The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1939
Page 9
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Second Part Pages ' fr to 16 VOL. 37, NO. 108. CONNEL.LSVILLE, PA.. SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH IS, 3939. SIXTEEN PAGES. Rankin Tells Minerd Where to Get Off Row Over County Car ON THE AIRt Radio Information At a Glance Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Mar. 18,--Fireworks exploded in the office o£ county commissioners Friday when County Detective W. H. "Patsy" Minerd is said to have threatened court action to force removal of printing matter--"Property of: Fayette County"--from county cars. Accompanied by Assistant County | Detective Frank J. Kane, Minerd is ' said to have barged into the private office of Commissioner Arthur Higinbotham and demanded removal of the printing. Reenforcemcnts arrived in the shape of Commissioner John W. Rankin to support Higinbotharn in the contention the cars are county j property, that the order for the' printed matter had been made "and we intend to make it stick." "So far as I am concerned, the names stay on the cars and if anyone doesn't like it, ho can go get himself an automobile," Rankin declared. "If they aren't willing to use the cars--as is--the machines will be taken and placed at the disposal of those not objecting to the printed matter." "John Wall isn't objecting to the printing on the cars," pointed out Commissioner Higinbotham. "John Wall's not working," retorted Minerd. Kane had little to say on the matter ---leaving the verbal rejoinders to Minerd who, recently, was promoted to position ot chief, succeeding Wall who was demoted with a salary slash o£ $1,000 in the shakeup by District Attorney James A. Reilly. "If a county detective like Minerd thinks he's running a bluff on me by threatening to take the board of commissioners into couvt on this matter --well, he's going to get a surprise," said, the irritated Rankin. "Things have come to a pretty pass when a county detective can barge in here and tell us how to run our business." Shortly after Minerd made his exit --leaving the threat of court action as a parting shot--a telephone call came to Commissioner Rankin, presumably from a county garage em- ploye, that ;he sign on a county cat- was going to be removed. "Take that car into the garage and take a wheel off, if necessary, but keep it there," shouted Hankin into the mouthpiece of the telephone. "The board of commissioners is still running things in this office and we're not taking any orders from an employe." "Take a wheel off, did you say?" was the startled query from the person on the other end of the line. "That's what I said," yelled Hankin. "Jf any person objects to taking the car out with that printed matter, the car can stay in the garage. And see that no one attempts to remove that printing." Commands Indians TONIGHT WCAE--1321 KC. 6:00--Bob Crosby's Orch. 6:15--Evening News 6:25--Musicals Inteilude. 6:30--Gray Gordan's Orch. 6:45--Religion in the News. 7:00--Avalon Time. 7:30--Lives of Great Men. 7:45--Inside of Sports. 8:00--Tommy Rigtjs and Betty. 8:30--To be announced. 9:00--Vox Pop 9:30--Hall of Fun. 10:00--Dance Orch. 10:30--Glen Miiler's Orch. 11:00--News Parade 11:10--Joe Rines' Orch. 11:30--Horace Heidi's Orch. 12:00--BernieCummins' Orch. 12:30--Orrin Tucker's Oich. 1:00--Shep Fields' Orch. 1:30--Joe Reichman's Orch. 6:00- KDKA--980 KC. ·News: Sports; Weather Temperature. 6:06--Your Movie Magazine oj the Air. 6:15--Manuel Contraies' Orch. 6:30--Renfre ot the Mounted. 7:00--Message of Israel. 7:30--Question Bee. 8:00--Don Hirsch News. 8.15--Ben Cutler's Orch. 8:30--Brent House. 