The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 21
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Gray and Gillis are' the only unaereateo nnxs in tne spiof Thev hnth have, 4.0 rK-nrH ijcjr. wviii nave i-v icvviua. Othef team jn cftntjnignfrr the main event with only one defeat are Robie Harper of Ot tawa. Doiig Amos of jChurchillJ John Craig of Winnipeg. John' Turner of Victoria, Vic Ros of Ottawa and Trepanier of Com- wallis.-;' .... '. . ,; Following are ' the 'resulti-pf SJimes- played last nighty V Roi (6ttr s. pouittcbuck (Corn) - . . '-- . Maynard Waih JO. Shea (Ham) 7.- ' .. . . . WliUama .Hti'. , J3. ' Baldwin iChuri 4. V ,'. ' - .-' MacGillivray fOtt) U, Murphy S, Cameron (Hal) 13. Hanaon (Clou) Thomaa (Ott) u, Oawald (Corn) "rWpanfer(t Evans (Com I 9. Denney (Olti S Garland Ott) U. steWYrt (Carl) White CWT( 13. Paddan "iottl . H'jt-tChuA J. Skinner lOtti. 1; BerCZOWIki . irtjll 22. -. i.-worm 3. - , Gll.lU cOtt). 14, -harper Otti S - L-UGrajL(Vtcti . Amoe. (Churj S .(" 1. MveUey (OU) Turner ,i Vict) 17. Salmon tntd 10..-. , .V . v ' ThOmU (Olt) II.. Cimimii inautt B. . , irtpanier (Coral m. rv. nou IQttl I. Mivnard T MacGUBvanr lOtti it. wiinm HanortWG!o a. Oiwald (Corn) iui J- I .... Denneyj (Otti IS. Clark (Dart) . i . - . - 4 fOUlllf-hui-lr Lvr.i . ,4 Shea inanni.Ji. . -- ---t .w. ... - tm BaWwiri (ChuKUi Murphy 8. wnue j(Corni lrKOiirlfrtd (Ott) Huff (Ctur) Berexowtkl (Hli Stewart (Car) S. PaddAn irxii Skinneri-tOtu 17. Bennet (Mont) .Greenwood Results ' TORONTO J Trol raiult fro khmtoh iuceiray. Tint seoo, Trol. T furloan reupa icorbett). e 20. a so. i an- inrno wno t, rancTaVlfit). (H 80; Butter Lee C ireacaa). l eo Time. 1 55 4-5. Tru Symbol. Carolina Mike.. Madame Lfcfialle, aber Herbert ' . i .-, Second Saoo. Pace. mUe: Arm. bro tlectra iMcKinlyi. 4(10. 3 30. hu: xcflo- o.yauey (Ball. 4 50, 30; Swing Harmony (Hayetk 4 90 Time, 2r3. The Gibb. Kim Dale. Crcie Lochmvar Rundown uireci. bunaet Ra. alo cUrted Dally Onuble; 1 aad.t. S1SJS Third O0. Pace, mile: Knirhtle nnignt iar I avians S 00. J 70, 30; Midge... Diamond iMcRanai 40; 3 40. Stormy Benb Patch (Geitel Jr ). 3 90. Tirc. 110. Eva Mohawk. Jovial Ahbel Andv Coun. ML Goldle Elgin Wj.Merrr Pane rourUveeoo - Pare. mttr3rt tarran iMlclui. 34 50. 13-20. 20. Jimmy Song C. McNuttl. B 00. 3 40; P. Morgan . Dulord). 3 40 Time 11 1-5 Harvev'i Dream. MieUnil Direct. Dinny Bomb. Time 8tudy alao eUrted. Scratched. Stormy La. Tith S700. Trot, mile: Lemae ifeagan). 9 00. 4 30. 3 30: PaUv reier 3rd (Walker I. 4 40. 3 90 Scotty P. H. (HilUard). 9.30. Time 14. Mr. ProAle, Brown Wolf, Have Julep. Rote C. Lee. Happy 'Mac awo eiarua BoyvMcRarm. aw-9 70. . 3aorf Roy .,McGregor iHabklrki. 7.50 4 90: . Meadow Nancy McKlnlev), 2 50. Tfme. 3 10 U Bar Gold. Peter VV . Shooting; Par, alao a tart- Qulnrlla: S and 3. SS4.I9. Seventh 9700. Pace, mile: Jeff Dillon Waplen. 9 30, 3.90. 3 30; Jimmy Belwyn .iBurriaon). 9 90, 5 00; Superior Lee (Plante). 1 30 Time. 2.12. Veata Direct, Joaeannle, Ginger" Reno, Shirley- Baker J. peaencrop auo atarted. Eighth MOO. Pace, mile: Mr Ben LHeureux). 37.40. 12 00, 890; Peat Traffic (Miller). 4 70, 4 00; Minor Helen H1). 990. Tune, 2 09 1-5 Patricia Hal C . Armhro Bingo, ruturity Chief. Tonka G Rot lawn Bot alao atartod. NinUi 9700. Pare, mile: Tim Star Burrlaon). 