The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSV LLB, PA'. V- Senators Grundy, Reed Indicate Their Interest In Scottdale Problem Upset Not Serious If Bowels Get This Help Will Keep Jn Touch With Progress of I'rolesf Ami hist Hate lurrcuse. LOSS OF PLANT A CALAMITY Special t.) T'IB Courier SCOTTDAI,E. March 32--Burgess O. F. Lewis yesterday received word from Senator Joseph It. G r u n d y and tho s r c i p t a r v to HyiuUn David A. Keed t h a t the piotest oC Scottdale borougli to t h e lutcisUte Commerce Commission against f r e i g h t rates effective March 20, which will adversely affect the United States Cast Iron Pipe. Foundry Company, \\ill receive tueir attention and that the- burgess w i l l be kept advised from time to time of any action i the commib- sion. Senator Reed is in London at the naval conference The new rates, to all parts east of the« Mississippi River and north of the Potomac and Ohio rivers, will result in great Injury to Seottdalo and its population, even to the point of calamity, It was set forth In the protest. N ScQttdale's principal industries are the pipe mill--the plant of the United States Cast Iron Pipo Foundry Company--and the sheet mill of the American Sheet Tin Plate Company. The former employs noimally about a thousand mMi and th» latter, 400 The town's population Is given as 7,000. Durlns the past four years Scottdale has staggered under the loss of two 'industries--the blast furnace of the MoKlnney Stetl Company, ·which, employed 300 men, and tue Old Meadow plant of the American Sheet Tin Plate Company, wnlf h employed 400. Tho abandonment of these two plants resulted in the departure of many men from the borough, as well as many families, who were forced to seek employment elsewhere. The two plants remaining In Scottdale have operated only part time since the war. Abandonment of either would create a condition that is alarming. v Approximately 60 per ent of the dwelling In Scottdale are occupied by the owners, built from wages earned by sweat and toll in the foundries and at eel xnilH Guild Presents Play. The Otierbein Guild of the United Brethren Church presented aplay at the church laet evening entitled, "Dearies," with Miss Mildred Stonor as director. The- following persons were In the cast: Mrs. Main, matron of an orphanage, Virginia kherbondy; Kate, Bloiwom Murray; Barbara, Alild- red Starts'; bena, Helen Ilonse; Sylvia, Doric Acpey; Sylvia's mother, Mrs. Lang j horne; Xalda Darling, Sylvia's grandmother, Levlah Sherrlck; Mammy, Milly Brown; Mamoiy's twin, Dlxianna, Ftueeell Murray. Martin Loncks' Funeral. The futioral service for Martin S. Louckfl win held yesterday afternoon at th« Mevuionlfe Church, in charge of Bev, J. A. Reseler. Interment wae made in Scottdale 'Cemetery University Head Sails' On Peace Mission Men Present Program. Members of the Scottdule Male ou'i j oiu-ot'-aorts, headachy, dizzy, bilioua, w t i i i coated tongue, buil breath, no a p p e t i t e or energy -- don't worry. It's p i o b a b l v constipation Take a ituulv Catcaiet t o n i g h t nnd see h o w q u k H l v j o u r t i o t i b l c t l p a i s up. Xo mon headache, no gus on stomach 01 bowels,. Appetite- imp i o v r s , digestion is eacoui aged, Take another tomorrow night and the next n i g h t OP) eunv bit o£ the aouilng waste out of MHii srstem Then see- how bow o-l a c t i o n is logul.ti and rumple-te rasuuets a i c made from cascaia, w h i c h dociot-5 agree actually .strengthens bowel muscles. Ten cents at all di ug storus. -- Advertisement. ROMAN CLASSIC IS "PLENTY DIRTY" TO CHICAGO COP Or. