The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 11, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1918
Page 2
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s^^^T^^'frj^^^^^^j^^^g^^^^ fpr^T' 7 "* i ·^ p "fr^p**f ! T' PAOT1TWO. THE DAILY COURIEna, CONNELESVItLE, PA. - THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1918. WHAIS HAPPENING . £3 E.-. SKon .EeottdaW. Bia- Caltoell of Palladelphia, 1 tJtw Fourth ligijK "·"'_" .'·''"* Tte,;e«o-: , OB Tneiday aftArnb* at J o'tloek wkb. damtjpnal «enrices .^Tiiainai;?, K.-.J^Jjgier^oI^.Joto, £ F. Winunri* of vJafcMtann- pnaiaij «· ' ainanal- car- , At 4 o-clock 'tta, r««nl«r 1 n»r, B. S. C«H «l«t*d'*ee- JaV Butl«-o* ' r*a0rtirr cf- o» TtttilMnt tit* jenaon. .daMtioaal . jerrie**, br ' aw) Bari 3. H. Jctaktto* of Haunt . i T. ; J. 'VJM -of. Bl*ira-dU» * «.pay»r ijr ;ito^4k . f'tewm. ,"" ··*."·- At *· attwwxin awalom B*r. T. J. · - ;: J Itrof Plttabmrjr^d spacer ::·- | «rti lot tie Vnocaea .of,tfc .'-'· i w»r» cl-na.' ]nt»rta*D« paper* -wat* V, alao l*%d tr Bar. H. P. ' : ' JobJMtowB, B«*. W. H. Pollard 'of '··'·· --,-. . Bjjtpfd and Bgr.rOfr.M. Ktocald. O t '~: T) HttaSw*. Bar. Bailer of Pltlibnrg . ;- -- [ tha-T*rrHltima» 7011 rtrtjjr mad now aad for Urttr,.u.tbii (icutle hobw- J«am*«-oSafa_oiiaUtj ?ioo* at the . of the riilag costs In the - r 'fl*» "mbSf lub'- B*K;ltJrt»« ertr aaMaablxJ It - ' oft AOT.' . 6i«»ts -':'.: -';~^',would' : llk« to mwt «nj .16 to XI y The (BllowlBj nun are ..a*:* S-SI, Tb» Beottdal* TlrameD's Social tti anmaal'tndoor fair at : thi NiV Central Anlo company boilillEj:, 'Market street TMa aBair w1H~b» tfiT«-ltr to* b«rft «t H*« lkitti»l» E»d Croa. .Awttcsax Potato. AMoctatlon . Has _«»l«rtai«« aealnst' »7»at ^odfls tke problan otLatendaidlt- «· potato en»f 'pud tabataattng A» to* Anoclatloa ba« but nea»«r ·f»«Is, «r; f. BMckW. tb* Tie* Preri- dcnt of the Aoaricao Steel * Wire Company, tta antbortoetf his tofpl dtpnftiMBt to make efcrt to «QBjbten the potato pnblle en ts» fnndam«ntal3 of potato cnltore 4OA ~ COBaMPTMltNL* · ""· .'FMtM Mlfbt Is one of the moat-ge- ItmM'aaHSBiiM to tt* Katloo's foot It ·wtm««-lD«Ue v Ow dbwu**n of OM preriooa i««s»a. Often Its .pre»- »»s»';L«a«it-ba'dttor«iaad ma. when Ois i«t«to*i are cat for seed. The late Went Is *;d*rtrmctlT* dtosu* ittsdc- tm( tkcrlam* u wen as ;tfc* potato** Itls · latcroaeoptc paraau* attam pro- .doctec- soft rotv pat th* lams tt : op- «l«r hrownlab. black .dead area which gradnally spreads and destroy* the leaf. · / B i i g . and . '..beetle, can be seen and .fought, trat blleht gets a good start before giving' any warning. The pre- rentlTe treatment is to spray the leaves .on both sldea and the stems .with copper,- -which Is known as Bor- deani MJiture, and which can be ob- -talned ready-mada. Potfttoes.. should be sprayed at least three times. "Better fire to wven times," says Dr. HOT- ton; ."dicing the crowing season. Don't wait tor the blight to shaw.m It may b* too late. Use at the rate of 50 yal- lons .of solntlba to tbe,acre. No'dan- of Injury to potato plant from too much jpraying." . Anenate of lead can be added to the spray, which 'Is -"death, oa bags." Be careful In barrest Don't brolte the potato. Don't handle roughly, If yon can't store them yon can ,drj them. They; make fine food for man end beast · . emjoyabl* erenlx was ipfnt' and was Mrv*d. . '· . Tw*l»« roo» double kens*, modern, rent 1*0, for W.1W. · ^Slz room hous* with bath on paved streat, *2.*00. Sevan .; room house, newly 'painted. Can'.fjva Inmedtate pouessloa for $J,2fl«. · · ' . - . ,- '· ' : ; : .- -· Sena room bonsi ami work shop on M«lb«rry stTMt, »1,S»0. E. F. DsWstt-- Adv.-- »-6t . The Everson bastbiiU team defeat- ·VI tb* T.'MiC. X Ineermedlate team -by-» icori et-t to-i at Ixwcka Park Tnaaday ercntog. Fanswr Bop: Bnske, « : Varctr Mellmdn and-Dewey. Smelt- icr, who have done laveral months .of farm work In Kansas, have retnrned tune.