The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

A 7V' 1-1 . " erous personalities of the Fraijci. Ontarian education world was the 1 first- major manisfestation of French Week, being held in Ottawa. '. J The issociation is holding Its annual (convention jn the 'Capital and the celebration of the anniversary was marked by a banquet' in the Drawing Room frhefhateaiE i . v , ; ' ' V: O" thfc occasion, association , president Rev.. Sister CharW FRENCH-SPEAKING EDUCATORS i- wdrd Life Memberships ,"7AV '''1 -til 'v.J, y, : '- k Anniversary. Banquet The. Association . of Frencji gpeaking Educators of Ontario nniveriaryTiiesday evening at thetrarwatrta u r ier Hotel, e eyfcnF 'attended- by "puny Auguste, presented, life mem. :bershipsto eleven educators ol .the province. These are the first eer to be given by tne asso ciation; ; 'The-ifrmemberfaretO'; seph Bechard, retired professor;! Roland Beriault, administrator ofuie Association of Bilingual School Boards of , Ontario (ACEBO); Omer-J. Brule, pro fessor ' at Ottawa Technical High School, all of Ottawa,, and. Miss Xnne;Marie Duchesne," of Rockland, principal of Ottawa's St-Laurent School: AlsoTionored were life mem- bers Adelard Gascon, director of school-programs at the De- VALUES TO! 27.95 ' All-weather Typcoats, spme reversible. - some laminated,5s 36 to 44 Now 0!V EACH THjr wne, SiLi-d5Med wej last . . 7" (Q) EACH S ', men's y Dress and Sport Well made Dress and Snort Shirts at a price you will not want, to overlook. Slsea MM V.only " v : I V" 7 . VOU SAVE a 1 1 I' are: l wn, ana.amau, meaium ana mt large. Special T I I ill I It HAAT1C II i r ai mm; iiuuiw ii . I. colors. . ,o f , Children's Wear A I I V ' I and Girls' PlaySalta, Girls' gleets- 1 I I.' Ie Bloones. PlaM 811ms. Ralncoata. II it f BaV x Poll; Infanta Ran Suits; Boya' ! ; - Paktni HMA. HUM BIN, M JTU. IB I I s. . stoud - - . V . I 1 1 - J partment" of"'Nort.hern '"Affairs and Nationaj Resources; Robert Gauthier, iirectorif the French division of thrOntarrQ Depart Normal hodl;1 Paul-Eudore Piche. school inspector, all of OiUwt. . Rev. Brother' Quintilien. of Irid received life memberships. IheuesU-at-theTilver an niversary banquet, were enter Itained by yyoung Rockland songwfiler Monique Brunei. I ' ' ' - t SPRING-FILLED i Buttresses . j .: I II V".: ' ' : 1 T f - ' MEN'S X U. . i CDninn rTnpnnnTQ N MEII'S SPORT COATS Sport iCoata -' finely tailored from ' combed cotton and fine tweeds.. A splendid oppor tunity to enhance your ward robe at a -small cost. Sizes the group from 34 to While-they bat, each MEN'S SPRING and SUMMER VALUES "TO 7.95 SDrins' and Summer Hats a fantaatio saiing. ' Drop in. eany ana cnoose rrom smart, fine straws and Panamas. Sises from Vo l. ..(...i. Broken sites only. Bmart foot wear....?or early s h o p p e r s.1-Broken sizes, assorted colors: pair 9 Dm rt rCTntuttsa These sheets arc ' made of fine quality: cottnvsing bed sizes only. Special, each FOR -WOMEN, MISSESi-. AND CHILDREN Orershoes tofit all heels. An excellent opportunity and buy. . - r r ment . of. EducationiaiiasowneNPark Granonrretired school tnspc-tor: Roeer St-Denis. of Ottawa 7.00 In ' If x HATS 4 Oil MEN'S DRESS SOX A splendid7 opportunity to . " purcnaae several piri oi nne nylon Sox at a savins; you will appreciate. Stretchier In sixes Vl to 13. While they tut, pair ..j-;ri..;.;..T1..-J 11.00 high and . Illusion Pumps. .11 i Downtown only.) While they Jl; last, pair. ... ' T BED SHEETS LIMIT r AirrnAiiATA UUtllOIIUti Shop early. 1 Whlla they Uat, v - V 1 1 v FURNITURE SPECIALS -KM .r PLASTIC I I r.i 1 1 - 3 ONLY USED TV SETS (Downtown only). Each . ... . 