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, at he sailed for Europe aboard the S. S. Vulcania to study plans foi international peace in the interesti of the Carnegie Foundation. Dr. Butler decried the slow pace of the present Naval Armament R'-duc- tion parley and said that, "So long n our delegates are in fear of »A miralii, legalists and a Senator!?minority, we thai) get no when. " Wateon Storey wae the leader This was a social and bueln««s meeting, Mrs. Jennie Hough entertained the True Blue Clase of the Evangelical Church at her home in Kingsview last evening. Mlse Verda Smail wae hosteee to the Catherine Von Bora Class of St. Paul's Lutheran Church laet e-vening. Miss Elizabeth Bentz had charge of the study period. A social mooting followed, with refreshments. By Till tail CHICAGO, March 12. -- Although Petrouius, the Hornan, wrote ate "Satyiicon" aotne 1,800 years ago, Patrolman John J. Kratsmeyer came ncioss it In His reading only recently and decided It wae a "dirty book." Result A fury is deliberating whether Gerald Nedwick, the bookseller who eold tlie book to the police man, te guilty of purveying obacenb literature A philosopher, a profeseor of'con temporaiy thought ahd a publisher al ready have app-eared in Judge Freeman Falrbank's court a« character witu-esecfi for Petronius, who took his own life 18 centuries ago because ho had incurred tlw displeasure of Emperor Nero. After hearing T. C. Smith, University of Chicago philosopher; Baker Brownel], No rtn western University piofessor, and T. R, Smith, representative of the -Olverrlght Publishing ftrui, itefetul the ' Satyrlcon" as a classic. Patrolman Kratsmeyer shrugged his shouMeis, saving: "I rend that book, too, and It sounded plenty dirty to me." PAGU2 THBEB?. SALE CLOSES SATURDAY/ -piece Dinnerware i Champibn JURY DISCHARGED WHEN IT IS UNABLE TO RETURN DECISION UNIONTOWN, March 12--Wlien a jury was unable to agree yesterday afternoon regarding the guilt or Innocence of John Ruggerl of Connells- Music Club Monday evening at its regular meeting and furnished the evening's program. Special parte on the program were taken by E C. Anderaon, Kenneth Might. 13. Ralph SJjerrlcli.. J, W. Beadling, L, B. Smith ,and J. ID. Blackburn. Tho greater part of the* program was male up of chorus numbers. The hoste^e-es for tlie «ve?nlnft' were Mrs. Frank Mel!!.agar; Mr«. C. Lee Molllnger, Mrs. Clark* McMillan, Mrs. Frank Ken- ncir, Mrs. A. O. J-ow«, Miet Zella Ixme, Mm. Pred t/ewellyn, Mrs. J B. Lanvbert, Mrw. Charles Iipp», Mrs, E. C. Lelghty, Miss Violet McCloy, Mrs. C. JB. Marphy, Mrs Robert Morford, Mrs. Wendell Momyer, Mrs. C. A. Miller, Mtee Il«es Miller, Mis. William Clarkson, Mrs. Hom«r Mrs. R. W. Might, Misb erlne, and alter re-affirming iu · ourt their Inability to agree, they were discharged by Judge D W. Henderson. Rugger! charged that the charges were brought by his wife, Mis Aug«- Una Ruggerl, who has desired to get rid of him for a long time. Judge Henderson directed that the cast be put back on the trial list'for next. week and that Dr. Corrado, a valu ible witness, who failed to ar ive in t me, be called to the stand, tor's examination may On the !u- hinge If ug- TMlth Citlstner, Miss Nora Fox, Mru. John Ohiiieetor, Mies Ida Darkell and Miss Jees Brown. Other News. The IxratU Mitchell Missionary 5-oci-ety of tho United Presbyterian Church nwst nt the hom-e of Mrs. Charles Huth last evening, Mrs. geri's fate, It was indicated. A $15.000 damage suit was stalled by James and Efflc Johnson, Uniin- town colored f a m l l j , yesterday aga'nst the Beeson Coal Company which is charged with responsibility for the death of their ten-yeur old son, Ti ont Johnson, who walked Into the mine on September 9th, Iftsf, and wae asphyxiated by blacn damp. It is charged by the plaintiffs that the defendants/failed to have the de.dh dealing interior properly protected from the children who used the neighborhood, as a playground. CHAMPION, March 12.