The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 18
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I ;-.18 .;', v- ' fcZ:,' (.. -" . ' " '- - v.- ' ' '-v."1" ' ". : ; ' ' ' ' . i . ' . ' - , ' ' " ' " , ' . . ;- I , .. . j . - . . -.. w. . . . .. -''".'.' ' -w Vi i vmvn i'i fiv c-wvfiiT'ir - ' .' r ' . , r ,1 m m - hr - tmt Mr , "iin ' .r-Ml, lliJuUi,l C I- ! at , . apMr 'MUM tfhar, C I . ... , '' - aw MM-,. vTt aani xal - ' L!'1l1. .v;" I . I, Detroit Kea Wings " doyin In a hep m his net game in Detroit '.with ih.e MYERS Tm. Mcoua rm. M aw m- 1H ttm 0m ami ilit r tt hM fcalfcaar . M Mk . X MMMT IMM wr taMM araatf IM a mm SMM NOW BRAND NEW CAR! '64. EPIC lown 'S4C0RVAIR ..... . r- . . $250 Down. 04 CHEVY II 5250 t)own CHEVELLIT $275 v $16.75 per week '64 CHEVROLET 529 S own $1 7.00 P week DISABILITY BENEFITS and LIFE INSURANCE ' . irt included in above .'payments ' -v :: t''-i.''''-''- Larger cash down payment or actual trade-in valuf of your car would lower monthly payments ; Take advantage of these low, low down payment to own a. new car today ! NOTE: Tax and Licence rtl VERS Hil y COMPANY LIMITED . Elgin Street at .Catherine 233 - mmmminrvfn! n i siijci,! ism V- . . . "r- .-.- v'--vV , . ' v T ",, : ... : - , ; -.., ' : ' 1 ".;,(:' ;- --7 . .-;".-': . ' ' '7, THE 'OTTAWA JOURNAL .' I J v..v : ' 1 " . WEDNESDAY. APRfL 1. 1964. v 'OTTAWA-' jouri goalie1 Terry Sawchuck goes in the tirst period of the j CJuCago Blacky Haw:ks as ' . ji' L O Pr Week may alter payments slightly 8411 MAIIESJT OTORS ?i - , . . - Autrcy trkksohj of Chicago tjt f r y 1 s defence ate Pit Pronyyost ("ni;ht). ; . '. ' ' '. wAbel Goiivihced Winqs Will Win DCTROIT (AP)j General--manageroach Hd, Abel of Detnoit Red Wnlgs is con- i vinced his Red Wmgs have ourtd the. forniuJa to beat Chicago Black Hawks in ' their Stanley Cup' semi-final playoffs. ' ' . Abel was all sijiiles. afer the Wjngs shut: out Hie ,. Hawks 3-0 at Olyripia'Tu-' day night to take i.2-l lead -in en. series. -. 1"J us - was . ihe one vwe.'l wantKl.Trirre big one.V Abell said in the Wings dressing room as his happy play- . ers celebrated trrejL-wetory. TWhen we took jEhicago .on their ice Sunday j night and evened the series at a game apiece., I was convinced . that the winner of tonight's game would be in the driv' er's seat he said." "I was "mighty, .nteased at. the wav. our 'fttdV played -end at the far-t liht rViu wJAfuM o a wpre just , as r( as 'the HawTT Billy' ReiVf Coach of the Black Hawks, -was t, glum about the shutout. He barred reporters from -the Chicago' mbhd Rjch Elimination Tonight Richmond RoyaU, the Valley Senior Hpckyu.League cham-pions. wiIK be facing elimina tion, wHetr they take toohe itej at the Brockville Arena tonight. , Their opposition, the Ottawa Senior . Montagnards. , will be loking fgr a fourth straight win over RoyaLs and an end to the Ottawa District. Hockey Association finals " .Tonight's. fame is scheduled Williamsburg Records Win MORR1SBURG Special) Williamsburg took a 3-0 .lead in tjieir best-of-seven intermediate hockey series when they defeated Ingleslde 5-3' here last night. ' " t The fourthand poxibly-4-ciding game of the series is scheduled for Morf isbuVg Fri day evening. ' 1 11 Williamsburg, down' 2-11 after two. periods, came on Strong in tne tnira wun rour goais. The last one was into an empty net. Scoring i for Williamsburg were Paul wecKsteaa, Kay im-rie, Lloyd Guy, Ron Caaselman and Cliff Warren. . "Tlary Jaitvis, Linden WeJts and Larry Robinson tallied for Ingleside. ; . ;' ; FIRST WIN FLORInCE,: Ky. (UPJ) txterminathr," who won half, of his 100 races dunnJL.eight years of campaigning, woir his. first start on June 30. 1917,' st Latonia. A - ... " - r ; ( 1 U EL OIL Residential and Commercial , 293t Baseline Rd.s TAS-2731 7 Mll Wii nl. Hfl Crvlim -Inn nAII T F I tries to score.: Coming to M.iin."