The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1918
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY; jtrtr 10, ms. THE DAILY .COURIER, CONNEIiSYIUjE, PA. IIEWSOFTHEDAY AT HI PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Hospital Unit Ii HIM Candidate for Office In French 1'own. ITS OFFHM ORGAN SAYS SO Br. J*kai F(.n«*r Xout newat 1*71 ira'f K««rl .Umder sivntsfTiife*; Fsi*r TOM, Oppose HJii {Trim · iCI|U !» Spacta! to Ths Connor. ' MOITNT" PLEABANT. July 10:-Arthur P»»eol this place is in rtv ceipt of a .paper, published by \ the · boys of Hospital Unit L, in -wilch a number, ol boys 'from.this town are aid of wttck*Dr.':John Burkholder of this place is.:'captain. The paper is kixowu as: M i\ jqurnai.. of misinformation," and; has the following announcement:' ' "American Medical Officer Seeks High Political JOmce. in Fren;h Village; Blot on Hecord; Captain John I* Burkkolder,:^. H. : C. ; ; Ss Out. lor, Mayor oTA: f.,O~ 710." ',:_·' "W« knew it:wa». cominj. Reports circulating - through the vJlage that Camp Hospital 21's supply officer and X-Ray specisliit'was' hobnoblng with French voter's, kissing ttiem'.anri. otherwise courting their. ..favor indicated that the captain has inmetting np'his sleeve, -it- ;wai not.-wItii any-' great degree ot /surprise then that the edl-' tor was visited this week by the candidate and informed ot his intsm- tions. Captain John, T.urtholeierin- formed us that our contemporary, :the town cr:er, was'for- him ana advised us to fetoa'_th« band wagon--with him. We would "not. cointnii'^owr selves for the 'Gas Bag";stands for ·priginn«ass. and.integrity In politics and will sunport no candidates about whom we have any suspicions, and anyhow, we didn't like the way he came at ns. He didn't as much as offer ns a cigar. So we are looking np the doctor's record. So far we have, nothing especially Incriminating KXcarpi the fact that back in Mount Pleasant he drives a Maxwell rrm- abont Our sleuths are still pussyfooting around^ awl what they discover will b* mealed la dn* time. Th» doctor Is roncing on the Democrat ticket The Republicans may nominate Quncadrn d* Ltunmormoor, proprietor of L*a Bain* Ctvil»." Dr. Burkholdcr is In school again !·" France bat state* that practically everything he got !· rittsborg they an giving him over again over there. SMem Car TtajelabMiL Pan! Dick of ComnelUvHl*, who had h««rd'0f a stole* Fbrd found* her*, came bore yesterday: and got his machine. He stated that it had been stolen from the place -where ho .bad It parked IB Connellsvnie oil Sunday, Jane 30. Tit* police ban had. tb* Mr slue* Tnuday; -Jtirj- j.' " " STORED MUCH FROZEN MEAT German Authorities, In First Days of War, Mobilized All Resources of Rtffrigeratlng Plants. ; Berlin has 2.200 tons ot I'rozen meat In Its municipal void stor^ige depots. The supply is replenished from Ume'to time so that'It remains at that flgure. On their present:meat ration ol orie- hali pound, the Tosslsche Zfltaag says. the BerlLners are assuretJ ..of meat enough:to hist ail. Greater':Berlin two or three weeks, even Ji;'ttiere -;shoiiia be a temporary stoppage ot. replenishments. ' .. .-' -' ''·«/:"·--'· ' Bow the cold storage cl Tork has h'eiped Germany to r - M sacS :It" is et- plained in an article .In,'· Zeirnng. Early tn the,.:war,'. renllcing the serious effect qrthcjsrltlsh^btbck- ade.on the meat^supply; thB.goyern- mect flir^Ste'i-.'ths rsfrigeratlng'Jndus-. try to" mobilize"'its ·resources-' on .the largest'"]MBlble scale.r.Itlwas^otdered to rnafce preparations, for /dealing with million's-Instead of thousands *of pigs. Cold, .storage-}'plant! '.Tvere:.'enlarged,- new ones .built, ; ;:and',ttic '.system so ,.ei- ten'ded .ttatr-foday'/.tne're'is·';hRr.dly- J a local' community...w!thqut,.its own":rc-. frlgeratlnff facilities". Every" fortress has : a ,treezlng .plant of its own.. In case of -siege, it will assist materially Ih tne preservation of pcrlshtible foods, especially meat, eggs,- flsh and butter. -:. . .':. ? "The German nathorltles,".stays .the article, "have taken advantage of cold storage .to the fullest extent, thereby greatly easing the economic conduct of the war." TELL. OF LONDON'S HISTORY · Mr. and Mrs. Boa* Wilson and family returned to their Wirklnsburg home last rreainc after a rlslt paid Mr. and Mrs. J. W, 3wartz ot this place. They were accompanied by Miss Martha Swartz who will pay them a' visit- Ohiopyle. ' OHlOPYlil, July.».