The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 10
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PAGti TEN TUB DAILT COURIER, CONNHL ^SVILLB, PA, -(· I WEDNESDAY, MAC11 12, '» V*' -·· ^ Si, I ; ,t At the Theatres The Paramount It is-n't woman's fault that, blonde womon and brunetto women will al- ·woys, M rivals, according to Leatrlce Joy, First National featured actress, whose latest picture, "A Most Immoral Lady," on the screen at the Paramount Theatre. Th« eternal war and rivalry is caused by man's deal-re for a change. If ho has ft blonde wife and has be~ convo accustomed to blond« chtvrrris, his lovo of variety Impels him to to brunettes--If he turns tc* The man who haa a brunette wife, turn* to blondes, Miss Joy point* out., Ills change of scenery, d«aplt$.~th* danger at having a hair or so such radically different a-hadea on hi* coat. Incidentally rel heads, ordinarly r»t« as blondes, hut their rival* inajr, t». either brunettes or light blondes.. Miss Joy is featured with a remarkably able ca.-*t in "A Most Immoral Lrfidy, Waiter Plrtgeon Is her leading man, and since Mies Jo? h-erself is a brunette, Jos-jphlna Dunn, beautiful blond* of ^;ent screen fame, la tho "other woman" in the ease. Women like variety too, of course, so Donald H«ed, strikingly handsome Latin type, f.ets Josephine In the end of this sensational Him version of the stage play by Towusend Martin. Sidney Bl-ackmor, Koliert · Bdeson, Montagu Love and Florence Oakley plays other Important roles. "A Most Immoral Lady" Is splendid entertainment, and will serve to increase the popularity of Miss Joy wherever it may be shown. The photography Is especially beautiful, and the scones iu the «ay Palm Beach resort gardens and 'in tho Russian cafe, stand out pictorially. This Is a very worthwile screen drama. Ilpu't mlsB it. The program also Include* n ViU- phone act and all talking convedy, ·with Graham MoNamee explaining the events'as they are thrown, on the screen, Amos and Andy and Sporting Youth, in "Footlights and Fogies." Thursday, Friday and Saturday, George Arl iss, supported by an all- »tar cast, will bee seen in "DiBi*pH." RECENT STUDY SHOWS DANGER IS WIDESPREAD Scientists Say Few People Th;msehcs Against 11. Some rci ent studies into wHftt should be t h e ' c o r r e c t habits of people who want to l won havo aliown that very f«w knov. i'f attach the Importance ·they should to tti-o regular movement of tho botviils. A» a consequence, while ch.U'llHh illseaaes arc bluK over-, come atwl r/ioro ciiiltlrcii Ki'iw up. t n o ' diseases of ottlar/peopic remain about the same an they used to bo. Man Is ' BO wonaerUilly made that tho natural way to llv« Is always tho best way.. Certain conrtltlona stai-t a chain of re- notions In tiia body. Scientists have The Orpheum ,,, "Thf- girl with the red-gold hair and the se-u-green to'-es," known to the musical comedy world as Xeannette Mac-Donald, has gone, "talkie" through a whim ot tate...JCrnst -Jjutltsch, the famous direatpr, .went iln ,sfrarc,h of ji proper leading l»tty for- Maui/.ce Chevalier tor' "The Ixve Parade," Uic MT-ceiTB"' first Prlgbial musicalr.'.fov" m«nce. In New,. .Ttrk .'Lubttsch attended *v«ry iwuia 5)i;j»«how jind. every show in -prodiK-'lloi)-ia '»»ai ; ch-ot ;Ulu ^perfeet-type he"'tfeuj-wkl' -for" te'jcolat'o'f Queen lxutee.' ' , - . . · ' '..:.-.·'..":,.,...