- ·-·· ·-:·· : ·'· ·'· · · . . ; · : - . -.-^ ".-,.-. For Sate.'': \Wiva- room Bonse.-wMh bath. In Swtdttown. Prlc* 11,550.00. Inquire ·AMtioiieer : GaV" tReeke, ' Scottdale, Pa.-- Adv^Jnly-ll-lt-U-22. ' ' ' ' ' Kin Loraa Attwood haa gone to the University of'-. Flttabnrg to take t coune in. moote*' which irlll oe at value in public ackool work-. , 'Mrs. A. i.iBTtne'and Mra. J. T. Warti are .yijrttJng: Pittaburg friend/i. - M r . and Mr». B*n Lyorn aad family aar* returned:to : fttlryjkkron, Ohio, bone after i'a Tiiit paid -Mr. and Mrs. 3 1 . J. WelshU'.-'-iVi '. '-'· . 1 Mrs. Herbert 'Watson baa returned to her Braddoek"-bnme-after a visit paid the-Mjaw-HJll of : BTenon. · Miss-Bra Hjirphj-, li '(pending thres;/*«£k»;,.Tritli;.l»er' :v»I»t«r, Mrs. Ber»jMMcl F »rla»l in Canada. ,;Charl« H. Black and brother-ln- law,'-JT. V. Riffle of TJalwrtown, hare gone \to.FltUbnrg 'where they win apend ;t»ltT, and-tcmorrow on bu»W "»'··».'': : ".'·' '".'. . .;. · . .' . PnscnKjansudJellin liilltip r» tin In amis ran Tin houwwffe irto ptrti op plenty Of prewrres, jeBle* «nd'j«nii this year is doing a great de»l more thin her "bit" for «he help* to release great quantities of needed fooditufft lor our AUie« "over there." Preserringi* by no inean* the uncertain task It used to be. With the modern knowledge of iterili- ation and -with the advent of the pure, refined Pirowvr, there is Do longer the ](·» by ipoiling that houaewim uaedtodremd. Cleaning glasaei ind jam thor- pnghly is mighty important, but it is even more vital to "be rare that the prc»erre jiri are ·cajed--reapecially if yon are nciag the "cold pack" method ol preaenring-^-Mid the jeHiet «re completely covered with PtrowKz. In the'first p!ace, Parowix Is pure, highly refined, clean and laoitnry. Then, PoroTaz is economical. Your grocer sells and recommend! Parnwax If be hut none in stock, be will gladly get it tor yon. ' , micky; 10, aod Pittsburg West Virginia, 3, Large Mtkados--Wheeling lake Erie, 20. U(M. Santa Fe t)-pe-- Baltimore ' Ohio, 26; Penusylvanii lines west, 30. Eeaty Santa Fe type --BesB*mcr ; :fc. Late Brie, 5. Six- switch eugia6~BaUfmore Ohio, 20; .PitLibni-g ft-West Virgin,al Paonsyirania lines west, 20. .Bight- switch eaglnes--Wheeling Lake Brie, 5. ' .Tae new locomotives will be required to wo*k their way home from the builders, under steam and'pulling It is estimated-that this plan applied .to .3,0(H3 locomotives a year ·ould handle perhaps 500,000,000 ton tulles of freight ·» year, .by enabling each engine to haul a train instead of Itseif occupying space in a train and exerting.a dead weight equal to three cars. - , Baflt Viukr 6*v«nJMt is lf»w BMy ' ' ' ' ifbo.«ra«..ii«iiUn«. : ir)tb ' or*er«J ;l)y UHI Hailroad Xdministra- tion la-May hjw b«»n completed and is ready: tor uupection. It has bean' aaaoatocod at orWashisyton that .the Baldwin LoeotaptiTe- work* w«* the Ont of , tll«r-build»rs to complete an icaflold aa* fractiirw! Till : arm' an J H. " It wa» iwcescarr .for Dr». J. . ·»« A, W- BtricsJ«r aad yinlftumA TtM Railroad. AdminiatratSon made an apportkmm«nit of the ordered laat Mar. Th* a- st(MMnt of tlMM.itandard engine* to railroad! in Urii Mction Is as foilown: chotr -ot tae church with -a surprise U«hi Mlkadoa-- Baltimore a: Ohio, MO; 1 jUtakwc * I«ka Brie, 10-, Fe- are cern flakes you ever "tasted. MiD Remnant Sale TKe HOME of QuALnY.end SERVICE! fe9 to l33_N.PlTTSBURe i St.y CONNELLSVILLt^. CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Mm Remnant Sale Enthusiasm ran high among the women who attended the first day of our Mill End Remnant Sale--And why? Because it's one of the biggest events in the whole vicinity. Dunnji Senu- Annual Mill End Sale now in progress--car loads of fresh, new, dependable merchanafee'are being turned over to the people of Connellsviile and vicinity at cut prices. This is the greatest Mill End Remnant Sale we ever held--because of the growing scarcity of merchandise