5 ONLY TV STANDS (Downtown only). Each ... . TELEPHONE TABLES (Metal frame, plastic scats). Each ' BUNK BED. Complete with 2 springs, 2 spring-filled mattresses, guard ran, ladder 5-PC KITCHEN SET (Extension table, extra leaf r. an(j chain). STEF TABLES with arWite top. Each arorite '1 MEII'S DRESS SHOES Ah . excellent selection of -Men'i Shoes at a real saTtng. I . Included are: Black Loafers, Suede Shaggy Pumps and black Dress Oxfords -Sizes 8 to U. Clearing at 7M LADIES' SHOES 1 'I Eastern' Canada -.Exhibitions has successfully presented a "Home Sljow" at the Showmah in years. This is their first presen ..... tation in Ottawa --' ""' "',A,.J Atireas inausmai acnooi mr -N3-sJmmkks., savs Mr. SU-. t m ii. Boys, and Sarto Ufd9c, of Pierre, "we're charging ja flat Hawkesbury Jiigh-SehK)I, also rate of 50ceau tier extras - exhibition, we're pleas ed ,with: wliat: !wefVft tdontnrm Morii real and- there is no rea- sorf hy we, shouldn't do tTie same (iere. -a . . Special! Clearance VALUES" TO $59.50 ' Don't -for one minute overlook this tremen- y A i dous buy! Here are; smart 2-Pc. 8uiU i i I beautifully tailored from wool worsteds, fee hem tomorrow sure. Bizet J5 to- 50 for egulara Wis. shorts and stouts. GROUPS AT . - $ LADIES' COATS Smart Rprlnn Coata of fine wool and tweed: straight or Tull back a'lhouette with pert, stand-up shawl or notched collar. Broken range and sizes'. ' Clearing at -...'..j Ladies. 26.88 1.98 JB.88 58.88 38.88 8.88 J- $ tp 1 r. THE) OTTAWA JOURNAL .: ; ;' !' J ' V... .'V- - n . . - - r L - ; - I -,. 4 - .. - r . - Betfer HomesShoW Planned The Ottawa Better Horn There will be complete in- Show -wilLobenjulrith new jdeas a new- format and a i Aew snow! grounds. V Emiltj St. JPierre, president of Eastern Canada Exhibitions' In corporated, siid7 Tuesday at ja, press conference therV would be some .65 exhibitjjrxaA-rtheix formation Jhn how toibuy property, how to build-a house.; buy rumisnings .. . everyining cpncefned with fine home keep ing. said Mr. M. Kierri ' The show will rurvfo May 2.4 clubs; t ssi i i t.i 1 1 it r- v. it ... .iiiniv tamw? mmi - n : , . -.(...". . ' ' mmmmwmmmtn iiniitiiiiiiiwiitiMMiiliiiWMWjwWwwill ecture LADIES' BLOUSES REG. TO 198 ch-k thia for a monev. - savUie valuel Blouses so' smart i ana praciicii lor ipori or uuiual wear . . . lh plain and print. Sizes 10, to-20. While they LADIES' SLIPS x REG. TO 3.98 -V i' - : - Full and Half Slips at a trf-mendous savlnc. A grand opv portunlty. We sugcest you shop early tomorrow for this barv gain. Special at P STORAGE TnUHKSj Here ! a plendid opportunity to purrhaM a tori' trunk at a real t a v I ri Theae Trunkt ara atronsly con-(trueted and matal rlnforcd; In the following dlmenalona- . 35 x 17 k 20 ". - KaduceS now io, only , ( - "..t $1 - MEN'S UNDERWEAR -SHORTS and TOPS Stock up, meruat-this paving. .Shorts and Tops, in athletic style, in sizes: sman,-medium and large: . . - C2 Special ........... O for f JL BOYS' TROUSERS Smart ooking.-'.weU jntdt . Afl (Pant in fine quality flannel. 1 1 mJJ ind worstedr. also cotton . 1 1 ean.Sizes 24 to 34. Special II , A BOYS' T-SHIRTS WelUrfade cotton T-Shlrta In La-tgQod assortment, of smart . colors, airm irony o 10 i. ouy him several pairs ' tomorrow. , Limited enaniltjr; phnp early1 ( XKARINU AT. ,C.