10 20. 40. 3 00: The Happy Wanderer 40nrold 3 90. 2 70: Pauline Volo fMoTUnnl 4 00 Time. 110 2-5 Maxie'a Chief. Htehland Glen. Harry a Joe. Kin Gold. Ladv'f Lee H . alao atarted Attendance. 3.230: mutueU. S171., 034. , FOR THE. BIRDS HIALEAH. Ha. (UPI) Hia leah Park is an official U.S. bird quarantine station. Your MERCURY Dealers Oitawa'i Oldert Mereary Dealer CARR'S MARINE - SALES LTD. Bell's Cornen TiS-5165 Opp. Lynwood Plaia Opra Mon. to frt. tlB 19 m. - 9at. nnU) notm ; OUTBOARDS. BOATS, ACCESSORIES RIDEAU FERRY. ? MARINE Mercury Sales and Service Rldeau Ferry, Perft 237-3512 SPEED-O-MATIC AR WASH (OTTAWA) LIMITED MARINE DIVISION 263 Honfrt Roaj 745-2133 THOMSON MARINE Sales. Service and'Rentals 310 Slater Street 236-4893 ; " T"'f "" e .. . ... . , ,. ft- - . ' I. . ' ' A . ' " WEDNESDAY," APRIL I ,. W r THE OTT A WAOURNAt 21 ... . 1 ' t - 3T J . v. Gillis, Gray Lead In Navy Highlights -of ' th7sGond Jay's play in the eighth anAual kun bonspiel featured winijby iv) i Wr nnug Gillis of OUaw Jlobie Harper of Ottawa 4-5 and y Bob-Cray of Vienna over -Boug-Amos 6f Churchill 3-5. .:. " ., - bur Merc dealer! invites you to Ih5j9.8 hp: Merc 110 ). - jwith competitors - 9.5 hp fishing mot Mare 110 It tha Biggest out-1 a board mltna 10 rip class avar built. YUtj!8rlaTis like a 12 p, irons iiks j np ana waighi hk a 5 hp outboai Marc 110 balanced perfectly n thajtranspm. You don't have to aan over the bacH of tha boat to clamp it on.. risking the chance of falling n tha drink. Marc power plants art high nough to ba at least as high as tha transom. Unlike compel)- tiya outboards, it keeps it a power dry. , . Marc 110 has a tilted power-head theLprevents fuel "pud dling" at any speed. It idles and trolls smoothly Without flooding or misfiring on "raw" fuel. The fixed-let carburetor is. on the front of the motor toward the boat ... not on trie btck. You don't have to get in the water whan normal service is required. Merc 110 has a wiqoe-GttdeH Angle design that lets it slide up and over unseen obstacles . ... over Aanijbars and through shallows. N need to tilt it by hand. It corrects itself when you hit deep water again. There's no protruding nose on the front to harvest weeds) Snag rocks or plow sand. It has no shear pins a Jive rubber safety clutch protect the prop on impact. Merc 110 has a Jet-Prop ex haust system. .The exhaust is fired through the center bf the propeller hub . . . burying the fumett-end .4h it tha sound, far behind the boat. -The ex haust fills the vacuum pocket that forms In back of propeller hubsresu4ting in increased thrust and improved breathing of the engine. There are many other features to COMPARE on a Merc 110.;. and your Mercury dealer wtll be happy to have you make the comparison. See him soorrrSee how you get more RUN forydur money with Mercury.. 100. 85, 65, 50. 35. 20. 9.8. 6 and 3.9 I hp outboards and MerGruiser Stern Drives... 110 to 310 hp gasoline; 60 end 100 hp diesal. 