9:00--National Barn Dance. 10:00--Symphony Concert. 11:30--News; Weather; Tempertaure. 11:45--The Music You Want. WJAS--1290 KC. 6:05--Leighton Noble. 6:15--News of the Wovld. 6:30--Saturday Swing. 7:00--Americans at Wotk. 7:30--Joe E. Brown. 8:00--Johnny Presents. 8:30--Professor Quiz. 8:00--Honolulu Bound. 9:30--Saturday Night Serenaders. 10:00--Your Hit Parade. 10:45--Capitol Opinions. 11:00--News With Ken Hildebrancl. 11:15--Ozii Nelson's Oich. I 11:30--Charles Baum's Orch. "Suggested" By R e i l l y for Racket Reduced in Court Special to The Courier. UN1ONTOWN, Mar. 18.--Declaring that "by all standards with which we are acquainted this bail is excessively high," Judge W. Russell Carl- Friday afternoon i educed the bond of Mike Martucci of Connellsville, ar- beyond all reason. Reilly, in opposing the reduction, of bail, said that he had not set the high amount of bond but merely had suggested it. He said Martucci was a third offender and that he figured the bond rested for racketeering, from S10.000 | should be higher than ever before, to $1,000. This decree came when counsel for Martucci branded the high bond as Judge Carr's action will mean a general reduction from the "suggestions" of the district attorney. SUNDAY Carnegie Firm Low Bidder for Grading, Draining of Tunnels Special to The Courier. HARRISBUHG, Mar. 18. -- The $663,164 bid of the County Construction Co., Caincgie, was the lowest of nine submitted to the Turnpike Commission for grading and draining seven and one-half miles of right-of- way for the projected super-highway Unking Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. The project, located in Somerset and Stoaey Creek townships, Somerset county, will bring turnpike mileage under contract to 51. Lieutenant James W. (abovo) -will command the all-Indian Troop 1, 114th cavalry, Kansas National Guard, which will be stationed at the New York World's Fair when it opens. Troop 1 is only all-American (all-Indian) unit in the United States. News of the Day At Confluence COLONEL CRAWFORD CAMP MEETS SUNDAY Colonel Crawford Camp., United Spanish War Veterans, will hold its regular meeting at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the P. H. C. hall in North Pittsburg street. Adjutant Jesse Murphy requests a large turnout of members as business of importance will be discussed. Undertakers On Army Lists. LONDON, Mar. 18.--The undertakers of England are peeved. They do not figure in the ARP list of "reserved occupations" covering 6,000,000 men and women exempt from national service. Special to Tho Courier. CONFLUENCE, Mar. 18.--I. O. O. F. Lodge, No. 814, held the third o£ a series ot "penny bingo" games Wednesday evening in the lodge hall. Door prizes were awarded. There was a b.g crowd present. Missing Girl Found. Roma Morrison, 16, who disappeared from her homo Saturday evening, has been located nnd returned home to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reeves Morrison. She gave no reason for her disappearance. Many Trout "Planied." The Turkeyfoot Fish and Game Association received a shipment of 2,800 trout Thursday. They were transported here by truck from the j Reynoldsdale hatchery and consisted' of all legal size brown, rainbow and brook trout. They were distributed in Laurel Hill creek and White's creek by members of the association. The Somerset Association distributed a shipment of 5,000 trout, aided by members of Confluence Association, in Laurel Hill Creek near Confluence Tuesday. Yearbook on Tress. The Turkcyougha, the year book to be published by Confluence High School about the first of May, has cone