The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE POUR -THE DAILY COUKIER, CNNELtSVILLE, FA. THURSDAY, JULY 11,1918. I I . H M I fcmrrirr. .!; "' H«KRT P. SKTDKE, ' Mod«r and Bdltor. UlS-l ;; vmm CCVKIU coppAJnr.' '·' Brithh Editor. WALTER City Editor. 1.TNNE 3. KJ ;;' - · Society Editor: : ii~-~~ i- :f J! - MEMBERS OF: ;' Associate*- Pre««, . , . . » , ·Unlllt Bur**u 61 Citeuln.y»ft ,, ,,;·-. f»nn»y!vani».JA««o:late*' Dafllem. .· TSro cent» per copy, SOc par month; 15 (ier year by mail If paid IE advance. Uitered as second class matter at TJOTBSDAT ZTEt!, JCLT 11, MIS. ;j. n* CMUln** t***t*f ?!·*· . ·- WILLIAM P. MERMAN. Hospital Unit L, American Ex- j;p.dltlonary_For=« France '; Company H; 31*th Infantry, j;. S. N; A.-,- American Eipeoi- UonMar. K«fces,--Frani*G.V;7 " SiiCHAEI. GliBXAI-Upr-"-'- ·· : HAROLD B1CHST,.'-"-.- Baittry ar.'J«K FLldJ .Artil:; lery. .:31b.yIJfyislon. Uffj*- -- G., AwwMMOiMi Expeaiuon- -- ary''-tfun££v, France." :. COX.V ·--- , EnginierlVlJ. ~. - r. Va. , - · ' E. .15th ).- ATit.rican- · ditionary Forces.' - TTomjiany B. C3rd Enclneers, ir Port" Binjamln ,. Harrison, .Indlanapo. · . . ^,,-KUSSELL. .LEKHART. V. S^S. president Grant, U. » ; M 7-- ,--"- ....-..- sivr-' ' · "" '· .- · ;'. CARL STEHLE, Srd Company, 1st Battajion. In-. . " fantry Replatemen.t,. Brl- ; ,, · :- ' sade. Camp Lfe. V-.i. .-.. AB«o.3a.tSft3B33»-; iKf*' / crusively entitled to the use for i»pub!ica.t!on . of all the news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in thl» paper' aid aJio the local newj published herein. . Germany's Confession c«at of H«r Crira. ..Part IV.. Again.! Civilis.tion ill Ike Balkaai. i Serbian .: ambitions. Albania ' ' - this ·. statement .of England's ' . . policyVwas .- r'not a -"mere pretense, P.rlncB:Lichiiowsky proves in r ,his long . created ' . Austrian Vassal state' anrt Serbia was driven from tlie sea.' The result pi the conference wa's.. there- account of the negotiations arising j lore: a fresh humiliation for Russian out of-the Balkan "War and the estab- [ seif-conscioiiBhess." the of "Albania. "At the out- Jr«ak otithat; war," be says, "wo (Germany) bad unfortunately de- ies in clined the proposal of the French government to join in a-declaration j t£ctor of · disinterestedness and impartiality ! on the part of the powers." On the j British Concession j in Africa. Similarly, when Germany sought concessions in the .Portuguese colon- WANTED -^ TOUB BARBERINQ business, RENDINE'3. U '- WANTED--KITCHEN SMITH HOUSE, GIRL AT SjulySt WANTED--ROOMERS. . Third: struct, T^est Side. 208 NORTH WANTED--R6OMERS AND BOARD- era at 117 Went Fayette street. . ' . ' lljulytf lng Africa, England, as the proof Portuguese interests in i assisted Germany in obtaln- she wished,' '.'Thanks to 'the WANTED--GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK at ELPBRN'S, 404 South . Plttsburg street. . . lljulytfd other hand, be says of Lord Grey: i ob i iging attitude of the British gov WANTED--GIRL, o start to work. Dunbar. ernment," Prince Lichnowsky writes. "I succeeded in giving, the new treaty a form which fully coincided with our wishes and interests. All of Angola up to the twentieth degree ol longitude was assigned to us, so that we reached the Congo region from the south; and we-received the valuable | WANTED--TO RENT isUhds of Thome and which lie north of tbe Equator and therefore really belong to the French sphere of interest--a tact which led my French colleague to lively though fruitless counter representations. Furthermore, we received the northern part of Mozambique, the Likun- go forming the boundary. "The British government showed .beginning,. the. British ! statesman took the stand that England, had ,no Albania and. was therefore ^unwilling to be involved in a war over this question. He wished simply'-as an honest broker, to mediate between the two groups 'and .settle difficulties. Thus he in- no