-. :: At J»af h ' DonM "I *»» th« peaittltul, »he ·ad »b« could »:ng. Sh« w*» flnUhing *n *uga«i»n*tt In th* way «hoir "Boom. ! l?win;" An* w«* lnwii»dlately plactd upd*r for "Th* tioVe Piir»d«." "Tb» bwe P*rade," whloh Maurice OUevalKr to the Oirphamu Theatre it An odglnal mu»l««.l romance. The otory is as am*'' »nd sophisticated as tomorrow's newa- p*p*r and- brings « new tj^pe o£ picture to tho talking »efe*». T ' "· Maurice Chevalier is cast iu the role of a prince who ;narrle» a queen anil becomes a very .stern prince consort Who refuces to ba ruled according U ancient traditions Ten popular hits form the baste f»r the musical background, The story deal a with the love of a queen for a prlnoe, but ahe Is a-modern queen and he la a very modern young roan. The fact male the problem ot costumlni; a difficult one. A solind nevB reel, all talking coWdy, Earl acl Bell, are also being shown. Thursday, fcMday and Saturday, Greta Garbo will be.f«atute4 in "The Kiss." bowels .soon a f t e r cutlriK, not once a clay aa tt.uny people think, .but three times cacu day. All savages who live close to nature fpllpw this rule, 'and tho a n l m u l u which ore 'nearest to mat* In structure are qulto regular a.bout It, j Failure to 'obscrvo this 'rule will j surely rHiult In poiaonnsr tha system--j a poisoning 1 that gradually grows, more ; severe. Kidney Irouftlfl, Ht.omach · trouble, eye trouble, blood troublo-J- liearly evary dlsoi'der thiiman 1s - hetr to follows constipation. --Many-people think beoatisa they haiioC-a ..jlft-asage once a day t h e y aro not constipated, bxit they may. be s u f f e r i n g greatly from this very compialijt. . There should bo a ffoe and completo ·pasaasro aftoc en oil. inefll,; ".'I*j?f't' 'joitly is aa(o. But ths taking of violent phyalcs will n e v e r accomplish this without I n j u r y . The reaction from these m a k e s tho trouble wor«e. , Wliiit Is necessary is an easy, natural movement--ore that can bo accomplished only by. lioaplnj? 1 th.B'..niU.esl;»a* (Vi'd, t u « TtiembratifiS of the Intestines Iu Rood order. \V'orU;' B Tonic Is more t h a n a catliartic-. It is intended- *lso-tO rfrgu- . late, to restore ihe tone to mu,*cle'fcnd membrane thai make them funet-lon properly, ana therefore'- Irrlnp about natural action. Sufferers from eon- etlpatlon oftcti rtiuJ It a woHde-rful r«r lief, white'···'Vhot» wlw %'re on ttia lbr« airland of this distressing troublo, and want t avoid polsonlnB .themselves ·with Teialnerl decaying (natter, are 'advised to take this new medicine, World's Tonln, rejr.ul9.rly. . World's Tonic citn ba o'btulncd tit Connetlavlllo Drug Co., or at any other fl»8t cina» drug atore..--(A-3T),--Ailvertlsement. · FARMERS REALLY Thero is no farm problem- whose solution lle» EO Completely within the farmer's hands us that ol weeds. AnA yet llkf tho poor, tho weeds are always present. . .. : - ' \ The plainest thing that need bejaaid on this subject is said in the Farm Journal, as follaws.: "The weed, problem is madt many, many times harder on some farroa by tb-e pra-ctiae of seeding a rtew crop of weeds each year. Not intentionally, ot Bourse, and often unefHsel.'iiiily. "The lower 40, thanks to good weather and a liberal application of fertilizer, produced 70 . bushels-' of sound oats per SJCT WhafB' wore natural than to nse'fh* crop for teed? It doe«n't look weed, and HO it must be all right. Maybe the neighbors all buy some o-f tho seed, the owner charging only a HUlo more than local prices of oats for feel. -· "Anil Just so long aa w«td-Inrtested seed la feown, iho weed problem ^wiil cause no end of trouble. The weeds ·ntlre.y choko out the crops, or^essen ·the yield -by u«lng plant-food-\ and moisture. ·' - '. ' ' "Tnalr first stp Iu this weed prob» lem* i.