110 9.f hp twin eylindera IIIVIR ANWIVINIARY 'MIT . . i I V ; '. e I jT Ij 3 3 B ! I I J 13 13 Bonspiel QLPE NDAYSvOP SPORT Second Channel A ttempt A Triumph fo ' eori . J By PAUL GAliJC GERTRUDE EDERLE. . (PART II) : . Gertrude Ederle. the daughter of a German - American frjbm -Uew ' YorK City, 'who had failed in her first attempt to swim the English ChajtrielL , was, packed off to Cap GrU Ntt in France ' to train for her final "effort. With her we nt her older sister Margaret, herself a talented WSA swimmer, Westbrook Peglerr then .Chi cago Tribune columnist .and his wife, the late Julia Harp- manact ctty xideepori-: er oi the. Newer ne coacn who joined the party abroad was none other than. that .Thomas Burgess who. 15 years before, had been the second to 'jnake. the .Channel crossing , his'time 22 hours'and 35 min utes.: . v. ' '-' STILL INNOCENTS V. ' In, 1926 we were still ; in nocents,; not yet disillusioned. not yet with our noses rubbed the ,1914 1918 War had indeed died in Vin;ll tha,t' nothing whatsoe rejr had been settled and tha ''the demo rracies of the wor 4" were m : re unsafe than ev r thejj ha:! been be-forei' Tl e favorite American fairy - ale was isi 11 the triumph ol the artless over the iniquitous. . ..) ,, ; , " .. .Such a ntory almost Immedi. ately began to build,' up .at Cap Gris, Nez. Onje tender Jn-nocent, jqur Trud, and her friends became enmeshed in a .web of Intrigue, suspicion, ob struction. In addition to the furies of the Channel to con tend with;, it seemed Ahe re were" human. villains as well. Foreigners! -Neither the Frynch nor theBrttish wanted the child to succeed, and the rej&orti ,.enf home by Julia HaTpTnaToiJof sabotage and disloyalties. We began to sit up and takenotice. aware that 1 r being enacted betore our eyes were all the elements of our cherished drama. That climax -failed Jio one.' - .- The swim began the monW ing of. Aug. '6r the sea fairly calm.' the . forecast favorable. But weather prediction Uien was riot what k is loday. Evening and change of t i d e . brought on a line squall, whip ping the Channel into a Tiell of cross "i" currents-and battering waves. . ' With the chalk cliffs only a "tfJJJJV ff he would gain one yard ana. then lose two to the elementsAlready the French tugboat captain had triea tOxbreaKupjne swim oy bearing across her coarse and had been forcibly restrained; - ne P101 8one wrong At- twilight Twhen the had been in the water for 12 hours. Jighting Jatigue, nausea and all . the devils of the deep against her, Thomas Burgess shouted from the tug. lurching and ' wallowing in the heavy seas,. "She must come , out! Butwill not take therespon-sibility ofwalting for a sign fr?om her indicating that she Wishes to cCme out." . --a- Whatever , Burgess motive might have been may be Tsheerlmmaniy-rather-lhsn. obstruction it was the voice' of authority and experience and once more the success of the' adventure hung In the balance.,- . r V , . ; Someone ' leaned -over the side and yelled into the teeth of the wind, "Trudy, you must come out! The gifPjalsed her head out. of the water and looked up from the deep trough of black waves, against which her legs were still J threshing their six - beat trudgeon as regularly as the thumping of the engines from the acoom panying vessel, and , asked, "What for?" With those two words, inno cence and pluck triumphed driver the powers of darkness. Sie threshed onwards. Two . hoWs or so later Trudy walk ed of the sea,, up : onto the aanue-of-Dever to be met. 1 am afraid. amy not tricking me. by a British Immigration 