The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1930. THE DAILY COtJRIER, CONNEL.LSVI PA, HAITIAN RULER STANDS PAT BUT MAY Hoover Commission Trying to Avoid Causing Any Violence in Island. PAYS VISIT TO OLD FORTRESS By HARRY W FRANTZ, United Press Staff Correspondent CAPE HAITIEN, Haiti, Mai ch 12 -The Haitian political situation remained critical today while Brigadier General John H. Russell, American high commissioner, continued his efforts to Impress President Luis Boino with the danger o£ repudiating his agreement with the Hoover Investigating- commission for government reform. The commission left Cape Haltien last night on the U.'S. S. Rochester without receiving further advices as to Homo's position and planned x a brief atop at Gonalves today before going to Port Au Prince. The commission has no Intention of forcing the Issue to a point where cither faction will be stirred to violence, and hopod that a day or two of calm consideration would avert threatened tiouble by Borno's opponents The fact that the c ommission'a concessions have been far moro generous than would have been considered possible a week ago, and that the rights of both parties to the controversy ha\e been eaietl for in the suggested agreement, lend eontldence to public belief In its eventual acceptance by all sides. The comparative merits of the- legislative system over the council of state which now elects the president and transacts nearly all governmental tnuinefes have been matters of debate In Haiti for a h u n t i i t u years and the commission's ready acceptance ot the legislative principle appears to coincide with the majority opinion here. W. Cameron yorbe-s, chairman o! the commission, lis'ened privately to at least a dozen leaders at thlu section yetterdav, all of whom, it is understood, presented grievances similar to those voiced ftt tho Port Au Prince hearings. The commission found some of Haiti's romance yisterda\, when It visited the magnificent fortiess of King Chilstophe, a century-old relic of Haiti's revolution against France. Without question this palace-citadel Is one oif the most amazing structures in the Western Hemisphere It is situated a mile in the air, on the summit of a mountain, and from its castle-like nails tin re is a sheer drop of 300 feet to the sloping ground below The old French batteries form- ins? its armament are still Intact, but invisible from below \ncient tunnels used to give access to the cities but iiow the citadel is i p t c h e d o n l y by a difficult horseback journey. Iihentually the- place will betouie a tourist Mecca, as w i l l the beautiful ruins o£ t h e queen's palace, ' Sans Soucl,' nearby. The t-aUlo was i reminder to the commission of the glorious duyb of the Haitian "empiie," dajs which IIRVO contributed no Httlo to the national eonactouii'e-i of thp Island Kor In t h e same period that developed our eai ly A i n o i l t a i i ·statesmen, Washington, Jefferson, -Madison and Mon- ioee, Haiti possessed four negro geniuses--the libeiator, Tousramt L, Ouverturo, Empcior Dessnlip, who defeated Napoleon, King Christophe, and President Potion, ot South Haiti. CARNEGIE TECH TANK SEASON NEARS CLOSE PITTSBURG, Miirth 12.--The Car- tifgle Tech swlmmeis, tresh from their triumphs over Western Keseive and Caso hist week, will meet Pitt Wednesday and then close their season Friday lu a dual meet with "W J at Washiugton. The Tartan iiatatora were successful in defeating the Presidents about Id days ago, and aie favored to come out on the long end of the score in tlielr iliuil contest The Plaid tankmen suffered thre« defeats o tar this season, and have ·won tho same number. Pitt, Uni- verfilt/ ot Cincinnati and F. M. College wei si successful over tHe Tditans, while tin 1 latter were victorious over W. J Western Reserve and Case There v l i l be a lull in swimming activities for thn e weeks, or until April 6 to be ex ict, when the first annual »ulci scholastic relay swim- miug meet will b held in th« Plaid pool. The meet is arousing much interest among the high schools of the Tri-Stato District, and a large ( 'u umber of entries have already been.' received by Ooac 1 ! Allen Rlsedorph. Tho meet will be something new in its field, Inasmuch as every event will be a relay laco, tho entries to be divided into clashes. Ohiopyle OHI0PYJL.B, March IS.