The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

"AGE TEN ~*~- " ^7^ "T v ? *~ ^, i,*^* ^ v fl -. ' -- -y, "i ·* i i THE D«LV "COURIER. 'OONNEHSVIU'JBl. PA.. WEDNESDAY, JOLT 10, 1918. SUCCESS OF MAIL ORDER r iiOUSE DUE TO EXTENSIVE USE OF PRINTER'S INK Th* htt(t lucceu of Qle mail-order boi-hnw. i» *» U its adv«rti»tn j. The ree»nt rapid pncr«M of -the mafl-or- d«nr-HnaiiMiia_is due to tke tremondons iMnu* in~ circnlation of popular periodical literature loaded saw, "Some merchants keep silence upon this thing as I'did? because they are afraid. All I can say about, the proposition is : that a fight between 'a retailer and mail-order'·-. house is a mail's game.' ";it is- no'.time to show. fear. It is mt ; any occasion for.oily carrying.. the sftxlttCtiwB j.words. · The "matter is .one calling for sledge, hammer blows'dealt with.pre- cision and knowledge, totally devoid of.fear.". · ;. : . . ' ; . '_ '.,'.·'· ' All the big magazine's have accepted mail-order advertising despite the protests of local merchants every- ad often .eiaggerated.aiii-trtiftog of mail-order nouses, are. going .into town, village aid .hamlet in America- awl taking 'baimecs «my Fran th* local merchants. ". -.. · ... - "Mall-order houses could not hav« !5p' : - without · adrertiein j nor eoaltV ther continue to succeed with- o«t adwrttataj. ---...--" . H» fltbt between the retail seffing of t«o4s by local merchants and the In the hands bf^i-'feir h»g» 6ct-«f-town. corporation! 1» a fnitanMatal. one and grow- ingwire; bitter eYerjr;day. It- Is a fttlrt bttxmi the country at large and K a-.fnr.'Mc cities. .It Is aUght between local bread 'and bntterand extra dlvl- .diilfcfar.Chicacp.mllliona.trei.- ; The Mrtoomeas of this flght is in- ileated »y a wrrter in the Tnule Oot- look of Looisvnie, Kentuckj. who THK is: ^= /rjSJEUCH"- WpJiiiN"--A rive-part . BlutbiTd "feature, in" "which Ella Hall aad PrtKllla. Dean are seen in" splendid rolM. li being shown today. Miss Hall appear* io a role entirely ddBer- «nt-from any §h,«.ha* ever beer, called tipoa -to portray..: She is sho'-im not only in !««·» lovely, snnsbin*,:Sat also -la ito -katshil ugly- stadows;, Both "«!*· of society are Wridly portrayed, and thtie are tense situationk aad 'ragid_.flre' '· action···;which '· the 1 heart and keeps out's nerve* a tingle. ..Mis* .Ball is seen a» 'the'wzfd o£ a crusty old chap who believes that love is:.a. trfBe not to'be consiiJerei in the ..matter of mach-Tnaslng, and fair maid* their elder* should always ob*y. .What more could this, ward of flis d*Ure than she become the bride of-CJaas Hopkins? . Prisdlla Dean, - whtHift-co-fctAxred.iii the .picture.' has -· ; rcl«Y of the oppwfte character but iat«nMly to her liking, and oil* which T ier. dramatic" talent; causes '.o stand ~ out wltn' r cameo clearness^* She has *th* roi« of Miry'Butler," ar, adven- ' tur»»» .iriti a heart, qu«n of Vesper ! .i.Ckailfty/s fang-of thieves. . Taere are iseoMi'of palatial residences In Pua- ··idMia. aaowing the beaoUfnl gardens ·"aid dtivcs thai wirrooad'these homes of Southern California'! millionaires, ' a n d ia jtrikint contrast are sordid '^'·esMa of ^gambling, dives, -dance halls. ·f tmd other dens of illVeptote. A selected eo«edy to also.being shown: To;: morrow,-jaaaH,Clayton, the.celebrated "screen »tar, will be "featured In. "The ^·Mam'HnBt." a fivj^part World attrac- ;-.tloT». ; Friday and Saturday, Jlsry Garden will be presented in "A Splen- "·did Sinner," a Goldiryn attraction. TOEATBE. where, enough They'.aave received ..revenne from . mail-order advertising to dteregard the retail stores. Erecy dollar.; of this enorinons irn^ come was diverted from storekeepefs" in small eomiiiunities.