The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1938 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1938
Page 12
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PAGE TWENTY. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILU2, PA. iTIUDAY, MARCH 4, 1938. Indian Creek Firm Cooperates to Make 100 Acres Available Woman Spurns Future Husband Alter Trial Marriage; He Snores Grand Jury Finds Many True Bills; OneMurderCase D. K. Mcllvaine Says Community Should Appreciate Generosity. WPA WILL BUILD NEW MESS HALL A 20-year lease on the tract of land on which is located Camp Wildwood has been obtained from the Indian Creek Coal Coke Company through the efforts o£ the City Recreation Commission, it was announced today by Douglas K. Mcllvaine, commission chairman. With the signing of the lease plans have been Eidvanced for a Works Progress Administration project to make necessary improvement-; at the beautiful summer camp, Mr. Mc- llvaine said. New mess halls arc to be built, improvements made to the dam where campers swim, new toilets cM-ected and general improvements of the premises completed. It is planned to make it one oi the most attractive and complete camps in Western Pennsylvania, the chnir- inan added. The- camp will be used primarily lor Boy and Girl Scout activities. All other persons desirins the use of the camp during the summer should apply to City Hall lor a permit. Mr. Mcllvaine made it clear that permits maybe obtained only by residents of Conncllsville. There -is a resident caretaker on the job continually who is In full charge of all activities on the prem- Balanced Rock CHICAGO. Mar. 4. -- Municipal Judge Thomas A. Green held that n man who snoitb should not attempt n tritil miiii-MRC. I'lli-thcr ho ruled, the suit ol Anton Gudcl.b, 5', oeains.t · , , . Mus M5i.ll,., Ziclimlsy, Sll-ycar-old i «'\'" cl '"^ '" "turning 3J true bilIs widow, chai-fiinK biwith ol contiaet,. ''"d.ctcil ·'· woman for murder 0 had been outlawed by the IcRis- ' 0lths °» P«'ennty charges and 12 ature's 1935 statute bjnniig breach I Persons on liquor violations. Among of promise .suits, I t ! c C1 £ ht C;1M -' S K" orctI w;ls one m Gudclis was "suing Mrs. Zielmsky I which J;racs Tisot - Jr - o£ Perry- tor $800. chnrgmK the icfuscd to opolis, was, charged with manslaugh- marry him formally nftcr two weeks I tor growing out of the death of Sptjcial to The Courier. UNIONTOWN. Mar ·!.--The March ?lio:o from I'cnna. Publicity Comrnmlon One of ine unusual nights for tourists fn Harrison State Park. Tioca County, is this huse boulilcr on a narrow perch carver! out hy wind and rains. Minister Testifies In Heart Balm Suit By United Press. STEUBENV1LLE, Ohio, Mar. 4.-Rev. Harold Cleaver Zcis yesterday testified in the $100,000 breach of promise suit brought against him Mr. Mcllvaine declared the commission is .grateful to the Indian Creek Coal Coke Company for Icabinij the tract of approximately r * ---. ...... .... ....(,..(,...m..,. w. 100 acres for such a long period more than seven years to marry Mrs. ·without charge. I Emma Carter Sharpe, wealthy so"The people of Connellsville are Jndcbtcd to the Indian Creek Coal Coke Company for its generosity in making this elaborate summer playground possible for its boys and girls," he said. Harry Fisher, 35, of Layton. Tisot had been operating his brother's machine without a driver's license. He had been ordered held by a coroner's jury. Margaret Lcftwich, colored, of Brownsville, will be tried for the fatal shooting of James Pugh, also of trial marnage. He sail he had given the widow $800. "Do you to marry her now?" nskcd the court. "No," said the handyman. "Would ou marry him?" the judge asked the widow. No!" emphatically. "Nobody can. sleep when that man is around, the | colored, way he snore.s. He sounds like J , In Mondaj's return, Julia Grahck German band." j of Fairbank was indicted for the murder of her husband who she is alleged to have stabbed to death. True bills include: Alex Butson, Whit.sctt. paternity. James R. Gordon, Scottdale, paternity. "· Willard M«in.s, Daw.son, R. D., statutory rape. Colbom Trcssler,, liquor. Ignoramuses indicted: Howard Silcox, Connellsviile, pa* ternity. John M. Pritts, Champion, assault and battery, by Edith Pritts. Farm Equipment Industry May Be Next CIO Objective Bil! Makes if Crime Ho! io Salute Flag by an attractive New York divorcee. The plaintiff is Mrs. Cora Lillian Burnham, brown-haired and 43. She charges that the portly pastor, 40, jilted her after an engagement of jng"election. »._. . th(vcr participating in yc?- confcrence were Philip By United Prc-i. PITTSBURGH, M;,r. 4.