The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 24
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V -V. MM s- 0 ; A companion product to famous all-purpose flour fa mi im f WW em oi iionr ! r v :ySy' '--,:r- V." V S2-. IMS v :''vy;''y.;;;.,--;v.-:.: Pours frooly and cloanly, just like salt because it's in granular form instead-of powder! - , Dissolyos instantly in liquids! Never jumps even in'gravies and sauces I Impossibloto- sift flows riight Y, thrpugh you r sifter I . ' j Cloanor to handlo no dust no mess I Wonderful baking results without changing your present all-purpose recipesl - ; y . ' , Costs slightly more, but does so much morel 1 ft ' ' " 2S The fair 29 Siooan Indian. 30 Acquiesres. 32 Venerable. ' 33 TUting field. , 36 Certain vets: am: 87 Dictum: - Comp. werdL 88 Necleet. 39 Vealth. 41 April: Aibr. 42 See 23 AcToaa. 43 Exelamatioa ef at Ma' I Win the .- ' IK: V- A . , . yyy v 'f WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1964 . 24 7 ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL " - '.v ': ' . AH PILGRLMS . BUILDING STATION FIND JAWBONE . STIMULATES HEART MOSCOW (AP) Soviet doctors in Leningrad have invented an electric device that turns on a heart- stimulator when patient's heart begins, st'oppingur-ing an operation.-At the same time, the device triggers a warning horn, Anatoly Kolesov. head of .the military surgery 1 PENALIZE DEPUTIES . BEATLES NOT WANTED ; JETBrSALEM (AP) "-. Israel doesn't want, the .Beatles. Turn-Jrig down an impresario's bid for a licence to book the British singers here In September ' a government committee said the Jdornal Cross-Worfl Puzzle, BEIRUT (APW mobile dtsJ CANBERRA (AP)-A satellite..! BAR ES SALAAM (APfc-The ALGIERS (Reuters) Ater, a " long debate behind closed doors, the Algeria National As pensary will operate between the pu'eip holy cities of Aleciajind tratking station is being built 0Wer Jawbone of the evolution-. ACROSS ditbeBet. 1 City of India. , U Pronou. .. 10 Contrsdictka to forltheit U.Sr-National Aeronau-jary"Nutcracker.Manhas been! tjcslan Space Admhmrraiionl in 'unearthed in excavations o( Tah-j terms. . - t Medm during, the- Sprirrg pil- sembly adopted a draft law that any "deputy missing a debate without good and valid reason should 'have his pay . stopped. Some deputies thought "that the missing member-should be e pelled from the assembly,. . : S Roobi la a JtlLiT Dutck aitmft ' II Frail &BM. . grimage tease-it. has Wan4Ausiralia- 26 iniles- fromin- 10 Behave. ganyA'-OlduvaLlGore the government has announced. The dadenet; 12 Little 13 Didn't ty yee. 14 Great expaate. ' IS Weatlwr " predictMMk " lPorti ooL 17 -Conctniet. 18 Vipn: Prefix. 19 Keep i (be ' ntolata)t .. ' onk. . 22 Responsible. . - 23 Enthusiast. . 25 Lienteaanm 49 Machine pert. 13 Room: It. ' ' - nounced by the audi Arabia., berra, official sources reported. It will be IS miles rrom a deep space' tracking station -already beVulTTor WSAr y yy season will have performers 61 Wioa Embassy in Lebanon.. Jn the past. "many pilgrims have sue- "far greaterartlsti value than the--Beatles"-arid fheir shows might--not-beTsuitable- for teenage audiences. Y .'. I :.- in tixht ht: A words. 21 Kin: Labi V find was made by .Dr. Louis Leakey, noted authority on pre SS CeataUoo. - 1 " 24 BasUe. . I ' " 27 Started, v 56 Spartan, L cum bed to Intense desert heat. historic East Afric maciatraw. 2S fiutow iu v ty i. clinic,, said. Y , 57 HindoatanL i 30 Attaneri Abbr. ' 58 Wine. r I 81 Siesta. ' M Enea. lor ema. i 82 Indiaa sooSMcry. 60 Forecaster. . V 83 Meat -61 Firmitmly, . . 84 Oulans, - miaht. Y ' 83 Larrm of a saou, . ---v. .1- v 62 Church vmaL-XH- Title la. India. -AM. : ' -YA- ltm. . ' 26 Sim or - DOWN 40 -off (stopped X One 3 , , mduallr). ., . "f words, Y . ; ,J 41 Retainer; " f 2 Proceeds rapldrft 44 Looks. - Slangr 2 words. 45 Great Bomber. :r4 Llaneros' gear. . 46 Con tin oa. . A 4 Spoken :. ; 48 Maintained. . . extempore: v ' .50 Bandmaator 2 words. .. , ' John Philipk.,,. ,. S Stroejhoiea. . 52 Aetm. Y' 8 LiabL ' ' . 5 Bo. ,-, 9 Null soonds. -." 55 Miners T5 "wT " "" f""-""""-" IS" T r iW - "iT"T""" ---JU , 19 . 20 ,; At T" "" y T ' : "sr " m" 3" 15 ")i7 faf " a" "" i "r3'", sr""" 33 34 35 36- 37. ;. 