Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 18, 1976 · Page 45
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 45

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1976
Page 45
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Page 45 article text (OCR)

4D -- Julv 18. 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail fcn, Vies! Virginia ---Athletes Surrounded by Reality at Village By Dave Anderson (c) J976.V.V. Tintet Strricv MONTREAL--In its mod architechture, the Olympic Village resembles four stairways to the stars. Its pretty hostesses in candy-striped blouses try to project that image with their cheery "Bonjour" to everyone. But here in "V.O.." short for Village Olympique, reality is only a glance away. · Or. the lawn inside the 10-foot wire fence that surrounds its 45 acres. Canadian sol- 'diers in green uniforms patrol in pairs with carbines slung over their shoulders. At the entrances, residents and visitors with dog-tag identification check in through airport-type security. , The memory of the massacre of the Israelis at Munich has created the largest military operation in Canada since the Korean conflict. On a map in the Village's police headquarters, the positions of various policemen and soldiers are marked by yellow, blue, red and green pins. Many of those pins were shifted to positions inside and outside the Olympic Stad- ium Saturday for the opening ceremonies. The security is obviously necenary. Politics also has provoked several nations to depart. But for more than 3,000 athletes and officials who are lodged here, the Olympic Village appears to hum with the "joie de vivre" that appears on the Province of Quebec travel posters. On the walkways, the athletes are In sweat suits of all colors. They seem to be In a perpetual hurry--to go to a workout, to eat, to nap, even to loaf. On a grassy rise, a dark-haired Spaniard is playing a guitar. Off by herself, a golden-haired Swedish girl is sunbathing. Others splash in the indoor pool that avoids sunburn. On his way to lunch, Quinn Buckner, the Indiana University playmaker who is the captain of the U.S. basketball team, is talking about how the United States hopes to regain the gold mmedal. He has been the captain of his team in high school, college and now the Olympics. "Will you be the Milwaukee Bucks' captain too?" he is asked. "They haven't mentioned it yet," Buck- Overhead Slant Bearded Hal Albertson reaches for and hits an overhead shot at the net during Saturday's action at the Public Courts Tennis Tournament at Gorman Courts at the Watt Powell Annex. His doubles partner. Danny Valentine, watches from the baseline. i Staff Photo bv Leo Chabot) ner says, smiling. IN THE FREE 24-hour cafeteria, a hostess in a green T-shirt directs athletes to the shortest line in the 12 service areas. On the lunch menu Saturday was tomato bouillon, cream of mushroom soup, assorted hours d'oeuvres such as herring in tomato ssuce. grilled minced steak, roast chicken leg, fishcakes with egg sauce, lasagna, lamb stew, butterscotch pudding and fresh strawberries. "We serve 40,000 meals a day," Jean- Francois Seaher. the food production manager, is saying. "We can serve 7,000 an hour." About 18,000 pounds of food are consumed each day. It is prepared by 150 cooks. But there are no special meals. "We sent out the menus to all the countries a long time ago and they approved them," Seaher says. "About the only thing we do different is that the rice is cooked with bottled spring water, not tap water. And we have a special spaghetti from Italy that we will serve twice. But we serve it to everybody. If we make something, it is for everybody, not one. About the only complaint we have had so far is that the food is too good, that they.are eating too much." Not far away is the clinic with 40 hospital beds. This is also the site of the doping control center for the athletes. "We are testing for steroids," says Adrian Alix. a McGill University medical student. "But we have found no violations yet." In the basement, there arc free do-il- yourself laundry rooms, each with 40 washing machines and four ironing boards. While the machines churn, a huge Bulgarian, perhaps a weight lifter, is ironing his sweat suit. Next to him a tiny Pan- amian. perhaps a boxer, is ironing a pair of shorts. "But some of them put their wash in the machine and do not return until the next day." the attendant, Noelline Bellemare, is saying. "That is very bad.'' Also in the basement area are the offices of the various delegations. In the Soviet office, marked "U.S.S.R." near the open door, a framed portrait of Lenin stares down from above the red flag with a gold hammer and sickle. On another wall are two posters for the Moscow Olympics in 1980. already awarded to the Soviet capital. Iran hopes to be awarded the 1984 Olympics, but in the Iranian offices, a dark-haired receptionist smiles. "WE HAVE no literature." she says. "It is not ours yet." "I thought you might be campaigning," a man suggests. "We are a monarchy." she said. "We do not campaign." On the 20 floors of the high rise, the athletes are lodged in 980 apartments. On the balconies, clothes are drying in the sun. 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WHEEL HORSE lawn garden tractors 4- Wilsons Lawn Garden Crede Tractor Sales Service Guyan Auto Parts letes don't spend much time in their rooms. On the patio oUhe Soviets' floor, two table hockey gam«sit alone in the sun. Half a dozen athleteKire inside, watching a video cassette of a Charlie Chaplin movie. In the cinema downstairs, there is a different movie every evening. "Breakout Pass" with Charles Bronson was there Friday night. In the open-air (heater, (ior- don Ughti'oot was there Saturday, the Canadian Ballet Sunday. The buildings are not co-ed. Females are lodged in Building A, the males in Buildings B. C and D. "The girls can go into the boys' residences." Pierre Durivage, the hospitality director, is saying, "but the boys can't go into the girls' building. With only 2,000 girls and 6,000 boys, it's the only practical way to handle traffic. We haven't had a wedding here yet, but we're hoping for one." Do You Know Your VETERANS BENEFITS? 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