The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 13
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.J y.t A4V ) ; ' lit. of all; you are there! i V V . . ' EAST : J4S - K' "iif: ; A tz l a$ expected tOTshow a- four card itjg " major it he has one, and to bid two diamonds if he does not. Observe that North is not in position to bid spades directly himself, for a response of two spadesis reserved for a hand containing less than eight high card points; whereas a jump to three spades' promises a minimum of 10 point. v.. -1' Remember; this is just one of the many exciting package fours design ycl a lOl OI picdiUte UUl ui yuui wpuiM m 'ii. - " " p tmtmit anas . .' '-,' ( - f. ' ; . ""IT - " - 1 ':- -- r 1 - ----- - 1 L: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1. 1964 TIIE i OTTAWA JOURNAL ' 13 J" FROM PJGEONS .TOJ ETS RGAF Celebrating 40 th Anniversary (By. Tbe CP) Sleek ietsnomestic . operations. I becatrie roles changed over the year but I and Vampire nrt Second; World (By. Tbe CP) Sleek jets Tom est c . operations,! "becatriel'oles changed over the years but ftyinj faster than" thei speed of sound have taken over- from -fmHufflWrlng amphibia. The carrier ; pigeon has been replaced as a method "of" commu- , jiicatlon by refined rad;ocony -' puter systems: - , ' . . ' k: r:. This in a nutshell tells the . atory of progress experienced by the RCAF since its birth on - pr I. 1924. These eventswiil 77-bei!caUd-by rnembei t ol "the lr force, at 40th anr iversary ' celebrations across th nation - as, they look to the thallenges of- - the future. . , ... -h fledgling force W 324 .mem' J 'ybtr in 1924, its pilots lew the -jZsviaM"; 105 . mile - ar- Hour hew v Vickers Viking amphibians on fishery, customs and 'forestry patois, Between 92f and 1931 "; the force grew lowly while conducting on-miitry operations including photographicmapping of Canada and an experimental . air (nail seryice. - 17,eM DIED : During the Second World War the RCAF expanded fnto the ' fourtn-largest air force of-ihe Allied powers, reaching a peak atrength of 215,000. Canadian " airmen flew with distinction on jj many irmus, , winning o.uuu aec- oranons. However the cost was the main jobs- for the' air force1 ilso its equipment. Gone are the Not onlyJiaxe-oW "i:r fone'sl k i n r, Lancaster MosqUito GOREN ON BRIDGE ; i BV ClfARLKS H. CORES - ( West "opened the queen- of . ' i diamonds and, when the dum-' Both; vulnerable. South deals, niv appeared. South expert NORTH . aKMHf - -CQlV : o k WEST J It 4 I O QJ14 Q It 1 . v SOITK a AQIi OAI1 , ' KJi . ; - Thebiddingr hofith West Norths i NT ? Pass Ml t . ' Past 4 4 Pass ,. Pass ;'. ', - Opening lead: Queen of chance was-to strip the hand and compel his opponents to do some of his work for him. He proceeded W win the diamond lead in, the dummy and then drew the trumps in three rounds. A diamond was led to the ace and a diamond ruff completed the preliminary op-erationa. . '" . ': ; - I . A rluh was led T from the i '"v.dunMmi and the lack was in PiNAted jfrom the closed hanrf; ' Antna An th niippn Wu was ' s o 1 3 reluctant to own ud the heart J I h vitix4 with a rlnh ' Declarer's blind spot in to-, East played the ace and an- I day's . hand induced him to other club and South was stub his toe when he was on j back in. A : l the very brink of triumph. ; DeclarerY led i small heart v j 1 1 North'a two club response is, j from, his hind in the hope Jhiti of course, the artificial meth-:West iufthe" king in which 'It od employed to probe for a case dunymy'a queen " would I ; major suit fit after an opening (stand un for the 10th trick. high; more than17.000 air force Tlid of one no trump. South is viu va viae aaw oa wsujs. huua m reTs0Trfle1(edTjnheaasez5f freedom. ' : ; In the v post-war years, the ' changing world political climate created a need for a manpower rise in the RAF ; to a , new peacetime high of some 52,000 officers and men. Canadian international commitments !n sup-port of, (he , United Nations, NATQ and NORA. as- weir as i enced a slight regret at not bein in three no trump, with eight score d winners, ne n e e a ut one trick In clubs to increase the total to nine. Declarer . aeciaea . nis "- ' aev vmiD Wi0f1aT.rwTIT TCA OFFICE