(lett) and Man el " '. r' . '" AP-Jurnil Wirphotoi , dressing room but di come out of the room brii fly to .:. chat- . .1 "The . Wings havi beeft- out-skating us and-thi have played well." he said We have not. It's as simple as that."" ' ..." Abel had lavish praise .for . goalr Terry Sawchuk who r,lt at 3rrrrm F;T T,i: Z 7. ". J '.i ;. udy 411U was iurcu auu ready to practise at 7 p.m. .-x"He gave us a great game despite his sore shoulder," Abel said. ' .:.. .. ' ' The Wings took some time out to toarTJotieJlftwe on his -36th birthday. Abel and . Howe reje-ted the idea of presenting him a Birthday cake .between periods, bu.t.4 pthe stadium-organist serenaded Gotdie with "Happy Birth-: day . . " -v. Howe didn't-get the pres-; "ent he wanted most a goal . He- was credited with De-. t.roit'a. first goal ia the fifst-periotj, but the official scorer f later reversed that and gave" it to Bruce MacCregor. Howe had to be content Mfilh two assists for the night. Facfes Monties took - a 3-0 lead Tuesday .night at .the Ottawa Auditorium when they posted a 7-1 decision, by faf themost convincing display of the play if The first two gamfts of the series could have .gone ejthef wav. -Monties won the trrer-enjiorne ice 4-3. They scored a "soft-goal late in the third period to win.. ' Sunday afternoon in Brockville Monties won Jjy atiht 6-5 count. Monties 'in this one ,,hejd; ,a four-goal lead in the second period, but Royals came right bad. and almost overhauled the Ottawa club. Paul Ferguson took over from "MonTres regular net-minder-Bob Mongeon Tuesday, but Club officials said after the game Mongeon would be back between-the pipes tonight. On , the whole MonifjLare Jairly ; healthy. -Royals Jiav e lost the services of one of their top .forwards. Bob Fennessy was cut for 17 stitches near tne eye -.and also received 'a polsilVii. - concussion . during Tuesday night's-actions , Fen- nessy w Hospital still in Ottawa Civic and' authorities say his cond it ion is good and ar parently vthere is ro damage to the eve. I '"..:' . dPEW DAILY 4 30 A.M. TO 8 P.M. ft'D ffTTi B V Vir.UTI TII OUINCAILLERIE V HARDWARE COMPANY "Tl Slera of JrHiia Sr(r" 122 Pideai ft '-J 233-56Q1 FREE PARKING A nicnuiii vi.kAi. v. "Stores for Men"! RPNDY! at a m Rideau at Suet J Wellington .at Holland , 1 SCPlnl.i i I . . -r i 1 Th defeat left Chicago facing a "must .' 'win" . Situation "We've gpTto win it because ;e rtttf sf-rum , o.JtrjhicaKO wtln we sene tiea op u prop b' over for us," Chicat) ciach Billy Reay7 explained., A Detroit victory Thursday would, mean the Hawks would have to win the three remain-ing-games and one of them is" in Detroit, to advance -fntp the final round-against the winner of the Montreal-Toronto series: 'j "We lost I game at fiome and still have to win one here to jccfmp'ensate for it, so :our situ ation hasn t changed, , Reav id: .J?But. that vktojjjnjusl come Thursday night " . - - -jcome Thursday night Howe's two asstsfs wpped his all-time playoff high to 76 in 16 years. Sawchuck's shutV out left him wo behind 'the all-time playoff leader -Turk Brodi. formerly of the Toronto' Maple Leafs, risir nston .-: 1-DetroH. MKOrt l '' ' i Martin. HowtT S 10 pniiii mcNii 1 s. Mikita " '07. "'" Ullm.,n,!;i- Cdby 1 39. M Pronnvwl 12 2S. Huir i4s. rimins 18 ao- A Pronovct U44, '" No arorinf -": " Ptnaltw: PronoioK 1 M.-Mc-Krni 10 4. Smith 12 34. Mikila 14 44. MarN'nt IT SO. TMrtto rcmnn 3 Detrnll. Htndaraon t - - -iM Pronovoat. Ullman . . 4 51 3-rDetlrou'. Dflverrhio I, i How. GfUhy 1 ;. . . 17 43 Prnaltici: .A pronovoit 7 24 JSI.V NeierrnHo IS IS. Vko IS 37. vr. ". . . SAVKS, Mail in 1 a2R fcawchurk v - 13 9 4-26 ; pT7:. Eagles Trade Jurgensoh . j LPHIIiADlXPHrA (U PI) The Philadelohia Easles Tu e s d a v tradedpasser Sonny Jiirgensen and defensive- hafback Jiromy Carr to the Washington Red-' skinsJforx-quarterbaci Norman Snead and Claude Crabb, also a defensive halfback. -' ' JounhTTant Ads , Bring quick results. ... , , . . 