wise placed himself -on the side of the entente (his allies) and during the. negotiations which lasted about eight months, by virtue of h'fs" good will and weighty influence he contributed not a little toward brinEing about concord,, and agrec- niti'Tliistead' tif; ttking a positipu "sininar'tb'"th'atr.6f the/ English,. :wc inrarlably assumed.the attitude pre- sc"ribeti;. : to us : from -Vienna « V : ·. I ihe greatest obligingness in behalf of On every point, including Albania, j our lntercats . Grey wanted to mani- m barbors, in. the Adriatic, | fe5t hi8 goo( j ^jj toward us, but he j^cntari, and .the.:.definition .on the ; was also ln t cr ested in furthering our rAlttanian: frontiers, we .were on ..the ! co ,^ laj expansion, it being the Eng- -qf,'Austria and'Italy, whilst .Sir ^ u ^ h )(Jea to ai yeTt the developing ·Edward Grey, hardly ever took Uia j Gennan Str0 ngtn away from th« tErcnclr,pr Russian point of view. On.' jf or jj, Sea nl j western Europe out the-'conH»ry. he nearly always took j toto . the open ocean and Africa. TV« our part in order to give no pretext do not begnl( jge Germany her colon- for war. Jt.was with his help that fa] Mpans)on ,· said a member of the King Nicholas was induced to leava i cabinet to mc . Great Britain origi- Sctitari. Otherwise there would have ; na]lj . pro])osed t3 include the Congo been war orer this matter, as we i in e treatT as ,,,,,, nis would should, never have dared to ask our j have given us a right of preemption ;allies.-to make- concessions. i and an opportunity for economic pen"Lord Grey conducted the negotia- j etration. However, we declined this tions with circumspection, calmness,'offer,-ostensibly out of regard for and .tact.," .Whenever,.-a question i Belgian susceptibilities. * · * WANTED--BOYS OVER 16 · YEARS of iee. CONN.EI.L.SVIL.LE SILK MILL CO.. INC. 2JulytI COMB BEADY TOBY'S QUICK 9j-jly3t' ·WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework.. 703 Eighth street, North Side. · - · · · - . . - lOJulySt'. " PRIVATE :y of Race ic 747. threaterned; to become -involved, .he would- draft .an appropriate formula The sincerity of the British government ' i n its efforts to respect onr of agreement 'which invariably prov- | rights was shown by the fact that ed acceptable to-'alF."' His' personality ; Grey, even before. the treaty was corn- commanded equal confidence among pleted or. signed, referred to us cer- all the .members of the conference. Once more ,we issued successfully tain English promoters seeking investments of capital in the territories ABOIT RUSSIA. from one of those numerous tests of assigned to us by the new treaty and strength' which are characteristic of i desiring British backing in the mit- I our foreifm policy. Rusia had had'tri · tcr. He did this with the remarV yield to us at every point, so that she ; that the enterprise contemplated be- was never in a position "to further j longed within our sphere of interest." Oa Ru*i« U'Juat aboiit as, good as another. There have been so many revolutions .counter revolutions and faction*} disorders that ho one. even the themselves,, know. what is, . theJreal stjffusyifc agalfs-: or cwhat- 1s- Utolr; to bi ~the ffnal 'outcome of the turmoil that has followed the removal : 'ol Ciar Nicholas as tbe ruling head. : One;fact has bcea apparent ever since '^·YolutioiC and even before it e, and that ii that tb* agenti . of (Mrmany have never for a moment ce*^d to.'be active,in seeking to cre- at* Conditions in Russia 'that will eventually result In strong Teutonic control of portions; if not .the whole,-; of tiiat vast country.