The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 17
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- .; :: ', . I;. ,.-,'. 'm ' "V , " . - ' "v."- . .... - ,-;. ). ' -..-'. , ...-----" '-- ; '--.-1--'. - I --. .. .. -J - -.'- . . "... . ;. : -. .- ;-...' '.. ' i Y : , V1 ' ''! J - '"i1?1- VwA v.;- v-sn .plan Y". V'.' ",T" , VA.T- . " r"""1 : -f . V. - - y I 7-iinsurance son pat .of the ow tnxes ; (insurance 7 QUEBEC ,(CP) - Prime Minister Pearson's offe to ; give the' provinces "a, .larger ..elice of persona Income taxes . if they want to take over full responsibility for hospital insurance received a 'lukewarm', reception from Atlantic region p premiers at the federal pro- vincial conference Tuesday. V Ottawa now foots about halt . th bill for this shared-cost , program. gaantee tnfreasedl.linajw resources td 'Mr, Pearsdn agreed such an. . ,'f. --jXV- . . . ' THEY'RF TALKING IT OVER, r'":' Premier "Robarti (rishti of Ontario and Premier Usage of . Quebec get their heads together,tat the opening session of the Federal-provincial fiscal conference in Quebec City.' . ' ' ,.' '1 ' ".' .-:'. , . t'cfr-Journit Wiftphomt Cost-Sharirig Plan QUEBEC CP The Quebec, government, has t presented far-reaching proposals that would permit, a province to .get out of . shared-cost. pro-eram!nd-jeceiye hef tier.. shire, of personal Income "uxes' in return. The, Quebec government also called upoiii, Ottawa'. -to fully reimburse , the province for all 'revenue Tost because of Quebec's refusal to take" part in joint plans "prior 1959. The lot revenue has been' estimated at $150,000,000. .'. The new formula was made Tuesday at the open - ',;-':" 'v.-.:,-: i .,:: ,,; '., - '. " - 4-. . "-;';-:.'- . '. ' .-, Vr-.. - - announcement . wai sparse. Premier Jean Usage ; ' declined aay comment and other delegates said it would. , have to be studied.' , . ' . At the same time, Quebec delegates to the conference , saidiOther provinces Lappear ed a "bit -sweeping proposals 1 n a 1 . wOuld permit a province to leave a shared-cost program - and. receive , the "fiscal equivalence;" ; They- said it was because other provinces have not had a chance to assess ftne for mula's implications for. the rest of Canada ingof the federal-pcovfncial ".' ..The formula was spelled flsZal conference and Quebec 'delegates expressed .urded optimism that tome progress had been made. ' PM's PROPOSAL CITED , They pointed ' to" Prime Minister Pearson's -"proposal. that Ottawa turn over administration of hospital Insurance tp the provinces ldng with aifcincreased personal income tax ; abatement to pay for it Ho s p i t a I " Insurance is roughly shared 5050 by the "federal and provincial governments. But Quebec comment on out by Premier Lesage in a 33-page brief to the confer-ence.y He told delegates that , Quebec objects to sha ed- escalation allowance is needed but said it would -be unfair to other provinces if it laste'd "more than a few years." Mr. .Stajifield said this would leave the. low income Atlantic province's holding the bag after the -"few years'" were up Under the present shared-. cost scheme both Ottawa and the provinces bear a portion qf any rise in costs- V Premier Robichaud of New Premier Stanfield of Nov Brunswick said -his I province Scotia appeared to sound the' ""would, get no advantage from Down East'tJteyDote. He said the Ottawa otter, m Hs present form gives no particular help ' to the Atlantic provinces and I could prove a handicap. MEED AGREEMENT , ' .' He contended that none jf the ' four eastern 1 provinces could afford to contract out of