The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 11, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1918
Page 6
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:j-HE.DAILT COimiEK, .CONNET.L^VILLE, PA. THURSDAY, JULY 11, 191B. PROHIBITION FOR PERIOD OF WAR IS · -OP TOESIDENTj By Vole of M to 33 *»*·« LOSEW [TEST VOTE i PWHC.iOf.JlMU «r» OTMT Tfih* Tfcere H» Beeu New-York-.^. Plttsbuix -Philadelphia Boston : Cincinnati _ .BroolclTii _ St. - Ixois _ ··id' '·»!· " , - . J»lT of tbe -manufacture "or intoxicattni -- liquor the. United Statej (or of the-war will go into ,*Beet on JaauaiT 1 next unleea Prc*i- ;**nt Wtiaoo defeats the proposed »c- rtioo rf eoocro '. Ik* ro»a to 'the BMuar*. .tor. .whleh . tSe f tohiki- ttanfcrta haart.TbMiciWvttnt tor aereral 'lit* MBBti^br » ToWof 3« lo 33, 'Trent [ton r»co»* In-fcwf^orirtSMhiiii the »atlon-»i4«- wK-time prohihitton rider to tho ji»«ilhij ·|il'mnuii1' irtniiini MIL. ;of ¥:" $-': m rmoautno* UL- Some ·vid* Low of |38Q,OOM«0 rcwMrne to the MAmli mint -- - sea* b( " »w»,oeo,ooo --TM"T br tMe American: put-' lie tor drinki -a«re»»tln« ,.2,- ei""":Csi0 breweries and 20»^*0-Mdoou:' · . · ·- CooMrraticci of «jrpcoriiD«le- 17 41000,000 boaheli at train · .than 200,000 person*,. inehi'ling bartenders and br«w- ,J»rj .workers,, will be lorced to let- new job». . 'Capital - amoonttni to more than fl,000,(WO,000, protein* * product" T«Jaed at |772,000,l00 annually will be affected. Some'" of it will be a dead lots and pan can be used in new fields oi inresunent. Approxtmatelr' ; 1500.900,000 worth'bf wiialCj: will be forced into the market before January 1 or be redistilled tor Industrial purposes. · - . Yesterday's Kesnltv New York;9; Piltsbnrg 4. St Louis 4;..Philadelphia'3. Cincinnati 7; Brooklyn-! 0. Cincinnati's: Brooklyn 1 0. Boston 4; Chicago 1. Starting of tbc Clnbs. ' . - . · · . : · W. L. Chicago 50 23 27 36 36 40 40 41 Ect. .68! .630 .500 ·.478 .453 .429 .423 « -.397 Sekedile. New York at Pittsburg. , Boston at "Chicago. Philadelphia at St. Louis. Brooklyi at Cincinnati. AXERICAJf LEAGUE. Yesterday's Beralts. Boston 2; Cleveland 0. .'Philadelphia 5; Detroit 1. CUcajp 5; New York 4. rain. Slaadtag of tfce Clakt. ''·. . "W. L. Boston. ___ NjewrYork Clmlud _45 _«.' _41 _40 _37.. Cnieago Detroit J30 Pat. .584 .554 .550 .519 .493 .493 .405 .392 GhicacD at Boston. Detroit at Washington. St. Loni» at Philadelphia.' - Clereland at New York. MANY NEW PROJECTS FOR INCREASING THE ANTHRAQTE OUTPUT AbaBdnied WMS Bciig Bo-Worked; Jtobbed; Surface Yelas Be- , , \ag Stripped aad Other Xe»ue«. The. in»istent · demand lor coal has created new and intensive methods lilUe dreamed ot ten years ago, says the Anthracite News. All the inventive genius in. the anthracite industry has been brought out, and now there is a possible meane ot supply found by working abandoned mines; robbing pillars of coal where it is safe; new devices installed in and'about the miaea for.greater.mining facility;more electric power used and th« gradual displacement ot the once dependable mule. REPORT OF CONDITION OP THE First National Bank at Dawflon, in the state oC Pennsylvania, at the closi o£ business on June 29, 1918 . ,* LOBSTER NOW LUXURy Food Has Passed- Beyond the Reach of ttie Poorer People. Should Catch Small Lobster and Leave Larger Onea to Breed, !· Opinion Expressed by Expert . The lobster has passed beyond the reach of the poor and his become n luiury only to be enjoyed by the rich. Every year the price of lobsters nd- Th* cry to mine coal and more of it | vanccs a few points, and even nt the Vilh'e indications are that thei senate " v,wjll adopl'the"prohibition amendment - 'pwslbir today by an even larger ma" " " Is'' repurded as a foregone' concliisioii, inasmuch u thai body Initiated the -"-- ' ior ^ar prohibitlMi by idopUnB ''ndment'to the ieidtai WU 4e- 16 suspend the liquor traffic. _ __Th« "wets" considering »nch da ? : T ''_pcr»t» tactic* a* filibustering the p«»- ;£?"