17 n nciicn iTn auaii SkJiijLiaii lilll.i 111 US SlHS STUtlT OTtAWA CANADA' ..' ..... ; aaavwvaaaaaaaaa Classic Blazers 39.95 at 3 E D. picture yourself in one of ,jour ciun or scnoqi crest Ton . I . IV I ' One of our clssic blazers' iri' your, wardrobe, willserve. you in a dorjeo different' nuuah'Onst Right in .stock, -we have Canlel, Scarlet, Ctanbrrry, 'Olive,, Navy and Black, and 12-shade colour charts .all our 3 .stores providjts even greater-vaiawrr"TTi4e 39 95. - . . . ' .- , ...i.; '- . v .." " , .. .. ' - Maters For Boys At- For boys we. have Jet fllaek. Camel.' 'Scarlet" and Navy' Blue in stock.', Additipjil roln"ur thart shades to 'Order are not available Ages 6" to' 10 yrs..-. Agrs 1 to 16 yrs. AT: ALL 3 ;L R. April FooPs Day try the brie alethat's realty 'different-- Blended L No sitiglt ale can to this magnificent blend of ' , ' v-" v ' " " v ' ' aleSaBe wise this oi v ieete is deeply satisfying. V : : 7 r: - r-r - " tJienaea Ale u us tia , V 1 ii For Fisher Stores fhese handjifime bla?era with me , upr per .breast Docket! Our 3 Storli TboK- in boys sizes 26.99 FISHER STORES hold tuxfe ' .' Buy i i - r . . -. . . .. ' -1 I l V . tvvi. nlJ l. L a I- d..iii. rvtr bij-j III..' .v , I I I" V 1 - -v r- - -:- - . ' f , . . By BOB FOWLER DFTROIT a'Pn Detroit Red.Wmg goalie .Terry Saw-i chtuk fested in a hospital bedr again iodav, hit left. a,rrn ,ini trai tion. awaitina Thursday I mchf. fourtti game of the StaMley Cup term-final enes " ey again' Chicago Black Hawks. 'The 34-year-old' Sawchuck. who holds the alUwie regular season Shutout mark of 96; left the, Detroit Osteopathic Hospital foc.fivehours Tuesday night to record his1' llth playoff shut-oihhis the Wings dumped the Hawks 3 ,0 before 14,362 partV nan fans at Olvmpia Stadium t o Hake-a 2-4-4ead 4n the besi-of-seven series. 1 Sawthuck' who. ' suffered a j pinched nerve . in his left) ' shoulder during-: the second game of the-serigsurjday night j m (;hicagn entered Theiwspitalj Monday- morning 'afld'vas in j traction until twe( hours before: game.time. . x WORTH IT "Mv shoulder pained me dur- irifthe game and twice I drop- ...... . . r ped my sticks Jie beamed afteri Jhe-game. "But it was worth ,U to get the shoutout. - . "Now, I'll stay in the hospi- tarTuntijusl prior .to game time Thursday night'4. .;'.--".' - Detroit-, general . manage coach Sid "Abet-had as -much praise for', his defencemeh asj for awcjiuck, who madey-26 j . "Our defence has" tightened up 'during the playoffs an tne reason--we re ahead-fn games" he saih.Si don't know why they've tmj roted but they have -"Forexampie theTHawks had very few. good' scorjng chances against Terry ' because ourde-fencemen were cbecKiii1fiem at the blue line fir steaKng the puck.' .. " 1 "lU The Hawks' faileTo-,beat T1 jn -Detroit., forhe Mth-. straight time Chicago last beat hih on Feb. 24. 1962. The Haks, hwho were win- less in seven regtjlar 1 season games in Detroit 0-6-1), now hare failed to Win- in their last 12 Ratings 'a Olympia over a tw-season span.. Bruce Macoregor scored De troit's first goal in the opening period; when Gordie .Howe's shot glanced off his gTove and past 'goalie Glenn Hall. Rookie- Paul Henderson and captain Alex Delvecchio added the rothor Detroit markers. ' T Henderson ; playing , inD his first pla'off series, scored' his first playoff goal in the third period -when he knocked Mar cel Pronovost's rebound past Hall. Delvecchio scored 13 feet bass from Howe and beat- ing Hall frorwoint-blank rangej realf xr . IBB 1 V . i t. I games. tnsa ;s.' - Today, O'Keeie a candle " i supply M, 'SMI ll'S v WiLFIIILS'W ; X..',. . f V' V... y- "'"," V" .-'... ' " ,' - " ' - . T; ""t't" j - .V v ' " ' ', ' ' '. ; ' - .-iaaiiali "' '" ' ' n

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