and labor. Everybody should fill all their wants now. ' · / - - - * i Come and See! Note the prices--See the quality of merchandiser-Get your share. Our Mill Remnant .: Will be the great economy event--Cotton goods has suffered greatly because of the war. Good cotton merchandise is scarce and high in price, but the items below do-not show it. In fact, if we were to purchase these goods today we would have to pay more than we are asking at retail. Every good worthwhile quality of merchandise is here at big savings. Kenwood Sheets,.size 81x90 . $1.69--worth today $1.98 Mohawk SJieete, size 81x90 $1.98--worth today 52.10 Kenwood Sheets, sizes 72x90 H1.39--worth today $1.59 Kenwood Pillow Cases, size 42x36 -- 2flc--worth today 35e Mohawk Pillow Cases, size 42x36 ,,. 89c--worth today 50c Mohawk Bolster Cases, si«e 42x72 ...,, 89e---\\orth today 95c Turkish Towels, colored border S9c--worth today 75c Turkish Towels, plain white, hemmed I9c--worth today 25c Hnck Towels, size 16x24: . 19e--worth today 2oc Sterccrized Table Damask, per yard 79c--worth today $1.00 Table Damask, (Union) half linen __ 9Sc--worth today $135 Economy is the watch-word of the day and there is no better way of.^conomizing than to do your buying now at our Great Mill End Remnant Sale. In Our Mill End Remnant Sale Grouped in three gigantic lots to be featured at prices that will establish a new bargain record. We are going to offer values such, as the women, of Connellsviile and vicinity bare not known before thle season. II we tell you that the materials alone are worth, more than you are asked to pay for any of the suits you will realize what an" event tiis Suit Sale . is going to be. Suits worth to J27.EO now 914.95 Suits worth to $40.00 now $22.95 Suite worth to J60.00 now 181.05 Come and See Sensational Sale of In Our Mill End Remnant Sale The Wgli grade Dresses included In this Sale were bought at a price that represents a real sacrifice on the part o£ the manufacturer. Other Dresses that you will find in this Sale were taken from our regular higher priced sections, making the most wonderful lot of fine Dresses that have ever been sold in this vicinity at $5.95 up to $14.95. In Our Mill End Remnant Sale The charm of these n e w M-j d -Summer. styles will win the heart of every woman "n-ho sees them, They are beautifully made of Georgette, . Crepe, Batiste, Organdie- apd Dimity, trim.-. med with lace touches of emhroidery, etc. Featured at this sale at 79c, $1,50, 81JS up to MIL ESD BEMSAOT SALE. Attention! Women. Misses and Juniors! Once again CprineilsviHe's Greatest Store has broken all records. Thrifty shoppers will be delighted vrh«n they see the beautiful Hats. They are copies of higher priced models and are rare bargains at SL95, S2.95, $3.95 and up to $12.50. Hats for a!I occasions--for sport, afternoon, street and general wear. Greatest variety ot styles and shapes. All up-to-date · Mid-Summer models with newest trimming effects. In Our Mill End Remnant Sale At SSe, $1-25, $2.00, $8.95 up to $7.50. Fully fifty distinctive new models to choose from:--tailored from fine Gabardines, L/menes, Surf Satin and Striped, Cords. All crisp,'spotlessly new, summer Wash Shirts, actually they could not be manufactured under ordinary conditions to sell at such ridiculous prices. "UP KOMANCB. ROAD" will be shown, today, featuring .William : Hus- Bell. "The Screen Telegram" will- also be shown. Tomorrow and Saturday,' Julian Eltlnge, the famous Paramount feminine ; ^impersonator, IB again taking the role of a woman in Th* Widow's Might."' This is a charmingly Uumorbu's 1 story of the sidventnres ot yoiing who sets himself up Diqk as a Tavlsh, rancher, only to learn that an older hand at matters in her own hands and'irapris- OB3 him, with, a declaration that he is going to be her prisoner until he consents, to the end, of course, they are i married, blit the marriage conies only after some exciting