* ^^gg^f yie legislaticnx'Tirtually con- ·^·'^ctilt their defeat in'corigreaa'and are faUinj back on the hope that Presf- d*nt Wilson will · veto tbe- bill- on · the iraanl thata.'dcpr4y.atfon of. alcoholic iMveVafea '" 'will "· ciemte~' disoflecUon ·monx the work*TM to'ritaL'.wai la-. Autiiek M-- : - ' ' Confluence. - : . fxurniEKCE. joir .11.--w. s. : r!.»_.:BoMr. has cone' to WlUtiayxuri 1 to Tidt his daughter Ruth a few dajre. ;. .. .... Mrm. Dr. BanmiBcer and.son and ? ."\ 'aSopnter o£ SomerMt, and Mr». Dr. 1 ·*"··_-- 'sajrior and Mm"a«id daughter of Bock- wood, visited Miss Ida ' and Perry U a _ - Bil* .and Mr. aad' Mrs. -A. L. Bird i V ~ " yertectar. r*r~. Mr. and Jtrs. John Bmtioc h«ve retained to their home in Pittebarf. ! . after Tinting hb pvnits at Johnsoo ChBpei for several.days. John Banke, pojfonun at Bock- wood, is visiting hii family here at present. Clyde Bower, who took his Either ~to-ifftkiinburg' yesterday by automo- ,.bile,;h«s ·ret»r»ed ; hotae. .: 3«ise Heb« Pore ··od MIs Helen Coagheiiour left yesterday tor-a riait -with-Jtriends In. Detroit, BCch. They will also visit Niagvs 5"ail« before returning. Miss Hsie Be; a»."waV In^bhiopyie she has a large music daw. !;-Mr Dateemaa^the well known r,.-was : a bttslneDS visitor In Conneilsvlile yesterday. T.. m--A._,_.p,. started many intensive metnods'in the anthracite region this week. The barrier pillar between the New Boston and Creek colleries, containing half a million tons of anthracite, is to be" mined .to help win tie war. Bancroft mountain, south of Ashland, is to be stripped of its surface coal veins for two miles to the old Keystone' woVkings 'below Locust . Dale. It will 'be possible to undertake daylight mining on this work to a degree greater than ever before attempted 'in' the anthracite region. This work will be 'dsni by the Philadelphia Beading Coal "and Iron company. Halt ·a- century ago -this mine was supposedly worked out, abandoned and then 'drowned out. · · Beds of virgin coal Ho under the Tomhicken resarvoir. State; officials have been called by the Leh'ish Valley Coal company to inspect a new site for 'the dam, so that the company can strip the velns^ The 'Cranberry Creek Coal" company has discovered a 22- Inch .anthracite vein on its pfoprty. ."With a dwindling . force of 144,000 meen at the mines, with prospects of this 'nninbor being still further; depleted by the Joly arart, the industry is fighting harder than ever before to maintain, if possible, a maximum output close to £75,000 tons of anthracite daily. : Shaffer a^d Mr. Bird ot:Jf. ,S,-Shaft«r ·- it. Sons', "inonument dMlerj/jSonrerset, ...": p.aVwJere'here etecting nionaments in " tb.e0rsniia,"-E»-, .and."Jereey church . ·''. cemeteries.---i _ "·'.- ·' ' - ~ ~. :.. . .'- . TSe painters, are at wotk on tfie"ex- -"ferJor of Robert Black's now residence · on the West Side. " : '-'·-. 1 ;;. - --ftitronTzp tbnse who aflvertise. · : ? Mrs. C. W-_Cunninghain was shop-' :· ping and yisitimis friends in Cbnnells- ·;? ; ,-TilJ« yesterday eresdngr -._ r · · · I Mils' Lanra.; Bowlen; from a visit, wfta'friends "·r port and .PJti^tffljg. - · ^'' · : Mr. and^VIrs. ISM, Gl :r'ai'B--r!MtIneia(C3att!r's oareits. ; 'Mr4 ·ct-snd Mrst J^ivrsSIprer, ·al.