The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 13
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VVISDNlUtiDAY, M A R C H 11!, MKJO. THE DAILY COURIER, CON!IBLLSVILLB. PA, PAGE THIRTEEN. Baseball THE SPORTING WORLD t i ·*· -« A Ttr *i i f -»«- YLYkwc 1 ("TAT V By JAMES ST. DJUSCOLL. Boxing COKERS CONQUER DUNBAR CHAMPIONS Orange and Black Winner By Single Point in Hectic Game at Leisenring Floor Dick Foul tit Extra Fought Cage RETURN GAMiE FRIDAY NIGHT Oy JOHN H. WHORIC. A lighting ConnellBville basketball tea* that refused to take anything tor granted whipped the crack passers of Uie Dunbar Township High School on Tu««(tny evening at the Lol«enrlng No. 1 gymnasium, taking a 22-21 count In an overtime battle. Bill Dokle'a dribblers, iti administering (i rudo ootbauk to tho cage critics, otitplttpd the Hod and Black in every department excepting In foul shooting. D. T., champions of Section 12, W. P. 1. A. League, had boon expected to wm liandlly, at least on the home courts. ' Joe Tulley, tho ace forward of Bruce Shearer's club, was bottled up by tho Orange and Black guards and he wae unablo to get n single point from the Hold. Hia three attempts from the foul zone, however, were euccensful Dick Miller f the Cokors was th-e scoring hei-o of th evening, caging eix field goals and two from the free lino. His 14 points were more than half scored by his outfit. The largest (rowxl ot the year snw the home machine bow in defeat In the Hist game ot the annual eDr!e« with their "nelghbor'i" which la marked, by unusually eplrk«d competition. C'onnellBvllte, winding up u very wewk drive, wp« h»Meved due for a ·severe drubbing but the lighting spirit that alwayrj mark a all lin«« of competitive endeavor with Dutibar Town- ehip iad not boen given ample consideration. Porhapis D. T. was overconfident but whatever waa ··rottg with the qulntef. If anything, it took a clean clip on the chin us the victors outBcored the ielnonrliig clan from the field, 10 goals to eight. Dunbar hekl a one-point advantage, j 5-4, at the close- of tho flrst quarter.; A rally by the Orango atul Black netted tho latt«r sh- poiuts in the «sc* end otanca while D T. wim being held to two, givln» the Cokers a l«-7 edge »u the half. Shearer'* boys came back but not with the drive tliat has been tto con- cplcuoim all SOBHOII to take .scant margins in the next frames ami to tie ihe battle at the termination tit regulation play, 21 all. In .tho third period, the Red and Black scored »lx points to the Cokers' five ami in tho lunt the losers collected olght to their opponents' six, Dunbar wae unable to r»ink the ball through the net in th« extra throe- .mlnuto period although several excellent oppertuiiiti«s piesented thpm- nelves. A succeMiful throsv from the jrree territory Rules for 1930 American Legion Diamond Program The Junlw basoixUl handbook of the Anwrlon Legion gives the following lnfortn«tton to poeis aponsoring teams to participate in the Junior Aiftorlcan L^Blon Baseball I eague : In fwrnlng your t«im, bekr in mlnfl that It l« Almost impossible to build n team armid one man. The following is ,»ugg«i»tfd as a good table of organiaiUon tor your team of 14 Two One first basemon. · On« sei«nd bftsouin, One slvortstop. One third ba»em in, On« third banemun One left IUld«r. One centoi 1 fleldcr. One right fielder Three pitcher*. One utility Inflelder. One utility outfielder. B« sure that evftrv boy on your team Is within the proper age limit. If be cannot furnish a cci lifted copy of his birth certificate at ih» tlrtia ot his enrollment, get from your department athletic officer exact information as to the next sort ot evidence with which to «»taWl»h the da«» ot