- . j O«i of the-COB fusion and chaos that rf' prevailed' for. many months it i ;j that__form aid; substance is be_ fyrm to two organized'- forces ·: around which .the.'elements in. favor . of apd those against extension of Ger- : M»n;3nfluince wilt - respectively be · grouped. The Bolshevik!, nominally '.. in of the government, .under. thi jhadVrshlp.. of icon., Trotsky, no · lomter Able to conceal Its pro-German '·'.:' lympmthies and purposes, is planning to 'fis* a huge army by conscription ·. aa atueans of - eatablishing its control. ; ThisHrnovemcnt will, of course, have . t h e 's'ttCBfrt--- of- all th'e :.Gcrtrian;:afm- . ciei in those sections of Russia where .'·'.] Germany has been active in. oxtejidins .: iU jropa'eanda;''but'" 1 'th"e'''Indications 1 i: ' poing to very.'effectllve.,opp/islffdn by * '·'· acotber forcii w^bici'at' pr«ant,i» ac-': live {"principally In northern Russia _and -**stern Slberim. "..:· ; ···'.---. Tbj| Czecho-Slovaks, whose sympa- thits.. w«re with Russia at IJe out-break of the war, and who surren; dereC to the Russian army, at :nr«l oppcu^unity, and have since remained IB Kiissia. have formed an"'army which »as obtained control of a large part-«( the Trans-Siberian ..railroad, Vladivostok, the Pacific terminus, and .other^important seaports und-terri- g tory.f; Th» ..antl-iBtnnan"-^and anti- Auatrlan elements of Russia are flock- tea; to;the standard of the new Czecho- ··".^..- - - » ' . - : · '-""^v; ' · '" i . ALL-AMEBICA TEBSlTT-ALIi-ClER-[jnea! And then with one impulse 3IAX1'. ) they jv-fll surge Into the churches,* into 'Few people in America, and per- \ tlie cathedrals--for when man has haps still fewer'.In Germany, hare i bcen ! granted the supreme boon, *h« realized the strength.o! the opposition must fall on hie knees, whether he to Germany ' amonr. the countries or the western hemisphere, outside of ttie United States. ;Of the 22 all-Ameriean countries, knows God or not. And no one who rises up from that silence will ever lose Its mighty vibration, .That day is not a vision.; it Is com- . ·15 have already offlcially.: broken off j i ng as surely as tomorrow? Or will ' " ' ..... ' diplomatic relations with the central powers" and eight have declared war you put it (iff for four more bleeding years? It is In your bands. Every you give to ser- you buT rou ,,,,,,. w , nt _ you are conscious of sacrifice In paying the FOR'RENT- Fix your eyes on the! house. on Germany. Of the 22-only seven effort, every remain strictly neutral ami none .of | vice, shortens~th"e"wa/Hng^If all gavt these can be Justly described as anti-j a i l they could, the day could not hold ally. Otftside of the United States j back anot h(r hour. the countries friendly to the cause we j ( ne are espousing could supply an army I of 2,000,000 men within, two years. | consideration the. formation of fighting force as an active aid to the i Un4tcd. States, should there be need.' Meantime all the 22 coimiries are supplying us with vast quantities of 'JJood, metals and raw materials es~ sentiaVto'.the.' maintenance of armed forces abroad. · · . .. _ "While there is very remote probability that the United Staes, even in ·WANTED -- TWO SALESLADIES; refercncea required;.steady work. Apply PICKS' DEI'ARTMKST STORB. JJuly'lt ·WVLNTED--LADY Pleasant -work. Call North PIttaburs street GROVES. * CANVASSERS. 9 to 12. .113 A»k for -MB.. W)4.NTBr.l -- AN EXPERIENCED saleslady i'or cloak and suit department withstood seilini; ability. A d - i dress "B," Courier. ' llJulyBt I WANTED--LABORERS. LONG JOB; 4Se per ' hour, pay weekly. Apply CEAS. MAT2, Atlantic Refining Company, or West Side Hotel. . ' »julylt* WAHTED -- CARPENTERS AND LA- j borers. Carpentem' wag-es 62^c per j hour; laborers 3Sc per hour. A p p l y \ on tbe job at Greenhouse Stop. Dun \ bar. Pa. VANG CONSTRUCTION CO. \ Sjulj-tfd ·WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH., Don't matter 1C broken. I pny $2.00 to j 115.00 per mt. Send by parcel post ? and receive by return mall. L. MAZER.' 200.7 South Firth utreet, Philadelphia.! Pa, HulySSt* I ' WAXTED--WAITER, CHAHBETt- maid and third trick cook. Best waives paid. CUPP'S RESTAURANT. Water street. 