The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 11, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1918
Page 8
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EIGHT. , THE D4ILT COtTRIER/OONNBLLSViUJB, I"; THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1918.. ES SUFFERED NO COKE RESTRICTIONS OVER FOURTH i to tke Patriotism of the Workers of the Com»ells- BROKERS DISAPPEARING 'a .fwtof In tie JfartM, r»rtJe«-"j M Jtctefen to FUMCO C«Ke; I B»B*:JM««t; Pig Iroa j F»«i to'Skew UereueJ i .... . 3p*elal. to Tho "Weekly . Coun«r : PKTSBURG, July 10.-- Indepcnd- ce Itey ha» come and gone and the jlust furnaces have- suffered rial -restriction in,-production. By ! i means or .another tney-uave ap- j · kept themselves supplied | h coke, .this being due. in pa-.~ to j accumulation of reserves .and-, in! t to .the effort .of the operators to] . production., despite- th.lioli^ [ · It remains the -case. Indeed, that j u are slijbt reserves.of-coko a t j ·j furnaces;· '·..-. --Y -··-. "i p-'.-Ttie : coke'msrkefis-still-an extreme- ( " · narrow one. 1» furnaqe coke there ! ihardlr «aough ; ; movement apparent i dlzcttse the existence of a market,; a :tn" fbuadry" coke there. Is clearly tH* rferket' though noi'oire'that-would -ordinary- times -be called an. active me,--» ""....:..., . . _ ' . ' . ' . - · - . - · ' . ijpf Ajiwaraiices-of market activity .are ~i".w.TMni=ey- however, at--this--time,"- fay !-ihe virtual-disappeaaance of a/factor in the'sit- · times..past -the -broker- at ,oue time save the ; . market- an apjiiear- £ancr -of tremendous ··:-demand · by 8'tpreadins his"inquiries broadcast, and ""' another "time an ."appearance of !«' excess of supply, by hawking Iftiie.:same lot of coke in.all quarters. · If.thi ;all.,he Inactions.-very.quietly. Thert 13 no .mission.available on furnace coke, "consumer is .-not fallowed, to' 3*ay--a commission and -the -producer fjlll-not If the-broker transacts busi- ^"^e"*! in furnace .coke, which-he rarely .Joes-, it -is-as a matter of accommodation between friends -and nothing is isaitfc Consumers buy spot coke occa- £sjonally--but the -business is done di- Jfffit. 'aid".Tor ;prndential reasons nei- j;tair:iiarty".cares to advertise the trans- Ijpctloo'.."'.The'.buyer .does not .wish to |*ncourage otber .buyers to look, for iCOk* where:he found'It,..and..the op- Iferatoi. does-nur want to be. bothered ;ft)t,-tre*a.applicants. , . . - ' · 1 UTito foundry coke there is a more ! situation. A number of oper- i will allow the broker a small |in",-"while other business i* done ''direct.; at full prices*.' or through IVindtert without a commlscion. There ;3lsiometinies·»· surplus of .72-hour by reason ; of . . t h e ^manner in oven* are l operated, and T2- coke brings $7.00 when .sold to ^foundry and only: J6.00 when sold ~ ? '- blast.: furnac*,. iThe market re- quotable a t - t h e "set limits as '.15.00 limits: · Bessemer ' J3o.20 Basic -.J32.0D 'Xo. i foundry .' ?I3:Ofl Malleable .......:..'.'. ji».5n j Forge ..... : : H32.00 These. : prices are f. o. b. furnace. 'Freight from- Valley furnaces v to, Pittsburg is now $1.40.. , ; 7*-hour: selected $7.00 . over 1-inch .;.,....,. .J7.3Q £ i!-Th*.business in.coke.screenings is somewhat anU; better j^ade a*f«£ bringing 'up to 9tr.5, with' possi " ' L " " ' ' " r'eal · COKE TRADE Unusual credit is due, and,it it? bclne fflven, to the coke workers ' of the. ConneHa^-llIe region, for the unusual.record made on the Fourth "ot- July. 'In response to an "appeal frrrn'the Fuel Administration to'Show their, patriotism-by- turning out f or . a lull .day's run, instcau.of ceJebratiny the day according to custom, the .resion" as" a' whole went "to work .