birth of tho applicant. Do not i-tay n single game with a boy on the loam about whom there Is any doubt us to ag* or to his sUUia under the high school rule. In' previous years good teams havo come to grief aftw rtolng far along in the tournament bei ause ot an ineligible player. More in tomorrow « Courier. Keagy Club Plays South Union Five Here on Thursday The Keagy Corner ba«K»tbaH team, keeping In trim for it* game on Monday night with the Coney Club, will play tho South Onion tHgh School Alumni at the Statf Armory at 8 o'clock Thursday nU'ht The game was arringed yesterday. The club had an excellent workout last night and is primed for the encounter with the IHeli quintet. South Union will provide plenly o! competition ami glvt the boys the workout they Two Mire City Baseball Teams Enroll i i f if For Participation m League Contests Jack Irwin Stars In Bethany College Intermural Series BETHANY, W. Va., March 12, -Some of the finest basketball ever Been on the local court was display*!! last week-end when the Senior Class team and the Freshmen five battled for the championship of the mass The Moneasen lois lo Uiilontown in the W P. 1 A. League eliminations last night " might he attributed to by D. Miller gave the "staleueas." The Men Valley cham- Connellsvlll* m a c h i n e n single point 'pious have boon plujhig a lot of bas- rlge ju«t enough for n victory, Friday night D. T. traveds to the local gymnaoium and indication* point to A capacity house and another r titles, enured the Westmoreland ttotbal! this season *tid High School boys have just so much endurance. The Monesaen quint it, hungry for hectic floor struggle, in view of the fact that the Cokers won at Leia- eurlng gives the Doldc boys a good opportunity of taking the township- pers acrObS for the second timo. Standing room will be at a premium aul those who ttlrfh to get to the pavilion imt requested to tiyn out early. The defeat for Dunbar was lie third this year In It starts which given tlio Lei««nrtng boya u very good average. The line-up: Dunlur--)»1. Tullfcy . . . . . f f Skortezny V t\ Miller , o B.illey.. ,,. U Roilly ,,,. ._ ... , (!-- ,,, Johnson Substitutions'--H Miller for Skon- «zny, Uehrene for II. Miller, KeriU for Ruda. goals--Skonezny 2, Cokers-- S9. IhldB LuciJak j .. D. Miller county tournament and walked away with top honors, It has also been entered In the Wayne aburg tourney, which, however, does not take place until next week. Nevertheless, the Greyhounds have had a hard schedule and "toll" was colle tod last night when the club lacked its Ubual punch In meeting Uniontown 3, iWilly 3, Rude, Lucxak 3, D. Miller 6, T«ttm fouls--Duaftai, 5 out of 8} ConuellBVille, 2 out of 10. Individual foulu--Tulley. 8 out of 4 ; rtl MUler * oul ot 2; ^.'hrebe, 0 Out of 1; flalley, t out of 2; Luc/.ak, 0 ovit of ;; D. Miller, 2 out of 5; Jones, 0 out of 2. Scoring by ouarters,. Dunbar ,, .. 5' 2 8 Cokera *_4 6 f Refefee--Rhodes. The Seniors were the vtnrnsJ-s of the first half of the campaign but wore noSed out by a single game for second half honors, This necessitates a playing of a scries to )e- temins the championship. With both clubs possessing »ome fine malarial and hating their re- specth'tj teams keyed up to a high pitch the series was a lively fittalr and aroused a great deal of interest among: the student body. W4th the first game lost Friday the frosh took over the upper classmen with comparative ease winning by the score of 29-32. All during the sfftnie the Seniors were behind the srore at tiie half bolng 16-8 in favor of the Proah. During the last period the Senicr baakotaers kept fighting hard unort- oning the gap in the score column but wben tliey got