The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1939
Page 8
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J.JUE D A U - Y COURIER COANISLLSVULLJE PA. ·jATUKDAl Al UiUil Ib, Boxing Basketball CASEY CLUB AND SWISSVALE REACH FLOOR FINALS S P O R T O R I A L S +J By JOHN H. WHORIC, Sports Editor ^^ RANGERS CAT One o£ Amei ica s outstanding lui beaicrs is the marten or pme-mailen, sometimes releriecl to as the ranger s cat ' When taken as kittens they make inteiestmg and affectionate pets Although they aie seldom seen in the v.M they aie strong natures most curiosity ridden childicn When they ai? suipused In the wild they seldom reheat \vithou_ iirst sui\ eying the intruder oC their «ol tude with ume-ejcd mteiest This t i n i t makes them cas to tr ip and the old e^ptcssion, cunosity lulled a cat certamlj applies to the rangei cat ' They shale another, la he unpleasant cha actelistie \Mth domestic cats as many inhabitois of i emote cabins in the spruce and pine foiests could testify M m i pe-icelul slumber lias been mtei i upted \\ ith loud catei \\ luhng which begins beneath the cabin flooi ind moves quicklj to the loot 01 thiough the blanches of neaiby tiees loi in del- Ution to great -voice these rangei s ;dts tie remarkably agile Mthough d tamed m i i t e n a fiiendlj to an almos* democratic c\- lieme when he cnteis the fu- bust- nc^s he tid\els in none but the most DNClUilVB CllclCM MOSt Of his 1U1 Is sold undei the tiade name, Hudsoi sible 01 A m e i i c m sable This \eai Sood furs w i l l bung puces langing between f o i t j ai d fiftj clolhis JOH\NY HERCIIKO PACED DLNBAR SCORERS Jonnnj Heichko set the gait for Dunbar Township Figh's scoiers in Section 17 games but he had a merry chase from U\o of his mates--Ted Pdvlosky who was but one point behind him and Joe Heitzne'l who trailed bj foai points Heichko scoicd 111 points on 50 fielu go. b and 11 fouls while P-iv- loskj got thiough foi 46 two-pointer;, and 18 t cc tosses foi 110 and Heit/- nell Ind 45 double-dcckeis ,ind 17 eh nit} pitches foi 107 The} were the on y Red n d Black bojs o\ei the centuiy in.ii K Rorum^o Ind bb pomti on 31 go \ls and fom ' a u l * Kontia tallied 6a on 2t field go sK ind 15 fiee shots, SeocM had 64 on 30 double-dec cis md fom fiee ones Husband scored 13 field;, md M fouls foi 32 point*; Gocdman h d n n e two-pointers foi 18 bho/ie {,0! st\cn double-dctktis foi 14 and Gmilei bioct* in v jth foul gonls and t h i c e fouh foi H ponts All in ill Dunbar Township s- dubbleis got oil for 260 field RO ils and "8 ft uls foi a lot 1 of S'lB ponts v.hilt then opponent** c h i l k t d up H9 field tosses and j8 fiee shots fo a total ol 3ob Will Compete Monday In Tourney Wind-Up; Each A Nose Victor Irish Just Beat Out Overholt and Merchants Stage Comeback to Defeat Morgantown Passers. oppo itn ^ Coupon and Petr is | stiued foi t i e w i n n e i s -ind he lUfTci brotheii, f citured f}i the ut i All f n iK i OUR t u ju IK ind i ^ h t \\ il b iuii ( il Mond Thi Imc i i Oon o r OTHER CONTESTS ARE HARDFOUGHT S\M \ i c Independent iil i i o l c of #! in i iller^ , iK F n d A iii'ht \ ht.n t h c % clef ai miRhU " " l o r g i n l i u r Coc^-Col « -16- t Ti limy 29 to I T it fit. hi f ind JD rLnt!