- Every dollar sent to that grisat mailTord,er concern? anKtonting to linndreds'of millions of dollars ,annually, detracted from the' prbsperity.'..qf- some community, struggling to become, a center of pppula- tkm. but retarded .by ,the.shprt-«igSitt: edaeas'of .tie citizens; who ; sent their nioney; ont-of-..towi in .preference-'to! helping towards- r the - prosperity;·'.. of their, own community;. - ;" "...'. .· · 5ATIOSAL LEAGUE. Yesterday's Besalls. Plttaburg 7; Boston 2. iNew York 7; Chicago 6. St Louis 6; .Brooklyn 4. Phtladelphia.-Clncinuati; no game. xTeu Innings. " ' TIKEB SU.K-sroKii stir MADE DfSOKI OIK STTLE. ' for this summer's wear is more attractive or rich thaa_this sport. suit in:.Norfolk, style, made" of fiber- silk in light. blue, and trimmed with ! novelty buttons in blue and white. SHE GOULD NOT 1 STAND OR WORK But lyJi» E. Pinkham, Vege- talk Compound Restored Her .Health and Shipped Her Pains. Portland. Ini--"I had a displacement and goffered so badly from it that i . i at times I could not I U] be on my feet at all. l_l I was all run down and so weak I could not do iriy housework, waa nervous and could not lie ..down at night I 'took treatments from a physician but thcydidnothelpme. My Aunt recommended Lydia E. P i n k h n m ' a Vegetable Compound. I tried it and now I am strong and well ·gain and do my own work and I g i v e ^__^_ Lydia E. Pmkham'i Vegetable ;Compound the credit" -Mrs. JOSEPHINE KIBBLE, 935 West Eace St, Portland, Ind. Thouisuds of American women give this famous root and herb remedy the credit for health restored as did Mrs. Eimble. For helpful suggestions in regard to BOch ailment* women are asked to write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result of its long experience is at your service. Starting »1 tie Clibi. Chicago 6 BEU.-ANS ; Hot water Sure Relief For Sldn Soreness of infanta and childrea you can find nothing thmt hrak like Syfcts Comfort Powder Lading fbyMcians and nu?*e» hare uxd ·nd endorsed it for more than 25 yean. 25c at th* Vino) «nd other drug store* The Comfort Powder Co., Boitoo, Maw.- RELL-ANS h/FOR INDIGESTION Patronize Those Who Advertise. ] ! Tudsj's Schedule. New York it Pittsburg. Boston at Chicago. · "· '·' '·'_ '- Philaderp'hia at St. Louis. -' j ; ; . .-; Brooklyn at Cincinnati. AXERIC1X LEAGUE. TesUrdmj's He»nlt«, Jy'e\v York ;6; Chicago 4. · : Chicago 4; New York. 3. Boston 1; Cleveland 0. ' Philadelphia'^; Detroit'l. Detroit D; Philadelphia V St Louis 7; Washington 6. Stunting of Ike Clubs. Boston _--_ New ; . York -_ Cleveland ^'_ Washington;'St. l/)uis _L Chicago --_ Detroit. :_ rhlladclphia. W. 44 32 ^--_« 32 ^.44 35 40 3T. 37 38 J 36 3S -- 3tt 43 38 45 Pet. .575 .562 .557 .Sib .493 .486 .411 .384 i U'SEMSmNE .NAN. 1 .'--Today the vOrpbe'um" theatre* Ann' Pcinninfftoa makes her reappearance on the screen i°i» h«r newesi". Paramount "photoplay, '·f. "SHnaDine Nan," having .temporarily '" de«rted it .to daace in "iliss "1917." V."Th*~Zi?cfleld Follies" and others. !3Iia».Peimingtoii's preceding picture* ZTbe Antics of Ami," a whimsical I boarding. school sitory. In "Sunshine .