too close the P'osJi would start a fast attack and pull away from the lotty Seniors. The last game, however, was of tt different story as the Senior club led all the way from the opening of the game until the last few minutes when th* Froshmen broke away and scored seven points in the front where they remained Until the end of the game. Throughout the entire contest the two quintets were on practically even terms, not more than four points separating them at any stage of the game. The outstanding man as far as scoring was concerned, was Danny Dopko of the Freshman who scored twenty points in the two games. Cloto on his heels was Imel of tho Seniors and right behind him was Guy Lackey ot the Frosh. Jack Irwln of Con- nellsvilte, captain of the Freshmen was the most outstanding man In tho series, being invaluable to his club, as he Was everywhere, passing, break- lug up passes and starting tuts offensive attack which led th'em to victory. The series wan marked by clean sportsmanship and brought to a close DUO of ihe host ecasona ever experienced In inter-mural athletics at Bethany MOUIfr PLEASANT DEFEATS HURST IN FIRST HOME CLASH MOUNT PLHSAflAN'T, March 12.-Mount Pleasant High School defeated Hurst by s. score of 35 to 11 Tuesday evening in the new Ramsay High School (gymnasium which was Used tor the first time. A total ol 406 paid admissions were recorded.' It was the first home game, of the campaign for the Mountiefi and it is likely thut several others will be played bttore the season. IB formally bi ought to an end. The Hamsay High School has not been taken over by the Board of Education but will likely be at the close of tills w.jek. School may be opened In the ufeW building March 24. SHIPPERS TAKE ODD GAME FROM OFFICE The Shipping Department -won two out of thieo from the Main Office at Elk alley.'! last night, with Ralston registering high count. He had 393. The scores: WHIPPING DEPT. 0--21 Swallop ...» 22 buahaw ... Moorman Bchee ,.L. Froneck Rockwood High Surprises With Triumph Over Meyersdale Five HOCK WOOD, Mulch 18- llish School Iwfiketoors sprang n siur- pri|K last evening in Somerset crtunty circles with u 34-28 vli tory over the track Meyersdale High dribblers In the opening game of the uiitnty tournament. llockwood, in Class B and *icti wltli BoKw«'ll for the title, had prevtouslj lost two exhibition tames to Meyprs- dal-* which is a Claiw A outfit and is deadlocked for the laarel* by Wlmlber. The Miy«fSl»le macJUne was expected to win hands down tind the club w«nt a f t e r t*io contest from the beginning iu the manner that indicated the J l o w e v e r the Rtit'Kwood bo5s had not put Into action their baffling pan»- Foul*"--White 6 out t 1; Kreger, hi£ offense and stonewall d«f«-nao. !t out of 8: Zearfosn. 0 01 t of 2, Kini- M««rjd»le lie Id a I t - l a ^ouut at t h « m » l . :i out oi 0 I't-lte. 1 out of 2. ond if thf hall. Ro kwood cartt* back i K«rrlgnn, 1 out of 1: Coo v 0 0131 oi 1, ami footed into the f t o n t . L'l-in, D'KsU-. (t out of 2; Mayor a out of 5. tie the clash but Its entire was hopeless as tho machltie *as bewildered b the great play of tho Rockwood basketet'i s. The line-up: Ilin'kH-ood--St. M^yersdule--28, White . P.. ... ..... ,.,, pHce Kreger ~ P, ZvarfoDs . .. ...XlTM.... Kiiiuuel ,G.. .. Etukvr . . ,U .. ~ Substitutions'-- Kufail Hostetler for Kerrlg«u» Host(»tler Field goals--White fi, Kreger S, ·/.eartoss a, Kimmel 2, I'j loo », Kerrigan, D'K»t«, Bojt'r 6, Baj or 2 ll . Kerrigan Cook Boyer _ .. . Saylor for Baker, D'M9t« for 127 §1 ...u.uu.u 164 126 104 102 ..122 124 103 111 ill £6 104 356 306 377 281 350 Totals M i l l e r .. De-Merrel Cohen .. Sperry .. Ralstou . Totals . TM . 