--Miss Mildred McNalr oi Connellsville is spending a few davs with her parents, Mr and Mis. AU«it McNair. Tbe l/adies' MlsMoti Circle will meet ia the basement ot the church Thursday. It will spet d the dav in quilting, and also v ser\ e soup at the noon hour. Mrs. Lawrence Burke and children have returned to their home at Con- iiellsvllle after a shoit visit spent iu Obiopyle. A very interesting program la De- Ing arranged by the schools for "literary" Thursday evening A real old snow storm, visited Ohiopyle Tuesday mo uiug, io\erii»K t r e ground with a tilc-k ioat, but with'u n few hours it ·rtus all gouo !· 3«ea ot Something 7 i»» our C LITTLE TOYS TEACH TRAFFIC THEOREMS Thl« !· not dad ha\lng fan with HUIa Algernon's toys but Chief Safety Instructor L. B Gordon of tha Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company showing Miss Elsie Brnntlgan bow the company une» this board, one of the few of Its kinds In the country, to Instruct Us hundreds of motor driver* to drive safely. Note tha toy trucks, taxicabi and motor busses, stop signs, parking signs and turn buttons, which are employed to explain the special problems of San Francisco's angled streets. CITES SOON MUST FIT AUTOMOBILES Country Has Nor Adapted lUelf to Necessity of ? More Speed. Tremendous changes that are coming la the automobile world, will require cities of the future to be built to flt the gasoline age, according to Charles K. Ketterlng, general manager of the General Motors Research corporation, In on Interview In the American Magazine. Only Scratched Surface. "There has been endless change In the automobile, though we have only scratched the surface," nays Ketterlng, "but meantime the country has not adapted Itself to the tus of the automobile. Tha ante wa-i bonj Into a horse and buggy world And by and large, it is still running through a horse and buggy world. Your car may go 60 miles an ti«ur with ease. But make a trip to a town 60 miles away, and see how long it will take you to get there--certainly two hours or more. Why? Kec »use you will have to pass through a dozen small touna and in each ono jou will be routed through tln» busi« st street. You wilt slow op your trip and get in the way of townspeople wno have legitimate business in thp town If the country were buJlt for automobiles, you would go alonj an express highway, clear around thi busy streets. And you would make ,5 our trip in an hour. Thla will come ^o quickly that people will be surp-fioil at It. Changes to Come, "This is only an Instance of fhe innumerable changes thai will be made In the physics) layout ft our towns in the next ten years. And we must not overlook the new cit!en which will be bulit on the 1930 and 1!i|0 models, and because they are adapted to conditions of modern life, they may pat a kink In the old model cities." All these changes, continued Ketter- lng, will bt the result of dissatisfaction of automobile customers. "If you want to see plenty of satisfied customers, go to China. A world full of satisfied customers would kill business dead as a doornail." Office Building Garage* Urged as Parking Answer Solution of the downtown parking problem IB large cities by providing automobile storage bpace in ofllca buildings is urged by Dr. Miller Me- Cllntoclc. Doctor McCllntock, who is director of the Erskln* bureau of street traffic research of Harvard university, in a report to the American Institute of Architects said office building garages already had been provided la numerous cities. He mentioned the Pure OH building in Chicago, which utilizes what normally would be the court of the building to a height of 20 stories to provide parking space for 000 cars. Two States Cut Fee for Automobile Licensee Motorists o'f Texas and Nebraska ·will have cause for Joy w b*n they apply for new licenses. A lew law In Texas wlil save motors-its In that slat* 911,000,000 In license tax A new Male, effective In Nebraska since July 26, 1020, has already waved motorists $42,242. License fees in Texas for 1030 will range from one-half to two thirds of this year's rate. Prior to July, Nebraska's fees were tmaed