-JbaasW; SECOND HIGHEST WEEK IN COAL PRODUCTION WAS THAT OF JUNE 29 BeMrted T»W WM 12.458,060 TMB, u Inon*#e of :48MX Tons, 3^ Per CeiA'OTcr PreecdiBg Week. Production ot bituminous coal dur- j inj.tlxe week endint June. 29 not only exceeded'the productioa of. the week of'june 22 by 465,000 net'tons.or.3^ p*r cent, says the report of tbe United - States Geologic*! Survey, bnt ; resulted m tbe seoond highest weekly production,in history.. . Th* output, Including lignite aod co*r^n»de. Into coke,.is estiroaied at 12,458,000 net tons as aeainst 12,»oa.- 000 net tons during the./vreek. of. Jiu'e 22 and U^83,00p net tons .daring thie current "yreelc ot 1.917. The average production per working d*y fe estimated at 2,076,W)0 : net; tons, an increase over the . preceding '.week o! 75,000 net. tons or 3.8 purj cent, 'and highest price offered it Is difficult to WHEN THE LONG LANE TURNED Man Relate* Boyhood Experlcncj in Learning to Measure Life and Conduct by God's Standard. "Almost forty years ago, when I was a lad of fourteen, a crotchety old farmer named ,7oslah Stebbina ordered me andt two other boys out of his wootis, where we were gathering chestnuts," sold a gentleman recently, in reminiscent conversation with a friend. "Ot course, Mr. Stebblns was within his rights, bat there were bushels of nuts that be coald never use, and his rough, abusive langnoge angered us. *WoTl jret even with' you for this.' PATCH WORK BED ROOM SET. Among the moat attractive bed rooms is the one ia which patchwork is found. This design is the conventionalized dogwood. Unbleached muslin and light weight sateen are used for ail the pieces. The small sketch) shows an arrangerant of the motif j for tbe bedspread. Tbe flowers a r e j RESOURCES. Loans and dJs- .counts (except those shown ahown in b and c) $509.726.61 Overdrafts, unsecured 271.IS "U: S. bonds deposited to se- ·ieure circula- . . tion )par val- .. us) 50.000.00 U. S.. bonds and certificates of .indebtedness owned'and un- pledged .... 140,000.00 Liberty Loan Bonds,. - 3',£ per cent ..and 4 per cent, un- pledged 55,500.00 Payments ' actually ma3 on Liberty 4i£ per cent "bonds (Third Liberty Loan) 60,150.00 Securities other . than U. S. bonds (not In? ciudine" stocks owned . un- pledged 134,958.47 Slock, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock .. Stock ot Fderal Reserve Bank (50 per cent o' subscription Valuo of banking 1 house 23,572.93 Furniture and fixtures .. L«/wful reserve -with Federal Reserve Ban ... Cash in vault and net a m o u n t s due from national banks Checks on other banks In the same city or town as reporting bank (other than Item 17) Total, of Items 14, '15. 16. 17. and- IS 529,276.94 Redemption f u n d with U. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Theasurer.. War Savings Certificates and Thrift Stamps actually owned cure issues of corporate, bonds, including equipment trusts .... State of Pennsylvania, County of Fayette. ss: J, J5WD, K. DICK, Treamirer of th« above named company, do solemnly .swear that the above statement IB true to the best of my knowlede* aad 503,725.'61 I belief. EDW. K. DICK, Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day o f July; 1318. EDITH HARRIS, Notary Public. Correct--Attest: R. MARIETTA; HARRY DUNN. H. GEO. SfAT, Directors. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF Toush Trust Company, located at ConnellsvlJle, Pa., at the close ol business June 29, 1918. RESOURCES. Reserve fund: Cash, specie | and notes ..