^ ^.KaB" she takes a contrastinc part--, i';ttat of a little slum girl wio rises :; IA the world against, overwhelming i (xMs. ; The supporting^ cast is very ?;sood,- including -Kichard Barthelmtss, ftHelen Tracey; John Hins and.others. 'J Charles-Giblyn is the director, while *... inti cieever scenario: was pr(^pare4 by ?*-Bte .Bnsell from Alice He'gan- Rice's L ; .»tory, ."Calvary Alley." Coming, Guy s-Empey in "Over :the. Top." Today's Schedule. Cleveland at Boston. . Chicago at New York. ·Detroit at Philadelphia.. \ '- · - St Louis' at: Washington: I::·-·:' Vanderbflt. \AHDERBIL.T, .July 8---Mr., and Mrs. "3~. C. Beatty have returned after wedding trip" spent in the 15|;-nionntaina and- yisitinjj Mrs. Beattiy' K'.ft-Aster. M«. .Joseph Cowan, of : Brack. . . . . . Arbuckle's, ..latest . comedy, ! 1 if|:iL««U» Thtatre / : Thursday . evening. i i ?;Abw..» good . western dr«ma---Adv.-- - · ' · : *:-'-.; WJUUIB Beatty and Thomas Soi* ;il ¥clieclt.irer* : rec*nt Smithfleld Visitors. i' Mil* Ethel Hosier of neiir Smock, ^wio ha* been vUltlng her,uncle, O. W. "·"-'f' for the past ^week,- has. re, home, accompanied by, Leon- E-i««d J(cCillis«er,-who. will spend a few fc day* at the ilosser home. p'.-f'ttct. Hulda ShallBnberger'was Tis- ;*itmj at Keister: Saturday. -' . · ' K ; Krs. G«orge Croeeland and daugti- rfter Jlary of Mount Pleasant, are risit- wlth Mrs. Lou Shallenbergef and . iniliam Ueaut this .week. ; .' [r. and Mrs. Harry Seufelt of Lowi township, visited Mrt. Sea' · J; H. Lttten, of Bute's , Mitchell and Sanfocd AIcBur r-jfftnt Sunday in the mountains. tiiBafley of ^Alicia.'" visited his ^iirenti,.Mr. and Mrs. -Willlim Bailey, /on Sunday ' Bin on Saturday morning, at the "kom* of Gilbert Arison a baJy girl Hlion, wife- and. - baby of wero visitors here 'on Satur- fixfr -Jfr.-and Mr». George -Anastrong;of f^ : Con««ltoTme, vJ»lted^at tha home"ot E. Hendenon Sunday Mr and Mrs Carl Bonier and sons, Bwtaf and Jack were Sunday eallerr ·Jtk Mis Homer's parent Mr and Hn* Xwlac Oxlevee yesteiday Kr. and Mr«. Grant Leigbtr of Dun- townieap, Ti»itrttrie»di at Mount it** ·rartandar niaml musical ^rea under church at S o'clock.'- A silver offising, will be taken at tue-dobr for the bene- \ fit of the Red Cross. ·· ·. Mrs. Edwin Thorp of PerryopoHs, visited wlti her parents, Mr. and ifrs. C.. S. Freed, yesterday. Treeman Cooper .and family, formerly of-Vanderbilt but'-now of Donora; visited Mends in. Connellsville and East Liberty 'on Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Anna Cooper of East Liberty, returned Siturday after visiting her daughter. Mrs. J. H. Hunter .of near West Middletown, Washington county, and son, Freeman Cooper, of Donora. ' William Cheeseman, who has bden conducting a class in music here for the last ten days, closed Saturday night with a concert. He left yesterday for Brownsville, where he has a class. BANFFSMNNGS HOTEL In the Heart of a Grander Switzerland-THE CANADIAN PACIFIC ROCKIES --summer resort of many discriminating Americans. The outdoor life-tennis, motoring roads, pony riding on mountain trails, hiking, climbing -- the open air sulphur pools, the roomy restfulness of the big hotel with its excellent ballroom and orchestra, its splendid cuisine and service- combine to give Banff its tone. Moderate rates. Get to know Canada better--· she's your nearest ally. C. 1*. Wflltam*. G. A. F. D«pt. ian. Paclfle 34A Bth Ave., Pittabnrjt, Fa. Patronize those who advertise. ^P WMITB Shoe Dracrii PWIH1NC %$ not the cheap kind ' Mfcr 13 at 1** TreAytcrttt M WORLD'S GREATEST Saxaphone Orchestra To Feature Big Dance st .