on a minimum of 99 plus 50 cents for every additional 100 pounds of weight above 2,000 pounds. The n w isiw lets all cars of less than 2,700 pounds into this class. +**+***»**+******»***»»»»» I THE MOTOR QUIZ 1 I How Many Cm Ton An«w«rT · Q. What Increase in oil con' j BitmpUmi taken place when a oar's speed is increased from ',', 30 to 66 miles an hour? | | Ans. Mare than twice the . amount of oil is consumed. ; I Q. How often Is the content 1 of the crank cnso pumped · · I ; through the oil filter in a a bour'a driving? ',[ Ans. To to fifteen tlroos. Jt J I 1 ' Is Important to mpw the o 1 « j !', filter ev«»ry 10,000 miles -|; Q. What shdtild be done if a ; | · car Qgurea In a mishap? | I Ans. Serions damage may 1 1 · sometimes result even to a · ] I sturdily built car from an np- \ \ · · parentl? lipht blow. Drive t h e · '.', car into a competent senrUe 1 1 I ' station for a check of align- · · '', ment of wheels, axles, frames, ',', I 1 etc., In such cases. ',', Q. What bad effect Is pro- i ' , \ | dnced by improper care of the ' ; springs? , I Ans. Most cars are now ]; 1 equipped with shock absorbers · ',! and it is necessary to keep the J I 1 · springs well oiled and tightened ! ', to obtain the best results from j ' , them. Definite Warning Given When Water Is Too Low The Indicator illustrated glv*s def inlte warning when the water level 1m the radiator gets too Jow. This dls- griun shows only the principle of the device for me contact must be ir- rangect to suit different radiator caps. A cork float on the end of a rod should be used and a short length of copper or brass tubing should be An Indicator to Warn When Water In Radiator Is Low. soldered In place against the hole In the radiator cnp to act as a guide and keep the float rod in a vertical position. A disk on the upper end of the rod makes contact with a wire and thereby grounds It when tho water level goes too low. One terminal of a double contact indicator bulb on the dash should be connected with the cuVrent supply and the other terminal with the wire thnt makes contact with the float disk. If the cap unscrews arrange the contact wire so that it can be swunfr out of the way. If (he cap turns back on a hinge the contact can bo fastened to a piece of fiber or bake- llte and connected by a piece of flexible wire---Popular Science Monthly. TO THE MOTORIST: Freshly oiled roads are dangerous-drive slowly. * · * The bnttery. is weak if headlights are very dtm at low cor speeds and very bright when going faster. * * * ' ' The engine should be permitted to heat up, even in hot weather, before driving away. * * * Nearly all car bodies ttie lacquered these days. Not so fenders. They are enameled Accordingly, it Is weH ( to rcmomber that gasoline never should be used ia cleaning them It dulls the finish. f=^ -( Pfttaoai**! those who advertise. F have something to sell and are in a big hurry to sel) it, let the cl?.ssitied ad- vertisini* department of The Courier prove its ability as a speedy and efficient ·ales medium. CAGE ELEVEN. V| ictoriously Proved l. ^ ·/ .'. Jin performance, economy and value during ESSEX LOCAL RECORDS Speed --72 miles per hour. Reliability -- Brakes exceed police safety requirements by 40%. Acceleration--5 to 70 miles per hour i n 19 seconds, from a standing start to 50 miles an hour in 9 seconds. Economy--21.8 miles per gallon. Prove What Every Essex Can Do Come ts ke a ride younel^ , K P°. W . by climbed by Essex in high gear. Remark- a kk economy proofs were established. New acceleration marks were made. J Most important of all -- Challenger Week convinced motorists everywhere that Essex represents the greatest dollar for dollar value in car satisfaction that the industry offers. We mil gladly give you a persona! demonstration of any of these proofs w h i c h Essex ha* established. ' personal experience what this brilliant New E«sx Challenger can do. Its exploits of Challenger Week have swept the coun try. Essex owners led the dem- onstratioi. They were so widely followed ar d aided by public participation that we i re continuing the invitation to Ride-Fide-Ride! Every lo -ality now knows Essex for the aceompl shment of some great feat. Hills scl lorn attempted in any car were