The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 7, 1938
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 7, 193S. THE DAH.Y COURIER, COt^^LLSVILLE, PA. PAGB SEVEN. Basketball Basketball ····· M ^«^H ······«· W^IH^ MMMi ^VMP^ ··"··· ^"" »^^^ ^^·M^M^H ·· ~^*M9^ TM IV ·· ^^^^B»^ ^«^TM BI^Im,r,n»j».»a ·^····1^- COKERS GO T,O DUNBAR TOMORROW Sportoriais By JOHN H. WHOKIC Sports Editor HASSON GETS STARTED Gene Hasson got off to a fine start v/ith Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics at Lake Charles, La., Saturday by smacking out a home run in the first game of the Grapefruit league, the Giants finishing on the long end of a 11-10 count. Seven circuits were pounded out. Gene is doing the first sacking for the Athlc- *.cs and the veteran Mack is counting on him to fill the job this season. The folks back home arc'pulling hard for him to make the grade. HIGH SCHOOL CLUB FOURTH SWBMMING EVENTS Blackci Takes Third in Century Back Stroke in P. I. A. A. Meet. FOUR MINUTE MILE SEEN When Glenn Cunningham, the, flame-scarred warrior of Kansas,) covered the distance in 4.04.4 for the fastest mile ever run by a human being, clipping two 'seconds off the previo"s iccord of the Briton, Sidney Woodcrscn, and four from his own mark, ' 2 gave rise to hopes that the four-minute mile is possible and that it ever' ially, possibly not in the far distant future at that, will be turned in. The veteran seems to be getting belter all the while as he has shown marked improvement in his running. Cunningham may be the man to do it although he isn't too optimistic about his own chances and despite beliefs that it's physically impossible to maintain such a killing pace for the gruelling mile, as will be required. But there was a day when none would believe a 4:04.4 was possible. THREE FIFTH PLACES TAKEN EXPERTS WRONG AGAIN The wiscmen of punch promenade who had been saying that some day Buddy Bacr would become heavyweight champion, just like his brother, Maxwell Addlehcad, have again been proven wrong. Buddy was carted out of a ring Friday night after a minute and 36 seconds of battling in the seventh round, the victim of a technical knockout, as suddenly Gunnar Barlund was plummctted to the front as a prospective champion. Buddy was a sorry figure as Referee Cavanaugh stopped the Dght only because Bacr said "I've had enough." It was the first time in 44 fights that Buddy had been sxoprod, halting what had been considered n carefully planned campaign to put him into the top row, a maneuvering that kept him out of the way of bad medicine. Baer's handlers persistently refused to even consider a match with Joe Louis as they wanted to develop him into a champion. Baer's defeat was a big disappointment to close followers of fistiana who had looked to him to become king of heavies. But that's the way the wheel of fortune spins. As Major Bowes put it: "Round and lound she goes, where she'll stop nobody knows." BITS HERE AND THERE Final plans lor Fayette county's undergraduate basketball tournament March 10, 11, 17 and 18, will be completed tonight at 8 o'clock at a meeting of the coaches at UnlontOYim. Teams will be matched, eight officials chosen and other arrangements completed for the meet at South Union. . . . "Skipper," famous mount of Colonel Eric Fisher Wood of 107th Field Artillery, Pittsburgh, has been retired by the U. S. Army.. Skipper started his career in France In 1917 and became the second horse pensioned by the Government . . . Extensive alterations of the course and addition of a new trophy will enhance the annual Devon horse show the last week of May ... New Cai.tle defeated Dormont, 34 to 25, while Verona spilled East Pittsburgh, 33 to 30, in the W. P. I. A. L. climniations Saturday . . . War Admiral, turning in his 10th straight victory In the Widcner Challenger Cup race in Miami Saturday, increased his total bankroll to $231,625, just $17,840 shy of the winnings of his great father, Man O* War . . . Pitt nosed out Pcnn State, 20 to 25, before 5,000 fans as Ed Spotovich, sank a brace of field goals in the closing minutes of play. ... In a photo finish, Stagehand, a mere colt