Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 10, 1972 · Page 56
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 56

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 10, 1972
Page 56
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12E--Sept. 10, 1972 Sunday Gazette-Mail Chartntoi,. W*tt VlriMi Fashion Now Betsey Johnson Shapes Up Sexy for Spring Feted at Open House Mr. ;incl Mrs. Dock C u t l i p were honored on their 50th wedding anniversary An jr. 13 at their home in Webster Spring's with an open house hosted by their daughters. Miss Margaret C u t l i p of Charleston and Mrs. Thomas Willams of Pittsburgh, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Cutlip. members of the Baptist Church, are lifelong residents of Webster Springs. She is the former Flossie 'McCourt and he was associated with Cutlip's, Inc., before his retirement. They have three grandchildren. Enrollments Now Being Accepted ^JllC "f.idtiontiUtj -/'"i c credited ^Ji'/iool - qa-- 0 _J^_ ^/n XiVyi /^' / / (^Jiaricjfon . Cqot · STYLING TREATMENT CENTER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC coMrunr, BEAUTY SFRVICF; Q /.'ODtPN · STRUT I E V 1 1 F A C I U T I E S N'ATION 5 T A 7 F 4 Vi f f c rMSH OP TIVE P U N M A S f f ? /NSTP .- T F A r H / N ' G A ' f N 4 WOWfN · C U T T I N G · STYLING · COlORINf. I · H«,IP W f A V I S O P W V A T K TRAINING COUHSKS MSIC A A D V A N ' C 1 r FITTING - CUTTINT, . S T A L I N G P E P A I R I N G For the first time in her life, Betsey Johnson isn't a fat cat. She's getting lean, sinewy and she's feeling super sexy. She wants to wear dresses that define firm, high breasts, narrow waist, the gentle curve of her hips. She's thinking earrings, and a garter belt and stockings that expose a band of tan flesh when she dances in a short, flippy skirt. When you remember that fat Betsey was the designer who was turning out the slinky, sexy bias stuff in the mid-Sixties when everybody else was copying Courreges, what will she do now chat she has gone the full cycle and is starting all over on a very personal basis? "New shapes," says Betsey, whose Alley Cat line for spring '73 is really going to prance. "Softer, bigges shapes, new proportions, new fullness- es." She's planning to do a big show for the first time. "An educational presentation of my ideas," she explains, "Not some place expected not a typical groovy place I see these shapes. People (store buyers) don't have the courage to buy the way they should. Any designer has to illustrate on bodies what she's about." SHE ALSO says that for the first time there will be "A split." There'll be a group for "the young, active, the free spirit, sort of the 14-18 age category," and another for "the woman, like 18 to 35," she adds. Betsey has just turned 30, which is what the reducing is all about. "I swore I would not be 30 and fat. I've been fat all my life. I still have 15 pounds more to go." But being 30 to Betsey is strictly a matter for passports and insurance purposes. "Inside," she says wistfully, "I'm 14, 16, 18." She can't accept calendar years as age any more than she can accept heaven and hell. "It's all too .depressing for me," she adds. She's wearing pink panne velvet jeans, pink T-shirt (ripped on the shoulder) with an Indian printed on the chest, and red leather plat- BETSEY JOHNSON IN ALLEY CAT STUDIO Pink Panne Pants, Indian Chief T-Shirt form sandals. S H E T A N N E D , from swimming nude off one of the outer islands in Hawaii. Her long hah- is down, no more Dutch grandma braids across the top of her head. She's so pretty I wouldn't have recognized her on the street or in a crowd. "Jeans aren't over. But when I see a girl in jeans at night now, it's a bore. The jeans and T-shirt thing, where the real self is supposed to show through, doesn't make it. The exhibitionism thing is happening in fashion again. I think people need attention again. We really cooled it in clothes for a couple of years, but now the girls who look right when they're out at night are the ones who have on pretty dresses, earrings, and you just know their underwear is incredible." Betsey won a Coty American Fashion Critics' Winnie award last year for innovative, imaginative, humorous. wildly colorful and unusually funky designs. "It (the award) was seven years too late," she says, "but I really am grateful because it made me 'accepted' as a designer. Up to then I was a 'freak.' Now when I deal with a fabric company, or a button house, they pay attention to me." Many pounds lighter, with new thoughts in her head as well as a new shape to her body, Betsey is convinced all the more that fantasy is her bag. "We have finally come down to what life is about. But after awhile it's just a little too real. I still don't dig the real world enough to be that (down-to-earth) close to it," she says pensively. SHE WAS married for two and a half years, then divorced, and they have remained friends. After her divorce she met an artist, but they recently parted their dwellings and Betsey moved to Tenth Street, out of her artiste's world. "So much of it is promotion, politics, money." Now she's looking for a farm in the country, a place to "experience real life as opposed to New York life." She wants a place where she's just a person, not a designer. "Here you are who you are in your work," she continues. She finds what she's looking for in Hawaii, but that's a little too distant for trips every weekend. After her first trip there, she cut all her midis off. She's in the mood for short dresses. "I know lengths are going shorter, but I hope not everything. How many times can we go through the stupidity of one length?" * * * BETSEY HAS never moved in the so-called fashion world. She never intends to. "It's surprising how the fashion business strips clothes of'every day, real organic meaning. I've done some spacey clothes for holiday, but it's frightening to go into the future without having the preliminaries. That's why I'm doing clothes that are personal, warm and anti the future. I feel we can't go that fast. We need the earth and the human....I'm more into natural fibers. "I've done the trips. Now I see that this tripping has to be on a personal, private, spiritual level. It's so simple to me. When you have to .design a year in advance, you have to travel in time, project yourself into what your lief is going to be. "Changes come in little subtleties about the shape, the surprise gathers, things you discover after you wear the clothes. You can't take people beyond what they're ready to understand. "I'm always scared in this business. I don't know how long I'll be able to satisfy my HOW CAN I? Q. How can I treat some musty smelling tea towels? By boiling them for several minutes in water containing two tablespoons of baking soda per quart. Then launder, using a bleach if necessary, and dry in the sun. Q. What is the best way to saw a thin piece of metal with a hacksaw? A. Put the metal sheet between two blocks of wood, clamp in a vise, and saw through this wood and metal. The wood will hold the metal firm, keeping the edges from bending with the strokes of your saw. Be sure your blade is inserted in your saw so that the cutting is done with a downward stroke. Q. How can I remove rubber heel marks from floors? A. By wiping the spots with kerosene, turpentine, mineral spirits, or floor oil. Q. How can I remove road tar from the bottom of my car? A. Ordinary cooking lard works well for this. Rub it on briskly, using a clean, soft cloth, let stand for a couple of seconds or so, then rub it off. Q. How can I keep potatoes from sprouting in their bin? A. By placing a few apples among the potatoes. customers. I used to be totally dedicated to my work. It was my life. But what if my work is over? I'm going to change my life to have something marvelous left if the work I'm doing now should be over. "Fantasy? Sometimes it's more real than what we call the 'real world.' But you have to know the area for your fantasies, like what is a pretty fantasy for one is a nightmare for others. Betsey's fantasies don't include grandios daydreams of immortality as a fashion designer. But anyone who follows fashion from A to Z knows that among the few really creative talents in the c l o t h i n g business, Betsey Johnson is a designer never to be .overlooked. At 25 she was a marvelous "freak." At 30 she's just a marvel. Add Charm fclenutyT* Home or Offict With living Indoor Plants C Many Varieties To Choose From--2" to 7 ft. Tall PLENTY of FREE PARKING .AT OUR DOOR 215 Penna. Am. 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