- somewhat'-.In-- advance of. the . schedule , time and produced ap- .proxfmately 60,000 tons ot coke- In addition they mined sufficient" coal ..for : by-product, railroad fuel a n d : /commercial uses to swell .the- .week's total' of'coal. including that : - used In making -coke, to 655,000 tons, the largest. output for a-.single week thus far this year.' '· ' Coke, production was 345,893 tons, practically the same as for the corresponding week, of last. year, and but 2.695 tonff less than the preceding 1 week. In-1917 the region/was running at t h e ' rate of 350,000 to 370,000 tons of .-coke" per week, and the .Fourtn .of July slump was 21,000 tons a.f compared with 74,000 tons lost- by fhe celebration of 1916. This. year's performance ".was all the · more remarkable*, because the · average per. week -'to date has been but,-303,000 tons as comr .pard with! 1 355,000 -tons ave^as 1 ..during the first half of -1917. ...' The magnificent manner -In 'whichthe men of the region" responded to .the rail to stay on . the job -on .the jFVmrth has won ; the .admiration of the - Fuel "Admlnistration: ' Dr. Oarfleld has . - telegraphed his appreciation in "the" warmest. terms. IMC MIDSUMMER RESTRICTION IN IRON AND STEEL HAS - N O T BEEN NOTICEABLE Production Holds Around 95 Per Cent in Iron und 90 Per Cent In Steel; Iilstriljotion 3loYi»p SuootUj. .Special' 16 The' 'tfeeitly Courier. ·NBWTOBK, July 10.--The.Ameri- can Metal. Marfcet and Daily Iron " Steel Report will rcvipw the steel and iron trade tomorrow =3 follows: | The tore part of Julj' has witnessed i practically none -of the restriction in pig iron and steel output tiat usually comes In ^ the midsummer months, production having .beea. practically steady ilnce the early pan; of Apftl. Production Is not a: capacity, being about 95 per cent, in pig iron and 90 per cent in steel, but the causes of the * slight restriction are numerous, wid on the whole the situation as to production IB regard- j ed;as quite satisfactory. Output of finished .roJled steel .In the past three months has been approximately 8;bOO,000 igross tons, probably the largest in . any. consecutive three months in the h'istory of the industry. -The distribution of steel is pro.^^d S oTMarap ~^£***Z^,£ can b* Improved .further _Screenings,-, pisc Md _ b?come mon familtar , 0Pthe ; W 1 .;* " V? c 'h" a " e S 1 : ;..-1 fJi^j-tniiJ*- '"Steel" n.ow falls ; into flve' :,r.uld be limited; only »y the .J7.30 , categoricSi . tnree - Cla63e -it-priorities.- giwernment price if the_ buyer fa w 11- L^. A ,,,,,,-. B . respectiTely , Pclass c -- " , ,,'· ·"^^"T^Uoverteg.the. preference .list, and ?^*^^ZTMF^^^FlSi£^£to { ^1.1 c» ·^·i^"^^^\^^^'^^ .j^^ -- - expected. .Much difficulty is en- j cfftjlj . ;tbat . th? sh i pment was , m disaosinff _ : of. ^ihv tail- |Th* : trade is .wrestling with the Wem why the pig iron production ftth«"".country, remains at.a: rate j "'uunder'. 11,000,000 -tons.'".a year i "tlierer are pot . many .plario^ the public .good. The chief difficulty is that there are top many priorities, some of them of longstanding. The War Inviistries Board is seeking to limit priorities and it is possible that in a few months the preference list, wiil be practically in control of dis-r opbration report that they {g,*? °D,. sureewiWo^'o/ fa'irly^'free supplied with coke. .al±ough dl3tribuUon There is no question letlmes th*y are.-on the .ragged tha t tueamtmntof steel shipped to the .