but a mighty one, captured the fourth running of the richest horse race in the world, the $100,000 Santa Anita Handicap. Scablscuit was nosed out while Pompoon, rated as a favorite with the second placer, finished third. First placo netted Connellsville High scored 13 points to place fourth in the western regional swimming eliminations of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association at Slippery Rock State Teachers College Saturday. The Coker entry In the 180-yard medley relay race finished in third place while Bill Blacka took third position in the 100-yard back stroke fpr the pointi made by the boys coached by A. R. (Red) Barr. On the relay squad were Colborn, Foley and Ke.Ter. Bob Colborn took fifth honors in the 100 yard backstroke while Vic Peterson scored a similar position in the century breast stroke. The third fifth was drawn by the Coker club of Blacka, Beighley, Sapolsky and Boyle who scoied in the 160-yard free style relay. The Orngc and Black Swimmers were no match for the class of contenders from Districts 5 to 10, inclusive. They, however, garnered more points than any 'other entry from District 7 while carrying the laurels of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholasthic Athletic L e a g u e which they had wrested from Duquesne, titllsts for the two preceding years. Robinson, Erie Strong Vincent ace, set a new State record in the 100- yard free style in the time trials. His time was 54.6 which also tops the W. P. I. A. L record. Robinson also established n new western, regional record In the 40-yard free style with 19.2 in the time trials. Swimmers from 13 high schools in Districts 5 to 10 competed, including Westinghouse, South, Taylor Allderdice, Fifth Avenue and Connelly Trade, Pittsburgh; Clearflcld, $91,450 . . . Tom Klnkodc, 18, Toronto, Ohio, high school captain who .scored 836 points in four years of basketball, is being compared with Chipper Charley Hyatt and Hank Luscttl . . . Pitcher Ed Brandt a~d Infleldcrs Arklc Vaughn and Bill Brubakcr are the three unsigned Pirate regulars who are to meet President Bill Benswangcr in California this week to iron out their differences. The three are dissatisfied with terms offered them ... Secretary Woodnng, president of the National Forest Reservation Commission, announced in Washington the commission had authorized the Forest Service to purchase 104,778 acres to be added to 32 National forests and purchase units at a net cost of $331,184.15. Acquisition units include Allegheny, Pennsylvania, 267 acres at $1,916 . . . West Newton High lassie: lost to Glassport girls, 52 to 34, as the latter retained the A. M. A., A. A. U. junior cage championship Saturday night in Pittsburgh . . . Pitt frosh spoiled State College Cubs' perfect floor icc- ord with a 47-33 victory . . . Charleroi defends its junior W. P. I. A. L. basketball crown against Swissvalc Tuesday . . . Philadelphia Ramblers upset Pittsburgh Hornets, 3-2, in the International American Hockey League . . . Don Cratsley, Carnegie Tech star, scored 34 points for a new Eastern Intercollegiate Conference record as the-Sklbos defeated West Virginia, 69-38. Red Fergue of Tech and Mike Bloom of Temple had held the record at 23 points . . . W-J swimmers beat Grove City . . . Duquesne increased its lead in the college hockey league by whipping Baldwin-Wallace, 4-0 ... Thirty-two teams were set today for the first annual National intercollegiate basketball meet at Kansas City. MOUNT PLEASANT TOPPLES DERRY TOWNSHIP PASSERS Sewicklcy, Connellsvillc, Duquesnc, Wilmcrdmg. Turtle Creek and Strong Vincent and Eric Academy, from Erie. Erie Strong Vincent scoicd 83 points to take first honors, sweeping through to six firsts and four seconds as it presented a wonderful water club. Erie Academy was second with 28 points while Westinghouse was third with 14, one point ahead of Connellsville. South was fifth with 12, Connelly had eight, Duquesne four, Clcarfleld, Allderdice and Wilmerdmg tied at three each a d Scwlckley, Fifth Avenue and Turtle Creek scored one point each. The summaries: 40-Yard Dash--Won by Robinson, Strong Vincent; second. Fitting, Strong Vincent; third, Nieswanger, Clcarfleld; fourth, Samson, South. Time--:20. 