Joint scheme like hospital Insurance unless there was an scalation agreement by which .increased income taxes in place of federal participation in .hospital j insurance r and .otheTTshared programsToo ''extensive use of the tax abatement formula could disrupt the fiscal balance being sought between richer and poorer provinces., , CWe feep he said, "that theS-Wred- and conditional rant programs can be car- f(!eral Government would s.ried forward to adequately cope wun inj- governmem ui ,anaaa ana rlsim cost of such programs. the responsibilities carried by JhPovmces," -V" i. ----- '' ' '.--.' '. - .'v - .. ut accepted in principle at til? royemDer iiscai cuiuci-enceicoWld ' be carried out in tWo stages. j'' -TWO YEARS ? Jhe first could start Jan; 1, 5, and run for two years. During this period; Quebec leery -.of Quebec's would fpt change tbe struc- tures or operations or exist- ing services. The second stage could start Jan-T, 1967, "and the final. fis!il equivalence . could be determinedin the light of experience gathered and appraised over the two previous years.1' Tr :T -Mr. Usage said about $212,000,000 is spent by Ottawa on permanent shared-cost program's : Trom which Quebec vants to withdraw. These1 included, hospital" In- sntance, puplic health grants, cost programs bMaus'esruv'rt-ptoirmentssisunce,'. are mamiy instituted oy me federal government and often without consultation. This means, the brief said, that' Ottawa acted as if it is the best judge of what. the population needs. . f . -. .. "Aftd yet." it said, "the provincial administrations juve a far superior knowledge of the needs of their wnjvopulations." p Quebec said contracting- disability-" and - blindness al lowances, old age assistance and Winter works. "V On the assumption tH'at one ' per cent of personal income. ; tax would bring in $5,300,-000, acceptance of the Quebec formula would mean that Ottawa would have to give up an additional 40 per cent of the personal income taxes it now collects in the province.' - ';;- By Atlantic Area " Cool) Reception HTd' PM's Tax Offer These programs include assistance for blind, disabled and the needy, aged and the ' unemployed. Some provinces with higher taxing potential,, notably. Quebec, want" to con-, 'tract 'out of such , JoinF schemes." Quebec-con tends they represent f e d e r a, I infringement In fields of provincial. Jurisdiction.-. Premier Smallwooo of Ia,w-foundland issued a'ptea forr recognition of the needs 0? the smaller prdvinces in any move, to change cost - sharing arrangements. He said these agreements had made a great - v-.-jL7..,! J. f l:. - contribution to Canadian life They had become achafacter-istic of the cflnfederfio Newfoundland joinedVs the 10th' province IS yeaftagov,7-; Premier Shjrw of Prince fed-ward IslatUf said taking over full responsibility for hospital Insurance , would present Ince at problems" for the prov- and fat a'l the Atlantic provinces.; .i Fear If Could. n 'Bglkanizqtio ism? Federal '' ! By DON .liANRlGHT '" IwahatlJMMW )!ritwia -Oiiawa- ve.. up. thM,by swing up. tizat!. slice ff art prcy well, drawn'oo JlWfTv' fti'f rV rt'rpi ThiTp'a stan-' muth' and stiJ have effective ihe-personaMncomeVax fiel Y, " ij'dard of servitev hodge podge 1 control, er:ilconomyibtftttavi-a..till would have a'. pmr.'. Th' led'er A Con.e'rvative' ' 4 " Ap allo some.; or a 'wilh change!rrt-achirovincia is.-jhe-aMtty V iiflucntefi the!rjarenal b(!eLonomi(. wea-ipanyw ajiparently agaTnst-the provinces to raise hiuoda4.y ? " economy by 5 manipulating tax pi.rts. liSiilll ha wiqueM'ned shift in re.spttnsihifiy. iteakirlg x W pay for -hospital , Jhe th nf rales? ; V ; :autWity to w!NqI credit, aml .frtr. jhe party last, fall, ex agn- A and Wellate pro-t.