--D R Fletcher is very 1U with penumonia at the home of his daughter, Mia, Ter- willlger. John Logan, road supervisor of this community, is inn roving, atter having a broken leg. Next Friday evening, the Upstream- ers "Class of the Church of tho Brethren will hold Its monthly meeting at the home of the teacher, Miss Florence Lohr of Indian Head. Ruiph Saylcr spent Hu'ibay afternoon at the home of LlojU Hosteller of Big Spi lugs,. Clark Pletcber of Ohio, vlaltod his sick father, D. R, 1'letchor. Mrs. Oohlle Yotuers and daughter, Mllctred, visited the former's mother, Mra, Weese, Mrs, J. C Beahm, "president o-f tho Ladles' Aid Socletj ,of the Church of the Brethren, and several other mem* bers of tho society aie contemplating a trip to Llgonier on Tuesday iu the interests of their work The meetings which are being conducted at Da vis town by Rev. Baggett of New York are attracting large crowds Tho evangelist's sermon Sunday evening wart of special Interest, He discussed "The Prodigal Son." 3. C. Beahm visited his nephew, Fred Beahm, who s iri the Government Hospital at Aspiuwall, on Saturday, i The True Clue at d Baud of Honor j classes of the County Line Church! held a joint meotiu;; at tho home of Elisabeth Carlisle of Melcroft. After an interesting program, by th* classes, gam-ea were played and were served. mUlllllltl Gold** Mata DllMMfWW* Beautiful 31-piece dinnerware t*t in' popular Golden Maize, New Corinthian, fluted d«- tign. Colorful, i / Nile Daisy decoration. An Attractive Mt to grace jay table. FREEl e $ iii GREEN AMD IVORY WHITE A WONDBRFUL. introduci 3ry offer--your Tu-tone HOOSIBR with cutlery and dinner wa»*--all f ir the price ot the cabinet alone! America's most famous cabinet--in th \ striking new nntsheu evoryono's talking about, Knjoy HOOSIEIV8 benuty; Its marvelous efficiency that cut kitchen time 10%. The complete outfit i youra THIS WEEK for only $5 down. Spring Ure,oii with Ivory, French frey with White, or Beautiful high-lighted Antique Oak. Cutlery Dinnerware O F F E R Good Thl* Week ONLY Complete Home Furnishers Since 169] Toe! Sutl Cutlery 10-piece cutlery ·et designed ipe- clally for Hootirr. Finest tool ittel. Knivet hold keen edge. Firmly-attached handlet are water proof, and duped to fit the hand. A tool for eTery purpose. SALE Positively Closes SATURDAY Iron Bridge Scottdale Christian Folks Show Preference For Worship in Theatre Special to The Courier. / SCOTTDALE, March 12.--The usual services were held by the Christian Church congregation on Sunday, do- spite the fact that its place of worship was destroyed ly fire last Friday. The seivices -were Held at the Arcade Thealre w h i c h lias been IdJe for :» few when he learned of the flre and ho made his first stop at the ruins. In the evening Inhere wer.e tinea Christian Kadeavor Society meeting., which were followed by the regular service. Hev. John C. Crowe, the pastor, preached. "The attendance wa about 260. Rev. Crowe's sermon we«ks. There was an attendance of earlier in the week had been an 20S at Sunday ichool, with e v e r / de- nouiiced as "Complication o! Diseases' partment functioning almost as u s u a l and he very adeptly fitted the sermoi It was a very good attendance iu com- to tho unfortunate circumstances 01 parlson with the enrollment the previ- tho congregation. ous Sunday when 155 turned out :ind ' R«v. Crowo lost all ot his clothing 150 the corresponding Sunday of last aul perbonul property in the nre but y5ar . | nevertheleBB his first thought was ot The morning preaching se-rvice was hls