-there do " not' seenv to-be| chiet - w?r acti vities has made a very r furnaces out of blast for lack of) i mpre ssive total -Wtftt seems to .be. a consen-a-' ^ e status of jobl)erB js now vel! nethodiof computing, voeverthe- aeanedi In .that they are permitted to -·*«s .the. .capacity .of the coun- I rep i a:( ,- stee i f urnished - fo - r - goTern J fi,;«,.fuUy.-;«,000,000-tons.of piB.! men t orders.and steel supplied in ···.-"-' - Tconnection with the .preference list »;otaer..words, a. coke supply.UiatjAs little falls outside these categor- ««rs on the. surface, to ".be., nearly ,, ies u| e j r present stocks act as a con- not-Quite .adequate,, is accompaniedi jsiderable safeguard, against-exhaus- 1x.H8.lrm production that is not jj pn . in ^ near future even jf eve'ry . Uie market. If it were iiot for| t pn of* steel shipped 'cannot be r*- i. circumstance, there wonld be. jfiaced. .,, .... ' the-predfction made in j : ; The m 6yement of stee! outside 1 the- jjquarters that there wiU be- a l ' cr uhtry "is probably at record rate lT ; o. f .!» k ?...wi^ OP" inarket [but tie amount" is not^known, the 3,. in"., the. not. distant ftiture. i regular statlitics not covering -ail' prediction when ;made ;i» '.based the steei: that leaves the country. _;stationarx; 3 Jjghtlyj ;ristag ;' · ".- -. ----"-' · :--." Lot .beehive coke;, and steadV .. . . ' «-- r · ' ' t -production of by-product :.. . .- ..-..* CCllin. l.additional- .ovens...arc com- ;: ·-- . . ..Capacity is increasing, .and ·'.: PECHIN, July 10.--Misses Thelma c'rtibn of production. Unrated iCarr, : Margaret- Lehman, : Daisy Leh-' . la "gaining' a : triae,.liaving'.|man,-Mabel-Jeffries, Daisy Cole and 50,5 per cent i n . the country, at ['.Leona Miller, all of Ketfers Station. "for the week ended June -29, land Earl Martin of Keffers,: Homer to the last Geological Siir- i Spaagenberger, Clarence Ball, Gerald I report the production of «6396 Broftn and George Stahon of Pechin ^ in that week comparing *ith an' -- - *- i ^ . - i w j _ _ One-Third OH This .-includes evgry straw hat In piif ·'·jnciii's;-..ind : .boys' j'stbre--sailors,, pahamas^ leghorns/ sennits, baliluks "and' all others. A .cold,, backward season is the only reason why these are being spld at such a sacrifice, as our-, policy : IB" never : to carry any- s thing prer from one season to the ·next. _; : . . , " . ' *." ··.; ' '·.' .A ^-eat oppqrtunity for men buying either or for next sea- so'n.,' . . · ' .. SAVINGS SAJEORS--That.. were J2.00 to sio.OO Are*' BOW $L34 t« 9 6^7 ,-· JtlLASS--That, were ?1.50 to ?10.00 . Arc now $1.00 ;to ? .C7 LKGHOK-XS--That were JO to *10.00 lire how $1.09 to $ S.«7 PAXAS.4S--That were ?3.50 to J10.00 'Are now »2O4 t«,$«^i7' No Man Should Complain About the Heat when Cool Clothes .Cost So Little Palm Beach Suits $10 Cool Cloth Suits $12 Mohair Suits $15 and many other Suits, both' single and double breasted, ranging , up to $25. Our Suits at $15 are specially priced and exceptional values. ' : . 35 SUITS / At a Saving Still a few of fthose good Suits, worth $20 and $25 , which we are closing out AT ' 02TLY $12.50. Not all sizes in every style. Reminders Overalls '.. Extra Pints Pants Overalls Caps Bathing Suits - Bojs' wish Suits . Boys' Bompers Brownie Overalls PJ»r S«its . Children's Hats Going Away? New Luggage Tranelinf Bags, all sizes and styles, ?3.00 tip to ?35.00. Those at $7.60, Jib and 515 are exceptional. Suit Cases, fibre and leather. In every wanted style and size. -ranging [rbm $3.50 up to ?20.00. Triiuks, steamer, three quarter and hill size, many styles · at 17.50 to ?85. Gold Bond Stamps With All Purchases