The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JtTIiT 10, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTTJLE. PA. TURRET, WN*R OF THE CROOC DE GUEffiE TW had net got very far with able to fat' ear barrage going In time to cheek lhaaa.-Bat they wen stUToat started hack after tha other garty. I waa net exactly afraid aa I crawled alone aaarebeag Jar the. other man, bat I waa very thirsty.and i for fear - ear' barrage would . agaia or the msrhiis (ana cut loose. After what aaaaaed a ioag Use I canw apoa a wsaadsd'aata, hat he waa net - the one I we* after. -1 thought aheat "a bird la the hand," etc, aad waa Jest atartlac to pick thai ehan ap when a abetl bant almost on aa and knocked me two er three feet away It la a wander tt dkt net kffl hath ef as. bat aatther of as waa hart, thought the; flr* went!* a*t then. aa I dnggvl toe other caa* lato ,oo« ef t**-hotel'made by the shell. Some pieces of tha ahall had: ataek. lato tbe dbt In the hole and they wen aim hot Aleo, then waa a sort; of gaa than that haul around tor several ntoNttag; bat It *as~notery had. ' Tae'aiaa begaa talking to aw, and he add tt waa aa-boaor to lie oa the ·aid of battle wttt a leg shot off and dead asm piled -all^bont yea, and. · secae : aet dead but groaning. He toW aae I would soon be able to hear tbe ; ·cnaatkg, .though I had i ' minded It or anything about It Then he aaU agala what an honor It was, and naked If I had .a drink for him. I had aot had'tay 'water an day, and I laid hha so. batlje kept on asking far tt an the saiae. Soase of the Turkish eeenben ·anat have sneaked ua pretty dose" to oar Unas, for when I looked eat of tbe hole' toward oar Haas, aad a shall bant n I eeoJd sees Turk coming toward ua. ..We played dead then, bnt I had my bayonet ready for him in case be seen us and decided to' come up to the hale. sMtieatly he bad not for when he get near the hole be steered to tbe side and went around. .; The otter gamy "was" cbeerfuTwhen he waa aot asking for water, but yoa conid aee he was going fast So we sat r. 'Him Up and ,8tarUd Back. there la.tb* bole ancrbe died. Shortly nftemrd'tbe' fire- 3l»ctep«J a little i!nd I tot oxjf and started toward onr Oat*. , B« I* reawrabered aboat tba otter wooaded. .man ,1 bad .paned . Wbea.l TrM.carryitKT Phllllppe Pierre, ao I begin hooting for' him, and after a long time I found him. He-wai itlU alW. Hta.'dtnt wni all- amafbed la «n* b« »a»"badTr tnt up irtrand the aattr aai/ab'aaUara, .' I jteked Mm ap an* »«art»d back, lat^ run -Into aoma karb*d wlr« and had to. 10 anmnd. I wai ·pretty tired by tbU .time and- awfnlly thlrety, and I tbooght If I dM not nut a Mttle bit I coolrt never maka It- I waa ao tired aad nerrcna that I did aot care much whether I did tat back or not, snd th* wmnded ~jarbr waa (roaobir aU the ttaae. ·a when, I thought tha abelli were prattr thick agala I got Into a ahafl bai* aad It w^i thu aanw one 1 bad left, apt-laic bafotc. The dead garby wa« thanjaat aa I bad left Mm. Tba waaadaB.oaa waa blaedmc an aver, aad aty dathea wera-jaat aoaked wtta Mood -fma the tbraa mea, bnt aMat'afalLfmabba. Then; waa aome of ray own bleed en aw, tea, for waea 1 waa kaockad 'down by the aben mj aeae Mod aad kept bleeding for a long UBM, bat of caaraa. Oat waa nothing raapared to the Meannf af the The went of all waa that .he kept greening for water, aad'It marts'me tatretter than I had been, even. Bnt then waa^not a drop ef water aay- aheta aad I knew than waa aa aae aaareheaf any bodies for ·asks. So we Jest had to'stick It oat Pretty eeea the. wounded men quit groaning 'and' was quiet, 'and I knew he waa going to die too. It made nM mad to think tbat I bad not beta of any use la carrying these two 1 men around, bat tt I bad gone on with either of them It would have been Just the same --they would have died and probably I would have gat it too. When I figured It oat this way I quit worrying about It only I wiabad tbe fire woald let a*-: " ' - - · - ' ' ·--'- 80 the other man died, and then were two ef them In tha.boU. I read tbe numbers on their Identification disks whan abaDa bunt, near 'eaoagh se that I eoaW aee them, and altar a while got back to our lines and rolled la. .1 could net remember tbe nanv bera or the names by that time, but a working party get then; along with It waa all right My clothes wen a mesa, aa I have aald, aad I was ae ttred I thought I' eaaM sleep for a. weak, bat I could