congregation. He as-sumed .his attended by about 175. Ilcv O L. regular place on Sunday, teaching tht Maakmyer ot Tennessee, a ChriMiau Mwl 8 Blu! -'la»H. Ho iti superin- Charch evangell"t who is v i s U l n R his tendent of the Sunday School. He alao mot4?r Mrs Kdward Petonbi ink, « a v e th ' sermon '« the evening and preached the sermon. Rev. Mankmyer managed to beat up well under tiro was formerly a Scottdalo boy and the strain. lorai church assisted him in obuining Services w i l l c o n t i n u e at the Arcade his pre»ai»tlon for flip mliustrj at Theatre u n t i l arrangements can bo the Cincinnati Hible Swulniry. Ho made for a permanent churab. home, wad oa tola way to visit hB mo her j BRIDGE, March 12.-- 'Mist R u t h Faith waa a Scottdnle visitor on Sunday with friends. Mr. and Mrs. William Olingw, daughter, Kl«anor Jean and sons, Billy Jr., Ray Arnold and Thomas, were In Mount Pleasant Sunday with Mr, Olinger'a mother Mrs Samaiol OHnger. Harry Ridenour oi Swmdale was he-re Sunday with his cousins, Mr and Mrs. Ira Crosby. William Shields of Mount Pleasant was hero Sunday with his relatives, Mr. aod Mrs. John Cr.iven. Mr. and Mrs. John Crosby arid children visited Mrs Crosby's blivter, Mis. Frank Miller of North Scottdale 1 , Suu- day. Mrs. Joseph Baker, Jr , and of Ing-ram, has returned to h-er home after a week spent hero with hei parents, Mr. and Mrs Jesse Vanc«, Sr._ Mrs Harvey McDonnell nnd daughter, Ella Mae, w-ere in Mount Pleasant Monody visiting M-s McDonnell's fil-end Miss Dorothy Shirey, who Is- a patient in tfte Memorial Hospital, ro- coverlug from an illness Mr. arid MI-H. Charles Null and children wei'-o at Wooildale Sunday Usttlrig Mrs. Null's brotaer, Roy Poorbaugh, who 3s ill at his home with. blood poisoning. v Miss Bthel N-owcom-er of ConnelUs- ville, was here Sunday with foer uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Gar-field Miller and sistev Miss Hazel Newcomer. Oliver Echard of Blast Scottdale was here Friday with the lamily of his sister, Mib. John Ciosby Sheriff's TVlfo Foils Kscapo. SNYDER, Tex, March U.--Six piis- oners last night overpowered and bound Frank N. Biownfleld, sheriff, and made a dash for tin door, where they w e t e met by the sheriff's wICe, who armed with ii pistol forced thorn to return to their cellb. Oolldgfes HeacJi JSe\t York. NfcJW YORK, Maich 12-- F-oimer P i e s l d e u t C'alvin C'oollJge stippcf! quietly into t o w n hist ui£ht He arrived at the Giaud Ceutral station l hv Jilra, SymboIUm cf Swoitht Recognised In J^pan Tn the decoration of the Japanese sword can be studied the darelop- menf of the customi, folklore and hi«- tory of the country. The Influence of important wars, of contactn with the outgtde world can be traced by Its changing form, while heroes, god*, symbols and article* of dally use *r« pictured on Its carefully designed fittings. Until late !n the Nineteenth century til samurai, or military men, wore allowed to wear two »word», he wakl^ashl and the katana. The latter, which was the longer, was, used in battle nnd was alnnyi rumored by Its owner on entering a private house, as a proof of trust'ID the ho«t. The waklznghl was always worn Indoors and had a grimmer role. Bather than be captured in bottle, or publicly wcecuted, the samurai would draw It lo perform the "happy dispatch 1 ' or hara-kiri.--New York Times. She Had the Good* It was generally admitted thnt she was some chicken. There could be no question about It, for she had everything. She j )re tty as they make ·em, charmingly friendly, not! a bit wild, nnd she had a record for doing things. She was oni y a attle slip of a thing, too, but she wa s a winner. She Jvst naturally took the prize. She took »t because she had ] a )d three hundred epgs in three hundr«,,j days, which wa» ehout fifteen cackle s abefrtTof any other biddle. Of coui. g e she was some chicken!