RIGHT- pARAMOUNTTHEATRE 10c --TODAT- 15c WORU) PICTURES PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN . "THE MAN HUNT" This stcry tells of a modern girl and the manner in which she makes-a man become her husband despite the number of times he has refused. ' - ' . ALSO PATHE "WEEKLY. --FBIDAI AlfD SATURDAY-GOLDWYN PBBSENTS MAGNIPICIENT MARY GARDEN \FOR THE SECOND TIME ON ANY SCREEN. THE MOST CELEBRATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD IN "A SPLENDID SINNER" THE STOEY OF A WOMAN WHO PAID HER GREAT ' DEBT IN SILENCE ALSO A GOOD CHiiUSTIE COMEDY AND WEEKLY. e_of abont 470000 tons a week coal jaarket is with-, incident: ;. Lakt ship- throngh satis tae tor formulated before the to have the vessel »ub*errlen t to . rail cpndi- working -out" well" as there- weie guests at a birthday surprise jSl en bj Harry Burnsworth of ! Mor in-Il, last'evening. .-.Misa Olive .-fl'eir of Keffers Station, t ,tri. on the:sick List. i John Murphy . and -"famiiy-.. of: Owl Hollow, _ have, moved to TuAer -Bun. Mrs. Ed-ward Xvig f and sons. El wood and Edward and daughter Al berta o£ Allison are visiting the for Value Giving Considered No need to go into details as to styles, trimmings, colors, -etc.,-for every woman, at all familiar ·with this store, knows that no rratter what the occasion Wright-Metzler styles are always right. But what we DO wish to impress upon you is the magnitude of. the savings ottered and the importance of making a, prompt selection. ' The following table of prices will convince you of both. ·15. 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War- Savings Stamps Save Gold Bond Stamps railroad congestion but rather i mer s parents Mr and Mrs Edward 'or upper lake ports |G lehman and family of Keffers Sta nj for a feir days Ernesc \Vefmer of Jamestown the coal carcocs they -oipexit eonsmnera are well sirp: coke frjt aremot accum- |i»Uir tk« stocks cons acred neces · »afetf next winier iron marketM«.quiei,.the faJE«n iiuch a Iron that to mhi) fully ot tiidr contracU and 5", who has beea visiting his mother Mrs Frances Weuner ot Verguson Station, for a Itw weeks has returned home again George W Smltley and «randchil- dien and some of his friends motored to Muontown to spend Sunday Margaret Maaoner of Church fatso petition u a nil* I Bill, wai at TJniontown vi»iting some 'MMl«r«iiotaM« at J»e M t Tb* I ot her friend* over Sunday Richarrl and! Edward of Greens-burg, were visitiog Mrs. Fowler's parents, Mr.- and Mrs. Edward..E... Miller of Keffers Station, over Sunday. Mrs. Calvlii- Cotfman: and daughter Francis anrj'Mrs". Isaac Ross of Un- lontown, .were 'visiting Miss Delilah llarkley of Keffers'Station,'this week. "Mrs. Joseph RMenour and family of Springfield;: nave, returned home: from a- visit to" her:, sister, Mrs. Luetellis. Cole, andi other relatives of Keffers Station ·· . ... .-· .. '·:. . Miss .Gladys Miller of Keffers Station, nag vis-ting, relatives and friends. in :Greensburg Sunday.' ': Mr and Mrs James Miller; : who were on their wedding, trip," iaveire- turned.' toj'the former's parents; 'Mr; and Mrs Edward 'E.,,' Miller ^ .of '..':Kef T . fers Station, Sunday:/-.^;/;; .'; :.;:.·:.·;.;·: 'i-V.' a long visit to friends', and relatives in "Washington, county, returned-to her home at Ferguson Sunday.' .James.Wingr'ovc of KeEers Station, has tak^n a position at the United Fire | Brick .'company of Fergiisoa. - --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, . Strictly Fresh, .Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST . .. 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