4 sjulyTt WANTED -- CARPENTERS AND! carpenter he.lpors to buUd constrncUon camp at Fayette station. Good -waires. Apply to A. L. ANDEKSON- i INC., Fayette station. SJulytl FOR RBNT -- ONK SIX ROOM HOUSE. Call Bell 10S-B. Sjulj'U Hooper Long's FOR THREE DAYS ONLY* Thursday, Friday, Saturday, July 11, 12 and 13 Clearance Sale of Broken Lots of Dependable and Stylish Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps at Remarkably Low Prices One lot Women's Colored Kid and Combination, from $6.00 to $7.50 Values, at $4.85 ' One lot better Colored Kid Shoes, from $7.50 to $10.00 values, at only $5.85 One lot Women's Patent Leather, Lace and Button Shoes, $3.00 to $5.00 values at $2.65 One lot better grade Patents, from $5.00 to 57.00 values, at only $3.65 One lot Women's Dull Kid and Gun Metal, lace and button Shoes, from $3.00 to $4.00 values, at Misses' and Children's Ox- fords and Strap Slippers all reduced. One lot splendid values in Dull, lace and Button Shoes, from $4.00 to $6.00 values, at $3.65 Desirable lots of Pumps and Oxfords at greatly re- duced prices. One lot of Women's Low Shoes, Colonials and Pumps, /sizes 2y 2 to 4%, at $1.00 The high prices of leather should compel'yon to recognize the good values listed In this ad. Your opportunity to save dollars. Lon 104 WEST CRAWFORD AVENUE, PA. FOR RENT--LIGHT HOL'SEKEBPins: room*. 307 K^ast Crawlurd avenue. SjulyU ·· KOK RENT--MODERX SIX ROOJ flat. 210 East Cedar jvvenue. Iljuly3t FOR RENT--JULY 10 SIX ROOM house and bath, J'JO per month. 30i Sycamore street. lOjulyU FOR RENT--TWO FURNISHED rooms for HKHt housekeeplntf. 317 North PittaburB street. Iljuly2t' FOR RENT--ONE room, all conveniences. SU'.h street. West Sld FURNISHED No. 115 South lOJuly-tf J " FOR RENT--FUr.NISHKD . ROOM for gentleman. 1.17 South Prospect utreet, opposite high pchool building. HJulySt ItOOM MODERN eL Inquire 121 i day--the day when the avenues willj S o u t l 1 PlttiAurB street any time 1 ., . . . . ,. , , Thursday or Friday. PosncuHton suddenly blossom white with the news | August 1. . lojuiyat of peace--and yon wjll want that with so burning an urgency that you will come running with its price. HOT 1TEATHER. It is a siiper-heat?d da* on which I write these verses; nnd people, ae they go thiir way, arc breathing the event of a prolonged war, would j J 1 * artw ' un » cu^es.. Excessive heat 1 - like tills' destroys the temper of the mildest; he loses all his saintly poise, and uses words the wildest. Tired Father Iff at other times "of disposition sunny: h f s laughter rincB like Easter chimes, he's prodigal with money. But he is sore ,ind surly now, since heat besran to swat h i m ; the sweat ia drip- need assistance from her sister coun- j tries to the south, there is comfort in ibe^knowledge .that the relations between .us.are such.that we have but to indicate our, wish and it would be Supplied.' ' " v TOR S.\LE--ON'E F I V E PASSEN- g-er Tleo car, ffood- condition--' See J. H. IXH^L-AK, Smith House. SjulySt FOR SALK OR THADE--FIRST- claoa butter cow, P. B. KESSLOJ3R. CIS McCormlch avenue or Bell 23$, 10july2t ifor' Quentin!*",csm : . easily be imagined as the slogan at Oyster Bay today.. . . Tladirottok. . .Soint-stadenta. -o( , the Jlas»ner"snuaB6n" prof ess to see, in Ik* fof5afl*if of tfe"£ew- fttvenim a bop.£ul sipffliit: the- real, rrfeiidc -6C Rttisia will.-now.'-hav*'. a common _ _ _ ttnnfUi wilJ_TliajJbe"^»lii»d to rescue _ , Qte Qirmani, witbspt, and the .treachery orOnrJBwt J Trlthfn.- " : "_ Of. flit strrajth ot the cur (OTenuMnt.'