$ 34,160-00 j Due from, ap- j proved reserve 115,650.00 i agents 72,443.66 Legal reserve securities at par 30.00Q.OO i Nickels, and cents Checks and cash Hems.. Due from banks', trust companies, excluding reserve Commercial paper purchased: Upon one name Commercial paper purchased: U p o n ' two or 23,572.93 J more names 1.860.00 ; Time Joans with collat- I cral 92,107.35 ; Call loans with collat- . j eral , | Bonds, stocks, etc 529,176.9 i , Mortgages and judgments of record Office building and lot.. Other real estate Furniture and fixtures .. Overdrafts Other assets not Included in above 134,958.47 1,300.00 6,000.00 100.00 136.WJ.C* 152.95 13,780.41 16,599.04 9,900.00 71.116.60 137.7S0.1S ' 290.902.27 55.000.00 5,204.95 20,000.00 1.645.S1 Tota; II, 438,145.39 2,563.00 Total LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid I n . . J 60.000.00 Surplus fund 150,000.00 Undivided proflta 81,581.84 81.5S1.SI Circulating notes outstanding: .' 50,000.00 Individual deposits subject to check 1,574.516.31 Certified checks 80.00 Cashier's checks out- Btandtng 1,784.93 Dividends unpaid f 5.000.09 Total of..demand deposits' (other than bunk deposits) subject t o reserve. Item* 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39. 40. and 41 1,281,381.04 white with green centers, cHUline taj Total pink. \ri:h centers filled with French) knots. Tiic tiny openings and inden- j stat *' of Pennsylvania, County of Fay- iatiotis in tbe flowers are satin Uichj I, U R. SD '. HEXRY. Cashier of the obtain- them. From :Mmssachnsetta tyman-Crosier shouted hnck defiantly', TM?^5 e Jnfo , rma . tIo !L ? nt v ?r? U ! "d he added in «.lower tone: 'It's a long lone thfit Oon't torn somewhere.' "On the wny home we discussed ways nnd means of 'getting even 1 with Joslnh Stebhftts, but none of our boyish projects were practicable. The over the same week ot 1917 or 145,000 net-toni OF 7.5 per,cent. , . . Increased · 'I shipments during, the week ended"-June 29;,-wore.reported from all districts with the ''exception of Central PennisrlTania arid J Alabama, ; The 'dftcrease^fTom/.Penneyl- Vania amounted, to 1.8 .per cent airs." ter h»Te- returned" - CminellsTUlV *tt»r a^visit of several ' ' ' ' " : " ' " jCroni Alabama 2^4.per;cent. Material incresses ,rto'"shipments:.from..the dls- "ffict,iincia.4lng N 0 rth««iit .Kentucky, :fi1i*~y61aiai. flelds ofJR'est Virginia aid the* smijkeless fields of-West yir- ginia amoonted to 13.0 per cent;:frotn' ; railroads ? r ·"*"' ;'" a ! moved 221^01 -cars .during;the ;week; h rr'* * !°^ Jane 29, as compared,with 212,849 »^»Stoi «"«.' : ??$%$*. TM*PZ*gp£ '^: out for tbe catches In Maine and 2v T ova Scotia, lobsters could not be had jn Majmadiiuaetta, for the waters of that state nayo be«n fished oat In 1888. so the Boston- Transcript says, 1,740,850 lobsters of legal size were caught in Massachusetts. Id i14,, only 16,138 were taken there. The opinion swans to be gaining gronnd in Massachusetts that a mistake has been made la dealing with the lobster Industry. The small lobster has been protected, while the large lobster, which Is the one which produces an enormous quantity of yonng, has been taken. ThJs, It Is held by some, Is wrong. We should catch the small lobster, so U Is argued, and leaVe the bigger ones to breed. Iliere seems to be some virtue fn this contention, because In spite ot the lobster hatching plants maintained by the federal government fewer lobsters are being taken each year, while the demand for them Is continually Increasing. This, of course, accounts for the nigh prices. It Is also claimed that in planting lobster fry the federol agents hare made sertoos blunders. Xhe fry have been liberated In plnceS where they have been subjected to the attacks of other fish, nod few of the lobsters hatched in the government plants have ever attained: a size where they could look after thera- srtvea. The experienced fishermaiof the Maine coast have frequently called attention to tbe mistakes which vece l?lH£ medte In lobster propagation anij prsserratiOfc,,.birt .as .fr'wjaently..hap- pens In the making.;of ;iiws, tfee,opin- ions of rafrv. wbp. icnow something