The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 12
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PAL 12 TWELVE. HH DAILY COURIER, CONNEL! ^SVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1950. of MO VICKERS CHAPTEft Llll. ^ F ATICiUE blunted her sensibilities. Alan loved her and it was more .than .possible. that she had Jcilled him by taking him that long- journey in the car. She could not even fee) anxiety on that scon;. It was impossible to nurse 'him. Doctors would not come up-country, so there had been no alternative to taking him down. Her emotional being" was. numb*. ed, and her' active' 'cOnsStOQIAfH ···aw only the necessity td k««j the camp in order and the work going until he could return to take cotn- mind of it. ' She wont to the ho u eft In Kala- maria, bathed and forced herself ta t a k e a meal, then a«t herself to the task of driving back to In8 camp. She had no doubt 'hat *he would arrive. Her fatigue had passed beyond the imrriediate want for sleep and she knew that, if- need were, she could go on moving and working for several tinys and nights. For vhe first time in her life she was drawing on the immense reserves Of strength and energy she had built up by years of healthy living. ^ho reached the shack an hour before dawn and was srreiHed by Petros who, refusing t.o sloop, 1'ftd squatted outside the shack awaiting her return. She was able to feel gratitude for his devotion, but was too ignorant of tho cu«toln» tf the country to attempt to express it. She knew that it would b» foolish to lie down, and whil* Petros prepared her a meal she wrote to Alan. "Dear Alan, get well as quickly as you can and\don't worry about anything. Your plans were successful in every detail. Stephanos and his whole band have been de- troycd. With the help of the foremen I shall be able to carry on here you are fit. 1 will send a letter down every day by the supply lorries telling you what we are doing. Your--Shirley." She nclo3ed it in a cov«in« letter to the hospital authorities, requesting them to giv« it tti Alan as soon as ho recovered full consciousness. · U was no idle assurance. While in the c-amp she had seen something of Alan's organization, his foresight and ability to provide for the possible failure of others. The battle had gone exactly as he had planned it and the work would do the same. Although he did not know it, Abramovel was, in effect, made general manager of the camp. He spoke i'our languages, like most of the Macedonians above the laboring classes, and possessed English as 11 fifth. The Jfirtt day he troubled her Httle and by the second day she hod slept off her fatigue and plunged "with full strength into arranging supplies pay ani the details of the work Kvery day she received mythical orders from Alan, which planned overnight, and sp*»t th* 'day in seeing to their execution. In six days the metals were laid and a short train puffed through the camp laden with stone for completing the last few miles of 'the truck. It was on that day that Roger appeared in the camp. ft wag during' the 'last hour of work. Shirley WAS in the shack, checking juantlUe«, . ' w h e n a laborer brotffht Him hit For a moment «h« staged at him helplessly, hellsring that hie ap pearatice was an hallucination. "Hullo, Sl«ri«y 1" he said *ham«- facedly. "I'm sorry to disturb you. I wanferf to s«e ErerittaWray." At the sound of hi* voje«, Shirley atiffened and pulled her««lf together*. ·- ·· - : "U« ife not here--he won't be her* for a week, perhaps lonfor," «he said coldly. ''Why have you com* h»r« t Roger?'* Uninvited, he h*nted himself. "Can T have B drink, Shirley?" "You can have llmejuice and water If you lik«. We have no kohol here." ·lUger. "Brennaway offered t take a Million and a quarter i shares in return for his half-million -- but as even I cannot affoiJ to run the risk of paying back . million iifld » 4unrter for the usr of a half -million for one year, 1 thought I Would come out and see «9tao«y what Ik being done with my irley was at a loss. She remembered that Alan had written to Roger th» day before he went up-country and she had assumed that tht whole matter had been * So on't follow all this," ah« san wearily. "You had better go back to Salonkia aha wftit until Alan can see you. He is ill and will not bt abl« to do any business for softt' little tlm*." "And hat left you in charge, «ht" suggested Roger. "Wall, I "Don'l lor get that w« art husband and uf/0 /Or another couple oj months 6r to" He made a t;rimace and took the proffered d r i n k . ' ''Are you living here with him?" . , You rmut find It pretty