.aid-p(.,lts. ability to T nont «re . t» tteinre^n pinion. TSt Sesv'ii "am. b* a»td of^ the 'present situation ' " that U presents'* real bbp« "th»t- ~ v " ' ' "' : ' Th«t kaiser, now the victim of violent fits" of temper, has been reported to have consigned. America to hell. Too la.t«* Bill; 1 no room left. You have a morti;age^on all the boxes and chairs an distant! hie? room as well, but without -'the privilege of securing rain checks. . The.'First City of Fayctte apne.ira to have gone the limit in taking membership In the-PershingT Limit Club. 1 By Juliet Wllbor "Tonipkins. -- . , - . . . . - . - - - . . - . jirt:, EIIUUIU^ ·«· ***«·· · W*'«-»*I«T -· *·- j unit* th» .aatfefiermati and;^nti=Aua^ Bother and father i»·facing" the morn- 2* *fy a heart braced for loss, eVery loyal citizen is aCh!a post of service; ' ' It will .come spine clay--do you realize H?' On" some one Blorious day the eriem\wUl.cry '.'Kamrad!" in.good eajne3t,,,*iid -there will be Peace. i*Sciiire that day; The crowds in the streets are going about their business, the-Rijd:Cross rooms -are humming "witti Vork, the thousand war activities are grinding. at lull speed, every j Through troubled ways men plod FOR SA.'L^--TKN ROOM BRICK house. South ConnclJaville, $1,^00. JOS, A. MASON. Second National Bank Building. . ,. lOjuIy-H - FOR SALE--6 ROOJt HOUSE, .VICE location: paved fttreet find Btd*w»lk , - Pantry, bath nnd two porches. Hot air from his brow, and prickly heat\ heat Address "D. X" car* Courier. :ot him. "WTien mother, says, "I a. bronm, 1 he turns has need a. bronm," in accent* mild and qufet, he turns ' upon her eyes, of gloom, .ind starts .1 Cnll-slied riot. This children tip-toe everywhere, no h i n t of racket making, for Father's 1 like a j grizzly bear whcso head is sore, and i a6hlng. He sits beneath the sunset tree and fans himself like blazes, and it is p i t i f u l - to f«?e his line of smoklnp phrases. He rubs h i n back against the shed, its Itching chafes and bothers, and nays 1 he wishes he w.ere dead and planted with his fathers. He wishes ·winter would arise-and come, w i t h all its rigors; he reaches wildly for the files, and burrows for the chiBfjers. FOR SALE--TH11T3E 'ROOM COT- Lage, North avenue, ConnellsvlHe, J200. Four room houso. North avenue, 5300. JOS. A. MA SOX, 'Second National Bantt Building:. . 10july4t FOR SALE--1-TON NASH TRUCK, equipped w i t h coal body and cab; .flrat-claffs' condition. Too small for present use.. Inquire C. L.. WORK, Connellsvnie,.-Pa, 2fljunetfd THE QIJESJ! OF LIFE. There's nothing, new' beneath the sun! So ilocu the 'ancient saying- run; ; ' All joys and griefs that men shall .know , . Are here upon the earth below, And all that Is to beV .awaits . The opening of 'discovery's* gates. Life's but .a searching and a quest For pleasures that will please us best. Jlia»sia^wiH'again be · **^' ^9P^^ r « uid p ! t* tak^.^rtia ad: k Mew to^PMssIanisni. ? l ~ bsve taken rercil the Until s fnr.aiier. ' The crowded avenues turn white; all ¥\ up'" and-down theirTlengt^i' they, have ~ .blosHomed^ white widrthe-iopen news- paperir.-Uiat haye : 'magicaily sprung Into "everyone's -outstretched 1 hands; . (uuot: saf elj- lake toward;;:, active iboking , ' ;jnti(ri«iiUon; '^-We , ibonldi howerer,/ hbiJF~o»rs»l«i'Jji i to ai : .devrfo^d thai «y?Sm7ifinder alC ' pf iEjrerybody in the lonK,.»topped:streairi ,ot : -.hujiianity holds a - * reads ^is/neighbor's;, c r everytio3y. shares . with'i -everybody;, strange handi^ clasp, straiige^r eyes, meeting, overflow^ .and :th'ere.--i».- just pne-flrst'-'flioutlft;. nbl'.triumphiftSor ^ v "T!^^"^lp!^*:W*7^W/c^^ ;^-.^ f-r^^^A^igii second t§»ugiit"^Tili be ."We*T» :itine. : U't :"WVre;put it^througb!" '.' ; -...-ABMl then/'rtaaling-there, they be- ,iinc._the men vitb bared heads; 'they- send up suet ,m. : song as . t h e Ofltfe*. iai^ nerer heird since time was '--"GWr^;- glorr, hailelujah! "-^'Pralae Gbi^'frrru^wnoin all" blewings flow!r The;Taikttn^ pot: U » jivtr prpce«s^- -iito blood:bro-. along 1 , Searching for laughter or for soncr, Or hidden gold" or-'fame's 1 renown.. In country, vale .or .busy town · They j. toil from .day to day to find The'hidden so.urcc 'of peace of mind · And 'though it.