The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1918
Page 8
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low; lamacnrt *t Mnrta*^ Harbar.'Sfiittii UUad. 2--Otaserren at Amer- antiaircraft inaatfl. I Oa»- » ttie j preot Handl«y-FiitB boinbtm ma- arapmd for a tataV IFFrSYSTEIl (Ml RAILROADS 11' -rHEDATLT COURIER, /CONNELLSVIIjIiE. PA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 1918. SIMPLE ORIGIN I Interesting -ta ;; f race Source *( Farhiliiar Expressions. . !rtsei;traflc' OB oae'of tjts busiest sins*. "·-· O^rUWf TM I. In***** «· raU»oa4^treW em, the Southern Ic nU.' ·'-»·*! know* a* the staff ~ r,t '· of Be tng. . aext, wk«n k*'d«ltr»rrhi key sees aw*** aad diBereat one the next gate.-. If another pedestrt- sbonM inriri/M tlNU'gate. first, he rtd have to.wait nata therkeyhold- S'«a»rlve* louaioek the fmU. IB aetu- pal -mo feUerjrey- Is called. »: ! stair,;»na . , auro.e4K.fcjr electric machine* which '«r» locattb pairs about tkrseVialJss f «»urt. .'eaAVjefcraailae- a* operator. ma«idm*f*ra£s*£irt*V the': 'train i mti7tb«3:-:H'-b1li^"wlUle t*e r I«n«» U"fo the 6iiJn iollSr Into :«·· oppotlte btockT^ wSra..lUi.r machine Issues stalb tb^ opposing .ma- 'chlse three miles away is locked and Issue 'none tffl the combs;: train 'siriivea with tb*»*rft .';'.rV~'.- Thls- «»-the» isuirttd iu-the-vaiaat of thi-maehte* and trotaeka both lee..- Thai It la impoaetble to . . _ teat ~e»sa»_'fcatli- ways -until the couuuj wMk the missing ., sta*. »t»ff» »T» Jtlclwd »p.by_l»»«lni 'hi .«n«;hr.the-.»ia«-TrJtt', .that pouches an esncht on the dr. Sieept ,that the enateeer leaves: on craie the staff he has obtained at ' pcevioau . station.. If one: tral» lid -t»T» to.iuset another. Urn oeer- .t tie sfaabo guides the train of inferior -class Into si- siding', by .means ·fa* taed-»l»Tiatt ·pirated at thi*-offlce. at-he- should by mistake set hm switch j«mtroller» at both'- »· lUhiia. the *\t- ^Mi -rtn -IrtawJ. at a "atop"- jnnltkm '··d a bnner win ejiri atteution to to* Bjnsbam haa been wed for juutu. It 1« mm eoetly than enlraurrsvataacbutitt doee away trato artart a»4 arr«n«»« adits and sWe-tracktnc with a JiifBtaum of daawer. And this. says 1»* Technical WorM. ham'eUnitaated ·acMcnta iaV daamm sulti. while the SdaM speed s»ed» posufMe from lack ief. wultlae- haa proved to he a pnutttre juti'.fnM farter la aocceum. ' · · · ' · · DST -or STOPPING TRWMS la comparatively, tneipensive, itoppbic heavy trains wo«M probably cost much aiore than tl cents: for although their 'tonmvre ia lees than'{that of the freight train, macb more energy, haa to be expended to bring them qcicldy. back to the high : speed., they:, must 'attain. FbiallT. if the road has a heavy traffic, so that trains follow one^.asipther dosdy, any unumial stop on the 'part of one train may .bring several tralnj behind: It also;» ,»'standstill, with,a prpporttonata Increase of eipenee.-- Tonth's/CoaipsnIoiL ._ :" . ADVERSE TO PROPOSED LAW ONLY MADE MATTERS WORSE :«mall OlrPs-Etterto to *Fud0*» on Un. fortunat* Remark Could Not B« ' CalM Succeaiful. Supreme. Court' Prb- Aaaiaat LagWatloa In.ln- ttrmt W RaJIrMd Cmployaaa. Tli«' ·npretne Judicial eaart of Maa- ·achuaetU haa'adviaed the aenate of tkat at»te that a propoaed atatnt* pro- hlblting raibiiad cprporationa trader a heavy penalty from discharging an employee .by reaaqn of- information touching hia conduct..until·; he haa been .siren an opportunity to make a «Utement in the presence of the'person or peraona famishing the information, would, violate' the .'f'.nr teenth amendment of the federal Con ititntlon prohibiting a state: from de- prfvtng any peraon of life, ibertjr or umoaiy '.without, due-'process''of .law, stecelthe right to'con tract or to pur- "eiaae or «*n labor is part of'the "liberty" guaranteed therebjf, 1 anfi: wdold afca ·r!6':.