-j to Ituy and sow clean 8«0d"--' the cleanest seed it is.possible to get, Te£arll©8H ot tho price. Such seed is always the cheapest you can-afford-to buy. No matter what you pay for it, tlw price of good, clean »e«c\-la always {ow, in terms of results. "Trashy, dirty, weak farm sie^tis are dear at aajr price-" PENNSYLVANIA ROAD OPPOSES EXTENSION P, t W.VA, DONORA Th« Pennsylvania Railroad has notified the Interstate Commerce Commission t'hiit it will seelt a oourt order enjoining tho proposed construction by tha Pittsburg West Virginia Railway of a nine-mile exten- «ion of its Tln- to connect with, the Donora Southern. Railway at Donors, approved by the Commtesion Ftbru- ary .7, . ·; · The eomniiee ion's order waa to have become effective Marvin 10j but upon receipt ot th· Pennsylvaula'a notification that it would t*k« tiie nrnttar to the courts, 'he effective date of order v was extended to March X 2-J, Th* branch mio .propose*! to fc» structed oy th- Pitteburg West glnla, known an the D.onora extension, would connect at one end with the 88- mile Corni«lls dlle extension of the Pitteburg \Vest Virginia now under construction. The construction of th« Donora cxten; ion has been opposed by the Pennsylvania since the plan wa« flret submitted to the commission for approval. It la th* contention of the Bennajr}? vanla that tha'.,road wpjild, «»rvj ja$t real public need; since th« territory to be travewd by,the lf»«- *Jr»»dy is adequately token care of by existing of railroad. i« th«;»i*ri of the Penney ..... to'ille an aperoprlate pro- in court, in "WfHJch the corn- patty will eec !c to have the order ,eet aside, and to enjoin the construction of -the branch line,by the Pltteburg West Virginid Railway Oompaffy. According to estimates of the Pittsburg West Virginia, the Donora es .tension coiili; cost approximately $1,297,030. It woulti serve an important industrial station l a ' t h e vicinity ot Donora, and provide a shorter route -than these nw in ·existence to southern points via Cumberland AB Hagerstown. THOUSAND DOLLARS FINE, TWO YEARS FOR BOOTLEGGER World's Largest Blotcr Ship Reafly · C' '" ' · JL , ····--"- (' v i Abore k pictured the 8. 8. Britannia, largest cabin f Borten. It ha* a tonnage of 37,000 mat «»n ·MOM- motor veas*l in tha world, a* it willlea** Liverpool, I mod*t* 1,»PO paaMttfn*. (Inset) Capiai* B.. L. England, on Juae «9, to make it* atftMffi voyage it J Trajtt, "fco will «OtM«fta4 t*e njiw SIX CYLINDER......,, SENTENCES By DR. JOHN W. HOLLAND '0*0 yon can f UNlONTOiVN, March 12.--OharleB Stewart of Wl-an, arrested while attempting ft) transport 100 gallons of }iliior Into We«t Virginia' ajid wh* entered a plea of guilty,' was fined f 1,000 ye»ti)rd*y aRd sentenced to ipend two years in the Allegheny county workhouso. It h» pays the flnv and co:its, he will be releauod at :.tha wpiration of one year, Information hiid befti^. made againet by Private Chafles- "3. Hanna of Siate Police.; Stewart claims that he '.got the load of li^wor from a "poiilt down the river." Quick Relief for Spells A Famous Prtscriptlon St4ps ^ Them Aliuott Instaptly. ; Tlie phe uomenal succour of a' doctor's famous proscription called Thox- luo is due to Its double action. It Immediate! y soothes the irritation ami goes direc to the internal cause not reached by patent medicines and cough syrups. The very first swallow usually stops even the- most ofaatinat* COUBll. Thoxine contains no harmijiul drugs, Is pleaKain tasting aud safe- for.' the whole family. Sold bu a money back guarafttee to. giv^ better $nl ,qnl.