to print. A contest was conducted for a name but none was found suitable, so the members o( the s'.aff made up the name it now goes by. It will be the first year book to be published by the school. Skcct Shoot Held. The Turkeyfoot Skcet Club held its- weekly shoot Thursday afternoon near the residence ot Calvin Giofl along the Ur-sina road. There were 20 members out. High scorer was Kennet WilMams with 17 hits out of a possiole 25. Personals. George Brown, employed in Cleveland, Ohio, is spending a week visiting hn pal .nts, Mr. and Mrs. D. II. Brown. Rev. and Mrs. H. Knocll hnve returned home after spending a week in Massillon, Ohio, \isitmg friends and relatives. Rev. Knoell is pastor of the Chiistinn Church, Mis. J. Donald Colborn and Mrs. Kenneth Williams were in Brownsville and Rices Landing Thursday here they were guests of Mrs. A. R. Smock and Mr. nnd Mrs. William Lopp. Roger Boov, Eugene Burnworlh, Frank Previeie, Ronald Hayman and G. A. Frantz were visitors in Windber Wednesday. H'CAE 8:00--Organ Recital. 8:30--Four Showman Quartet. 8:45--Animal News Club. 9:00--Phyllis Morton. 9.15--Tom Terrisb. 9.30--Grandpa and Snuggins. 10:00--Radio Pulpit 10:30--Music and American Vouths. 11:00--Helen Webtbrook. 11:15--Sunday Melodies. 11:30--Tapeitiy in Melody. 12:00--Mu.-ic for Moderns. 12:30--University of Chicago Round Tabl-. 1:00--Lutheran Hour. 1-30--KenncU Time. 1:45--Sunday News. 2:00--Lets Go BUCK to the Bible. 2:30--B.niry McKirilej. 2:45--F.iblcs in Verse. 3:00--Sunday Drivers. 3-30--M.itmec Melodic; 3:45--Bob Becker. 4:00--We the Wives. 4:30--The Work! Is Yours. 5:00--Saturday Afternoon in Hose- da If. 5:30--Spelling Bee. 6:00--Catholic Hour. 6.30--Show of the Week. 7:00--Jack Benny. 7:30--Band Wagon. 8:00--All Star Show. 0:00-- -Manhattan Merry Go Round 9:30--American Album of Music. 10:00--The Circle, 11:00--News 31:05--.Johnny Mc.s.sner's Orch. 11:30--Charlie Burnetts' Orch. 12:00--Cnick Webb's Oruh. 12:30--Bob Crosby's Oich. KDKA ; 8:00--Trails of Happiness. 9:00--Coast to Coast On n Bus. 30 00--American String Quartet. 10:30--Aloha Time. 10:45--Music of Today. 11:00--Christian Science Service. 12:00--Radio City Music Hall. 1:00--Great Plajs. 2.00--Magic Key o! RCA 3'00--Armco Band. 3:30--festival of Music 4.00--Footnotes on Famous Feet. 4 15--Concert Hall. 4:30--Vesper--Shadyside Church. 5:00--Metropolitan Auditions. 5:30--To be announced. 5 43---Charles Sears. 6:00--Music Please. 6'15--Sunday Newspaper of the Air, 8:30--A Talc of Today. 7.00--New York World Fair Pro- £i;im. 7-15--Popular Classics. 7:30--Setli Parker. 8:00--Out of the Wes:. 8:30--Swng Soiree. 9:00--Hollywood Playhouse. 9:30-- Walter WmchrU. 9:15--Irene Rich. 10.00--Romance and R'njthm. 10:30--Cheerio. 11:00--Music; news. 11:15--Missionary Broadcast. 12:00--Glen Miller's Orch. 12.30--Herbie Kay's Orch. SALVATION ARMY IN NEED OF CLOTHING, MATTRESSES Soviet Judge WJAS 9:00--St Patrick's Church. 10:00--Church of the Air. 10:30--Aubade for Strings. 11:00--First English Lutheran Church 12.00--Major Howes' Capitol Family. 12:30--Music from Italy. 1:00--Church of the Air. 1:30--Salute to New York World's! Fair. 2:00--Americans AH. 2:30--Words Without Music. 3:00--Pittsburgh Amateur Hour. ·1:00--Hev. Charles E. Coughlin. 5:00--Today's Program. 5:05--St. Louis Blues. 5:30--Ben Beraie's Orch. 6.00--The Silver Theatre. 6'30--Gateway to Hollywood. 7:00--People's Platform. 7:30--Screen Guild. 8:00--This is New York. 9.00--Ford Sunday Evening Hour. 10:00--Melody and Madness. 10:30--Kaltcnborn Comments. 10:45--Capital Opinions. 11:00--Art Giles' Orch. 11:30--Archie Bleyer's Orch. Amon.