617 538 515 1«70 MAIN OFFICE. 105 125 109 142 134 102 . ......^....wtll 97 ,,. ...134 157 110 lit 84 82 108 :MO 362 320 aob 303 .593 G17 495 1705 wli4»Jt the tblul (ittarti'i clourd iu the flnul pocio 1 dM Onl; n(f( % 'ei-- 31n r i l l Umpire Hatch - With the ground covered by a white blanket of. tnow today, bafiobftll seems a long way ott. The "beautiful" la just one uf nature's little jokes, how* evei. f t really isn't ally longer u n t i l spring t h a n It was a few days ago when the n i e u u r y was up around 70 degrees. * * · Don't foiget the amateur boxing show T h u r t d a y night, at the Slavish Hall A real entertainment with action Kaloie is on the schedule for lis*- tie followers who want plenty of ex- i-itement, · · » Hobby Ke n.« v who had a leg frae- Uirtcl Iu (lie t ' o n u e l i s v U l e - U n i o i i t o t t i i H i l u x i l tootball name in N r orom- p . n t k ip.iti'd In the Cuker-IHmlwr baakelball b a t t l e lasl nlt'lii. |hei Sfadhmi Oliil) and Cow iei* Outfit Will Seek Berths in Proposed tioopf. Two more basftbsll cli bs haVe Ide-iHifled thf»hijjelye* a-? v d f ilrous ot getting luto action iu sonio l ague this BUffiftiBf'--preferably tho (Jit League. They are tha Stadium Cli b, whK-h plfcyed in the loop last year, and The Courier team, composed of y ung m$ti ftrtiployed- in this plant. The Stadium organization ha? already been founded and ths- oE The Courier team is rapidly 1 elag assembled. W. J. "Red" Oamlln, manap 3r of th» Stadium Club, iiotinod the sporting editor of this paper today tht t he was going to havo a strong con blnatiott this year and believes be wil be, able to moot City League competlt on. There will be a meeting of the Stadium Club at the homft of John BSokey in Smith street this evening to promote tlia activity of th. t group. "Weenie" Hahn is captali ot the ball club and practically tl o same line-up as was «s«l a yeai ago i* available. Manager Camlln said ther i would also bo some new faces in hi roster, he having taken some very defluiU stps toivards strengthening a fw weak spots, What The Courier team will bave is rather problematical. Albei t, sau- du9ky, conflldersd one of I b » city's outstanding twiners, will pro) ably do mound fluty, ami there are fi ifflclent other sandlot pM'rormer« to nake a fouudaUon upon w h i c h a stui ty club may bo founded. There is everv indication * ifli the baseiball fevor may spread t. every eud of the city before tht* spr! ig season opens. The interest tak«i in the game by Mayor H, D. Mluerd as had Its effect and the proposal a put William McCormick, \*ell knc trti for his 5ov ot all oompeutlve ap rts, at Uie had of the league, is nether factor responsible for tU« ea ly enthusiasm, A revival of prcrper inteTMit in the game here, even, through a gioup of sandlot clubs, may e\i-mual!y result in Cionnellsvlilo taking its proper place in organized baiMball-- that is sadly lacltlng. District 5 Cage Title Tournament Monday,March 24 SOMERSET, Match 12-- TlM chftm- pionahlp of District No. 6, P. I. A, A,, will be determined on Monday evening, March 24, wlien the winners ot thd two clas««« -- A. and B«-- compete at a Johnatown gymnasium in trie filial elimination for the right to represent the section in further tournaments. In Cities A, Meyeradate and Windber ar« tide for fi first. pl*c« with flv» victories and on« roversal, , while Rock wood and o*w*ll ar* deadlocked for first poeitton In Ola*« B, each having nine triumphs AS compared with a single setback. The«o quintets will enter tv tournament to determine the principals for March 24. Rockwooil and BOB we 11 {*ame will meet on Saturday evening, March 23, for the title contest la Gifts* B And the winner ot this