The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 12

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 12
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: VtXtJ- the I I ' "T I, cfsssintf 'YSff Ave -7-M.d Tie. ties in.vol fault." v . The hir the car in tff. a',gre permiUed "highway r the driver X :rossing deaths motor caAidiled to stop at crossinl'prescnbed- in railway company's regulation Killed it the carhandcai Ilisjon were James . Knox McLean.. 39. '30! I --Baseline Road: V illiv Whit Gmilhourn TWnihi Perrter. Moo and JoImi Passaw, ... frW. , . ;;. MULTIPLE injuries p; Tdny 29LRen- The jury was inquiring spe : , rificallv ihto the death of Mr . McLean. It found that-hedied1 is a result of multiple injuries n Civic Hospital about rtirte ' hours after the' accident. ; T.he dnver- of the yar a colnv Massey, of ,.75 Mon - Street, testified that he w travelling north on Woodro about. 30-35 mile? an hour. said ie checked to lu ar)d Jeft along the tracks he didn't see ' anything the-track car was "righ front of me.!' 1 told the court Carriere was rfsted after a woman RA x ffi -V, '-. ramnn lnT(la 1 I , . U.rjl N. 1, CHUa TAt- mistmn te'dN the; accused leaving the Wes' Blocrf of the Parliament Build ings March 28: A ppItci'tioH- Frrn -iRA'.Ctntr 2451 MVfRSIDE DRIVE scei I t T . 1 YL K Mil ' vWnj eguli cars . 1- piotei It.' lights It fro, wl m of hi Kack cars ut warning lights Frank Phtte in Street. CfS'R Mr.McLen r , jury Says Paries 'Equally at Fau r nr iurr. i"tooWn-r.- Massey saui the fias'H the track" "car 'and wouldyndr-j were-no witnesses coroner were-no witnesses March 13 W4v; accident " on i (mI- c H claimed Jrougiives., May. 'night bvjm par-', were f'"ciAlIy t' i s'v 1 4ted waVravelling , r". speed7 than tha the crossing,:-1 esciUfvo'hs: it adde. M the CNR itrad ing Naming . Mights at the sirtg were niH wonsing the. time ofMhc acci- .J Nepean yPolrce-Cbiisjtable on .Drtocoll said there U 20 mile per hour maximum .speedy over crossings, accord: iftg to the OntariottHighway -nil ' A .1 II. lla At I ramc taci.-ne mw imi.. ma-y tIJ i MTV llllll putl m i The speed limit on both sides ( of the crossing is 50 miles per ; hour, i . Juephp-A. Boudreau. Of .8; Newhaven sreet. who wit-; i nesied ihe 'Sccident frqm.7 a. building! about 500 yards Jrom the tradk. said he did "hot see 4 he trkek car stop at ; the crossing. ' -,.'' ;'' '.V- , DIDVT SET OFF LIGHTS' etL-Jedtt'. 1 CNR iii-i. a for.-, q u o t tf d ',. railway -itiins which jstate track i must stop at crossings!' led by flashing warning and pot 'a flagman be-proi eedig across : 'he Aciording to the tes(i-: t'NR employees, the 1 do hot activate the! ! of 172 Roches- : roadman er. said r' was in charge of; v, SAFETY PLVVbACKFIRED , occurred between that daw an A vouths-attemDt at afer i June.71963".'.- : f; driving m foul weatWer rani hmi - Thvdetecttve aid Ui me fn.ii rJ th law ifiiei'av -in ! senget would . note where uie nttaWj MjPLstraie- Court. f pursev Were -while- makMg ' di s Court. I - I . i - . . - . . Douclas Cannon. 