about lobfitets and tlietr habits have been, Ignored,, and the 'theorists, have been the only ones corwnltecL R the federal government should pot a dosed time on lobsters for several year* and arrange with tbe Canadian gorernraent to do tbe same thing. U te reasonable to suppose that the lobsters wonJd Increase and this 1 wonld regain something of the magnl- ( has lest. Bat we have no. Idea that Hncli a plan win be adopted. It *woTQld be strerraooBly opposed by the dealers, who now make large profits hi tie bnfflness, and probably by the 'flsbemiVQ' also, -tvi'o -DUTCHconsider capital tied up In their IJsbing What has happened In Massachusetts, where few lobsters 'are now being taken, most eventually take place In Maine, and unless some radical step Is adopted the time is not far away when eren as a loxurr the lobster wUI become so scarce w to- be beyond the reach of everyone save the epicurean of the plutocratic class.--Portland Press, other boys soon forgot the whole matter, bnt ns for me, tbe adage abont the lonp lane' was scarcely out of my mind for a dny, nnd T repeated it to myself every time I saw Mr. Stebbtns. It did not occur to me that I was nursing a revengeful spirit; on the contrary, I felt rather proad of standing np for my own rights. "One October afternoon the next year, os I was crossing a comer of Ira Judson's pasture, I saw eleven lambs Jump ever a low pTncc In the fence. Into Mr Stebblns* field. S9taethlng had started them, for they raced full speed the length ot the back meadows and disappeared over the crest of a rocky ridge beyond. "When I reached the top of the ridpe the lambs were nowhere In sight There was a small, unused hay barn In the nest field, and I found the frightened animals huddled, the sagging door closed behind them. Plainly the Iambs had jostled against the door when they crowded In, setting it aswingr, and the 'high wind had done the rest.. To my inind, the.accident was full of possfblllties. - The heavy door was not likely'to be pushed open, and when the nnimatfl .were missed it would be easy to direct the search in i the right direction. Then I should green. Each motif is cut one-quarter ot an inch larger on all edges to allow | for turning. The leaves and stems' are applied first. The spread has a | border ot green, the shade of the leaves. The bureau scarf, bolster cover and curtains can be made equally as attractive. EDITH 1L OWEN. REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE First XaUoria! Bank at. P4rryopH*. In lha State of Pennsylvania- at the close of .business on J u n e 29, 1918. RESOURCES. L.oon« and discounts (except, those shown in b and c ) . .J«2,129.16 Overdrafts, un- eecured 1,782.43 U. S. boixls . deposited to secure circula- 11 o n C P a r value ) ? BO.000.00 U. S. bonds and certificates of . Indebted n e s s ' o w n e d a n d unpledged .... swear that the above statement is tr to th« best of my k n o w lodge and be-- lief. R, D. HENBT. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to be/ore rae this 8th day of July, 191S. A. VAN HORN. Notary Public. Correct--Attest: M-- Af. COCHRAN, M. B. STRAIN, J. H. PRICE. Directors. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF TiOe Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania, located at corner Crawford and Pittsburg' streets, Connells- vUle, Pa., at the. close of business, June 23, 1918. LIABILITIES. Capital stock . ... Surplus fund Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid Demand deposits: (exclusive of trust funds) Deposits s u b - ject to check 566.S09.56 Demand certificates of deposit I.2SS.OO Deposits', Commonwealth of Penn'a.' .. 