ghastly I" he. remarked. "Will you tell me why you have come, Roger t" che persisted. "This is a rather chilly rocep- tion, my dear," he said ironically. "Don't forget that we are husbmd and wife for another couple of months or so. Also--don': forget, please, that I Bin chlof shareholder in Macedonian Development*. That, perhaps, will e;; plain why 1 have come." Shirley glared at him. The work was Alan's and hers and to hear him claiming it aa his made her angry. "That isn't true. Alan took the shares from you in return for the money you owe him." She watched him smile in the way she had detested of old. "1 see he does not take you wholly into his eonfidence," said don't think I need trouble him-and I've Certainly no denire to fjrend an unnecessary day in this abominable country. You can tell me all 1 want to know--which ia simply how far VoU'v* got towards completing T.he railway. I understand that in the crux of the who! matter." "I can't discuss his affairs with you," said Shirley. "But why not? There is no breach of confidence. His affair* ar* mine, as far at this comps n i* concsmedr It 1ft only a matter of courtesy on yonr part. I can get, an order from the court cai celling the power of attorney I gavi him and can then demand to re* all the papers and reports." "An order of the court!" she laagh«d bitterly. "What use do you think an order of the court would be to you in this camp, Rogesr?" (To Be Concluded Tomorrow) iiM, i«.i«. ia am vicksn, b; Kim rutum agrndlou, IM. Diet and Health ^ * * gy uiu HUNT oitr ABO HEALTH* AHO oitr T been t h e your By LULU HUNT PETERS, M. D. Balanced Diet M RS. H.i The fur of *nlmal» l» markedly affetiUil by deficient diets, and It Is reasonable Id *UPPOH£ tbat the hair of human* may also be affected by a fact, It is; HO if yo«.i are- beginning to lose your hair while on a reducing diet, 1 s u s p e c t . y.o u h a v e n ' t careful In choice of food* tlwt it l.i ' not only necessary to count your c a I or t e s a n d limit, them, to the r e d u c i n g number, but M is also very necessary to have the calories you do consume, consist of the correct fcwR l think it would be wise to j-un tho foundation for a re- iiuctng dot. (Thin l» al«o a eo6tf foundation for a gaining diet.) J|- Duffy Foundation Diet FIRST: At least a half pound every day of Mom* Waiory vegetable* (the greun tea? vegetables are lospe- dally desirable) -- lettuce, spinach, celery, osparagus, watercress, beet top greens, cabbage, tomatoes, etc. A half pound of these, cooked or uncooked, without fat, will fco .approxl* mately BO C. (Have raw carrots, raw cabbage, tomatoes (raw or cooked), and splnacfe 0»t«n, for they are blgh In vitamins and minerals.) SECOND: One-half pound,of other vegetables.,suet «a carrots, .beet*, unions, parsnip* *0d squash, eta, every day. Th»«e Will approximate about 100 O., teltlt'fJt tat. THIRD: 200 to 360 C. of fruit daily. (Good-iiized orange, apple, pear--100 C. eitch.) (it ia beat to take a large share ot the vegetables and fruit raw.) FOURTH: Owe Bint of skim m t f k ·r buttermilk (1*0 C.) in »otne form --In cooUlug, fl):tnku or chee«o. You need U for tln.e anil complete pro- telo. (CMldren reducing iihoutd have at least three glasses of whole milk.) FIFTH. One ta«dlum sinull potato, 100 C., on on« Urge slice of whole wheat brefid. one-batf Inch thick, same number or ealoriee, OM two- thirds (··: a cu» of cereal. II yom h a v i starchy or s igary dessert*, you can omit these. tftXTH'l One to two teaspoonfuls cod liver oil (35 « v e4c'ft. or two to four Cod liver oil tablets (practically no calorics), or otia Iftblohpaonful butter (100 C.), t-r two ounces thin croum (100 C.)--to be sure, of your vitamin A. (If yoii do tak- coO liver oil tabletd. be suid to get, tb« brand that Is accepted by the A. M. A. Council on Phaniuicy and Chemistry. This fact la stuK ·! on the bottle. «A you will know.) SEVENTH: Protein. Vou must have more protein, beglden what you get In the rnllk, SD take two to three ounces of very if un meat or flab 'or tfc-tf cg» OOO to I BO "C. total). What I have outlined for you Pomes to 730-030 C. if you go on a 1200 caloric day for your ^reducing diet, you have quite a few calories left for the thlnr.a you like. But I ailvisr you to nvl take siceeti and ratt because it I.' tcit to learn not lo care lor tlicm. Our pamphlet on Reducing and Gaining will gh o ,/ou some additional ne.lps.ln r«uielng. See column rules for obtaining it. « · * Miss W.: If the discharge from your navel doesn't cleur up with hot w#ter itnd *dap cleansing*, twice a day. followed by n little boracJft acid or