\ cutcli pc 1 bv l i e sniooVh \Ico t f \ A l t ) f I I3om 11 f 1 L u d u i g B I Bittern II , -.ed the GI tt j f \ me n t n t | fu ili ^cm -findls in islit diM ions night Ci 1 k ts Wins Prize P?rr m, i S\v^-,\ilo f o u g h t it? ihc r u n n m r c i c f if ' I i c c u i R ^ h i o t n ^ . . f ^t ir Fei j»usin ii d \ IM ^ and C i k b nk p l i \ r - d b J i l M o u n t T i n c f . r u j % b T L r v n o n t r \ c id t h f u B j i. u n I OR SAKE Ot KIDDIta Jimmy Po\ ers spoils cdito ol th New YoiK Daily !Sews eNpicv,cd disappointment that the late Colonel Jacob Rtippeit ownei of the 3 eu York Yankee^, made no provision in his will for the kiddies ol Nev. Yoik in the undeuMiting of bnsebill schools and gwmg a helping h,,nd to scholastic and sandlot diamord clubs who find it tough getting along these days ' Thei e js a great talk of trusts dividends and provisions for sale and perpetuation of a fianch se a shrewd business man recognized as a 'gold mine' It is such a revenue producer even brev,ery and leal estate holdings in event of depiession arc to be sacrificed first," Powers penned "We can appreciate this when w e leain the Yankees made a profit c' S900000 the flist year aftei Ruth joined the club Dion the lovvlj Senators last year paid a 20 per cent dividend on com non stock "Baseball gencrillv speaking, docs make monej "It doesn t spend it And t h e i c b \\herc it ens Some day some ·wealthy sportsman will earn a ae 1 ruche foi himself not only m the Hall of Fame, but in the hearts of all fandom, if, when he dies, he leaves some profits to the sandlot 1 ids They are neglected ' Three-Way Tie ; Possibility Dart-ball League \- tht t u i t in i looul iu rin? do^\n on Lht C h u i c h D i t b a i l Lc^gut po'-sib h i-- lojni loi i thro« u ^ tit- to t \ j s t foi first p] cc between the Baptists Grtenu ood nd AJI- dic\\ . Phillip Inc Bap ists meet Gre^nuood Monday and if lhc \sin ill their games ^ijl be crouncc' second half chumps On the other hand one defeat -Kill create the deadlock In case of u tie the plaoff Ib»- t^c becond half title v,ill be pia^ed Thui sd i j or Friday on i neu tral flooi United Brethren champs of the nrbt meet the second half winner Monday, Mai en 27 for the league championship ^ cto the i c « t o \ u nn .1 K int ilh nr C i * Pu V Si 1 i k f St l / i l M t rr b-\ d I n t Italian Envoy Pennsville PENNSVILLE Mai 18 -- M s Hainet Ilalfhill has ictuined home fiom a week's \isit at Newport, Ky Mrs Myltle E Millei seived on the 3ury at TJmonto\\ n this week Mr. and Mis F W Rishebeiger and Mti Kuth Di\son of Newport Ky spent the week-end at the home of Mrs Hishebeigei's paienls, M- md 'Mr; J E Halfhill The Lloyd Ullery famJy has mo\ ed from Scottdale to the home of the foimei b patents, Mi and Mis E J Ullery ·fto L ITV mpbt c C.isp\-, ru d Hi c for *t M i ! Ii .o 3J ii s dins-dor,, b ' tint hid the 'in*- up ( \ U n f (t t Co ing '0- their f \oi tt^ Th** dl - iller cmdc i n », t *· b . tie of ) iftf .re r tu t o m i r si i t. -t nd \K ith i few b e IK on 'hci" H n,, t , i .ht ] oop touH ! i \ t t in td ' t olc on tb C t *. H u j!d it d i f l k u l t hf e\ i to un ci I f m ion t 11 n ui it of berili IK nn C IM v i ub e n S P I l ick s D-^ Both ti tmt did tnt i- bi st i it times to talk heri^tl o^i ou' o' t E'nie bn* f e v i't *i t unnett in moans of 'hf pin rr the ol t v I handled ^ie j,imr cap ibh \ i r t t t i n 'foul 1 ; .ire cil'eri on he C T C O % ^ nf .14 01 Ove-hoU Th( \ Inne-s cor I v c r ' e d e g nto pom--, i hilt I I " j 'ose-i roun 1 d 1C Tullc% i d j Fredd e Mi!le r w t r f b^ni'-hed on j)^ - t soml fouU Bt^Me Jont^ nd Freddie Miiltr !