tray i* to tok* on the winner of the M*ysrs}«il«-WinA'ber clash, tli« date of which hae not been dett-rminsd. Distroit No. 6 fttobraoes Somerset county. Interest Is manifest in the competition by Fayette county follower* Ina-smuch as the Rockwood clnb is representing thte school district of which Raymond T, Barner, formerly of Vandcirbilt and Star Junction, is supervising principal. Casey Passers Wi i Over Point Mai ion The Casey Club batk«iball team won at Poiut Mai ion last nigh by a I ' Bcoro of 33-15. The two Oonn «roth- ers, famous as W. J. Mare, ·« re in the losing line-up. Palovchplk and McCleary eac i registered four Held goals and Brow n and Phillips each tallied three, all I r the Casey Club. So mild that it never tires the taste-I --yef\so distinctive in character that an arm/ of smokers depend in- tirely on El Producto for real enjoyment. LEISENRING GIRLS DEFEAT COKER CLUB BY SCORE OF 21-12 In tho preliminary to the boys con- teat last night at Loisenring No. 1, the Dunbar Township girls scored a 21-12 decision over the Conftellsviile lassie*. The Red and Black, taking the lead in the first period, clinched the game in the second quarter, scoring a total of 12 points. Good Amateur Boxing Show At Slavish Hall Thursday; Principals Ready for Gong Sports Comment By JOHK H. -WHORIC. greatest of all indoor Bports- basketball-*-is coming lo the close of ii.» annual brief reign. With the rapid ppriach of spring the winter activities rre gradually out of the picture until the Th« line-up Dnnlmr--81. Kurtz Bosl#y MIH«r PHtt*rson Beeson .- tok«r»-- 12. -- C5ochran Andyjohn Fletcher Smith .... Rohm Docker Subatltutlons-nEichor for Thomas, Porter for Cochra», Becosky Bor Andy- jolni, Liynti for S«coeky, Phillips for Rohm. Field goals--Kurtz Pirt«r 3. Team 7, Boa ley 2, 3 out ot tO; Connell»vill«, 4 out of 6. Individual fouls-- -Kurtf, 2 out of 4; BOBl*y, 1 out or 6; cochran, 2 out of 2; Forter, 1 out ot 1; Aadyjohn, 1 out of 1; Bfwosky, 0 out of 1. Scoring by qual'tetw: Dunbar ............... TM..*...»B 13 (A 3 -- 21 Cokers « _____ ,·.--«**»-- ,4 2 2 -- 12 Sanderson. FLAMING SIX WINS FROM GREENWOOD IN BASKETBALL CLASH The Flatoing' Six defeated the Greenwood M. E. girls by a score of 18 to B. On Friday evening, March 14, at 7.SO o'clock the Flaming Six "Will m*et the bunbar Borough High School girls. The line-up i Inuiltag 8lx--H. Greenwood--9, Maocusco . -.- P Dill . ...... \ Vernon , ~ CoUghenotir ftingler , L. Wagner ,,.. Field goals Bolt 4. Foute--Flaming Six, 1, McCann M. Howe ,. Kn*l*y Prlchard Bhumaker ·Mancuso 4, Dill 4,' De- 3; Greenwood* MACHINE SHOP WINS OVER GLASS PACKERS Tho Jt'lacliine Shop team won the game tvoni the Packing Depart" nient in tile Capstan Glafe Duqkpin League at Elks alleys last night. Tipping \*as high xvlth 455. The -oCorpBt MACHINE Illdti., r l l i u U ' i t nruucb, .",:)!! f i ' i r i b Aie., Bailey , iieitkte . Tipping OlaWB ou G. Clawjson . i McCormlck Total* BACKING Kaylor F, Miller Abderfolt McBlhanoy K i n g O Miller Total* . 8G 1SG 14 . 97 181 107 SHOP 108 118 US 151 174 iae 140 98 127 ids 130 , 157 313 403 350 391 season rolls around again -- nine months bonce. . The sight ot robins, caterpillars it ad other indicators of the coming of warm months brings back once again that annual selge · ot spring lever and everything; that goes with It. However to the follow*?