The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLE VllXE. PA. t Iff- 81 i I fcljf ftnlg OUmrirr. ' " ''" WIMTZWAT vrw, xcti::io,a«8. HALJ-H r. «Lio*;r. H. U»UI.I»«»«WT. 8. X ^A.. Ajnerle»n JJxptdi- The persiste: southern pemoi rinto : the suSjofj^oFany. ;'measu"re';t'hat threatens to^iinperil the (forninanc'e of their party^soo^tir of the Masoa- and Dhtdu line; '-it:lyu.sjT»teorbr tha atcl- certain'"'representatives in MICHAEL UHttNALUO. » . . . _ nt«*y ' B, -l«7tli - ' F l U : ArtH- 4»rr,. 2«th,Dlvl»lon. U_S..S.._ O.", .'iA«rlc»n . Bi*«"'l' 1 '"'' Forc*».- Francis. · ~ f. 7th Engineer*, U. k_ Ton 2»jr«r. Va. Xompiny B, . 14t)i ·· ( : a»Uw»yf--*iii«ie»o. Expert . dllloinry Porc«». Praoce. »: JAMES J. :: CR»ilw»y). . Fort ;; : HM-rl*oa. «.Uinin ·3rd Company. l !; tintiy R»^I - Pr«»lil«»« araio, t- 3. · -" v *' N»Vy. * ""*" .'" , ·2AJM. BTl!HI.Bi- l»t Batulinn, In- . - rfc. "accept suffrage . .It · it in _white women;,. H« very ..!.tj«Dktyi.'Eayg' ·that'he 'dbec ;a6': ; wab.t." to sef.- the col- ,pre.d .w,Qmen..y.o i ::u] any. ,s Ate;, least of all in his oy'n, and he hai sujigeiit- ed*. that* "the pf-i-'^sed' "suffrEure ' amendment .to the constitution b;i amended in* iiich" vise i.hat colw«J vamen be deprived of the privilege ol! casting a ballot. _ SiSfitor Williams, like othir pa-. | ; - entitled to th«;.«s«.fos.:; ~~ if all the new^. «llpatchi:» credited to It »r not' »th«rwlaj-credited .in this paper abd 'als» ' the' local news published h.»reln- ' ' · THE ClSUALtr 1.1STS. . those reported yester- casualties among the Amcrl- in. France, ilnce. tie van- juaiii ,ol' Fencing's arhiy landed ilwrf * trifle over a year a£b,' nov I mumWr .11,805, ot- voice 10.0S6 have fecui sustained Dy the Array -and l,5«a by ^the Marines, -i . TKe Araj: casualties art',, divided; as lollewn: -Killed in action, inciudins Z91ilo»t »t sem, 1,594 ·; di.^d of wounds, S5;:di«d ot accidents an'l other cauiM. -"SSI; "died of disease, '1,333; woudcd, 5.2«; missing and prtson- ·r»4«4/ The »gures for the division of ike Marine -casualties :, -ire: 'not . available, but -tier are approiimately tbe^flanM; a.-for the Army^Tith -.the ^exception that * .larger percentage of the 'whole", nuraber^ represent men killed In action^" * .',..' ,' Of. the'Army. cajualties 55.8 per e*aC resulted from wounds. Of the '5,SW mea wounded in different de- »re«« only .555, or. a. trifle over, nina p*r[ient died, leaving 5,249 in, Tary- inf 'degrees of cemyaleseencfll" ' '".per cent ot the wounded ·wtf?recoviS- ·ufBeJijBtly* to ' return. Jto - r,Ut wourcf appear that -1.20* men" .wUl:'Jbe able to rejoin their com- maiuls, thus .reducing^ the-net loss, to tke 'Army from casualties from all cauiirs t« -«i»tet to .5.83*. Those killed 1* action constitute 16.8 per cent-o! the Airhole number of casualties aa confiurcd with'22 oer cent dying from; disease. .aceideaU and; other eauiM. Of the 4,333 fata-Hties. from all HUMS, those killed in action reprint 35.8 per cent'as compared witfc,'? JO.S-- dying- froin'"disease,"'l^.fi 4jir.|f from- -. accidents 7 and other eaniiBi! and" 12.S dying, frorn^-woiinds: Thus* it appears that disease and ac- tldeiis combined took a-Jieavier toll tbanfjthe" biillefs. shells,' bombs and gases; of the^enemy.' ' Iwrressive as these Kgures are. in ottr ftrst study of casualties, we need to c^npare'-ffiem with vv lhe'" British nineties .to fora * cJeirer-concet^- tion of the east in^hmnan'.life c! this war.;: Until last week, when Britifh eawalties dropped to. 17,000. there h*4 been a socceuion of weeks during which_,thV casualties in' the 'armies elf Great" Britain were more than Ure»;tiine» all our casualties for the first -jear o* our'-Baftle"i)«iT(rf in tba wmr.;;Wltheat; i'lfonnmtini '«s -tir-tbe aam^fr of-men engaged the'percent- age of casualties in tht respective armies cannot be determined, but we do kBow-that the British totals hare b*en:tag««riin,.