· t i - t d the C j ^ t v i I i c o - v b i ) e F o i ' HT-I T id C i ' 1 - , U«.n/,it ell ltd the lo id for O erhoit Doion Jit i ild- \rner c ins \ t n k e c l Q cr l their \ 13 into the semi-fin I r c t i n r l i in t ic junior t l ~ i ^ b\ defe it ng Perr Cornmodoies !b to 24 The \ i c o i - , , phirri ·· smooth T is; ng came t i t btoke tnei men oose for plen of se'-ups u ide- the boo ^ Tile Don- ori-b M V V \ lie M e i c h i n t gdrne Mon- ddy ni^ht promise*- pie ily of iut- wolk-- Hermmit Tseusies entered tnr ljv sem-fiml lound in the lig!it\vcight I 'jT class by ejim n iting he ^ T ount Pie i ant Lum Club 3i to 10 md earned the rig I to n ect the P n imoiml Theatres Mond.rv nigh Smith Style b f U Du T P u r \ K f t r -- h F M L bch-'UP t M n l i!l N U n t ^ Q i n i k d t \ n t To- i O\Tlm\t C irt iKh Ft"z c H i r t ,, in 3 Dr CUment Eilon (^bo^c) head of th\ History Dt.psiiliTn.nt, Lifa ( t t c CoHi-uc, !·! u n i i L r of the SI 500 comp^t vion Kt onfiored b^ Dul c lfim-r*i % Prc c -5 t connection with ctlcbn ion of 100th n-rmersnn of origin of [Jjkt Ii ol- 1 Frn.Jom Thout,hl in the Old ^uuti.' 10 2! 11 18--.C 1 14--24 To Scr 10 n j 9 I I'If I ! 0 9 I D. T. Dribblers Make Thrilling Rally But Lose to North Union ®-- Mules Slow Starting But Last Period Offense Moves Fast THREE POINTS BETWEEN TEAMS Two Free Games Scheduled Today In Floor Even! Hib Excellency, Prince Don Ascama Colonna, new Italian ambassador to the United States, is pictured oa arrival in New York, enroute to new post in Washington. r ; ( ' u , _ Y i C i u L m n , t _ I { u d l Flernimic Si! t! f Me \ pir^ P An im Si m n r ' b h o i ' i, Totals Noi -^ 17 · 9--3-1 8 S--3.! i and Sittrrnn started r or tnt wmneib w l lie Anderson ind C u r ^ i n o pinned uell for l\Toi nt Plc^s nt Shejieis of Jeanuette defeated the Dunbai Mules in a jamoi c ! ibs game il to 22 T! e Mules put up a spunk\ game ind t! e comjuercrs of tne Wasungton ""V ' Lenders weie forced to plaj ball to w n Trajesso- mid Searer w e i e hot for J e m i e t t e \vhi e Dumway plned a nice g imc for Dunbar The rangj Noith Belle Veinon Firemen ex irguished the Jacktoun Hotel Cardinals 48 to 38, in another lights e gh division battle Tlie Firemen had too mjch reach foi then IMPROVING THE RED SOX By Jack Sords MAF2BefZR-y i/o JACK -- HE MAS A oREAT PAS 0A1.U A«JD Ml Pleisart t i e c d 1 C u i ? no f A u d i son c TM Lil nno f M u n 1} t, Tot b Seoi e by quarte Heimmic Mt Pleasant 1 35 "ing substitute.