20f of 913 Uivenes. ; ewouja later rew Admrrar-STreet;: admitted he ftfrMPFV-oui in merts. to!e about a doe concrete' v,w . .. . blocks March 27 frdra a con-KICKS.WIXDOW strucrioo site at Nfpean and, : J inoma-ivanieia. , Bav Streets and oiit tnrm ihi-JH H"t Avenue, was his car trunk to "kdeo t he car minded' to- Aprif ; 10 .fot-ri . r , ( . from sliding from side "a ;..;' ''.n' l uesay ,nHllfa He was fined $20 or jail for theft . ' ' Mr , - IMPAIRED DRIVER A days W tte.-.uoun- irirjpieaou Arthur Mason, 49, of 414' Arlington Avenue, a sen tenced to a mandatory. 30 days -in jail Tuesday when he plead ed' guilty in Ottawa Magis trate's Court td a i .charg-of en .V.tMired dnvirtt. it was " second offence.., . , 7 ni V Maion was aiso sentence.! to Suiitv Derore iagiiraie sauye to a charge of sbopbreakmg 15 day concurrent for drivng YOUTH REMANDED whiff his licence was ijs . pended. His cajr was ordered impounded and his .licence . to . drive suspended for a further 12montljs The 'charges Naro5e from a $G0O accident at the corner of Nbrman and Crescent Streets. ." ; 1 " '.'' 13 CHARGES .' A 20-yeard-messenger boy, who . supplemented his wages with money atolen from women', purses in buudings he 'visifed when off-duty,, will be sentenced April -10t cn, 13 charges ofHheft. Joseph Carriere. of 24 Nel- 'aon Street, pleaded guilry to the. counts Tuesday before Magistrate' Sauve ,in Ottawa Magistrate's Court. "Police sa;d , Carrier s't.ole amounts .Hrtwe? 4 .$1,50 andi 30 cents. , . Detective John ' McCombie -Police said Daniels, was ar rested . Sunday. U irtght after Douelaa Dy polL V 1. of 187 Hinton Avenue, saw him kick in the slasa of Foodland Groceterja, 675 S o m e r e t Street West. Mr. Dypolt rushed across the street jand grabbed Daniels, holding him until police arrived Andre Chanwagne. 16. of 283 4mpag Murray Street to April eet, was remanded 7 for plea Tuesday in Ottawa Magistrate's Court He wairarraigned before Magts trate Sauve as the repult of the! release of a stink bomb in al theatre Sunday. I ' Patrons of the Linden atre.. 5 Beechwood Avenue. were forced to fie the premises when the bomb wa exploded. Champagne " is f charsed with releasing a volatile 'substance in connection with the incident. ' I .f Hill Succeeds In 40 Per Gent Burns Offer TORONTO XCP - Alex Hill. Toronto industrialist and spotted financial executive who heads a group which recently made an v offer to purchase 300.000 The offencM shares of Burns and Co. Ltd., announced Tuesday more than that amount has been received. Mr. Yli!l, who Indicated that one of his associates in the Marchvi? offer war the Jm-.pcnalTust Co.. of Montreal, sa id aV shares deposited'to date w(uld be taken up to" accommodate shareholders who hve accepted the offer. v. The offer to purchase 300i-000 shares of he Calgary based company at : $11.25 a share terminited at the end of business ai the Toronto Stock Exchange Tuesdav. " The 300,000 shares repres sent . about . 