50.000.00 Certified checks 50S.S0 Treasurer's checks outstanding; 5,984.75 Time deposits: (exclusive of trusi funds) Time certificates of deposit J4.SS2.28 , Savin ITS f u n d * deposits ~»23,447.85 Dividends unpaid Bills Day-able on time.. Other liabilities not in- ' eluded -in above .... Total Trust fundcr: Mortgages · Other investments, etc, Cash balance Overdrafts Total trust funds ."..,, 200,000.00 20.000.00 33407.04 537.60n.13 66.0-7 78,000.di) 41.42M4S.29 lli.309.75 ii,707.9 3.123.50 237.71 CORORATE TRUS7S. Total amount (1. e. face . value) of trusts under deeds of trust or mortgages executed by corporations to the company as trustee to se- secure Is5ues of corporate bonds, including- equipment trusts .. ( . 594.000.00 State of Pennsylvania, Countv of Favette. -ss: I. E. R. FLOTO, Treasurer of the 462,129.16 1,782.45 How Ch»p!aini Are Equipped. The following supplies 'are : .for ulsbed by the Eplscooal diocese of -·· ' - - ' ' ···" ' - · · · - - · · wltt jinetti to:lts chnpiains-ln mil'icrvlce: 'Communion 'set,' nc- reitl«n tent, motion picture machine ·seen, two fiber .trnnri for Bg' motion picture ootfit, -^portable altar, cross ,and. canfllesUcks, stn- tiemery--n-!th. nam'e.-ol regiment,' tailt- IngX^^chlne, wltti. attachment tio -play 1 any record, ^typewriter,', aria nuto trcck for motion pictnre equlpnieiit" These ' ' · articlee. 'total, o.;-'cost of .··$i,844l.B2, as. statedjin a .report'from^ttfi.jpjnttcom- ' - ' Qccl the turning of the long lane. ' '" ' '"I -dcddeU to tnfce ' Crosier | Into myconfldoncs and actually set off for the Crosier fanobouse; but halfway there I halted. Could I state the circumstances In o! w«y to reflect cred- j Itably on the part I was playing? I did not intend to disclose alt the facts, : but only to tell Lynron that I had Liberty Loan bonds, 3% per cent a.nd 4 per cent, unpledged 23,300.00 Payments act- u a l l y made on Liberty 4i£ per cent bonds (Third Liberty Loan) 124,960.00 Securities other than U. S. bonds (not Including-stocks) owned ii n- pledged 87,103.00 Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Brink R'.ock . .. ;· Stock of Federal- Reserve Bank (£0 p*r;cont of Bub- scriptlon) ·-..'., '..'.' · Furniture and fixtures'-... Lawful reserve with Feder- · Gash '11 vault a.nd net a m o u n t s due from nation al banks ....;...;.... .'.. Total of Items U. 35, 16, 17, , anL. IS ... 351,078.69 Checks on banks located outside of -city or town of reporting bank and 25.000.00 75,000.00 RESOURCES. Reserve Fund: Cosh, specie and notes ..5 47,455.75 Due from ap- j proved -reserve I agents .... 109,498.79 ·; Nickels and cents' ...... I Check n and cash items.. 1 Due from banks, trust i companies, excluding: j reserve i Commercial paper u u r ! chasad: Upon one name ;..' Commercial paper uurchftscd: Upon two or more -nameo Time loans tvith collateral Bonds, stocks, N etc ; Mortgages · nnd -judgments of record Office building 1 and lot.. Other real estate Furniture and ftrtures .. Overdraf Ls , above .-named company, do solemnly srwear that thp above' statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. ' : E. R.. PLOTO. Treasurer. , Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th daj^ ot July. 1918. J. B. KURTZ, Notary Public. Correct -- Attest: THOS. J. HOOPER, E. T. NORTON. i SOBT, NOHHIS. 3.509,35 j Directors. 156.S64., 57.35 t,786.17 j 91.110.S9 97,375.00 193,441.4: 141,143.57 10,903.77 8,864.07 4,211.47 Total f 1.252,920.12 j other cash U. S. from "War Savingrs Certificates 'anil Thrift. 3taniR9 actuali. 