--Mr*. Horst of ConnellsTflle spent several hours in town today. Mrs. J. Striekenhnrc of Chicago and daughter, are the cuesta of Mrs. Strlckenburg's parents here for £. few days. . . . ; ' · · · · · ' · . ' · Noah Anderson o[ Connellmnie spent a few hours iu town today.. J. Jeffries was a Mill Run caller yesterday. · J. f .Torrenee ol Connellsville a iraslaesa caller Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jeffries -of Continence have returned.home after a :few days' visit with ralatives. C. G. Blair ol TJniontown spent Sunday here calling on friends. Collection .of -Wonderfully Interesting ···Relic* In the Whitechapel Art Galleries. ·-In a small space In the Whjtechapel ait galleries there Is a fascinating. collection which reconstitutes the n'.stbry ol.' London froui the days when the Briton* watched the galleys of the Romans sweeping up the Thames river. There are bits of Roman pottery fauna In the Thames mud. Photographs and prints show how bits of the old Roman wall may still be touched by living hands.. And so throuehotU the long story ol the great old city there ore remembrances of Its varying phases, of Its ceaseless change: a beautiful piece of carving by Grlndling Gibbons, or one of Ms school, In St Paul's grotesquely carved brackets of wood that once supported .the beams of Tudor houses; iron brackets beautifully wroucht by ancient craftxtnen ; leather Jacks, out of which some Falstaft quaffed his sack; clny pipes, smoked In Queen Elizabeth's day by men who sailed the Spanish main; the old Whitechapel parish register, telling ot dtixen* who died of plague, or born and married in the · days before the great fire, and when bells of old St Paul's rang .for joy and sorrow. These, and many .other relics; bring back the spirit of oldtime London to men and women · who. go to the quiet and restful' place from the rush of modern life in Mattel Pletatres te Get TnWMi The motion plrtmre eAUMHon British Indnstrlee is orgtniilng a toot of the laporfant cities of wettern; En- rope, North and South America, and the BrlUjh dominions. Films wtH be shew* ninstnrtiag tie mnunfaetnr* and me · of -British-inside goods. These exhibitions will be given ' nader .the amplees of, BrlUa* ehejaabers of commerce In allied cpna- trlee and the seif-canmlrig domlniona, In 86 of Uw prindpel dries of the world flrnis are to be exhibited illas- tratlng leading British Industries an4 manufactures, 'and to these exhibition* representatives ol the principal ftrme ta.the ddes visited -»111 be invited. A British manofaerarer may have fflms tt his industry prepared by the company, and these will be .exhibited .la ·Kh places Indnded In the tour as be ··r select--Scientific American. nteonllghter" IntndueecL A Mrw type of garden laborer, known U the "BoonUghter," has appeared in T.r«»,V»j CCpg.) suburbain country dls- trlets. owing to the shortage of Keneral laborers. The moonlighter Is a work- aiaat who lit employed all day/bnt.who i* willing to earn a little extra' money by working dining the moonlight nlffeta in the garden* and allotments. His la Ute only sect of labor Umt the snbtrrbanlte; can no*' tnploy^ In the dlggteg and nowlng of the vegetable plot which every anhnrban honiwholder retards as an. eweatial part of hl» komwbold. : ' · · : - . .V. ; . Java RWi ta Oil sml Irwi. on and iron--have been fined earn. tke Istand of Java. Advices : from , Bsurabaye, Java. .Mate · that powerfal on foaheraf have beem .tapped M-if ef«k of 900 yards in tbe Trenwoel fletda. Anetheir meMatg* says that a» Iron vein few feet thick