-o tb« Haacachnaetta eoo- atfbttiona^'· guarantees' of the .right to acquire, possess and protect property, which richtlncladea tbe!rlgbt to make naconabfe contracts. The senate was further advised- that such 'proposed atatntB, baring no reference to the safaty of the, traveling .poblic and applying only to on» kind of carrier, urden to which other employma; of labor are r.uf snbject, and givai to railroad employees privileges an immunities not enjoyed by ether.eaipiuf BUS, and la both respects wooldteod to destroy etiuallty and abrMg. U« prlvfl«ges and innnnnitie. of dttaena of tha United States. : Alasfca'i Qraat Pvwt Daa«i. : 3*e daptt of jpcrmaaaDOr rroaao' la polar asid subpolar regtoue la'.a subject of-isiauiilal wkech few data are avalhibie.- IB DO' . . ' . . . . P-«ir mtntag in AAuka the ground la par- l( «9ay freaeu te great depths, he- gineisc 18 sscbee or 2 feet below the irfac*. " · ' , : ' - . " ' ' In tke Klondike, gsalngwal surrey, the alcvltna is fro- ara t»_a rtepth of abeut200 feet: A* peraiauent arouad frost has at many places t» a «f more thasi 3*0 feet, awl the deepest ahaA there penetrated 318 feet of In geward peninsula la per three dollure a tkat to atop a freight tone, a** tkat ec»r costs^aeerty half of the * the_Jafcir_of tke trafcv crew ' -- MiaAtevoa ' Tie ,Jta*lBeer- ... - ^.. ., Mr 'laTlts eotntom'the fine B* two aid "allows-seprrtally _ " ·hate, (ndemptc. I are umfavonble.. Moreover, at- opping light usssngsftrams. than IS feet deep'and 200 feet deep. O» tke etber hand, some grusi hi tilts regten is net troaen. (or reauoua net naussstund According te Dr. A. BL Braeka, when the moss Is stripped frosa Ike sea the gromul thaws, and With OfMB flit Zlllldliy 9f CMKiVMllOtt the upper hrrel of permanent ground frost seems gradually to deeceud. It Is tksiafsri believed tkat the around frost la a survival of a dtarate cohfer than the present one and is preserved DT the aeacuDd acting met of moss and Scientific American. "' tesasmy hi Us* of OH. OfUni tocotnotlTas in oparatkm at Bveooa Aires have sh*wa an eeon- cjnrjr at K to 30 aer cent ervsr coat / A number of women were Liberty beads one afternoon In a nelgh- bor's hon»e. Annoat unnoticed a little neighbor girl* bad entered. At this point In the dlacmaion ahe exclaimed: · "Well, my mont BR.TB the might Just as -well buy a liberty bond, aa to be tued r · ·'· ... .-·-. '' Her remark caned a good bit of comment .One gneat, who has a aon In the .aerrlce, became Terr IndlgDant, and exclaimed: . .^The. idea!- jBnylng.. a-; bond to e»* cape taxatlonl : That's patriotlam for yon! That makei me tired-- anirboiljr as ab]e'as*i)ne Is to buy bonds, or anything." With that last remark the speaker "flew"- ont of the bocse. The little girl, beholding tb» strife nod bad feeltag, she 'bad stirred »p, trted 'to "tnge" on her remark, «x- piaining that It wasn't her atmt who made the remark, but some other woman.''