* those holdinj? high Soviet' post of Peoples' judge is this young 4 mother of two, Maria Gretshuka, of Moscow. In addition, Mme. Grct- shnkn engages actively in -social ·work and is a frequent lecturer on court procedure and on the intricacies of law. MONDAY Missouri's Woman Legislator Refuses to Become Excited By Banning Toe-less Shoes By United Press. I women. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo , Mar. 18-- ' She was speaking as the only wom- The motive for a legislative "plot" an in a legislature besieged by in- ogainst the freedom of the feminine dignnnt women who chaiged Rep. W. big toe w, ^ seen in a statement by Randall Smart's bill to prohibit the Rep. Gladys M. Stewart, the only sale of toe-less and heel-less shoes legislator of record who ever wore ' was a challenge to their individual toe-less and heel-less shoes. "Personally." she scud, "I think those 'holoy' shoes me ugly, uncomfortable--and hard on hose. Thej WCAE 7:00--Morning Express. 8:00--News S:ij--Today's Almanac. 8:30--Do You Remember. 8:45--Hits and Encores. 9:00--Jean Abbey. 9:15--Gems of Melody. 9:30--Band Goes So Town 9:45--Musical Mirror. 10.00--Central City, 10:15--John's Other Wife. 10:30--Just Plain Bill. 10:45--Woman in White. 11:00--David Harum. 11:1C--Lorenzo Jones. 11:30--Young Widow Brown. 11 MS--Hoac. of Life. 12:00--News. 12:10--Melodies. 32:15--Tne O'Neills. 12:30--Carters ot Kim Sheet. 12:45--Singin* Sam. 1:00--Musical Caravan. 1:15--Bernie Cummins' Orch. 1:30--Melody Jewell Box. 1:45--Voice of Experience, 2:00--Elinor Sherry. 2:15--Polly Entertains. 2:30--Kitty Keene. 2:45--Utility Hall. 3:00--Mary Marhn. 3:15--Ma Perkins. 3:30--Pepper Young's Tamily. :45--Guiding Light. 4:00--Bachslage Wife. 4:15--Ste!lo Dallas. 4:30--V.c and Sade. 4:45--Girl Alone. 5:00--Dick Tracy. 5:15--Your Family Mine. 5:30--Jack Aimstrong. 5:45--Orphan Annie. 6:00--Science in the News, 0:15--Evening Nfws. ~,:25--Sporti. 6:30--T'IO News on Parade 6:45--Del Courtney's Orel). 7 00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Edwin C, Hill. 7:30--Big Swing. 8:00--Al Pearce find His Gang. 8:30--Richard Crooks. B:00--Hour of Charm. 0:30--Eddie Duchin. 10:00--Contented Hou: 10:30--Pittsburgh Playhouse 11:00--New Parade, 11:10--Sterling Young's Orch. 11:15--Eddy Roger's Orch. 11:30--Rub · Newman's Orch. 11:45--Lou Breeze's Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kaye's Orch. 12:30--Bob Crosby's Orch. 1:00--Bernie Cummins' Orch. KDKA 6.30--Musical Clock. 6:45--Farm Markets. 7.00--Musical Clock. 7:15--Western Trails. 7:30--Musical Clock. 8:00--News. 8:05--Musical Clock. 8:15--Dr. Sunshine. 8:30--Musical Clock. 9:00--Shopping Circle. 9:13--Linda's First Love. 9:30--The Editor's Daughter. 9:45--Gospel Singer. 10 00--Melody Time. 10:15--Jane Arden. 10:30--Jerry Scars' Orch. 10:45--Houseboat Hannah. 11:00--Mary Marlin. 11:15--Vic and Sade. 11:30--Pepper Young's Family. 11:45--Getting the Most Out of Life. 12:00--News, Weather; Temp. 12:15--Roscy Bits. 12:30--National Farm Home Hour. 1:15--Farm Radio News. 1:30--Women in the New,s. 1:45--Happy Gilmans. 2:00--Belty and Bob. 2:15--Arnold Grimm's Daughter. 2:30--Valiant Lady. 2:45--Hymns of All Churches. 3:00--KDKA Home Forum. 3:30--State Federation o£ Women's Clubs. 3:45--Tea Time Tunes. 4:00--Club Matinee, 5:00--Rakov's Orch. 5:15--Terry and the Pirates. 5:30--Don Winslow of the Navy. 5:45--Tom Mix Straight Shooters. I B:00--News, Sports. 6:00--You Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:15--Manuel Contrares' Orch. (5:30--Music--Sports. 6:45--Lowel Thomas. 7:00--Orphans o£ Divorce. 7:30--Way Back When. 7:45--Meiry Music. 8:00--Carson Robinson and His Buckaroos. 