TCA 21-DAY ECONOMY EXCURJON FARES. c FOR DETAILS! Make ofahs now for your r-. bargain iummerjMrtidayJn, the South! For, ANTIGUA $"900 complete forrnation abouiTCAV Package-. - . . Toun-TCAt tund-stretchirig Sly Tov-Pay. BARBADOS' $230 Later nan ano lasi, comionouie i Ices to Nassau and the canooean, aee your y . rniuinR Palm Tree Plan D" ;" ;v A- v tnectiva April 2b -; J..::.. - J" , . FL Y CANADIAN' fi Y TCA TnAtJS-CANADAyfin LltlES best ned- up with the miss- -card. however. ,and could not avoid losing . another trick: ; rl 1 1 Had declarer cashed the ace first, and then, led the small heart. East would have had the dubious , choice "bfreturni ing either a club or a diamond. enabling South to discard hit remaining heart as he" ruffed In the other hand. ; i s t GO TCA TO A BARGAIN SUMMER HOLIDAY IN THE NASSAU JAMAICA, ANTIGUA, BARBADOS, TRINIDAD (and only TCA takes you to all these places without changing 'airline t- ;; . ,':,., - , ' J " " -.- Be sure that'ypur holiday his summer is worth waiting for all year long! Fly TCA to the South and get -a- new perspective on vacation pleasure! The people are different ' and pleasantly so. The places are different delightfully so. The prices are jHfferent -- surprlsinglyrlow! And the sun is high in the warm blue sky (average 'temperatures are in W eighties).'. . there's oceans of water to' snorkel, ski and;. swim in . ..'there's a wonderfulxfew world of sights to see anoV most importafit TCA PACKSE TOURS ARE MONEY-SAVING BUNDLES Or" FUN! You can add appreciably to the off-season savings and joymerAour st)mrnoidayrv4DeJ South by taking advantageJoTTjpAwide .choice i of. ec'ononJcaPatkagelJrours, For v j instance, you canspentTS days and nignjs in uarDaaosTor as nuiejs o.yuf per personr15asedTjfr double occupancy, mis includes transportation between air- ivrt anrf WaI ? mpals dailv and an island siahtseemg . tour. Air re is extra to help you pense JAMAICA 1 W $261.70 ,, r ri 7 A i - WM . . . '- . mvi s War fame and in the. supersonic fighter and CF-I0I the sub-hunting turboprop Yukon Pigeons - .tsed jix,kpits to maint fatitin with hom quawky ,' w.ireles have given-. way t rompuiersr and. re nications systems heir place are CF I04i, Star- Voodods; and radio ; sets microsecond nea commu' ich are be- n improved constantly. ROAD CONSTRUCTION j M!lllllltHIIIIIIIIItlllilllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIIIHIillUIIMIIW m '- M ' -. V - 1 X V LEISURE F, .MM Xkal- i rrit. "i 1st Open -Gdtineairjr Parkway Aprii'lO. The 22-mile. Gatineau Park way from" Tache Boulevard in Hull tof Cham pi a in, lookout rgus arid thejand t,he, Fortune Uke Parkway I i ' . . writ potrt open to puoiic-orainc ni'iTi; i iiucn rnuav. April iu h:n' eommuni f bases and , The "tac Philippe area, and the road leading to it) will)! be opened. May 16. and the; Uc La pec he area and access road will be opened June 4.- LAKE WATERS . DULUTH If the waters of Inks CiinrHnr i. were . s oread Australia isxpec ea to spenov , r ,he New- England morex-than $2,464,006,000 on its States, it is . estimated - they roads'- in the next Ifive years. ' wquld -be, about T6 feet deep. LITJLE BOYS stay warm f arid dry ' In - this waterC I repelleripll-w,eather coat 1 ?' ? 1 W r d y cotton-and- ,5 acetate. Beige reverses to I navy or brown; klzea S to -TasJI 6X a Zeller v,Iuel ' - 'i . ' 9 SV v-. BUY NOW ! ' 3 thal'i rlrhl! The savings are ud to !lfr at Zeller's on i-' huie assortment of neat 'n' .natty 8prtnc topper. altra : lively dekictied to keep iour family warm and dry;- come in toon and aee you'll save plenty! VI ' 0 BPROOr ALL HER COAT Of cotton-and-aceUte keeps little ' girls neat In - the wettest weather! Smart shaii collar; 4-button fastening.. Popular beige re-' verse to brown or -royal. -6ttes3 to 6X. V. 'CHA E IT" ! SHIONS 3.99 RT TS IDEAL FOR LOUNGING! 8 m a r 1 1 y stitped long-sleeved - cotton y.port s'ltrt ' Is handsomely styled with button-down collar. "San for tied" of courses-Red." blue, . charcoal or light grey; S. M. L. Save 66c! SAVE 25 ! SLACKS! REG. M.99! MEN'H 'CON TINENTAL STYLE "Varl-cord" cotton i panta are. neatly flnlahed'wlth hook-and-bar---.close, adjustable .side tab.