72 39 U-.. 40 ; 4J "T" " Y4" 13"y"""'".4" 45 y 47"r4a ' " 49 ' " 7 " " t r - ' ' . 51 ..." i2 53 54, 55 ""T """ TT'."r' " 57 - " jtiiS. i- ml -1- - ai. l 62. . 63.. Solution. of this puizle will be published tomorrow. J' L Mercury Rise in a Thermometer? school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to Telt-He Whyr care of The Ottawa Jourpal, fri case of duplicaiequestionrrthe author, will decide the winner Today's winner is: Johnna Horn, Darlington. Pa. . D . a rrnviiu "- i 1 1 The purpose of a thermo meter is to measure heat. There musLhe. some May to tell what the temperature is, when it chanRes, , and how , much it changes. If someone c o u f djn-vent a thermometer that told you the temperature by making noises or changing colors, that would be fine. But so far. all thermometers used by ; man have to be looked at and "read" so we can teU about the tem perature. ,.."v"" " " "-" So when it gets hotter, let us .tft&rXA have to be ab! to see something change in the ther- rTRVoTrieter. Now Jieat and. cold cause many materials to change, but most of '.these materials can't be used. Some don't change in, the same way each time. Some tart to boil when It gets hot. or melt, or freeze'when it gets cold.' So we need ,a material that responds in a special way to heat and cold. Mercury happens to be a per feet material iorthis purpose When the temperature around mercury goes up, it expands. and always at the same rate. When the temperature gets colder, it contracts, always at the same rate. What's more, it reacts very quicK!y so t h a t changes can be noticed right away. And mercury can stand low temperature (30 degrees Fahrenheit) without freezing and high temperatures ( 675 degree s); without turning to apor. " y Y' All that has to"be-don--n9 is to put mercury into some kind of receptacte where these changes can be seen and measured and we have .a thermometer! So mercury is put into a tube -with a very narrow bore or hole. It i seal ed at the bottom, and the upper end of the "Tube i either a vacuum or has some gas in it. Now' let's say the temperature begins to get hotter. The-mercury begins to expsrVd. It is in this narrovtube and the only fway it canexpand Is by moving up the tube. It rises! And since itvm to preyioos mm! rsTKiiTrmisiiirnsiouiBiH I WK I N 1 101 V t w L E a F I hjijTiu r myi t V fit T TMfPii f rTT N I t S T MlTwtT It ftrhTTiWrfrslI k 8 Fn rrrj for i Dtltsl-tinl Changa Try a ' Bronie Lake Duck S to 5', lbs.' each 65 c Pet lb. Peter Devine Ltd. 41 York St. 233-8353 '1 -"r a . .9 M it always cApdiius ai ine aaiiiv rate for the same temperature. by, putting a measuring scale against the tube, we can tell . , exactly what the temperatuie . is! When it gets colder, the mer-, . cury contracts, and drops in he tube. Ail we nave to do is see how .much . it had dropped (by , looking at the scale), and we know the. new temperature! . . . FUN TIME " The Riddle Box . 1. Why d.dn't the baseb a 1 1 v catcher , meet Cinderella? 2. What most resembles h a 1 f an apple? 3. Why is the prairie so flat? . 1 - .':..:'' ANSWERS . 1 Because he missed the ba!l. 2. the other half. 3. Because the sun sets on it every night. Wm a Britannia Junior for Writing About: "The Best Cltlren in Town" Who do you think is the best cibzen in your town? It could be a public official or just an ordinary citizen. .Write, a short letter about it and you may win a 15-volume set- of Britannica' Junior vY Encyclopaedia. . Jm- J portant: entries must be addressed "Best Citizen," Tell Me. Why. and give your name, age and address. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook o Eienf i. Send vour riddfej. jofcej to. Kiddfei. Jokes. "Tell Me Why! Today's winner is: Chetil Blyther-ll,-Shelby,-' Ohio.: v-y FALLS DOWN CHIMNEY TOKYO (AP) It started as a Wackerthan usual day for chinu ney iweepitsugoro ShibaSakl. 71. He fell down an 80-foot chim- ey. Four feet of soot at the . ttom broke his fall but he was sulfocating. His son A k i r a opened a smoke duct and to his surprise out crawled father". FLOOR SANDERS " WALLPAPER REMOVERS FLOOR POLISHERS BOND'S DECOR CTD.V, : 277 BANK ST.. 232-1334 , ...

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