100-Yard Breast-stroke--Won by O'Brien, Strong Vincent; second, Bell, Wcstmghouse; third, Arters, Strong Vincent; fourth, \^hitchouse, Connelly; fifth, Peterson, Connellsville. Time--1:10.2. 220-Yard Free-style--Won by Broke, Academy; second, Shaw, Strong Vincent; third, Born, Allder- Ulce; fourth, Galovich, Duquesnc. Time--2:23.4. 100-Yard Back-stroke--Won by Brotherson, Academy; second, Mc- Clcnanthan, Strong Vincent; third, Blacka, Connellsville; fourth. Grant, Westinghouse; fifth, Colborn, Connellsville. Time--1:06.8. 100-Yard Free-style--Won by Robinson, Strong Vincent; second, Shap- cr, Strong Vincent; third, Tisch, South; fourth, Mcnzics, Duqucsn:. Time--:55.8. 180-Yard Medley Relay--Won by Strong Vincent; second, Academy; third, Connellsville; fourth, Westinghouse. Time--1:51.6. 160-Yard Relay--Won by Strong Vincent; second, Academy; third, South; fourth, Westinghouse; fifth, Connellsville. Time--1:20.6. The State finals will be held Saturday, March 12, at State Cllcge with the morning given over to the trials and the afternoon finding the swimmers participating in the finals. PAROCHIAL TEAM BEATS WASHINGTON Immaculate Conception High of Connellsville chalked up another basketball triumph, defeating the I. C. H. dribblers of Washington, Pa., by a score of 22 to ID at the Armory there Friday. The Owls led, 11 to 9, at the half but Washington came through to knot the count at 17 points at the end of the third period. Connellsville put up an airtight defense, allowing only two points and proceeded to walk off with the honors. The line-ups: Washington G. Graff, f . 2 ,T. Dasta, f 0 0 F. -- 4 0 Spcrl, c Aloe, fi ... Sonson, g Brchl, c F. Dasta, f Totals Connellsville Sidow, f Fchc, f George, c Porter, c Hunt, g ,, Christopher, g Totals 10 Hcferee--L. Forbister. Tilt. 5 Former Indan I'laycr Dead. Walter Lut/c, 40, former third baseman for the Cleveland Indians, died Sunday at his home near Milwaukee. GREENSBURG, Mar. 7. -- Ramsay High pulled an upset in 1 the Westmoreland county intei:«cholastlc basketball tournament Saturday night by spilling Derry Township, 35 to 27, to move Into the semi-finals Friday. - Scottdalc lost to Vandergrift, 42 to 22, while Hurst was turned back by Jeannettc, 44 to 32, and Eait Huntingdon was whipped, 45 to 19, by West Newton. The line-ups: Mount Pleasant Queer, f Murtha, f Zclcnka, c Rudnik, g ___ Damico, g - - Lcnt7, f Totals Dcrry Twp. Torrcro, f - -Johnson, f Burd, c Ncigoot, g Stahl, g -Walbaum, f -- G. 3 3 2 2 4 -- 1 15 G. . 0 F. Fts. 1 7 7 5 35 F. Pis. 1 1 Totals . 8 1 1 Score by periods: Mount Pleasant . 12 7 9 7--35 Dcrry Twp. ,, _ _ 11 4 3 fl--27 Referee--Mcllman. Umpire--Walsh. Vandcrcrifl Kelly, f . _ _ Spiher, f Dunmire, c , Shutt, g Cline, g Hmes, c Cooper, g Totals Scottdale Byers, f Zcarley, f 1 2 4 Akcrs, c 3 1 7 Graft, g 3 0 6 Skcmp, g ,. _ 0 0 0 Livcngood, g 0 1 1 20 G. Sport Center Wrecked. LOS ANGELES, Mar. 7.--Screen Star Victor McLaglen's huge sports stadium was virtually swept uway by flood waters. McLaglen said the establishment, which cats 20,000 imd cost $20,000, would have to be :e- bmlt. Windber Stops Boswell. Windber came fiom behind in the List two minute"; of play to defeat Boswell, 30 to 28. Somerset Beats Shade. Somerset High scored its 17th vic- Provmcc, i 8 6 22 Totals - - -- Score by periods: Vandergrift ... 18 5 9 10-^*2 Scottdale . . . _ 12 1 5 4--22 Referee--Wallace. Umpire--Knight. West Newton Lindauer, 1 -Abbott, f Fowler, c , Hula, g . Scholl, g . . -- Shiftman, c -- Totals .. . E. Huntingdon Thorn, f . Bales, f Pctro, c -.. Clausner, g Popovcc, g G. __ 4 _ 2 F. rts. 3 11 2 G 0 4 5 5 1 19 Totals, 7 Score by periods: West Newton _ 10 10 8 17--45 E. Huntingdon ... 4 4 8 3--19 Referee--Knight. Umpire--Wallace. JcanncUc G. Hohn, f 3 Trjgrcssor, t 3 Stciner, c 8 Cataldo, g _,,,,_,, 0 Broker, g 3 Cole, f 1 Landci, f «_TM TM- - m- _ ,, 1 F. Pis. 4 , 10 0 G Totals 19 Hurst G. Dolan, f 2 Kantorck, f _ 4 Vikortosky, c 2 Pfrogner, g 5 Baluh, g 1 1 17 0 0 1 7 0 2 0 2 6 44 F. Pts. Totals _ .. 14 Score by periods: Jeannettc _. _ 11 10 11 12--44 Hurst _ . 