ha*; bea? I*- eated. Mair :a«lUl and the chief of the searey estimates the qnass- Some Old-Day Battles. . .,'' 'The great odds in numbers which the British army has 1 had to face on the western front Is no rare experience In its annals. Wellington hajt borne witness to that fact in his remarks that Talavera. was the only battle in which be hail a numerical superiority, owing to the presence of the Spaniards, who, while showing much personal gallantry, were badly led. At all his other battles he had fewer men than the enemy. "At Sala- roaca I had 40.000 men, and the French perhap* -*5,o6o; At Vittorla I had 60,000 men against 70,000. At Waterloo the proportion wae still more ngalnsl me.' I had 96,000 to 58,000; Napoleon had near 80,000. ' The whole army In the south of France under my command was considerably larger thnn the force of Soult-at the ·battle of Ton- louse, but In numbers actually' employed. In that battle I had less than he." All of which goes to show that strength and success , do , not , necessarily He with mere weight of numbers. - There are -other factors .vastly more .essential.-- Christian. Science! Monitor. . - · ' . ; · ' · · · FOOD ADMINISTRATION'S "FAIR" PRICES FO WEEK The county food administration to day announced its fifth - ot "fair" food prices for the county. They follow: list Article 'Flour, -wheat wheat (pastry) '-wheat (loose) ripe. barley' '-corn Flour Flour Flour FloTir .Flour Corn meal (bolted) -Corn meal'-dnlu-ailwl) Rolled oats ·'· '"''"" Rice (loose) --: 'Rice (pkg.)--.'_^_:--_ Potatoes (new) Beans (California) Beans (navy--Mick.) Beans (Roman) --^--_ B'eans (Hmn).- Onions 'Evaporated milk (baby can) Evaporated milk C'a-1' can) Butter (creamery/ tub).-,' _ gutter (creamery, print) _ Oleomargarine Eggs. (fresh) Eggs (fresh, carton)' -Cheese (cream)., ;N. .· Y., Cheese (creaqjii-.tyig: - ·Iiard : (steam rend:)' J_ Lard, (steant'rend.).. . "rib. carton . Eard (open kettle) i_L Wholesale $11.50 bbl. 10.50 _bbl. .11 Ib. 12.75 _^bbl. 6.00 cwt. 5.00 --cwt. 6.25 _cwt. .U _pkg .11 ; ib, .'olf ZZ!ib! .11 .15 .05 Ib. .46% __lb. .49 Ib. .31% _lb. .28 .27 .20 .29 .Ib. -Ib. Eetail Cash and Carry 251bs. 41.60 25 IDS. 1|45 lib. lib. _ lib. _ lib. U lib. L. 1 Ib. ._ .1'pkg. 1 Ib. _ lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ '1 Ib. _ lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ .1 can . 1 can l i b . -lib. _ "_ 1 doz, _ 1 doz. _ lib. -lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ .07 .15 .09 .08 .06% !l3 " .13 .11 .06 .16 .15 .17 | .17 .07 .06 .14' .52 .53 .35 .45 .« .35 .35 .32 .32 Retail Charge and Delivery . 25 ibs. . 25 Ibs. 1 Ib. _ I Ib. _ 1 Ib; _ 1 Ib. _ 1 Ib. _ 1 Ib. 1 pits. 1 Ib. _ 1-lb. _ 1 Ib. ~ 1-lb. _ 1 !b. _ 1 Ib. _ 1 Ib. _ 1 Ib. _ 1 can . 1 can . 1 Ib. _ 1 11). _ 1 Ib. _ 1 doz. '1 doz. - ·1 Ib. _ 1 Ib. ._ 1 lb.._ 1'lb. _ 1 Ib. _ _$1.60 . 1.45 . .07 . .15 . .09 . .08 . .06% . -07% . J.4 . .14 . .15 . .06 . . .17 . .15 . . .18 . .18 .07 . .07 . .15 . .56 . · .66 . .38 .48 .40 . .38 . .38 . .34 . .35 . - . 3 5 . · · ' Article Bacon- (strip)' _i--:-Bacon (slice'd).. i_ Hams (14'to.l6 ; lbs.)' Hams (email). · ' "'·' Hams (sliced) . 1 ·Prunes. '40-60- . .'·--- Sugar (granulated) - Wholesale .38 to .44 u_lb. .45 to .50 Ib.! .30 to' .32_ Ib.j .31 to .33 !b.i Retail .45 to .55 to .35 to .55.60- .38- ...Ib. --I 1 ). .36 to .39.55 to .60.17 to .18- .OS . Ib. . Braking Airplane While Flying. A braking mechanism for. airplanes ha* recently, been introduced. "accord- Ing to' the Popular Science Monthly. Th;*. consiits of two rectTrmrular..pliines of small area, mounted on a shaft that ran* alonrirhe ;reiirieoge l of-ftie'-main planey and passes through the fuselage. The; control la by means of a band- :»vheel and .connections,: which act In conjnnctlon with a handbrake. : : When an airplane is flying at a rate of a hundred hour the air 'pressure is net less than 30 pounds to /the square foot It will thns-be seen Jthat tbe added"resl»tarice,.ot.'a. lew. Jertra square feet of canvas nas: a very ·grent retarding action on' the .speed ,;the plane. .''