^Js«tr relle« for coughg'cr sore thrpat th»n anything you have over tri«d. Ak for Thoxiae, put up ready for use an 8Jisi,,,e.Oe..»i}4 $1.00 bottles, , ^014, by «U druggletB. --Advertisement. Nev«r say die ·Mil tr, What 1§ wortti a million 4oll«r» and cost* nothing? A cnllle, TO« sweeteat inotlo In tha world Is played opou heart »trtng«. How foollab w« are to sturie another. Conws tflMOMtd upon the head «f the cower. Do not, make no much racket knocking that you cannot hear opportunity at your door. I would rather be a wild dog on . the moor than a fat poodle upon an osterraoor, (S», !»!», W«*Mr» N»w«p»p»r Unlen.) Slen4er LhH» Feature , Charminf Spring Attir* Navy blue anfl white printed crept silk is the neweiit idea to wear b» oeath your fur wrap. It 1* an economical choice, too, declare* a faabion authority In the PhllaOeiphla Ledger, for it Is a favorite spring fashion. The cascading jabot frill of this model combines with a flaring Inset at center-front of the skirt to give length to the silhouette. This makes It moat interesting for the woman of average full figure. A crushed girdle keeps the hips slender. Even the sieeyes Jmve flaring, turn-down cuffs, which .taake the hand appear very dainty. JCvery detail *eera« to hare b**n ear- H«d out to create a atnart tlender ap- jjenrance. The plain crepe i* to rattc^- lag navy blue shade. A block silk crepe with Jabot t?er '.·ollar and v»»t of eg«sh«U iilk crepe l» dignified and chic. The cuff* of ·leeveo may be lined with .the eggshell crepe. Crepe marocriln, wool crepe and georgette ore appropriate, A Jaunty one-piece dress that 01117 be worn for mornings or sports, is a novelty rayon crepe that la tubable. It Is In flattering nautical blue ground with, navy dots, The vestec, scalloped collar; cuffs of kimono sleeves and belt employ plttln crepe in tlie lighter blue shade. Grouped plaits at the front form a panel which slenderizes the figure. For resort It la most attractive In. peach pink fl«t -ailk crepe with white contrast. Yellow shantung la very, smnrt. Men's shirtings, silk pique, silk broadcloth, linen and cot' ton pique.make,up splendidly for utility wear. V A quaint, pretty dres« for nnal! maids who like to be admired, Is as practical ajr ft ta «ra«rt. It 1» « pique print that la very »tqrdy and washes beautifully, and 1$ adorably delntj In french blue and wliiti) ColorJfi^ It's very almple to-t make. The »t« Hoped yoke In finished at center-bftck for closing. The front and back of the dress are gathered nnd joined to the yoke following the notches for same. The scalloped hem of the dress Is finished with bias binding. , Daffodil yellow organdie, printed lawn In rose p'hvjc tones, navy plus dot*, on white arouiid ^ dimity, or!hl^ and .white checked ilnjsjiani, nJJa green chambray and re,d a^i white prlnttd cotton broadcloth are ruXjlilon'abl* combinations. Bermuda Tennis C iuunp *f or the Third Time H. L. Bowman, of the !9ew Teife Athletic Club who won the tennis «h«p9i«aaWi» fer *· t» *d time at HamUten, Bajr»«*a, w aa h* t l»- Vrao* Itetttea, of AvurUa, firac i e "'the feat«| Te«. H*i ptauhip con. AMERICAN AUTO POWER INCREASE Fiye-¥«»r Period Seen AY«r*gr inercase to Hlf h , i Figure. By Unltefl Credit'-' ' ·CHICAGO, March 12--Power of the average American