40 per cent of Burns' ?67J83 outstanding n 5trareT7The purchasexost was about $3,375,000. , - - - - - -m n Ut M MS - m Tl' I 'mm ' TTTi 1 1 V""af TaTX LwwaWm,"W1 lfl3 warn isium-n; .Where something gootj is always going oh I tOKONTO'lXIWIITMOTIl t 4t$ YONGtSTMir- thofmr centret. Itttm r . and MrtJ-'if CardeiM. Wa ipwrtftai raa) (lify Saa aita'W Gn0w9toQ9 Baa as. H ftCrmf pvwffe - r i : 1 Tmi no - m 4iMi iw - Tf Hrmbolrt 'jli quality, mnie0 .V mctoimi4mtkm. ' K ' ' '- 7 oi jMMioun tiftivAriONt .mtrtt 4aj1 maliv be driving it. Although Mr. McLean i$v'jitateBient wad confirmed) seen dny ikiinictutri? njr the! piir ' In 'ftiner near by; '.witnesses" tnejnnor e at. : X . 1 , :,. 1 i . r-l -' fnr i 't - : of , : .' ie-1 '- - 4 . . n- f '-: '. ' ing the- the J tract . " was car 13 POWER TEAM CHOICES FROM 5 ENGINES AND 3 TRANSMISSIONS ' The ppirited newv Ch?velle ac-cents action andy!ue with a ' choice selection of .thirteen top- . performa n ce po w e r t e ams. .Choose either oiwo standard enginesI the thrifty 120-hp Six or hustling 195-hp V8. for even more' exciting action, : Chevelle offers 0ie extra-cost optional 155-hp Six, 220-hp V8 or -Lne 4ou-np v tomome any-of them wjth Quiet 3-Speed Svnchro-MeVri or ontional -.Powerglicle Automatic trans-,' mission and , the going is jpreat... 10r add a dsh of fportiness by . waminir ve wim ve "f our-on the-floor" Synchro-Mesh- Thechoice is up to you. You - can I be sure, tnaf the, . Gievelle p wertram yqu decide on will gi eiyou the satisfying . Iclnd. of jx rformance vou wanfe . smod' in, depend hie '. and . economicfiTperiormance for years to come. . A GENERAL M OtbRS VALUE I- .x who identi fied him as the driver at the time nj thaccjdenl.. the jury madeT no recom- accident, .'there, ; me'hdatjons 4- "THITOTTAWA-JOURNAIr1- fVEDNESDAY, APRIL 1,. 1961 , Stewart Tops . .Carlcton Place HS Bonspiel rCARLETON PLACE (Sne- cial).j Jim Stewart took top honorsn. the Carlet6n Place Htgh School 'bonspiel, defeat. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS ARE WITHIN ONE INCH OF MOST REGULAR I0DELS - BuTlTltv p ease big families, : Chelle's interior roominess measures ' within one . inch of r niost full-size luxury cars. Curved side. windows and pil lars provide extra hat room and ; shoulder room.And Chevelle's - high, wde door openings, de-V; -gned tQjnake getting in easy , , ' i'ind- getting out graceful, ex-- tend a w ide-open invitation to step inside and sampieChe- elle s appealing, luxurynd minesa. "BODY BY FISHER BEAUTIFULLY STYLED " AND RUGGEDLY BUILT There3 an impressive ''look of tomorrow'' (n every line pf Che-' belle's glamorous styling. And behind these7 pride-pleasing .looks are ,t jFisher qua' .epgineeTing rore Chevelle litional; Vont beaoty and durabf Body-Fisher and careful attention to lanst gj,ve;he)V0fle extra quadity jrhere iv counts mos resultis complete satisfaction ing 6a ry Rintoul by core of 6 to 5. ''-'; ' ' ' Members of the winning foursbme were Sharon Foote, Pete f-abron. Jen Mayhew.