'V f f 1 c e r-- Who solemnly demanded her pass WAJtREtf K. COOK c; CLOTHES No. 40 ELGIN ST. PHONE CE3-C437 FASt "SHAVER an d APPLIANCE SERVICE. GOLDSTEIN ' BROS. LTD. - - 205 BaruYSt, 236-734 U O ; ' ; of . ' to - tnj thereafter iiphn htT return all America lay at her ,feet:. , ' ,.,;! Her r-guilelessness ."a n d tnodesty, Coupled ; with her. achievement, brought '.. forth ' the most tremendous outpour- ing of love fromw the people-, ? New York.' a welcome not equaled or surpassed until the. following year when one. Slim.. Llndberg, too, came home- from abroad. Here, as she paraded up Broadway' and lifted her young.' tear-stained face to the multitudes' crying her namev '. 4ne fatryu-e- should-have. n4 ed-with, "And she grewrich and lived happily ever after."-Alas, as we were beginning . learn, stories do not end 'there, The gold1 ;and. silver that might rAave '. -showered-:-, upon hef to make '.her comt Tortable and independent for the rest of her life, turned to ashes, for in her simplicity. Instead of "coming home im mediately after her swjm. she weht off to..some littl village in the . Black - Foresf pf Ger-; many to Visit her ) grandmother, and before she could return a second woman swant the Channel. a ' Mrs. MUIe Garde j Corson, a rnbther; of "two children., and ' mother" ywas a word sacred to the Jnitedi States.- It joojt. her an hot-Jnger, but some of the edge was off Trudy's feat ' : r.,-- JL f JL " j tr ' K' Z3 8PORTS SEDAN , Family driving is fun again! Scottish Engineering - I !v jfsr. 1 ,V' H ; has created a new kind of car! New Sunbeam I . I'--y I -p ;fU J ; Imp.the car that will out-corner--wet or dry ;C ,fs vf1 L l -v s nynnS you've ever driven before! New .... 'Se' ' . " , , T . i r?y Sunbeam Imp the economy car with a rear- rw VyV fj --iiiiiaii flfi ' mounte'd aluminum racing engine. Imp goes like &VC V 1 " ' 'In fii j$ ' tne d6v111 Test drive Scotland's most exciting VSlU 'I ; TV TV j ' idea since golf ... f J - NEW SUNBEAM IMPI v ytc' ; ) t, " ':tFt7" " ; : 7 IV'':. ' ' 1- ill : - -Will iv:' 1r'3r I P,0. E. EAST COAST . j 'J -;.- .-;' V; : Then Somehow she fe!l 5nto the hands of mexperiencea managers and lawyerswHo mishandles herTiffers-to-ihe point where she reaped prac t:ca!ly nothing of the fortune she would otherwise have accrued. ' - . .. - ; . NEVER COMPLAINED The cruel buffeting she had taken on the sides of her head during "that grueling crawl, permanently affected her hearing- La .during an aquatic performancefiihe hurt her back and spent ; eight months in a plaster cast.. A professional now and forced to earn a living, she" tooir i" lob- as a swimming" instruc--tress -to teach the young "and quietly disappeared into, the limbo of the forgotten forgotten," that jf'Jbyjall but her qwn friends' . -S She never complained about those who had mishandled and failed her. , She remained wholly unspoiled ty the great outpouring of adulation and publicity7She as never, bit- ter, rude r snobbish, nor wavered in hat buoyancy and .essential marked ence w h i c h character. The golden deem e reached its end and Amer entered the cru-1 er change.' Ger-' c;b!e of trude EdTfij: e. tor one, emerg- ed from being.' a greater human Next lack Dempsey, CLAIMS VBA Federal Prevent . WASHINGTON (L'Pft Ed Vard