--I a\ clla rts G 0 0 1 0 1 Su iss\ ale Feiguson i Vaniei f M u i p h c "Walteis g Bi ooms g Ross c G 7 ) 1 0 1 '2 7--35 4 3--10 F Pts 1 la 0 18 1 i J 2 2 4 Totals 19 8 40 Non-scomg substitute -- Hannum Morg-inloun Hicks, f Bjch, r Bane c Henry g Maicus, g Colebdin;, I G 3 2 4 0 5 3 r Pte 0 6 4 8 2 10 Totdla 17 10 41 facoie by quitters S vissvale 5 10 13 18 -- 46 Moigantown 16 13 10 5 -- 44 HcCeiec -- McC] ue Lrapue -- Hide Dunbir Liz^a, £ Beighlcy i Jarvis c Dunnaway, g Gent, B Aldndge g G 0 j 0 4 3 0 r. o i l i l Totals, 8 S 22 Non-scoring substitutes -- Bruno McDowell Jeannctte G F Pta Ti gie=so- f 2 3 7 Shearer, f 3 2 8 1 Home Product ^k lor It Jly ame 0 S ItE E^ FR1TTHEBE JJsleii lo Oar Dull) "SPORTS PARADE" iU ) T. r. Oici L n i o n t n n n . F\v tli rn it n i^ im^s in U (* j u i ·" br tcf t o' tl Connr-IKvillo G Id Mi-cljl , n ti ir busnttbill o irr ir t n i * cn^cultcl f r the ^ ITT ji I i i t t r r n Thi I it 1 'JO i n o c K \ i! be bo ^i.n ^ (11- ^ ' tin cohn Indnn^ i d L " r c I ^ v i U Pic t^nt Lc\el D nn T u ** xora cf'ntt i v i l l brms top C h ' r Jt mtiCt'e inti the \*.vnner of Jie tir f - Kiint \ Vi PA Rccicitian C e r t *· 1 K ^ r n 11 bt *ind- M c ^ i c in i '.ci ih t \ u t h m m i - t nn 01 ouru i o g \ c the bo-^s a r r ^ t I -\v nt.te T I \ 'n pi i% tr c o u r t s ·1 i^ f! Tioon n rdf r to tut Ino nt i ^ t n f\ 1 t j MI 0 1 pou t \ hf c i \i HI i! nri In jK tould bt completed V id r thl Toutra- m n t Di t t t o i V lit "^ i t- riiT -\n- miinced tin If i 1 - i f i e i n c -in a PJO- g- m u o u l d b 'rtt. to tbt public DtspitL the great ully mude bj D i n u u T o w n s h i p High School's bas- ketbiH tcim North Union Township Hiqh q u i n t e t managed to tally enough points in the last quartet to gam a 37 14 v i t t o i y md he 1939 Class A champ onship of the County Under- gr t iduilt. Toum iment jn the Jmals pi jcri I n d i y n gh nt Sou h Union Hl^h School gmna c ium In tl i Cli'-b B competition Point M i ion b f e/cd to in casj 45-21 de- cis on o^er South Union Tourifchip Dun it 50%". stnrtirg ind tmled NorJi Union tnrou 0 h the Ii'-st three q u i r t e r * the score mounting stt idil in [ l \ u of the lutter as plav piogit sLd Gom^ into the final U into t i e Mults \veie behind 32-18 l a n d tnen Co leh Biucc Al Shearers 1 icl loo t ncti a b irruge o£ Held goalb th t t l u c itered to change the picture completely but the whistle cut j he r i il!i short Dunb ir Ind advinc"d to the final lounct ith victories over Redstone .md Bio \ n s v . l i _ u h i l e North Union had d n u i a bje in the hrs round and dumped bniontown High in the ^emi-tir ik Point M men s great ball team grifabed tj" a first hi'f lead ard sucp Tide South Unioi s defence in the la ~t hall ^s thtv rolled up pomu, ilno«t it \ ill The hnc-i ps Dutib-ir G F Pts benc^i f 6 1 13 Herunc 1 f 2 4 8 Rormi ko c 5 0 10 Gmiter R 1 0 2 Goodmn g o 1 1 Plans Made For Daribsli Playoffs Pieparatior has been made foi playoffs to deteimme the second half championship in the Chuich Dartball League in event theie 11 e more than t\\ o cams tied foi first place at the end of the icgulai schedule Vnd ew Phillip Chiistian and Trinity Lutheran teams are expected to finish m a ae and if this expecta- t on is lealired a series of playofls will be pHyed on Monday Tuesday and Thursdiy n gh 4 - Team managers wi 1 be notified Saturday night when J and where the plavoffs will take I pi ee and in tuin not fy their players Haddill g Totals Point Marion Lew i« f \\itteoort, i Cj rus c Walsh g Cupelh g _ . 