-Jim Stewart skip. Gary Rjntpul "was . ibsisied by Evelyn Ken'! nedy-1 Tom . Biker and iMargl Voycei. ,':-';"..r-v ' i ' In 1 the mt -nals,. V Jim Stewart defeated Jim PSeden 10 to Bruce Kennedy-80 7 ; Kennedy- St o -7. ... ; CHOICE OF 11 MODELS -4N-3 SERIES , Just one of the things you'll like about Chevelle is the many - wonderful ways you can enjoy its exciting newness, economy .'and luxury. Whatever kind of" motoring pleasure you prefer, you're sure to find it in Chevelle's impressive line-up of eleven exciting models in three , IJiistinFtiveseries. alibu Super Sport. Malibu and economical . Cheveile 300. You get; extra wsorth in adventurous sport coupeS, captivating convert : ibles. luxurious sedans and - load-toting station wagoils. ' . FULL COIL SUSPENSION GIVES A VERY SMOOTH RIDE - Ridjng comfort? You really have it soft in a Chevelle. A,.' husky coil spring at each wheeK;. teams up with, a double-acting lock aborber to soak up bumps and give you a cushion; soft ride. And totnake the go-'"' J 3u1scadplaiifair Mifntxr by InvltatWn ing even smoother, a front tabi)izer bajand 4-Unkrearj.-suspension help to keep Che-; ' ?lle on an even keel. Yon can ftell Chevelje" is a Chevrolet by the way it rides. v FUNERAL DIREOTOJtS -315 Mcleod St. 233 1 f 43 1098 Byron Ave, Ottvitn ank u4 O Coanerl 728 1761 iBctvm WoodrofftftndCompWB.Al Nationat Select Mortician . ' 'V- '. ... :' i m ii jj ii ii ii i irr: u .m mi.-- -rirrj vy V5i vv ccj u u - t ; it XI vw &my vi u u Vi-iy u ay ayj u. w ay vara r . w vjr m ,v .bs ! ,; V, ' . PXm-m' '' . . .;. n n ; a '.;-s;,"-'.V''":'.- : -; " ' ' ' '"' r , m i i' n 'i;''-T''' . wm m m - m . mm m - im m jtk-m a mm - m m mm av .. i w . . . x - a i . mm U U U JaJVSat - VAsJ U U M M ... . . .. . .. - , , r w. W tuau n iiHiiii ."...'.. . . LUGGAGE ROOM IS BIGGER THAN THAT OF SOME "FULL-SIZE" CARS! v. Yoi don't have to travel light ; when you- take a trip in a C,he-;jfvelle. It has an attic-sized 7.3 cubic-foot trunk. There's -no ; needto ration-jpace for the family's vacation luggage. Ch-. , velle has ample stowaway room for all. 7 - -n.. i V. ...' - ' '.- - - . ' - - ..'' v ; 115-inchIwheelbase with new ''perimeter ' frame .v" v One ; minute behind .the whi "V, - and you discover with delight that Cheve lie's trim 1 1 5-inch wheelbase makes ii easy, to handle in trafficand a pleasure -to park in tight spots. And velie features a sturdy new , perimeter frame. It is designed for maximum strength. and .durability while eliminating" 'excessive-weight.. ; y - - ' . - ina more value for you. X na more value for you. " .' I , A ; v " I Malibu i-Door Seda - V' '. . . - .'," - X X S . ,- I - TT - I : ',' - - - - ' X ' ' .. - - - - . , X . . S ' V. ; . . - ' . , . I . v . '. -v.-.-' x . The-i -r'-' X rT - ! I . . -. ' A '- . .-f ' X'." : .'.V ., -;'-..'" ' V:. . r -ZIVtr-'iT--' ' ' . '-'V . '- V '- T " ' . "7 ':T V-1 ' ' ' . T '.'..'- y. , ' ' ' i . : ,-. -' ' ': - .' " ' '9 '1i''a'l,-",TT - a.-iao - a. I aTAulhn4 4 Great Highway Performer ' 7 .- "--v',. Be sure to sie Bonanza on the CBC-TV network each Sunday. Check ydur local listing for channej and time, : '-" y - -' ': :XMiK L .: f V ... ... . ..' . -I . . L , v . . " " : : . -! M.1. 1 1 ! : ' - " " ,-v. . olur - J 5 - AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALERS COMPI-ETE AUTO CENTRE -I. Chevelle Dealers In Ottawa-Hull: 'V Myers Motors Co. Ltd. I Corner Elgin and -Catherine Streets 1 233-84U 1 - - 233-5653 Guest Motors Ltd; 777-2735 n Bciislex a A m ii-.ii.r. rvtonrreai v A-' T7T: i: Automobiles LimitH -- r-. -"".tmi VIHU 74915941

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