-*aB»««d^wiU the totals. number-of, Afnetican: troops takiBC part in Ti gi'ganlic 'straggle imereSses, as they will from ,day. to day, we wfll note a ite«'dy lenghfnen-. lag rf fte didly^. cmsualty Us.ts.Pres-" ently;Jh'ey-.Trill begin to .contain runn-jr familiar to us all. -Then we _ T will ijpxr* that our own boya are ;'?; pcyiBt the'price of their devotion to -"riwlth th«f same-sacred 'con^ . *uty u those" whose ; hart iBade up the lists : we hav» Already scanned with more idle cnrtoijtr than realiisjfion"" of 'what tk»y ire«n-to-those Trhose"eyes single- ont a'iame, .tk*y know so -well. '- '- · ·WivTat iSSiie' can .best iprep«re-/to meet ?jkis tnt by ' forgetting . onr- sv2rvflf IB ····uf ·*cofjtluns' ~ poujolc !A Mtie flt and able-to meet WEDNBSDAY, JULY 10, 1'JIS. Conf ession ! HEADS BRITISH SQCIETT FOB ' 0? AMERICAN CITIES. G«ik of Her Crime. Againet Cirifization Part 111. a Flctten. .·'·' ..| the. AUar.t;c : and the pacific--is .united | .....--..-^-..^yreply to the Princ«.'.In hatred .".gainst-us.. Vfe, however,; oliiy-' 1 iierv«((l'-.'tb- 1 inake mattery worse. · iiave /or almost roui- years been inocu- j .Hi» admission -that England had -not | latcd wiui [he. view that 'England laid j brought on'.the war. enraged the Pan-; all tie miaos ivhich cau.-jcd tiie war'--j Geiriuan .pr'ejs.^It...was-seized-upon'a, .view which the Secretary of State.] triumphanbjr;5$i"j t ue Socialists. 'i:he : (Von Jaspiv), in. accordance wlut'the ' Socialist orga«.*cyorwaerts, say's:, ·- j evidence « the ambassador (Prince "Lot usiettablith Ther war was*ni3t' : pgular in En.giand; it also -was not pDpj.iif{:;in Ru's3.!i'.and Prance. .But-lt^8§j;;be!eoms popular; The whole wo^iij=SHght away :acrosu '·· . ' ' ' '~.-?,''.;Z',? ' ': . ' facts. *'·'. * | Uchnowslcy), has- now S "SUFFlUGE. It ;s, ho to b'e Ted Congress.on the woman suffrage prop* declared to be i iLti^u: it ;s, uuvf'ever. by this false! view -hat', the waolen-yafr policy .of the I Ge'ruiau Jiiajpire lias been directed--:. from 'the declaration or unrestricted submarine warfare, wiiich brought us war with" America, down to .thooe 'chancellor speeches which say that t agair. became En- ' giand's area of military coacentra- j .tlon.. 'If all -the parties concerned; were convinced that tue belief in. En-i, gland's guilt'Is a fiction, why d-id they ; feed this .belief, and why did they i pursue a policy which was bastd upon it?" And the paper concluded: "The j German people can uot be satisfied v . \rhicii'. the I B C i g j um fnust no ' - 'f? arp Wi H i ?5 s ' !S ? nator tiom i with the' methods ot governing exer- Mississippi, professes a wiUingn'sss to : c i sc i belore and during Uie war. * " limited .to ' German people can oniy endure after the war .as a p'jacc- loving nation that governs iteelf." tivrmmiy's Pluc« in the Sun. But to. the Amurican rearl-er, the most important part of Prince I.ich- nowsky's exposure is not his -(fonclu- sion that Germany forced a declaration of war. We have ; loiig believed that. Our German sympathizers have triols from the southland, display.'! a belated solicitudp'rfor" constitiitional: forms. For more'thin'a-'geniiration there has beenTa ..proyisioi i)f the constitution, according the colored m»n.. the. rignjt :-to rote, yet. colored m3,do not vote-In Mississippi, and no southern" Democrat has risen jx "thSi h«l]£ of. Congress to-demand that, the penalties imposed by the constitution for jthe _ .abridgement ,of the franchise; be visited upon .the ''offending cot" ' It : is by-no "means"likely that the colored woman, in case woman suffrage is adopted, will be. treated 'any more generously i.ix 'Mississippi than colored men now are. Sn long as the party' to -which Senator 'Williams belongs is allowed tci con' The. earl of Boaucnamp has buen i elected president of an organization ; formed in English towns for the par- j pose ol "adopting" American towns t so as to give the arriving American j soldiers all the comforts or home, j ·The people ol "Worcester have i "adopted". Worchester, Jfass., and i will do everything possible to attend j' largely admitted it.. But they have to tie wants of our boys hailing from pleaded that the Kaiser declared war only because war was inevitable; that Germany was denied her "place in the sun;" that a conspiracy of France, Russia, and Great Britain prevented her from obtaining colonies and.