Automobile ba» in- creaaed 54 per cent during the last five year*, according to a Survey mada here. The survey covered all standard models tor which complete ape- cincatlona were obtainable, the number of models included in the 1925 Itet b*ii»g II, awl tb* riumner in- likied to the 196 Itot being S3. "Demand for *pe«4 »nd- smooth formaaot ha* torc*4 a more rapid change In autoocblto design than J* generally realited," MWB the suntjr, fThe snort popular «»r of 1925 df- veloped a maximum of 20 brake home power, irhll* this «ame mate of car today develop* 40 brake horn* power. In the 1925 liet, only twr models developed 100 bonne ,power or more, twhereas 28 different models of ISSOw develop 100 horso power or more. The- most powerful oar of 1925 developed 120 Worse power; while one Ot the 1930 nwxtets reaches the 1m- poalng flgrur* ot Ml horse power." Ait. bri»g tlMMM Clas ilfied Advertisements Bring res uJta when placed in the columns of The Daily Courier. Lowly Clip Qugtc the " :: ' Brooch in Jewelry Mode Paris wo/ien are taking up the new Jewelry fashion of wearing clips In-' stead of brooches, Th* new type of pin )· really not a pin at all, but is attached In tha nnje ntwoer as a paper clip. Stylists in the French capital say that this new 4930 pi era of Jewelry Is to be preferred to the brooch, except In those cases where a Jewel IB worn ·way 'from the neckline or the belt of a garment, as In the case of the ehbul- rf literally dor*na of w«y» of wearing these new clips. Women are' buying them not only In pairs and groups of three, but in seta of half denf, Sometime* they wear all M\X pf them on on* costnme--for example, two on th« belt, one on each cuff, one on the handbag and one on the hat They are especially popular , for wear In lieu of cuff Unks on long, tight-flttln# sleeves and on the neck-, lines of tailored dresses. Many women use them ro forronlize bag* of plain black moire or antelojpe. Paramount Theatre Last Time Today Vltaphono Singing ' Talking LEATRICE JOY "A Most Immoral Lady" Yitepho te Act and All Talking N.JV» Reel Sporting Y »uth in "Fooflight* and Follies" G«-.rge Arlus in "Duracli" | ORPHEUM THEATRE | .'. ISF- TODAY -*( MAURICE CHEVALIER ^r · "The Love | Parade" Jcanctt) MacDonala Lupiro Lane and Lilian Roth The Top of the Taljdei! Alto AH Talking Comedy, Earl and Bell, and Sound News Time of Shows--1, 3:30, 6:00 and 8:30 HOWHERE PRICE SO BRILLIANT A CAR . . . BUICK O-li , . . That'* why BUICK wins from 2 to 5 times as many buyers as any o t h e r c a r priced above $1200 . . . Thr«» wt)*»lb«i»t-- thr«« prlt* rang**, wIMi 15 body Iff**. f«rfw 40, *12«0 to i!390, 30, $1510 I* $1540, 60. «IM5 to W070, f. ·, fc. fectcry. ·flbn 6 body typw, trtm $990 lo $M60, f.e.b. «M- "AOrMl ff.-fefmer'' kUltTIYIUICK MOTOR COMPANY, FLINT, MICHIGAN *ntral Melon CorporaHon m Mclouflhlln-Bulck, Othowo, Ont. $ MWw* «« ivkh and Marqmlt* Motor Om SnH«- 40, 5-pos*. 3-door Sedan 127O f.».l». factory. Special ·qulpmont mtra YOUGH MOTOR CO. Sid South IMttsburf Street, Phone 399. WHtH BtTTt* AUTOMOilll* AM JUILT , . . iUICK Wltl iUHQ TM«M Motirn a Great American All Son!*' UnHari*n Ch«wn, fn th. where fun^r*! »ervice» will be eop4uct«d tot tAf gate former Chi-* Justice. After the church service*;.tb« body will be etcortcd wftfc full mlllta-"y honors to Arlington Nation*! Cemetery for interment (Inset) Robert and Charles Talt as Ui*y,^rriv*d in WMhinftM f* thi deatli of their lather, ' ^.

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