.'.'.' ''..' ' : ''.'·'·" :- · ' Scouts' War"; : The food production and garden ·campaign of the Boy Scouts of America Is well under way, says'Boy's Life, Every: scoot .and,'Indeed, every troop and every local council, according to report*, Indefinitely interested. In some; wa;r/ ··· ··"'··-·-··· : · · · . - . · ·- . ' · · . · · - · .- .' This year.everv scout is asked to-be responsible for, securing one adrrtt to agree to work with him on the scoot'* individual garden or on the'troop gar-~' den or on the local- cooncU garden. The ndnlt might be a scout's father, hi*' brother or his sister's hest'jcllow, his; ancle or Indeed any man "who. will faithfully stick to the job until the crop* »re harvested.^ : . : ' ' · ; · Over the Bridge (W«»rt :SM«) Canoli Battery Co. Via. increases itrensth of delicate, oerroas. nm-doirn people in two week* .tine in many instance!. It has been used and eo* dorsed by ftuch men *s Hon. Leslie M. Shaw, former Secretary of the Treasury and En-Governor ot lows: Former United States Senator Richard Holland Kenney of Delaware it present Major of the U. S. Army! General Jobn JU. Clem (Re. tired) the- drummer boy of Sniloh who wasaerceant tn the U. S. Army when only 13 years of ace; also United States Indie G. W. Atkinson of the Court of Claims of Washington and others. Ask your doctor or drutft-ist abont it. j MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPNANSTRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. NEW RECORDS for your TALKING MACHINE Al Jolson scores again for Columbia. . In the August group of records just put out .by ,thia company is to be found the latest Winter Garden' aoog success by.Broadway's versatile blnck-face idol. It »» M Hock-*-bye Your B4sbjr ·with.a Dixie Melody"--and they who have eeea "Sinbad" eay that when Mr. Jolson amblei out and begins to sing . the lines the solid South rises with 'great applause. It's just as popular Norti, Bast and West, too. I through thnt jams classic, "The Cotton Pickers' Ball." It is full of wild, weird minors from monster marimbas--with xylophones and (wrasophones syncopating neck and neck. On the back u a medley onc^etep by tb* same wonderful ' combination. Here's "The Daughter of Bosie O'Grady"--and could a pretty girl or popular song aak for a better, introduction than that? The record by that name which the Columbia Graph- ophone Company, has iavued among ita August hits; is 'every bit as sweet and catcfa'y as its namesake, the original · "Rosie.", Sung by Robert Lewis, with , K haunting bit of violin music that carries one back to the old days, when ''Basic O'Grady" w»s sung from coast to-cosat. : ; . Are you.looking for a new kind of dance music? Something with a new ·kind of a "p-jnch" to it? You'll find 'it in the August Columbia,record on "which the Maruabaphone Band brecxes Charics Erince richly fiescrvcs tho title of "Walti Waard"--as you -will agree if you've ever danced to the dreamy strains of'his superb orchestra, as recorded on .a Columbia dacce record. In the August group of Col'.imbia offerings are two. splendid old-world waltzes, "Danube Waves" and "Tou- jours ou Jamais," conducted by Mr. Prince in his own raaetcrly fashion. Sure proof of tho popularity of a song is to find it sung by the soldiers. That a what has happened already to "I Wonder What They Are Doing: Tonight?"--a raelpdy which you ciuy hear on a Columbia August record.. IV is sun^ by Arthur Fields (who's a soldier himself) nnd tbe Peerless Quartette. And on tbe back is an equal nng fresh from "Oh. Look." New York'e. sensational musical fomcdy. success. | Wak Until- the."Number" Answers or the Operator Reports O NE of the things that causes telephone congestion is the practice of abandoning calls. Very often-a subscriber willcali a. number and if · he doesn't get an almost instantaneous connection will hang up and try again later. He feels that minutes have elapsed .while, in reality, it has been Kut a matter of seconds. This hanging ; iip of your telephone receiver means that your time, and the time and labor of the, operator, has been wasted and the whole ·'.