not aland It u my clothes aay longer. It was absolutely egatnet ngnlatkns,' but I took off all my ciotbee--tbe blood had aaahed Into the sain--and wrapped myself In nothing but air and went right to sleep. I did _not steep very weU,. bat' woke" up every once In * whfle and thoagnt I was m the hole agate. : ( Daring the night they brought ap water, bnt I was asleep and' did not nr it They did aot wake me, bat two men saved by share, though usually la a case tike that It waa everybody for hlmealf and let tbe last man go dry. Ton could not blame them, efther, so I thought It was pretty decent of these two to save ssy share far me. I betteve they mast nave bad a bard time keeping the otbera off of U, to say noting of themselves, for there nmiy. waa not. more than enough for one good drink an aronad. It tasted bettor than anything have aver drunk. Go dry for 24 hours In tbe hottest weather yoa can Had, do a night's work like that and come to in the morning with a tin cup full of muddy water being handed to.yea.'and you win know what I At Oaba Tepe there wan ateep little lama with qearrlea la lielasau them, and most of tha iifleoneia we took re caught" In the qaantea. We found lots of dead Tufas-voder pHea n* nek, when ear guns bad battered tbe walla of the quarries down them. · We wen dgntaif abeat thto part of laa. eoaatry one ttma when we saw three motor traeka disappear ever the · of a bm gotng across caaatry. Tbe detaehuMBt-fnm the Caaaard waa seat, over ea the run .aad we came apim the Tarka from those traeka aad several others Just after'they had got eat-aad wen starting ahead on foot We captured that whole bunch--I do not knew how many In all/ They were reinforcements en tnyar way to a part of their line that.we wen battering very hard, and by capturing them we helped the Anxaes a great deal, for :hey wan able to get through for, a big gain. - , ' . ' . - · . ' We beld that,position, though they rained shells en us so hard all that day and night-'that ^wal thought they were placing a barnge for a raid, and stood to anas until abnoet noon the' next day. But oar gone gave bade shell for shell,- and pounded the'Turk- ish'trenches and'broke shrapnel over them 'until they. had nil they could do to stay m them." 1 , Finally, our.guns placed 'shell after shell -on the enemy's communicatioQ trenches, and they could neither bring up relnfprcements nor retire. So we went, over and cleaned them out and took' the' trench. But then.', our guns bad to stop because we were In range, and the Turks brought' np reinforcements from other parts of de line and we wen driven back after holding their trench an afternoon. It was about Tnfty'-taj,, though, for when they reinforced one part of'the line come of our troops would break through In another part '·", '.-· , That night there-was a terrible rainstorm: was really a doud- bnrst We had all the water wanted then, .and.;more, too. A neat many men', and. mules' were drowned, .both of our troops snd the Turkish. Tjrcbebes, were Washed in and most of the works 'rained. There were several Turkish bodies washed into our trench, and two moles came over together, though whether they were Turkish or French or British I do not know. A few;;days.after the; rain stopped I was going along the road to the docks at "V" beach when I eaw some .examples of the fnaklsbness of shells. There waa..a long string of mules go- lag back to the trenches with water and ' supplies of various kinds. We drew ap. to one-side to let them-pass. Two or three males away from us waa an old-timer with only one ear, ana that Wry-gray, loaded to the gun- wales'with, bags of water. He bad bad his troubles, that old boy, -but they were Just 'about over,'for there was a flash and the next instant yon could 1 not .see a' thing' left, of -Old Missouri. He Jast.-vanished. Bnt two of tbe water begs were not even touched, and another one bad only a little hole In It There, they lay on the ground. Just as though yon bad taken the mule out from under inem. The mules next him. fore and aft, were knocked down by the concussion bnt unbanned; bui the -third mule behind had one ear cut to shreds, and the man. behixk him was badly shot up und stunned. .' A, little farther, on a shell had struck tbe road 'and plowed a furrow two or three feet, wide, and Jnsi: as straight as an arrow for three of four yards it then tamed off at almost i right angle and continued for a yard or two more before It bnrst and trade a big bole. Tbat Turk gunner' must have put a lot of English on that shell when he-fired It He got somebody's number with that shot too, and tbe lad paid pretty high, ifor then blood around the bole, not quite drj wfiezi we got to It Coming back along tbe same-road we halted to let another convoy of mules go put, and an officer of tbe Royal naval division came np and began talking to our officers. He was telling them how he and his men had landed at TX* beach, snd how they had to wade ashore through barbed wire. 