1;' ' own**":-" ... ^ found the lanibt shnt np In .Toaiah ! R ° f J Stebbins 1 hay bam. I', had always j Treasurer and due bated 1 lying and deceit and it shocked j U. a. Treasurer me to renllze how near I had come to telling my friend a .falsehood. No, I would keep my secret. . "Could. I? I stopped short as If a T6i:al real questioner bio-eked tny. path, de- mnndlnff an Instant answer. Some- · times I tbVnfc'Ets did. God knew all the details that I had hesitated to relate to a schoolmate, and what must he think of me? Was the thought of petty revenge I had cherished any ro*re pleasing to him than the open deceit'I had refrained from practicing? And could I carry my project through without acting a He? 4 I opened the door of the hay barn ·ad let the Iambs out before I returned fcome, and I told Jra Judaon tbat they were In Mr. Scebbin's field. No one else knew of the matter. That was the turning .point cf my* whole life, for o*t there in the flUence of t tbe a n- tnmn. fields I .learned' to' add .conduct by God's standard."-youth's Companion.!. v 3.909,00 ·, 1, 100,00 i 7«.577.00 351,079.69 195.45 2,500.00 dani'e, ^ong Again. ·: i- think: she's a brazen ' Hanlon--You're '·.wrong,' .Ed,; ;'she .won't even ride in a stripped.roadster. . , . / " . · : . ; \ N o t R c f t l . ; · · ' - . '; 'The .moylns:picture sbcnved tbero. M»lttg - "- " -falws to "life itid:cte*th,. L ; stC-C'-E .;, . .- - . r.'ndlvJded proSu, JCSR expenses and taxes paid · t Demand deposits; Cex elusive of trust funds) Jeci to check ST5,bP6.67 Treasurer's chocks oul- at'tndlns ... 4,521.25 Time · 'deposits; V'jx- clusive of trust fu;jds) Time cert;(l- cates of do-. posit 62,125.76 Specail time deposits ,. 1,853.S-J Savings fund deposits' ... 313,833.57 riviiJends unpaid B'll* payable 5n demand BSJ's -payable 077 time. . 250,000.0^ S75,S19.S3 lUi.-Jd 45.000.-0 J. N. Trump IITE LIMP TRANSFER £1 XOTOK TKCK LIABILITIES. Capital stock "paid in ---- ? Surplus fond . . . . . . . . . . . . . Undiviflod profits 44,240.44 Wrcuiating notes oatstand- ' In? ---- · .......... . ..... Individual deposltB subject to check . . . , ..... Cashier's checks ' outstanding: ....... ; ....... Total oC demand dc- positn .(other than . bank d e p o s i t s ) " eubjcct to B e s e r v e", Jtonia 34, 35, l . 36, 37. 38, 39, · 40,- and 41 .. J4S.628.40 Advances' received on Third .Liberty Bonds ..i ..... ., 50,000.08 80,000.09 44.240.4t ' 49,400.00 846,710. 3S 1,918.04 Total -. .*!,252,920,12 Trttct funds: . · Mort Eagres' . . .......... Other investments, etc. Caffh -balance ........ Overdrafts ........... Total t'r.uat. funds 2,450.80 544.SO . . . » 95,494.99 CORPORATE TRUSTS. Total a m o u n t (I. e. face . ^ value) of trusts under deed sot trust or mort- gagee executed by cor- .porsttlons to; the com'-- pany as trustee to se- BEDIGEJfCE Df THE GAEDEHf PATS By diligence and Care in the gardea, the production is enhanced many fold. So with accumulating money -- regular deposits with us, aided by the interest we ecxd, : assure the growth of funds. Start an account with us. This is the only bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts. Total S1.215,2«5.34 . tnlsslon on social!' service -of.. tW-'Pratf estant.' . :Eplscppijil:; · - : charcli.^Osweg6. State of-Pennsylvania, County of-Pay- etta. as: . , ' . ' . ' L HOWARD ADAMS. Cashier of. the above-named bank, do- solemnly swear that the above statement- Is tru«r'to the beat of my knowledge and belief. ··'. ' - HOWARD-ADAMS,. Caahfer.-- lubacrlbed and sworn to .before m* this 6th -day of July, 1918. ·" EDMUND MARTIN, Notary Public. Correct--Attest: - · ' . . . M. M. COCHRAN, · J. H. PRICE. M E STRAWN. Elr*ctor». TOUB LIBERTY BOJTDS AEE SAFEGDABDED Do you realize the risk you are running if you are keeping your Liberty Bonds and other valuables at,home? Our Vault is * place of Absolute Se. Sale Deposit Boxes for renjt $1.50 and np per year.

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