-.- ., .',k Ar..! 'r orl.-.ittU-l.frT:-H,.fl infllinW.ihHino Itimlmr minister Alvit. M.m i. 1 tain' to kindle new fire- in both federal and - provincial' politics. It -was ' seen by ' some dele- PM, R ister Pearson said Tuesday af ter the first day of the federal-provincial conference he agrees with Ontario's Premier Robarts that all provinces should have equal rigisrs" Wjrop out of any federal-provincial.iprogram; '- Mr. Pearson told reporters that the conference had a wide- janging discussion of joint. fed eral-provincial programs, fiscal relations between the two lev els of government, and other in terprovincial affairs, GOOD OPENING "It is not practicable. "or real istic to talk about results from the first day of a 'meeting, ot this kind, but we had a good first day.- The atmosphere was very friendly respmf?nbiltties. totjueas-they--mmor- see fit. One fear expressed herejestry porters after .left nc the feae, provincial ciirTTerence that -the -federal? should,,not. a'jiemAt to proposed Canad4 per He w as asked by reporters to comment on Premier, Robarts' statement- to the conference earlier Tuesday that if -Quebec had the fight to stay alooLfrom the Canada Pension' Plan, any other province should be able to Bramt.-insiCdu ui ''y"' -t0UW), wnjch inante in?a . co7n3?ff--Tfiterview after 'stjll has' sales la xe. and-per-,md .federal withdrawal mm ieaeraii?n-w-fwi.a.wn plan would be a -retreatl costs.' as they alt do now is cer Mar re h 16 fiudget sneech- musj.; when - askfd, fiow much farther (ion; income taxe, oije of th from the concept f&.federaU ain "sttona and dynamic' ,6)ttawa could eo. without losing ; chief weapon in-fiscal planning .Hsm." It could see Canada re- t la 'estimated that tlie pfoy-i this control, . the minister said JUIGHT MEAN CHANGE' , vert to "aftaeue of indeoendent ces. which .now have .about 'only that h didn'twant to surtrlt-.js conceivable that the- re-estates. ' -"T ' 1-- 1 . , - .1 : 1 l T gates 10 -ine.jeaerai-provmcia! ... . Ur-nn!il nmr Us.-usMna humliers conierence Here as a new jesy., ,. , , ,.lM - . , . ,K;-,t .v ,uk' rtrir.; ..r-iJ of Canadian federalism.. amount J9 per cnC- ,0 fi-ife"r;cept' "share of-personal in EXPRESS FEARS, f nance ihe noaramf mosu eli-'come .tx- yields . them about 'iijrjjme'tats. ?rams.such 'Mr-'i produces about.$2,J00,0()0,0()0 jrk. . I . The federal view is that even feel, pledged any longer to pan-i 4icipute in' -the ' fedeal pension y plan. Aiked by rp jp I -t i s. y whether OmarwldakC p( 1 I T pa rt, h del weil Id answer nj ---cou)anMn. ,win oneway op anwiner mp i f. ractif -idnf4t)fsA5Fsse-d ul- ''7PlJr-'.iM a cnanievto examine 1 -gnvH(ment : tK ftdvryl pensn bill, section ,hfi Plan Prftoier Robarts i expected .. . r ;,;:.'.. ShOn'trW''.aMinst JM yWiU;-,-yiMreent-today a detailed .out- "'. '' " 2mL Mr. RopaW tAd ttyisfine of h:s objections to the pro- JJl DT 9 3i Wuld Wol; We Weeteday posed, pension plan. '.-- I (Q I J pfl a 4feV eanihgOnyriosifd notpW if was learned Mr. Robarts - 4Jr., aiiipate'jn Ane iMi2njcemel, will .'not say one way or .the 'The c(eofstatement "re- otKeTwtir.her Ontario will- at- ' ' .' -. j ferred nf onytA pensions" but tempt to stay:' out f the- fed- ; '1. . -J ' ' to Mhtr ' fcdwal 1 aervices, ."