-may be far or near,: . The joy they seek is always here.:' Life seems to be a tangled' .skein. Shot- -throuBrh with golden yarn.. and · ' ' plain, ' · . . . . , . . · - . , · · And crimson threads and blue and Through'ivhlch men's aritrertf run each f l a y , -··' ' : · . - " ' . · · ' · " · Seekinp .to : flnd some bit., of .thread; To'match the dream by which ·tliey!re - . -l«d. · · ' · ' · i - . - . V . . ' , . '· ».-·-.- : -:-. : And who shall seek and never,.tire'*, Shall some day find ;hi«.htart'r desire. And mftny",.aplcn^id '.souls ther*' are :' Who-' set their dreams and goals' afar; Deep.-{n''tha skein they, seem to; see- The greater joya .that are to .be, · · ; And they will bear'lonp yearn of p»i ni So. great a;:fflory .to^'attaln.. '. :, . And-sufCer hurt mndVeven die, I The : flner thread .of life to-buy, ; ; . v -. Pofft to your door. ; ur montiy now. We w i l l Phip ;tt once. Parcel PoJ»t cbareeF pnld. Barred P l y m o u t h HockK and Rhodo Island HeUM n f !S for I (.50 50 for 5 9.00 100 f o r , . . . . . . . ^. .517.51) Also White and Brown Lee- horns at 25 for 5 -( 05 50 for J S.OO 100 for 515.50 ni,CE niDGK I'OCl.TBV F.'.rtll nell Phone 1710, Uniontow-n. P.i. THK CON.N'EtjLS\TI,LE NEW AND Second Hand Furniture Company are : | now prepared to do upholsLering of all | icindti. having on hand material of all I the latest patterns. We also repair! locks, make keys, etc. 123 South Pitts- burg-utreet. · ' B j u l y 6 t Is Good Printing Ask to see samples of our bust- ness cards, v i s i t i n g c a r d s , wedding and other invitations, pan)' phlets, fciders, letter heads, statements, shipping tags, envelopes, etc., constantly carried in stock For your accommodation. Ge. our figures on that printing you have been t h i n k i n g of. Kew Type, Latest SJyle Faces SffiMMTOI A nothing, ifotLsajr, Yet a, Itcapinp teaspoonfiil saved each, meal JEqr tZO days fiar each, of fte 100. OQQ.OOO persons dba tiha Vetted States makes apife as bid as the ··* ^_ _ jj_ '__'_.H 5* » ' »i ..__._ forc£S ot the nation Tour attention is called to tbe higli class groceries in the grocery deartments of our department stores. Sixty-three grocery stores in Payette, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Counties remember; every one of them taking care of a growing business. There is a scarcity of goods in most every line; there are abnormal advances in prices in all kinds of foods we hear daily through the newspapers and other sources, and they are all true. Yet, notwithstanding this scarcity of goods and the abnormal high prices, we believe that we can take "care of your wants. We bave been successfully purchasing goods in most every line in quantities enough to take care of our trade. Of course sugar, flour, and flour substitutes, the quantity is regulated, but we have been taking care of you according to the rulings of the Food Administrators for Fayette and Westmoreland Counties. Our prices speak for themselves. They are higher than a year ago, two years ago, we admit that, but we insist that they are not unreasonably high. We insist that' they are lower than most competitors'through- out the- sections where we operate. During the next sixty days the weather will likely be hot; perish'able goods will be hard to protect, but our facilities for taking care of then! are such that you will find this class of goods always in good order. To the farmers in our' vicinity or other 'producers of vegetables and all sorts of country prpduce: We invite you to bring your goods to our stores; we will pay you market prices either in cash or trade you good, high class merchandise. No difference how large the quantity of butter, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, anything you produce, we are able to handle it. ·3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Have You Anything FOR SAL or RENT Do You WANT Anything Try our Classified Ads You Get Results

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