8:30--Those We Love. S:00--Bernie Armstrong at the Or- g«n. 9.30--WeMminsler Choir. 10:00--True Or False. 10:30--National Radio Forum. 11:00--News. Weather, Temp. 11:15--The Music y.ou Want. 12:00--Al Ravelin's Orch. 12:15--New Perm Orch. 12:30--Erskine Hawhm's Orch. WJAS 7:30--Musicale. 8:00--News. 8:15--Marjorie Stewart. 8:30--Friendly Singer. 8:45--Cheerie Melodies. 8:55--Today's Programs. 9:00--Richard Maxwell. 9:15--Manhattan Mother. 9:30--Joyce Jordan. 9:45--Bachelor's Children. 10:00--Young Dr. Malonc. 10:15--Myrt and Marge. 10:30--Hilltop House. 10:45--The Stepmother. 11:00--Volkwein's Musicale. 11:15--Scattergood Baines. 11:30--Big Sister. 11:45--Aunt Jenny's Real L i t e Stories. 12:00--Mary Margaret McBride. 12:15--Her Honor, Nancy James. 12:30--News of the World. 12:45--Our Gal Sunday. 1:00--The Goldbergs. 1:15--Life Can Be Beautiful. 1:30--Road of Life. 1:45--This Day Is Ours. 2:00--Doc Bartley's Daughters. 2:15--The Life and Love of Dr. Susan. 2:30--American School of the Air. 3:00--Curtis Institute. 4:00--Ruth Carhart. 4:15--Today's Programs. 4:20--Not So Long Ago. 4:45--Nan Wynn. 5:00--Music Restoration. 5:15--Howie Wing. 5:30--Baron Elliott's Orch. 6:05--Rhythm Roundup. 6:15--News ol the World 6:30--Bob Trout. 6:45--Talk of the Town. 7:00--County Seat. 7:15--Lum and Abner. 7:30--Eddie Cantor. 8:00--Cavalcade of America. 8:30--Model Minstrels. 3:00--Lux Theatre. 10:00--Guy Lombardo's Oreh. 10:30--We, the Jury. 10:45--W. -p. A. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11:13--Sammy Kaye's Orch. 11:30--Cab Galloway's Orch. 12:00--Clyde Lucas' Orch. News of the Day At Perryopolis PEHRYOPOLIS, Mar. Willing Workers Class of 18.- the -The Star Junction M. 12. Church met Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. James Major V. C. Bryant, officer in charge of the Salvation Army in Connellsville, is desirious of receiving old clothes, beds, mattresses and bed covers from persons who no longer have any use for them in order that he might distribute them among the needy families and thereby lessen their discomfort. A typical letter, reprinted just as it was received from a family asking assistance, follows: "My friend I want you to please read these few lines. This is . We have 14 children. Seven go to school when they can and I have been sick my self nearly all winter, so the nurs from Connellsville State Hospital told roe to speak to you about some bed clothing and a couple of mattresses for our beds or if you have any bod stids we could fix up and use we have two beds and 16 to sleep in them so any thing you could give us, we will be glad to get. If you dont think we need it just come in and see, it would not be so bad at that if I was well. We need bedclothing bad and if you have any old shoes for the little ones we will be glad to get them. Any help at all, mattress or covers if they are not so good. Mr. does not work. He has been doctoring for his self. He has been sick too so we are on relief and we pay house rent and buy coal and milk for baby and we cannot send all the children to school all the time. We just cannot get them all shoes and what they will need to go so do what you can loi me please. I will be expectant to here from you. The other Salvation Army Captain helped us several times about two years ago." Major Vendeville said that pleas of this kind are continually coming Haul with Mrs. John Haut as joint ( to Army headquarters and that he hostess. There were 15 members would only be too glad to distribute present, including two new members, Mrs. Earl Hixenbaugh and Mrs. Charles Duffy. The president, Mrs. Earl Pike, resigned and Mrs. James Haut was