1 0 2 5 21 F Pts 8 20 1 13 0 Totals 16 13 45 Score b pel lods South Union 4 7 5 5--21 Point Marion 9 7 13 IS--45 Referee--Zoretic and Lape Mettrs Motors ttm Garner BovUirg 01 the V.-C t Penn ttlevs T"u--u i r ,,ht 'he Meters -aolt the odd g me from the I oles md the Motor^ -\ its three g imeb with the Oh ns r games lolled in the Wc-t Penn Du p n Lengue Lmdaa\ \\ is Kingpin r oi the e v e n i n g w i t h ^ single game score o' 17o and z U ice-game total of 50b Firemen Sa\e IIon,e m U ell FORT W^YNE Ind Mil 17 -The me d t p u t T i e n t s ved Olc 7 i\ell ifter --he ^pent fous houi^ s luggling m i 10-foot ib indoned uell Lojal Sd\«on nt t 1 rowing ibout the old well t o t e red \ ith thin boards, led the hoist o\er tlie spot and the animal cuopped throjgl j | Tot-ils North Union T Cmdllc f Li\ mgston, f Manor c P Cindi ic ^ alien g Kalafut R 6 34 F Pts g 0 1 3 1 14 Totals 14 9 37 Score by periods Dunbar 2 9 7 16--34 North Union 5 14 13 5--37 Referee--Lape ind Zoretic South Union Krizner, 1 Stefincm f KolHi c Rusnok g Dre\\ s g G 3 0 2 0 2 F rts 3 9 0 0 1 5 0 0 1 5 hopping fee low cost mttranc* » about et senubto £3 on M»-f lor saving mon*y buyfog BJ tissue paper parachuto (fMMJ hat I-. twe if nothing but lh* | good enough K be Ww hedf never need it, h« d get along witboct if ·nltreiy bed ^You donf knav wiialts going k happen. So tKe ca£e H»nQ to do K to-4*i the agent of the Nafionu! Fir« Inonaoo Company o{ Hartford give yon real, M^e}rf ligent insurance protection fitted ejcactiy 10 your own need Then you wttt be safe, tt wSe unexpected happens." J.DONALD PORTER First National Bank ConnellsviJIc, Pa. Phone 7GS. Jocco c Rjan, g S^emei g Cole f Baughrran g Totals 12 7 31 Scoie by quarteis Jeanret'e 9 9 9 4--31 Dunbar 4 5 7 6--22 Hefeiee--Hjatt N Belle Vernou Guder f DeFazio / Coulson, c Guhens g Petr is g Gilulaid g G 2 1 q 2 7 1 r Pts i s 0 2 To als 22 4 48 Non-sconng substitutes -- Ti \z ei. Viz/a Jacktown G F rts A Lcuffer j. 4 0 8 Gorerz i . 2 0 4 Gentsch, c O i l R Lauffei, g 5 1 11 Higgms, a __ _ 2 2 6 Babia* s -- - 2 0 4 Rockwell, c 1 0 2 Totals 14 4 iii Score by quarteis N Belle Veinon ·) 11 0 20--48 Jacktmvn G 13 5 12--36 Refeiee--Hyatt SHOULD Repair Those NDOW Before Easter House Cleaning We carry a complete stock of top and bottom ·window sash Sizes from 16\1G in to 40x40 in Open Sash for 24x26 in. glass When you need glass -- legaullcss oC size--lnv=eed oil, tuipentme 01 gauleii lime-- Phone 1000 South Gonnel!svil!e Lumber Go. Rear Capstan Glass Co. So. Couiiclls^ille, Pa. Now Accepting Applications for Membership RESIDFM' W i t h i n Connlj : Single $20.00, Man "\Yife $80.00, Familj (i) SiS.OO. ( ) TM S I P T N T OuNiiIc ( n i i n t i : Single $15.00, Iran l\ilo $25.00. I n m i h (4) V!7.50. No Initiation Fee © Open Al! Year © Restricted Membership I nn N O ft it 'Jin M. I u u fs «·, J OIIK J u s t , The new C/u/7 House, "CHATEAU HEYN" ts near ing comp/ehoa I n s p e c t (lit C o u r s e iml stt tor j o u i s d i ttio miiiiciiloiis cliini:.'! f o j i ' f l i d m t l i t h o c k t o \ i t C l a i k , t.uo S u m m i t Hotel. nun .ijiplk l i i o u

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