- extending her trade; "and that, consequently, Germany had either to lake up arms .or be throttled to death by Great Britain's trade enmity. .Many of us have been persuaded that these excuses are true excuses; -that the British policy compelled Germany's appeal to the sword, and that Britain's allies are merely "pulling Britain's chestnuts out of the Are," as the German propagandists are continually charging. the American city. Newport has "adopted" Newport, R. 1., and it is said that London may "adopt" New York, WANTED -- TOUR business. RENIHNE'S. BARB BRING tt WA.VTED--KITCHEN SMITH HOC9E. GIHL AT j SjulyJt I : ·Williams be- ot those procured lies, Prince Uch- £0.? INC. atrol th.i state j nowsky's memoirs give a very happy - ' ·---'-- nig .as a Derc'.o-; disproof. WANTB: "WANTED--BOTS OVER 16 YEARS of *Ee. CONNSLLSVILLE SILK MILL It has been pleaded that the policy of liississippi, and so lo: crafie Congress rnfnsea to perform l 4 £ ns , tl ,W Uo .? al ,,!«:'? of reiluclns ot France, and England in Morocco MississiDpl's reprerentation in Con-; waa anti-German. Prince Lichnowslcy gress Ijiithe proportion that the state! wr i t es: "Our obscure policy in .Mo- abridges the -rights ''of its nal j rtijicatedly caused distrust just so long will the sensti»e stnator; ot our peacefi:] Intention, or, at least, be; spared the pain ami distress c'f'«'it-;-had raised doubts as to whether we nesstag either a colored man or a i knew w hat we wanted, or whether our woman cast a vote where it rr.ight: intention was to keep Europe ,in a letd to Democracy's undoing. / l,t H te of suspinsc, and, on occasion. . - : --"T^; ;io huKiiiate the French. An Austrian . -.Therci If a' g-rlm *ort of retrllmtion ! .,.,,,._._ , , ,, , in the fate of Count von Mlrb».ch, the | c° llea P' e ' »!«' »as a long time In Girman. ambassador, to Mosco«!, and! Paris, said to mo, 'The Trench had known.' in England us "u h m p i t a i - j begun to forget "la revanche" (their ship sinker." TTjiiiM m i n i s i e r t o . desire to revenge Alsace-Lorraine). °S ta C -.t^ a ^,r nt? Me J d ! t°rv;nea nn .;y'" have reemariy reminded tf, e m of including th»- «ink!r.g' 'f the largest {it by tramplidg on their toea.' After British hospital .ahlp^'the Br Ittonic, \ wo had declined DelcasBC's "tiner^iri~!he loo, NTBD--GI BO. start to wfirk. LUNCH, D'Jnbar. COME TuBr'S READY QUICK WANTBD-- O!H!. FOR UK.S'ERAIi h o u s e w o r k . ?oa Klslnh street. North Side. . lOjuU-31- WANTBD--TO RENT PRIVATE sar:tKe or stablt: In vtelnlty of Jtact- and PatU-rsun i,[roet. Pooue H~. IjulySt* FOR THREE DAY'S ONLY Thursday,.·Friday, Saturday, July 11, 12 and 13 Clearance Sale of Broken Lots cf Dependable and Stylish Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps at Remarkably Low Prices One lot Women's Colored Kid and Combination, from $6.00 to ?7.50 values, at $4.85 One lot better Colored Kid Shoes, from ?7.50 to $10.00 values, at only $5.85 One lot Women's Patent Leather, Lace and Button Shoes, 5?.00 to $5.00 values at $2.65 One lot better grade Patents, from $5.00 to ?7.00 values, at only One lot Women's Dull Kid and 'Gun Metal, lace and button Shoes, from $3.00 to 34.00 values, at $2.65 Misses' and Children's Oxfords and Strap Slippers all reduced. One lot splendid values in Dull, lace and Button Shoes, from $4.00 to |6.00 values, at $3.65 Desirable lots of Pumps and Oxfords at greatly re-' duced prices. One lot of Women's Low Shoes, Colonials and Pumps, sizes 2y 2 to 4%, at $1.00 The high prices of leather should compel yon to recognize the good values listed in this ad, Tfonr opportunity to sare dollars. Hooker Long 104 WEST CBAWFOBD AVENUE, PA* j WANTED -- TWO SALESLADIES: reCcrencea required; at#*dy work. Apply PICKS' DEPARTMENT STORK. ' 9Ju]y3t . UQKG JOB; 5c per hour, PM' weekly. Apply CHAS. MATZ, Atlantic Keflnins Company, or Went Side Hotel. war is going to eveM up som-i more scores ol! the same dastardly It knd. .