- he" .era! . pension scheme. His state- pension li was learned Mr. Robarts will .'not say one way or .the btherwtir.her Ontario will- attempt to stay out-df the fed-era! pension scheme. His kja JD "' iftut the Conservative prem er .' f, . :-. I . made it plain. Ontario does not statement may take the form of a reply to a : letter' from Prime M.nister Pearson received by the Ontario prem. tt Feb, 25.1. ;-:' ir '- -;-;" ;,' ' ' " ' ' . ' :- . ?'..".. r ". . -.!:' obarts Agree on Equal Rights . - : -"'.,. . -. ; : -. .'.- By JAMES NELSON QLT.BEC (CPTPrime Mi exercise ihime right wtuiour n-TDci ij 1 at piin. , .... ' h's al - i . . . I cuaecv or scuttling tne uur pos-.tiuQ on 0 been pretty c.'os alongt and' seems t p with anything MJ Rkbaris id. This is implicit injthfc plan. Any province can have, its own ogram and! Mr. 7 Rbbarts qiite right saying air (provinces must have the same rights. REPLIES JOKINGLY A reporter asked how many provinces ooiiJ4 drop out of the Canada' Pension Plan and stiK leave a national-olan. JokinglyHie-saitLtfiaifif they all -dropped out thee would be nothing patVonal abouj the plan Then, in serious vein, he said he could hot enter upon a mat ematicalspecu!ation: . "All provinces should be considered equal not only in their rights but in ' the exercise of their rights," Mr; Pearson Sirt. At another point.-he said "I don't take any exception- at a!i" to Mr. Robarts remarks. West Still Not Satisfied roenTon5 itl : www- Urges AM 3T- vy sentir. Pear- arc's positios-ff y. to the lederai pen- a t -siiort - maturity pe' what he said was ihe-jtispamy in re'ationsh.p bH tween contributions and" benefits.' . r -r '; Jn jeply. Sic- Pearson indicated he was, puzzled by some' ot the Ontarj.9 premier's ; arguments; He turned down a suggest "on bx'.Mf.'- Robartsyhat lire ' federal pensin. -scheme be studied .by a compittee indejnd-ent of parliament; -. - .' Mr. Robarts ' did , not repiy to Mr,. Pearson's letter. '. 5 . QUEBEC HAS OWN PLAN.' Quebec already has said it will go ahead with its own. pen-sionscheme and thus will ' be exempt Trom : the ill d era I one. Premier Robarts, asked whether IP-Federal plan wduld be feasible with Ontario-3wt of it too, replied "Yes, I see o. reason , why it couldn't" beV His statement to the federal- provincial conference referral tdirectly to Quebec's decision to remain outside the plan. The federal government could not logically gram, this exemption to one province and then "ob- In Educdtioii TORONTO (CP) John JV Connolly Full-Scale Fiscal - t.l ...',-' ..... -. . , ExaritihatBii Ur QUEBEC' (CP) Canada's western provinces, their re- quest lor additional, revenue" not satisfied-by last Novem-i ber'a federal - proinciai conference-, are- stillanxious for, a fu!f- dress review of fiscal relations between the senior) governments. 1 ne position was ouiuneti4- Tuesday' fourtd of s tirlks opening federal of a fresh provincial described by' ope dele- gate as f'cordial and produc tive. .-STUDY, IN DEPTH, VPremier-Roblin off Manitoba, who shared about tlS.OOO.oOO in revenue picked up at the last, conference, called for ' an "examinattort in depth" bf ax relations between federal and provincial governments -. This, he said, would allow governments to cometo grips with spending, 'priorities. Health Ministe-r A?E.ake-ney, representing Premier Lloyd of Saskatchewan, ug gestcd another federal-provin-' ciat conference next. Fall to- give detailed discussion to fu ture ta agreements; ... N He reiterated Saskatche- ran s position , revenue from Income ana corporation taxes arid succession duties. ffikist be divided tin an equal- . . . vj , : V11 . l . izea Dasis among an me piuv in,- ' - , CALLS FOR PROB ' Premier Manning 01 said tia amount! of I could overcome, the Jo$l expeditures ' of Alberta igg'ing faVt that rderal Senator of Ottawa ; I T- J . .1 i. . 