- The 'neighbor women beld.hcr to her., first remark, and ·were"maldng it pretty "warm" for the littl* girl, when she finally burst oat with: "Well, yon ..don't know how awjch It costs my annt to lire; and bow. much. Its; costs her to take that trip to ·Ni- agara Falls r The taush with whlcb tba wonen greeted that Inaocrat remark; was sufficient, to- aend the loyal and Innocent girt nmnlng'from the room. Truly, her "lines had cot Men In ' pleasant plaoea" that afteraoon. ·Mind Your f* and Q'f Said to Hsva First Com« Into Usa In a London Taproom-- "Hambua" First to Com* From . Ireland, '" .11 is.' t think, generallyj supposed" that tfle expr«slon"Mind yoar' p'l and ft? originated in a schoolroom and was a teacber/s "warning; to pnplli that the two letters, vhen not cap-' Itallzed, were Tery similar ; in con- stnictlon, says a writer In the Mem- .phig Commerclnl-Apnenl,;. There , Is, aoiferer, authority-'for the statement. that, the place of origin, was rery far [ from being a scboolh6use,.and was/ tit fact; an ancient. London taproomj whose. proprietor, on giving credit for ; ale to customers, .chnlked .their indebtedness on the wail in the form of, p's for pints and ; {fa .for : quarts, and I was In the habit of bidding such debt j ors to "mind" them., . ···'-. ' . i Tbe expression -."sub "rosa" (nndeiv I the rose), Implying, secrecy. Is said to have originated from an incident dating back as far as the/year 477 B. O. At that time Panssnlas, commander in chief of the confederated fleet of the Spartans and ^Athenians, iras engaged in an uitrigne-wlth Xerres for the snbJngRtlon, of Greece -to the Persian role, and for the hand of the monarch's daughter in. marriage. Toe se^ cret negotiations were carried on under an r overhanging bower of roses; . The perfidy, of Paosanlas. was discovered, but, whether In defiance of hla fate or not. It became a custom among the Athenians to wear roses In their hair whenever Imparting a secret they wished kept ^Inviolate, hence the:say-. Ing "sub rosa" .among them, ;ajod, since, among Christian nations. The word . "dun" as used in -the phrase "donning a mm" is commonly tbonght to be dcrtred from the French "donnez," bat,, according to na Eng- Hah publication, . bearing date of 1706,. It owes Its origin to one Joe Dun, a famons' bail iff of Lincoln. In the time of Henry Vtt The bailiff Is sold to have been m dexterous In tbe management of his rough business, nnd so'.auccessful in the collection of dues, ' that his name became proverbUJ, and whenever a man refused to pny liln debt it became cnstomnry to »ay to his creditors: **Wny don't you Dun Luxury MaHctt Hard Hit "DoB't.try to «tfl ImnjrSes in New Zealand." This is the, ad-rice United 8t«iea Con-TOl Geoerarwinilow grtca American, merchants In a cooaaerca ' ' ' . No. . : Jftw ' Zealand ; is not', plaehad for money. Its waDrt li wd'ODed. IB no nardciaar neeatalty for retrenchment,", as the -consul pots It, bnt-'theTpaWle tt oppoaed ,to tbe-pvr- ' 'of taxorlea,; npedaOy' hnnrlea thai haT« to be Imported, thereby to- btg tamage needed to bead off tta ''' ' "' '" , too, and tne,who»e of Iha Brtflah West Indies, Is abstaining from oaa. "at nwported goods. Thrt baa caoaed the .population :tp ehabge its whole menu, for many foodstuffs were far- merJy unported. Ne^r '.the people eat hoaje-grown plants that only Hie animals at* before: They