'And, you know,** he sald*ln a prised way, aa If be himself could hardly believe It "tbe beggars wen actually Bring on us!" That Is just like the Limeys, though. Their Idea hi not to appear excited about anything at any time, bnt tb act as though they were playing cricket--standing around on a lawn with paddles-In their hands, half asleep. The Limeys are certainly cool under fire, though, and I think that because the Anzacs did so well at GalOpoli people have not given enough credit to the British regulars and B.,N.oJX's, who were there too, and did their share of tbe work, and did It as stell as any men could. After a while this officer started on hid way again, and as he cut across tbe road a French officer came np. The Limey wore a. monocle, which caused tbe French officer to stare at him a minute before be sainted. After tbe »ngfTV~" had passed him the Frenchman took a large French penny out of hH. packet screwed it Into bis eye sod turned toward ua so tbat we could see It bnt the-Limey could not That was not the right thing to do,' .especially before enlisted men, so our oncers did not laugh;' bnt the men did, sod so ioud that .Limey turned around and caught sight of the Frenchman. He started back toward him and I thought sure there would be a-fight or: that more Bkeiv, the Limey would report, him.- Onr officers should nave placed..tbe. Frenchman under arrest at.that. · * ' The Frenchman expected trouble, too, for be pulled up very straight and stiff, bnt he left tne^penay In his eye. The Limey came un to him,'halted a few paces off and,' without saying a word, took the monocle out of his eye, twlbbled It three or four feet la tbe air and caught It in his other eye when It came down, i "Do that you'bltihter," he said and faced about and was on his way down the road. They had it on the Frenchman after that N This. PhiUlppe .Pierre, of whom I have spoken, told-me a story about DELICIOUS CENTS two Limey officers tbat I hardly believed, yet Phllllppejnrora It was the truth. He had been In America before the war, and he said be had seen one of the officers that the story Is about many times In New Xork. He aald there were 'two Limey, officers, going along the road arguing about tbe German shells, which .the Turks wen uelng. One of the officers said they were no good because they dirt not bunt Just about that time shell came along and they picked themselves up quite a distance from when they had been standlnc. An- other shell whizzed by and landed flat on the side of the road. The officer walked over, dug it out of the groond, and took aivay the detonator and fuse --to prove that they did not explode 1 The only thing that would make ma believe that story Is That Phtlllppe Pierre said they were Limey oulcers. No one but a Limey would remember Buch an i argument after being knocked · galley vest by a shell concussion. I do not doubt that a Limey would do it If It could be done, though. TO BE CONTIN0BD. BASEBALL STOPIC5 The Little Hock dub has sold Outfielder Howard Baker to San Antonio of tbe Texas league. Baseball does not- appear to be suf- njuch as a rival of the war. Large crowds are turning ont everywhere as If glad of the chance to for- get the war" for a few hours. Whet* a team is playing good ball It Is maM Ing no complaints of_tbe crowd. Stece Rollie Zeider waa 'made taal Cubs' regular second baseman be' **w batted at a .240 clip, and seemingly Is Improving all the time In his haW tins. * * '* 3 Bin Phelon, the Cincinnati remarks that as a' pitcher Joe ' now with -Cleveland, wts never mack' of n hitter.' Wronfe, Bfll--fVecd aj- ways could hit ' y ·CA1~STUBB* IT WAS A KEAN THICK. AT,« I VJORK-AU. SW"W«W«».TWeE MOUTHS Tiit*-* Tufewrr-swc. is- is- M-wwerr--SEVEN'. COSH'.TKWIT ·BUY A WM, AW A -SOiVH SUIT , , , . . ^ --. . - · - . -

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