1 ..J.:..- hWrmfllHJU-Sa,'y suggcsira ; a pametpat4on m eaucaxton wnen Roman Catholic Education ference here ,1 hg addressed delegates To con- "'Education loday is n( the concern of a few; but the con cern of all," he said, "and if we fail we betray, our own and futureLgenerations.' : ' "Our safesuard faeainst threats of nuclear armajnent) lies in education, a system in whifh relvgion plays its part." He said that Catholic children are educated to as high a stand afd,as exists in any school in Ontario. ' .-' Senator Connolly said it -is timeto-encourage the teaching of morality with "all Ihe means we can muster." He saidjinancing and staffing are problems Jn separate schools and 'we must encourage, young people to 'embark on it (teach-ing) as a great career,". ged and provincial governmems ih th last fiscal year exceeded 'revenues. "by $1,000,000,000.1 ' H called Tor an exam-ha ltion lot ttf enti-re ax servites-ptcture before add. more1 services to the gove ment load Earlier Tuesday. Mr. Rob - -r- w r . i nd ing n rejected a federal government pVoposaPM give provinces full responsibility foe some shared-cbt programs such as hospital insurance id .more tax revja rrftwifi,' '..-. , V,' The-. M ni ttVpre m ier sad the federal pan had some buvlt't in defews which he did notVspclt out.lV ' : ..' Mil '. B!akenM ; said' ! Sas- katchewsa is, noin( favor of early abandonment of shared-. i-ost nrocrams; '' '-'vii ' ' port or-the Carter royal, com-l Said New Democratic mission britaxation. coufd. lead -T.C.. tfouglas: "It to even leisf federal reliance On one hand, the provinws ,gtle for- the 'iunwwer, .namely-. $400,000,000. .This will rise tdr-i 'dicect' tif Nation if they wish could reclaftm a hospital insurancey a group" of per cent, in i!itb. ine lederaMionai right ol arge partof their constitutional welfare chemes, and a few share.-thre . yer--2 perrt'ent : sales, which' t quickly to change Meanwhile, the 'Pension Plan 7rtasible vSithbut XOiitd ribQiijga By BOB EXELL QUEBEC: (CPil-Premier Robarts Said Tuesday he sees no .reason why the federal gov eiment' pension - plan icoulc not operate without,.. hoi On tario and Quebec, r . He made this commen(lto ject if other prov;nces suit." he said. Premier Robarts has denied -Robarts object efttempt:ng to block Jhe federal pension plan. But he has been severely critical of some ofits provisipnsand has mamtained .that his bbjections have gone unheeded by Ottawa. He bas' asked that the federal pension legislation be studied by an independent committee. Prime Minister- Pearson has re- jected this,, saying the pension bill will go before acommittee . pf Parfiameht. - '-..'- - t"-' j m, ' '-TheOntario' premier stopped. -short Tuesday oj a'y tng .Ontarta"- M'.ould "not", participate, ' -th plan. But he warned ffie fed eral government, against at-tempting -to "coerce;'..; some province-intn laltinir nar('.n - -o r - federal s e ry i'c e from Jwhich i 0 1 her .provinces have with drawn. By GORD LOMER ; B,ANIC AND SPARKS: Legal eagle Hyman Soloway hasx his i picture in the latest . issue of an of -those television magazines... -TV Piure Ufe". No..f's not forsakint the legal -life for the g5nor of television The shot is Mhth a story aDoul Pi Cartw right, OttawW Lome Green, and was lanep wnen-vy and the Pomferosi boss attended Queen's together . . The .English translation of JacquesHebert'f C 1 Accuse uie Assassins of Coffin,'is due on locarnewsstanda Friday, says National NewsmapMajl) I ;ray. .The original trench version, of