· Isn't the "food trail" somewhat of f'':'.l 5 ."::'!· ^'French minister's) otter to (the come to jan.agroeiiieni nigarding Morocco and tli en solemnly d«:iarcd that we had no political interests there, we sud- a ' m t n n o w e r ? Then* ,|i nothinyjin the f d e n j y discovered In Abdul Aziz a seo- advance- notices tc i idicate that its · cominR- wlli Increase ply of Vefits.' i c a t e a i s , ,- . _ , , ·. . the visible HUP- j OD(1 K TMger. To him also, as to the Boers, we promised the protection of If the State Grang't .wants to do some real fighting »· y -not tackle the job of helping: to rtletse Europe from bondage, instead ol (pending' cnorery in opposition to t i e road bond Issue In . P«n:rrsy]vanla?. "The Czecho-Slovaks ore probably not^very far wrong: in their, estimates j the Grttrmaa Empire, and with the same result. Both manifostatioufi c6nclud*d, as they were bound to conclude/ with a retraction, i! we wern not prepared to start a world war, *· * .* Our altitude furthered the Russian-Japanese and the- Russian- British alliances. In the face of 'the * -Thj Wcsrtmoreland .countj- court ..Is ' ' oi'v»1uiw*when they consider that the;German peril' all other considerations lUeT'St .ojic?-.,pr their countrymen Is faded Into the background. The pos- wortli the-lives of at least 10 Huns. s|bmty fl , .. lnot her war : between - .xn .westmore.ann, county coun ,,.F ^ nce and ""many had b(ien evi- .strici-Jy'within the law when it de- dent, and such a war could not leave sides'that bar maids are the unmak- out Russia or England, as 3n 1870. · ' of a licensed hotel. . . . . . . . Be/ore Delcasse's fall, and before the Algeciras conference, we could have obtained harbors and bases on the west coast ot Africa, but The biggest cheese ever built can .be nibbled away by very small but industrious mice, as Germany ts certain to discover will' lie the result of the continued .activities of her ene- ·mJts.on the v».estcrn front. My breast !s fuH of panics, and sore distraught I sim', for all the pood mechanics mow.. for Uncl« .. . Tliey've taken all their wrenches and journeyed to" the "front, "and somewhere hear 'the trenches 'they do. their loyal ayint. They fix the martial lorry, repair the U. S. truck, and I am sick and sorry, 'and 0adl* cuss the luck. For who -win -fix my -motor, -when valves art Wt of whack, . or when the gas taiik'i floater fr ruptured up the back? The. -men who plied the spanner with more than human skill, have eone. In. war-llfce -manner;, to sew up Kal«r Bill.- Our.v(Ua«.vet it '.trying to heml oar ^np tor catrt», and tonics he'n applying-" to ail their, fitting parts. He view* the carburetor, and pHes no monkey wrench, but e»y«; 'at will be better. wh*n -it has-had * drench." He ·»yfl, "Cprvfllifons thermls- some fevur fniMwrte;. a' good srtronj hypodermic will '-put' your engine atfmlEht." My troubles are titanic, mr car 'has c*ai- ed. to ehuv.: I ytarn " tor. mechanic Trbo doe* not .liae a_drur.; My soul i* . _ In the shadow, : my heart is -irteeped In ' woe; maXe , found ;that C.