The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 9
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 9

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 9
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J1 this should be ona or , fastest of all. . If It Is . simaty a matter of - jadding de'tils, .of expanding 7- - jon the ideas which ytfu have . .outlined. ' " - - J, WRITE SIMPLY J, . When you undertake this expansion project,' It" is best. to forget about "styleY and write as naturally and . simply as you "Can Wrrte-as swiftly as you can but with the idea of making your first copy a'- finished product. - RememBeT3syou writethat words are tools to be used -fer-;-,cpnveyihg ideas. If they do not convey your meaning you have failed in the use of your, tools. The greatestowrit-v eri write sentences and lords that are easily understood By FRANCIS DRAKE I Look injlaese.cUon "I which ' Hi i i r 4 . - I y, You Can Get Better Grades (9) Undefsfand . This it the ninth of a leriei i of 'article! by a well known U.S.. educational authorliy, jiving . students and parents .practical help onhowi to improve rades at school.'. - By LESLIE J. NASON, Ed.D. with HARRY KARNS , , Your outline' is the skeleton ' . of .your, written report. ,,VV;- U 4 ;h!&e laschapter'weia!k-Y mT- 4ed about how to build the slcel-t. eton andjiinge, it together. . Now det's talk about how td ' i put the,, fntih. on the bones. . . ' 1 If3! you have perforhed all. . r the.iher steps 'faithfully ai ...... . ljJl'our bjrthday come and find L jing to ne, stars, for Thursday, ; iAprO 2, IM4. ;. - . March 21 to April 20 (Aries) WA'AnntTP urnar wnrnc rnn. . . j tracts, bargains stand for;, do not rush in.f.theni. lsli;jw had it Yriu mrt rreate. mavhe make a (careful)-change, noy.ireceRuom April 2J to May 21 Turus) It's better to try and not succeed than to; give up- cause a situation seems hope-. Icsi. No honest attempt goes unrewarded. . Discount rumors, hearsay V Mi22 to June 21 (Gemini) '-Exploit youf talents in areas where they can be most helpfully applied.. Today OFFER to do, aince yteu will not oe,ncw '"i"3 -ti-j . i th-.;:m ' June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) pursuing thtf. course .Zn ,nw. There SHUULL toiiow. mere y : a 1 ... ... l..a miss them. Be meticulous but no fussy, adept but not Over- powering. . Jutv 24 to Auirust 23 (Leo) Don't press too hard nor fear failure in difficult matters ai -ijhand. J Solutfcms may be' slow' in coming, but keep to the steady, opeful. knowledge-seeking ffath and - you win win August 24 to September 23 (Virgo) - Stress precision and .accuracy in industrial and me- rhanira! wnrkt In , all fie'ds where manv oeoDle are in volved. Try - to a voi errors, but if you Wake them, recti fy promptly, r September 24 to October 23 -Verwm eL.uS,v ,.c for you. so be careful nofto" (Libra). Not" everything willjCultivate patience" with your 1.1 1 be free - wheeling or eays to come by." But more credits and gains- are at i hand than you may. realize. Good management will be important October 24 to November 22 (Scorpio) Strong Mars in- f'' i GLASSES ON CREDIT mtettar IOOK Sttw 190 1 Sparks St, ADACIS FURNITURE J 142 BANK ST. Tree Parking Back of Store r DISCOUNT DEPT. STORES - BELL'S CORNERS "iirii.) f m , so is r (&Zr fhono 233e706N j They do Qt'try to be "literary " . . . good to have a large vocabulary so vou can' under- standjeverything you read, but J show off your big words. . A 'higfi schoolgraduate of today recognizes about 5(1.000 -rorttrfeui actually uses about 10,000. A college graduate recognizes about 70,000 bufactu--' ally. iiss about -45.001 John Milton used onlyLilWp, and Homer 9,000. ' .r.l;"l. THE RIGHT WORD l j j Her? Jsre some suggestions j "that will helpyou select the ' words that ,will . do the best Job for you: ' " " '. J ,1 . Choose the famijiar word rather han urffamiliar: .; , - f. Use concrete trms rather than jtbeir Vague cousins. When ou mean "blacky" say . J'blackl not "dar."' ; When you mean "'tulip,?