--.i.,d mi 1 gan .171. '4. ' f TOVaStM IttOSTSATEDj ApMlSSTOW ttlt aaouiMfe If tHt MATIQKAL CalLlS-lf AUOITOKIUM . i ' imrt tun nucrr tisvrt" f . ALLS till ' . ,iniHV('nw vwiyi innMM , f aab 9ft ai . i. 1 u' ( -v v . tBrt AS . rua ANTI-SMOKING DRIVE ' TORONTO -JC- , Board lot ttjucation s management j com Dif ectorr KomTuseuriL, Rlassacnusetts-; BOTH STORES: DOWNTOWN anU W Thursday, ; - ' v n - at the National Gallery ELGIN .AT SLATtB STaif TSOTT WA, OWTASIO mittee Tuesdays ap5roved-4- a' program of education ' agairttj smoking for Toronto scHooJs. 1 It will include classrobm instruction, essay" contests, slo buttons and non-smoker DIES' DRESSE VALUES TO 18.95 A iRDecial. Diirehaiie makea thla 'out kndint buy possible. Smart linen. rnel. Barbacan cottona' you are rrtaln to4admirerOood assortment'. of sizes. ( Shop early ' tomorrow Willie met laatv each LADIES' SLIMS J I .. ... Kih' t WeU made cotton 811ms thst are . very I smart looking and atyled i with upered leg. 81es Shop early; for better selection W MIe they last, pair I INFANTS' Hate and Bonnets - VALUES TO 2.98 -Hats and Bonnets for Spring for boys and girls. Your choice of suede, corduroys and oChegmaterials: some samples - Included In -- the group. While they last, each GIRLS' SAMPLE SPRIIIG COATS values in Group to 21.9s . A wtdeaelectlon of new and smart Spring Costs. Bamplea of a higher priced line. - Splendid selection of smart, new styles and qualities from which to select. Sizes In the group are 7, 8, 10 and 13 years. A wonderfal bay at, an'y ...... PILLOW Imported Pillow Cases ot flnef Equality; all cellophane wrap. pea. An exceueni opporiunuy to stock up at this great saying, Shop early tomorrow. Special, per pair , ... , . , : . .MATCKI DEMAND V ? matches are struct every mui- , - r 1 J". ... V ! X'' ' . - For -Rese rvations Call Louis 745-2111 EsDAYtV WEDNtSDY SATURDAY ROAST BEEF and CHATEAUBRIAND ; SPECIALS- SEAFOOD SPECIAL ! FRIPAY 1 AFTER DINNER ENJOY , -THE STANLEY CUP PlA YOFTSN-THE-1XUNG Ei LE CHATEAUBRIAND '333 MONTREAL: RD.. EASTVIEW : ' ' (J DOORS OPEN TO 6 P.M. Luu vlA beyond yoi! , sorrow ::rr DuantitlM may CPfovE -ORDERS. " Hi tKJOT THE COKYINIENCE 4l. of sipYurnixDiY credit jnur I n WWIWipwwsjsyiaaaj - . i . . . i Miiisin mi ii un w wmwwtnimnii m iniitrtiiimiuwMiBittimM!ii MMliiaisWaasitsaWiao 31 . .v iti DISH TOWELS ROUCHOUT v.' . . for-:; :.' ; ' ' MANY UNADVERTISED SPECIALS Fine dulity cotton Towels that are quick . bsorbent,' good aize Towels tr meet your '. . .every requirements. Qeiiour "A t af . supply early.- Special at .. T. -for" JL, FACECLOTHS You can't havt tf6' many; Face Cloths aroufid the home so why not lay in aoodly1 supply It this savings. Qufck absorbent flothg in cotortur stripes; large 0 CiM sizeXSpeclal . .rr.;-X dmor Jh JOYS' UIIDERWEAR rl wade Shorts with alleamfreinforced; mt. vqirtlity. cotton tops.f. ' A ..CI' Veryowprlcd-rt''. . . V . . '" fo l ' Hi:.. '..v.- . r 1 . - 'I I V. V .:.." i ' I L. : I . I . . 1 '1 THE LATE FRAliK SIOVER V: 7 MM r rr- 1 . . in. a sass. ppi . t"v f i, i i - L A-'i' I1YL0IJ llUSt f - i at v. i -vast g ' rt l l . m r awicrrvr nairc nrr . s -, v. 'fx. f ' ' .-customer. .; n V ' v V I R(gc- 4 for i'00 av lo)ln) A j : lor A i , hJr LADIES' PARTIES '"' " I Nylon .tricot. Sizes small, y " ..... K;DMSTERS .-:r... ' ., I Pin . ... H' ... ' III c?lKnDugt- WW - - II - ."V -- M.yy n ' .--, ' I'-- - (T U A I D C - : 1 !;.' .-. .-.i , ,-,,; j-;.; i 7 '-' ILj-Aluminum Laaii Chairs Afl I ' ; , wen ; constructed and 11 HH " J" T h I IV mill hoi u n-hll the 11 J I ' . I 'JZrll mil: 'TWO' j I " s -'I T,'4 II Nv . PFB rtJSTOMFR ' I'. . I 1 AklMronV SHOES I . III , WUli'""-, I III !-V wa. in - . -.' ; ll ' I I Sises m ih. , 77 I . ' t-t0 3. Whne they ., (jj V jn' - ly - , . - r

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