elected to replace her. Plans were made to go ahead with a play which the class is going to present in the near future. A committee composed of Mrs. Lavinia Woodward, Mrs. William Jordan and Mrs. James Haut was named to plan the menu for the annual mother and daughter banquet. The lunch and decorations were carried out in accordance with St. Patrick's Day. Entertains Club. Mrs. Roy Fike was hostess to the O. N. O. Club Wednesday evening. Her extra guests were Miss Mary Wolfe, Mrs. James Haut, Mrs. Fibcher Brinkcr, Mrs. Blanche Allison, Mrs. Earl Pike and Miss Emma Hess. Prizes were awarded Mrs. Robert Thompson, Mrs. Frank Carr and Miss Wolfe. The club will meet next with Mrs. Frank Carr. Bridge Club Hostess. Mrs. John S. Thorpe entertained her Contract Club Wednesday evening. The only extra guest was Mrs. Edward DeWitl of TitusviUe. At Fayette City Dinner. Mrs. O. P. Pore and daughter, Marie attended the fellowship dinner clothing, shoes, etc., if he can collect the articles from people who no longer need them. News of Day At Dunbar rights, the 32 adm.tted sponsors said it was intended to "pieserve the beauty and health" ot feminine feet "I think it.-. perfectly ridiculous for nol only hurt my feet bin ran up my ' women 1o got excited about this ab- lioiiery bill. So I stopped wearing I surd bill when they fail to take the them." least bit ot interest in truly construc- Rep, Stewart's stand, the opponents, live legislation," she said. "Of course fjid "pulled the wool" from the eyes I'm a funi believer in the inherent ot Missouri womanhood. Thev iruide ] right of women to express then- per- a quick survey of the bill's sponsors'tonalities Ihrousn any manner ot .uicl loimd a majority were i.jinily diets they choose, but t won't light "Tnen u tin ut not only ihe shoe bill tn bill." i'Ui il.f lin irry bill for one or m o i r j Tin- l u l l p.c^frib i- in i oninnr.uc. Omelette Once Egoless. CLEVELAND, O., Mar. 18.--An omelette originally did not have any eggs in it. accoiding to Ted Robinson, gouiment, student of philology, i The French original, he =,iid, was i Lamfllo," u h u h miMiii a ^mall Gettier Transferred Lewis Injures Eye, Fight in the M. E. Church at Fayette City Wednesday night. Miss Pore, accompanied by Miss Thelma Braithwood, played two xylophone numbers, "Holy Night" and "In the Garden." To Feed Contestants. Special to The Courier. DUNBAR, Mar. 18.--A Townsend meeting was held Thursday evening in the basement of the Methodist Protestant Church with a large attendance. Temporary officers, previously elected, were installed for a six-month period. Fifteen additional members were taken into the organization and a charter was received. Rev. Golden and Mrs. Helmey, both of Uniontown, w e r e speakers. Another meeting will be held next Thursday evening. Other Items of Interest. Mr. and Mrs. Curley Miller and daughter, Patsy Belle, of McKeesport and Johnny Hill of Homestead were recent visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Sfero. Hev. George F. Hurley, pastor of St. AloysiUb Church, is ill at his home. Robert Banting wcs a L'niontown caller Filday. Mrs. Nicolas Vjiiano, who has been ill for several days, is able to be about. Ben Sfero, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. James Carson and Mrs. E. 1.1 Angelo Sfcro, is appearing on a radio Ramsier of the Perry M. E. Church j pro g ram a t Parkersburg, W. Va. and Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Ira Blair and James Reed, Regis Owens, Louis Mrs. Harriet Currin met Wednesday evening to plan for serving meals to the people who will attend the forensic contests. Dinners will be served in the diiiingroonr! of both churches all day. Other Items of Interest. Mrs, Hazlett Layhew is visiting her daughter. Mrs. Raeburn McClintoclc of Ridgeway. Mr c . Mary Lowther has gone to DETROIT, Mar. 18.