peroxide, you should see' a physician. Vour other quc.stlona are answered In our pamphlet on the Hyaline of Women. · * · Miss P.: We linve an article on ·iipdi liuo\is which may help you. Bee column rules for obtaining this. · fiditbr't Tfole; Ur, Peters eanndt dlftgnoe nor gi e personal advice. Your questions, if of general Interest, will b* answered tn the column in their turn. Requests for.article* or pamphlets on band must be accompanied by a f i l l y self-addressed, stamped envelopt. plus the following smalt charge to help edveC Post of printing and handilnf. for each article wanted, h-.o cants la coin; for each pamphlet ten Cents In coin. The pamphlet* ar« H 'luciny and Oainino, Hygiene of Women, Kidney and Bladder Dlsortf. r.». Address . Dr. Peters. In car* o' this pajn-r. Write Uglbly, and nut uvef I'lo iVn-dfl. Use Our Classified Ads When You Want Help Attorney-General May Go to Supreme Court Attorney-General William Mitchell nay be named Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court to succeed the late Edward Terry Sandford, who died a few dayi Home-Making Helps BT ELEANOR ROSS How Much It a Can? S HE claimed to have followed the directions, · which stUd: "Add 1 tablenpoca of flour to the juice or a can of asparagus," and she was diamayed at the, thick white pasta which emerged, Instead of the fine white saUe-e she expected. What (hie Vuung cooH overlooked was the fact that T 'a caii" dwsh't mean anything aoftntt* In the way ot quantity. And one must be very definite in roeanur- ttig (fuamitf to **i la* Hght texture ih a eream saue*. The safe rule is te menwure. in the matter of sauoes, the Cute la l tuMMpoon ot flour and 1 tablespoon o faf per eup of/ HUuid if a thin ·auci is cteslreil. Two tablespoons of fVour and 2 of tat per cup of Hquid lr a thtek a«uce Is expected. If t«e linuld 'from a caii of veg-e- ttblee ia us*4 this iwuat, be drained off and carefully measured. If there lim't enough juice te make up a cup «r t»0 *» «e*e«fl, then hot water, ·*· .tlllki of bouillon c«n be ftdded. TO the gro«ere,.cans nre known by Dumbera, and that is the way to ·rfler over the phone or By mall. 1-he Ho. 1 can contains 1 14 cup*,, Mo. 2 can !V4 cttps, No. 2H can 3% cup*, the No. J caa * cupn. the No. I «*n 7 cups. It'«aa«ei«eeleoon»M; to keep more IMA eae siM can of each v**e«aMe en tbe em«r§»hey *h»lf- especially K (he hvuMhold is a «ra«U e»e, or meals are oeca4foMkly nerved for oh* er two persons. To keep only the lure* oias oatie of tomatoee or pea* er corn or anything elee means that very often tbe larfe can is opened when only a small amount IS neede*. T1»ea there' e an odd cup of earn*thing stored In the Icebox for a day or two--end sometimes It la waated. tfttfc sjenaU cans, on tbe othtr hand, oaeOyeas up Just eaeugh, a* left- - " i"" ' ' " Prepares for More Efficient Prison Guards Candidates drawn ft om th« regular (JIvU Service lists for positions as Prison Guards ar · no longer to bo *ent to Federal Penal Institutions without thoroi gh preliminary training) at this new school in Saw York, the firs! of it* kind to AttUrle*. C«ndt**t»* from all part* of the country ·Hll be given an understanding of every posri bl« angle of penology. JOM* C. Stuteman, a priion executive · long experience, has been designated by too Department of Juitiei to bead tlio MkoaL Advice to Gij'ls By ANNIE LAURI J D EAR ANNIB I^AURIB: W« aro »lrla of 11 mothers let ua go to purtiee ·ut rldine If there Is anott along. When out on t^iet ·nd parties the other giHa the attention or the boy» boy* do not even mem to ua. We wish Co know how the attention of tho boyn. ANXIOUS O A NXIOUS ONES: It to a that th* boye, know! you ar* both but children, t at) such, 1'ou should be (lad Mnalbls fr lends. Tour allow you to gi to parties a; riding because thny feel their dauxhtera are Httie whnee heoda t,r» not full of o "When you ara older you wo to aak for advice aa to bow the attention of youns mei will take the Initiative and your companionship and fr In the meantime continue t your mothers' confidence. Our and go «r ftrl rides (at aU The notice :o/g*Us) -IB*. y cues* tg that eat you of euoal mother* J to »· onflent ladle* i Hiseneet t't have to gala . The/ aak for nd»hltfc - jlutUJF ANNIM ·*·* We we two Innocei t girl* who want the** Quaetlo ie as* awered. - - i 1. We so with two boys whom We like very much, how ou we tell whether they like ua or not ? They eeem to II ko u», nnd alw. ye act nice; and respectable aroi nd ua, i 1 They even treat ui differ* it than ' they do other elrls. I* thit a *!