% , '. Shady Grore Park, FRIDAY, JULY 12th Wright's Orchestra Of Columbus, Ohio Selected by Leaders of the Music ,World as the Best Feature Coacert Intermission. :.P. M.'to'l A. M. Admission $1.00. "Wri^nts Saxaphone Orchestra. . Juat-ii-'word to tell you that , your -work at 'the Military narty '. was wonderful and musical ad- . · mtrers concede it to oe the best .'ninstc;ln,;Jian«lne 1 .;up to date, and 'very; grateful .to- you', for. your' co-oper.-i.tipn In making the party : '.a'-./STiccess over : alL military 'parties ever glTeri here.'J :·' ' " : .- ··· \,W."D. . Hesperian Ho^is«, Micigan Agrrlf cultural College,- 'East 1 ' I*anffing-, 'Michigan. . . · ' . " . " ' Wrights Orohestrm is undoubtedly best, dance orchestra' to 1 ba heard in State College during house party time. , . JOSEPH "WITSON, Chairman P h i ' . - Kappa Sigma, State, CoUege, Pa. ; · · ·. Wrirhti; ever since Its firfft. engag-ement at Lea:ihgtoii has been'The Washington- .'. ' i^o dance orchestra. . . . . .BOB.McDUGLE, 1 ' Secretary .and Treasurer, W. ' L. Cotillion-' Club, .Leiingttm, Vai Good Music An Essential in Every Home The New Edison Essential to Good Music Music has been deemed essential in the various great military cantonments throughout this country. Its value in developing proper morale--its value as a developer of patriotism--and the keen pleasure it gives the men, have been quickly recognized. What" good 'music does for the men in camp, it will do for file rest of the family at home. Too many homes are without music, and need not be, when .the NEW EDISON can supply -them with actual re-creations of the world's best music, both vocal and instrumental. Free Concerts on the NEW EDISON Every Day--Come and Bring Friends We know you'll enjoy these concerts. Every one does. They are absolutely free and your attendance carries -with it no obligation whatsoever to buy. Come today or tomorrow,, just whenever and as often as you wish. Aa attendant will gladly play your favorite selections.--Edison Department, Second floor Annex. The abovei illustration Is of the E31- son official Laboratory model , There are a number of other styles, in finishes (o go with your other fine furniture. Prices TBT- ied. . s Wanted Styles in Women's and Children's --Children's one-piece Bathin'g Suits in a number of good colors,'--at 7oc and $1.00. --Ladles' Wool Jersey Suits.--at So, $8.05 and op to $11.50. --Ladies' Cotton Jersey Suits.--at $3 to 55--Ladies' Surf Cloth and Mohair Suits,---at S2.C8. to SS.OO. Separate Bathlns Tights, cotton,--at S1.25. Wool--at $3.00. Bathing Caps More attractive than ever in their pretty shades and delightful new color combinations, of pure rubber, and excellent values, at 25c to 50c. For Your Vacation Trip You Probably Will Need Many people are planning early vacations this year because of increased fares soon to go in force-which has accounted for a great demand for luggage. Exceptionally well are we prepared to meet it with cases in' all wanted styles for both men and women, to say nothing of the finest assortment of traveling bags and trunks in Fayette county. --Bags to sell at $3 to $35. --Cases to-sell at $1.50 to $25. --Tmnis to sell at $6 and up. Dainty Summer Neckwear "White Washable. Satin, georgette crepe, filet and organdy collars--attractive styles--at 7oc to fUO each. Women's Silk Hose Dependable qualities in a number of shades, including- brown and tan, at $1.25, $1.75. S2.25, t£-50 pair. Women's Silk Gloves A big assortment in rrhite and colors vrith contrasting embroidery--at $1.25, J1.50, $1-75 pair. Toilet Goods Dainty and lasting Perfumes and Toilet Waters, including both best French and domestic makes. Service Flags Silk,, cotton and wool Flags with one or two stars,. all sizes.