-8a|trada won't ~ ' ' ' SO-WOF3JIETASK. Sixty pounds upon my back. ( Heavy -the., itopd.' Lord knoW-B- : Yet' Beltfiam-'earrieg? a?, greater p And Franc* h»3a..mH"on woe« So I 'tighten. th»-' J s'faps~''»nd - I'l ' alongr ·' An«' I -pray- to Bod .that.' I'll fi" 'strong: . that was no longer possible." In other words, according to Germany's ambassador, it was Germany's threat of war that united the European nations against her in Africa. It was not their union that led to the German threat. . * England's Attempts at Friendship. Nevertheless, Lichnowsky goes on to say, London "quieted down on the Moroccan affair." The Haldane mission had |one to Berlin to come to an understanding with Germany, and that mission failed, Uchncwsky confesses, "because we demanded a. promise of neutrality" from Great,Britain in the event-ol a Eu/opean war, "instead of being satisfied with 'a. treaty which secured us against British attack »r against, any attack with British support." He continues: "However, Sir ·Bdwwd. Grey had not given up the idea pf coming to-ap-uaderfitandJnis with iis, and his first attempts in that direction were · la connection - with matters relating 'to trade-and colonies. »* * " After reaching a settlement with Prance and Russia yn. th'e old questions .in dispute, the'Brit-. ish statesmen intended to come to similar agreements with vs.. ..What he : aimed at was not to isolate us, but rather to have us, as much as pos- WAKTBO--CAnFBNTBBS AXD bororn. : Carpenters' wtffea · 62i^c hour; laborers. 38c per hour. A^ un tho job at Greenhouse Slop. £ bar, Pa. VA.VG CONS BROWNP1ELD GOODST13IN, Attorneys. Christine Kins vs.' William Kins. ; In the Court of Common Plena of Fayette county, P;i.. Xo. 23-! March i Term. 1318. Tu William KlrE, r e - ' u p o n d c n t : You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena In t h i s ca»e have been returned "Non effl in- vcntuo," you are therefore required to appear in the Court of Common Plena of Fayette county, PH., on tho 3rd Monday of July of i»ald Court, A. tj. 1918, to answer the libel and complaint njed therein, and show caur".'. if »ny you have, why a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should nor bft granted '-K* libeltant above named. THOS. U HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriffs WANTBD--OLD Don't mftttcr If broken. I pay $2.00 to JIB.00 per net. and receive by 2007 South F i f t h street, Philadelphia. Send by parcel post c t u r n mail. U MAKEFt, , WA.NTTBD -- WAITER, CHAMBER maiiJ and third trick oooh. Bent waBe paid. CTJPP-S RESTAURANT. Water J *"" n dissolve june-20-27-July-3-10. ijuiyit XOT1OK IS HEREBY GIVEN" T H A T : the partnership heretofort; existing ; between AI, C. Woimor. A. W. "Weimer \ ape H. C. Svift, and known as The Fectera! 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Poiir room house, North avenue, $300. JOS. A. MASON, Second National Banlt 10july4t zible, take a share, in the existing Building. partnerships. Having succeeded in: X n C . T W 1'TI-IK M»cn ,,,,, bridging over, the differences which ! ^J"^TM*?^TM^ existed .between." England and France j first-class condition. . TOO small for and between Eagland and Russia he'! present use. Inquire c. L. WORK. . j · ' · I / - ^ _ « n l l - v l l ] « also wanted to remove, as well as i Connellsvllle. Pa. 29junetfd might be, the differences between England and Germany, and to insure the, Peace of the world by means of a network of treaties which should ultimately also include a·'. settlement of j the- miserable naval question; where- OM MrBN 4o(i that " , will uw«U* tit trmflV »i»ns at the 'ai!«M»» ' atreet '.ear: atop an. aVefth* late Vwaltlnr per- Matonr of-tlM'ralM'against . drivw . tbrtnivb; :« Jumplnj T Jo*. B-enty miles through the mud. and aa the consequences · ot OUT own -?or-. ; sllme.- . ' · · · ·''·'··'· " ! s t " r i " . eign'poHcy; up to then had been the ^T.fu*.«» frTM*f,r e |M?*iiaii' crime formation of the entente', partnership; Yet ; ret ' - »t» Sr tnv : the jmn'tlne car. So J. marcn'oy tfc«m - to th« day's at: 'tack . · ' · ' . . ' ' - . ' ' . '· : A»d 1 sar: Old mother, we'll-ride you back, y : .- : ' i !;. Sixteen hours at a.