-, ."operation repeated later; then again if the called party comes on the line the operator must . answer: "Party's gone" or."Excuse it, please.". Please remain at your telephone until the called iubscriber answers or the operator reports. This will liieari avsaving in the time and effort of .the : thrreparries to the'call, and involve less use of - the lines and- equipment-:at ·'·*·time when the Telephone Gqnspany is striving to avoid unnecessary service congestion, when all its facilities are directed to the task of nweting die increasing vgeneral needs, of the country. TEIJ5PHONB 00 "Roek-a-Bye Your Baby with a. Dixie Melody"--that's the line that -gives .this sprig-: its title, and that's the place the Solid South stands up and applauds. A Winter Garden- hit sweeping North, East arid West, as-well- as South. A2560--75c Here's u The Daughter ' * 9 of Rosie -- and every bit as sweet -as her mother was before her. A song already nationally popular -- with just such a dreamy lilt and cadence as made its namesake famous. Sung by Robert Lewis with an orchestral accompaniment in which the vioh'ns weave fascinating strains of the . old " Rosie " through the dominating melody of the new. On the back, " Bye-and-Bye," a beautiful song of soldier hope.. A2561-- 75c ^Marimbaphone Band Breezes Through "Cotton Pickers Ball" A new kind of dance music!. Full of dash, and sparkle and the wild weird minors of monster marimbas syncopating neck and neck. As for the tune--this jazz-classic needs, no introduction to dancers. A2550--75c These are only a few of the Mid-Month Records, placed on sale before the regular list because they are so good we knew you wouldn't want to wait. . Send some records to your soldier. There's . a Grafonola in his Y. M. C. A. or Knights of · Columbus Hut. · tim Columbia Rtcmls on sals the lOtt and 20th of every mttitk COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY NEW YORK · -- . · BRAVE CHAPLAIN DECORATED Chaplain ,T. B. DeTalles, with tbe Knlghta of Columbus In France, has been awarded the Crolx de Guerre for bravery and coolness while, He was attached to an infantry regiment which was in-the 1 thick of the flgtit, and during the heat ol battle. he went among the wounded -.and helped get them to points of uafety Brought Up Many Families. The pert elevator boy In the big hotel wns nlring his views to a passenger on the proper conduct of children "What do yon know nbout it?" laughed the passongor. ."You area't rararrlcd, nre youJ" "Well,, no;" replied the boy,", as he flung open the gate on the top tloor for bin passenger to step ont, "but Pre brought a good many families up to my Urns,"--SunShlD* Bulletin, j The, to both) h r , l l J u f of the dchflhuarem tbe L»ke voyage. OoUrcnd lickets are honored on all D. C. Vine M ont extra charfu.. . . ,· , , . - . . The 15, C. Insignia inwres the best in appointmenti cuisin SSZ*. s ' fe " "° d heiIUl -TM°». - -' Two splendid vcsseli-City ol Msckinsc H and -Uty of A.pena II--operate four times n w c j to Mae^moc Island. From Toledo M °'«':y» «;d Saturdays 8JO A.M.. Tuesdays and rhursdays 6:00 p. M. From Detroit Mondays and.Saturdays 5:00 P. M., Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30 A. M. ', Send S^eutstaitip for illustrated psmphictand Greg Latesniap. Address £.-. G; LEWIS, G. P. A., 9 Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich: TO KACKINAC ' ISIJiMU From B»fl«lo J1I.OO Koiind (np 19.M fr'rons - - ··- Clsrtland $ 9.08 'Round trip 14.00 From- . - - Toledo 5 7.3 Round trip 13.l»' ··Front Detroit S4.SO Round trip 512.1X1 LOtLUi Tri-Stote 578. Bell 842. DIST1SC2 HOYDfGS. Residence 101 _Haa» AV.V PA. eoccoc J. B. KURTZ, tYGTAPtV PUBLiC AMD" IREAL E8TATK. Ntv X »DUtq Maaoa) CaMMUsnrMav -I "exmritmt**'TMTM**TMTMTM**** C.-J i .j.: i i /i

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