- say. 'itullp." - not "flower." Don't . say rodent if you mean rat, elder-r Ay if you mean 86. money if ou maan ii, wea pon-Jtlyou ean carbine, or officer -if ou mean brigadier generh Thin -nils m InlMnAnA trhl fee rigid, for. naturally there ' are .manyinstances- in which thei abstract -term , is used Jbe-cailse L there isn specific re-(erence. But by and large rit is a sound rule of writing to prter tne concrete to me bd- trac. fluence should spur you on to! make new recordi now. Don't spread yourself thin, but keep the bankrolling. ' November 23 to December i21 (Sagittarius) You have th? equipment and training to si a nra vwnrLn v . an ; j -, . . i 'Planetary influences -are auspH t . P' T for best i Clear,- miliu 'l1'""" V ; " . " "Vi i.o L 'V.. Innlr f Ar.: "r" r . " . J:".. lit ard-8ever1 days of favorable Saturn influences. Especially favored:- organizing, selling, buying. Investing generally.' Avoid intrigue. January 21 .to February It (Aquarius) -yr Your ingenuity and foresight ' should Tekeen now, A good time tojook in real values, reDruary w. " iir. 20 (Pisces) Lev no one dissuade i you will . be detractOrs,and , the cunning, whom you.-can.and musL- sidestep. : . YOU BORN TODAY are en-charited with life, always ready for " Vnparty. a trip, a group meetiyig-j-AND work. You are a vital adjunct to these, ad vancing fresh ideas, vigor, ( friendliness. You lke . your home tO'oe a meeung piace ior the enthusiastic and (intelligent ahd choose associates from any held or group SO long as mcy meet your lively, harmony-and-beauty:loving specifications. You aid anyonT in need ouicklv. no" Questions asked. self and others; develop, your conservational . abilityujqontfolj sensitivenessr heed others concerned when you set up rules; curb extravagances. Birthdate of: Hans Christian Andersen, poet, fabulist; Charlemagne, Poman Fmperor and King of the Franks. : PLANS INDUSTRY 1 FREETOWN. South Africa (AP)--Sir Henry Llghtfoot Boston, governor-general of Sierra Leone, has announced plamrto set up a diamonoVcutting industry. Previously, diamonds mined here were sent abroad for cutting. . . " " ., ' . A CREDIT UNIONS Every province in Canada has J,a credit union act or Its equiv alent providing - for mcorpora-1 tion of the societies .and their supervision by government au thorities. ' DISTINCTIVE OFFICE FURNITURE 4; EVANS & KERT ; 1 LIMITED ,- Qvrrn Street Only mm? I t. , ....... . 3'-- i - .7- J. r'i ' , -,' ; - " . ; '"-' - V .... - - t x.; WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1," 1964 OTOYMA JOURNAL VT -.:'A--:" --: -. ':,-- - TUB m'ffueen $L - 212,170! ' ltr a mm. ( 'as. trteaywa as, t aie m. r r- HULL -123 Eddjr St. Pro-China fJAY CP) Communist Chinaf has a welKentrenched ideol0i;icaf indoctrination , ma- . enme in inma, fc servers here say,' Chinese Agents operate not only through the' pro-Chinese wing of the Indian, Communist party -but, with the hid of some educational pub- .. . ? - 4- Ushers T8V government's special po- BUILDS BRIDGE 7 AUCKLAND. N.Z. (CP)-After arguing aRiut it ,-for a century, Auckland Jbuitt a bridge acrojs its, harbor five yrago" to link thejwo halves) of the city, Experts estihijstejd "it would carry a.iov. venicies'a aay oy iu, Al ready, theftiimber exceeds 2 l', - 000 a daK '-to ro - .