 91 BmaUbit S3 Uncouth »4 A putaU ·7 Bore «QtHc«Ur 41 Upon v 41 Quality 45 Thin piece of baked clay 46 Prepared glaei ' Photography 48 Koa-c«ntrie ing pltoe 4» To color ( 50 Aj*h»de 61 ExcIanwOoB ^-^

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