* ot out' floor sports, this is glttd tidings tor it means that "it won't bo lottg now" that baseball will be in vogu*. As the cage activity n«ara Ju «nd, th* athletes at th« hfgh schools are starting to get do*n to work for th* annual fteld and track competition* which each year «· becoming mor« First there will be hard training. Then come- the dual meets and later the intercollegiate events. And then a whack at th county Contests. Possibly some of the schools will try their hand" at tennis and less will take up baseball but as a whole the secondary educational institutions will call "curtains dov n" on ithe sports competition with the field and track calendar until neu fall. Spring football training will be jilled for a number of 110 squads in Fayetto and Westmoreland counties, particularly in the latter as the idea doesn't take too well in this section. Mount Pleasant Is riot for vigorous sessions which should ghe ClIR Slng- ey an idea as to his prospects tor next campaign. Basketball waa very successful his year although it did not shape up so great from a financial aspect. ?ayette county had thro tntrles tn ;he Western Pennsylvanio InterBehol- astie Athletic League elimination tournament and it could hardly ba fair to expect more--because it had only a chnce to carry olf three sectional laurels. School officials, as rule, look upon the spring month* as (he days for the literary contestants to hold sway and many of those who 4re shining figures In athletics are trying their .hand at debating, orations music ami oth«r features ot the Pennsylvania Forensic Leaguo. Tho society columns tht other day carried the announcement that Steve Sohonago, well known baseball play- 01% has joined the band ol benedicts. Close followers of the diamond sport can r»c*ll th* great work ot tho former Daw son youth af, he held down an outfield position for the Yough Valley independents lie then hooked up for a brlaf p*»ritd with the Scottdale entry fn the Middle Atlantic league aAd later had been catching for local independent clubs, including the Olvada' Independents, Capstan Glass, Dunbar, South Con- neHsville Firemen, League of Nations and others. Recently StV has been away from the game but lie saya that he's ready to don a mask- again this summer when. th» City Baseball League is started. When Steve waa with the Youth Valley Independents, his brother, John, who also lives In thU city, held 4own third base tn a very creditable manner. However, this was before the rava'ges ot the World War took a hold on Jonnny. When it comes to tallying in duckpin*, th» brothers refuse to take a back seat for anyone. Artie Brown, i another former Yough Valley ath-j lat«, han been admitted to tlie bar at Uniontown. If his baseball days are' any indication of his success in l a w j circles, Artie is due for a very prosperous profession and we -vlah him luck, ' Fourteen Clever Battler* Are Signed by Athletic Club* FIRST MATCH 8:30 O'CLOCK An array of clever ftstic talent, 14 ot the leading simon-uure* in th» Fay- West region, wilt feature the amateur boxing entertainment which Will be /sponsored tomorrow night at th« Slavish Hail by the Connellsvillc Athletic Club. There will be seven botltD on the calendar, which promitea to b« one ot the outstanding presented in the city. The principals have been training hard under the direction of Billy Cai- ter, matchmaker and trainer, and are in excellent physical condition tor a real grind. Action galore is expected when tho boys crawl through the ropes to eettlo their argument. The fur will fly as the athletes strive tor laurels in another of the classy fight program B which have been conducted by the Connellaville Athletic Club. The first bout IB scheduled lo go on at J;30 o'clock and in order to nave the large gathering seated when tlis curtain raiser goes on the doors w;;; be thrown open at 7 o'clock. The rin c has been installed and everything S ready for a great evening of boxing.. The complete program follows: Johnny Nagy, Masontown, vs. Teddv