--The fight be- To Washington Unit! U'ooU Chopper Ignores Year*. SUTTON, N, IL. Mar. 18.--Though Frank W. Todd lias passed his 85th b n t h d a y , he daily accompanies in? son. 1 - George and llowaia lo the tween John Henry Lewis, light heavyweight champion, and Dave Clark of Detroit scheduled for March 31 has been postponed because of an injury to Lewis' left eye, it was an- Speclal to The Courier. nounced by John J. Hettche, chair- UNIONTOWN, Mar. 18.--In a shift' man of the Michigan board of athletic of personnel of Pennsylvania motor cor.trol. police, John G. Gettier, veteran of the Joctt] barracks, was iransferred tn Wii.-.;iir.^ton headquarters with Trooper W. J. Heuer of Washington Washington where she will spend several rioys with her daughter, Mrs. Norman Mclnlyre. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schoup, Miss Alice Schoup ot McKeesport and Mr. and Mrs. John Anthony of near Brownsville visited Mrs. Effie Sisley recently. Mrs. Sislcy, who [ has been ill, is improving. Mr. and Mis. Francis Miller moved to Liberty Tuesday. Mi*. Ellen Falcone and Wayne Watson were in Uniontown Friday on business. Bobby Walson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Watson, who is ill of scarlet fever, is able to be up for a while each day. Mrs. W. H. Williams v.-as in Uniontown Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Hugg and daughters, Ethel and Mrs, Richard Darby, attended funeral services for Mrs. George Rugg held at Mill Run Thursday afternoon. V. F. W To Meet Monday. The Walter E. Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will hold its regular meeting at 8 o'clock Monday night at the post home in South Pittsburg street. Busy Dentist Busier. __ = _ CLEVELAND, O., Mar. 18.--Dr. coming'here."'The''charifietnok"ericct Herbert Riemenschneider, besides J being a successful dentist, sings in en-1 the Orpheus Male Chorus, travels inirii} \\OGrlluL lo do hi t k n n r s Inn March 15 I It was the first niovu since the largement ol the Unio:itov\n fata.ion in , \vhon the uld hignway patrol and 'S'alc constabulary weie merged. Pittsburgh once a week, rehear=- cs twice a week, takes special coaching, and "manages to keep busy." Eichler will move into the house that , Keighley of Uniontown in the audi- has been vacated. ' loriuni of ihe county building. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nctbit are j Miss Emma Cook was- present at parents of a daughter born Tues- i Bethany College for the annual dny. Mrs. Ncsbit was formerly An- i spring home-coming, na Maigarel Tomasek, a grand- , Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garee and daughter of E. S. Baker, with whom I Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cook attended «he and her husband are making I a birthday party in honor of Harry their home. i E. Mitchell of Connellsville. given by Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. McKee, j his mother, Mrs. A. M. Stratton, Mrs. H. E. Grove and Miss Grove, all proprietress of the Arlington hotel, of Willcinsburg, and W. F. McKee of i Mrs. L. V. Lepley, her son, Charles, Smock were recent visitors with Miss i and Miss Edna Cook visited John Maiy McKee Mra R W. "Echard and Mrs. A. H. Waugh attended the piano recital given Wednesday by Miss Catherine Forsythe in tne Charleroi-Monessen Hospital Wednesday, John is improving vapidly from a recent operation.

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