- - .i m i i ' i ' mill . ! r-Spethinsht Smoother lyfarl - ' '. AJ .' $fJ' J i Bat distinctive. MellUed - ' '1 VTiVS lC V A to .rripe old ago Irrtfie W - vV ' I Sfy ,J3 'v . perfect-distillino airoif Y Xr Vr V hst - .) Nova Scxjtia's Annapolis Vklley VsOT-T-lA - w fne, OQQQijQQOQQQQQQ O UU OQOGQQ O U Of ACADIAN DISTILLERS-Bridgetown, Nov. o o OLri.njuiJiAJiXKnjrijuijuiJuij is : . -1 Aftex-you have, written your first copy your, paper, put it aside, overnight '" ' : 'ApViT AGAIN ' ' v,-' Now Iied7(l again. As you read.l ShecW 'it- fof soundness of thought. You may discover, after rest overnight, that cer.ain points need to be made cjlearer.. Others may make more sense if shifted to - different positions in the ' paper. Still others maty seem, invalid or unnecessary. Make the corrections. r- ' Read 'the paper a second time, correcting thegrammar, .the spelling, and the punc.tua-tion. . r' .If it is at all possible, , try to get a preliminary J criticism of the paper; from your teacher- " -...'.' ' Take the paper home again and rewrite it to include any helpfuLhims. he maV ha,ve of-" fered. ' j. ,.i t,- ' When you feel that you have dona everything possyible, to -produce an effective pajjer, you are ready to make a' final "clean" copy. . i '? Neatness is IMPORTANT. -this ;is a. child of -yourvbrain. Wash his faceand hands and dresShim in h s best. Try fo" produce anerrorless 'eppy. written, in a clear script" byyour teacher. - ' " ' Leave ample mairgins.l .; Follow the teacher's direc-tionsHbout detailsyof form. : ; Wihe absence of other advice from the teacher put the Ctle of the paper find youi1 . T .I . wrr'M . ..T w e Deneve new r facial tissue ever I I I N. I II 1 i ii I ill i . k s.i v l i.i l' ; V ... - - . .. . M A". A-,7 A... ; -" ;;A'-- nn - a . 1 11 iiiiiii VMS : : x-A:A p ; ! r H) i- .m i r i r r r n I I II II I I I.I I ; I II II II II J . I II II I 'VI l -l ll II I rr I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I II I I II II I I I LAL. I II I : .... - x i i i ii ii ' j - i i ii it i - i r i ii . i . i i i iiii i i i-i i f m 1 ism II 1 I 1 II 111 U l I II ll ll C il X iiim i.m a mm w m - m w mm m iy it V I II l l ll ll I i l-l ll i i 1 1 v i . v yi iv l l ll it I . us,.N .- ' - - . -"V, - - ,. N ,v . -. .V '. - . .' " V- r it In. 1 1 MM MM MM nh" I f-1 .. I B J : V Ar:;;., v:;.,-: ,; : A:;' " 'v'7.7;AI-.- : AA.-A A, ,A XT A t : .- . M , mm ' mrtl- , 'Ik V m!'m 1 ; v: -,-:v:.A, voucanrmmoewim : . ' ! ' t I 1 '.r Nil .i . rnnnrnnnn . iififiiiiiii r f 1 la iiii mm iiivffiii 11. x. ' ii I 11 tr-i iiiiii 1 11 . .r. . r . a i ; a W UU 0 (0 Vf f 0 fflfflUllffii' A: :-P ' AA , igyMl' AA ;).; -; -. ;.; V. ; . )' .V i - Jin yi,-yyifyytyr-rl acene .is me iinestjJiyx Hnw tn rnmna FaVellA wit h nthor ticsiipfe made. It gives you-the most satisfactory, combination of soft ness. strength and raDicl absofbencv 7 -. .' J ' y ' f VI c t. 9'' - J , ' H' , Kviiiaaiw yagcaiiiov-7 And tests have proved it In facL of aUx strength-wet atd dryl Disc .r'T' i iVe i' 'removes cold cream or soaks : ,t t . -"--- - j - orsoaks ine nunareas oi women wno compareaf you'll agtee Facelle with the other two Ieading4)rarids in their owniomes, 9jout of 10 said they much preferrednew 2-ply Facelle! X. - 7vyK U-y-X -sr. NEW BOX! , - Text. Books lice establishment has launched anx inquiry; into the circulation Thr West Bengal government ofhoo) textbtxjks, particularly. has" admitted hat. thf bwuks STTtte. eastern border states ofWere "prescribed in the! schools Assam and, West bengal, withjaftr approvaP by an official a strong pro-OTinias. icommittee.. y ' Some of these textbooks in! '-Angry MPs have skel "the use in hundreds of schools have' nynitrybf education! to organ- MV - described the Indian Use one' box of heyf g;ply 1 Facelle compares withahy'other niirr npni ipnps- painsi, vaut i state of,'" China...,: ' :;-' j i The West Beneal board of sec- ' ondary education recery sTucT-ied38 textbooks after receiving complaints from educationists and the publife and announced that a mjjorftybr them sought to propagate FsubleTChines propaganda. ' : ;. . The books praise , Peking siZregory the Great, one of Jthe role in world