Mancuso, ConnelUville, 112 pounds. Young Fraricesk, West Newton, vs Joe VargosKy, ConnellBvllle, 12« pounds. Kid Crowley, We«t Newton, vs. Johnny Cappa, CooneiUviHe, 126 pounds. Roman Young, West JJ«wton, vs. · Sammy Asto« Uniontown, 118 pounds. Young Crowley, West Newton, vs. Johnny Jacketts, Ualontowu, 130 pounds. Red VIsitt, West Newton, vs. Young Ooroheck, ConuellsvlUe, 140 pounds. Rusjs Sickle*, West New to a, vs. Jimmy Ma«h«ttt, 180 pounds. The referees will be Simon Carlson an4 Bddie Duggan. Dr. C. W. UttB and Charles F. White will serve as judges. The timer* are ta be Dr. H. D. Minerd and Harold C. Haddock. DUNBAR BOROUGH LOSES TO PHILLIPS Dunbar Borough 'High lost to Phillips Tigers, 20 to 19. Phillips is composed of North Union Townvhlp Hlgn School students. Some play on junior church teams i« Unljontoirn. Due lo having more experience in* Tigers word able to hold," a lead throughout the game. Smith led the Tigers with 16 points, while Kerwin and Clamocco «aca got Phillips--W, Emery Veres Burton Smith six points tor Dunbar. Dunbar--19. "-' Df Btasio Boguaky Kerwin. Bernardino Cross Substitutions~, Dunbar, Clamocco, Worsel, McCuatte; PhiltlfWrrDorob- rish, Brisley. Field goals--Smltb 8, Burton 2, Veres 3, Brisley,' Clamocco 2, Bofcuftky 2, Korwln 3, dross. Fouls--Phillips, none out of 3; Dunbar, 3 out of 8. Jleieree--Maloy. The Casejn didn't show any lack ot form iu defeatint the Point Marlon club laut night, 33-15. The attack 1s an indi atiott that the Irish are hoiinp; to connv through with a victory over the Kejgy Corner club on Monday night and even up the city title series. PatroilKe thote who adwtlae. Uniontown Plays in Great Form ToDefeat CrackMonessenClub ,682 7(!0 857 2299 DMPARTMliJNt 94 lit!) 116 379 Wen folk*, it's haU Off !· Uniontown! Th* Section Ten champ! jns, not given * chance for victory bjJ those who had seen the Moiieswn c!lnb in action, tur,ned the' tables HI r u t Stadium last ntght and cahie through after an extra period of play by a ciunt of 16-14. Tlie eountyseat d^f^iiMfe wa^ i«npon- filbl^ for checking the flutthy attack o* the MorifcHseii quiu^tit and thei, loo, tin.- Moti valley pa^Hern sw*ni«tl ratli-ur Inert and stale. Only on tt f w occasions did th«y un ( ork the brilHunt running attack wlikth .iwamiied the Dunbar towjJbhiit ti^Jtregatton last iiua)iti« work In ·earnest and a beautiful go-ul icsulted fi-om lightniug-llko 3;nplu)«'(i all of H chftnipioiii however, in th pertoimanco possibly ever »ta;*d by 118 86 107 811 nigh School duintct. l»a 1'iO 150 I2S wjui Uniontown leading, 3-1 12, nncl ll-l U l IC'J '"78,11016 drawing very close to in *nd, u:j H7 112 102 th Slack and White plsyei's look a --- --~ "tlnv*-oyt" sftBsion aad held con, 75B 731 739 2219} f«renc«. Steadied dowu they «v*nl to Then, with th* fcoinH tletl, ihoy got th* ball and refused to attack The endeavor to dr«w the Uiilontowii d«fcif.e out of position almost worked, the final shot, made Jusl as the gwlrt ^;rack- «1, rolling: 'off the hoop instead of Into the uot. in the' «xira period, ^h« Mon«rn«u cltil) hu! (lie Jh's uhnticv at tto* basket and drew two free who! t but the man with the lintl w«in liu--ltPd. Uy misaed Ijolh aUeruplfl *nl tln-u Flkt, wliw had o4iuil«t the 4»*n«'i »15 8paH(/n as a btiiwtltute, «nd who wai «ertt in (luiliig ih* extra j) B rl«d bj Kvi'i'Jiart, tnade h!« (leJii Koal trt the vortliut UnJontowii Dl^iyp-J nice ha«kc»ball to trim the MpjaegEei) cojsn,ntiuttion, and Die «liowing ot tho club wan a sur- pr!'« to tho»« wiho bad Been the team in action during th* past season. H ever n group or bdy* wwi primed to mak« one hig «ffort, it w«t tb« Uu- tontown tltib-

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