--at 85c to $4U)0 each. Soldier Kits Soldiers' khaki-covered Comfort Kits, waterproof, either complete or to be filled,--at $2XK) to 35.00 each, Social Stationery Latest ideas of Eton, Crane and Pike in white and all suitable shades,--at 40c to $5X0 box. Orders lott hero for social' engraving of highest order are promptly and carefully executed. Children's Parasols Children's Farasois in various popular sizes-plain colors or fancy designs--with silk loops on handles--at 25c to $1.50 each. Linen Towels Irish Linen Hack Towels, soft finish, wUh hemstitched borders,--at $1.50 to SiOO each. Women's Colored Umbrellas Colored Silk Umbrellas in green, purple, brown and blue "with satin borders and silk loops or very smart Bone ring on handles.--at $8 to $10. Minerva Yarn In all-silk, all-wool and silk-mixed, showing all the new bright shades suitable for Summer sweaters,--at Sac to 7Sc ball. Minerva Khaki and Oxford yarns for army and- navy,---at 50c and OOc ball. Embroidery 40-inch Swiss all-over Embroidery in small designs, suitable tor waists and dresses,--at $1.75 and S2JX) j'ard. 27-inch Organdy Embroidery Mouncins - for children's dresses,--at S2JM) yard. Porch Cushions Beantfful cretonne 'porch cushions in assorted floral designs,--st S1.00 and $L50 each. Knitting Bags A new assortment of cretonne knitting bags in manj- colors and styles,---at 85c to gOO- Foulards 40-inch printed Silk Foulards in navy, taupe, black and plum backgrounds with -white and colored designs,--at $2.50 and $3,00 jard. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. Yough House RESTAURANT Coder I*ei Management. A Cleaa Quiet Place for Your Eat. Let Ds Know TOat You Want and How Ton Want It. GOOD SERVICE. Mrs. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. PARAMQUNTJHEATRE 10c --TODAY-- 15c "THE GOD OF GOLD." BLUEBIRD PRESENTS PRISCILLA DEAN AND ELLA HALL IN "WHICH WOMAN" PROM THE BOOK--"NOBODY'S WIPE." ALSO AN L KO COMEDY IK 2 ACTS. --TOMORROW-- WORLD PICTURES PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN "THE MAN HUNT" This story tells of a modei'n girl aud the inanner In which she makes a man become her husband despite the number'of times he has refused. ALSO PATHE "WEEKLY.. THE SPECIALISTS "Who visit at the Haas Hotel, ConneJls- j ville. 109 S. Wat-ir street Ho'om 3, Soc- 1 ond floor, every Thursday each week at 9 A. M.. lo 8 P. M. Honest r Relia!fle Service. Results and Permanent 'Practice. For men 'and women. Up to date Treatment -for all 'chronic nervous complicated, blood, general and epeci- 'ftc diseases.- No maue'r what your disease, see.these specialists, who often cure after, others fail. Consultations fsoc and confidential. Terms' always reasonable.-.--.-"'." '· " - . · · ' · ' . ; Every Wednesday and Saturday also · -- - ' - Hotel, Unlontown.- - ORPHEUS THEATRE --TODAT-- ANN PENNINGTON IN "St.VSHDTE XAX" A wonderful story "of the "ups and downs" of a sweet-faced little giri who's bound, to win your heart. "SCREEN TELEGRAM" ---roar OB now--- . WILLIAM RUSSELL IN "UP liOMAXCE KOAD" . Coming: Soon--Gay Bmpe.v in "OVEE THE TOP"--July 29-30.

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