12 7 5 8--32 Referee--Mellman. Township, 28 to 24, eliminating that tory of the year by defeating Shade outfit from the running for the Class A crown. Rockwood Scores Win. Rockwood took the measure of Llgonlcr, 26 to 11, by coming from behind to triumph. The Somerset countians had trailed, 11 to 6, at the half. Windber Drops Ebcnsburgr. Windber took a 38 to 34 decision over Ebonsburg in an overtime game. Floor Season to End With Leisenring Game; lujack Closes Career Phillies Sell Dolph Camtlli To Brooklyn NEW YORK, Mar. 7.--The Brooklyn Dodgers announced purchase today o£ sluggms Dolph Camilli from the Philadelphia Phillies, in the firsl major deal engineered by Larry McPhail since he became Brooklyn business manager. While the price lor the southpaw first-basoman was announced as $75,000, conservative estimates trimmed the sum to about $00,000, which still makes it the largest amount ever invested in one player by the Dodgers. The previous high was $40,000 for Buddy Hassctl, who has held down the Brooklyn initial sack for the last two years. Purchase of the 30-year- old Camilli followed closely announcement by Manager Burleigh Grimes that Hassett would be con- vcited into an outfielder. Camilli, who had his best year since breaking into organized baseball 14 years ago with Philadelphia lust season, has not yet been signed to a 1938 contract. He is reported to have demanded $17,500, nn increase of $0,000 over the amount he drew from the Phils in 1937. Center Volleyball Team Is Conquered ByMcKeesporf'T' ConnellsviHc Recreation Center volleyball team, playing its first game abroad Thursday when It traveled to McKeeiport, lost in three straight sets to the "Y" team, 15-5, 15-13 and 15-9. The winning club presented a baffling offense that caught the local tcum off balance on numerous occasions. George Cole and Duane Thorne stood out for the Center squad while Kost looked good for the winners. The line-ups: Recreation Center--Cole, Thorne, Caretti, Fox, Marzano and Miskinls. Hcfercc--Carl Ginncll. McKecsport Y. M. C. A.--Kost, Gasparovic, Mains, Brenzia", Madden and Briggs. Seniors- of Both Schools Prepare to Give Up Cage Sport.. TEAMS ENTERED IN COUNTY MEET iThe curtain will come down on the local scholastic basketball schedule tomorrow when Connellsville High travels to Leisenring No. 1 for a return game with Dunbar Township, champions of Section 10, W. P. I. A. L. While the Orange and Black ran wild in its final appearance at home Friday, the game is expected to be keenly contested as Leisenring will be out for revenge. The setback was one of the worst ever dished, out in the series between the two schools and the drubbing didn't go down very well with the loseis. - The tilt will bring to a close the scholastic court career of Allle Lujack, brilliant scoring ace of the Cokers who took individual honors in the Friday tilt after having set the pace for the, v Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League, during the season ended last month, chalking up 229 points in 14 games. A large crowd is expected to be on hand for the tussle that finds the quintets making their final appearance. Both schools are enrolled in the county undergraduate basketball tournament at South Union Township High School that opens Friday night, but members of this year's graduating class are ineligible to participate. The junior varsity quintets will clash in the preliminary game. Windber fo Play Boswell, Somerset Tackles Friedens Somerset county's basketball tournament Tuesday night at Berlin finds Windber tackling Boswell while Somerset meets Friedens (Somerset Township) to determine the two clubs that will meet Thursday evening to name the county championship quintet that goes to Bedford Saturday to fight it out for the laurels of District 5, P. I. A. A. Look for this symbol of QUALITY on the RUG you buy' Come In and See Our Large Display! Dozens of Other Smart' Styles, Too I BIGELOW LEWIS--a delightful chintzy-looking small figure in an all-over design. In a soft blue or soft green. This pattern in broadloom or In 48 Tailor-Made rug sizes. 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