«· »! love or notT ,S. true that true IOT neve* . run* smooth? We want t i know thle. for we are constant! - quaf* rellng. , TWO INNOCBNT O! RLS. mWO 1NNOCBNT GIRI 91 1. 1 JL think you should be flattered that the young men malice j'ou are both such nice Kir)n, and reflect you ·ccordln«)y. From thl* 3 m may know how much they thlni of you, ind how much they val ie your friendship. t. It has been c 'ten said that the path or' true love loee not run smooth, but that doea i ot mean that If people constantly quarrel they must ne In love, :olistan* quarrels nenerally , signify Inok ot harmony and niutul misun leratand- Ing, something that doe* n t augur well for truo friendship a id affection. Ffnd out for youra iivea an irhat rock you apilt autd fot then, If »ou cannot steer your cot rse free t it. Schoolgirl Contim 1 nist Keeps Police Busy Truhar, secortd«y«s» · tJniyer- fity of Plktaburgn co-ed. ;.«* fallen into the hands of the poll e f or the second or third thtte, eha ged with a Variety of offenses in c mneetion with her Communist af.'iliationa. She haft nlmdy been aw ssted for, atw«»ithi0 to sf«ak at a Com- meeting which ad been d b th» polio* s ad is Sow wi titferaturo, y th» ii dis tributi* t Accident Casualty Hazard Again Stirs the Country U. S. Accident Death- Rate More Tb»n Double ! That of Nearest Rival A LARMBD at the iacrwaM to industrial accidents in Mem York, which .hare grown from 818.M7 to 883.S56 la 1M9 and re- etsUiMl la tho award of raoro tnaa $42,000,000 by the Now fork 8t***j laduntriai Commission in 100,4(1 caaej*), flftr thousand firms and nwro tfaan fifteen trade orgaalam- tlonj are partlclpatiug in a safety campaign which started March 1st and will continue tor thrto months, according to an anno«Jnco- tnent toy the Oroater New Tart industrial Safety Oommitt**. With more than M.tOO porMU la tho United State* nwettnc death by accident in 1918 and tie pomfblBty of an »nw»leotne in croaoo la thla hug* total whan the ·im ficaree are released, tke ·oonomio *OM entailed la so start- line, aaid* Cram the dislocation Ot many aornee throorhotit tho land, that commercial and civic orcas^ cations ar* naHinc with vitrlooa foundation and research ood»Uoa in thrj endeavor to reduce the ao- oideatal death rate by a national campaign of education. , Calirornia, rmakinc hifh tn the mntbor ot antomobUe accidents and shocked at the number of In- ilaries and fatatttlee, taa iaaocn. 'rated a campaign to Impress: on tbe · mind ot every motorist the necessity for oaatlon and "Safety Always" by the adoption of drasv tJc road · rule* and sensational signs. Aside from the Injuries by oon- easslon thousands of motorists ·offer laoeratlofts from spttotersd glaas which remit I'n diiflgnratlon or death. »*ear of ttils baa broufht Hens- OatHejnir* Warm «!· MwtorM l a demand for aon-e«attertnr glam aa Ute element next In tmportaaoe to brake* in the uvoldanc* of sangoinarr aoddoatii. Many an- tomobtl* maaata«ttrer», x r««o* nlsinc thig factor of aafety, DAT* made this BUM iiUknAurd few wlndahleldi. Some of tbe higber priced oara have used ooevoeatUrbsc glaas as standard equipment throu«no«t tho car -- doors, vrtedowa and windshields. And, oa tbe flrat of the roar one of the leading medium priced oara set the pace by adopting Its oomptftt* oqoJpment. Stattatlee offer a graphic pic- tore of the road reoi leaaneae tbat baa made the United States) tbe world'* reoord holder Jtot accidents. While tbe death rate from all acetdonta decreased 10 par cent from 1911 to 19 it, there was aa lneroa*e of 14 per «ont from IffSl to HIT. Automobile accidents are a v*r/ ootioplenowi fac- tor, showing a steady since 1918. from tho latter to 1M1 an Increase ot IM per: cent was erportenced, and from 1M1 to 1M7 th* death cat* eon- tlnaed its upward dim* by Tl per No other nation tm the vorld equala oar death rate from accidents and la moat eaeea oara la doable tbe mor* Important na boos neh aa Bnstend, Pranoa, Oormaay and Italy, In moat of which the population is orach greater to the square mile. A surrey ot tho facts Indleataa that tho attention devoted to accidents and tho results obtained ar* much lesa satisfactory than m pnblla health work dtrectad acatnat dt*» Accident! not only canao ·boot s*t per «eot ot aU deatbai la tfe« United 6tat«a, bat there are only ·Ix oanaes of deatb by «M»M tfeat have gntatar InjbortMMax THE OLD HOME TOWN Stanlw YASr SAM *· WHCM l THEM TWO HANDS EASIN'TOWA^P UBMON 1)C* -1 SMACKED DfcWN THAT ', ANO SMACKBt) \IT HARD*-AND DiA* CATCH TWS Bosnlls ! Sur*l Wfioa you Ada. in u* tv PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE -*« We.

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