affairs and refer Mao lse-tring and other .Cbi- . - 7"r-7T. . ' - )J h i - tissueF") w.. ,r iscover noy quicKiyii? . upspills. We thihk the finest 2-ply tisictr acelle is you ve eve: m fac. 4,eet a ;a'if.J Vauj a' s'oc iJO"iri"r a ; i - - Ri l&lhdib tnese leaders in eulocisuJ term4. study oLthemat -a- r KNIGHTS POLITICIAN MELBOURNE (K?) - Pope Paul VI has knighted Arthur! CalwelV. leader of the Australian Labor party and; federal opposiH tion Jeader,T He isJa knight cAm-nander of theOrder of Siint highest, RorhajLXbolic bo i'c. wor, . loiJaymerr " I QpyQg a 3totia Jp ooo )QQ OOO s I I Ii .. - 1.. I ' .- . - .-. l v yj . . . ' great need...and how yotrcan be;i donor and give thepre ciolus giftof aightDon't miss "They Can . See'' Again" in tjILj T-vk iwauHi oi . ! 1 . t I . : .. . uuiiw m uisungjriiere8.. . ,..'.. -ADVT TAHBLYN DRUGSTORES- 'tkittl Worlt AiSpedall, I ..' rREt ntLivea idru e ki"ri I: W J3J- illlni BrtJte Clr(L HJJ arirnkwood CtpnliV i i 122jjS Best in PIANOS, Tunin md Rep 175 SPARKS' STREET ,232-4231 r works 1 i i i r made and sold in vw'll pay vdu $1,000. Facelle Company y-' t4 r i H6w this extraordinary of T& convince you that Facelle is . superior. ' we ake this unprecedentedxfferLlllyou can buy another 2-ply facial tissue uanaaa tnat is sotter stronger-anamorearjr- ' Mrbent than new Facelle, For full detailsrwrite tb A snap to open. No perforations or broken fingarhaila. NEW COLOURS! Pure white, pirik, yelloW, lilac. EMBOSSED EDGES! The only 2-ply tissue with embossed We limit Ihis offer to 2-ply tissues because has 3 plies, it otleri lhe ultimate . edges to prevent sheets from separating. NEWCONVENl Take one tissue another 'tsssll" k4 "fstsllt plt,rn4t M name on the first (page. Or put them on a separate title page in front of .everything else. Neatness will Help you get a better grade, When t h e" teacher get such a paperrhe has a good feeling toward It before he reads a single word. It is eay to read, and he will be t able to pay attention f its' meaning ' j;i Thiswora of cauiioni; however: Pa not try to substitute neatness for content ' If , a paper is genuinely good, it wiU ' survive, a messy appearance: . a neat but empty, paper will have rough going!" A Play i safe and follow,; steps necessary to rnake-.yulur paper , both neat and sound the steps :' '"'I , .. Those steps, in summa ' are:" ' i ' . I. Understand your toriicy i:,Llst the possible sodries of material. , '. ' ' ; I. Gather aubstantjal amount of useful miteriaL 4. Outline your paper. J. Expand the' outline, trying to produce a finished paper.' I. Use lear;' simple words and Sentences. . -" 7. Put ibe paper away oyer-" night, then read It again lor soundness of thoujght. . 8, ReatJ i second timr'W correct grammar, spelling, no punctuauvn. t i. Try to get a preliminary criticism from yourAeacher. 11. Make final changes, i 11. Produce a NtAT final wpy- - I.- NEXT: Solving broblems ii ! A.i:n iX u i ' m . ! . nnnn L ,r ev W- . - i I i r u , f V B. , tm. I t7i,c-'- ro nur r" rami' t'c oa' ,t i 'iuft a fai.z"Z ruya't. I , . ' ' v ; ) t v " ' ' - - : -: . f-'--- rk'a t . ! - L"l k. 1 - - i 3 ........ , W- :- W.. r . in. a - . - . - ly l-fr i my y ym zwl - YouCairCive - Gift of Sight Handreda of Canadiarta art ' resetted from v.blindiipsa bi' cause, othfa . unknown to tfiem, have jjrqvjded a prp-" ious Ifgacy .' .rihir eyes, ,'. Read in ApriTReaderV Digest atxut the eye. banks' Limited , Torontd45, wiihin-Z-days (Testing of strength and absorbency conducted by the Ontario Research Foundation following Canadian Government Speqificatibni Board procedures.) f L 4. -1 a - A-:. r ... " J - ' - -Tf - v - 'y - i . .. . a . , -y .-'-r -f. y yryyyrry-yyyyyy- y ---- y,y r s-jv;- . - ) . i- .l . . -... ' - . i. .-'I' - A. i - . . . v ' . .-

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