Lassman, president of the V-Lll-'lJ Dwr, a ,,.,.;.. ... t" ;T",J"rroTTr1r" - . the senate boxing hearings that the ring deaths of two champions in the past year might have been prevented by strong federal contrplt . - " " The hearing ,by the senate anti t monopoly subcommittee wound rup with a bi-partisan plea . for approval of federal boxing curbs to give-boxing "a last chance" to clean up. Chair man'Philip A. Hart, ;D Mich., said in a closing statement that 'self-regulation pf boxing has not been any astounding suc4 cess ' Lassman,-who said his WBA is recoenized bv 41 states, tord the panel he felt thatthT deaths of Benny (Kid) Paret and Davey Moore could have been prevented. . Although under questioning he stopped short of accusing state commissions of laxness. Lassman said that federal .control "Would create stronger safety standards." y BACKS BILL , : .' He backed the bill proposed by the late Sen. Estes Kefauver, D'Tenn., which would provide federal Controls under a national boxing cqrnmission,. .. . Lassman said that in some instances r state- commissions have been lax in physical examinations and have overlooked the possibjtyof injury from I , .f- Coritrol Can Bbxinq Deaths a previous fight. He said some ktatp An not nu marhine In . - -. ... tefirrrnlaTrrage - .. Lassman noted that Paret Pr was sevWrely-beaten by former middleweight champion Gene Fullmer before he "died in, a fight against Emile Griffith for the weUer xrown. ' "It i the opinion of many," Lassman'said, "that he (Paret) PERCY CARRI ERE AUTOMOBILES, 44 MONTREAL ROAD - 749 - fwas not killed in that fight.".;,. In wide-ranging" testimony, Lassman also said he did not recommend that the WBA strip Cassius Clay of his newly-won htavywight. title becatise Clay was a Muslim; or because he t . - -m . I uio . i cwuiiiiucuudiiuii -was rompted by Clay's boasting and . lack of numility as a champ'ton.'' In his prepared -statement. Lassman said he now- felt-that "Clay has become aware of h.s role and will comport himself as a true champion the whole world can honor and respect." '.palsJof .the PINE VIEW OOLF At Blair Road 18 Holes Opening Appl 20th m. ':)' .a v-.. iuit 4 ' i a V'-T. a- W ilWV v vyi .- t V l tt4 4 V i f Ij i- i ! He also revealed that th WBA, by a unanimous vote of T its i commissioners, dropped- Sonnv Listori frbmrts rankingjL . afytfr ' the' former heavyweight ; - r champion was arrested in Deu- '1 ; verl on several charges, includ- " i'' ingvpossession of a weapon." . Hart said "Congress Is not disposed to hold boxing hear ings after every heavyweight . . .. title fight. He addedV however,-- ; ' that he does think it is fair to ; Weather Permitting ' - ' lAccepting Applications for Apply . Tel. 746-6735 between 6 and 8 p.m. " .Monday through Friday . IMP give the sport "this apparent, last-chance'' embodied In the 6 ; emo ot bill. . i 1,. iivLiiig uiab . uiau. i people want to abolish boxing. said Jhe 'present hearings indicate that the .heavyweight division "has not seJNits long connections witn racketeering influences" but that underworld characters are still found ia close.; association with princi- spprt. & COUNTF Y jLUB and Quee nsv ay Limited Membership NOW-ATYOUR 5927 HIUANSUNDEAMEALER J

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