Wertheimer Motor Co. Hudson-Essex Agency. West Cra yford Avenue Phone 196. Humble Ax Revealed a* Instrument of Roma ace The ax Is a tool of romance. In almost every age It ban plays 1 a ruaJcT part in mna's straggle foi existence. From earliest history, OB own through the Stone age, thn Bronzi ag* and the Iron age, and more esper 'ally duriing the time of America's arly pioneers--the ax oas been the 1 idls- penaable friend of man. W|th the building of prinittrt log cabins went the bnllding, toe of strong characters and stout jnus 'lea. Washington, Boone, Lincoln, JR ose- "velt, Gladstone of BngUnd, and isny other great names in history ar associated with the ar. No other tool promotes the «me kinship of man with nature. Thr ugh Us medium one captures the spti it of the forest, one senses -that feelli g ot satisfaction which comes through aiding the growth of majestic tree i, by the lemovol of deformities, vetk specimens and fire hazards-- 'eter Mcl/nren, America's champion hopper, in the Ax Manual. Smoka and Sight It probably has never o"cum 3 to many smokers that much of the i les*- xi re in the habit is derived from seeing the smoke curl up from one's clgtir, cigarette or pipe. It had never occurred to the Sun's Ray . reporter either until recently wlua he offered a cigarette to a blind man, who had once been aa iavet irate smoker. "No, tlinnk you," the sightless man replied. "I have never smoked line* I became blind, although I once th mght 1 could not do without my tol scco. I don't care anything abont it mm because I can't see the smoke. "As a general rule, If you'll mtl«e, you'll find that very few blind persons smoke. After all," he adde philosophically, "smoking U a nei ative pleasure, anyway,"--New York Sun, - Franc* Know* Tree Value* In France, not so long ago stre ched a region of over 12,000,000 acr -a of marsh v and shifting sand? where only a few useless shrubs were ab e to make a bare living., It had been completely deforested It wa» a Idlng nothing to the wealth of France says Forests and" Mankind. Finnll: the government planted trees throu ,'hout the region, put them In care of their foresters, and todny, thin once v ortj)- less, abandoned piece of land. Is vorth o\er $100,000,000 fthcl supports pro«- pcrosus communities. Early News Transmitkion fn the d a ^ s before railways and telegraphy many ingenious methods wer^ de\ised for the rapid trnnsniiiBs! jn of "ull the Dinners at Poncastcr" uring St. Legnr week. In 1825 apt ctally trained dogs wei e dispatched ^ i h the news to se\ernl if the big M Hand towns and In the following pea carrier pigeons convened the resu ts to London, arriving in the early norn- Ing of the day foilowlne th» nc«.-- Ixnrioi) Mall. EIOHT Aim up-jr. o. B. DRKOIT \ IFBATOIES \ V V V V HV THE WORLD ·V V Unut-el* CaMtraetton of ChBMisand Body Down-Draft Carburetion Impnbe Nemtnliaer Poll Preiame Feed Lubrication Mechanical Fteel Pomp i Fuel Filter--Air Cleaner - Thennottatie Heat Control Hydraulic Brake* Hydraulic Shock Absorber* Vr Rnbher^usbloaed! Spring Shackle* * Doable Cowl Veatilator* \ NoinClare Wiadahield V, V ·Jit the Vnist»ettyp» of construction, \^ the body and chassis are designed at * a unit, eliminating body sills and ^/ alt other wooden parts. The body is J- bolted directly to tha chassis, so that ^ th» tAo become mutually supporting and mutually flexible. ^^ 19W br !· Sota Minor Corporation Unit-Proof Part* That the new De Soto Straight Eight l» the lowest- priced Eight in the world is only one of the many appeals that this car ie making to thonaands of bnyera. It is distinctly the kind of ear that grraa no bint ^ of low price. 1$ ia a big ear--roomy and comfort* able. It ia a powerful ear that get* away like a flash, and fa capable of sustained high apeed. Its Uniateel type of body aad chaaala construction affords measures of stardineas and safety. And It* : cal features and equipment parallel those foud in Eights selling for hundreds of doilan BOOHS* OTO STRAJCHT E16HT LAIRD REED MOTOR CO. 305 West Crawford Ave. Telephone 1348. ConnelUvflle, Patronize Those Who Advertise i j ·MM TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.--They Bring ResuKsi

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