like' the new diet »o w«n they say they win nerer ajaia Import any staple food except cornanal. · . ; ' · . · · ' . ' · . · ' . · ' . " ' Lr»* ProAt In Salt ' A recent mrestlgation by .the bn- reiui'of. minea prurea-that a-aalt fazn- to the Dotted States is unlikely, aaye the Popular' Science Monthly. At tbe aaoM ttme tt .was eatabOatnd that owing to the'low price of aatt and the abimdance of Its supply there is bat title proftt in the aalt tndnstry, ft- tbongh the American saR works huT» sappUed la raeent yean practically all the salt eonaMmed-ta tbe United States. What a ptty--«oc the proft- tens' aatt Is not-used to nranrttoaal How H« Knmt, Officer (examining German prtsoo- er)--So yon kiyw there were Americans in the trencbe* opposite you, .did 'on?-..How.'did you'come to find ontT G. P--Dot vo» eesy Herr Obentl t TOBB all quiet dcre for a long times, md.:dann;'.Ton.taorgeD,'ye neard..9cm- potty saaot ant. Tori --r-^.f" Dena Te kaew dere TOW Americana itnr-- To fmd the origin of tbe word "humbug" we are Invited to Ireland in the days of lames II. That monarch Is said to nave canned to be made at., the. 'mint in Tublin ti colnr ont of snjthun obtabutble, such as lead, pewter, copper, bnss, and so low was its tntrtnsic ,VA.tuo thut 20 shllNngs of It was worth only two- pence; sterling. The wft metal of which the. coin was composed became' known among the Irish n« "Dim bog." proDonnred "Oom bog," L e., soft copper. i, e^ worthlew. money, and In the coarse of their dealings the modern tee of tbe . word "humbug** took its rise, as In ,:-tbe:; phrawn : That's a' piece of 'nta bog.'" ^"Doots tfclnk to paas off your'oini bog on me," etc. Looking for an exnlanadon oC how tbe expression "A feather , in 'one's cap" originated you inay find In, the Lanedowne ' roanaflcript, British nraaeam, a "Deacrlptlon of Hungary In 1000," in which the. writer soys of the Inhabitants : "It bath ben aatlent caMam none may wear tether save onlle b* who slew a Turk, to wbooi oalie tt 1* lawful: to anew ye number of bis Slalne enemyi by ye nmnber of fethers In his cappe." Old Wanhlpa Put to Good Uai. In^the days before the war, one of the feature, of Hyde, Isle of Wight, wa» the fleet : of obsolete warships which.' rode moomfnilj at anchor to the west of tb pier. There waa a curiooa air of desolation about them with, their gunboat gray showing rust ever/where, their tnmcnted masts, cleared decks, and blackened brasses. At the ferry steamed out of Ports- math, some foor mOes away.'aeroas the aoient, ttaey ted'a warUke^appear- anci eooagh. bat oB*nearer one came to then the more one aaw that their fightlnx days were over. But were they? Hay there not have, been .amongst them some of the old cruisers whlcb Joined in tbe now famous ran for Zeebrngge the other night? Perhaps Jhey? are Hyde boats which now lie gtertotrety at the? bottom of the sea, blocking the way to the "nests of Brugas," «lgMly Flantgan a brand new eoHIer, wn« placed on guard one dark night Fall Ing to see another soldier approaching and! he was almost beside him, Flan- Igan nearly jumped out of. his skin but managed to quaver: "W-who g goe« therer On being told the fel-1 low's name, and finding out for sure | that he wam't going to be titled right ·way, says : Flanlgari, regaining hto courage: "Advance then and give the dtocosmt- OF VERY THIN. I CAM BCMO THEM FINOEIW. AtL THE ·ARTS SEEM TO BE MISFIT rue YOUR HOME MERCHANT HUCLUOES CONNECTING TO VOUft BOILER, THE BURNER' IS MORE ECONOMICAL AND THE WATER. HEATER, is GUARANTEED TO GIVE. SATISFACTION/ WE HAD TO FOR THAT AWFUL THINO IN ADVANCE, OVA HOME GAS CO. THE AIWANTA6E OF USING IT/WHILE YOU ARE PAYING ROR IT. Oby M.C.Me4cev 1916 EVEN PICTURES SOMETIMES DECEIVE Father discovers withia the depths of the mail order catalogue a gas water heater that looks exactly similar to that offered b- the town gas man and promptly forwards the price, which is'slightly less than that offered by the home dealer. The heater arrives arid father proceeds to erect it. After hours of laborious effort he fails and is finally forced to humiliate himself by calling upon the home gas man for assistance, a fact that he failed to consider before sending away his money to the mail order house, but which feature is now deeply impressed upon him. The gas man, upon his arrival, finds a heater identical in appearance 'with his offering but vastly inferior in material and workmanship. He recog- rnlzes it as a "second" or ''third," points out the shortcomings of the imperfect heater and shows the victim wherein the mail order concern misrepresented the merits of the construction. ' MORAii:--It is easy to be burned without heat A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZUOtEBMAJi-WILD COKPAJTT CBOWlESVStKSTBEZAT CO. Fursitare, Baits, Stove* U4-158 IT. Crawford Jive. Shoes for tbe Whole Family 113 IV. Crawford -ive. THE HOBHZH COMBAJfT Sen's T»ar 108 TV. Crawford Ave. COLONIAL NATIOSAl BANK Comer FiUibwt Street aa4 Crawford Aveane. HiBOSAXD,MUSIC ASD ELECTBIC CO. . Boral Hotel Block H. Ptttoburg St H. KOBACKEB SOKS -The Big Store" , H. Httabarg St. C. W.BOWWS Footwear far Everybody. 127 S. Fittobnrg at COSSELLS tULE JKABCE1 ASD A'OBTH EJO JtABKET Leading Gn«ery Stores 1M aad 113 H. Uttibns- St A»T»EBSO]M-LOUC1ES HABBTJVABE CO. Hardware U« W.', Crawford Ave. CHABLES T. GILES Jeweler L 1*1 West Crawford Ave. BBOTTSE11 SHOE COJCPASY S'Joen West Crawford Ave. / · · ' . ' COSTTELLSTILLB »BUG COVfJJTS Drag* · 130 We»t Crawford. Ave. PETEB B. WEIMEB Ftaam and Phonograpki lt7-lMEaat Crawford Ave. A. W. BISHOP Jewelry ; 101 lVe»t Crawford Ave. WOBK 147-151 W. Crawford Ave. China and Wall Paper THE CESTKAL SXOBE Dry Goods 211 IV. Crawford Av». ELPEBS'S Ladies' Suits and Coats 130 N. Pittsbarg St FIVE A3SD TEM CEJiT. WAX1 PAPEB CO. Wall Paper 103 y. Apple St WEtLS-MUiLS MOTOB CAB CO. Agents for TViUys-Knight, Overland Cars, Accessoriei WEBTHEEHEB BEOS. Men's Store "124 5. Pittsbnrg St COJf NELLS Yn/tE LAUNDBT ; "Snow Wuit« TVork" 129 Baldwin Ave. COI/UMBIA HOTEL JolM Dnggaa West SM« FBISBEE HABDWABE CO. Hardware W. Crawford Ave, WBIGHT-METZLEB co. DepartmeM Store W. Crawford Ave, BAPPOBT-FEATHEBSLAN CO. Yon Can Do Better Here. Y. M. G. Galls for 4000 Men The fefewius ~stentssrs winced no- . medately for oreneas' service:-- 500 Burnett Men; 500 Chaufleun snd Meehsoics;500PUys-«lDirectors;500 Social SecrcuricJt.tioOOHnt Secretaries. For information, write £. Dl Pouch, 9ft Y.M.CA n 347 Miditon An., N.Y.| J. N. Tn^nip ITE LINP 1 W", TRANSFER VOTOn TRUCK mmf WAOOX MOVIHO AXD BOISTOSe PIANOS A SPBCUI.T*. o«c« 10S B. ·H* f. Rj H. l t AUe*,' T if. 1 Werw TuJl am4 '. By C. OH, ARB^N Noo TV«E \ ClRi- SK4f**.lJ ?J~^ ^^ ~*k ..xt.V.

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