adventures. Miss Clayton is simply bewitching in the stellar role. In tact she has.seldom been seen in a more likable role. Playing oposite .Miss Clayton is Rockcliff eFellowes, one o£ the handsomest men of the screen, and others, in the company ara capable'-and prominent players. The Universal Weekly is also being shown. Friday and Saturday", Mary Garden,. Uie celebrated actress, will be presented in "A Splendid Sinner,"-a five-part Goldwyn feature of unusual intresL . " CHICHESTER S PILLS W._- THE DIXJIOKD BHAMD, A the going ^o beat him. How lie- wins out, witb. the. help of a wig. ng jo th th. i baby and aa exceedingly pretty girl, an unexpectedly refreshing and original picture. THK PAltAMOUST. MAN : HUNT"--A : five-part World production,. 1 B which" bewitch- tar Ethel Clayton 18 seen in 'a_dellghV tul rol«, Is heint shown today.: "Tkt Man Hunt' ! ;iB an unusual and 'likable comeiy. intact it is one of.the,most pieastag.iirfit dramas teen in a long, long time. 1 The * .tells jB'.enr tlrely,. dlff-Srant; ; Betty Hammond is a very wealthy girl, whose father is dead. Her fortune ii,so vast that.har. attorneys say she ought to marry tome good man who could look after It for her nrf taie care of her.. She at onpe reotlU James Ogdeo, her girlhood sweetheart, and decides to look h m up STi« find* that he has b« come m»n»ger of bar mines, and ; as: he is clean tood looking and brainy she rt*cid« to marry biro But Ogden refuse* to marry her Then she taies- Ohiopyle. hoiex. sdfed «ith Blue Taka »· ·]!«.. r Brrariat. AkforC mjSliam BRAJ yuw known H Bert, Safest, Alw*y* B SOLD Br DRUGGISTS EVERTWHB? OHIOPYIE, July II.--L W. Show is off on a 15-day vacation. ..Mr, Show is third..trick operator at HK: tower. William Mettgar o f ' Connellsviile, was in town on business yesterday.. . Mr. irad Mrs.. Jacob. Burnworth and Mrs. Clyde. Burnworth left for Du- tjuesne Tuesday evening, to visit the former's son and the latter's hus- Are You Worn Out? Wlun ti» hBnin McNMty b««in« to w»r ·A I«i «K«r oM, BO into dielin. »ncl decor. Hi* blaoi bwmm thin Md mUry. arcaMui *ooc. tteiniTM ikatund »nd T»««k. DR. CHASE'S BloodaJNerve Tablets Which Contain. Iron, Nox Vomicm, Gentian , iiiitb«»»p«IBrtrem- «J7 {or tmiUua- »! tired ud worn o»t poodle Weigh Yomratlf Before Taking S»d«ISii»»«ft «·*!««. MUM* a- n*ri*«* band, CJyde Burn*,vorth, at Camp Lee. Mrs. Walter Williams accompanied them to visit her husband, Walter Williams, aiso at Camp. Lee. L. R. Welsh was a caller in Pittsburg yesterday. Miss Bila Corristan is spending a s'hort visit with "her sister', Mrs. Ernest- Hershberger, at Connellsviile. Miss Jessie Hall is visiting relatives at Humbert' this week. Mrs. Anetta Shipley and daughters and Mary Ka.te Woodmancy have returned to their home on Commercial- street after the past month spent with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woodmaacy on their farm. Mr. Mongan and hie men from Stewarton were in town yesterday. Miss Prudence Scarlett of Bear Run; spent Wednesday shopping in town. OH1OPYLE, July 10.--Mrs. Johnson, wlio spent several weeks here, has returned to aer home at Uniontown. ' Jarvis Stark has returned to his home at Maurertown, Va,', after a several days visit spent here with. Ws son and daughter-in-law, 'Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Stark. Mrs. Samuel Howe and baby.'oj Runker, are spending the week- at JTugsr Loaf, with her parents^ Mr. ; and ifrs. Harvey Morrison. The. many friends of -Noah Ander- .soa.. w.ere, glad to- see- him back in OKipgyte Monday after .an illness-of sereral weeks. Even Willard Batteries unquestioriably the most rugged, efficient and long lived batteries in uee today, wear out in time. Ariil it. is just as reasonable to buy a new one as it is to-buy a new tire. Willard Service Station 115 First Street, West Side. F. T. EVANS ESTATE, BOTH PHONES 5 Cray Ha Ir * READ THE COURIER

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