--The Committee for Industrial Oigamzalion had under consideration today plans to unionize the 250,000 workers in the farm equipment industry, which is centered in the Middlewcst. Leaders, of the CIO met hete yesterday to discuss the possibility of setting up an orfianirmg committee in the industry and a report is to be made Inter to the CIO oflice when definite actior will be taken. Organizing work already has been done in the industry by the Steel Worker* Organizing Committee and the United Auto Workers. The SWOC lodge in the Tractoi Works (Chicago) of International Harvester Company, last week won a Government-supervised collective bargain- Ex-Cop on Way to Death House they .were hit by an automobile of the defendant and both injured. Martin Sullivan (center), 72-year-old former policeman, is pictured at Pittsburgh enroutc to the death cell in- Rockview Penitentiary at Bcllefontv. He was scheduled to be executed February 28 for the slaying of five persons during a "revenge tour" after he had escaped a constable at Duquesne late in 1936. Then Governor Earlc granted him a reprieve to permit defense counsel to petition for appointment of a lunacy commission. Pay Higher While 111. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 4. -- Mary Davis, Carnegie waitress, won weekly compensation of $12--$2 more than she earned while working, the compensation referee explaining thai under an act effective January 1 $15 was the minimum. The waitress charged she sprained her back while lifting a heavy plate in a restaurant. loker Debaters Break Even With Hurst Speakers Connellsville High debaters broke even with Hurbt at the Mount Pleasant Township High School Auditorium Wednesday night, each negative team emerging victorious. Representing the Cokcrs were: Affirmatives, Sara Bailey and Thomas Floto. Negatives, John Munson and George Marakas. Coach Harold Swank also took along a second debating team that participated in a non-decision event in which a Hurst faculty member served as a critic judge. On this club were: Affirmatives, Rose Mary Hopkin» and Cecil Sapolsky. Negatives, Henry McRobbie and Marjorie Atkinson. Mondaj night finds the Orange and Black speakers appearing at St. Vincent College while Thursday the debaters go to Charleroi for an afternoon debate before the student assembly. Bandit Turns Soft. DENVER, Mar. 4.--Warren McCoy, a high school student who supports his mother by working part-time in a filling station, found a holdup's "soft side" by telling him of his responsibilities and that the stolen money would be taken oat of his earnings. The holdup settled for $1 and Jt'ft the money sack containing $50. ciahtc, 16 years bis senior. By Vnitcd Frew. TRENTON, N. J., Mar. 4.--With ., lest of the state's compulsory flag | au " ; ' salute law impending in the United t States Supreme Court, the legislature received a bill which would make it a crime to influence a person ajainst saluting. Even an attempt to impugn the salute, under the measure of As- icblyman Joseph C. Irwin, Republican, of Momouth, would be a' misdemeanor. Persons and organizations are specifically forbidden to engage in any anti-salute activities. Bible Pictures At Prittstown S. S. Sunday Evening Prittslown Union Sunday School will have a showing of Bible pictures on the screen Sunday evening at 7:30 ! o'clock. The , public is invited to j witness the pictures that will be conducted by the union Sunday School missionary, John E. Strabc-I of Scottdale. There will be no charge. terdciy's Murray, SWOC chaiinian: John Brophy, CIO executive director and Wyndh.nn Mortimer, vice-president of the UA\V. Aik 57,000 Damages. GREENSBURG, Mar. 4.--Lucy L. Fox and Clark K, Fox of Mount I'lcasant entered suit here against F. F. Stccle of Gtcensburg to secure payment of $5,000 for the wife and $2,000 for the husband. The couple alleges that on Mnrch I, Itttii, while driving in a mo'.or vehicle on Trc- mon avenue at East r.Uoburgh street Paradise PARADISE, Mar. ·).--The revival meetings at Paradise Church were brought to a close Sunday evening. Billie Woodhull has been transferred from the Montgomery Ward store in Morgantown, W. Va., to a clerical position in the Mount Pleasant store. He was accompanied here last Saturday morning by hit, mother and brother, Dr. Robert Woodhull, who is serving as an in- terne in a Chicago hospital. Mrs. Mildred Lasher and daughter, Patty Lee, are spending several weeks in Pittsburgh with Mr. Lasher's parents. . Miss Anna Craig, Emmalou and Mary Hoke, and E. F. Berg spent Friday visiting in Brownsville. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mitchell of Indiana, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin McConncll of Mount Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkis McConnell ol Bridgeport, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver McConncll o£ New Kensington were recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholas of this place. Misses Sarah and Irene Stouffer were week-end guests at their home near Scottdale reservoir over last ·week-end. The Woman's Missionary Society met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Thatcher Artis, for its regular business meeting. Twelve members were presenl. The March meeting will be held at the home of i Mrs. Charles -Witdsworth, the last j Wednesday of March. Mr. and Mrs. George Engle of Hammondvillc attended the funeral services of Mr. Englc's nephew, Clyde Shirley, of Wilkinsburg Sunday afternoon. Mr. Shirley an. only pon of the family, died of scarlet fever and pneumonia. Mike Cesario of Youngstown, Ohio, spent the week-end at his home near Bridgeport, and also attended a birthday dinner given in honor of his sisier, Mary Ellen Cesario, last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Smith Grimm of Bear Rock district have purchased the Warien Christner farm and expect to take possession in the near future. The World Day of Prayer will be observed by the members of the Paradise Woman's Missionaiy Society i-'r»da afternoon with a special program at the home o£ Miss Mary Hoke. An epidemic of measles prevading over the district for two weeks hat j about subsided and the school attendance is getting back to normal. Henry Coughenour of Gimlet Hill is suffering from the effects of hav- m j two teeth extracted recently. Star Performers THE REEFER COAT In expensive solid-color Kensington tweed. Plain collar, vent back--and tailored with that custom look. Black, navy, nude, London brown, dawn blue. Earl-Glo linings. Sizes: Juniors Jl to 17; misses M to 20: women's half sizes, 35'/i to THE THREE-PIECE SUIT \ Shetland suit ivifh contrasting novelty cheek jacket. Tuxedo topper with im- iiginative pockets. Aqua, luggage, navy, red, London tan and green. Sizes 11 to 17 and 14 to MAN-TAILORED SUITS Special for Snturday Man-tailored with new femininity in moulded high bosoms, curved waists, slip hips. Impeccably tailored. Doeskin aabar- tline, twill jjnbardine, herringbone gabardine, chalk-stripe and birds-eye worsteds. 'Navy, brown, green, beige, green, black. Xo. Pitfeburg Street. Shoppe I'lionc 1570. Sauer Kraut GOOD WITH FRANKFURTERS Del Monte Apricots DELICIOUS FRUIT Grapefruit Juice DEL MONTE Tuna Fish EXCELLENT FOR SALADS Green Beans PRINCESS CUT Pork Beans USCO--JUST HEAT THEM No. 2 can No. 2'/5 can ; No. 2 can* Baking Powder DAVIS--FOR BF.TTER B/ Kidney Beans No. 2 cans IS or. cans 6 ox. can Ibs. *9c 2lc 25c 16c 25c 20c 9c lie RED--THEY'RE GOOD USCO Catsup EXTRA FLAVOR USCO Rolled Oats REGULAR OR QUICK Puffed Rice QUAKER--POPULAR CEREAL Chocolate ROCKWOOD Heinz Spaghetti LV TOMATO SAUCE USCO Coffee VACUUM PACKED Baby Foods HEINZ--STRAINED Ritz Crackers N. B. C.--AMERICA'S FAVORITE M-or. battles 1«« 17- pkr. * · C jvt. lOc In. tar lie 1T ox. cans Ib. Jar 25c 27c cans 25C %* 21c _Fri. CHOICE MEATS Sat.__ PORK BUTTS rib. 22c Tender Lean LUNCHEON LOAF Ib. 16c Mincct! BRICK CHEESE Ib. 19c Wisconsin LOOSE EGGS do*. 23c Carton Eggs, 24c do/. COOKED SALAMI ... Ib. 22c For Sandwiches SAUSAGE Ib. 21 c Link or Country Style FRANKFURTERS Ib. 22c Good With Kraut LAKE H E R R I N G 6 Ib. pi $1.10 8-lb. Pail $1.35 LOIN STEAK Ib. 30c Tender Juicy ROUND STEAK Ib. 26c Government Inspected RIB ROAST Ib. 25c Branded Beef CHUCK ROAST Ib. 23c From Grain Fed Steers One cake of Octagon Toilet- Soap and five Giant Bars Octagon Laundry Soap, _Fri. FRESH PRODUCE Sat ORANGES, Sunkist doz. 32c California Navel ]50'» ORANGES _ doz. 19c Florida ZOO's GRAPEFRUIT 5 for23c Florida's APPLES 5 Ibs. 29c Delicious Extra Fancy CELERY 2 bunches for lie Fancy Florida LETTUCE 2 heads 15c Arizona Iceberg ONIONS Ib. 5c Larffe Spanish PEANUTS ...Ib. 13c, 2 Ibs. 25c Fresh Roasted POTATOES, Red Bliss Ib. 4c New U. S. No. 1 Florida SPINACH '. Ib. 5c Fresh Crisp YAMS 5 Ibs. 23c Louisiana Jackrabbit Sunsweet Raisins MAKE A PIE Cake Flour SOFT-A-SILK 15 or. Lux Flakes 2 FOR SHEER FABRICS Rinso small pkxs. 2 large pkus. FOR CLOTHES OR DISHES 19c 41c 3 larce phsr. small pkes. Lux Toilet Soap SWEET SCENTING Lifebouy Soap FOR BODY ODOR Chocolate Twirls X. B. C. CAKES Apple Butter USCO--DELIGHTFUL SPREAD cakes cakes Ib. 38 oz. jar 17c 27c 22c 25c 19c 19c 19c 17c Calo Dog Food NUTRITIOUS DOG FOOD Jello FOR A QUICK LUNCH USCO Macaroni EASY TO PREPARE Mustard Sardines BAKE: IT wren CHEESE McCormick's Nutmeg BEE 11RAND SPICES Chili Powder BEE BRAND SPICES Sandwich Spread USCO--FOR TASTY SANDWICHES Tomato Paste RE-UMBERTO 1 Ib. can* Ib. tin sift tin sift tin S oz. Jar 6 oz. can 25c 5c 25c 4c lOc lOc 14c 6c

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