- Loden. black., brown or wheat In sizes SO to 38. Buy noW'ind saVe 11.22! i - ON SALE LOWER- Jury) Beefs Kill IvtuierFrrdl MONTR.EJU. (IP - Mr Jus-lte Rogej- Ouimet" dismissed the 12-man jury and dec-tared a mistrial Tuesday in the capita murder , trial of t2dmif charged wiih thr hamnHer-slay". ing of" underwoi4d--frfcture Keith (Rocky) Pearson. . ' . Z The Jury' corhplaints about hying and eating accqmmooU-t ions . and arguments among same, of the jurors -about the.jnislfial - Mri Ouinvft said the juy's attitude would muke it difficult1 for justice to-bedone. The paction was believed unprecedented in Montreal. .... .-J ' . The trial, starting : its jh.rd eeK wa put over to the May FLOOR! s . , v , Mr 1 a, vt v ' i ir j . m ,1 - 1 I rjf . i r-i '-A and.- brown. r i are It RED. SM.M! Btralsht-llne all-weathen coat w 1 1 h- : smart new .military collar Is expertly fashioned of Celanese Pop-O-Lin" to keep you snug no matter what v the . weather! - Six' Sprmpr-Ttght shades; aizes S to 20. - Be Smart at Zeller's! rGiSSiSTYLE PRAM SHrilWN At l.rKT! . . .. BBV CAHRlAliK fruturri tt't-off metal . bfkrj-1 Storm apmn hi rleur pljutir wtnrtuhlelct Well conMrt-d with. -tul-Kprinf aunprtuinn. anU-tip . itand. Blue, PAY ONLY $1.23 WEEKLY" STROLLER THREE-POSITION. BACK. ; SHOWN AT mtJHT! . . . Sturdily eon-tructed . .. .plated tubular teel . . ihlsh qualltvvliaturei Adjuttahl fool-rut and canopy. Handy afcoppinj bat. On a ale "kalau i'or ' ' " ' ' ' tl be Selected lo be selected to 4ury.:ti near the(n ijuepeo toya 'person accuseds .:Jl, case . again.' " " .. ufcapita! murder. ;v .-' ,.. i y- Charged. 'in" tfte .case are Ray-: Tlifludge "metjn pnvare-itb :t,J: mopd Ci: zi. Rosaire Pabust; the jury at the fart-of Tue- -13, - and Armand La rose, 35.!: day1 trial.,. After hie emerged -. - . .',. .. . i . . Pearson s yay was found in ani 4"R3ndaned barn Juiie 26. J Police, said tie was beaten -to death in. hit subarluin Jar-nupt HALMACAAN . STYLED ' ALL-HEATHER COAT of Celanese "Pop-O-Ltn" keeps 1U sood looks come rain or shinel Sizes 8 to 20 in six fashion shades sure to 'brighten the bleakest day. You save 14.00! Res. day. Yoi .114 86!.. MEM, BOYS LAMINATED 3 );97 SAVE ! BOYS' BASF.RALL-TYPE WIND-BREAKER of rucged . nylon laminate Is' styled with knitted trl-colour collar, cuffs and waist for extra warmth. Sizes 8 to 18 in loden. blue, brown or . black. Reg. 14 99! ' -'v- - - -,-.-'.. Sturdy ,-. JEANS! COTTON' CHINO JEANS for active boys are styled' i with . haltyboxer waist. . :,. snap - close Double knee . .means lpt more "wear! - Loden, brown or charcoal,' sizes 6 to 12. Ret. 99t from 'the, hi and the' 'rial lawyers vsited the Nry quarters. ! ', t He then d.smissed the aM- - , r . ma e jury. ..xr, rra. rsia,e oiiir. The M.u i y m e n complained In another'. 'deveiopmenl.'. a ther wer na 'recFeatroii ' facili bruuphri '-aurth -man charsed' .WtH cap.'ties.'- Some of the' card tames Jttsite-ijai mucdriA Pearsin.',vrdeath liwd.-cards misina. Th furnl- the chareAfparj.t-': inrv ' ti ricketjV-dirtytJani tljrwas freed on' two' property ;Ufy.- Rad "a tors had n0 valves b'jnds of; Kim . ea fi'.:-i.. :' ..- to ieo'ntrol.'the hektr , There We're. aid Cote. 28, was released no emergency ex ts in ,cae of i.ter the (riil of the three other : fiie as required by lawand food -f'-acc-jsed iWTS toHapsed, mark- was. served in "dirty surround ing what jsbel'eved to he-.the ; in' in the hutet . utipr thmv term . of assizes when a'Tte I rst time ball has been granted ate their htcals. SEIISATIOJIAL "RAIN OR SliillE'VSPniliG COAT VALUES! RAVE 15.11 . CtASS LAMINATED .;) E R 8 E Y COATS Choice of lovely iprma styles andaprlng-j liveliest shades In sizes to'J8. Tiny priced. Regy values' td $1999. 'Charge it" I at Zeller's ! 1 f 4 a4- i itf It 'K 5 -GIRLS' ALL-WEATHER COAT of showerproof cotton ' poplin reverses from navY to Red Watch. brlRe to. Black Watch! MatChinit kerchief Is Included J. . so verv chic! 7 US 14 A bl. biff buy I BUT WW: '. JJ,.:-., in E ZELLER'S. - DOWNTOWN &itd CARLINGWOOD! v V - 3 ' - - - -': . 1 ' Ji ' ' ' Vj'W.' i .. . . I : t:A", i,yKiraT 1 'II II - t - ' H . 6 ' - , V charge ir.-y-"lf tm . '1 .. ' V: - : MA' sNWi:i ir nmltmtiiimnniiiim niiiiHiHiiiiiiiiiHiitniiifniiimMihiiiih, . j :Wr--":;i -'.--.

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