-l'latenlnc post. -. : .Lord, but the\minutes -. drag! ;:.:. Yet .Britain sticks, where .she's needed ..."most . .-· .'·: ^- .V'... .·- ·· .'..'..'.;;; ; '. And - hasn't y'«t' dropped her flag! -.::'· So-F-ftari "W«'I1'ihww'em before, .wi'ri: ·" through! . .;'; ·' ' . . . , - · · ,''.-: 1 ^'. That th« Tanks an Bne little slickers, Katlec. By Parcel Post to your door. Send your money now. "We will ahip at once. Parcel Post ctiari£ep pa.'.d, Barred Plymouth Rocks and Rhorle Island Reds at 2C lor .. .J 1.60 50 for S 9.00 100 tor ?17.50 Also White anti Brovn horns at 25 for S 4.00 50 for ? 8.00 . 100 f u r f 15.50 JfLIlE RI1GB PODI,TRY FAHJI "Bell Phono 1779, Uniontown, Pa. Tour attention, is called to the high class groceries in tlie grocery deartments of our department stores. Sixty-three grocery stores in Fayette, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Counties remember; every one of them taking care of a growing business. There is a scarcity of goods in most every line; there are abnormal advances in prices in all kinds of foods we hear dailj- through the newspapers and other sources, and they are all true. Yet, notwithstanding this scarcity-of goods and the abnormal nigh prices, we believe that we can take care of your wants. We bave^been successfully purchasing goods in most every line ia quantities enough to take care of our trade. Of course sugar, flour, and flour substitutes, the quantity is regulated, but we have been taking care of you according to the rulings of the Pood Administrators for Fayette and Westmoreland Counties. Our prices speak for themselves. They are higher than a year ago, two years ago, we admit that, but we insist that they are not unreasonably high. We insist that they are lower than most competitors throughout the sections where we operate. During the next sixty days the weather will likely be hot; perishable goods will be hard to protect, but our facilities for taking care of them are such that you wil! find thif; class of goods s-Sways in good order To the fa'.'mers in our vicinity or other producers of vegetables and all sorts of country produce: We invite you to bring your goods to our stores; we wi'il pay you market, prices either in cash or trade you good, nigh class merchandise. No difference how large the quantity of butter, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetabres, anything you produce, we are able to handle it. THE CONNELt-SVILLE NEW AND Second Hand Furniture Company are , now prepared to do uphqlsterlns ol all kinds... having: on hand' material of all I the latest patterns. We also repair' locks, maka keys, etc. '12J South Pitta- burg street .' gjulySt formation, .of the entente', partnership In which tbcse nations..pledged thenV selves *.tb | rendor mutual support" 1 j a'."ESTATE OP WILLIAM case of war. As he himself exprese*;: 1 deceased. Letters testamentary in the t t ' r'r*T; nnHnv ' ' - * o l . William Ml - t It, Brpr-s policj infringing on the existing friendly' l«tioiis with France .and Russia, which in'themselves contaieerno aggressive elements.'.ind no : : binding: obliga'tipns lor'-Engiand,; .to seek ·;to., achieve '». ' "Wttti^nV 1 estate o f . -William Mlcheals, "late.- ot -.. Withoni | Nor ih .Uniontown, Pa., Fayette. county, ! Pennsylvania,.Vdiscewwd, 1 havinff been slanted .'-the ' undersigned, .notice 13 hereby ffiven to all persons indebted to said'estate make immediate payment, . and;, to -thfise-.. having claims; asainst. the same'to present them prop-! Println Are You in Need of Tap Cards Blanks Folders Dodgers Receipts Envelopes Statements Bill Heads Invitations Picket Heads Letter Heads Call at this office Good Work Is Our Specialty M Larjre Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Have You Anything FOR SALE or RENT Do .You WANT Anything Try our Classified Ads You Get Results

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