---From Fl( m 4S BLOND GUNWOMAN FACED TRIAL Unpopul*,. Has ariyone a go ot i word to suv oC h» raven? It \v 0 uld appear not. Ulack nnd omlnous.jooklng by nature, It is In very truth a M,^ of m omeil) fj?bled to forebode fl cal h and bring hi- fentlon and bad li| C (£ generally. The fcrrmer notion aris eg f ro , n j^plr following an army under the expectation of finding bodies t o "raven" o n ; the Inner notion Is a u, e fe offshoot of the former, seeing pestilence kills us ,»» the sworo. Criticism of Feminine Drew * Generation Ago; "Dress," said a health article in a woman'* magazine of 1901, "is a stumbling block Iu the way of a healthy existence for the society worn* an. My lady must assist by long hours of standing to be fitted. The weight of the dress often drags one down so that only the strongest can carry about the heavy materials. "TtiQ low bodices which have become more common arc a greater Pie- nuce to health than almost anything. Women who wear low-necked go\uia in tlie evening shoiild not wear heavy. high-necked undergarments, for the 1 contrast .between their protection li\i the day and tliat of the e\enltig Isi very great and they more readily tnko' cold. The neck and shoulders should M) s. Irene Shrader, Pennsylvania's "blond guttwoman," snapped, ex- trc me right, as she left Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, Jail for the coi rthouse in New Castle as her trial for the slaying of Corporal Brady Paul, of the state highway patrol, opened. be bathed freely with cold water with alcohol and water. . I . "The hips should not measure twelve Inches more than the wnist or five Inches more than the chest without corsets. The chest expansion f the society woman will probably BQ' one inch; It should be nearly three."--. Urenda Ueland in the Saturday Evening Post. Bit of Old New York Thirty or forty yenrs ago what wa« popularly known as "The Tonderlolnl centered about Herald square. It wan the part of the town where the night! I fe reached itfl climax and burned' most fiercely. Everybody of any ac-i c*utit visited the square, if only to new the two mechanical workmen atop th«, K«rftld building strike the hour of mid-j nfght on the faithful old flock than suddenly became Illuminated In W weird red glow. Not far away wa» tlie Weet Thirteenth street police sta-i ti-m, quite the busiest precinct In tha city. From sunset to sunrise n lhln,i steady stream of humanity flowed Into the BtaJ.ion house.--New Yorlc Times. ' Generous Traveler Gregson, who had been feeling the effects cf very bad weather during R sea journey: "Captain, does oil make the waves smooth In rough water?" Captain--Yes, my lad. But why do you ask me that? Cregson--I've got a bottle of cod llvef oil in the cnbln, and I was thinking it might be valuable to you, captain. I'd sooner save the ship with j ' It than lake it myself! ' i Commercial Printing of all Kinds Done at e Courier Job Printing Office. What Money Really I* ! /"'arran Zerbe, collector of the Chase.. Nntlonul bank's collection of thaj me nles of the world, received the bean definition of monoy he ever heard' j yenrs ago from a strecit urchin. 'I -was lecturing- at^a school on» dor," he said, "and an I wa* leaving, 1 one of the small bo;» who had Jfc-i tened to me wa» nccoiupanylnj mo| OIH of the building. As hft seemed · brl,;ht little fellow, I nskeil him what money was. ] "Hia quick response was thte* ·Money is what the other duffer tnke« for what yon f want.' Ther« it (· M

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