course, wasi the spark ihat ignited the Brossard Royal Commission investigation info the "execution - oroftin for tne murder of three American hunters . . .T Simpsons-Sears ad manager Don Jacques leaving the company to beconje manager , of a large shopping plaza in Calgary. Don came here from the Calgary S-S store to replace John Bilney some months ago . . . Carl Riddell backjfrom a" simny tour of all Florida . . . Irish hvyweightentertainer, Mary-Jane Moran renewitig acquaintance with Bell Claire ,-fmends. during a three-day visit to old haunis . . Vwithy arliament due for an adjournment any time, iptowhers are. wondering what they'll calf the recess now that Easier i acbme and gone. Spring Thaw, perhaps?. ' -QUOTABLE QUOTES: 1 From Wood roffe High School rincipafj Jack Merkleyr"A thought which might cave others. ..' ' .,' ' "' " 1 1 -"mv the provinces 'sol van xKJ, and more;,on in-'lems if we ' defferiflttei' 'i Ttsc6nstiittgovefrmq Dcoduction or itv itestaH. thi Ti"?3' espon.4 mor'e:ynw;if s in ra,eewje iwliticaKlis', 1.-. XAW'ewyr .Wym ,aner.,.tfr aner.,.t the - :" MlvJH-r.Uftfti. I fZ. ' If I Kp';'.y' '1' ike me, some embarrassment never buy a tapered shirty- ;';,. . unless you have a tapered tummy to go with lt.w . .-. From the mechanical voice of Bell Telephone when vou "dial a - number'that somehow can't be reached: "The number you "'-'; have reached . . .." And then it's repeated in French- as: TTie number: you have dialed (composez). . . . Overheard', on a Bank Street bus": "Why e's so rich he hire a 'group - - of researchers just to verify his hunches." . , ;,-; rvv. - ' 1 NAMES IN THE NEWS: Former. CKOY1 news director Mac Llpsotvwho forsook the comforts of Ottawa' for fling at gathering news from the Far Ea-st, dueback in, Ourtown about midApnl. Mac's- been reporting out of"";---Hong Kong and Macao since he1qft about a year and a half ago,, and will return via the Middle East. Spain and Portugal. . . . Ex-CKLawan, hockey player Hank Blade, who's now- in1 '' the circus business, a visitor to Bown last week . . Denny Exeter giving up his golf lubs for the season, to devote full time vto. his fillies (horses) , "TOrganist 4,c,,-i McPartlin will be spending the next five weeks j)rpvidinj( his ' tffyle of music and humor, for patrons of UTe Gander Hotel' in Gander, Mid. Also plans some radi4 work there ; Grocery man Tom Dempsey, broke! ground" for a large shop- ping plaza back of his Russefl RoaU store $at,urday. Follow-. ing the sod-turnirg ceremony there was a1 reception on the T, adjoining projierty, which Tom explains, H !pat V the land -' hisi great great- grandfather back In183ll by.- T" Kltjk George III. v; ' : " : - . " ' " '" VT 11 dA' and yap all ttight . . Ppu who ask ?Are yu sick. or something?- when you show up fo work erl , V-,' Bfrthday cards from insurance salesmen . . . The additionar Junk mail you get, when you" happen to get on Reader Digest multiple ma'iling lists ... ,f Turnips . . . Mincey men who claim the cancer scare .Is the reason they smoke butts wltha cigarette holder, when all the time Ifa only fat the effect . Watching TV commcrclaTs-that shov tfxactly ". ; r what happens1 to a' pill 'when it .reaches youMtomacjh ..A':; icnuig it,'nH"-'i"i' . .,m ,.,.j..,, , . . ..... Jo remember' Janjuary's" New year's resolutions, and vfonder--- i in e what ever pecame-ot to r ' . v ;;;M - 1- ' -A ,A 1 1 -. A A. . . ...1 .. ;;:'L- -"'. - . "' ..... ' . . Aa AJ-'A-J .' f V . t .,- mf -. i' '' ... ni - J IX.KkM'Mt.K KV -V K v i K-k. . 1 Wt - r ' " ;

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